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Bungie is making some MAJOR changes to Buildcrafting.. (Destiny 2 News)ladies and gentlemen welcome


Updated on Jan 16,2023

Bungie is making some MAJOR changes to Buildcrafting.. (Destiny 2 News)

ladies and gentlemen welcome back to,another video this is definitely a weird,setting to see a video at it's very off,the cuff but I wanted to let you guys,know just in case you did not know some,huge news just dropped today on Twitter,which by the way should probably follow,my Twitter account I mean look at the,sexy mug okay the news so uh a big,thread was just dropped by the official,Destiny the Game Twitter account I,wanted to make sure that everyone here,knew about it because it is some,absolutely massive news they say as a,preview of things to come in lightfall,we have some exciting updates coming,soon tomorrow which today is Tuesday,um the 10th of January tomorrow all,standard armor mods are unlocked for,everyone with big changes coming to,build crafting and lightfall we want to,give everyone a chance to enjoy all mods,in their current state now this was,later confirmed by lyanna who is the,community manager that this will unlock,every mod except for raid mods you need,to go out of your way to earn the raid,mods which I think is fair they also say,get ready to focus up starting next week,focusing costs for all trials of Osiris,iron Banner Crucible and Gambit weapons,and armor will be reduced to 25,legendary shards a depth weapon a debt,weapon sorry Focus cost will be reduced,to 50. this is another huge huge change,and lastly what they have to say is,Grand Master nightfalls arrive on,January 17th in our next update the,grand master power cap and structure,will become more approachable for all,players while remaining some of our most,challenging content more details coming,in this week's twab so this is some,massive news for those of you guys that,want to get into build crafting I know,the builds here on YouTube are huge and,I even have some build videos coming up,very soon and all the time I get,comments like Joey you know I don't have,this mod I don't have that mod what,would you replace it with yada yada and,now you don't need to worry about it you,don't need to go to 801 and sit there,you know every single day for months on,in for a mod that you need and maybe,miss out on it and then wait more months,to get it this right here is definitely,way more consumer friendly as well,allowing us to get the loot that we want,without completely draining all of our,you know built up supplies uh by,reducing the focusing cost and this as,well is very huge um we've been getting,so strong and we've been going through,Grand Masters for so long that the fact,that our Guardians are as strong as they,are right now and needing to spend so,much time every single season to XP,grind is really annoying so hopefully,this means that they're just going to be,lowering that cap and just applying like,a contest modifier kind of similar to,how they have the seasonal content this,season with the serif bunkers,um this is all great news I just wanted,to go ahead and get yeah see datto's,happy everyone's happy I just wanted to,get this out just so that everybody,knows what is going on uh just ahead of,time you log on tomorrow you have,everything unlocked and you're confused,that is why so thank you guys so much,for watching I don't normally do News,videos but I figured that this was,pretty important considering how many of,you guys like build crafting and want to,get into builds and all that stuff so,thank you so much for watching and I'll,see you guys next time

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"Nothing Worked Until..." Destiny Reveals How He Actually Got UNBANNED On Twitter

"Nothing Worked Until..." Destiny Reveals How He Actually Got UNBANNED On Twitter

