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NYC mayor calls out de Blasio for team's criticism of administrationNew York city mayor Eric Adams i

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Updated on Jan 28,2023

NYC mayor calls out de Blasio for team's criticism of administration

New York city mayor Eric Adams is,calling out the de Blasio Administration,in an impassioned six-minute tirade,mayor Adams blasted de Blasio and his,team Adam said they had their chance to,fix the city's problems now he says it's,his turn and they need to butt out,eyewitness news reporter Darla miles at,City Hall with the very latest on the,war of words Darla,Joe butt out is one term to use but,essentially in the words of Mayor Adam,something that he might say would be to,step off to the former members of the de,Blasio Administration now his comments,were not directed at former mayor Bill,de Blasio but members of his,administration who he is clearly upset,about because he doubled back at the end,of a press conference to speak his mind,I am so tired,of the previous administration,and their antics,a dark shadow now hangs over the fist,bumping friendly nature of Mayor Eric,Adams and his predecessor Bill de Blasio,during an unrelated press conference,Thursday afternoon Adams closed out by,delivering a message to those he says,are quote intent to see us fail should I,call Bill the other day I said Bill,what's going on,you know what's going on and then the,bills comms guy who's probably the worst,calms guy in the history of,communication I've been there I'm not,saying I'm an expert on everything but I,am a New Yorker who doesn't like the way,he's handling things that would be,Neidhart who swiftly embraced that,moniker on his Twitter profile after the,mayor's comments but prior to today he's,been hammering Adams with tweets like,this two kids dead on Staten Island,entire neighborhoods flooded 60 mile per,hour winds expected and no one can say,where our mayor is I disagree with a lot,of Adam's policies in particular,slashing School budgets for the mayor's,part he believes he deserves more as a,professional courtesy all these other,administrations have come together and,say we want to help the city we love,what about calling the mayor what about,calling the mayor and saying yeah I'm,I'm good to have a dialogue in any way a,former senior advisor to Mayor Dubois,tweeted I haven't heard Bill de Blasio,say a negative word about Eric Adams in,private or public surely there's more to,worry about than b neidhart's Mean,Tweets I'll make a pledge right now if,he doesn't cut School budgets I'll,delete my Twitter account I mean that's,how much it means to me,now we did go by mayor De Blasio's,Brooklyn home this afternoon just to get,his take on this war of words he was not,there but Neidhart was very clear when I,spoke to him today that he does not,speak for former mayor Bill de Blasio as,for Adams he says to De Blasio's credit,he has been extremely helpful

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Andy Cohen Doesn’t Remember Saying "Sayonara, Sucker" to Bill de Blasio on Live TV

Andy Cohen Doesn’t Remember Saying "Sayonara, Sucker" to Bill de Blasio on Live TV

