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David Bier discusses the migrant crisis at the US-Mexico borderanalysis let's turn to david veer he

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Updated on Jan 31,2023

David Bier discusses the migrant crisis at the US-Mexico border

analysis let's turn to david veer he is,an immigration policy analyst at the,Center for global liberty and prosperity,at the Cato Institute,that's a libertarian think-tank give me,your sense of what's going on just seems,like this story sort of goes away and,they come right back up,well these caravans have been going on,for now a couple of years and they're,growing in size they're becoming more,popular but the reality is that the,caravans are actually a small share of,the total number of people coming to the,us-mexico border from Central America,most of the people who are coming are,coming in a very decentralized manner,they're they're catching rides on buses,they're catching rides on trains it's,not this organized group of thousands of,people and really what the Mexican,government's policy has been it has,really remained quite consistent,actually we're gonna break up these,caravans we're gonna break them up into,smaller units we're gonna make sure that,it's not this big display that we saw in,early 2018 for example where it showed,up at the border and it became a really,hot political topic in the United States,they want to reduce the pressure reduce,the amount of attention and that's what,they've done but really we're talking,about a small part of the total picture,when it comes to migration through,Mexico you talked about it being a hot,political topic obviously this is a,lightning rod for the US president he,tried to use it in the midterm elections,presidential election just around the,corner I'm sure he's seeing this as an,opportunity to use it again we've got,these competing interests here in,Washington give me your sense of how,this all plays out in the days months,ahead well certainly the Democrats don't,want to deal with the immigration issue,they want to campaign on other issues,like health care or education,infrastructure these are the issues that,the Democrats won on in 2018 they you,they want to focus on political winners,like the DREAM Act when it comes to,immigration dealing with the people who,grew up here from a young age they don't,want to focus on the the number of,people crossing the border so there is,some incentive on the Democratic side do,something about this issue the president,has actually come out and said he wants,more legal immigration,in his State of the Union he said he,wants the most number of legal,immigrants ever so maybe you could have,a compromise where you have some visas,set aside for Central Americans so they,can come legally but a little bit,stiffer policies along the border to,fast-track the removal of people who,don't take up that offer of a work visa,to come legally you said maybe there can,be a bit of a compromise but used to,work on Capitol Hill you drafted this,sort of legislation you know what the,political climate is light now give me a,sense of what it was like when you were,working up on the hill I think 2013 to,2015 and now how hard is it to bring,both sides together and come up with,some kind of compromise look in early,2013 it was a lot easier before the,saliency of the issue had had really,been blown up into the spectacle that it,is today I think each year each month,even that's gone on it's become more,polarized there's less willingness to,compromise and really there's less trust,between the political parties everyone,thinks the other side is gonna undermine,them at the last second for political,gain and that's the kind of environment,that doesn't produce bipartisan outcomes,but you know hopefully we'll see some,change on that but obviously we haven't,had big immigration reform in the United,States since the 1980s early 1990s so I,can't say I'm optimistic but it's,certainly a challenge is there one thing,you think that both sides can come,together on and agree on well I think,there are a much larger complex issue I,mean obviously a lot of moving pieces I,think there is agreement that people,should come to the United States legally,and that crossing the border illegally,is a a big problem that we need to do,something about those incentives the,question is what right now the,administration is all about enforcement,we're only gonna do enforcement and make,it tougher on people who cross illegally,the Democrats really haven't put forward,an alternative plan,and and that's really the issue is can,we get to a point in the United States,where we can agree on more legal,immigration as an alternative for people,who are trying to come to the United,States maybe a little bit more,enforcement but more legal immigration,and that seems to be the area of,commonality that we could get agreement,on if we had people interested in,getting an agreement David that's the,skin there may be something we may not,see but thanks so much for your analysis,really appreciate it thank you

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Thom Vs. David Bier: Employers as Immigration Agents?

Thom Vs. David Bier: Employers as Immigration Agents?

