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How To Delete Twitter Account Permanently (2023)today i'm showing you how to delete a,twitter accoun


Updated on Jan 20,2023

How To Delete Twitter Account Permanently (2023)

today i'm showing you how to delete a,twitter account if you're new to the,channel please go down below and hit,that subscribe button,and once you've done that please go and,leave a like as well i really do,appreciate it,so it's a really really useful tutorial,as a lot of people have asked me to make,a tutorial on deleting your twitter,account,and i tried to connect it down quickly,and i'm showing you how to on your phone,and then quickly how to do it on your,desktop,um so if you're interested in that make,sure it's the whole video to miss a,single step,and let's go and jump into this as you,can see i'm now on my phone,and let's go and jump straight into this,tutorial so the first thing you want to,do is make sure you've got the twitter,app downloaded,so i'm starting this on my phone next,before at the end of the video i'll,quickly show you how to do it on your,computer,so all you want to do is make sure,you've got the app ready and you go and,sign in so come to twitter,and it's going to open up just like so,and wait for it to load so,this is going to work on any phone you,have so regardless of that be,an android or an iphone this is going to,work fine so anyways make sure you're,signed in and you've got the right,account selected that's really important,make sure you've got the right account,any content you're going to want any,pictures any tweets any messages make,sure you've got all of that saved,because,it's no good no longer going to be,accessible if you go and delete it of,course,so anyways once you've got everything,saved and everything you may want,then go to the bottom left and click on,the sort of the bird box actually the,home button,and then swipe across and then you've,got all of these options here,so then you want to go and click on,settings and privacy,wait for that to load like i said before,just ensure you've got the right account,selected,then i'm going to do is simply click on,account so just below the top one,actually,uh below your username click account and,then you can scroll down and you want to,click deactivate your account,then click across here and it's going to,tell you everything you're going to need,to know,so as you can see you're about to start,the process of deactivating your twitter,account,your display name employment profile,will no longer be viewable,so that's everything you want to know,then to go and deactivate to just click,deactivate just like so,then you can go and enter your password,and it's going to go and deactivate it,and that is literally it,and you go and deactivate it now i'm,pretty sure as you can see here,you could have up to 30 days to re-sign,in to reactivate it,um so that's pretty important um so you,have got a chance to,to get it back if you need to but i,would recommend this make sure you get,everything saved but yeah,so to do this on your computer make sure,you come to as you can see,i'm just here,then you want to come to the left bar,and come down to more,and then go and click on settings and,privacy once that loads you then,literally taken right to the page as you,can see here,deactivate your account click here and,then it's going to tell you all the,options here so as you can see,like on the iphone you literally click,the activate enter your password and,then you're good to go and you have,those 30 days,that is the tutorial leave a like if you,found this helpful subscribe for more,i'll catch you the next one peace,you

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How to Deactivate Twitter - Delete Twitter Account Permanently