-Our first guest tonight is an Emmy,and Peabody award-winning producer,,a "New York Times" best-selling author,,and the host of "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,",which airs Sunday through Thursday nights on Bravo.,Please welcome back to the show, our good friend Andy Cohen!,♪♪,♪♪,It's so good to see you again. -It's so good to see you again.,-I got to see you recently.,I got to do your show on St. Patrick's day.,-That was so fun. -It's so much fun.,-You didn't get drunk enough. -You know, the thing --,-Specially considering the weight of the date.,-It was St. Patrick's Day, and I'm always very excited,to go to your show because I do feel like it's,a professional excuse to get drunk.,-I do, too. -Yeah.,-Yes. -But you know, your show --,and I say this as a huge compliment --,the pace is breakneck. -It is.,-It moves so fast. -Yes.,I have a short attention span. -Yeah.,-So, it's about if I can keep myself engaged for 30 minutes...,-Yeah. -...then it's good.,That's why I'm always changing the topic.,-You know, it's like trying to have a drink, I would imagine,,during speed dating where... -Yeah.,-...there's no time to actually get the wine in your mouth,because you only have five minutes to do...,-Yeah. Somehow I'm able to get the sips in.,I know when to drink. -You know what?,That's where I should -- I should learn from you.,-Yeah, exactly. -Last time you were here,,it was before the pandemic and we were celebrating,the 10th anniversary of "Watch What Happens Live.",-Yeah. -13 years now.,-13 years. -Really amazing.,-I know. I'm still -- I can't believe we're still going.,It's great. I'm so lucky. -Yeah.,I mean, I feel the same way, and we're at eight.,-Yes. -You know, and the thing --,and again, going back to just the way this show moves,and the flow of it, it does not seem like,it's a show you could do if you were bored with it.,-That's true. -Yeah.,-Although, have you hit a wall yet?,Was there ever a point in your eight years,where you were like kind of ticking a box?,-I think m-- I will say that if I got close to it,,the pandemic reset the clock, you know what I mean?,-Yes, of course. -Because all of a sudden,you go back and you appreciate everything a lot more.,-You're like, "whoa, I'm so lucky to have this.",-Yeah. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.,-Whereas right before the pandemic,,I remember saying, like, "God! I dare you to do something!",-Right, yes. -,-Congratulations on your book. -Thank you very much.,It's not here anymore, yeah. -Yeah, right.,We are really enjoying it. -This is your 3-year-old son,,Ben? -Yes. I e-mailed you.,I was a little upset because there are a lot of,words in the book. -Yeah. You -- right.,-Yes. -Going back to your,attention span. -I lodged a formal complaint,with Seth because when he hands me a super wordy book, I'm like,,"Oh, really? This is what you want?",There is a book called "Big Bug and Little Bug.",-Okay? -There is not even,an author credited. It is such a pamphlet,,but he loves it and it's literally like,,"A little bug fell in a hole he dug.",-Yeah. -Next page.,And I'm like, "This is --" I'm like,,"Want to read 'Little Bug, Big Bug'?",-So you try to push -- you try to push the simple stuff,,yeah, yeah. The most heartbreaking thing,is when someone says -- when you write,an illustrated children's book that is 32 pages,and someone said, "We started it.",-No! -Yes.,-Someone had said that to you? -Someone had said to me,,like, "We started it." I'm like, "Started it?",-That is terrible. Wow.,And when Jimmy Fallon said that to you, you said what?,-I said what I always say. I'm like, "You're the man, Jimmy!","Whatever you say, boss!" ,Your mom, I know, is a huge fan of your,in your entirety, your being.,But does she still watch the show 13 years in?,-She does. I mean, and she --,she has very mixed reviews about my show.,-That's so lovely. -Always -- we had --,her most recent gripe, which really she was on for a while,,we had Laura Linney and Kristin Davis on one night.,-Very nice combo. -Great actresses.,And my parents are big "Ozark" fans,,and we played a game called "Have They Crapped Their Pants?",Where I showed them a celebrity, and they have to say, guess,,whether the celebrity had, in fact,,publicly admitted to crapping their pants.,-Yeah. -Fun game, right?,-It is a fun game. -There's a play-at-home factor.,-Yeah. -And my mom was so mad at me,for for smearing Laura Linney in that way and bringing her,down to my level, I did not hear about --,the texts I got were so brutal. And then, yeah, it was bad.,-Do you -- do look back at that and think you should have,known better once you knew you had someone your parents loved,like Laura Linney? Should you have, like,,pushed "Crapped My Pants" a show?,-No, because I think it's the dichotomy of someone so,brilliant that's Laura Linney... -Yeah.,-...and playing the game with her.,-You're right. -I think, yes, no.,I think we did the right thing,,and I'm sorry I upset my mother.,-But you put the show first. -I do.,-I will say, I think o

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Bill del Blasio Inauguration Highlights | Bil de Blasio Video

Bill del Blasio Inauguration Highlights | Bil de Blasio Video

oh,in the challenge to the inequities we,face,new yorkers should ensure our mayor,that he will not stand alone,in facing the naysayers,of progress in our midst,that his invitation that we assist him,in fulfilling his mission,will not suffer,from a detached citizenry,we shall commit ourselves,to assisting in,and insisting that,the better part of ourselves,live up to the political,and moral courage,that change,demands,i intend to remake the office of,controller into a think tank for,innovation and ideas,because with new faces must come new,approaches to our most stubborn problems,educating our kids diversifying our,economy improving retirement security,for all,i never expected to be a city-wide,elected official,or to make history as the first woman of,color to hold city-wide office,the fabric of our city of our nation is,made strong by the untold sacrifices of,so many who are left defenseless,underrepresented unspoken for,but at some point in history the tide,must turn the policies that make them,voiceless must give way to a government,that works for them,that speaks for them,that cares more about a child going,hungry than a new stadium,or a new tax credit for a luxury,development,the 42nd president of the united states,bill clinton el presidente,thank you very much,this,inequality,problem bedevils the entire country and,i can tell you from my work much of the,world,but it is not just a moral outrage it is,a horrible constraint on economic growth,and on giving people the security we,need to tackle problems like climate,change,we cannot go forward if we don't do it,together,hi bill de blasio i bill de blasio do,solemnly swear do solemnly swear that i,will support the constitution of the,united states that i will support the,constitution of the united states the,constitution of the state of new york,the constitution of the state of new,york in the charter of the city of new,york and the charter of the city of new,york that i will faithfully discharge,and that i will faithfully discharge the,office the duties of the office of mayor,of the city of new york the duties of,the office of the mayor of the city of,new york according to the best of my,ability according to the best of my,ability so help me god so help me god,i know there are those who think that,what i said during the campaign was,just rhetoric just,political talk in the interest of,getting elected,and there are some who think that now as,we turn to governing,well that things will just continue,pretty much the way they always have,so let me be clear,when i said i would take dead aim,at the tail of two cities,i meant it,and we will do it,i will honor the faith and the trust you,have placed in me,and we will give life,to the hope of so many in our city,we will succeed,as one city

