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Brandi Love Interview (Affairs ,Children,Husband,Married?) All Question Answeredhello everybody and

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Brandi Love Interview (Affairs ,Children,Husband,Married?) All Question Answered

hello everybody and if y'all don't know,her y'all have been living under a,serious serious rock it is beautiful the,amazing Brandi loved one of our favorite,honey's to bring back on and we've been,shooting with you a lot recently it's,it's an interesting script we have going,on and we won't give too much into it,but we already shot half of it which is,already out so talk to me about what it,was the last time well without you guys,if you haven't seen the trailer my god,you've got to get on that it's insane,it's a very futuristic concept there's,really nothing it's a hybrid of a,concept like the game where your mind,gets to go somewhere and and you feel,it's so real that you experience,everything that is happening but then,you wake up sort of speak but completely,clean computer future and of course the,ultimate sex game yeah it's completely,surrounded around the whole concept is,digging as deep as you can possibly dig,into your sexual desires so it's all,virtual reality based it is it is,virtual reality but the way it's shot,and the way the script reads is it's you,get caught up it's deep it's a really,good storyline,yeah the script I when I say yesterday I,was like I reread the script not,realizing it was the half of it from,yesterday half of it from today and it,reads like a book you know it really you,would capture it into what the storyline,is gonna do and I have not seen the,scene but I've seen the trailer and it,looked awesome like it looked so, cool yeah it shot incredibly,well I'm excited to be a part of it so,if if that technology was actually out,in existing today you as a performer in,the industry do you think that,eventually the realism of virtual,reality and being a personal sex fantasy,filling type of idea can come to,fruition do you think that's possible do,you think it'll ever go that way,um god that's such a great you think it,would take away from you all in in the,real life of performing to now would,papers are that's that's you will have,to wait and see but technology is,becoming I mean every day we wake up and,there's something new alright yeah even,in adult entertainment we've gone to VR,and you can you can have your own,fleshlight while you're watching a girl,VR and feel like you can feel as much as,possible like you are in that situation,and and working on this new feature with,you guys it kind of shows what could,happen if we go even farther than what,we have today so do I think it's,possible I do do I do I necessarily,think it's a it be a good thing for,people I don't because watching what's,happened with social media and the way,people already have lost the ability to,communicate what the happens if we,forget how to actually a physical,contact as well so it's a little,disconcerting it's a hot concept but,then when you really dig into it what,could happen to us if that becomes real,I don't know it's a little unnerving,that's a really good point that I,actually didn't even think about would,be the disconnection of your right,social media has made us less,communicative so if we start having tons,of virtual reality sex are we going,where users get to have that connection,with another human on a very chemical,basis that would be my concern and would,you get really selfish with it because,you've been having your own personal,fantasy fulfilled to every you know,dream you could imagine well that's just,it and if you're and if you're actually,fulfilling all of these with this,virtual person whom you're controlling,how do you ever have a real relationship,and deal with the emotions and the,realness of that person not your fantasy,so that now I have never seen the VR,poor and I know that this is new I don't,even really I understand the concept of,it because I haven't seen I guess I,don't have you watched any of it have,you filmed anything I have filmed some,and I have watched them and the first,time I shot if it was so different that,I didn't I didn't really get it and then,they turned the cameras and showed me,and I was like,I mean you you literally the way it shot,the technology is so cool that you feel,like the person sitting on your lap or,is literally it is so intense,interesting and then I guess when you,add the toys and do it or the flesh,lights that are personalized are getting,the next best thing to your 80% of the,way there,you're like - the flesh you you have the, like you have the ass like you,have this girl in your face yeah that's,crazy this is pretty crazy now,do you is is going the VR way something,that you would promote to your fans to,get a closer sense of being with Brandi,love or do you think that that,ultimately kind of disconnects because,they get you on a much false or sense I,think at this point it it brings your,real fan base to that next step um you,know you're not gonna show up at their,door at least I don't know your door,your favorite sorry guys sorry we're not,performing for over here I think,it does take you to that next class what,would it be like if I actually h

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AskSaraJay Personal Sex Life...

