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D.C. police answer questions about 13-year-old killed by homeowner | FOX 5 DCgood evening,I am Rober

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

D.C. police answer questions about 13-year-old killed by homeowner | FOX 5 DC

good evening,I am Robert J Conte III chief of police,in the Metropolitan Police Department,here in Washington D.C today I'm joined,by deputy mayor of Public Safety and,Justice Lindy Lindsay Appiah and some of,my MPD colleagues,to provide an update on mpd's,Investigation into the shooting incident,that occurred early Saturday morning in,the 1000 block of Quincy Street,Northeast which resulted in the tragic,death of a son of our city,thirteen-year-old Quran Blake,but to also outline the process that we,must undertake to present the most,complete case to the United States,attorney's office for their independent,review and correct the misinformation,that is swirling swirling in the,community and on social media,first and foremost any loss of life,especially that of a child,in the District of Columbia is tragic,and I want to offer my condolences to,the family and friends of Quran,right now mpd's investigation continues,to be active and ongoing this process,takes time and our detectives have been,communicating with the United States,attorney's office since we were called,to the scene,with this case and in all cases that we,investigate there is a process that must,occur and our detectives are tasked with,Gathering all of the facts and evidence,to determine the totality of what,occurred we recognize that the,community's desire in getting the,details of this incident but we must,also acknowledge that the ongoing nature,of the investigation prevents us from,sharing specifics that could jeopardize,the Integrity of this case I'm asking,our D.C family to uphold our DC values,and to be respectful to one another and,patient as we go through this judicial,process there has been too much,misinformation swirling around this,incident too many people have made,assumptions about this case and it is,unfair to The Grieving family,spreading of inaccurate information is,dangerous Reckless and has the potential,to adversely impact the investigation,and the relationships in our community,we know of social media images that have,surfaced that are showing people that,have no connection to this case people,are making assumptions and searching for,people that are not involved people are,making allegations centered around race,and that is wrong,our detectives are gathering all of the,facts and evidence so it can be,presented to the United States,attorney's office and ultimately to a,grand jury of District of Columbia,residents to make a Judicial,determination if there was Criminal,Intent and if a crime occurred in a,grand jury will determine if a crime,occurred based on facts and Not Mere,speculation,we shouldn't allow this matter to divide,our community we have people demonizing,both sides and we don't even know all of,the facts I want to thank members of the,community who have stepped up to share,factual information and evidence without,detectives just within the last few,hours community members reaching out,sharing factual information if you have,information or evidence in the form of,video that can help this case I'm asking,community members please call,202-727-9099 or feel free to text us,anonymously at,50411 that will end the official,statement and I can take a few questions,if you have them,used,so no weapons have been recovered thus,far more and then what can you tell us,about uh the shooter will you identify,him by name can you tell us his race his,age uh his background was he law,enforcement anything that you can tell,us about him in particular so Mark I,will tell you I will give you some,information but you know this person,that's involved in this matter,we have to ensure that again this thing,is getting really Reckless and dangerous,with some of the behavior that I'm,seeing we normally do not identify,people in similarly situated in a,situation unless we have a warrant in,hand for that person unless there's a,person who we are trying to identify,then we don't know who that person is,that is not what we're dealing with here,I can tell you that the person,is an African-American person I can tell,you that much I can tell you that it is,an adult and I can tell you that it is a,male those are the three things that I,can tell you about this particular uh,person uh it is obviously very,unfortunate that we have had a loss of,life in this case but we got to make,sure as a community that we get this,right and people are rushing to judgment,people are canvassing communities,looking for a suspect that's not right,currently a former law enforcement he is,not law enforcement,the initial police report had a charge,of murder too if that was in the initial,police report why wasn't this man,arrested on the scene thank you for that,because this person died as a result of,being shot and we don't know he,otherwise should be alive so in this,case,the ruling from the medical examiner,when the cases rule there's a process,that takes place now on the scene of,this investigation if our police,officers felt like there was probable,cause in consultation

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DC Police: Discover Your Future Extended Version