water that used to be once upon a time on npr,distant land called the united states of america,that if you were an employer,and you hired somebody who was not a citizen of the united states to work for,you,utica jail,yes you to go to jail,in fact uh...,it happened quite frequently,it had to happen so frequently that,the united states came up with a,program in the late fifties early sixties,of the bursar or program breasts are a program,uh... where uh... the uh... people coming into the united states would,actually be issued an i_d_ card so that they could work uh...,picking the old blood as the fields or whatever was mostly california,and but they had to go home at the end that they had some rights in the rich,but did you know program was horribly abused and basically became a slave,labor program and so i got a bandit,and so then ronald reagan came along i said okay let's solve this problem,oregon five billion people amnesty,and uh...,we're gonna stop putting employers in jail we're just gonna ignore the law,firm,and every president since ronald reagan has ignored the law,every player to take the,during the administration's of every president since ronald ray has had to be,nor the law,and basically rich white employers mostly at stm rich when employers,have not gone to jail,and as a consequence they've been hiring people who are not citizens and of,course if you put on a,paid money here for you if you come here sign then people will come,and say give me some that money specially people who are very poor from,very poor countries,so we have this illegal employer problem in the united states and one's solution,has been proposed to the employer the illegal employer problem that again,doesn't proposed throwing employers in jail,is to say well,why we just have a national database of people who are,workers,who will be helpful hoop taxpayers people who are actual citizens,and when somebody plays for job you put in there,date of birth there so security number their address,and uh... if this database happens at their driver's license in it as well you,can even take a look at their picture and say yeah okay that works like ralph,today's applying for the job and the employer will have some level of,protection this in implies that they're actually will be penalties for the,employers which seems to me like a good thing,but the employers don't seem to like it,why would that be,david beers a policy analyst with the conservative competitive enterprise,institute c_e_o_ i dot org,david walker of the program,that certainly tom thanks for joining us why would you be app,posed,to making sure that people who are working in the united states,are actually u_s_ citizens,on knocked us i think that poor security is very important part,of anti-abortion rearm,i don't think that,employers we put in jail,for for breaking our hiring people which is a perfectly non-violent activity i,think the responsibility of port security,should be on the government and not on employers okay now i had to say that he,said that this is because this is not valid,if if i a uh... i hacked the pin number uh... somebody's credit card and i go to,the bank in,and i get it to the in a spell out three hundred bucks to me and then things,their card,uh... bass on file,you don't think there should be alliance that i shouldn't go to jail for that,all craft is a different matter,uh... i think that the it's not productive employment from american,citizens,what is it what is the criminal activity is on the part of the immigrant knock on,the part of the employer the employers on a sunny until he was very other,no knowing that there are lots libraries goes to jail listen i am an employer has,been through this back before reagan stopped in forcing these rules i know,that it is in atlanta,and we've we wanted a higher and i believe we had a we were produce enough,product for a multinational corporation and i needed somebody who spoke japanese,spanish in english actually blurred adeyemi lang kasi shin journal and found,somebody i idly enough he's the son of a,alert buried a diplomat,and but he didn't have a work permit,and i had to get out of the i_r_s_ offices personally we had to jump,through all kinds of hoops to get this guy new quote one of an f_ one b visa,that's very unfortunate,bribery na exam i think it's a totally rose preet,is still a very unfortunate that you have to go through extra remit,difficulties in order to hire the people that you wanna hired that's not a good,thing i was very pleased to do it and i made a very many students and this is a,system that we saw a lot of people's time and key issue american jobs for,americans david yet but they want is the type of,uh... reform that dozen or so are you suggesting that any employer should be a,lot higher anybody from any place with the restriction,i didn't say that i said that it should be a much is here to hire the people,that you want to hire,wet with regard to easy right now you know that jail boats on air franc

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The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

(soothing music),♪ 'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony, this life ♪,♪ Trying to make ends meet ♪,♪ You're a slave to the money, then you die ♪,♪ I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down ♪,♪ You know the one that takes you to the places ♪,♪ Where all the veins meet, yeah ♪,♪ No change, I can change, I can change, I can change ♪,♪ But I'm here in my mould, I am here in my mould ♪,♪ But I'm a million different people ♪,♪ From one day to the next ♪,♪ I can't change my mold ♪,♪ Well, I've never prayed ♪,♪ But tonight I'm on my knees, yeah ♪,♪ I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me ♪,♪ Yeah ♪,♪ I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind ♪,♪ I feel free now ♪,♪ But the airwaves are clean ♪,♪ And there's nobody singing to me now ♪,♪ No change, I can change, I can change, I can change ♪,♪ But I'm here in my mould, I am here in my mould ♪,♪ And I'm a million different people ♪,♪ From one day to the next ♪,♪ I can't change my mould, no, no, no, no, no ♪,♪ Have you ever been down ♪,♪ I can't change it you know, I can't change it ♪,♪ 'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony this life ♪,♪ Trying to make ends meet ♪,♪ Trying to find some money, then you die ♪,♪ You know I can change, I can change ♪,♪ I can change, I can change ♪,♪ But I'm here in my mould, I am here in my mould ♪,♪ And I'm a million different people ♪,♪ From one day to the next ♪,♪ I can't change my mould, no, no, no, no, no ♪,♪ It's just sex and violence, melody and silence ♪,♪ Gotta, can't change my violence, melody and silence ♪,♪ Gotta, can't change my violence, melody and silence ♪,♪ I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down ♪,♪ Gotta, can't change my violence, melody and silence ♪,♪ I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down ♪,♪ Gotta, can't change my violence, melody and silence ♪

