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Is Mike McCarthy’s job status on the line vs. Bucs in NFC Wild Card round? | NFL | SPEAKat home and


Updated on Jan 17,2023

Is Mike McCarthy’s job status on the line vs. Bucs in NFC Wild Card round? | NFL | SPEAK

at home and coming directly back to you,you covered the Dallas Cowboys for 10,years you do know more than anybody,about these Cowboys on television Mike,McCarthy should his job be on the line,Monday,it probably shouldn't be but I I think,it has the potential to be I really,don't think I don't think you can say,yes or no in a vacuum I mean the Cowboys,are coming off a 12-5 season they went,12-5 and won the division last year Mike,McCarthy was even competitive in 2020,when Dak Prescott was out for most of,the year like they were eligible for the,playoffs until the last weekend of the,year that year like Mike McCarthy,objectively has done a really good job,and I would say an underrated job,but if they lose on Monday night that's,two 12 and Five Seasons down the rain,with down the drain without even a,playoff win to show for it like not a,one not one and it would be the second,time they've lost to a team that on,paper they should have beaten like they,were home against the Niners the Niners,are a better team than the Bucks this,year obviously but they were home,against the Niners and now a Bucks team,that doesn't have a winning record,that's not going to sit well and I've,followed Jerry Jones closely enough over,the years like Jerry Jones is an eternal,optimist like it's not even the Glass,isn't half full the glass is the glass,is full the glass is full until it's not,so Jerry Jones in his heart of hearts,even with what they did in Washington on,Sunday Jerry Jones doesn't believe,they're going to lose this game and so,that's I think why he can say no this is,of course his job's not in jeopardy,if they play poorly and lose this game,he's gonna be mad he's gonna be really,really mad it was dark times in Dallas,last January when they lost that game,like everybody was walking on eggshells,Jerry wouldn't commit to Mike's future,Jerry was talking about how Sean Payton,and Dan Quinn would make great coaches,of the Dallas Cowboys it was dicey and,that was after one playoff loss they go,over again you can say whatever you want,right now but it's going to be a topic,of conversation do I think that's fair,to Mike McCarthy not really I just think,it's the reality but joy what'd you say,about life being fair,uh Affairs for Ferris wheels and fried,Oreos life is not fair not fair I know,there's some concept out there people,believe that it is but it's not,here's the thing about Mike McCarthy,he's done an excellent job he really has,if your goal is to be competitive and,make it to the playoffs,he's done an excellent job but for most,teams that's an excellent job they're,not most Cowboys and for some reason,people think the Dallas Cowboys are,Super Bowl contenders every year I don't,know why but they do they certainly have,the talents to be Super Bowl contenders,so that's why it's even a possibility,because if this was anyone else why,would we even be talking about this we,would not be talking about this if it,was any other team not name the Cowboys,who's a coach who's done a better job,this year than Mike McCarthy Nick,siriani it's a short list Kyle Shanahan,Indie Reed Andy Reid obviously Sean,McDermott,label day Ball but they don't have a,better record than the Cowboys yeah I,mean every year,and you'll probably win coach the yarn,dables done an amazing job I'm saying,Mike McCarthy yet,we're working with it's done a great job,and most importantly what to me makes,Mike McCarthy unfirable is they didn't,have Dak Prescott for five games this,season and went four and one unfireable,unfireable so he's good if you if you,want a good solid culture if you want to,be able to coach the entire team you you,didn't have your starting quarterback,for five games you went four and one,look at the teams that didn't have their,starting quarterback this year for a few,games the Dolphins except the Niners,and I said Kyle Shanahan has done a,better job Eagles,didn't look great didn't look good at,all no we can go on and on so the fact,that Mike McCarthy was able to do that,he gets credit for that you're right,that doesn't get credit for that he,wasn't there so to me if you he's he's,done an excellent job this year now,again if they lose in the playoffs to a,team that they should beat it's probably,off the table but I don't know I really,don't see how you fire Mike I don't,think Mike McCarthy should get fired 2-5,I don't think he should Dave Hellman I,don't think he should Joy Taylor but if,they lose I have a feeling he would and,you got to think about it like this,Cowboys fans you're likely not going to,retain Kellen Moore past this season,Dave Hellman correct me if I am wrong,that'd be hard-pressed to retain Kellen,Moore hard-pressed it would it would be,surprising be surprising to retain,Kellen Moore so now you got to ask,yourself this question,you gonna let Kellen Moore walk to,another team and keep Mike McCarthy but,who in the world is Mike McCarthy in,Dallas without Kellen Moore McCarthy,don't call no plays to my knowledge,McCarthy don't desi