DC Police: Discover Your Future Extended Version

to imagine doing something else it's,kind of hard for me ever since I was a,little kid watching TV shows like chips,I've always wanted to be the police he,would have told me you know when I was,in high school staring out the window as,a teenager you know that I would be able,to be in a position that I'm in now I,would have never believed it you know 20,years later I'm still here doing it,police brought in the car for about a,full mile when in fact something I could,do and I said you know what I can do,this I've been with the Department for,32 years I'm still here because I'm,still having fun I still enjoy what I do,I wouldn't change anything so I can't,even expand on what I would do different,because I'm glad that I chose to join a,much more infused apartment I've been on,for eight wonderful years my plan is to,stay with the department until I retired,I love what I do I love coming in and,helping people even if I only get to,change one person's life that's all that,matters to me there's just no other job,where you can do that,to do something that I love in school I,didn't really know what career I wanted,to go for but I just know it's something,I wanted to be involved in something I,know that will put a smile on my face,and others as well you know everybody,definitely gave me that opportunity to,you know freelance to be myself to try,to help give back to the community as,well as you see since I was a child I've,always had a love for horses my dad was,a police officer at MPD as well and I,thought that it would be a great job to,combine the two and join MPD and try to,get on the horse family unit the police,department working in a major city,there's so many more resources here that,we have to offer compared to a lot of,other jurisdictions in the region your,your career path is literally what you,make it we have so many different units,and opportunities we have a RT with,emergency response teams you have the,bomb squad you have the horse mounted,unit we have a traffic unit hey jet skis,your thing then you got you gotta you,gotta Harbor you in a write down the,road we organized all of the special,events in the city all the festivals,races all of the protests and we're also,responsible for moving the president,vice president and head of state that,comes into town and we have everything,from you know units that are in Scout,cars to foot beads to Segway to mountain,bike,crime-suppression units affiliate units,right now I'm in currently in the LGBT,liaison,there's the deaf and hard-of-hearing,liaison there's Asian liaison the Latino,liaison and the African liaison addition,that we also do community or faith-based,outreach to include the Islamic,community as well as the Jewish,community every day you're doing,something different you know sometimes,you go downtown for demonstrations,sometimes I'm in a parade sometimes just,on the horse walking through the,community the opportunity on this job is,here you're in the nation's capital you,get to see all the movies and shakers,the sky is the limit once you get in,this room the Grove,you can be detective you can you know,you're gonna get a ton off you can be an,official hey you miss running try to,climb up the ranks to be Chief of Police,I've been with the Department for 29,years and I can tell you this you are a,team you look out for one another you,cry with one another you laugh with one,another you go out with one another and,you always have that bond you will never,lose that bond at the end of the day,when you go home you will have that,rewarding feeling that hey I did,something today I helped somebody it's a,great feeling I'm originally from New,York so I came down here just to be with,MPD the day that I graduated my dad,pulled me to the side and he told me,that he was very proud of me MPD was the,stepping stone in the right direction,for me I hope you know that with my kids,they follow in my footsteps I just give,me back and serving the community,because my son he actually he wants to,be a police officer and I know I'm like,his biggest hero my five years old son,he still heal,he started to show off that he says my,dad is a police officer I can never say,enough my appreciation that they gave me,opportunity to be a police officer,wherever I go any neighborhood anyplace,in the entire city everyone wants to,talk to me and it's it's a really,fantastic feeling you will not find a,better department and a better group of,individuals that run the department that,work the department and make it happen,each and every day and I'm fortunate,that I've been able to live my dream and,I go to work every day and I'm I'm,content with what I do so as far as my,law enforcement career my goals they're,here,you

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DC Kidnapping & Abduction Update | FOX 5 DC