I guess my feelings always like when it,comes to Executive especially somebody,as high up as she was you know your,first word to her was hey yo yeah uh a,work friend of mine,um didn't know that I watched your,content but he brought up that he,watches your content and you know he was,almost ashamed when he was admitting it,he was saying things like The Meta Point,here is like when you're thinking about,getting unbanned from twitch I thought,long and hard about like what would be a,compelling message that I could send to,an executive that would say like this,person should be unpanned from twitch,and like the only it's like really,unclear to me,what would be,um enticing to them unless,just chilling do you want to introduce,yourself to the audience,uh uh not really,um I guess the guy who helped you,realize that you could get yourself,unbanned I don't want to take like too,much credit because I think most of what,I did was just kind of,getting you to talk to the right people,but I mean getting me that email was,pretty important,uh you so this is one of the things that,I wanted to talk about because yeah go,for it uh,I think it is easier to get in contact,with people than you think okay like,having contacts definitely helps but,um,I I don't want to skip ahead too much,because like I have a few things I want,to talk about that's that's definitely,on the list,um but like the first thing I wanted to,talk about is you know why I originally,reached out,uh investing right yeah yeah,um where where's your head out on that,so just let me finish factorial then my,head's going to be in so many different,places okay but this is my life's,information this is my life this is this,is like this is the way that people lead,each other on where you must have some,thoughts on it I I once I finish,factorial my brain is going to be so,open this is occupying you don't,understand okay I've turned down girls,I've turned down trips I've I've,just focused this is what I've been,doing I'm playing on the plane okay I'm,just 24 7 non-stop I see belts in my,brain okay I as somebody who suffers,from obsessive-compulsive disorder much,like you I don't but,I I don't think uh I think most people,look like factorio and actually enjoy it,or at least get addicted at least have a,little bit in them okay,um,yeah uh,yeah I think I I think regardless uh,yeah you must have some thoughts and,what kind of thoughts are you looking,for here what are you I'm looking for a,gut leaning,um gut landing on what,on investing I mean that's what I'm here,for well my gut leaning is no because I,don't know if I would get any initial,investment that is one something I like,need and could use and then two would,resemble in my mind,um an accurate valuation for what I,would hope would be a successful company,should I pursue it to the fullest,well two I don't think you should get uh,too far ahead of yourself you know I,think I'm willing to work with you on,that number one I think the thing to,think about when you talk about,investment is investing isn't just about,raising money correct um anybody who's,you know I'm sure you've talked to,people before but figuring out who you,get to invest in your company and what,they can bring to the table is super,important yeah oftentimes for initial,investment or Venture Capital sometimes,the investors is actually more important,than any money they bring to the table,right yeah I mean and I don't think,you're gonna have a huge amount of,trouble raising money but what I'll say,is that,um hopefully you've seen that I can at,least bring a little bit to the table,and I'm not a one-trick pony well I,don't know because now you just started,to saying like actually anybody could,have gotten those contacts so you know,maybe you haven't brought much maybe,maybe it wasn't impressive at all you,know look anybody can go turn on their,twitch stream and get a few thousand,followers doesn't mean everybody will,gotcha I don't know true look,um I think anyways keep it open mind,about it,um I think I'm not super like I'm trying,to figure out like how motivate,motivated I should be uh so I I guess,that answers my question about like,where your head's at but,um,yeah there's probably other things I can,bring to the table that I can't talk,about on stream just based off like some,of the contacts I have Okay,um,second thing I wanted to talk about and,maybe I'll just outline the two other,remaining topics like one was like,feedback on some of the email exchange,just things that I noticed in your email,and like maybe also,um oh I don't want any feedback on that,you can give me feedback on um on the,twitch thing I I truly for the Twitter,thing I was like checked out of that,before anything even started I've got to,be totally honest yeah but that should,tell you something well I I will I,talked to like there's like six,different like quasi celebrity figures,that have barked up a tree that I've,gotten similar feedback on and then my,talent agency I've gotten almost,

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Destiny Reviews The Twitter Files And Shapiro's Response