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How guest worker visas could transform the US immigration system | David J. Bier

How guest worker visas could transform the US immigration system | David J. Bier

المترجم: Abdellatif ZOUMHANE المدقّق: Amany Allam,بحلول أكتوبر عام 2018،,لم يعد خوان كارلوس ريفيرا يستطيع تحمل تكلفة,العيش في منزله في كوبان، هندوراس.,كما صرحت صحيفة "دالاس مورنينغ نيوز"،,استولت عصابة على 10 في المئة من دخل صالون حلاقته.,كما تعرضت زوجته للاعتداء في طريقها للروضة التي تعمل بها.,وأصبحا قلقين بشأن سلامة ابنتهما الصغيرة.,ماذا يمكن أن يفعلا؟,الهروب؟,طلب اللجوء إلى بلد آخر؟,هما لا يريدان ذلك.,يريدان فقط العيش في بلدهم في أمان.,لكن خياراتهما محدودة.,في ذلك الشهر،,نقل خوان كارلوس عائلته إلى مكان أكثر أمنًا,في حين انضم هو إلى مجموعة من المهاجرين في رحلة طويلة ومحفوفة بالمخاطر,من أمريكا الوسطى,إلى وظيفة قال أحد أقربائه أنها تناسبه في الولايات المتحدة.,حتى الآن نحن جميعًا على دراية بما ينتظرهم,على الحدود بين الولايات المتحدة والمكسيك.,العقوبات القاسية التي تطبق على من يعبرون الحدود,الملاحقات الجنائية بسبب العبور غير القانوني للحدود.,الاعتقال غير الإنساني.,والأكثر فظاعة، تفريق العائلات.,أنا لست هنا فقط لأقول لكم أن هذه الطريقة خاطئة،,بل أنها غير ضرورية.,هذا الاعتقاد بأن الطريقة الوحيدة للحفاظ على النظام,هي باستعمال وسائل غير إنسانية,غير دقيق.,وفي الواقع، فإن العكس هو الصحيح.,النظام الإنساني فقط هو ما سيحفظ النظام على الحدود.,عندما يتاح السفر الآمن والمنظم والقانوني إلى الولايات المتحدة،,سيختار عدد قليل جدًا من الناس السفر بطرق غير آمنة,أو فوضوية أو غير قانونية.,الآن، أقدر أن فكرة,الهجرة القانونية كحل لأزمة الحدود,قد تبدو خيالية بعض الشيء.,لكن هذا هو الخبر السار:,لقد قمنا بهذا من قبل.,لقد عملت في مجال الهجرة لسنوات,في معهد كاتو,ومراكز بحوث أخرى في واشنطن العاصمة,وكمستشار سياسي بارز لعضو جمهوري في الكونغرس،,للتفاوض بشأن إصلاح الهجرة من الحزبين.,ورأيت بنفسي,كيف وضعت أمريكا نظامًا إنسانيًا على الحدود,للمكسيكيين.,سمي برنامج العامل الضيف.,وها هي أفضل الأخبار.,يمكننا تكرار هذا النجاح للقادمين من أمريكا الوسطى.,وبطبيعة الحال، بعض الناس,لا تزال بحاجة للحصول على اللجوء عند الحدود.,ولكي نفهم مدى نجاح ذلك,للمهاجرين مثل خوان كارلوس،,اعلموا أنه حتى وقت قريب،,تقريبًا كل المهاجرين الذين قبض عليهم حرس الحدود كانوا مكسيكيين.,في عام 1986،,اعتَقل كل عامل من حرس الحدود 510 مكسيكي.,ما يزيد على واحد في اليوم.,بحلول عام 2019، أصبح هذا الرقم ثمانية فقط.,ما يساوي واحدًا كل 43 يومًا.,ويمثل ذلك انخفاضًا بنسبة 98 في المئة.,فأين ذهب جميع هؤلاء المكسيكيون؟