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ART THE CLOWN IN DBD TWITTER DRAMA EXPLAINED - Dead by Daylighthey everyone it's schmuckles today we


Updated on Jan 17,2023


hey everyone it's schmuckles today we're,going to talk about the art the clown,for dead by daylight drama that's,happening on Twitter right now make sure,to like this video And subscribe to the,channel if you want to see more content,like this I also do stream on Twitch the,link for that is in the description,below so all of this drama started from,when the franchise that owns Art the,clown terrifier release terrifier 2 on,October 6th of this year so that was,just like five days ago and terrifier,two kind of just blew up right I've seen,so many articles saying terrifier 2 box,office uncut and uncompromised Indie,slasher carves a shocking 1.2 million,dollars in the box office opening IMDb,Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango all rated,terrifier 2 greater than terrifier one,and in the 90s for Rotten Tomatoes and,Fandango and apparently for this movie,several fans had reportedly fainted and,vomited during theatrical showings I,think the world was ready for a really,really good horror film and terrifier 2,actually brought that I haven't seen the,film I'm gonna be seeing it later this,week but these are all the things that,I've heard and check out what executive,producer Steve Barton said about the,film he said we did it we made history,together we cannot thank you enough you,all mean the world to us Steve Barton,also sent IMDb users have helped terrify,to crack the top 50 most popular movies,this week thank you so much and 18 hours,ago Steve Barton said hey Behavior now,that terrify our tune art the clown have,literally made history can you pay,attention to us now this is actually an,executive producer on the show who,actually probably can make this license,come into the game this tweet has around,800 likes so it's doing pretty well and,then 17 hours ago Steve Barton said,let's not let Behavior off the hook yet,art the clown for dead by daylight make,it happen I'm a DM away when I saw this,I was like if Matthew kote just DMS this,executive producer from terrifier 2,Behavior could get this license into,dead by daylight there's only been a,handful of times that I've ever seen a,license holder this open to wanting,their property into dead by daylight and,nothing really as big as terrifier too,like people are saying that this,property aren't the clown into the,terrifier franchise is just an iconic,piece of horror now so then I tweeted,out kind of in the middle of the night,like this tweet if you'd like to see art,the clown come to dead by daylight and I,tagged Steve Barton and his tweet as,well as Matthew Cote in the dead by,daylight official Twitter in fact I'm,going to leave a link to this exact,tweet in the comments below if you want,to notify Behavior interactive and,Matthew Cote that you want to see art,the clown in dead by daylight I'm pretty,sure Steve Barton became made aware that,Matthew Cote is the person that needs to,be contacted if art the clown is going,to be coming into dead by daylight so,Steve Martin tweeted out how about it,Matthew kote fans seem pretty rabid art,the clown of terrifier and terrifier 2,for dead by daylight we just made,history this weekend and then he tagged,the official Behavior Twitter as well,I've never seen a license holder kind of,spam Behavior interactive to get their,property into the game I wonder if the,hype that was generated from terrifier 2,would push behavior in the direction to,really go for this collaboration because,it really does seem like it could be a,money maker it really really does seem,like this collaboration is only one dm,away from happening I was kind of,investigating all this on Twitter and,one thing that I noticed is that Matthew,Cote hasn't liked any of the tweets,associated with terrifier in dead by,daylight I was interested to see because,definitely this topic was trending for,dead by Dayla on Twitter and Matthew,Cote probably already knows about all of,this terrifier and dead by daylight,drama but Matthew kote hasn't liked,anything or really acknowledge anything,thing at this point I'll definitely post,more videos if any new information comes,out about this and keep everybody up to,date on what's going on so would you,want to see terrifier in dead by,daylight let me know in the comments,below make sure to like this video And,subscribe to the channel if you want to,push out this video and want to see,terrifier and dead by daylight the more,views this video gets the more likely it,is for Behavior to see the community's,interest in this property that does it,for this video goodbye

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Dead Hard upset DBD Twitter...