DC Kidnapping & Abduction Update | FOX 5 DC

you know I'm Commander John Haynes,h-a-i-n-e-s,good good volume,good good all right,good morning this this morning the,Metropolitan Police Department is asking,the Public's help we are in dire need to,try to locate a victim of what we,believe is an armed kidnapping that,occurred this morning at about uh three,four uh 3 40 in the morning at 2950,vaness Street Northwest we believe in,individual by the name of Marquis Parker,who's a 44 year old male,um,took and Mrs,shalita Lee,against her will at gunpoint from that,location,we got a call for service for the an,individual threatening a female with a,gun at that location units initially,responded had a little bit of difficulty,finding where the location was they,eventually did locate the building,and we were able to find a witness that,did see our suspect our I should call,our Person of Interest Mr Parker forcing,Miss Lee into a vehicle against her will,he initially did try to put her in the,trunk of the vehicle and then eventually,put her in the back seat and flood that,location we have since located that,vehicle in the 3500 block of Ames Street,Northeast over in the sixth district,that vehicle was unoccupied and there,was no traces at this time of either,either the persons we have put out,images of both our Person of Interest,and our missing person the person that,we believe is in danger we begging the,The public's help for anything they can,do to try to help us locate them if Miss,Lee if you're out there and you're safe,please contact us immediately so that we,know that you're okay we want to make,sure that and Mr Parker please reach out,to us too we just want to talk to you,just if this is a misunderstanding we,can work through it and make sure that,we that this comes to a good resolution,for everybody,yes is our understanding that they were,intimate part they are intimate partners,not that we're aware of,no not that we're aware of,no,yeah she gave the the both both he and,her resided at this location,yes that's our understanding at this,point,uh there's parts of the investigation we,can't reveal right now but I'm sure,we'll come out at a later date,broker he's from Northeast Louisiana,weather in northwest too but our,understanding is they had just recently,started to reside together very recently,that I have no idea,we are we are aware of the video we do,have it and we do have the audio and,that's part of the investigation and,that's part of also why we're very very,concerned about the safety of Mrs Lee,we don't know so so we're appealing to,anyone inside or outside the District of,Columbia if you see either of them or,you think they you see please call us,and call 9-1-1,call 9-1-1 first or you can send an,anonymous tip you can call,202-727-9099 or send it to our tip line,at 50411,I'm sorry,no,that's still part of the investigation,he he had reside resided uh,no he had a previous addresses in the,District of Columbia that was not near,one of them,as far as we know we don't know what the,connection is at this point,this morning uh I don't remember what,time but a couple maybe two hours ago,maybe a little more,so we're in a process of of obtaining,search warrants to process it and then,we'll process it forensically,absolutely,yes,if if you have a copy of the video I,think you can get it from there,he,knowing his his status he would not be,someone who could lawfully obtain a,firearms license,we don't discuss criminal records but,he's,um he he is someone who is known to law,enforcement yes I'll put it that way,we just don't discuss criminal records,of subsidence,I'm sorry I was,to the company,couple of,we believe she was filming film filming,that video,yes,I I believe somebody in that it was one,of those two,correct,the Instagram video that that we're in,possession of one of the two of them was,filming and I believe it was probably,the suspect,Person of Interest sorry,there there was that initiated the 9-1-1,call yes,we don't we don't have an arrest warrant,form yet so at this point he's a person,of interest,ing we're seeking to get an arrest,warrant for him right now,yes we do have a witness that did,witness that happen,yeah we have a we have a witness who,forcibly saw him putting her in a,vehicle and he was armed with a hand,what they believed to be a haircut,said the audio was concerning and has,you really worry for the victim can sort,of characterize what you were able to,hear on that web stream what what made,it so concerning to you it was clear,that that,her she is in danger,no I don't I don't have any more,information on that are there any other,questions you can email us,you know again anyone pleased with any,information no matter how small or how,insignificant please call us let us know,give us the information call 9-1-1 Miss,Lee if you're out there and you're safe,please please call us we just want to,make sure you're okay that is the,absolute most important thing right now,and Mr Parker same thing we just if it's,just a misunderstanding and we call u

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Criminals are 'brazen' because of anti-police rhetoric: DC Police Union official