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How should Ravens handle the ongoing Lamar Jackson situation? | NFL | SPEAK

How should Ravens handle the ongoing Lamar Jackson situation? | NFL | SPEAK

remember Lamar Jackson has a PCL injury,in Shady All Things Considered Lamar's,earned the franchise tag period all that,pay him the money all that show him the,money all of that good stuff has,amounted now in Lamar earning himself a,franchise tag Ravens fans have to be,frustrated I know head coach John,Harbaugh is frustrated I know the,entirety of that organization is,frustrated because of Sean McCoy he has,missed 10 games in the last two seasons,that's more than Kyler Murray that's,more than Dak Prescott that's more than,Josh Allen Justin Herbert Patrick,Mahomes that is more than any top 10,quarterback Lamar Jackson has missed the,most 10 games in the last two seasons,the best ability America it is,availability and Lamar Jackson has for,whatever reason been unavailable for,that's the first reason he's earned the,franchise tag second reason he's earned,the franchise tag is the Ravens have,been Super Bowl contenders the last,three seasons three years ago they lose,by 14 points in the playoffs to the,Buffalo Bills Lamar Jackson throws a,pick six that was a 14-point swing they,lost by 14 points last year they were on,track to be the number one seed in their,division win the division Lamar Jackson,gets hurt they missed the playoffs this,year they were going to win the division,once again Lamar Jackson gets hurt now,they have to play a role-play off game,how can you commit long-term money to a,person who you don't know if he's going,to be there long term the last note I,will make is this 2-5 I get it Lamar,saved Harbaugh's job but how long are,you going to hold that over,horror boss had like you saved this job,four years ago but I hate the person who,does a favor for you and then,consistently reminds you four and five,years later hey but remember when I,loaned you a hundred dollars way back,when don't keep holding that over my,head you did me that favor that debt is,now cleared Lamar Jackson franchise,tagged him but I don't think you can pay,him long time it helps you out okay so,I'm gonna go in a different direction,here is it my girl no are you,said something like you know his super,Super Bowl window is why he's still yes,sir always open so why not that's not,saying for Lamar Jackson it's the same,it's the franchise quarterback Joe got,hurt that was a super error I forgot,about that,Lamar Jackson has been hurt can't deny,that that's the proof in it yep but the,thing is when he's there you have that,window of a Super Bowl chances,right with you you okay all right I'm,allergic to what you're saying well,Lamar Jackson have a chance to win the,Super Bowl do you yeah yes based on what,have a chance based on what burrow,opened the window didn't he 2-5 he went,to a Super Bowl last year so when Burl,says the Super Bowl window's open he,we've seen it open before in the,division too listen listen listen this,I'm gonna tell you again all right I'm,listening Lamar Jackson is a different,type of player so I look at Josh Allen's,Patrick Mahomes Lamar Jackson's them,guys are up there right I think the,young guys coming up bro Hertz Herbert,yup some guys are coming Lamar's in that,class that you get the Super Bowl you,have a chance all you have to do is win,your division which they showing it they,can do that and get to the playoffs so,when I look at contracts first of all,with this team y'all not the same team,without Lamar Jackson not at all we've,seen what that team looks like without,Lamar Jackson okay so when you get Lamar,Jackson you sign them up for Ford fire,do whatever it may be you know in that,five years it's a great possibility that,you can get a championship and that's,all you can ask for this NFL league Joy,where are you staying on all of this,what should the Ravens do with Lamar how,should they handle the situation it has,been chaotic oh,I mean you gotta make the best of it and,hope Lamar is available what's the,alternative,what's what's what's on the other side,of life there you go,that's what I'm wondering,it's Bleak that's why they keep bringing,up that Lamar helps keep John Harbaugh's,job because how is how does it look,without him it's a new NFL you can talk,all you want about winning with defense,do that then because really the team,that we have right now in this playoffs,that's going to win with defense is the,San Francisco 49ers,and they still got a lot of pieces on,the offensive side of the ball that are,quite good they have Christian McCaffrey,either gonna get a Debo back right now,George Kittle,they got a few pieces on the offensive,side so it's very easy to argue it's a,quite balanced team talk to him so this,is a new NFL you have to have a,quarterback and particularly in this,division look Mike Tomlin got a winning,record again,Kenny pick it's going to get better and,better Joe Burrow's not going anywhere,we don't know what the Sean Watson the,Browns gonna be next year you want a,life without Lamar Jackson,do you honey I wouldn't do that I,wouldn't do that but don't you think,they already have life