Dead Hard upset DBD Twitter...

yo what is up youtube now if you have,been on dvd twitter in the past 24 hours,then i'm pretty sure you have seen this,clip now let me just say i didn't go out,and plan this clip and try to make this,clip it just happened but once it,happened i laughed my ass off,and immediately in my head i'm like i,gotta put this on twitter now i already,knew the community would be furious if,they seen four dead hearts used back to,back to back to back because the diehard,perk is supposed to be getting a rework,later this year now since the dvd,community is so easy to bait i thought,this would be the perfect time to farm,some impressions so when i was just,about to tweet it out and i was still,getting a title for it i had to put the,icing on the cake and what does every,great twitter post include a,controversial title and three stupid ass,emojis to go with it and boom the god,tweet was born now even i'm surprised at,how crazy this tweet went i'm talking,about we had the anti dead heart,protesters in the thread,telling everybody why they hate the perk,now there were so many funny ass takes,on this thread that i had to make a,video and share them with you now before,we get into them make sure you smash the,subscribe button and the like button,because this video deserves to go crazy,and at the end i want you to tell me,what your favorite take was trust me,you're gonna have a lot of takes to,choose from now before we dive deep into,these replies and these quote tweets let,me just say if you are one of the people,who gets seriously butthurt about their,heart or about any perks that the,killers are using,go seek some help you should never get,into your feelings the way some of these,people in this thread do,over a game let me get into one of my,favorite by the homie joseph,using dear heart and that meta build,does not make you good in fact it shows,the opposite post something actually,impressive next time lol he got,128 likes now before i could even say,something the homie fumbler came through,and said he's literally showing four,dead hearts being utilized and not just,his own not every content creator posed,to flaunt ego relax,and then joseph says i literally saw,that and my point applies to them all,the killer not waiting to swing on any,of them also shows that the killer,wasn't skilled either i'm totally,relaxed but thanks for your concern now,let me tell you something joseph all,right and everybody else who says this,killer was inexperienced it's not always,about the experience you have it's,sometimes about the moment sometimes,people swing out their hearts they'll,know that the entire game they've been,getting dead hearted left and right and,sometimes they will swing out their,hearts at the exit gate because that's,just the moment it's what they do in the,moment they're not thinking straight it,just happens i do remember the entire,game this trickster was actually putting,up a decent little battle but he kept,slugging us for some odd reason knowing,we had soul guard it will never make,sense to me now i really wish i saved it,i checked the steam profile this guy had,2 thousand hours now,if that's not going to be a new skill,killer like you should at least know the,basics after 2000 hours maybe there's a,survivor main who knows but,you can't just use that as an excuse,that this guy is brand new that's why he,swung out all four dead hearts because,i'm pretty sure somebody even like you,joseph would do the same now this is,another one of my favorites right here,now,yeah yeah congratulations you pressed a,single button to have to rely on,invisibility rushes to do stuff so, skill now it makes me wonder,what these type of comments have you,guys ever used dead heart have you guys,ever got exhausted on the ground like,the perk yes it is a get out of jail,free card sometimes and yes sometimes it,can get you the distance you need to,make a window or a pallet or something,like that but man the perk is so bad i,mean we're talking about there about,daylight this perk is terrible about 60,of the time the doesn't even work,so,honest to god i would say that it,actually is kind of skilled to get their,heart to work and to use it effectively,and if you ever get exhausted on the,ground make sure you hit the subscribe,button and you will never ever ever get,exhausted on the ground again trust me i,guarantee it now this guy said it would,have been a good clip if there wasn't,the bmt bags and points once again,before i could even say anything blade,beat me to it points so they can get hit,instantly crawl out the exit gate and,the tea bags weren't at the killer they,literally never tea bag when he was,looking i don't get people that take,that to heart,preach,you take flashlight clicks teabags,pointing,emoting,anything like that and did my daylight,to heart stop playing dead by daylight,it's that simple it's not that serious,it's just a game all right now this was,a weird one for me he said cannot wait,for the dead heart nerf there was,nothing thi