Criminals are 'brazen' because of anti-police rhetoric: DC Police Union official

well look at that my goodness chaos in,our nation's capital over the weekend,saturday night as three people were,injured in a shooting outside the,washington,nationals game that incident happening,just one day after a six-year-old girl,was fatally shot,in another dc shooting where her mother,and four others were also,shot the washington d.c police union,summing up the mood among,law enforcement in the city tweeting,it's a tragedy,that elected officials won't let us do,our job,washington d.c police union treasurer,marinos marinos joins us right now rinos,good morning to you,good morning sir thanks for having me,you bet why won't politicians let you do,your job,that's a good question uh for the past,18 months the dc city council in,particular,uh has been introducing and passing,these anti-law enforcement bills that,have been hamstringing,our members from doing their jobs,appropriately i don't know we have,enough time like i said to,get through every bill but what it's,doing is hurting it's hurting,recruitment it's hurting retention,it's hurting our ability to keep our,citizens safe sure we had the,grandmother on,of that little six-year-old who was shot,down on the streets,just walking home the other day on,friday and the grandmother,uh had this message for the people,who killed her granddaughter listen,i don't feel safe for me for my family,she didn't deserve this she did nothing,to,anyone i pray that when they close their,eyes at night,they see her face when they wake up,they see her face and find it and then,it's hard,to turn themselves in,i'm praying for that i'm praying for,justice for my granddaughter,she's praying for justice for her,granddaughter and you're interested,in justice as well but your hands are,tied,yeah that's correct uh you know and i i,can't sympathize enough,for her family and that tragedy and it,hurts my heart i think every good,person's heart,to hear that message but i can i can,guarantee you why we do have a lot of,uh restrictions going on right now that,our homicide unit is is top notch i put,them against any,any police department in the world and,i'm sure our homicide units working,around the clock and,hopefully we'll be able to bring these,uh these horrible human beings to,justice,sure but and but then mourinho's uh you,look at what happened at nationals on,saturday night,one of my kids lives in a neighborhood,everybody was freaked out because,apparently a toyota pulled over they,were shooting,a fan who was leaving got shot,that's one of the dugouts where the,players are but the,the spectators actually dove into the,dugouts,and you had a bunch of the players leave,the field,run up into the stands to get their,family members to,try to try to protect them it is so,embarrassing that in our nation's,capital,a city a district just 10 miles by 10,miles,they cannot keep the people safe because,of,how you are hamstrung,yeah and uh unfortunately shows how,brazen the criminal element has become,in district columbia,uh we do have a police presence at those,games every game there is significant,police presence but,uh like we're seeing and like we saw uh,every almost every day,the criminals are brazen because they,feel that they're the good guys the way,city council has painted them,uh that the police are bad and they can,do whatever they want,and then even when we make these amazing,cases which you know our,officers detectives and sergeants do,every day they go downtown to the,courthouse,either the united states attorney's,office fails to prosecute and even when,they attempt to prosecute the judges,don't want to hold them accountable,absolutely i know i personally know that,uh has happened,uh marinos marinos we thank you very,much and good luck to you and the men,and women,of the d.c law enforcement team thank,you sir it's my pleasure,all right hi everyone i'm brian kilmeade,i want you to do me a favor i want you,to click to subscribe to the fox news,youtube page,this is the only way that i know for,sure that you're not going to miss any,great commentary any great,news bites any great interviews coming,your way on fox you can get it all here,on youtube so subscribe right now

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D.C. Police requested backup at least 17 times in 78 minutes during Capitol riot | Visual Forensics

D.C. Police requested backup at least 17 times in 78 minutes during Capitol riot | Visual Forensics