AskSaraJay Personal Sex Life...

Flying Dutchman yes I have banged a, Mugello good question I never,masturbate unless somebody's watching,so I usually give somebody a call Big Mo,yes,I've done it with everybody Big Mo,everybody well it obviously varies from,week to week but I try to have sex a,couple times a day so in my perfect week,I'd have sex at least 14 times that,would be good no I never even shagged,when I was under 18 or shagged anyone,else under 18 ever not ever in my life,and I wouldn't it's illegal,by the way depends on the coming there's,some come I want to fit in some come I,want to swallow you know you guys got a,drink anything right things to make it,delicious for us Donald good question,all the time I have you know plenty of,personal sex and sex with lots of,friends that aren't in the industry I,would say definitely multiple times a,week warrior yes I have I'm not really,interested in virgins teaching virgin,how the is not what I want to do,during sex I want to be satisfied I want,somebody to WoW me,I want a WoW somebody else I don't want,to be overwhelming to somebody else I,don't want somebody to have an orgasm in,two minutes so I prefer not to ,virgins nope I'm 36 right now so at this,point kind of both I I usually like guys,in the age range of like 25 to like 45,so a little bit older than me and a,little bit younger than me yes I have,I've had sex with many athletes and some,of them were good and some of them were,not just like anybody else no,that's pretty easy I have never fallen,in love with any of my partners one said,I've may have fallen in lust for a,moment or for a very brief moment but,never in love no I haven't I don't even,know where I could find a real glory,hole I wouldn't do that though like I,like strange dicks but there's enough,strange dicks out there I don't have to,go sitting in glory hole booth oh wow,biggest as far as the length goes it's,hard to say like I don't know maybe like,Johnny Depp Thor I don't know like,there's probably been like a 13 14 inch, in my I would assume but as,far as like big around we're talking,like shorty Mac or Shane diesel those,guys are in they've got some got some,girth on them mm-hmm nope I have before,and I would in the future you just you,have to keep money out of relationships,it's just the way it is porn may make it,difficult but I feel like if somebody,truly sincerely loves me they'll love me,for my porn - hmm-hmm I would probably,eat smoke and all day long well,Cory it definitely varies because you,know there's definitely a certain,something to the ocean to the motion in,the ocean you know it's all on how you,use it when it comes down to it but if,you don't know how to use your dick,you better have a big thick fat one and,when I say big and thick I like I like,at least 8 inches and maybe about that,big around

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Bikini MILF Mom's Birthday Dress

Bikini MILF Mom's Birthday Dress

bikini loves mom,on her 58th birthday,hi bikini love mom here,in this wonderful historic hotel,and i am celebrating my 58th,birthday can you imagine i started this,youtube video,when i was 55 years old,well here i am 58,and showing you the,historical hotel that i'm in tonight,so come walk with me and i will show you,a little crib,come on,that's a beautiful artwork some,beautiful art along the way,and who doesn't like a little bit of,grateful dead,i do,check it out in this hotel,there are a thousand,lamp or a thousand,um chandeliers i couldn't think of the,name,the thousand chandeliers and not one of,them,are exactly the same i kid you not,so maybe i can see oh you probably can't,see,maybe i can find oh i know where you're,gonna find him come on with me,i'll show you chandeliers,oh,look at this view,come here check this out,does this remind you of the street on,paris check it out,i'll show you look at this,does that remind you of a street in,paris,well we're not in paris,i just love balconies i love peering,down on people and i love having a nice,cocktail,a beautiful night like this so let me,take you up to the crib,so,so did i promise you some chandeliers,wait look behind check this out look at,that beautiful one,ah you love that one,come back this way and check out the,ones in the room,from the room yeah,yeah check,out that monster chandelier,right there now,isn't that the largest,chandelier you've ever seen,it is for me yeah,this oh and look there's that's an,old-fashioned one reminds me of,gunsmoke and,this one is like a victorian chandelier,and if i can turn it on i don't know if,i can,maybe i can oh yeah,so i'm going to turn this off,there now if i could just turn those two,off and turn this lamp off,that would be fabulous,but i don't think i can turn those light,bulbs off,unless unless,i get up here and turn those bulbs,out,and i'm sure i am not the only one,that has done this,well that's one,anyways bikini milk mom turning 58.,hope you enjoyed this little clip of,my exclusion,out and about and like in this,video of,a thousand chandeliers and there,is a thousand chandeliers out there,i'm no longer 55 and 58.,do they say that or say it again i'm 58.,okay nine night see y'all later,hopefully i'll be in a bikini later bye