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oh what's going on guys welcome back to,another video on the channel and today's,the very last day of the winter event so,as you can see at the time recording,this intro there's only 17 hours left so,yeah I thought it would be fun to just,play some games with our winter,cosmetics and yeah I hope that you all,really enjoy the video and I'll be right,back with the games,all right high five in the Snowman,there you go that might be the last one,we do this year you can see the killer,as well there's gonna be a Trapper which,means he set up a bunch of traps over,there on that side of the map I assume,all right nice can't get that wait no we,actually don't get that finished because,the deadlock,all right we are taking Chase though,someone else can go at that finish we'll,take him away,I think on this side we'll be fine it's,when we head over there but I think,there'll be drops I think here we're,fine right,hopefully at least,wait no we did finish that John I guess,we finished two at the same time,yeah I can't really get the save okay,someone else is moving in there,he's moving back okay she's got it,though,stabbed in his own trout there as well,that's not looking for him,all right now we'll disarm it,and he's going to rage quit as well,all right ggs,all right gonna be the night,all right taking Chase straight away as,well,I guess we'll play this,if he goes to send his Knights move away,straight away yeah he is he's really,equate to that though played that well,dude made this here though I'm gonna,grade it,can even play window as well he has,broken the door though we'll keep that,in mind,no you're leaving us,that was weird why did he swing so,delayed,maybe they'll swing out this as well,yeah he did still gets there though,all right no longer oblivious with a,nemesis,looks like he's leaving as well if he,does we'll just heal up,wow that was weird,being slightly On The Higher Side,obviously because of the medium Vault,though you do get hits like that more,often but it's on the nights we'll move,yeah coming around this side we'll play,pilot,I want to grade this,okay dinner's about nice,little Buck he's gonna set in the night,soon want to move back onto this,did swing a lot yeah I think he's,definitely got hyping,sending the knights we're in trouble now,though,okay we'll drop this dad had to hit,against him,okay I guess not,I keep playing distance there's a pilot,down over here we can play,foreign,looking,Chase here wouldn't be that bad because,we do have adrenaline gonna play pilot,instead I don't think we would have made,window with the pink,to a buck,okay did swing now we make window,yeah dropping Chase as well we can just,body blot for him and he's out,not gonna lie though I did kind of want,him to go down to get the firecracker,safe,obviously that's better though,guarantees it,all right there we go,all right taking Chase,we'll drop that get it down,we can even pilot save that,all right there we go,couldn't have done the firecracker safe,because she's facing the other side,all right honors now,good Hitler,shower hot chips,yeah she might be actually,yeah she is going to reload now all,right let's move away okay she's on,those now I think I've just seen that,jump up,not gonna drop that,I was tempted to though,lost us there okay no she's seen someone,else that's why,nice do you make that I was a little bit,worried it might hit ping seems to have,been quite high today,hopefully they're a lost gem we do have,adrenaline,nice there we go they were perfect,timing perfect,all right we'll take notes where the,gates are as well,move back onto this palette I guess,now we'll drop it all right leaving us,now if no one's on this one we'll 99,ourselves okay not going for the near,there's a firecracker as well,oh my God,we are getting really lucky they're,going to reload again as well all right,hopefully now the gate is 99 I still,don't think it is is it no no one's been,on it all right she is still on us we,know that the Neo would have went back,to the other gate most likely,all right they've opened it,we're just gonna pre-drop this,not gonna break it,all right we're just gonna go for it,we're just gonna go for it,not that hot either though because of,adrenaline,good Hitler,we're gonna drop the firecracker,I don't know if we're gonna make it,we'll walk for a little bit I guess,no we're not gonna be able to are we,she's still though,God pilot here we don't know if she's,out of hatchet she could be,let's pre-drop it and see no she's not,all right we're still now,I wish these guys would like leave or,something maybe we can get Hutch okay,one of them just left,gonna break that,Nia please leave oh my God just hanging,around at the gate,We're not gonna have time to get saved,either,okay not double embark,all right now we're dead,oh my God why would she not leave,unlucky though and looking oh now she,leaves now she leaves now we're dead,appreciate that Nia appreciate that,oh my God GG though that was so lucky,you experienced once again,