if i give this up they're going to have,to rest after,let's go at least it's half what we can,defend,we go wrong what we have,in the months since january 6th,lawmakers and other officials have,sought to understand how rioters were,able to penetrate police lines and lay,siege to the u.s capitol,storming through the halls in a rampage,aimed at overturning a presidential,election,we have got to take a really hard look,at what happened on january 6. clearly,seems to me there were some failures i,acknowledge that under the pressure of,an unprecedented attack a number of,systems broke down the washington post,analyzed police radio communications,synchronized them with hours of footage,and drew on interviews with police,supervisors had bats sticks,sledgehammers,to show how failures of planning and,preparation left police at the capitol,severely disadvantaged,due to insufficient manpower,it costs versus about 200 people and a,shortage of non-lethal weapons and,protective equipment for our musicians,the radio calls also reveal,communications breakdowns,i need a command official from capitol,so we can coordinate where they want us,to get back to that hampered the police,response,the police audio recordings turned over,to congress during the impeachment of,former president trump,primarily capture the communications,from washington's metropolitan police,department the mpd,a team of mpd officers led by commander,robert glover was dispatched that day to,aid the already overwhelmed u.s capitol,police the agency primarily responsible,for securing the capital,to better understand how rioters,overwhelmed police,the post created a 3d model of the,capital grounds using satellite imagery,video footage and photographs,the examination found that the mob,confronting police on the west side of,the building swelled to more than 9400,people,outnumbering officers by more than 58 to,1.,as the crowd grew glover called for,reinforcements at least 17 times in 78,minutes it's over,you better run,as president trump speaks at a rally,near the white house his supporters are,gathering along the west side of the u.s,capitol complex,around 1253 they break through a line of,bike racks on a pathway and approach,capitol police officers,none of the officers seen here,identifiable as capital police by,patches on their arms,are outfitted with riot gear or shields,around the same time south of the,pathway,other trump supporters squeezed through,a hole in a mesh fence,the riders on the walkway overpower,capitol police,others to the south and north of the,pathway stream across the lawn toward,the western entrance of the capitol,building,steven sund then the chief of the,capitol police calls mpd for help,multiple times as the crowd overwhelms,his officers,now the call is coming on the mpd at,around about this point but if you look,i mean,it's already breached at this point just,18 minutes after the initial breach,rioters overtake the lower part of the,inaugural platform and vastly outnumber,capitol police officers,temporary scaffolding and bleachers,behind the officers block key entrances,at around 1 12 pm,mpd officers arrived to reinforce the,police line on the west front of the,capitol,they moved down the stairs along the,south side of the inaugural platform,many are identifiable by the yellow on,their jackets,at least 30 officers can be seen,arriving in video footage,glover is seen here,he calls into the joint operation,command or jock which coordinates the,police response,he uses the call sign cruiser 50.00,hard gear refers to civil disturbance,units and police wearing protective,equipment dso is a domestic security,operations team which handles chemical,crowd control munitions like pepper,spray,officers use pepper spray,tasers,and bike racks,to push back against the growing crowd,rioters attack and at least one sprays,bear mace,within minutes of mpd's arrival officers,regain ground,but injuries are taking a toll,glover walked toward the line speaking,into his radio,injury,police continue to deploy crowd control,munitions,over the next several minutes between,136 and 139 glover calls for more,officers in riot gear,i need those two other wonderful troops,up here now,sir we have one coming,we have one coming that's working coffee,cruiser 50,i need him up here the platoon unit 42,is gathering and putting on riot gear,nearly a mile away,on the north side of the national mall,as glover waits for the platoon unit 42,he announces the deployment of more,powerful munitions including a 40,millimeter launcher that fires canisters,containing smoke or chemical irritants,like tear gas to control crowds,40 millimeters,the violence intensifies,well when i when i showed up it was a it,was literally a war zone,we had officers uh engaged in,hand-to-hand combat,across the uh fence line it was a knock,knock down drag out fight,around this time glover again asks for,reinforcements,he is told only one platoon unit 42 is,available,42 is the only other one um until later,they

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Video showing 'altercation' with DC police in Southeast being investigated, Chief Contee says

Video showing 'altercation' with DC police in Southeast being investigated, Chief Contee says