Destiny Reviews The Twitter Files And Shapiro's Response

the Twitter files are extremely,important because they confirm what we,are expected that Twitter's middle,management worked hand in glove with,Democrats to shut down the hunter,bideness or interview where is the proof,of that link is a tweet that proved that,he has you're on Twitter and he was,reported on Twitter linked the tweet,that showed that they had no basis for,that shutdown why not read what they,actually said it's literally Linked In,the Twitter threads this is what I'm,saying this is why conservatives lie,when they say we just want transparency,information no you don't you just want,to be able to spin a narrative,engage with the actual material why not,link why would you waste your time,writing this whole stupid ,Twitter thread when you can just link to,the actual conversation and show,me where it says that you can't walk,around with a party member full of,insane people to think that Hillary,Clinton murdered that Seth rich guy that,think that the they'd had people with,rifles showing up to that pizza,restaurant because they thought kids,were being held in the basement for,Satanic rituals you can't have all of,those people on your side and not have,to answer for them it's arguably the,defining features of your movement the,defining features of Mega Republicans,are are Q Anon and Seth Rich 23,of Republicans believe,Satan worshiping pedophiles control the,US government,we're reading this okay,um your best friend what,Lex is your best friend,um I hope so unless the bridge Burns,whoever find out,X for him in a year now is a comp psych,student I appreciate his work it's a,professional AI researcher and engineer,professor and a communicator the recent,Twitter files Saga has been quite an,interesting experience the transparency,is a breath of fresh air however I have,a few disagreements with the general,take Lux seems to have with it,a Twitter thread by Matt taibi a,journalist was published on December or,in December 2nd 2022 known as the,Twitter files which details a story of,censorship within Twitter of both the,censoring of New York Post Hunter Biden,laptop story and various deleted tweets,part one the string of New York posts,hinter Biden laptop story typo,for those unaware or not entirely up to,date the controversy can be read about,here in short Twitter and Facebook both,initially censored this story just weeks,before the 2020 U.S presidential,election the reason included that more,than 50 former senior officials have,signed on to a letter outlining their,belief that the recent disclosure of,emails allegedly belonging to Hunter,Biden has all the classic earmarks of a,Russian dis or information operation,Twitter was said to be on high alert due,to the vast amount of Russian,disinformation pushed during the 2016,presidential election additionally it,was claimed that the story violated,their hack materials policy and fact,Checkers were originally unable to,confirm the authenticity of the emails,at the time though it was not disputed,by the Biden campaign,Jack Dorsey,who was the CEO of Twitter at the time,was reportedly unaware of the censorship,of the New York Post story eventually,the story was allowed to be posted on,Twitter though it was after the election,was over Jack Dorsey has said that he,would regrets the censorship of the,story and that the handling of the,situation was freelance with no evidence,of the government being involved to,censor the story there was internal,fighting within Twitter as to whether or,not the story should be censored and if,the hack material policy actually,applies here,the main takeaways from the section are,one Twitter was on a high alert due to,Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S,presidential election and concerns from,former senior officials so Twitter aired,on the side of caution,two Twitter's stated reason has to do,with attack materials policy though the,validity was contested internally three,there is no evidence of a government,involvement in the censoring of this,story,and four there was internal conflict as,to whether or not the story should be,censored in general no new information,about the censorship of the story was,revealed except that it was a freelance,decision without the knowledge of Jack,Dorsey the censorship seemed to have,been a case of better safe than sorry,with the Hacked materials policy being,the external justification the,censorship was not a result of,government involvement and there was,internal conflict as to whether or not,the story should even be censored,so this was the first part so,if you read through Matt's um leaked,tweets,um,they tried to make this sound like as,salacious as possible doing like one,tweet every 50 minutes because,this guy is either the slowest ,typer or for some reason even type up,the thread first but um this was true,there was no,government intervention there was no,evidence of Foul Play there was no,evidence of external pressure and the,hack materials policy was indeed the,internal external reason that they went,fo

