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"Deep" Jaden Smith Tweetsif a bookstore never runs out of a,certain book dose that mean that nobody,


Updated on Jan 14,2023

"Deep" Jaden Smith Tweets

if a bookstore never runs out of a,certain book dose that mean that nobody,reads it for everybody reads it you,would have to eat five apples today to,get the same nutritional value as an,apple from 1950 hashtag South you do not,know who you are or why you're here so,when you see someone dose the society,comes together as a whole and destroys,them I just scroll through my tweets and,I started laughing I encourage you all,to unfollow me so I can be left with the,people who actually appreciate galovski,and poetry hashtag cool tape vol 2 I,just like showing pretty girls a good,time whether I'm physically there or not,doesn't matter I don't want you guys to,think because I was born in America that,I speak and abide by English grammar,I speak Jaden indefinitely people tell,me to smile I tell them the lack of,emotion my face doesn't mean I'm unhappy,most trees are blue if a newborn babies,could speak they would be the most,intelligent beings on planet earth,people used to ask me what do you want,to be when you get older and I would say,what a stupid question the real question,is what am i right now,a little girl just asked me if I was,Willow Smith I humbly said yes into the,selfie real talk sometimes I am scared,by all my wisdom Jane now everybody get,off your phones and go do what you,actually want to do well how did you,type this did you do it on your phone or,your computer if you didn't type it on,your phone and you typed it on your,computer would that be any better are,you being a hypocrite right now am I,asking obvious question the more time,you spend away the more time you spend,asleep jealousy just reassures your love,once all 100% is neglected you have a,citizen a walking zombie criticizes,everything they see have fun it's a,really awesome place,hey are you Jane can I have a picture,with you no because I'm super sad but we,can sit,if a cupcake falls from a tree how far,away will it be from down hashtag to,further don't tell me you cried because,I know that you did honking mirrors be,real if our eyes aren't real you can,discover everything you need to know,about everything by looking at your hand,okay then here is the picture of hands I,found on the Internet and yes well now I,know everything about llamas thanks,James Smith if everybody in the world,dropped out of school we would have a,much more intelligent society yes an,intelligent society full of people who,were illiterate,we couldn't read or write or do math,when I die then you will realize all the,rules in this world were made by someone,no smarter than you,so make your own yes because people like,Socrates or Albert Einstein or Leonardo,da Vinci all of those men work idiots,or no smarter than you unawareness is,the only sim and if you were aware you,would know I should just stop tweeting,the human consciousness must raise,before I speak my juvenile philosophy

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Deep Tweets by Matt Walsh - Season 1

Deep Tweets by Matt Walsh - Season 1

and now deep tweets,by Matt Walsh,earlier I tweeted that emojis are for,children and women and that grown adult,men shouldn't use them I'm trending on,Twitter now because many people are,rightly angry about it I apologize,I should have mentioned that emojis are,also for illiterates forgive my,oversight,my seven-year-old pangender child,Sundance just came right up to me and,asked Matt what happens if there's,another January 6th can our democracy,survive,I looked them right in the eyes and said,my child it's already dead,we just held each other and sobbed,my pronouns are me and myself when you,refer to me you must say me which means,you'll be talking about yourself because,I identify as you and also me I identify,as everyone your identity has been,collapsed into mine you must respect,this or else you are transphobic,foreign,Drew in red marker all over his face,then got scared that we'd be mad so we,tried to hide it by wrapping toilet,paper around his head like a mummy then,he promptly ran into a wall and nearly,knocked himself unconscious,update I'm told that his sister came up,with a toilet paper solution now it's,all starting to make sense,update I dropped a very clever you must,be red in the face about this joke but,no one left,foreign,I would like to sincerely apologize for,the Reckless comments that got me,suspended I now realize that biology,doesn't exist science is a myth men are,women women are men penises are vaginas,and vaginas are penises it all makes,sense to me now I regret the error,parenting young children is just,shouting where are your shoes over and,over again into a void until the words,seem to lose all meaning,foreign,the government literally admitted that,we're being invaded by space aliens,today and you people don't even care,well they may not have admitted it,exactly but I choose to interpret the,events in this way and live my truth,announcement I Didn't Do It for the,accolades but if anyone does want to,nominate me for a Nobel Peace Prize in,recognition of my philanthropic,Endeavors I will not turn down the award,foreign,look sometimes kids grab steak knives,and stab other kids in the driveway,we've all been there just innocent kid,stuff can't believe the cops had to get,involved at all let kids be kids,my son told me that a kid was teasing,him by rhyming his name in insulting,ways I asked him the other kid's name,and gave him some ideas for Rhymes he,can use against him my wife does not,agree with my parenting strategy but I,feel that name rhyming and self-defense,is ethical,foreign