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FNAF in DBD TWITTER DRAMA and CONTROVERSY Explained - Dead by Daylight

FNAF in DBD TWITTER DRAMA and CONTROVERSY Explained - Dead by Daylight

welcome back into another video today,we're going to talk about all the,twitter drama that's been happening,within the dead by daylight community,regarding a fnaf dvd crossover we,already know that this conversation,started when fans were debating between,pinhead and springtrap for chapter 22.,i'll present all the facts to you and,let you decide for yourself how's it,going everyone my name is schmuckles,make sure to like this video and,subscribe to the channel if you want to,see more content like this i also stream,on twitch on wednesday and sunday nights,the link for that is in the description,below so recently dvd leaks posted on,twitter we're doing a poll to see which,possible licenses are most wanted to,avoid the bracket pole being too,cumbersome it will be restricted to 32,choices instead of us selecting the,choices to be on the pull that will,instead be up to your server members the,top 32 most voted on this list will go,on to advance to the bracket poll so,vote for as many as you like we actually,did a similar tournament on this channel,about a year ago if you want to see the,results of that tournament you can click,on the title above and i can link you,back here after so in this tournament,from 11 days ago there were a ton of,different licenses and anyone could vote,on as many licenses as they wanted these,were the final results of the tournament,fanaf placed first friday the 13th,placed second alien placed third,slenderman placed fourth it placed fifth,and candyman place sixth if you notice,the results of the tournament add up to,over a hundred percent and this was,because it was a multi-choice poll there,were a total of 125 693 voters by 13 575,unique voters i'm gonna go over all the,responses that got the most likes and,generated the most traffic this comment,here got the most likes 493 which is,substantial because the original post,got 5 300 likes cringe is the dvd,playerbase just 12 year olds and,somebody responded to this post you do,know that fanaf is 8 years old now don't,you all the 12 year olds that joined the,fan base in the beginning are now 20. i,for example first heard of fnaf in,between the 3rd and 4th grade 2015. when,i was 9 and i'm now 16. time changes,kids grow up somebody else responded the,game is over seven years old most of its,fan base are legal adults now don't be,like that there was also a tweet that,was deleted from an account that no,longer exists somebody screenshotted and,reposted the tweet i'm not going to read,it out loud but if you want to read that,i put it up on screen for you brandon on,twitter said it's still funny to me how,heated people get when fenaf is brought,up chill out people wanting something,really doesn't change anything i'd take,the fenalfis for kids argument more,seriously if the people using it weren't,throwing a hissy fit whenever this,discussion is brought up statistically,speaking it makes sense here's a,comparison on how the top five alone,have been searched over time granted,this isn't entirely accurate it being,solo is definitely a sign something's,off but point is right now fanaf is,twice as popular as it ever was in 2014,or 2015. another comment in this post,said fanaf and dvd it wouldn't be scary,and the mori would be a jump scare i'm,not sure why people want it indie horse,support said we have what could be,narrowed down as ghost clint eastwood,and k-pop joker but a zombified man,cursed to stay in a trapped rabbit suit,forever isn't eligible horror support,also said a big franchise grown from one,convenience store worker with passionate,fans wanna pull it amazes me how you,people can act like fanaf fans don't,exist groovy noah said fnaf winning over,all these goated legendary horror,franchises got me like somebody else,brought up the point fanaf winning over,actual horror icons like friday the 13th,it alien etc just goes to show you all,the worms that's in dvd community's,brains sometimes stinger on twitter said,lol why did you let kids vote fnaf is,not even a good game and for years now a,lot of people have said we don't need a,fnaf killer people just think that the,fnaf character doesn't suit the style of,this game some people are upset that,fnaf topped friday the 13th even some of,the devs are unsure which license they'd,rather have what are some licensed video,game killers you would like to see in,dead by daylight this does not mean it,will happen just things you believe,would be cool so i have my own but,what's,yours um,friday night at freddy's just kidding,xenomorph plague said wait till you tell,half the comments that adults actually,like fnaf still as it is very nostalgic,for them and is a good series albeit,nothing like most of the others but good,regardless i'm just happy alien is third,place big top carry said don't get me,wrong fenav is cool despite the,confusing lauren fanbase but in dvd not,even springtrap would fit the bill no,pun intended another user said i find it,funny how everyone is collectively, on fnaf like 40 of y'a