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Hot Moms on Does Size Matter? PART 2

Hot Moms on Does Size Matter? PART 2

today we're asking moms at the mall does,size matter,does size matter as a whole I don't,think it matters that much I think it's,just what you do with it yes,yes absolutely yes yes the size of your,heart is what matters,yes it does,would you say it's more about the motion,of the ocean rather than the size of the,boat yes it's definitely the motion I,think yeah if he knows how to use it,oh how to protect 100% so yeah if I want,a smaller side but I'm not to use it,like it could be fun right right yeah,that's what I'm saying so I could work,so I could be on the smaller side and,it's not necessarily a bad thing,100% you know what,there's effort definitely motion the,ocean is important but size does matter,yeah yeah,the motion at the end ocean yeah is,there an ideal size I'll have to save,for myself because I'm tall yeah,so it's nicer to have somebody else a,little more girth I can say it over 10,it's too much over time but anything,below 10 is in the ballpark yeah,ex-boyfriend was too big yeah so it's,the size of your heart but it's a,passionate Oh Santino on the beer size,yes on the size your heart would you say,that dearth matters yes I think that,that matters more really yes there's,matters more than Li yeah you know,there's always that happy medium but I,think I think that's probably true a,little more important to link yeah it's,it can't just be the life can't just be,spaghetti right,I think it comes down like you were,saying before it matters like how,somebody handles the situation like I,could have like a 2-incher and then I,just got like great good like some soda,can,that's perfect I mean I'm not saying,it's perfect but I'm saying that it's,preferable Pringles can,yeah we like a little bit of would you,consider yourself a mill I do yeah thank,you,I do gene yeah I do mainly because of my,smarts and secondly because not about,the looks only guys I asked her cuz she,was smart I asked you in a bit of cuz,she was fun I'm cute but I'm not hot I,mean I'd like to think that I take care,of myself yes well yes I'm not a I'm not,a dog I'll say yeah,being divorced and kind of thrown back,into the dating game after years and,years and years of being with one person,I just had a eight month relationship,with the younger fellow yeah that's a,MILF is it's it's a weird world word for,me but mostly cool

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Porn Actors interview-Marcus and McKenzie