October is shaping up to be a violent,month for teens in the district separate,shootings left at least eight teens,injured and there is a continued focus,on juvenile reform as incidents appear,to be happening more often but taking a,look at some of the numbers DC's violent,crime total is actually down four,percent compared to this time last year,but those stats do include a staggering,164 people killed in over 3 000 total,violent crimes so let's bring an MPD,Chief Robert Conti to review some of the,current methods and look ahead as we get,closer to the holiday Chief I always,appreciate you joining us thanks for,your time this morning,oh thank you for having me Steve good,morning good to talk to you a couple,things I do want to get your take on out,of the way and then we can talk about,what's happening in the district but a,couple of specifics that really have,gotten in the news lately and one of,them I can only assume will soon because,the video is just starting to circulate,online I know you're aware of it and it,involves some of your officers uh trying,to make an apprehension uh the video,which we're not going to show right now,but I know you're aware uh it shows,a a potential suspect being taken down,in a rough manner I'll put it at that,causing injury uh have you seen the,video and what's your take on this,yeah so I've seen the video uh not too,long ago I've spoken with uh with our,council member for over in that area uh,what we've learned is that there was a,call for a shooting uh that occurred,over at the location uh after officers,responded uh to the scene of that uh,there was some kind of altercation that,occurred between our officers and some,people who were were standing in the,block at this point our Internal Affairs,and officials are investigating that,we're pulling all obviously all the body,worn camera just to have a better,understanding of what actually led up to,it the video kind of starts uh after the,I think whatever the altercation was or,whatever the discussion was before that,the video starts after that so we want,to really just have a whole picture uh,before we go you know any further with,that and and just kind of make sure that,we were following MPD policies and doing,things that we need to do to keep,communities safe all right but at this,point while the investigation goes under,Are the officers involved or are they is,there certain statuses for where they,are right now no at this point I mean,this really just happened late last,night so we don't have enough,information at this point where the,status has changed for any of the,members other than again the matters,just being under investigation okay this,is the 3 500 Block Stanton Road,Southeast and just uh it's again it's,video you might have seen it online,wanted to get your take on it Chief I do,appreciate that,um obviously the other big video of the,week and I know you can't comment,directly on this because it's not your,investigation it's the situation that,played out on a Metro bus Metro Police,is handling this your department is not,completely understand that but what it,tends to lead to is is yet another,scenario where you have groups of of,Youth of juvenile who are acting badly,and I know this is something that is,very important to you and your,department what can you do about it,so we actually are working very closely,with our partners over at Metro Transit,while they are the lead in the,investigation obviously those are young,people those are young people from our,city uh those are young people who,attend schools here in our city uh,there's significant progress that's,being made in that investigation and we,certainly hope uh to bring that matter,to closer closure uh sooner rather than,later when you see incidents like this,that involve young people in our,community obviously it's very disturbing,the city has dumped a ton of resources,into making opportunities available for,our young people so that we don't find,them involved in these types of,situations or these types of incidents,especially violent incidents everyone,has a right to be safe in community and,when we identify these types of things,we really have to get to the root of,what why they did what they did but more,importantly make sure that in addition,to accountability that there's also,opportunity for those young people sure,you know I'm curious you're taking on,this chief for a couple of reasons,um we've talked to you about about this,in the past us we talked to your,predecessors about this in the past,other members of the department,obviously many times some blame a,breakdown in the court system when it,comes to juveniles some obviously say,that that you know kids who are doing,bad need a second chance,um I'm curious your take though just,because you're from here and you've been,with the department for so long at so,many different levels you've seen this,as you've risen up through the ranks is,the problem getting worse as far as,teens acting out in a perhaps mo

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Washington D.C. police officers describe siege of U.S. Capitol hill | World News

Washington D.C. police officers describe siege of U.S. Capitol hill | World News

washington dc metropolitan police,officers say that they were beaten with,batons,sprayed with mace and threatened with,flagpoles as they fought to protect the,u.s capital from rioters on january 6th,our next report tells you more about,their ordeal,tasers flagpoles batons,pepper spray and bear mace these are,just some of the weapons,pro-trump writers used on dc police,officers,during the capital siege on the 6th of,january for dc police chief it was a,horrifying experience,he would never forget take that house,take it down,that's our worst nightmare really come,true,an attack on american democracy right,here in the nation's capitol,it was horrifying it was despicable,officers who rushed to the scene to,assist capitol police,say they struggled to stay afloat amid a,torrent of tear gas,pepper spray and other agents being,lobbed at them,i just remember you know people still,swinging metal poles at us,and they were pushing and shoving they,were spraying us with uh you know,bear mace and pepper spray and um,the the the worst part of it was you,know we're all getting sprayed,and what happens is it puts you out of,service for at least 10 to 15 minutes,until,you can open your eyes again,dc officers put their own lives on the,line as they battle to protect,the seat of american democracy,i was assaulted from all sides i was,struck with a taser,a number of times i think about a half,dozen times,and i remember thinking like,as i was pulled out,man i'm like relieved to be outside,i was there to do my best to keep them,out obviously um,and the way i was doing that was with my,body unfortunately,at that moment you know my arms were,pinned i was unable to defend myself so,you saw the guy in front of me ripped my,mask off,he was also able to rip away my baton he,beat me in the head with it,and once i got my mask off i was sucking,down tear gas and pepper spray,and all that stuff so you know it was um,i was i was glad i was able to be there,and help when i could and i was glad to,be able to get out of there,at one point during the ride officer,daniel hodges,was captured on video bleeding from the,mouth and crying for help,he was crushed in a doorway by the,pro-trump mob,nevertheless the officer says he was,glad to be there to help defend,the capital if it wasn't my job i would,have done that for free,you know it was absolutely my pleasure,to crush a white,nationalist insurrection and,i'm glad i was in a position to be able,to help,remain on the lack of adequate security,in washington on that fateful day,just how was an armed mob allowed to,storm the u.s capitol,but if it wasn't for the bravery of,these few men and women in uniform,the situation would have ended up being,far worse,be a report we on world is one,co-presented by,skoda simply clever we on world is one,is now available in your country,download the app now and get all the,news updates on the move