,التغيير الأكبر,أن الولايات المتحدة بدأت بإصدار,مئات الآلاف من تأشيرات العمال الضيوف للمكسيكيين،,وأصبح بإمكانهم القدوم بطريقة قانونية.,كان خوسيه فاسكيز كابريرا من أول العمال الضيوف المكسيكيين,المستفيدين من هذه التأشيرة.,وقد أخبر "نيويورك تايمز" أنه قبل هذه التأشيرة,عبر الحدود بشكل مرعب غير قانوني،,حيث تحدى الحرارة القاتلة وغدر الطبيعة.,ذات مرة، قتل ثعبان عضوًا من مجموعته.,آلاف المكسيكيين الآخرين لم يستطيعوا تجاوز الحدود،,فهم يموتون من الجفاف في الصحاري أو الغرق في نهر ريو غراندي.,طورد الملايين منهم وقبض عليهم.,تأشيرات العامل الضيف هذه أنهت تقريبًا هذه الفوضى غير الإنسانية.,كما قال فاسكيز كابريرا:,"لم يعد يتعين علي المخاطرة بحياتي,لأعيل عائلتي.,وعندما أكون هنا، لست مجبرًا على العيش متخفيًا.",تأشيرات العامل الضيف خفضت بالفعل من العبور غير الشرعي للحدود,أكثر من عدد التأشيرات الصادرة.,أوضح جوزيه باسيليو، وهو عامل مكسيكي آخر، سبب ذلك,إلى "واشنطن بوست" في أبريل.,وقال إنه على الرغم من عدم حصوله على تأشيرة دخول هذا العام،,فإنه لن يخاطر بفرصه في المستقبل,بالعبور بطريقة غير مشروعة.,هذا من شأنه أن يساعد في تفسير السبب,أنه بين عامي 1996 و2019,مقابل كل عامل ضيف من المكسيك سُمح بدخوله قانونيًا،,قل اعتقال اثنين من المكسيكيين الذين يعبرون بشكل غير قانوني.,الآن، هذا صحيح،,العمال الضيوف المكسيكيون يقومون ببعض الوظائف الصعبة حقًا.,مثل قطف الثمار، وتنظيف سرطان البحر،,وتنسيق الحدائق في درجة حرارة 37 مئوية.,ويؤكد بعض النقاد أن تأشيرات العامل الضيف,ليست إنسانية في الواقع,وأن هؤلاء العمال يُعاملون كالعبيد.,لكن فاسكيز كابريرا يرى أن تأشيرة العامل الضيف محررة.,وليست استعبادًا.,وأنه، كباقي العمال الضيوف الآخرين،,اختار المسار القانوني على غير القانوني، مرارًا وتكرارًا.,توسيع تأشيرات العامل الضيف للمكسيكيين,يُعتبر من بين أهم التغييرات الإنسانية,في سياسة الهجرة الأمريكية.,وهذا التغيير الإنساني,فرض النظام على الفوضى.,الآن ماذا عن الأفراد من أمريكا الوسطى،,مثل خوان كارلوس؟,حسنًا، حصلت أمريكا الوسطى,على ثلاثة في المئة فقط من تأشيرات العامل الضيف الصادرة في عام 2019،,كما أن حصتها من الاعتقالات على الحدود ارتفع إلى 74 في المئة.,أصدرت الولايات المتحدة تأشيرة عامل ضيف واحد فقط لأمريكا الوسطى,لكل 78 مهاجرًا عبروا الحدود بطريقة غير شرعية عام 2019.,حتى إذا لم يتمكنوا من الحصول على أوراقهم في بلدانهم،,سيحاول الكثيرون على أي حال،,يصلون عبر المكسيك لطلب اللجوء على الحدود,أو العبور بطريقة غير مشروعة،,حتى أمثال خوان كارلوس، من يفضلون أن يأتوا للعمل.,يمكن للولايات المتحدة أن تفعل ما هو أفضل.,يمكنها إنشاء تأشيرات عمال ضيوف جديدة.,خصيصًا لأميركا الوسطى.,وهذا من شأنه خلق حافز للشركات الأمريكية,للبحث عن وتوظيف عمال أميركا الوسطى،,ودفع ثمن رحلاتهم إلى الولايات المتحدة،,وصرفهم عن التفكير في الدخول بطريقة خطيرة وغير مشروعة من الشمال.,يمكن لسكان أميركا الوسطى بناء حياة مزدهرة في بلدانهم،,دون الحاجة لطلب اللجوء عند الحدود,أو العبور غير المشروع،,محررين نظامًا منهكًا.,قد يقول بعض الناس,أن السماح للعمال بالذهاب والرجوع,لن ينجح أبدًا في أمريكا الوسطى,حيث معدلات العنف مرتفعة جدًا.,ولكن مرة أخرى، لقد نجحت في المكسيك،,حتى مع ارتفاع جرائم القت