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Bill de Blasio speaks at Statue of Liberty following presidential bid

Bill de Blasio speaks at Statue of Liberty following presidential bid

first of all as to the president I'm,going to keep calling him Khan Don,because that's what he deserves to be,called he's he's a con man and we New,Yorkers know a con man when we see one,and I know how to challenge this guy,I've been watching him his whole porn,life his whole adult life and I've seen,all of his tricks and we're gonna go,right at him,I have been in so many elections where,the first polls had me way way back I've,won ten elections in a row I haven't,lost an election I think that people,over the course of campaign to get to,know who you are there are some really,good people in this race but what I,bring is absolute total focus on putting,working people first I have done it here,these are not words these are deeds when,you look at the things that we have done,to ensure that working people had,opportunity that not just the wealthy,benefited but everyday people got money,back in their pockets that's what paid,sick leave is that's what pre-k is and,after-school is that's what guaranteed,health care is,that were grappling with a set of,realities right before our eyes the,America of 2019 needs this museum it,needs everything that this museum this,statue represents we need to be reminded,because we're in a an identity crisis,right now as a nation and we're figuring,out who we are it's not the first time,this happened in our history there have,been plenty of moments where we had to,decide what was our truest nature it,could be painful it could be a difficult,moment in our common American experience,when we have these questions we have,these doubts but so much of this,challenge so much of this question is,tied up in the notion of immigration,itself but as so many ways immigration,is the founding and unifying element of,the American experience it's so much of,what it means to be American immigration,defines us and therefore it shouldn't,divide us and we can't as a people be at,peace we can't be truly secure when,we're in conflict with ourselves so we,have to figure this out together we have,to come to peace with who we are there,are American values we need to return to,and fight for in order to achieve our,greatest potential