How to Deactivate Twitter - Delete Twitter Account Permanently

hey everyone today we're gonna show you how to deactivate or permanently delete,your Twitter account we'll show you how to do this on your computer and your,phone so check it out hey everyone its Ken here from Northern Viking Everyday,and if you are new to this channel it is all about reviews and how to's so make,sure you click that subscribe button so you don't miss out on any upcoming,videos today we're going to show you how to easily deactivate or permanently,delete your Twitter account it's really quick to do we're gonna show you how to,do this on your computer as well as on your phone so let's get right into this,and jump over to my computer and show you how it's done,all right so once you're logged into your Twitter account on your computer on,the left hand side you're gonna see an option that says more go ahead and,select that and in the middle here you're gonna see another option that,says settings and privacy and once that's selected it's gonna give you all,sorts of different options privacy notifications different things you can,select but we're looking for the option here that says account and once you've,got that selected over on the right-hand side you're gonna see an option at the,very bottom that says deactivate your account you can go ahead and select that,and at the very bottom here you are gonna see another option that says,deactivate so you can select that deactivate right there to deactivate,your account now I do want to mention there is a whole bunch of information,here about recovering your account within 30 days and changing your email,address so you can reuse it that sort of thing so make sure you do read through,that whole section on the side before you do permanently delete your account,but let's jump over to my phone and show you exactly how to do it on there as,well alright so once you've got Twitter loaded up on your phone go ahead and,select your logo or icon in the top left hand corner that's gonna bring up a menu,for you and at the bottom of this menu you're gonna see an option that says,settings and privacy go ahead and select settings and privacy that's gonna bring,up a whole new menu for you and we're looking for the option right at the very,top that says account go ahead and select account and that's gonna bring up,the account menu for you and scroll right to the very bottom pass the logout,button you're gonna see an option here that says deactivate your account so go,ahead and select that once you've done that a whole new screen,is going to come up with all that information that you should read through,to be a hundred percent sure that you do want to deactivate your Twitter account,so make sure you do read that once you've done that go ahead and select,deactivate and it's gonna ask you to confirm your password so you can go,ahead and punch in your password here and once you've done that it's gonna ask,you to hit that deactivate button there at the very bottom so you can go ahead,and select that deactivate button when you're ready to do so and it's gonna say,deactivate your account you can hit cancel or yes deactivate and if you hit,the activate your account becomes deactivated and it's that simple to,deactivate or permanently delete your account on Twitter so hope this Twitter,tutorial helped you out if it did make sure to give this video a thumbs up also,remember to subscribe to Northern Viking Everyday because I've got tons of,videos coming up that I'd love to share with you thanks so much for watching and,until next time take care

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How to delete your Twitter account

How to delete your Twitter account

well elon musk's takeover of twitter has,already prompted many users to leave the,platform the social media company,reporting mass deactivations and some,big fluctuations and follow our accounts,this week twitter says the movement has,been organic despite the timing of the,changes but that begs the question,how do you go about shutting down your,account for deeper dive we've got yahoo,finances dan haley in this week's tech,support and dan you know it feels like,it's as simple as just deleting the,account but is there more to it,yeah it's a little bit more complicated,because social networks make it that way,just to keep you hooked forever so let's,just give you a quick rundown of how to,delete your account if you want to uh by,the way poor katy perry lost like 200,000 something followers so i don't know,what she did wrong but,so,real quick,if you have your account uh on either,the web uh ios or android,you can deactivate it but then there's a,period of time you have to wait to,actually delete it so here's how you,would uh deactivate it you sign in and,then you click your profile image and,then select uh settings and privacy,that's going to take you to another menu,where you'll see something called,account options then you'll scroll down,the screen to the area that says,deactivate your account now here's where,it gets a little bit tricky when you do,this you're going to get two options 30,days or one year they'll show up as 12,months i think we can do that math uh,when you select that you're basically,choosing how long you want of a waiting,period,before the account actually deletes,select 30 days it's the the least amount,of time,and then,you are essentially set just sign out of,twitter uh if you do however go back to,your account sign in that 30 days goes,away that one year goes away and your,account is no longer deactivated it's,just a regular account,so you have to be careful that you,actually stay off of twitter for that,entire time period now that will entail,signing out of any other services that,you may have your account signed into,for instance if you use tweetdeck or use,twitter as your main sign in for,something else,online you have to make sure that you,deactivate your account or de-link your,account from those services otherwise,it'll call off twitter and then your,account will no longer be deactivated,it'll be active again so after that,30-day or one-year period though you,will be able to fully delete your,account and kiss twitter goodbye but,just because you're kissing goodbye,doesn't mean that all of your old tweets,are going away they're still available,online because everything on the,internet is permanent but there is a way,to get them away for the most part and,there are some apps that you can get,that are third-party providers that will,connect to your twitter account and,scrub everything that you've ever posted,including likes retweets and actual,tweets from existence again not,everything disappears on the internet,there's the wayback machine that can,pull things up uh but you still will be,able to for the most part kiss all of,this goodbye and not have to worry about,twitter going forward we were just,discussing uh during the break how,there's plenty of things that i wish i,probably didn't post online from college,that i really really want to get rid of,so i may be doing this later but once,you have all of that done you should be,done with twitter entirely i do just,want to point out though that you are,going to be using third-party services,so be sure that you trust them uh when,you enter your information because you,are going to have to enter your full,login for those services to get access,to your account and delete what your,tweets are,dan i'm curious to get your take on,these deactivations that we saw you,mentioned katy perry's account as one,congresswoman marjorie taylor green,saw more than 90 000 followers added to,her account former president barack,obama lost according to nbc news,up to 300 000 followers what do you,think is going on,i think it could be that there were some,people that wanted to leave and some,people that wanted to join obviously you,know the idea that uh obama,i don't know where katy perry fits into,this but the idea that obama uh would,lose uh users,this is going to be just a political,issue,obama being obviously democrat people,who are left-leaning not necessarily,liking the idea that uh elon musk taking,over and wanting to uh allow all forms,of speech on the platform regardless of,uh whether or not they're disinformation,misinformation or hate speech it seems,to be that that's not going to be a,priority for him to moderate and then,that brings in people who have been,claiming that twitter is silencing them,which a lot of conservatives have been,doing and then they may uh float to,people like marjorie taylor green but it,could also just be that we saw an,explosion of bots it could be that some,bots were taken down i know they said,that it's organic but that