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OSINT social media: Are you crazy to share so much information online? 😱

OSINT social media: Are you crazy to share so much information online? 😱

- It just amazes me because like, from a security,point of view, you're telling me you're not at home.,It's a perfect time to go and rob your house.,- You'll see that there are a lot of people that share,a lot of very sensitive things and some of them,don't realize that they're sharing sensitive things,until we aggregate them in analog.,- People like, want to overshare.,It's interesting that people set that off.,(thrilling music),Hey everyone, it's David Bombal back,with Micah from OSINT Curious.,Micah, welcome.,- Thanks for having me back, David.,It's great to be here.,- Yeah, man, some of the videos we've done with you,and the team have done really well and I'm really,looking forward to, you know, what we're covering today,,a bit of OSINT, isn't that right?,- That's right.,We're gonna kind of extend what Lizette, Steven, and I,were able to do in previous broadcasts so that we can show,just different parts of OSINT and some really cool,tools and things we can do.,- That's great.,So for everyone who's watching,,if you haven't seen the previous videos,,I've linked them below. (computer keys clicking),Some great content was shared, but Micah, you take it away.,I'm gonna keep quiet and as I said, you know,,before we started, I'm just here for the ride.,Take me and the audience on a ride and show us,what you, you know, what you've got.,- All right.,Well, David, as always, stop me when I do something,that you have questions about, 'cause I know that you ask,some really insightful questions here.,So let's go ahead and take a look.,What I thought we would start out,with is doing some geolocation.,The geolocation that we're gonna do is,a little bit different from the geolocation that we've done,in previous YouTube videos for you,,in that we're gonna be looking at social media,,people's social media. - Yeah.,- And in OSINT, we do that for a number of reasons.,First off, maybe we wanna find out where a person is.,Maybe they're a missing person or maybe we're interested,in them as kind of a interesting person for law enforcement.,Maybe we're trying to look at what's happening,in an area of the world.,Maybe there's a protest, a riot, a natural disaster,that we want to investigate.,So what I thought we would do is head over to Twitter.,Twitter's a very big international social media platform,and as you can see, I'm not signed in or anything.,Everything that I do today is 100% free and 100% open,without accounts, which is one of the best things in OSINT.,We have access to all these things.,- And do you recommend, I think you used,this term previously, a socket account or something.,Do you recommend, can you explain what that is,and, you know, why you'd use it?,I don't wanna take you on a tangent,,but just thought of it now.,- Oh, no problem.,So within open source intelligence, we many times,need to get onto social media platforms that sometimes,require us to create a research account,,or as you call it a sock puppet account.,Those accounts are real accounts in the platform,,but ones that we control that are not mapped to,,back to our personal details.,So on a platform like Facebook or VK,,I would create an account there that's a valid account,that would not be in Micah Hoffman's name so that,I can gain access to the data I need for my customers.,Here on Twitter, on Strava, on some of the other sites,that we're dealing with, you do not need a research account,or a sock puppet to log in to gain access to this data.,The data's just public.,So let's take a look.,Now, my goal here is to access that geotag data.,Geotag data is simply when you have your mobile device,and you tweet out something or you post something,,you tell it to record your GPS location,,or maybe in some platforms you are going to be doing,like, check-ins and those check-ins are where you say,,hey, I'm at this location.,Those are recorded along with your posts or tweets,or whatever it is on that platform.,With Twitter, they actually have an option for people,to opt in to share their geolocation.,Also in your profile on Twitter, you can look for,,you can insert certain details.,So if I go to, actually, instead of my Twitter,,let's go to OSINT Curious, just to show you.,So OSINT Curious says that it's US-based,and international focused right here.,Now sometimes they'll actually have the,,the accounts will actually have their real location,,real city and that can be searched on as well.,Let's go ahead and just take a look at,how we access geodata on Twitter.,It's actually quite simple.,First thing to do is get a latitude and longitude.,I'm gonna, I'm over here in my Google Maps,and I'm gonna pick a place in Singapore.,Now the way that the geotagged information works on Twitter,is that you essentially put a pin in a map,,say at this latitude and longitude,,I want this amount of space,,I want one kilometer radius around this point,,grab all of the geotagged information from that.,So what I'm gonna do is grab an a latitude, longitude,,I'm over here in Singapore an

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Todavía Soy |Pastor David Bierd | Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.

Todavía Soy |Pastor David Bierd | Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.