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Sad Tweets/Quotes

Sad Tweets/Quotes

without,i waited 100 years,and i'd weighed a million more,i'm not doing so good oh no,tell me how to breathe,always uh,i swear,it's not the fact that she kissed him,yesterday,it's the feeling of betrayal that i just,can't see me,you hurting steady love baby cause i'm a,little unsteady,if,do oh,you

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Tiktok Deep Love Quotes

Tiktok Deep Love Quotes

just is,you know you really love someone when,you don't hate them,for breaking your heart,what's up,cause there is no guarantee,this life is easy,don't be scared,i'm right here what if i told you that i,need you,would you tell me,would you believe,i realized i was thinking of you and i,began to wonder how long you'd been on,my mind,and then it occurred to me since i met,you,you've never left,isn't it crazy how we waste so much time,on certain people,and in the end it's like damn,they weren't even worth a second of it,foreign,you

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Wise Quotes

Wise Quotes

the bamboo that bends,is stronger than the oak that resists,no one can make you feel inferior,without your consent,never give it,it was a high council that i once heard,given to a young person,always do what you are afraid to do,death is not the greatest loss in life,the greatest loss is what dies inside us,while we live,love doesn't make the world go around,love,is what makes the ride worthwhile,seek opportunity not security,a boat in a harbor is safe but in time,its bottom will rot out,do not wait to strike till the iron is,hot,but make it hot by striking,we must overcome the notion that we must,be regular,it robs you of the chance to be,extraordinary,and leads you to the mediocre,risk more than others think is safe care,more than others think is wise dream,more than others think is practical,expect more than others think is,possible,a happy person is not a person in a,certain set of circumstances,but rather a person with a certain set,of attitudes,for a long time it seemed to me that,real life was about to begin,real life but there was always some,obstacle in the way,something had to be got through first,some unfinished business,time still to be served or a debt to be,paid,then my life would begin at last it,dawned on me,that these obstacles were my life,you are never too old to set another,goal or to dream a new dream,life shrinks or expands in proportion to,one's courage,you don't get to choose how you're going,to die or when,but you can decide how you're going to,live,now,security is mostly a superstition it,does not exist in,nature nor do the children of men as a,whole,experience it avoiding danger,is no safer in the long run than,outright exposure,life is either a daring adventure or,nothing,only put off until tomorrow what you are,willing to die,having left undone,don't let what you cannot do interfere,with what you can do,never let the odds keep you from doing,what you know in your heart you are,meant to do,give me six hours to chop down a tree,and i will spend the first,four sharpening the axe,you

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The most sad relatable quotes on tiktok ever.💔

The most sad relatable quotes on tiktok ever.💔

the Sun lead this whole gone,it's not this yesterday it's the,feeling okay someday I'll be with you,I coulda said of me can you keep me,close,I want you to smile today but I don't,feel like smiling,well it doesn't matter how you feel,inside you know it's what shows up on,the surface accounts take away your bad,feelings and push them down all the way,down,slow down,but I feel like I'm,I want to cry,you remind me every day I'm not it goes,but I still stay,I receive shot and I mean,notice you shine and not like the,darling,see when I read that everything is true,Oh advise your flower I hope it holds,you here give your my eyes when the head

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Joe Lycett's HILARIOUS Motivational Quotes | 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