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Who is to blame for Cardinals firing Kliff Kingsbury after four seasons? | NFL | SPEAK

Who is to blame for Cardinals firing Kliff Kingsbury after four seasons? | NFL | SPEAK

from one great head coach to a head,coach that's no longer head coach Kyler,Murray's head coach Cliff Kingsbury,fired today it was shocking in all,honesty Cliff Kingsbury remember he,signed it an extension through 2027 just,seven months ago but now the Arizona,Cardinals announced that they have,relieved him of his duties in addition,general managers Steve Keim has decided,to step away from his position in order,to focus on his health the team which is,both of them thanks all right let's get,to it,um who do you blame for the Cardinals,firing Cliff Kingsbury Shady talk to me,man small a small percentage goes to the,GM right econ yep but the bigger one,goes to little man or we know him as,Colin Murray caller Mary let's think,about this for a second last year,Kingsbury they praised him they did a,great job he found a type of offense,that fits Kyler Murray spread out quick,game uh rpos all that stuff that fits,his game oh holding the ball along,misdirections that's what color Mary,does best but let's look at this year,now,for you to give him that contract first,of all you really didn't want to give,him the contract and he had the fighting,claw to get that contract right took all,the pictures down on Instagram of the,card news he kind of separated himself,and then you put in the contract hey you,got to watch extra tape so for a head,coach to put that an overhead coach but,he's an offensive guy to put that for,your quarterback your franchise,quarterback you don't want to pay nobody,like that we watch Kylie Murray a lot of,them games that they lost it's kind of,him,picks sacks hold the ball too long not,being efficient,and when your quarterback you're not,your quarterback your franchise,quarterback is there and he's not,playing well who they look at look at,the head coach and now your head coach,is an offensive guy he gets the blame,for everything and they fired him so,thing is this with The Cardinals what,coach will you get to replace him that,will fit a Kyler Murray type offense,kind of Mary type player it's gonna be,hard to find hard to find Dave Hellman,who do you blame for Cliff being fired I,think it's a top-down failure Steve Keim,the GM and Cliff Kingsbury I blame both,of them together I mean look I'm not,trying to sell anybody that Kyler Murray,is the best quarterback in the league or,even in the small handful but we've seen,him be excellent right I mean he was the,offensive rookie of the year he's gotten,the Cardinals to places they hadn't been,recently that's the crazy thing,Cardinals Were Ten and two a little bit,more than a calendar year ago that's how,quickly life can change in the NFL Tyler,Murray is an insanely talented,quarterback he's not without fault but,if you're if you have him I feel like,you've got a strong building block my,thing with the Cardinals is what else do,they do we talked about this a few weeks,ago like what what do the Cardinals do,what's their identity other than uh,Kyler go go figure it out Kyler that,that's the Cardinal's identity I mean,like the the organizational philosophy,Vision strategy whatever you want to,talk about I I've never seen it and it,goes all the way back to before Cliff,even got there when they drafted Josh,Rosen in the top ten and then turned,around and they were like yeah that's,our bad we're gonna draft Kyler now,successful teams don't do that and I,mean you look at the way they've built,this team around Kyler Murray like quick,all right I love his game so I will say,Buddha Baker Buddha Baker's a wonderful,player one of the better young safeties,in the world name another homegrown,Arizona Cardinal who's good other than,Kyler Murray who's he working with he's,working with Zach ertz JJ Watt DeAndre,Hopkins like this team James Connor,steam is built around other teams casts,offs like that like good players but,where is the where's the philosophy here,what are you developing what are you,building what's the core of this team,what's the identity of this um,acting like Cliff might be in and two,turned into eleven and seven what they,were talking about see this is the thing,see it's not NFL works that I love about,it,he's blaming him right that's all this,clip of his fault but last year they,were talking about he might get coach of,the year,and he was praising him you see what I'm,saying how that works so the same way we,we want to play praise him come on now,let's keep it real bit come on I would,argue Coach of the Year often just goes,to a coach who has the most wins and,that's not always the right way to do it,that's why I would give it to Brian,dabel this year that's a different,comment Joy interject real quick let me,get your thoughts who do you blame for,the Cardinals firing Cliff Kingdom I,mean I have a lot of the same sentiments,that Dave has I think you blame everyone,and when you're doing this much hiring,and firing and turnover I gotta look at,the top I don't look at organizations in,the NFL at at the bottom who makes the,decisions because they set the