yo no sé si el te llegó al picar,en la cama y hay gente que se tiene,acercado a decirte yo me acuerdo cuando,dio que usaba yo me acuerdo cuando tú,eres vangelista pero al que baile va a,decir añade no cuando yo era,y otro siendo un agente de los tifosi,yo me acuerdo cuando actúen profetizaron,o no los falsos profetas hermanos,todavía profetizó todavía algo a dios,todavía haciendo género,no tenemos,según los reyes capítulo 13 verso 14,leemos en el nombre del padre del hijo y,del espíritu santo,dice la palabra estaba elíseo enfermo de,la enfermedad de que murió,y descendió algo as rey de israel,llorando,y llorando delante de él dijo padre mío,padre mío carro de israel y su gente de,a caballo,y le dijo eliseo lo quiero dejar ahí y,le dijo,eliseo quien le dijo,salud y al que les queda al lado y,dígale todavía soy,vamos alubia 3 y dígaselo todavía soy,ya nada más yo siento a dios aquí a,morir a hacerlo a 4 todavía soy aun q,madre háblanos señor para tu gloria,siento candela que dios mío,amado,200 juegos para la salud ya 5 y dígaselo,todavía soy,de hacerlo yo todavía,pero yo todavía soy,lo siento juego marcando más,no desde a la gente que todavía son a,quienes está ahora,mira va a pasar algo abuela 6 salud ya 8,y dejase los dos equipos que es conmigo,que todavía soy,yo siento fuego aquí está la caja,no con esa mujer ahí que se aprecia,todavía,todavía soy,no hay nada,no desde la gente que todavía son me dé,la gana ser yo algún día sólo no te,equivoques,pero no te equivoques todavía soy,dígaselo alguien todavía tengo un,poquito caixa dígale todavía me queda,algo de dios no te equivoques,no hay cama dígaselo serios y yo todavía,me queda algo todavía,a ver dónde está la gente aquí que le,queda el visto todavía les queda algo,dios mío que gloria,siéntese dos minutos,yo bendiga a todos los sus hijos,a los pastores dios les bendiga hay,profetas que estaba administrando dios,les bendiga a todos para que christian,lell huya,dios me dio esta palabra,padre te adoro dios,camas y me dijo tú le va a hablar a,gente que todavía son,todavía,ese grupo está aquí de los que todavía,son dónde está la gente que todavía son,yo siento la unción de dios está aquí,he escuchado muchos mensajes de este,este capítulo,y todo el mundo me habla de ese tremendo,milagro o de esa tremenda palabra que,eliseo le dio a ese hombre y le dijo que,siguiera golpeando se paró le digo si,hubiera golpeado y muchos temas sigue,golpeando parte uno sigue golpeando,partes por otro golpe más parte 3 y,alteza de por ahí para abajo,pero a mí me llamó bastante la atención,mi dios me llevó a esta parte donde la,vida dice que su profeta estaba enfermo,el nombre de dios el hombre que votaba a,fuego el hombre que había hecho,declaraciones proféticas sobrenaturales,se enfermo,de color ya hay gente seria ahora,se enfermó era el hombre de dios pero,ese enfermo era el ungido de jehová pero,se enfermó abre te adoro era un hombre,que escuchaba a dios pero se enfermó eso,es parte a veces que queremos ignorar,pensamos que porque somos gente de dios,no nos puede pasar nada,porque se nos olvida que somos seres,humanos que vivimos en la tierra aunque,tenemos la unción del santo sobre,nosotros pero en cualquier momento la,vida nos puede sorprender,miren en la cara el que le queda la le,diga que todavía soy,vamos con ánimo dígaselo serio a alguien,todavía soy,eliseo dicen los que saben que después,que hizo frotar el hacha y después que,dio la profecía del sitio de samaria se,desapareció por 40 años no se sabía nada,del profeta durante 40 años estaba por,allí escondido guardado y se cree que en,esa temporada fue donde se enfermó el,profeta pero cuando aparece en esta,escena se dice que ya tenía un,aproximado de algunos 70 años a 80 de 70,a 80 años de edad o sea que ya era un,hombre mayor ya un hombre como decimos,nosotros y viejo que tal vez no tenía,fuerza y menos por la enfermedad que,tenía el profeta yo adoro la gloria de,dios y lo que más me impresiona es que,el profeta está acostado en su cama en,su casa porque está enfermo el hombre no,se puede mover dicen algunos que alguna,de la enfermedad que hasta acaba el,profeta era un problema de artritis,problema de los huesos pero allí estaba,el profeta costal,sea cual sea la enfermedad lo tenía,tumbado en una cama hablador o adiós,allí el estado pero lo que más me,sorprende es que el rey en ese entonces,llamado jo as la biblia dice que había,una fuerte guerra contra siria la,batalla era demasiado dura no no no no,había manera de como ellos poder ganar,esta gran batalla y cuando was descubre,que el profeta está enfermo la biblia,dice que jo ann corre para dónde está el,profeta diga conmigo corrió dónde está,el profeta vamos dígalo con ánimos,corrió a dónde está el profeta,de acuerdo al verso o as no fue a buscar,una palabra profética de acuerdo al,verso o as no fue a consultar a dios a,través del profeta padre te adoro de,acuerdo a todo esto o has no fue para,ver qué palabra dios le tenía o has fue,a dar el grito al profeta por la,situ

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[DeFiChain Weekly #62] Die DeFiChain heilt sich! 🏥