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good morning people watch them in 65,here at Lisa Boise sorry about yesterday,I was just a little tired and I wasn't,feeling good but I'm okay now so I'm,back today I sent out a on my community,tab oh here's Delilah watch cat I don't,know where Samson is but I sent out on,my community to have this thing with the,Jews and with the with mayor de Blasio,in New York I found an article this,morning this came this morning on this,but first I want to read a passage of,Scripture because someone had wrote in,the community witnesses have to do with,prophecy or rapture or anything like,this it has a lot to do with it and I'm,gonna read a passage of Scripture it,says here and this is out of Jeremiah 16,14 through 15 and it says therefore,behold the days are coming this is out,of this is a new King James Version the,days are coming says the Lord that it,shall no more be said the Lord lives who,brought up the children of Israel from,the land of Egypt but the Lord lives who,brought up the children of Israel from,the land of the north and from all the,lands where he had driven them for I,will bring them back into their land,which I gave to their fathers so that,there you go right there this is,actually de Blasio don't know it nor,does he care but he's actually,fulfilling he was used to fulfill,prophecy a little bit says de Blasio was,responding to a funeral that had drawn,hundreds of Orthodox Jews to the streets,of Williamsburg Brooklyn to mourn a,rabbi who died of coronavirus it says,here in New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio,drew fierce criticism late Tuesday after,he signaled out the Jewish community in,a trio of tweet,it's announcing that he had instructed,his police department to fine or even,arrests social distancing violators de,Blasio addressed the controversy during,a press conference on Wednesday morning,he said that he had a long and deep,connection to the Orthodox community if,you saw anger and frustration you're,right I spoke out a real distress,people's lives were in danger before my,eyes the Blasio oh there were their,lives were in danger but yet people,gathered around to see the Thunderbirds,and the Blue Angels fly across New York,really I regret if the way I said it in,any way gave people a feeling of being,treated the wrong way that was not my,intention to marry at it it was said,with love whatever pictures of the,funeral procession first shared by one,of a reporter for this for the city,showed streets densely packed with,mourners who were later dispersed by,City police officers the synagogue of,the rabbi who died Cham mert's later,released a statement saying it had,expected Warner's to follow social,distancing rules and regretted that they,had not but they didn't say a word about,those people who were gathered around to,see that air show something absolutely,unacceptable happened in Williamsburg,tonight a large funeral gathering in the,middle of a pandemic de Blasio tweeted,when I had when I heard I went there,myself to ensure the crowd was his first,and what I saw will not be tolerated so,long as we're fighting the coronavirus,here again nothing was said about the,air show a second tweet followed,immediately afterwards my message to the,views community to the Jewish community,in all communities is simple a time for,warnings has passed I have instructed to,NYPD to proceed immediately to summons,or even arrest those who gather in large,groups this is about stopping the,disease and saving lives,period the second message drew swift,criticism from Jews and others who said,Blasio had unfairly targeted New York,Jews a majority of whom have were,following distancing rules critics said,the Blasio ran the risk of inflaming,anti-semitism just months after a spate,of violent attacks on Jews in the city,at a time when the Orthodox community is,mourning many of his own losses from the,corona virus pandemic mr. mayor your,words are unacceptable tweeted Kalman,Jaeger an Orthodox Jewish member of the,New York City Council to condemn our,entire community over one group of,people is something you would not do to,any other ethnic group and I know you,long enough to know that you know this,the head of the anti-defamation league,sounded a similar note hey New York City,Mayor,there is one million-plus Jew Jewish,people in New York City,CEO Jonathan Greenblatt twit tweeted,some uh let me see some noted that the,mayor had not responded similar sorry,for the noise that's a dump truck out,there getting a garbage truck some noted,that the mayor had not responded,similarly earlier Tuesday when the New,Yorkers gathered in parks to watch,military plane sakir again fly over the,city in a show of support for city,supporters for city workers others,pointed to the mayor's own habit of,walking in Brooklyn's Prospect Park were,crowd some time to gather on sunny days,in spite of social distancing guidelines,I'm gonna put this in the of the,scription box so as we understand mayor,de Blasio's frustration and is speaking,out about the gathering we t

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YES! Trump OBLITERATES de Blasio seconds after publishing Tone Deaf Tweet to New Yorkers

YES! Trump OBLITERATES de Blasio seconds after publishing Tone Deaf Tweet to New Yorkers

president trump obliterating bill de,blasio seconds after publishing,a tone-deaf tweet to new yorkers before,we get into this report if you're new to,the channel,i invite you to tap the red subscribe,button down below then hit that,notification bell so the first to know,when the latest news breaks,before i go further you know my friend,colin plume and noble gold they can help,you diversify your investments,they frequently update their youtube,channel where collins experience and,astute knowledge,is timely and useful so what i want you,to do right now is head on over to their,website,and tap that red subscribe button or you,can hit the link in the description box,below,and start protecting your investments,right now,now back to the news bronson stocking,from town hall reports that,mayor bill de blasio has made life in,new york city a living hell for,residents the exodus is real,new yorkers who were lucky enough to,survive cuomo's disastrous nursing home,policy,the riots stoked by de blasio and other,leftist leaders,and now the soaring crime rate is cops,retiring droves following months of,attacks on them and their profession,can't seem to escape the big apple fast,enough,so when de blasio tweeted that it was a,beautiful saturday in new york city the,president scolded the clueless mayor,for his tone-deaf tweet about the state,of new york,the mayor's tweet chided residents the,ones who,haven't fled for the umpteenth time to,wear a face mask and practice social,distancing,president trump has called on de blasio,and cuomo to end the shutdown and give,new york city a chance to recover,before it's too late new york city must,stop the shutdown now the governor and,mayor are destroying the place,de blasio has given new yorkers plenty,of reason to dislike him,just hours before announcing his,lockdown the mayor,visited a local gym to squeeze a workout,in,before all gyms in the city were ordered,closed the mayor also flaunted his own,prohibition against travel by driving,from manhattan to,brooklyn to take a stroll with his wife,in prospect park,of course rules for thee but not,for me president trump calling him out,the governor and the mayor are,destroying the place,comment below we'll see you at the next,report for the next news network i'm,gary franchi,thank you for watching that report you,know so much uncertainty on the horizon,you're probably very concerned about,what this instability will mean for your,investment thankfully,my friend colin plume at noble gold,investments offers his experience,and his astute knowledge for free on,their youtube channel,so what i want you to do is now head on,over to their youtube channel it is,linked down below,because i want to ensure your,investments don't take heavy losses,i encourage you to tap in subscribe to,their youtube channel,the link is in the description below i,want you to protect your investments,thank you for watching that report we'll,see you at the next one for the next,news network i'm gary franchi,you possess the power to impact the,global narrative,please share this report and to get more,videos like this,become the next news subscriber by,clicking the link below,thank you for watching the next news,network,you