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Does Aaron Rodgers deserve blame for the Packers missing out on the playoffs? | NFL | SPEAK

Does Aaron Rodgers deserve blame for the Packers missing out on the playoffs? | NFL | SPEAK

I truly could not believe it but joy,Aaron Rodgers is a man who we all talk,about how much blame falls on Aaron,Rodgers for missing the Playoffs all of,it,um,all of it we're we're now into the,playoffs so teams are going to lose and,we're going to blame the quarterbacks of,those teams that's not what we're going,to do that's how it works if that works,I don't make the rules,I didn't make the machine,this is how it goes you get all the,money you get all the praise you get all,the interviews you get all the blame and,conveniently in this situation,you deserve the blame yeah the offense,didn't look the same all season long in,fact when they did change things to,start winning games it wasn't centered,around Aaron Rodgers who was not you won,back-to-back League MVPs and you make 50,million dollars a year who who the hell,else are we supposed to blame,how could anyone step up to the mantle,to take the blame now look you can talk,about the organization not putting the,right pieces around them,we can talk about Matt leflore who up,until this season we didn't really have,that many questions about yeah you're,the guy this is how it goes it doesn't,take away from Aaron Rodgers,season long like seasons of greatness,but not making the postseason after,winning back-to-back League MVPs is a,colossal disappointment it is a much,greater disappointment than Russell,Wilson,who got dragged all season long,it's a greater disappointment than,whatever was going on with the Raiders,it's the biggest collapse in the NFL,this year and it deserves all of the,attention and blame that it's going to,get it's the Green Bay Packers so if,you're supposed to pitch to me every,single year I'm supposed to take the,Green Bay Packers as a serious Super,Bowl Contender what's the difference,between the Green Bay Packers and the,Dallas Cowboys in the postseason for the,last four years oh a lot,but I mean if you call the Super Bowls,you call it Cowboy Super Bowl contenders,you sound outrageous oh this crazy,person,Aaron Rodgers hasn't done anything in,the postseason we're talking about as of,late and they're not even in the dance,this year it's it's all the blame has to,lay at Aaron Rodgers two five where you,land is blame man how much on Aaron,Rodgers all of it all right with my dog,no she said some some key facts like,first of all in the postseason if it's,the number one seed or it was just to,win one game it's against the playoffs,he hasn't done anything in the,postseason anything right that's one,thing and the second thing is when you,look at the Packers team once I got rid,of Devonte Adams right and he decided to,go somewhere else and they didn't want,to make the money with him right first,and they got the Aaron Rodgers first pay,him first give him 50 million dollars,it's all on you we talk about all the,time on these quarterbacks,taking all the praise when they scored,when they winning games if they hand the,ball off 30 times Jimmy John sorry and,then they win the game the defense has,turnovers the Running Games working you,throw maybe one touchdown they don't,care about that they give our credit to,the quarterback so they get all the,blame and a guy like Aaron Rodgers who's,the big dog let's let's really talk,about what it really is,this The Narrative of the game was all,you know A-Rod started off slow then he,wheeled his way back has a chance last,game and and Lambo Stadium get a win in,the playoffs they sign that thing no,it's his fault you the big guy you're,the big name all these media uh uh stuff,he's doing about yeah you know uh uh I'm,taking all the critics receipts what,they said about me early in the year,Well we still writing,you had one shot to get in the playoffs,it's the lines at home a dome team,coming into outside it's in your,favorite the advantage and football we,always talk about getting the advantages,all the videos on your side you do not,play well you didn't play well all,season,once they changed and weak what was that,Wednesday week 10 week 12 week 12. they,were out so up to week 12 or average,like 20 some carries um a game which is,real low the last six seven weeks,they've been running it running it,that's why the office was way different,they stopped the run last night Aaron's,gonna do another throw picks he should,have had two picks in the third quarter,late in the game oh he threw a pick and,then it was like the defense and hit the,face mask or something like that he,didn't play well this goes all on him,well it's a penalty I mean it it no come,on Dave that was don't start this day,this is not the Prescott excuses,he played bad always you it's always,Shady it's always Shady that goes there,first no I mean it's Aaron Rodgers,deserves the Lion's Share of the blame,right I mean he's the 50 million dollar,like the Detroit Lions share the blame,or that I wish I could say,I wish I could say I even knew on,purpose he's just that good Dave he's,gotta he's gotta take the majority of,the blame he's the 50 million dollar guy,I