[DeFiChain Weekly #62] Die DeFiChain heilt sich! 🏥

halli hallo und herzlich willkommen zu,dieser schönen weekly 62 mein Name ist,Michael und ich ziehe endlich nächste,Woche um in eine neue Wohnung wo ich,endlich einen eigenen Raum habe nur für,Videos für kommende Livestreams und und,und da ich aber keinen Bock habe mein,Craft Beer mit umzuziehen,trinke ich das einfach heute gibt's zum,Beispiel Pedigree naja was auch immer,das ist wie dem auch sei viel Spaß mit,der Weekly Folge,am Anfang einmal kurz etwas in eigener,Sache ihr habt vielleicht mitbekommen,vielleicht auch nicht ich habe letzte,Woche einen Video gemacht was ich zum,ersten Mal gemacht habe nehme ich eine,Reaktion auf einen bestehendes Video,nehme ich auf das Video von martinimondo,der gesagt hat dass er schwarz für die,Lieferschein seht wahrscheinlich hat das,gesehen vielleicht auch nicht vielleicht,haben euch auch die 51 Minuten,abgeschreckt ich möchte an der Stelle,einmal kurz hinzufügen das Video von,Martin geht glaube ich 12 oder 17,Minuten lang das Video insgesamt ist,über 50 Minuten lang dort findet Ihr,nicht nur nicht nur Reaktionen zu,martinsvideo sondern allgemeine,Informationen zukunftsvoraussichten und,meine Meinung zu Lieferschein das sind,nämlich dann die übergebliebenen Minuten,ja also wenn euch die interessiert dann,schaut gerne mal in das Video rein,Kapitel gibt's leider nicht weil es gibt,keine einzelnen Themen ihr könnt das ja,auch zwei splitten drei splitten oder,ihr hört das irgendwie nebenbei macht,wie es wollt oder macht es auch nicht,aber es würde mich freuen wenn ihr dort,gerne mal vorbeischaut weil viele fragen,mich immer Michi was wie siehst du denn,cake was ist ein cake bei der,lieferchange und überhaupt was ist mit,dem dusd und was passiert denn überhaupt,mit der,die Vermieter chain was soll denn das,sein und das bringt uns das und das sind,zum Beispiel alles Fragen die dort,beantwortet worden sind wir haben an der,Stelle in dem Video auch ein wenig über,die Vergangenheit,des dosds gesprochen und ähm martin,hatte an der Stelle bezweifelt dass das,Vertrauen jemals wieder ja erweckt wird,sage ich mal weil es verloren gegangen,ist und ich hatte an der Stelle so ein,bisschen gesagt wenn der die USD dieses,Jahr bei einem Dollar steht und in fünf,Jahren immer noch bei einem Dollar steht,dann wird es die Leute in fünf Jahren,nicht mehr jucken was 2022 passiert ist,der gute DC hat sich noch bei Twitter,eingeklingt und hat noch ein viel,besseres Beispiel gefunden nämlich die,kennt ihr vielleicht ja ist ja auch ein,stable coin letztendlich der,collaterride ist glaube ich es ist ja,Maker dye Maker Dow euch red wieder,Unsinn auf jeden Fall ist dai heutzutage,ein etablierter stable coin im,krypto-universum und der ist so stable,wie a stable sein soll 2021 22 und 23,aber vorher gestartet ist im Jahre 2020,war ja alles andere als stable ja er war,mal ein wenig zu niedrig dann war er zu,hoch dann war ja ein wenig zu niedrig,und dann hat er sich Zacken mäßig so,langsam sage ich mal auf diesen Dollar,quasi glatt geebnet,ähnlich wie beim die USD dort hatten wir,zu viel dann zu wenig im besten Falle,haben wir bei den Pack und dann haben,wir eine gleich bleibende Linie so wie,es sein soll das einmal zum Thema,Richtung Vertrauen ich habe übrigens mal,eine Abstimmung gemacht nur auf Twitter,ich werde die vielleicht auch auf,YouTube machen ja ich glaube das wäre,schon interessant was ihr dazu sagt ich,habe nämlich gefragt hey Leute was denkt,ihr denn wirklich wann wird der dusd,wieder bei einem Dollar stehen jetzt,muss man an der Stelle natürlich sagen,dass die Frage,unvollständig ist weil die Frage wäre,natürlich auch bleibt der die USD wenn,er bei einem Dollar ist bei einem Dollar,oder wird er wenn die vier runtergeht,direkt wieder abverkauft und der singt,wieder das ist aber eine andere Frage,die Frage war wann wird der dusd wieder,bei um die 1 $ stehen weil um die 1 $,wir wissen ja an der Stelle es ist kein,ein Donnerstag sondern plus minus ein,paar Prozent hat der USD das ist quasi,das ist so gebaut dass er so sein soll,ja an der Stelle haben 26 % gesagt dass,wird nie passieren also ein Viertel hat,in der Tat offensichtlich das Vertrauen,in den USB verloren zumindest bei meinen,758 Leuten die abgestimmt haben bei,Twitter,26,9% sagen in zwei bis vier Monaten,19,5% sagen in fünf bis sieben Monaten,und 27,4% sagen in 8 bis 12 Monaten das,ist doch interessant muss man sich an,der Stelle einmal anschauen wir sehen,hier einer also ich würde die fünf bis,sieben Monate jetzt sage ich mal,ausklammern wir haben sage ich mal die,eine Hälfte oder ein Drittel die sagen,in zwei bis vier Monaten und die andere,das andere Drittel sagt eine acht bis,zwölf Monaten das ist ja ziemlich weit,auseinander und so sind vermutlich auch,die Erwartungen sage ich mal vielleicht,hat er einer oder anderen die USD,investiert vielleicht hat er andere ein,oder andere noch ein paar Diode,rumliegen möchte die verkaufen ich bin,mal gespannt was tatsächlich passiert,wie es tatsächlich wird ich würde,tatsächlich zwei bis vier