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How To Temporarily Disable Your Twitter Account And Reactivate It

How To Temporarily Disable Your Twitter Account And Reactivate It

hi guys a lot of this year again on to,this episode of digital marketing with,olamide,we're going to be talking about how to,disable or deactivate your twitter,account,and i'm going to also be showing you on,how to reactivate it,so you may be wondering why do i need to,deactivate my twitter account why do i,need to disable it why do i need to,leave twitter for a while,there are different reasons that,different people would like to,deactivate their twitter account twitter,can be a distraction sometimes and it,can be very addictive,you know sometimes i get addicted to,twitter and,i always want to detach myself so if,you're one of those people who,want to just detach themselves from,twitter,you know just to have that um,real life and social media life balance,and then you may also want to leave,twitter because you're so overwhelmed,with work,and then you want to take time out to to,um offset,the workload on you taking time out is,good,maybe a reason for deactivation and then,if you're a student and you're working,on your project or your dissertation,you also want to take out time so you,may be wondering,how long can i deactivate my twitter,account for,not so long you can only deactivate your,twitter account,for 30 days after which your account,will be permanently deleted,by twitter so what i do when i want to,deactivate my account is,i set up a reminder on my calendar app,so this reminds me three days before,my activation my deactivation expires,so for instance if the activation of my,account is meant to expire on the 31st,of december,2020 i set a calendar reminder,for the 28th of,december 2020 to help me,you know to remind me days ahead so i,can reactivate,so back to why we're here how then can i,deactivate,my account well i'm going to show you,in just a few seconds it takes less than,five to i mean it takes less than 30,seconds to deactivate your account so,let's go right into it so here's a quick,way to deactivate your twitter account,make sure you're logged into your,twitter account,here i am on the home page of a twitter,account that i'm signed up into,click on more so go to settings,um yeah you're on settings you're,already on your account,and here is how to deactivate your,account,you have the account information option,you have the change your password option,you have download and archive of your,data option,you have twitch dex team and then you,have,you deactivate your account feature so,that's,all you need to do is click on that and,um,twitter is telling you what you should,know about how to deactivate your,account,like i said earlier you need to it is,important that you,um schedule a reminder on your calendar,app so that you do not lose,your account permanently so um,yeah i am activating this account,twitter,wants me to confirm my password so,i just did just to be sure that you,indeed the one deactivating account,and um voila,account is deactivated voila that is,exactly how you deactivate your twitter,account in less than 10 seconds,so another question you may ask is what,happens when i deactivate my account,so what simply happens when you,deactivate your account is that,it disappears from twitter your tweets,will no longer be visible your media,everything about even your account will,not be searchable,they will just disappear into the,internet,theme a so you won't no one will have,access to them no one will see them,even when you are cut you can't they can,be found until you reactivate your,account,so how do you reactivate your account,as simple as the deactivation process,too,all you need to do to reactivate your,account is to,log back in on twitter,with your username and your password,that's all you need to do,to reactivate your account so you don't,need to do anything extra,your twitter name your twitter account,all you need to do is just log back onto,twitter with your,twitter username and password,and it will take about five to fifteen,minutes,for your account to populate and return,back to normal,so that is all thank you for watching,this video,if this is your first time on my youtube,channel my name is olamide,i'm a youtuber from lagos nigeria and do,not also forget to subscribe,to this channel by clicking the,subscribe button just below this video,and turning on the notification bell so,you'll be the first to know when i share,another exciting,and insightful video just like this do,also connect with me across my social,media platforms let's continue this,conversation,if there are other ways you think you,can deactivate your account or,leave twitter or stay away from twitter,or social media,without the activate your twitter,without deactivating your twitter,account,please let me know i would really love,to hear and learn from you,so yes alumni signing out from here bye,for now