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Micah Parsons is 'that guy' per David Helman, talks Zeke Elliott, expectations for Dallas | THE HERD

Micah Parsons is 'that guy' per David Helman, talks Zeke Elliott, expectations for Dallas | THE HERD

dave hellmuth has covered the cowboys,for nine ten years uh we have hired him,at fox sports to be up in oxnard which,by the way excellent strawberries i,don't know if you know that as a texas,citizen very good strawberries uh he has,a new article on how come,micah parsons plans to be a matchup,nightmare all over the field i said i,would not pay linebackers micah parsons,is that rare exception that he lines up,in four different spots so when you talk,to him what what does he think i mean he,he plays with such urgency you i mean,there are guys in pro sports among pro,athletes that you can spot them on the,field they they're just moving what does,he think his secret sauce is,i think just well,one of the most insane competitive,drives i've been around for starters i,mean he's he's absolutely that guy when,it comes to just wanting to win,everything and then you know it's nice,to just have an absolutely freakish,athletic profile as well i mean when,you're 6'3 230 and can run a sub 4-4 it,speaks for itself and the funny thing,for me is i heard you all talking about,this on the previous segment i mean,micah is a pass rush phenom i mean he,had 13 sacks last year he looks like he,could move down on the line,and be a fantastic pass rusher full-time,but he doesn't want that he's like put,more on my plate i want to be versatile,i actually asked him,uh last week when i was you know i was,doing research getting quotes for the,story i wrote i was like what would you,prefer to be id'd as how do you want the,offense to see you,and he was like,see me as a big but know that i can do,more than that like i want people,struggling to id me because it makes,things easier for everybody else on our,tv well basketball dave not sure if you,follow but it's become positionless like,jokic for denver absolutely mike is kind,of a,a little bit positionless where he can,guard the back he's the rare guy that,can,size up a tight end run with a back and,pass rush he is really the ultimate,hybrid defensive player i'm i'm not a,basketball savant by any means but i i,use,like a lebron james when i talk about,micah a lot just in the sense of i mean,lebron can play all five positions,absolutely micah parsons you you,probably don't want him in the slot,against like a true slot receiver but,like he can carry guys down the scene,mike mccarthy was talking about it uh up,in oxnard last week,they track you know everybody tracks gps,and and these numbers these days he went,down the seam with tony pollard probably,the fastest player on the cowboys,offense and clock 20 miles an hour so he,can do that he can rush the passer he,can drop in coverage he doesn't have a,position and i really think when you,look around the league at the most,successful players in the most,successful defense you need a handful of,those guys no and he may be the best in,the league um you know i've said this,before,that um,you know there's bucky brooks always,says there's kind of tractors and,trailers there's guys that can pull a,team josh allen that literally he can,pull a team and then there's guys that,you need to be kind of pulled what,worries me about dak is his numbers,without amari or a healthy uh tyron,smith i did not think it was a good off,season um i understood,um with cd lamb's emergence saying we're,going to let go,we're going to move off amari,but boy cedric wilson was a darn good,three and now michael gallup's off an,acl,this does feel dave like,a little bit like hey dak we kind of,need you to pull,instead of be pulled and i'm not sure,he's that guy,the funny thing like we don't have to,debate colin because we're gonna find,out in two or three weeks because i'm i,agree with everything you just said uh i,really think the cowboys are putting the,impetus on dak prescott to and and i,think he's a hell of a quarterback he's,he's easily top eight for me on his best,day,i think he's top five he's not all the,time but like he has played games at,that level,now he's got to do it consistently and,oh by the way he's got to do it with a,lesser supporting cast now dak takes,issue with that he's said it many times,but like i said we're going to find out,you have cd lamb dalton schultz that's,a decent enough one-two punch amari,cooper's gone cedric's gone michael,gallup isn't ready the third guy you're,asking to lean on after those two,schultz and lamb is jalen tolbert who is,a rookie he just got here he's having a,very nice training camp,but man when when that when it counts,for real week one and you're i mean,you're starting with tampa bay and,cincinnati right after that like you,don't have a ton of time uh to feel this,out so i really think the cowboys are,saying,we paid you like one of the best two or,three quarterbacks in the league and we,need you to play like it yeah the um,listen the way it ended last year i have,i have defended mike mccarthy on this is,that when he was in green bay the,division was better chicago actually,made a super bowl at the beginning of,his