Porn Actors interview-Marcus and McKenzie

okay so McKenzie and Marcus yes yeah you,guys are you for me what I'm born and,bred in London Hampstead and I'm from,Leicester which is in the Midlands did,you guys know each other there or you,met here no we met in I was running,strip clubs in the West End and because,he came in as a dancer and that's kind,of how we originally met actually,and then I offered in many three ways to,come home with me and it eventually,worked right oh you know two is better,than one let's go back to your,childhoods you guys grew up in what kind,of families my family was very my dad my,dad was a licensee you know publican my,granddad obviously his dad was also a,publican to the same pub so he grew up,running that business and then actually,I actually kind of worked with him in,that for 10 years very normal business,like blue with like a white collar blue,collar which is it you know like kind of,middle of the road and a piece our,family yeah solid I mean can you not,religious couple even businesses in one,part one part London one partly in,Norwich just very very normal,honestly it's not like again well yeah,obviously I did you know but you know it,was never judged it was never an issue,it felt like I worked in a bank no one,gave me any stand still to this day,everything is amazing honestly that's,very nice so yeah I've been very lucky,so me on the other hand I come from I,have five sisters it's a whole logirl,from my mom and dad I'm the youngest of,the first batch which is how I like to,put it so my mom and I got divorced when,I was five years old so technically I,think my dad kind of raised me but he,had three jobs so it was a really home,so therefore it's kind of left up to my,sisters so there's me and then my oldest,is like nine years older than me and,then the other one ten years older than,me so okay I guess we were kind of kind,of a left to fend for ourselves a little,bit my dad works in hospitals he builds,hospitals a very normal family my mom is,I guess a housewife she's remarried and,whatnot which is how I've got three more,sisters so fairly no yeah no nothing,off-key like crazy like oh my god,nothing tragic happened to make me be,like some porn star or whatever it'd be,like oh my god I'm gonna go into porn or,whatever so you were working in a strip,club and you were managing it yep and we,we met there I was with someone at the,point I've been with this girl for a,poly nearly 11 years or more already and,it's she just said what you seduce,officer threesomes and yeah eventually,basically I started realizing they're,tabulation that I was iam wasn't really,it was just I was stuck in a rut with,someone that was great but it just,wasn't for me she was more exciting,obviously and we just end up get the,other woman ironically then I met your,ex-girlfriend yes and we are all friends,well it seems to me I think of the thing,these days I we're all friends so you,know so we got together and we were,smooth stripping for a good while I,think this is back in like 2000 I don't,think it's 2000 I think I started my,porn career in 2002 maybe yeah because I,basically the business I work for a,company called for your eyes only which,was a quite a big chain in the UK,Spearmint Rhino decided to come onto the,under the map in England and really,decimated the business you know they did,a lot of things that were not done so to,speak and of course it affected our,industry,you know our business itself and I got,this very despondent with my company,they weren't really aggressive and,making it work and the business started,to fail a little bit wasn't as good as,it was and I said you know what I'd been,doing,I'd done some porn I'd worked with some,big companies and I was like you know,what I can make you the biggest porn,star ever you've got the look you've got,the attitude as long as you listen to,what I tell you you'll be amazing and,literally contracts started happening,and working she was getting probably the,most money any girl was paid in the,marina scenes and and when we come to,the AVN you know Jenna liked her and,that was it everyone liked America doors,in the United States oh yeah yeah well I,guess like so what happened was I was,contracted to Playboy TV and play what,TV wanted to send me out here to do,Showtime,not as Michaels do Showtime for like it,was like for the AVN so they wanted me,to like host backstage for Showtime so,which is which is what open the door to,the whole Adrienne experience for me and,that's when I saw Jenna and I guess she,liked what she saw and then she offered,my then agent Marcus wheeler a contract,and then wicked pictures offered them,one at the same time so it's kind of,like who do you go to what do you do,I always think we show what a contract,was at the time so in the true so we do,just,well it was just you know the contract,men,you wouldn't work every day you would,probably shoot maybe eight movies a year,you do a bunch of photo shoots which was,great promotion and you would have that,title as you know Club

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Bikini Thong Unboxing Try On Haul