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How to archive and delete your tweets from Twitter

How to archive and delete your tweets from Twitter

hey folks my name is Dave Steiner I'm a,web developer that's been used in,Twitter for man over a decade or,something at this point I thought I,might make a helpful video for folks,that wanted to maybe export their tweets,over the years maybe they wanted to,delete some of their tweets if you have,a fairly large amount of tweets,specifically if you're above the api's,limit of 3200 you're going to need to,use some outside services to get this,done this is what I used it doesn't mean,that it's the best way to do it it just,is showing a way that actually works so,the first thing you're going to want to,do on Twitter is go uh to this more area,go to settings and support go to,settings in privacy you'll see that,there's a download and Archive of your,data and a deactivate this account link,you can click this download and Archive,of your data it's going to ask you to,re-authenticate and then you actually,have to tell them you know you'd like to,request an archive now when you do that,it's not going to happen immediately,it's going to take about a day or two,what they're going to do is send you an,email with a zip it's a fairly large zip,in fact uh let's open up my downloads,area and you'll see that I got a file,that was 126 gigabytes in size and it's,large because it gives you not just the,uh tweets themselves but it gives you,the uh the images that you might have as,well so for example once you extract,that stuff and I'm looking at the,extracted version here as well there's,going to be a your archive area which is,going to give you like a nice home page,for being able to locally so this is,local see how it's you know going,against that downloads area uh basically,a little mini Twitter website that you,can come in and search against stuff so,I come in here and see when I switch to,mastom which was November 6. it's,actually really nice like somebody put,some care and attention into this uh,this is much better than most archive,tools that I see out there and again if,you come into the data area there's a,whole bunch of JavaScript files but,there's also a bunch of media folders so,there's this media one here where I can,see you know individual images,that I may have uh you know opened uh or,attached over the years which pretty,cool all my projects these are things,like,probably have another four months but,you know it's really nice to have them,from that perspective looking at the,actual code side of things and let's do,that by just coming over and going into,that downloads data directory you'll see,that there is a tweets.js file and a lot,of these JS files are essentially just,Json files that have some sort of,wrapper around it so this is a giant,array of every single tweet that I've,made over the years so all 15 000 of,them that gives me a nice uh just,document that I could you know make,scripts against do all kinds of fun,stuff I I really appreciate the side of,it gives you things like who retweeted,it puts all the IDS in there if you ever,need to do anything against the Twitter,API,so that that's really nice uh from that,perspective it's a great way to be able,to uh you know deal with your archive,and and and manage your own stuff to a,degree now I want to go one further I,was a little worried about what's going,on at Twitter so I wanted to actually,delete uh my tweets now you know it's,it's not necessarily going to uh delete,everything that I've ever done over,there you know like I'm sure stuff's,still sitting on servers to a degree,this was just the least that I could do,to maybe protect myself a little bit I,didn't necessarily want those 15 000,tweets and you know whatever entity,Twitter is going to become uh so I took,it a step further and I used a tool,called tweet delete and if we come in,here and let's go to maybe a private,window of it um tweet delete we can see,um you've got to sign in with your,Twitter account you've got to auth,against it and then at that point what,it'll do is you can delete you can bulk,delete to everything that you have on,Twitter it has a bunch of nice things,that you could do like you can actually,exclude individual tweets if you want so,for example I excluded the one about me,talking about Mastodon and then really,just some sentimental ones that I had,which were uh you know pictures of me,and my wife on our wedding day which I,would tweet almost every year so I I,kept those ones up,uh and,um the rest of it I I was okay with the,deleting I also leave I think I have it,set up so that it keeps everything older,than three months now everything's,probably I haven't been you know uh,tweeting a lot lately but uh I did want,to the reason I didn't delete my Twitter,profile overall is because hey who knows,who knows what's gonna happen on the,future I put a lot of time into my,Twitter profile over the years the other,thing is I wanted a place for people to,know where I'm going right that I'm over,on Mastodon uh and uh so I didn't want,to delete everything from that,perspective now if you do