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Dead By Daylight| Do Twitter clues point to Stranger Things coming back to DBD? Eddie & Robin?

Dead By Daylight| Do Twitter clues point to Stranger Things coming back to DBD? Eddie & Robin?

hello everybody and welcome to the,channel it's polyester here and today,we're gonna have some good old tinfoil,hat speculation,about the possible return,of stranger things to dead by daylight,actually i don't know if this is tinfoil,hat worthy because i can't really verify,any of this information that i'm about,to show you but i've had several people,ask me to cover it so i'm going to go,ahead and do so i've done my best to try,and figure out if there is any truth to,this but i simp it simply can't be done,as far as i know so on july 7th this,tweet was pushed across my desk here,which is comes from this account called,eddie munson for dbd big news regarding,dead by daylight and stranger things,recently matthew this would be matthew,cote the game director for um dead by,daylight and product evangelist i forget,what his title is now got to dig out his,business card,matthew cote and dead by daylight,re-followed netflix geeked and netflix,geeked followed dead by daylight back,too and behavior official re-followed,the official stranger things account and,then they show a couple images here,of who follows who i think that,same picture twice isn't it,and then stranger things following,behavior then they go on to say,that,uh they followed each other when strain,they unfollowed each other when stranger,things left dead by delay but recently,followed each other back and matthew,cote has recently liked a tweet with,eddie munson and this could very well,mean that we have stranger things return,and eddie munson as a survivor as a,paragraph,eddie freaking munson okay,so,uh yeah i got tagged on this and then,the response to my,squinty-eyed suspicious,uh this response had said i just assumed,that they never unfollowed each other,which,i had assumed and then eddie munson,replied that's not true for the past few,months i would check to see who dead by,daylight and matthew cote follow for,stranger things reasons and today is the,first time i have seen them follow each,other and lego boba fett says yo this is,actually big and must be recent as i,checked the followings not too long ago,as well,i have checked a lot and this is very,new which is huge,okay so i don't have any way to verify,whether or not,dead by daylight and stranger things,ever unfollowed one another i never,thought to look i've i've tried to,search to see if there were any threads,on reddit or anything where people had,brought this up and said wow there must,be a bat a lot of bad blood between,stranger things and netflix and dead by,daylight because now they don't even,follow each other anymore didn't see,anything like that i always assumed that,they,continued to follow one another just,because,it would probably be good business just,to keep the door open i would assume,that no matter what happened with,netflix not renewing with dead by,daylight that would have kept that door,open and kept the follows,but eddie munson is saying they had the,social media breakup in front of the,world and at some point they parted ways,and didn't follow each other anymore on,socials,i have no way of verifying that i even,went to the wayback machine here and i,tried to find,older instances,of the um the twitter accounts or,dead by daylight stranger things netflix,but they just don't archive that kind of,stuff you can't,you can't go back and see,the previous versions of somebody's,follows to to pinpoint when somebody was,following someone,now there used to be a thing that you,could do,when you would like look at who someone,is following,let me show you an example here so you,can loosely take a peek at who an,account follows to see who they followed,most recently in chronological order if,you look at dead by daylight's accounts,they're following it makes sense that,the narrator would be near the top,because that's,for the hooked on you um a video game,coming to steam the dead by daylight,secondary game and then the wick and,skull they're getting them to make their,candles and level 99 games at the bottom,for the makers the board game so these,make sense in chronological order,however,if you unfollow someone and then,re-follow them it doesn't put them at,the top of the list it just reinserts,them back in the spot where you had,initially followed them,i know this because i tested it with a,friend who monitored my activity so i,would unfollow and re-follow king over,and over again and each time it he would,disappear from my list and then when i,re-followed him he appeared back in the,spot where i followed him initially so,even though netflix geek is way down on,their follow list followed right around,the same time that they followed dead by,daylight mobile which would have been a,couple of years ago and um,before they started following funko to,get funko's attention hey notice me make,funko pops of dead by daylight,even though it's way down on their list,if they had at some point unfollowed,them and had this social media breakup,as these accounts are contending that,they did if they di