Bikini Thong Unboxing Try On Haul

hi bikini mo from here to show you what,I have received in the mail this is one,of my bathing suits that I have that I,will be taking on on our vacation,this year and this I will show you I,have to apologize I actually open this,up without doing an unboxing for YouTube,but I just had to do it so if you want,to see more of me in this bathing suit,and this one just go to my Twitter page,and click on my only fans page and,you'll see you'll see me in this morning,this one I'll show it to you anyway but,yeah I apologize for that one but I'd,have two more packages down here that I,would like to open up for you but first,of all check this out this is this has,to be my skimpiest bathing suit so far,literally just I mean can you see that,look at that it's just that's just a,stretchy little plastic string that's,all it is and of course you can see that,it's very sheer not it's gonna look,super super hot on the beach yep,cute little bottoms I cannot wait,you're not wait to get that one on the,beach well so anyways look for these two,bathing suits on my Twitter page and and,probably patreon too I'll do a little,clipper patreon yeah so let me show you,what I but I also found,on Amazon no they found that Amazon,because you know we all have to be,wearing you know masks and stuff when we,go out so I found these on Amazon and,$20 and you you give let's see with like,five six seven eight I think you get,eight of these and they come in these,nice little package this right here and,they kind of gives you a little,description on how many different ways,that you can use it if you know what the,scrunchie is a hat you know and so this,is what I do I mean I simply I actually,bling this one up a little bit because,it's my favorite because it's Popple,Purple's my favorite color I'll put it,on for you and show ya so when I'm out,and about walking the dogs you know go,to the grocery store or whatever you,know and I kind of just put it on like,this or golfing I gotta work on my swing,I know that,so anyways and then you just take this,and you slip it over and voila you have,your mask,headband mask yeah perfect anyways I,just throw that little tidbit in there,for you don't you just love Amazon I do,okay over there don't forget to check,out the swimwear um I knew its my new,bathing suit company yeah super sexy,okay,yeah get everything together and show,you okay,this now I'm not gonna try these on but,I will because I just purchased this the,other day and I had to see if they,actually were what I wanted because if,they weren't I had to send it back right,away but they seemed like well maybe,open a month for you it seemed like they,might be pretty hot and a nice little,outfit see their little bags and isn't,that just adorable,yeah I might have to I might have to,make up patreon bikini fanatics my only,fans page a little a little video a,little video of me and my my stockings,yeah you think they're pretty sexy yeah,go all the way up yeah,no just straighten up the line a little,bit but I don't know they're pretty hot,don't you think some heels and and a,sexy little skirt to go with it yeah,I'll have any heels on but you can kind,of get a perspective view how sexy this,what do you think yeah I love it I love,it,okay so anyways when we get into phase 4,these will go out on the night,to a restaurant or just walking around,downtown who knows well I'll definitely,shoot a video with me in these pantyhose,one way or another on one of my website,okay,Amazon okay yeah this this one just,arrived today,so we together are you going to check it,out,yeah we have here yes well I heard that,the new trend now is bathing suits with,buckles on them like that so I think,what I'm going to do is I'm going to try,this one on right here right now in,front of you yep that's what I'm gonna,do okay Amazon so little to you know,think about it it's a little too much,material for me um for the top but I,don't know you tell me once I get it on,I'm sure it's gonna look just fine on,the beach let's see here I mean we'd,have to do a little adjustments because,this is a small bottom and I usually,wear a medium a medium bottom and a,large top now this bathing suit that I'm,wearing now is I think they were both,both small bathing suits I can get away,with that because they're really really,tiny bathing suits and I can get away,with a small but normally you Keaney,fanatics I'll get a medium and then,let's see Malibu strings melody strings,I'll get a medium top or a medium bottom,in a medium top sometimes a small top,yes I I just really love the way they,fit and another I have another one,coming too I can't wait to show you this,that new bathing suit from wicked weasel,yeah so I'm gonna be a little daring,here I'm gonna do this,see let's pull this one out no pull it,out from the back yeah there we go there,so there we go got that one huh huh and,I can even wear it with this top well,you know what these bottoms are a little,small on the tar they're a little too,big on the top so I'm

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10 Naughty Teachers Who Slept With Their Students