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The Twitter Files

The Twitter Files

so Elon Musk made this tweet yesterday,he said what really happened with the,hunter Biden story suppression by,Twitter will be published on Twitter at,5 PM Eastern Time,so uh we're double checking some facts,we'll probably start live twinning in,about 40 minutes so this has come out,yesterday it's big nothing well let's,see what it says the Twitter files uh,what you're about to read is the first,installment of a series based upon,thousands of internal documents obtained,by sources at Twitter the Twitter files,tell an incredible story from inside one,of the world's most largest world's,largest and most influential social,media platforms it is a Frankenstein,tale of a human built mechanism grown,out of the control of its designer,Twitter in its conception was a,brilliant tool for enabling instant Mass,messaging making a a true real-time,Global conversation possible for the,first time in early conception Twitter,has lived up to its mission statement of,giving people the power to create and,share ideas and information instantly,without barriers as time progressed,however the company slowly was forced to,add those barriers some of the first,tools for controlling speech were,designed to combat the likes of spanned,spam and financial fraudsters slowly,over time Twitter staff and Executives,began to find more and more uses for,these tools Outsiders began petitioning,the company to manipulate speech as well,first a little then more than often then,constantly,by 2020 requests from connected actors,to delete tweets were routine one,executive would write to another more to,review from the Biden team the reply,would come back handled,and I'm sure people have looked these,tweets up did do any of these tweets,still exist,yeah all those tweets that were deleted,were porn,is that true,no but they were revenge porn if the,tweets were revenge porn,then I don't think I don't have any,problem with Twitter deleting them they,were dick pics yes,there it's Hunter's dick pics,um,I think that Twitter deleting revenge,porn is not a bad thing,yeah I would say this is this is not a,bad thing deleting revenge porn is is,not a bad thing,uh revenge porn and personal leaked,yes,Patek Brave take well what I mean is,that there are a lot of people who think,that it's okay for that because uh,Hunter Biden's public figure right yeah,I I that you're right it's not a hot,take but I think there would be people,that would be mad that I'm saying this,because they don't like Hunter Biden and,so they would want the revenge porn,posted,next one here I grabbed the first one,under SI defer to safety on the high,profile second one and so this is,another uh another post celebrities and,unknowns alike could be removed or,reviewed at the behest of a political,party,both parties had access to these tools,for instance in 2020 requests from both,Trump White House and the Biden campaign,were received and honored however this,system wasn't balanced it was based on,context because Twitter was and is,overwhelmingly staffed by people of one,political orientation,uh yeah I wonder which one that is uh,there were more channels more ways to,complain and more open to the left while,Democrats than the right,so here we go contributions by party of,recipient so these are,um,I I've seen this chart before and I'm,just making sure that I'm right about,this this image here is an image of,contributions that Twitter employees,made to different parties while they,were at Twitter is that correct,I just want to make sure yes yes yeah,I've seen this before okay,so,96 in 2018 uh I know you guys can't read,it um let me just zoom out yeah you guys,see 2018. uh and this is also uh almost,a million dollars 98 to Democrats 2022,99.79,to uh two Democrats Republicans got 451,dollars,so this is obviously this tells a very,a very one-sided story,yes 400 yes Republicans have received,451 dollars this cycle from Twitter,okay this system wasn't bound oh yeah we,read that okay yeah that's open Secrets,and that's the whole thing right I I saw,the picture I didn't even notice there,was a link the resulting start in,content moderation decisions is visible,uh in the documents that you're about to,read however it's the assessment of,multiple current and former high-level,Executives okay there was one more,throats a throat clearing about the,process but screw it let's jump forward,the Twitter files part one how and why,Twitter blocked the hunter Biden laptop,story on October 2014 2020 uh New York,Post published Biden secret emails uh an,expose based on the contents of 100,Biden's abandoned laptop I don't know,why it is that Hunter Biden,like it doesn't matter like who is like,I feel like Hunter Biden has taken more,pictures of himself doing crimes than,every hip-hop artist in the last 40,years put together,it's nuts like the guys like it,like that's all he does is he just takes,pictures and sells himself doing crack,it's crazy man,yeah it's nothing to do with garment,yeah all right anyway crack of nugge

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The Destiny 2 Community just got Bamboozled...

The Destiny 2 Community just got Bamboozled...