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WATCH: Police hold news conference on D.C. shooting

WATCH: Police hold news conference on D.C. shooting

us for the reported sounds of gunshots,upon their arrival at that scene,the officers located three individuals,who were suffering from gunshot wounds,all three individuals have been taken to,area hospitals where they are currently,being treated,two of the individuals are adults,and are considered in stable condition,based on their uh their injuries the,third victim is a juvenile and that,juvenile is also in stable condition,with a minor gunshot wound,at this time our units are currently in,the area of connecticut and van ness,conducting a search for a suspect or,suspects,uh that is still to be determined as our,investigation is continuing this time,we're asking the public to stay away,from this area as we continue to do our,search and continue our investigation,this is a very early point in our,investigation,and we're still trying to figure out the,motive or what specifically took place,here,are there any questions there's a report,that there's a report that the,authorities located a tripod of some,type,that may have been connected to whatever,the shooter is is that true and if so,i don't have information on that at this,time to uh to give them,at this point we do not have any,suspects in custody we're interviewing,several witnesses uh as as would,naturally happen during an incident like,this several individuals ran from the,area so we did stop several individuals,to conduct witness investigations with,them but that that's what is i think,being reported as a suspect those people,were interviewing from the scene,as we conduct our investigation they if,they are not linked to the incident yes,they will be released,that is still to be determined this time,but no members of the no members of the,metropolitan police department that,responded or of our partner agencies,that responded have been injured during,the course of this incident are you,aware of the,live stream,uh there there is information out there,on social media however we have not been,able to authenticate that at this time,to determine whether that is even,related to our incidents,none of the responding members from our,law enforcement agency partners that,were on the senior have been injured as,a result,that is still to be determined they're,in the hospital being treated right now,at this time,we are still trying to determine that,i'm sorry,is what related i'm sorry oh the victims,uh that we are still trying to determine,as well at this time as i said this,investigation is still very much in its,early stages chief at this point,we heard from some people they were,surprised to see how cardiology,well i would say based upon the calls,that we got and the information and the,the fluid nature of this investigation,and appropriate response came to this,area to make sure that we've locked down,the neighborhood we've made sure that,folks up here are safe and sheltering,and we're continuing to do a very,thorough search as you know some of,these buildings are very large they've,taken some time for us to go through,especially based on the information that,we have at the beginning of this,investigation,so we're getting assistance right now,from the united states park police,united states secret service uniform,division uh we've got assistance here,from the university of district columbia,please we also have some of our federal,entities from atf fbi uh and there are,several others uh who are trying to,assist us in this,is it is this,we we don't know that answer this time,we're still trying to authenticate that,video is there one more than one,shooting location,no at this time we believe we have one,location i was going to ask can you tell,us about where the victims were found,were they grouped together do you,believe they were all wounded in the,same area can you describe that area so,i don't have that information this time,because as naturally it happens after,individuals were shot some of them moved,to different locations where we,encountered them so we're still piecing,all that together as part of our,investigation,chief is it is it centered at some,apartment building that's what we were,hearing earlier,there are several apartment buildings in,that area as part of our investigation,we are canvassing and searching all of,those areas was the idea that the,shooter was from some apartment building,we're still trying to determine that are,any of the embassies,not that i'm aware there are embassies,in the immediate area so we are working,with our partners from the u.s secret,service uniform division to make proper,notifications to them as well,yes yes at this time please we're asking,if you are doing residing in this area,to please shelter in place please stand,by until we render the area clear and,safe if you do have information we're,asking you to call our,command information center at,202-727-9099,or you can text us at 50411 any,information that you may have,we're still trying to determine that,this investigation is still like saying,it's early we're in its early

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