10 Naughty Teachers Who Slept With Their Students

Carly McKinney was a first-year math,teacher at Overland High School in,Aurora Colorado well it hasn't been,proven that there was any funny business,going on with students the 23 year old,Carly came under harsh criticism when,her Twitter account Carly Krunk bear,came to life Carly regularly posted not,only inappropriate jokes having to do,with weed in the jailbait status of her,students she also saw fit to post,half-naked and rather suggestive photos,of herself while she claimed that the,twitter account was shared with a friend,and was more of a parody account than an,accurate representation of her life she,nevertheless deleted it after getting a,phone call from a local news station of,course since we're talking about the,internet screen grabs galore of her,naughty posts remain online many of,Carly's young male students posted,appreciative responses to her photos,before the account was deleted she,insisted she never meant any harm but as,a first-year teacher still in her,probationary period the school district,didn't waste much time determining her,fate after a brief suspension during,which it was determined there was no,evidence any crime had taken place Carly,was let go from her position male,students at Kentucky's Dixie Heights,High School were probably thrilled when,the administration hired Sarah Jones a,former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader,with knockout good looks after teaching,at the school for several years Sarah,who was married at the time became,involved with 17 year old student Cody,York as rumors began to swirl around the,school they both denied the relationship,but Sarah nevertheless resigned her post,in 2011 however in 2013 charges were,brought against Sarah for having sex,with a minor,and she went on national television to,defend the relationship she admitted,that she and Cody had been involved but,said that she was never her student and,claimed at first that she had never had,sex with him while he was a minor jurors,heard a number of lurid texts between,the two including one in which Sarah,told Cody she had been in love with him,since he was 14 years old,in the end Sarah pleaded guilty to sex,with a minor and took a plea deal in,which she received no jail time she,divorced her husband and in July 2013,announced her engagement to Cody,Lyndsay Massaro was a student teacher of,8th graders at Frankfort Elementary,School in Sussex County New Jersey in,2011 the father of one of her 15 year,old students reported to authorities,that his son had been carrying on an,affair with Lindsay having sex with her,multiple times at her house and in her,car in the school parking lot the 23,year old college senior was arrested and,charged with multiple crimes including,sexual assaults and endangering the,welfare of a minor,she had been working toward her teaching,certificate in special education but,instead her life and career were,completely derailed by a very public,trial in June 2011 Lindsay was convicted,on second degree sexual assault in order,to serve 3 years in prison in addition,she was made to register as a sex,offender under Megan's Law and will have,to deal with supervised probation for,the rest of her life a pretty steep,price to pay for a fling but perhaps,Lindsay should have been looking in her,college classes for dates instead of the,middle school classes she was supposed,to be teaching in 2011 nude photos of,teacher Michelle Preston began,circulating around Shawnee Mission West,High School in Johnson County Kansas,while male students probably saw this as,nothing to get too upset about police,didn't feel the same way when the racy,pictures were brought to their attention,Michelle quickly came clean admitting,that she had had sex with two of her,students one of them at least 15 times,and had made out with another one in the,basement of her house Michelle was,charged with unlawful sex with a minor,but Kansas law is a little bit tricky,technically although one is still,considered a minor at 17 it is also the,age of consent in Kansas and Michelle's,dalliance is had been with boys who were,17 and 18 years old for this reason,Michelle was unbelievably only sentenced,to 36 months probation and although she,was made to register as a sex offender,that record was wiped clean when her,probation ended the judge said that if,any of her victims had been 16 or,younger it would have been a totally,different case shortly after her,sentencing Michelle and her husband,that's right she was also married while,she was messing around with her students,became the parents of a baby girl,basketball coach Pamela Rogers Turner,was a blonde bombshell who had been,missed Monday nitro at WCW wrestling's,1997 spring break also married to,another basketball coach but 27 year-old,Pamela began a torrid affair with one of,her students in 2005 while working at,Centerville elementary school in,McMinnville Tennessee that's right the,object of Pamela's affections was only,13 years old and in court she detailed,their extremely intimate