foreign,what is up guys it's your boy Rick cakis,In the Flesh coming at you live from the,Tangled Shore bungee thought they got,rid of it your boy found it a little bit,different format today let me know if,you guys like it in the comment section,but I just really want to talk about a,crazy Destiny 2 story because recently,almost the entire Destiny 2 Community,including myself was tricked all right,we were Hoodwinked we're Bamboozled,because what really happened is,obviously a story within two parts now,the first part of this story was that,data miners came out and they said hey,we found evidence within the game files,of a premium subscription service and a,bunch of you know gaming news outlets,reported on this and this kind of really,spread like wildfire throughout the,destiny 2 community and this part we,need to talk about for a sec because,very interestingly unlike most other,games like if Call of Duty was like,we're doing a monthly subscription,service people would freak out they,would not want that but but with Destiny,2 you have a lot of players honestly,including myself,that wouldn't really mind a subscription,service now I'm gonna go over the other,side of this argument in a second so I I,listen I can already see you pressing,that caps lock button for the comments,relax for a sec we're gonna go over the,other side but for a subscription,service like I'm I'm a toxic streamer,bro I'm gonna buy all of the DLCs the,expansions everything already so,convenience wise just having a monthly,paid Subscription Service would honestly,be better for me and I think an even,bigger factor is just the absolute mess,in terms of how much content there is,out there for sale especially if you're,a new player guys like let's take a look,at the steam page for Destiny 2 right,now all right so if I go to the store,Page here and I look at what is,available content for this game,if I'm a new player if I was like hey I,just got the game what should I buy like,there's three different versions of the,witch Queen then there's all the uh,forsaken pack the Beyond light pack the,pack of the pack of the pack it's a ton,of different stuff here and I really,don't know where to start where to jump,in all of that stuff you know Legacy,Collection all this stuff so having a,subscription service having something,that you can just oh I pay a monthly fee,and I get access to all of that stuff,like there's no uh buy this and then you,can buy that and then you can choose to,buy Beyond light but not forsaken but,not and and half of forsaken isn't even,in the game it's so confusing so going,to a monthly subscription service right,where it's just either yes you pay for,it and you get all this content or no,you don't you get a free to play,watered-down version it's so so much,easier in terms of a barrier to entry,for new players do you want to pay or do,you not you get all this stuff or you,don't you don't have to like cherry pick,all these different DLCs and so these,things combine to again make a lot of,people advocate for this monthly,subscription service right now the other,side to the argument is people saying I,don't want to pay a monthly subscription,service I like to choose which Seasons I,invest in a lot of people maybe they,have you know a summer job that's in a,different location and they're like oh I,don't pay for the summer season because,of that or they go hey I come in for the,big expansions I'm there for the witch,Queen I play and then the rest of the,year I kind of dabble I don't buy the,extra Seasons a lot of people are like,that too and also you have to think,about the fact that honestly having,people buy each individual season,Bungie's kind of gotta bring it every,single season Bungie's got to convince,you to depart with with your hard earned,money whereas for a subscription service,they could just kind of sit back a,little bit more but with this model we,have now it's like okay we've got to,convince people to buy season the,plunder here are all these sick weapons,here is the sick armor right you have to,imagine that that is leading to Bungie,you know putting a little bit more,effort into every single season when,every single time there's a purchase at,stake so that's the arguments kind of,for and against and they're a little,watered down obviously could go more,into the whole debate but the point is,the destiny Community is definitely,interested in a subscription service and,has been thinking about it for a while,not necessarily wanting it but like,toying with the idea so when this news,came out it spread like wildfire people,were like oh it's finally coming we're,finally getting a subscription service,then,oh here comes the other side of the,story no one expected so basically it,was reported that the data miners just,made it up like they didn't find bubkus,within the game files they found nothing,they just completely made it up in fact,here's the statement from the data Miner,themselves uh within their Discord,saying I was just

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Destiny OFFICALLY UNBANNED from Twitter, the king has returned!!

Destiny OFFICALLY UNBANNED from Twitter, the king has returned!!

how'd you get your Twitter account back,um I'm gonna be honest I have never had,any hope for the Twitter account some,random dude emailed me like,10 years not 10 years ago I think like a,few months ago I was like oh I want to,invest in your company and I'm like okay,yeah I'm not gonna do that and he's like,oh hey like I'm friends with a lot of,people at Twitter uh I can have dinner,with people and ask them what's going on,and I'm like I'm sure you can buddy you,know you want me to put in a good word,for you and I'm like yeah sure thing and,he's like okay but you're gonna have to,buy the dinner and I'm like okay,and we go back and forth through emails,a few times and then one day as he's,like working so he's the guy who,originally originally gave me some like,vague information about why my account,was banned and I'm like okay I've heard,this before and then he gets me in,contact with,uh high up at Twitter,and I'm like and then I email her and,she's like well here's what your account,was banned for like these tweets all,violate the TOs,and then I responded I was like oh well,I probably got 100 sweets like that,thanks sorry for wasting your time and,he's like no dude you gotta try harder,and I'm like I dude I'm nuked,from Twitter he's like no just send a,nice email we'll like make it sound,sincere blah blah blah it's like okay, it and I did that and then she's,like oh thanks for being sincere we'll,let you back on on Tuesday I'm like oh,okay,okay,check Reddit sent you a debate to check,it out and you can and if you can break,it down uh maybe check my Reddit like my,subreddit or my Omni liberal and not,Omni Destiny well Omni liberal is my,most recent account,it's uh my largest account,um it's the one I cover the most the,Omni Destiny one I guess would be nice,but I don't even know how those,followers are old as right that's,like four years old,um,I don't think I care about that account,maybe in like a month or two maybe I'll,try to apply for events on that but but,just having an official Twitter account,again that I can operate on like,officially in the in the light and not,in the shadows is nice,I'm not doing any awards until I have my,Fiverr don't spam it ask about,it if I start doing any like that,and my lags or drops might I kill,myself I'm not doing any of that,until I have real internet again which,is scheduled to be installed on the,third and fourth,buy a blue check why is there any point,to having them now every random on,Twitter has a blue check mark now,why not get coax internet until the,fiber comes because the coax would have,been scheduled to be installed today so,why the would I do it that for for,one or two days like,when will you block Courtney never,Courtney's My Bae she's my queen,and my the king will do anything to,protect his Queen,do you still have to deny this is your,Twitter account no this is like,officially my Twitter account I'm like,officially unbanned so I'm good,what are you going to leak in two days,oh well I was supposed to get unbanned,from Twitter in two days she said it was,gonna be Tuesday so now my,Majora's Mask Moon timings up,all right bye remember to hit that like,And subscribe and don't forget the,notification Bell so that my videos

