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No Shame Whatsoever: GOOD MOTHER Gets A Train Ran On Her With Clothes On In Front Of Everyonetoday w


Updated on Jan 17,2023

No Shame Whatsoever: GOOD MOTHER Gets A Train Ran On Her With Clothes On In Front Of Everyone

today with james henry we are in the,smoker's room uh i was,seeing this uh video that came across my,feed,this is more worse than the one i did,with the girl sucking the gun,and the only thing i'm going to say to,you is this here,i have read comments and,i heard from other single mothers and,they will say i'm not that type of woman,i raised a good son and everything else,okay,i'll implore you i i,i stand up and clap my hand for you if,you actually have a son,that actually grew up,and he is not dysfunction and he's not,doing all kinds of dumb okay i'ma,i'm gonna give you a gold star i'm gonna,give you a trophy,give me your address and i'll send you a,trophy,but okay,what about the rest of these kids that's,out here,now if you is a child and i'm and i'm,talking to the ones who told me that,they are good mothers,okay,just imagine this is your mother,okay,did you see that,this is your mother right here,so what you have to say about that,so what kind of woman would you grow up,to be,if you walked in,and seen your mama doing this with two,guys,in the living room,what would you do,would you think this is normal,would you think this is,something that women posed to do,now remember you're a child you don't,know no better,you don't have no father teaching you,anything about being respectful,you don't have no uh family member,that think this is strange,and you keep you see this almost every,day in your in that household that your,mom was just doing this,just doing this right here,so what you think you gonna grow up and,do,you gonna think this is normal,you're gonna think that you poster have,two men pumping you in the in,the face and then one and behind,and more likely,growing up in this house like this,mama might tell you to come on get on,your fours baby and let let bubba and,leroy and skillet do the same thing to,you,and then the next thing you know you'll,be doing,you'll be doing this in the in at school,you'll be at school letting hambone and,chitlins do you the same way,come on,i like to know,leave it in the comment tell me what,what what you think uh,a young child is gonna grow up to be if,she see her mama doing this,you think she's gonna be a respectable,young lady,you think she's gonna have pride in,herself,or do you think that she's gonna have,low self-esteem,you tell me,the only thing i can say about all this,bull crap like this here,is that single parent homes,these are sons from single parent homes,and this woman,is,a mother of a single parent came from a,single-parent home also,that's all i got to say,you don't have to believe me,and i and like i said again in most of,all my videos,you don't have to believe me,this is just my opinion,and i could be wrong,but i don't think,respectable women,will be doing this,at all,peace and i'll check you in another,video

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it should be calling Pablo and check it,out again we finna get straight to it,now we got something a little different,right here man apparently a mom came,home and called her daughter in the,middle of a train game and you feel me,like she went on the train she was to,train you know what I'm saying no anyway,man we better get straight to and see,what's going on guys,hello,hello,you said he would be talking to her like,that right that's that's so,disrespectful oh my God,like why you keep explaining yourself,all right bro this with the camera,childish bro but damn she is a Bop, said Bros tragic,leave that alone he don't believe,you need that alone,let's,run a train,age,I,you know,okay,mom you don't come back in there either,morning you don't come back here Robert,and pay thousands of dollars to put a,roof over your prison app you have your,sister this is how you show me respect,this is our show me respect,after all that I do for my family you,are grateful I just don't need the,cops to come here right now,um,did she just ask her mama why is she,here like this ain't her house,thank you,did you want to get a train ran that bad,I I don't get it,you want to let your and his,friends hit that bad,you want to be a hoe you want all these,homies to you y'all go to his house,guess what and then our blood clot he,was married,with a guy,what happened,I'm down in there now now it's one,o'clock in the night y'all come out here,I see the guy,you gonna bring a guy,into my life,after you see all that I've been you,telling me all people don't have nowhere,where to sleep,and and because you know my weakness,for people you gonna tell them what to,say,so that Amari can be sorry for them,yeah the acute way of disrespecting my,house,I say to the guy uh come out now I'm the,adult in the house and I've gone down to,I come out here I see you earn the guy,wrap up and I said Destiny go to your,room,I come in the kitchen look at my,kids so all these people in my house,virus,yes,I'm picking the guy I said Destiny go,upstairs,so they figure I've gone back to my room,and they're coming back home she come,back out here with a guy,she come back out here with the guys so,I tell her he got a vote she tell him,the guy he ain't gotta go nowhere damn,huh that's crazy man,but,I don't think this look at this,as far

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you can go at security every single time,she came she came to me and attacked me,and I had to defend myself so I would,like to press charges which media take,with us,came in here but best of all she came up,in here she had gave our keys to another,woman to come up here and get her stuff,yes she said Kimberly up here to get,stuff I don't know who Kimberly is to,somebody that supports him I don't know,she just she's a handler she does all,his like handwork from him from jail and,she came here with the keys I can let,her come up here first because I didn't,know who she was I told her it's okay I,understand you're here with joy but I've,joined these anything from this,apartment she needs to be with you,because I don't know who you are I'm,just about to let you run where I love,so then Justin came back up here I was,in here with people that I know whom I,trust because I don't know what she was,on or was she if she would came with a,weapon or anything so therefore I had,people in here when she got in here she,just came to get like his awards and his,Grammys and stuff and then after that,she started saying and I'm so wrong and,that this and that and I told her,Joycelyn you're going to jail you stuck,with the miner that miner was me you did,it multiple times over and over again,and she was like I can't believe you're,doing this I can't believe you're saying,this all this stuff and then she's dead,she hit me she hit me with her hands and,she was trying to kick me your face yes,with her phone,I just want to press charges immediately,her weren't you,she hit me on my head with her phone,that's where this is and then she was,like when she was punching me she had,her phone in my face in her hands so he,kind of like put blemishes on me but not,necessarily from like her punches or,anything,you have your ID I do have my ID,let me find my jacket,female singing female justin savage I do,have her phone number,I don't want to spoil the first thing,wrestling Jacqueline CEO is savage SI v,ga da GE sorry okay good deal,I did not I think Heidi's ty least I,believe Joycelyn is your former I don't,know if there's something right here but,I'm sure just gonna tell her to change,her never America she's gonna be changed,to get I already know,they left the building so what we're,gonna do is work bring it work - uh and,we're in advise warrants but this girl,really came at me but all this all this,hand motion and did not land one single,punch at all whatsoever and Risley cuz,you know what you know what,rob has the line to all y'all and that's,the sad part about it,that is the stamps I can part about it,human lying to all y'all this he had,people like me like hammer that's why we,never watched the documentary that is,exactly why so we got on Gayle King as,stupid as you,it is last few enemies give any last,your families before it comes you better,give it these last grannies before carny,pilots turn me out of this in jail,where man you can go be sweet against we,don't dump Elsa please call the police,on your phone

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