Joe Lycett's HILARIOUS Motivational Quotes | 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

i've noticed uh a growing trend,in social media of it's normally very,attractive very successful famous women,posting what i call quotes to,social media,um cheryl cole does this a lot she posts,uh quite a few and they're always in,like a nice font on a seascape,background,a good example she posted one which was,your attitude,is your altitude it determines how high,you fly,and that was by anonymous there's a,reason no one's claimed authorship of,that,but um cara delevingne is the worst for,this she's a model if you don't know who,she is just imagine an eyebrow that's,all you need,just floating around celebrity parties,and she posts minimum one a day,and they make me so livid that i've had,to start commenting on them,so she posted one which was listen,and silent are spelt with the same,letters,think about it i thought about it for 10,seconds and commented,also tinsel think about that,i've gone one further i've set up my own,hashtag it's very modern it's hashtag, quotes i just made up,um i have two rules i can't have thought,about the quote for longer than 10,seconds and then i post it whatever it,is,tagging cara delevingne sheryl cole,laura whitmore the tv presenter and,sometimes jamila jamil,and it'll be things like don't cry when,it rains the weather is weeping for us,all,right after we've just made it up in 10,seconds means nothing,but my favorite one i posted which is um,life is like a box of chocolates,it doesn't last long if you're fat,okay jimmy i want to now talk about my,lovely mother who i adore,but she's also now joined twitter to,start stalking on me,and um i use twitter to sort of do silly,jokes here's one as an example,i'd uh tweeted do you know it takes 26,muscles to smile,and only one muscular guy in the gym to,give me a bone,just a little silly joke she replied,with,do you know i didn't know that thank you,so i've managed to get her back though,i've tweeted a joke that she wasn't,happy with,why do women sound like they're having,an orgasm when they play tennis,and why does my mother play tennis in,the bathroom,she was livid she wrote i see this is,120 retweets thanks son,you're welcome mother,vowel consonant consonant vowel i,see w vowel,so rachel i know you're pregnant but,please hurry up,consonant consonants,d consonant vowel g,and e could my mascot come and,stand next to me please so,i i need to be relaxed when i play this,game,and so when the producers messaged me,and said what do you want from a mascot,i said i need a masseuse,and they said fine what sort of masseuse,so i sent them an email i'll read you,the email i said,i want a masseuse with firm palms and,soft eyes,with a melancholy a sense of wonder a,thirst for the unknown,they must love their mother with all,their heart they must have once killed a,gecko with a ballpoint pen,they've tasted the crispy air on the,french riviera,they're an ex-lover of charlotte church,they've known and recovered from the,depths of heartache they've crushed the,head of a robin with their fist,they must have warm hands be full of,love they must make me their ragdoll and,punish me from above,they said they couldn't do that so this,is debra,you can get going debris she doesn't use,oil she just,spits where it hurts and gets to work,oh i've started doing vegan in the week,right thank you for the round of applaud,and i have a lot of legumes i love a,legume you know like a,a nut or a pulse i love those and i'm,having loads of them and it makes me,very gassy i'm so sorry,and i don't know if you've tried the,vegan lifestyle but the poos,jimmy the only way i can describe it is,like shoes falling out of a loft,did you watch the normal countdown yes,it does,i've only got to about midway through,series three so don't,tell me what happens i don't,i don't want to spoil the carol's,looking amazing i,i said she had a lot of work done but,that's incredible isn't it,this is your first time on castle's,countdown as a player how do you think,you're gonna do,badly because i'm not very good at,spelling,i'm not very good at maths the reason i,wanted to avoid dictionary corner is the,last couple of times i've been in,dictionary corner,clips of my performances have ended up,on,lad based facebook pages so,um lad bible unilad,chav lad and whilst i am an absolute lad,as usual um,i consider myself to be quite lady but,the people commenting on chavlad,don't think i'm that laddy right it's,basically,somebody that talks like me on chavlad,gets a sort of response,that you would get if you go to sort of,a dinner party and say,what do you think of brexit and then,open a box of wasps,so i'm trying to go under the radar have,you got our mascot,this evening joe yes i have so one thing,um,every time i've been on this show i,always feel like that clock goes quickly,and i don't trust it but who i do trust,is pam st clement,and now this is a clock that i have in,my bedroom and i trust it,with my life so i'll be using pam as the,timer,it's rather than gmt it's pst pums and,clement time,what i th