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Looping Killers For Eternity In DBD!

Looping Killers For Eternity In DBD!

all right let's go let's go let's go,okay,let's go,Jesus that was a weird interaction with,the nurse okay,let's get out of here and she's on my,head,nice all right,okay we'll take a main building so it,should be harder for her to like know,exactly we're gonna go in here,I'm literally gonna Crouch here,she knows okay,oh that's not where I wanted to go nice,she's on someone else beautiful she,might blink on me,let's go this way do you want to go away,from the John,I'm just in the open,foreign,that's not very good,okay,do I have to get saved,I might do,I can't oh they got it nice nice this is,good,okay let's just run a trap she won't go,to Blink for a second so I should be,able to make it to the corner,Plus,we can just go this way that Trump is,very strong,nice that's not bad unless all three of,them are at the tnl wall for some reason,then it's really bad,but you gotta get me on one tap she,won't be able to do that because she,picked up nice oh this is perfect this,is perfect I take Chase oh my God and,then yes,she ever gonna blink,nope it's a Russian nurse,beautiful,I Gotta Die now,nice,not that it's gonna do much of us can,ask but,so let's try,and she's just not blinking again,it's gonna be hard to do her because she,just doesn't blink she like plays it,like a Russian nurse which is called,that by the way because they did it in,tournaments where they just wouldn't,like use their blink whatsoever,they would just wait until the perfect,moment where they see you and then they,would blink but there was a lot of,really really good Russian nurses and,tournaments who would play like this and,like confirm like a 4K every time,he didn't swing for that,oh my God if you pass that last chance,it'll be insane you know,got him,this,nice nice hope this could work in my,favor just hold W oh my God open that,door right now,nice and then I gotta somehow get to the,other side,I gotta hide on this tree,fate going that way,come back this way,right on this tree,wait for it,Hello friends this is us no she knows,though,no I can't do anything,it is,all right I'll run into one for you,buddy don't you worry,we'll get you some value somehow guys I,heard that this clown read the 150 page,guide on how to play clown,is that true,did you read it,I don't think he read it actually I,think he needs to still read the second,half I think he's only 80 pages in,he's waiting for the movie,fine I got the shot I haven't done a CJ,attack in over a month,oh my god let's go dude let's go,and send,laughs,now,the ball is just not in the right place,through,I miss Iron Will man stuff like that,worked every game hello hello,no what oh my God what's happened,oh no he knows,what is happening oh my God,no,all right Chad I heal up in like 20,seconds wait fake going that way,run past him perfect timing crush the,national map wait for it,heel comes very shortly no he knows,sorry palette,I'm Healed nice,okay coming that way go back this way,oh my God go go go,nice,we have Holly here,he knows,nice,where's the door where's the door oh my,God I think the door's over here I think,I'm actually gonna get out it was a good,matches

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100 Dead by Daylight Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