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30. de Blasio Steps In It

30. de Blasio Steps In It

this week New York City Mayor Bill,DeBlasio was roundly criticized the last,week and even accused of being,anti-semitic when he directed a tweet,about social distancing violations at,quote the Jewish community and court but,as always nothing is as clear-cut as it,seems on Twitter so let's talk about it,I'm left-wing Gauss and welcome to the,Jews are tired your podcast about Jewish,news before I go into what Mayor Bill,DeBlasio said I just want to back up and,give you a first-person perspective on,what I think a lot of people on Twitter,saw on the night of April 28th because,here's what I saw that Tuesday evening,some photos popped up on my Twitter feed,of a street in North Brooklyn that was,absolutely packed with ultra-orthodox,Hasidic Jews there was a funeral,procession of a rabbi who had just died,of covered 19 and the police were,apparently there trying to shut it down,and send the crowd home now keep in mind,New York City has had one of the worst,kovat 19 outbreaks in the United States,with around 14,000 confirmed deaths and,when accounting for people who died,without being diagnosed a total of,almost 20,000 deaths on top of that,ultra-orthodox Jews have gotten a lot of,bad press because of a visible minority,that has disregarded New York,stay-at-home order and social distancing,guidelines so my first reaction to,seeing these photos of a crowded funeral,was oh my god what are these people,doing not again and my reaction that of,a mostly secular non Orthodox Jew is,exactly why I'm bringing up this,situation on this episode because it,speaks to the divide between the,ultra-orthodox Jewish world and the non,ultra-orthodox Jewish world but that's,something I'll come back to in a moment,because the story of that Tuesday,evening kept rolling not only did the,police have to shut down this funeral,but New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio,showed up personally to disperse,the crowd and then he got on Twitter and,tweeted three wonderful times now for,those of you who aren't on Twitter,basically you have two hundred and,eighty characters to post or tweet,whatever you want for longer thoughts,you can thread meaning connect multiple,tweets so that they are all seen at once,in a connected format sort of in context,of each other so de Blasio tweeted once,about the funeral without saying,explicitly this was related to the Jews,which was fine then he tweeted this,quote my message to the Jewish community,and all communities is simple the time,for warnings has passed I have,instructed the NYPD to proceed,immediately to summons or even arrest,those who gather in large groups this is,about stopping this disease and saving,lives period end quote which was not so,fine a funeral had happened in North,Brooklyn and the entire Jewish community,got singled out by the mayor of New York,City it has to be mentioned that before,the coronavirus lockdown there had been,an increase in violent attacks on,ultra-orthodox Jews and in the current,pandemic anti-semites are busy blaming,kovat 19 on the Jews so even more so to,put the blame on social distancing,violations on quote the Jewish community,and to point to all of us was a disgrace,and then de Blasio posted a general,tweet about understanding the need to,mourn but restating that large,gatherings just led to more deaths which,one's a perfectly fine tweet but at this,point the one about the Jewish community,had so much blowback that no one was,paying attention to anything else,DeBlasio was trying to say the next day,the story of the funeral became clearer,a well-known Hasidic rabbi had died and,thinking that a funeral procession could,still be done with social distancing and,with police help his synagogue and,community got in touch with the local,police to block off a few roads and make,this all happen but the funeral,procession got packed because the rabbi,was an important figure and,ultra-orthodox Jewish funerals,particularly for communal,leaders are never small Affairs people,show up,so when community members were told well,they can show up and the police were,there and masks were being handed out,that was a pretty legitimate go ahead,but then once it became clear that this,was a crowd brought together during a,pandemic in a community that has already,been hit hard by kovat 19 the police,reversed and tried to shut it down so in,a way everything went wrong and then de,Blasio couldn't calm down enough to,think about what he was tweeting now,what I actually find more interesting as,what happened after all this because a,lot of Jews were pretty angry and while,many said that de Blasio's tweet had,been idiotic some accused him of being,anti-semitic and deliberately singling,out the Jews in New York City after all,that same day New Yorkers had been,packing the parks and not social,distancing with lots of photos and,videos to prove it why one standard for,Jews and another for everyone else would,it have been okay for de Blasio to tweet,out and address a message to the Muslim,community singling t