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Huge Fight over Elon's Twitter 8$ Verification w/Destiny & Dan

Huge Fight over Elon's Twitter 8$ Verification w/Destiny & Dan

all right see here's the thing now,you're masking with humor you're like oh,I'm wrong I better laugh out of you,being serious this comes now seriously,100 I know yeah 100 bucks let's go none,of you are capable of having this,conversation that's it you guys are all,you're just too stupid you're too stupid,all of you you just can't you can't,handle it that's it,how do you feel about the eight dollars,for Twitter verification I thought the,pain for verification is fine I think,it's I think it gets to the point of,what verification is for which is to,like verify an account they check the ID,and then make sure they don't like Bots,or whatever,I thought to me verification is,definitely more of a status symbol well,it is but it's not supposed to be but,that's what it becomes Twitter I,disagree like for instance,um,uh what's a good example like your mom,should never get verified even if she,like verifies that it is her with her ID,because that's useless no it's useful,the point of verification because,there's a million you're wrong there's a,million Bob Smiths out there how are you,going to verify that this is Bob Smith,and not the show an ID but the whole the,whole point of verification is just to,show that a person is who they say they,are that's it no the point of,verification is that someone who is,likely to be impersonated can say I'm,the authentic account not so douchebag,make Frank face can go out there and be,like yup it's me get my like you know I,gave my license this is it 100 that's,the only use case for it and if they,start charging for it no one's going to,give it and it's going to lose all you,know it's gonna lose all all meaningful,practices at all like you're gonna have,spam Bots that are gonna be verified,like it'll be who's gonna pay to verify,spam every spammer every spam,yeah if they can get you to click their,crypto link 100 all right we'll see you,wait do you think I'm delusional yes,you're so you're so absolutely you're,insane absolutely you think they're,actually oh this is like the Matrix,movie um I'm Morpheus oh,you think they're paying with real money,curious,Oh Daddy Dan is crazy today oh the,problem with verification on Twitter is,that it became a status symbol not in a,way that like like you can argue like oh,over 5 000 followers should be required,to get verified and then to pay for it,that'd be fine but the problems it,became a shortcut are like who does,Twitter like which is fine stupid that's,the problem with verification like there,are people who would get like banned or,would get like um they'd say some that,Twitter doesn't like and then they'd,lose verification but why like they were,taking verification away from people I I,don't yeah again I don't that's not good,so that's certainly that's true so I'm,saying Twitter verification we have a,shortcut for like oh these are people,that uh Twitter likes which is stupid,it should be large people as far as,large following people that are likely,to be impersonated or places where it'd,be dangerous if they get impersonated so,I guess an example of someone that might,not be super like okay most celebrities,should be verified most politicians,should be verified because they have a,large following and um everything else,but an example of someone that wouldn't,have a large following that should also,be verified is maybe like,assistant director to the National,Health Institute or something that's in,charge of like policy they might have, three 300 followers but you,would want to know that this is the,authentic person that is doing that no,they're what I don't want to say,verified that you don't need to verify,every person in government or in media,that's current it's way more cringe what,you're suggesting which is that being,like Dune Bug can get verified yes,here's a suggestion if you have more,than 5 000 followers you can pay eight,dollars a month for verification thing,so people can't impersonate you boom,but you don't understand that doesn't,make sense how does that make sense how,many Bob Smith can get verified it's,just the one lucky guy who gets there,first,you can verify multiple Bob Smith's what,do you mean then what's the point of,being a verified Bob Smith what's the,difference between theoretically two,people with a matching name trying to,impress another versus anybody who can,make any account ever Dan it has to be,like All or Nothing what are you talking,about the point is that there's probably,those are very rare cases because,usually there's not two people with the,same name that are popular and,well-known do you think they're is it,possible right now that if I were to,search through Twitter there's two,different Will Smith's that are verified,um I would say that would be one of the,there's probably another Will Smith,that's like probably one of the the most,common name that there is yes there's,probably multiple will Smiths that are,verified right now right yeah,it's not a problem is it yeah wait why,is it,that is like becaus