100 Dead by Daylight Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

here are a hundred secret things you,didn't know in dead by daylight if you,learned something new drop a like And,subscribe down below if you shine your,flashlight on the pride flag charm it'll,glow rainbow colors you can get a,flashlight saved through this random,wall on Dead Dog Saloon wraith and,hillbilly have the same breathing sound,effects but at different pitches,death Slinger wipes the blood off of the,side of his weapon whenever he gets a,hit this is because he's wiping this,little thing on his weapon that says,death to Bayshore which is a reference,to death Slinger's lore there is a,secret vault spot on the second story of,the main building in mother's dwelling,whenever someone enters or exits the gas,station shop on gas Heaven the bell,rings,nemesis's zombies will react to the,Survivor perk diversion nemesis's,zombies also react to discordance so if,two people are working on a gen any,zombie nearby will be attracted to it,you can hear human cries in the,fireplace on Garden of joy,light can't hit you if your body is,below him while he's rushing so,staircases like on Thompson House are,really easy ways to avoid getting hit,blight also can't hit you if you crouch,in the shack doorway the same thing,applies to hillbilly as well there's,always a generator near the closed,sliding doors on Gideon Meat Plant so if,you're ever looking for a generator just,find one of these doors there are orbs,on nurse's hand that shows you how many,blink charges you have left being in a,snowman will still set off hag traps,since in most of plague's outfits her,left eye isn't there Behavior never made,an animation for it so in outfits where,her left eye is visible she will never,blink with that eye you can break the,drop down God palette on Gideon Meat,Plant as you're falling down this is,super useful when you're in Chase,whenever an offering shakes that means,it was affected by another offering this,can happen if you use bloody party,streamers for example that affects,everybody else in the trial or if,there's two conflicting add-ons such as,a coin and a broken coin if two or more,offerings conflict with each other the,rarest one will be burnt and the other,one will bounce off the screen being,returned to the players in inventory on,preschool there is a drawing of,something that kind of looks like,if you're on midwitch and you complete,the generators in the chemistry room and,then the music room a secret room in the,clock tower will open when the end game,collapse begins providing you with an,additional chest on the map the,chemistry room is the room with the,periodic table and the drop down hole,right above one of the exit gates and,the music room is the room with the,piano right above the bathroom mystery,boxes in the blood web can give you,items of higher Rarity than the Box,itself even in common mystery boxes,there's still a one percent chance to,open an ultra rare item there are,newspapers on preschool that show the,dead by daylight logo and wraith the,perk tenacity shows tap grabbing his,neck this is a reference to when his,neck was slashed in the movie Saw there,used to be an old feature while you were,playing as the spirit that was super,cool if you were carrying a Survivor and,you hit the environment your sword would,literally shatter into multiple pieces,it was so sick there's an a skin that,has dollars in his pocket and the dollar,bills actually have Ace's face on them,if you look at the texture in the game,files Killers can hit over small,obstacles such as the fences on Dead Dog,Saloon there is supposed to be another,swamp map called Village that never came,to the game this honestly looks really,cool and it would be awesome to have,this map come in the future Trapper has,bandages on his leg which are probably,there because he steps in his own traps,in the Prototype build of DVD you used,to be able to do parkour the small thing,in the middle of your screen that pops,up when you're hit by a clown bottle was,intentionally placed there so people,with motion sickness could have a,stationary point to look at when Rebecca,is sitting near the campfire she's in,the same pose as the picture Wesker hid,in his desk in the Resident Evil series,on Dwight's red dude jacket cosmetic,there's a patch that says another one,bites the crust this is a real patch,that you can buy on Amazon Aura reading,perks do not work while you're in a,snowman hex totems and resurrected,totems from hex pentimento look,different resurrected totems glow almost,a reddish color and have more fire the,clown has two different mores for female,survivors he cuts off the index finger,on the right hand and for male survivors,he cuts off the pinky finger on their,left hand it's speculated that the,reason this exists is because Ash's,right hand is made of metal so it,wouldn't work very well any Killers,wearing a mask never blink but obviously,you're never gonna see their eyes anyway,so it doesn't matter you can hear,someone crying in the bathroom stall on,mid

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【Dead by Daylight】twitterで話題のナース弱体化/ナイト強化/サバイバー15%強化 byd開発チームアップデート【DBD/デッドバイデイライト】


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