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Best of Technoblade Quotes | Volume I

Best of Technoblade Quotes | Volume I

five pixels taught me anything it's that,if you have a problem,the answer is slavery i'm having fun,i dropped out of college for ex-english,major i decided that math wasn't enough,to defeat my enemies i needed to consult,the classics,in the art of war sun tzu says if you,know the enemy,and know yourself you need not fear the,result,of a hundred battles so i decided to do,some investigative journalism,i discovered a forum post from september,in which a user named i'm a squid kid,bragged about being ranked number one in,potatoes by stock in his profile i found,another post weeks later in which he,suggested he was now around 7 million,potatoes by putting these two data,values on a grid i could calculate the,slope to estimate his average daily,potato yield,it wasn't perfect but it was the best,method i could think of to estimate how,strong his potato farm was i mean it's,not like i could just,go to his island and and look at it,wait that worked eventually but come on,is mindlessly repeating the same task,for hundreds of hours,really what skyblock's all about squid,i know we've had our differences but the,police are after you man,i saw a helper i saw a helper squid,there were two dudes squid,they came to your island with with the,helper,they were snitching i don't know why i,need names,okay let me get my my screenshots i,gotta be careful man,the snitches be everywhere anyways,i'm gonna go afk now,just act natural just,also i'm deeply scared of him did you,see what he said when i told him the,names,names noted that is serial killer talk,we ain't gonna be hearing from those two,guys ever again,this is the stupidest game i've ever,it's like the best game and then you,right click on the presents and you get,points,and that's the game yes oh my god you,have to steal as many presents from,orphans as possible,dude how do you 17 i saw you memorize,the spots,i can neither confirm nor deny this,information,you should be sad that you've collected,41 presents from orphans,dude these orphans are getting destroyed,jesus christ,this is the second worst thing that has,happened to these orphans in their lives,that's so bad nelson everyone else is,mad take that orphans,and not even close,if you wish to defeat me train for,another 300 years,just don't hit me don't hit me don't do,it i've had,i literally no there's skeppy i,literally have half a heart don't do it,hello,why,if you wish to defeat me train for,another,400 years make this uh one by one water,jump,and if you can make that you survive,that's a lapis block,are you typing,you've been banned is water and then,what one is a lapis and then one you,won't you'll never know,one's blue wool oh yeah that's what i,meant,how could you tell from up there and i,created it's so obvious,what texture pack are you using or you,can't oh did you just take out a bear,you just put a barrier back there,you think i'm an idiot it's broken it's,broken,i'm out look at me look at me you can't,tell me,i didn't break it,okay i broke it,that was easy,don't do it again you're just gonna do,this again until you get footage,all right there's a barrier block isn't,there you know what i,thought it was just do whatever you want,let's get to the checkpoint i gotta get,to the checkpoint,that's not yeah that doesn't count for,anything took my two alts and my main,account and then i,afk on all three of them hey what do you,want,why are you doing this your potato rank,one spot,is now mine,he's checking he's checking,for years my machinations lay,undetected,squid squid i found a problem,with your island a critical flaw,get over here this sign it has the wrong,number,i'm an atheist but when god sends me to,hell i want him to hesitate,okay i want him to hesitate for a few,seconds but squid was also farming,several hours a day,logged off an hour and a half ago he,should be entering rem sleep just about,now it would be a real,shame if someone woke him i didn't,actually wake him up because i wasn't,sure if intentional sleep deprivation,was legally considered torture or not so,i decided to shelve that strategy for,the time being and i'd beg them i'd be,like no dude please,please he fixed that months ago that,doesn't hurt him anymore and they'd be,like i'm helping an afk,all night squid kid was getting boosted,by my own viewers and there was,nothing i could do to stop them because,what was i going to do this time my,island has been open to visitors during,the potato war,in the last video i explained i made an,afk machine on my island so planted,potatoes would keep growing even when i,wasn't online,i was actually using an advanced,technique there called lion,this clip of the afk pool is from,november i didn't even build the manual,farm until january

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