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West Texas CBP to deactivate Twitter account

West Texas CBP to deactivate Twitter account

to discuss the umc expansion project now,this multi-million dollar project will,need a great deal of funding and,taxpayers don't even have a say in it,one group says this could change after,receiving enough signatures through a,petition good morning el paso's brianna,chavez is live from umc with what's at,stake good morning brianna,so good morning well for weeks now umc,has been hosting community meetings to,discuss their expansion project that,will help extend capacity here as well,as create new projects and this comes,after county commissioners voted earlier,this summer that the hospital district,publicly post their proposal now,commissioners were originally set to,either approve the project which could,raise taxes choose to put it on the,ballot,for next may's election,or reject the proposal as a whole now,there is an item on today's agenda on,this matter but over the weekend a local,group the libra initiative posted on,their facebook page that they were able,to receive 25 000 signatures needed to,allow el paso county voters to decide on,the 345 million dollar bond in a general,election that's according to a new law,now it's unclear this morning how that,petition will change today's discussion,but i spoke with county commissioner,ilyana alguin last week who tells me,that many of her constituents expressed,that they wanted to be able to have a,voice in this decision,many of them many of them tell me that,they support the hospital and they,understand what the hospital is trying,to do and they understand why these,services are necessary,but they really do want to feel like,they have a say in the process,so i've had a lot of individuals from my,area,tell me that they support the hospital,but they want to be able to vote on it,and coming up in the next half hour,we'll have you umc's response to that,petition submission but of course abc 7,will be at that county commissioner,meeting make sure to stay with us on air,online and through that kvia news app,for now we're live outside university,medical center brianna chavez good,morning el paso,all right brianna thank you so much and,happening today county and city leaders,will be addressing the migrant situation,with dozens of migrants still of course,waiting downtown right now most of those,migrants are asylum seekers waiting to,be reunited with sponsors in other parts,of the nation the city of el paso will,debate approving a 2 million dollar,16-month contract with a bus,transportation company that would,transport the migrants to other cities,county commissioners will discuss,funding for a proposed migrant center as,well according to county officials that,center could cost up to almost half a,million dollars per month to operate,commissioners will be trying to identify,funds for that proposed center including,using federal grants,and again as we've been reporting as,long as those migrants are being,released into the street since last,wednesday they are doing so because,local shelters are at capacity the,asylum seekers are being dropped off,near shelters and bus stations as we,said but the city and county say they,are working to address those concerns,well the el paso region cbp is planning,to deactivate its twitter account after,it was used saturday to promote,political and homophobic content the cbp,west texas twitter account included a,homophobic slur in mentioning u.s,transportation secretary pete boudegic,who is gay now cbp posted a statement,saying quote u.s customs and border,protection has become aware of the,unauthorized and inappropriate content,that was posted to the at,,cbp will take action to deactivate the,account and has referred the matter to,the office of professional,responsibility to investigate the tweets,do not reflect the values of this,administration and our work to rebuild a,humane orderly and secure immigration,system,and as of this morning the twitter,account is still open no word on when,the agency will actually be deactivating,that account