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A MILF Love Story

A MILF Love Story

I like this whatever this is had I had,known I would been the third wheel I,wouldn't hakeem to watch out even knew,she was coming gonna be weird about it,why are you being weird okay,all right relax what are you guys doing,this weekend being young and out here,same as every weekend very good nice,well if you decide not to do that I'm,going camping with a couple friends in,Joshua Tree,he has no no no you guys Sherman,probably but I mean it's still up in the,air I could be down I can be down to,this aunts Nona phone yeah you're down,after the Coachella know what book hotel,y'all took shrooms and Alex himself,while crying what the episodes and stuff,trust me trust you,whatever yeah we'll let you know sounds,pretty lit what are you doing here I got,off work early I got my jugs back come,on I'm kidding I got a Brazilian - relax,babe I'm just here to pick up some food,for dinner who are your friends this is,Alan I see,nice to meet you measure to meet you and,this is our concern,it's pleasure to meet you I mean good,after boobs man excuse me what I meant,to say was you just have huge melons,okay I am so sorry what I meant to say,was good evening good afternoon this is,Kim's mom I see where she gets her looks,from it's nice to meet you too,so are you inviting your friends to the,party this weekend at the house huge,family party actually we weren't gonna,go camping now wasn't that set in stone,yet,don't miss Kim's mom we could want to go,to my cousin's graduation at my mom's we,could go to Joshua Tree and defecate,ourselves bad idea,well just let me know what you end up,doing and tell me your mom was sounded,like you really wanted to go to our,family party Steve I was just being,polite we're gonna retrieve they're,totally not high-maintenance,narcissistic friends gonna be on,Instagram the whole time that could be,lip both of you,they're gonna be real with you man,what what I think I need to make a move,on Kim's mom sorry I seem to have,something stuck in my ear cuz I'm,definitely not hearing you correct I'm,being serious bro listen okay she is hot,I've never been into the whole mom thing,but I felt the connection today she,barely even looked at you dude yeah her,dairy arrangements we're staring me in,the face it's called body language look,at us and you can think what you want,but I'm not allowing you to shoot your,shot with Kim's mother okay it ain't,going in all jokes aside I'm not even,like trying to be funny I am in look I,know that you're into it but I promise,you she is not she is a mother of,children not the point dude she was,vibing it was the the body language both,google it I'm making a move no you're,not yes I am dude have some respect okay,you're gonna blow things for the both of,us I've been dating Kim and I like her,so my problem dude I'm about to there's,a bigger problem her mom still has a,great set of melons yeah I know grow up,man it's more no dude she's literally,going through phase where she wants,young penis yeah I know man,no dude she's a married woman hi can I,help you hi there,names dick Jung I mean a young dick,youthful young anyways I'm with the,air conditioning union and your home was,actually very high on our list to get,the AC levels monitored before the big,heat wave next week you don't mind if I,come in and take a look do you no come,on out great great thank you you know,what ma'am I don't think yep that is a,violation of code 647 by the air,conditioning union members prescription,code I can't even let you live in here,it's hot as titties in here so what on,you don't mind if I take my shirt off,now I know that you're Kim's friend from,lunch today and I know that you're,staring at my unbelievable rack I just,want to know why you're here at my house,and what the is up with this outfit,okay you got me all right I'm not the,air conditioning guy okay I've never,felt this way about an older woman,before okay I wanted to come over and,just see if this sparked something okay,here's the thing mrs. Kim's,I've never attracted to mothers okay I,like like daughters you know I mean but,like what if we I think you're a really,handsome young man I do I just you know,oh god I shouldn't have done this I it's,nothing I'm not interested in you,it's just that what I'm going through a,divorce,oh my god I am so sorry I had I had,known that I wouldn't have came over I,just I meant no disrespect to you or,your husband to your home I oh no it's,okay I mean on paper we're separated so,I mean I guess would get going a date,yeah um all right how about this why,don't you come over later like around,seven o'clock and we'll take it from,there and see what happens,nope,you know I have never actually been on a,date with a younger guy you know I've,never been on a date with an older that,ok so how mad would Kim be she found out,that I was drinking wine with her mother,in the house super happy I think Kim,doesn't have to know like should we um,take it upstairs and get naked yeah you,know what cam I'm not watching The,Bac

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