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Mayor Bill de Blasio | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Mayor Bill de Blasio | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

we have rightt with us now he is the,hundredth 909 thwa mayor that said he's,been around a long time of new york bill,de blasio,okay so you're from the greatest city in,the world is that correct that is,exactly right you know I lived in your,city twice and I can we missed you,across the river I liked a lot of things,about if I never liked that we're the,greatest city in the world big you know,what because it makes everybody else,feel like what's wrong with us why could,it be just the greatest city for New,Yorkers why do you have to be the,greatest city in the world do big were,bold we believe in ourselves but that,doesn't mean we can't love everyone else,this doesn't mean we can't love this not,Trump elected okay,so you are thinking of running I'm not,ruling it out not ruling it out,it does it scare you that there's,already so many people of this field,it's a very crowded field,no it's democracy it's people with a lot,of different experiences views people,have a lot of different backgrounds it's,actually the Democratic Party at its,best I agree there's something good,going on here you know when it was the,power brokers deciding who had a shot,and who didn't that's when we should,have been upset this is actual open,democracy it's ball game I know but I'm,not running for president you might be,that's what I'm saying for you what you,got to ask yourself why don't I got that,the rest of these people don't got what,do you got they don't have I'm not here,to compare against others but I'll say,what I'm doing in my city because I,think that's the important point we,believe in New York City that we have to,be bold about progressive solutions that,we have to stop being apologetic I'm,actually quite sick of Democrats who are,afraid to be Democrats who are afraid to,be bold and progressive so for example,we,last month I said let's stop waiting for,the things we should get from Washington,like Medicare for All single-payer,health insurance let's stop waiting,let's guarantee health care for every,New Yorker we're doing that now every,New Yorker will have a right to health,care but you know I mean look at some of,the red state Democrats who win there's,not many people like sherrod Brown right,Amy Klobuchar Claire McCaskill until,recently Joe Manchin in West Virginia,they wouldn't say something like that I,don't think would they maybe they,wouldn't have as lay all over the,country doesn't the secret to winning,for the Democrat is you have to the,progressives in the centrist and you,have to somehow convince both of them,you're talking to both of them I think,that is a conventional wisdom we were,all taught and I think it was a lie Wow,the centrist got us nowhere,and by the way when it comes to the 2020,Democratic nomination process centrist,need not apply in my view well the,progressive wing is what's ascendant,right now for a reason because,progressives provide a idea of the,Democratic Party that's truly,identifiable the people will know if you,say we guarantee health care if you say,we're going to ensure that people have a,living wage we're going to address this,madness of the 1% taking all the wealth,and power for themselves people know,which side you're on they can identify,the only reason Donald Trump had its,chance in 2016 was at too many working,Americans didn't know if Hillary Clinton,was on their side she tried to,articulate a vision I want to take that,away from her but people couldn't tell,if she was a part of the elite that had,caused their problems or if she was part,of a process of change what we have to,do as Democrats is be so bold and so,clear that's a mistake we'll another,example in New York City we are going to,pass a law guaranteeing two weeks paid,time off two weeks paid vacation for,every single working New Yorker people,need time for themselves and their,families,because people are working they're,working harder and harder you see what's,happening our society people are working,harder and harder they're getting less,and less for it we have to show people,on their side we're going to do,something about it and this will you,think changed the view of people in the,country at large about Democrats because,just having a D by your name is so toxic,in about half this country that they,stick with a Mad King like Donald Trump,or anybody they will vote for anybody in,at least twenty states if they are,anything but a Democrat why is that why,is the D so toxic okay what did the,Democrats why are they so obnoxious to,people well I think Democrats lost their,way as part of why they're so obnoxious,to people because it used to be the,party of working people was,unquestionably the party of working,people so when you think about the,generations of Democrats where did you,get Social Security from Democrats where,did you get the the 40-hour workweek,from so you didn't have to you know have,to take your whole life and give it over,to work six days seven days a week,Democrats created a lot of the actual,decent benefits

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