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How To Deactivate Twitter Account On PC 2019 ( Temporarily)

How To Deactivate Twitter Account On PC 2019 ( Temporarily)

this video is about activating your,Twitter account so stay tuned,is let's open,we browser now it is the Google Chrome,and let's hit the hit enter,then let's put our Twitter account which,is using a email address a mobile number,or your username you use and put in,again your password and hit in login,and as you can see guys that twitter has,a major makeover in their user interface,which is the seed things now is located,in the website corner of it and let's,click it and go to settings and privacy,and as you can see now we have no the,access of the entire Twitter settings or,the Twitter settings of your account,then as you can see there is a the,activate account in the bottom middle of,it then let's click it let's click again,that the activate world and let's enter,our password for this so it can be the,activity now then hit the activate and,voila your account is now the activated,so,as you can see guys your table now is,deactivated and let's now gain again if,we can log in our account to Twitter,and as you can see guys you can,reactivate your account we just this,option either is reactivate or cancel it,once we reactivate it just click it and,again as you can see we are now,reactivated our account for your usage,thank you guys for watching this video,and hope to see you soon on my upcoming,videos ba ba

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How To Delete Your Twitter

How To Delete Your Twitter

In this tutorial, we will show you,how to deactivate your Twitter account,on mobile and on a browser,as well as how to delete the app.,Use the clickable sections to keep track,of what steps you're on during the tutorial.,First, we will show you how to deactivate,and delete your Twitter account on mobile.,For this tutorial,,we will be using the Twitter iPhone app,,but it is a similar process on Android.,First, open the Twitter account on your device.,Slide to the right or tap the three lines,in the upper left corner of the screen,to access the main menu.,Tap "Settings and privacy.",In the settings and privacy menu,,tap "Account" under your Twitter handle.,In the account menu, scroll to the bottom of the page,and tap "Deactivate your account.",Once you reach the deactivate your account menu,,Twitter makes you aware that you have 30 days,to reactivate your account if needed.,At the very bottom of this page,,you will see "Deactivate" in red letters.,Tap it if you wish to continue.,Next you will be prompted,to enter your Twitter password.,Do so, then tap "Deactivate" in the bottom right corner.,A pop-up should prompt you,to finish deactivating your account.,If you wish to proceed, tap, "Yes, deactivate.",This will then take you to the Twitter login page,after you successfully deactivate your account.,If you're deactivating your account on a browser,,on your homepage, select "More",on the left side of the screen.,In this menu, select "Settings and privacy.",In the account menu,,select "Deactivate your account.",Once you reach the deactivate your account menu,,Twitter makes you aware that you have 30 days,to reactivate your account if needed.,At the very bottom of this page,you will see "Deactivate" in red letters.,Tap it if you wish to continue.,Next, you will be prompted to enter your Twitter password.,Do so, then tap "Deactivate" in the bottom right corner.,For phones running on iOS 13 or later,,find the Twitter app,,then press and hold your finger down on the icon.,A menu will appear.,Tap the "Remove App" option in red.,A menu will open asking you to confirm,that you want to delete it.,Tap "Delete" to remove the app.

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