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Speak For Yourself | Acho on David Helman's 5 most Important Cowboys: #1 Dak #2 Parson #3 Smith

Speak For Yourself | Acho on David Helman's 5 most Important Cowboys: #1 Dak #2 Parson #3 Smith

he knows so this is what i want to know,who are the five most important players,to the cowboys entering the season and,they don't even have to be players,that's the five most important people is,the dan quinn tyron smith tony pollard,zach martin cd lamb dave hellman get me,started one through five i'm not gonna,bother with any suspense i mean i think,quarterback is probably the answer for,every team in the nfl it definitely is,for the dallas cowboys of course it's,that prescott,it's been dak prescott they paid him 40,million dollars they're asking him to do,way more with way less i would argue,deck played at an mvp level for about,half of last season sure,not so great down the stretch they still,finished 12 and five it's gonna have to,be at that level week in and week out,all season long no beef there he's your,number one who you got it too,this i never believed in a million years,i'd be saying this after a year it's,micah parsons and i had my doubts about,the pick because i didn't know what he,could do as a pass rusher but i have,learned that this is the type of,defender that can change a game by,himself like the type of guy that can,carry you to the playoffs i think about,a game against the chiefs last year,micah sacked mahomes twice he stripped,him he has the potential to make that,type of impact where even when your,offense isn't giving you everything he's,the type of guy that can keep you in a,game i think he's gonna do it a lot not,mad at that where we at three,tyron smith which is not the sexiest,name that you are going to hear cowboys,left tackle for those that aren't very,familiar cowboy fans i know,i know that you know what i'm talking,about because this guy unfortunately for,him cannot stay healthy when he is the,beast he's year 12.,easily top 10 tackle in the league,probably top five even in year 12. just,hasn't been able to stay healthy,this is a thinner offensive line than,the cowboys have been used to the idea,that they're the best line in the league,that is that's ancient history they need,him to be healthy if that's going to,stay on okay b that's 20 second timeout,i've been told 20 second or 30 seconds,um i can't i can't i can't be content,with him at number three what's your,beef he's never healthy like it's not,even saying like if he stays healthy you,know if it's hot in new york in the,winter if it rains in l.a and ever it,just don't happen big dog you didn't you,didn't ask me what was realistic you,said what's important and that's the,thing that's the thing is they're,thinner on the offensive line than they,ever have been they cut lyle collins,they let conor williams leave a free,agency i get cowboy fans are probably,happy about that one but they don't have,depth at tackle sir they need him to be,healthy it has to happen this year she,has to okay talk to me number four cd,lamb you trade away amari cooper you let,cedric wilson leave in free agency it's,time for cd to be the guy and don't get,me wrong he's been a good player to this,point in his career he had 1100 yards,last year made the pro bowl,he hasn't been that dude yet though like,my guy lsu's justin jefferson drafted,after him he's had a better start to his,career he hasn't been on that level he's,good he's gonna have to play at a higher,level for this offense to be where it,wants to be okay you don't yet have and,jerry jones on the list you ain't got,kellen moore on the list i need the five,most important people to the cowboys and,i don't see anybody on staff who's,number five i mean if it was the off,season i would say will mcclay shout out,will i i'd bet you're watching this i,would say william unofficially the,cowboys general manager give me,dan quinn okay i could have said kellen,he's important to this too but here's,the crazy thing acho,we're seeing the cowboys transition away,like it used to be offense offense,offense that was the identity of this,team i really think it's gonna be on dan,and his defense to help carry this thing,again micah parsons he did he just,barely didn't make the cut but trayvon,diggs is going to be a big part of that,j-ron curse demarcus lawrence a second,team all-pro that never gets i got to,stop you,it's on dan to make all that work sure,there's a glaring omission,a glaring omission there's no ezekiel,elliot and we know that ezekiel elliott,at least if emmett smith tells it is,supposed to be the engine to this car,that's supposed to go to a super bowl i,don't see him anywhere on the list no,love no respect what you're feeling it's,20 22 baby like i don't like we're not,stat nerds forever because and look i i,like zeke a lot more than the public,does running back is not the like when,you're talking about the end-all be-all,positions running backs not up there and,on top of that say what you will about,zeke it's undeniable the cowboys have,one of the best one-two punches in the,nfl so if zeke goes down you have tony,pollard everybody feels great about that,that's why i didn't put him up can the,cowboy