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Destiny Reacts To Twitter Dev Getting Fired After Mentioning Musk On Twitter

Destiny Reacts To Twitter Dev Getting Fired After Mentioning Musk On Twitter

okay wait where are we at on this what,were we even talking about for the,Chinese oh this guy we're still here on,top of this China was unable to wean,itself up he's fight wait who got fired,by the way I'd like to apologize for,Twitter being super slow in many,countries I was doing over a thousand,poorly batched rpcs just to render a,home timeline I have spent about six,years on Twitter for Android and can say,this is wrong,okay,um,foreign,if Elon is wrong then it's pretty shitty,of him to tweet this because he's,throwing his devs under the bus,but it's also pretty stupid to,tweet something like this,contradicting your boss in public as,well so yeah I don't know,looks like Elon is wrong,Twitter is on Android we've done to fix,it we've done a bunch of work to improve,performance we found that correlates,well with increasing UAM and AD spend,agree there's plenty of room for,performance experience and internet,however I don't think the number of,requests of memory issue for a cold,start of the app there about 20 requests,to load home timeline most requests are,not blocking having the background this,includes things like image using,settings,Etc I think there are three ways of the,episode first it's bloated with features,to get a little usage second we have,accumulated years of tech debt as we,have traded velocity and features over,performance third we spend a lot of time,waiting for network responses one,performance Focus hold back go ddg 7601,showed a causal increase of 40 muam for,reference mix media only showed plus 10,UAM if you want to improve things we,need to make trade-offs for performance,over new feature work frankly we should,probably produce some big rewrites to,come at 10 plus years of tech debt and,make a call on deleting features,aggressively,a rewrite,no shot,rewrites don't make money new features,do,this is why developers don't show their,face in public,he's fired rip,this is the same guy that says 400,lunches are fine,and,oh Jesus hold on,hold on,to really face truly face jewelry face,all right,thank all social media companies should,handle their emails by posting on it he,basically walked back saying I was wrong,about poison rpcs though no primary,issue,stop,it,this cat looks super triggered,scaring me,stop being ratchet,no surprise nothing gets done when the,employees are fighting their boss on the,platform instead of doing work,well the problem is,if I had to guess,the problem is that um,when you want to do things like code,based rewrites or when you want to like,clean up like accumulated Tech debt debt,the problem is that it's probably really,difficult to show you probably need a,really good team leader to express to,management what the benefit is of doing,this because if I'm managing a project,and I can either one launch a new,feature especially a revenue collecting,one or two pay my Engineers to clean up,a code base why the would I do that,right you need like a really effective,team leader or somebody to express to,management like hey if we allowed to do,this it's going to let us do this easily,in the future et cetera et cetera et,cetera but that I think that that is,entirely going to rust on I don't know,if it'd be team leader what whoever you,would say that like whoever's in charge,of communicating between engineers and,management has to do a really effective,job at making that case because without,that happening it's just like I can,either throw money into a black hole of,code rewrites whatever the that,means or we can spend money launching,this new feature where we can Bill our,customers 3.99 a month and I can show,investors and I can look at my cash,flows and I can look at the debt that I,pay and I can look at the salaries that,I pay like oh that's obviously it's,always going to be the new Futures that,would be my right that's like probably,the issue,what is Tech debt,um if I had to guess it's it's actually,probably a lot like when I play factorio,like,um let's say that I create like a,solution for a problem and it works it's,not very scalable but it kind of works,but then I build something else on top,of it and it's like oh okay I've got,this underlying thing that doesn't work,very well but like if I make this little,patch it kind of works and it works good,enough and the problem is that that,mentality will let you build on more and,more and more and more code and,what's going to happen in the future is,eventually you're going to run up,against a problem where it's like okay,we want to add this new feature but we,kind of have to pick we need to like fix,problem a first because now it's,actually a problem well the problem is,at that point you're not fixing problem,a because it's not problem a it's,actually problem like K and you need to,fix a b c d e f g h i j and you got to,do like basically like a code base,rewrite or like a half rewrite if you,even want to approach fixing that,problem so you're like okay well let's,scrap that feature and let's work on,something else instead and

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