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Dak Prescott, Cowboys rout Vikings 40-3 in Wk 11, did Cowboys put the NFC on notice? | NFL | SPEAK

Dak Prescott, Cowboys rout Vikings 40-3 in Wk 11, did Cowboys put the NFC on notice? | NFL | SPEAK

Joy have you ever seen it where a team,is getting beat so bad they literally,changed the games nationally,like that happens maybe once every four,years it doesn't happen that often in,the NFL because there's usually aren't,blowouts like correct like I literally,heard we're going to take you to a more,competitive matchup and they switch from,the Cowboys game y'all realize,producers work countless and tireless,amounts of hours to put the Cowboys on,TV so for the Cowboys to whoop the,Vikings so bad that they took America's,team off TV says something,um to me I saw a statement being made,but joy did the Cowboys put the whole,NFC unnoticed,no I can't go that far look I I'm not,surprised about the Vikings who told you,just listen to your boy I tried to tell,you about the Vikings but the Cowboys I,feel like I've seen maybe not this much,of a Beatdown but I've seen them do,sneaky little things like this before,I've seen deck practice,doc have big games I've seen them put it,all together certainly I'm not surprised,by the defense who had a tremendous day,yesterday obviously I just I can't go,that far with the Cowboys what have I,been saying about the Vikings all along,I will be the last one on the bandwagon,I'll be the last one to another,bandwagon as well and that is the Dallas,Cowboys I just I have this feeling that,I've seen these things before and until,I see them do not this but until I see,them perform in the postseason I'm just,quietly watching enjoying,the football enjoying watching this,defense Michael Parsons and everyone fly,around it's exciting crazy going crazy,yeah but I gotta see it in the,postseason so I can't go as far as to,say they put everyone on notice Dave let,me boost up your intelligence for a,moment for the viewer you put out a,tweet yesterday that I found fascinating,and it really spoke to the fact that you,know more about Cowboys football than,anybody on television let's go gas me up,you said that this was the most,impressive Cowboys victory at least one,of the top four you've seen in your 10,years of covering the team since 2012.,those other victories were what and then,talk to me about this one did the,Cowboys put the NFC on notice this is,right up there with any that I've seen,the other ones that came to mind when,Dak was a rookie they had a couple they,beat up on a couple playoff teams they,went to Lambeau Field and beat Aaron,Rodgers by two touchdowns 2014 the year,after they grabbed the division lead,from yaltu up in Philly oh it was a it,was a baseball hat game shots fired I,was like win this game and you get the,division they crushed in an 11-5 Colts,team 42-7 seven it was when Andrew Luck,was still there put it on him but this,was right up there with any of those and,joy I agree with your points to a degree,but where I differ and it's not the,postseason that's fair or we just have,to wait and see what happens there,totally fair but this is different for,one specific reason during Dak,Prescott's career the Cowboys have been,very good at beating up on bad teams,this we can have a conversation about,whether or not the Vikings are frauds,they're eight and two with a negative,Point differential take that for what,it's worth that's just a fact,so I'm not trying to sell you that the,Vikings are the best team in the league,but this was a team that's going to be,in the playoffs like even with the loss,the Vikings are 99 locked to win their,division they're going to be part of the,postseason and they're not an NFC East,team this is not the common type of,opponent that you play twice a year,every year so to go to their house and,do that,it's incredibly impressive I don't know,how you could see it as anything other,than a statement knowing that this team,is capable of doing that we've seen it,from their defense right with every game,really except the Packers this defense,has dictated the pace they've gotten,sacks they've gotten takeaways all that,good stuff now you partner it with an,offense that is capable of looking like,that 40 points 458 yards of offense this,team sounds great don't they seven,straight scoring drives eight out of 10,on the day 8 out of 10 possessions ended,in points,it's a statement I I'm not saying the,Cowboys are going to win the Super bowl,or anything crazy like that but it is a,statement that I have not seen this team,make in 10 years yes,oh my point did they make a statement,big dog I would say they made a,statement I thought that they showed,that um they could be a physical team,right I thought that they couldn't be,that,um the games that I did watch they got,ran over they didn't look physical they,got bullied and they showed that they,can be bullies right if you really watch,that game shout out to Kellen Moore he,did a great job as an OC,um he had the most,um,effective the most plain game plan that,you can have for the Cowboys right they,ran the ball all day from start to the,end I mean if you look at the running,backs right they had it was 40 carries,right now Dak

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Cowboys ‘have no weaknesses’ per Jason Witten, Commanders host Cowboys in Week 18 | NFL | SPEAK

Cowboys ‘have no weaknesses’ per Jason Witten, Commanders host Cowboys in Week 18 | NFL | SPEAK

Dave Hellman I've been waiting for this,and they call me biased I've been,waiting for this conversation,I agree with Jason Witten what dude no,weakness no weakness now when I think,about a weakness I think about do you,have a player that will cost you a game,that is what I think about a weakness,like do you got a guy that will lose the,game for you Cowboys don't have a,weakness now their strengths might not,be all that strong,but I don't think they have a weakness,you could say the cornerback opposite,Trayvon Diggs May Sean Wright You could,argue that that is a weakness but that,is the only thing that you better fix,your lips to argue because even if,Leighton banish ain't there Anthony Barr,is there I don't want to hear nothing,about that defensive line the back end,has been nice j-ron curse has been in,this bag for some turnovers making big,hits all of the things offensively don't,speak to me about the running backs,don't you dare speak to me about the,running backs often the vine you gonna,tell me them three Hall of Famers Jason,Peters Tyron Smith Zach Martin you only,got to play four games they can't be a,weakness quarterback Dak Prescott number,one offense in football he can't be a,weakness out there CD lamb he about have,what 12 1300 yards he can't be a,weakness so I cannot find and I looked,all over and I couldn't find no,weaknesses Dave Hellman I know you,looked long and hard you deserve a,weakness you already said it which one,you just glazed right over here like it,wasn't a big deal,how can you not be worried about this,secondary when you're about to go into a,playoffs where you have to play Mike,Evans Chris Godwin vonte Smith AJ Brown,Justin Jefferson Brandon iuk maybe demo,Sammy am I missing anybody hey there you,go secondary is a problem and by the way,if you're really paying attention are,you the defense has been a problem since,Thanksgiving it ain't the unit that got,them four wins when Dak Prescott wasn't,there gave up 355 passing yards to,Gardner gave up they they lost the,Eagles lost that game just I'm gonna say,he's 350. all right they gave up 318 to,Trevor Lawrence they even let Josh Dobbs,look good against them like Josh Dobbs,played a great game in his first career,start against this secondary by the way,I know you don't want to hear about the,defensive line and I'm sorry they got,three sacks in the last three games,that's a weakness Demarcus 30th in the,league Michael Parson their 30th in the,league over the last three games he just,said he's just a Harrisburg weakness,there,they got 50 sacks on the season they've,got three in the last three weeks I,don't care that they got seven against,the Rams two months ago talking about,the here and now my guy look this,defense worries me and okay even if you,don't want to hear about the three sacks,which they have three in the last three,games,that doesn't seem problematic to you,they were getting five six seven eight,well I wish you was a defensive,coordinator shadow where she was I wish,you would fix your lips to walk into the,defensive meeting room and tell me the,DBS that are number one in the league in,turnovers or weakness I wish you would,look at Trayvon Diggs and be like hey,man you're a weakness I wish it would,look at Michael Parsons DeMarcus Ware,amongst others and try to tell them that,they are we I wish you would Marcus,Lawrence Demarcus Marcus where is going,into the Hall of Fame in a couple months,I I mean but like are you you ready for,this are you watching the game yeah like,that's they I'm watching they don't look,the same this unit doesn't look the same,it doesn't look as terrifying we've seen,the secondary get exposed in every game,they've played again,was it Zay Jones just double move the,hell out of the out of the Dallas,secondary in Jacksonville was it Devonte,Smith put Trayvon Diggs on roller skates,in the Red Zone on fourth down that was,the strength Joy he seems like a,pessimist he seems like a pessimist Joy,you know I've heard this quote uh uh uh,an optimist will be right and a,pessimist I don't know what what's the,quote I don't know,territory,but I'm gonna mess it up more than,the pessimists are right I don't know,I'm a realist,I mean this is this is a problem oh no,he's right he's right,and,we still all feel like they're probably,going to disappoint because it's Cowboys,think about it if this if this team was,called anything else oh if they didn't,have a star on their helmet I'd be like,yeah they're gonna get they're at least,getting done very legitimate chance of,making a run this year they're second in,points per game ninth in yards per game,third,third down percentage the defense,scoring defense six in the league,takeaways first sacks third even though,they only had three in the last three,games we know they're capable of doing,that to me a weakness is this whole part,of your team is a disaster it's a,liability okay you can't win with the,product that you're putting on the field,that's fair I say all this to say I

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