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TikTok's Worst Dating Coach

TikTok's Worst Dating Coach

hey there welcome back to my channel if,you're new here what's up how's it going,and if you're coming back,what's up how's it going it's really,good to see you again i hope you're,doing well,you see what happens when you subscribe,to my channel you get an extra greeting,at the beginning of every single one of,my videos so press the subscribe button,for an extra reading all right folks,uh you'll notice that uh this my room,looks a little different,because it's not my room i am up north,visiting family and uh,now i got this cool painting behind me,so i'm chilling all right,i've made several videos in the past,about bad,dudes like bag weird bad guys you know,there was scott jack a few years ago,the attractive man you know weird tinder,guys,those dudes who are planning the 22,convention which was actually cancelled,because of corona,so all things considered,coronavirus ain't that bad coveted 19,out of 19.,but the best way to describe these,terrible guys it's like they are,a 12 year old boy's idea of what a cool,guy is you know a ladies man who drinks,a bunch of beer,and uses the term man cave on ironically,and as dangerous and terrible as these,guys are it's just so fascinating to me,that guys like this,actually exist like these guys remind me,of like the the weird,fish at the bottom of the ocean you know,who have like 12,eyes and like a glow-in-the-dark dick,and they survive by eating rocks and,you're like okay it's hard to believe,that those exist but i mean i'm looking,at it right now so,i guess they're real that's what's at,the bottom of the ocean a bunch of weird,fish,and pickup artists yo what's your sign,i'm a cancer so today we're going to be,looking at yet,another weird guy who makes bad,content on the internet and his name is,russell hartman,if you've never seen his videos before i,apologize in advance,i saw them now you have to we're all in,this together once we know that we are,we're all stars and we see that so this,guy russell he does videos where he,enters his bathroom he's he has his,phone up like this and he's,he just like screams into his,mirror like,rules for picking up girls during the,day part one and i remember seeing this,guy's tick tocks like a few weeks ago,but it was just about him like talking,about some corporate job that he had,how i completely automated my corporate,job and made a passive income for myself,part one,but when he showed up on my for you page,i just kept scrolling you know because i,don't need to watch a video that has,the hashtags all star moment and,motivational,i'm good but fast forward a bit to like,last week i had a bunch of people,uh mentioning me in one of his videos,telling me to make a video about him,but this happened when i was in the,middle of making my magician video,but once i finished editing my magician,video i went back to russell's tik tok,page to like you know just,just have a quick look around you know a,peruse if you will like a quick peruse,and i couldn't find him i couldn't find,his page,that was weird but i was like okay maybe,he uh deleted his page or something,maybe he,he got banned or something like that but,but just to double check,i asked my girlfriend to you know like,look up his name on tick tock,to see if she could find him and she,found him no problem so i'm guessing,this russell fella saw these comments,asking for me to make a video about him,and he went to my profile and was like,oh this guy makes videos about,weird dudes sometimes i should i'm a,weird dude so i should just block him,i decide i don't mind not gonna work,buddy,i could just use my girlfriend's phone,if i ask politely i just think it's very,funny that a guy who prides himself on,being,a confident alpha male is scaled,of little me okay dude,to be honest dude if he kept me,unblocked probably would have made a,video about something else,straight up but just the fact that he,did that you're forcing my hand,so sorry russell sorry if this rustles,your feathers so today we're going to,take an in-depth look,at russell hartley and his content we'll,journey inside the mind of the assertive,alpha male who's,deathly afraid of a 130 pound,youtuber who listens to the high school,musical soundtrack on a regular basis,and we'll find out what makes him tick,he's a tick he's a little bug we'll find,out,we'll get to the bottom of who turned,him into a little bug that gives people,lyme disease let's go,so our good friend russell he makes,these tick tock videos where,you know he'll teach people how to you,know improve their game and like you,know pick up more chicks with these like,anecdotal,stories which is already an odd niche to,focus on and i've already talked about,my last videos about,guys like this and why pickup artists,are just so,creepy like just creeping around the,streets like what's your number,what's your what is everyone's number,just throw them in like to me pick up,artists remind me of like those hired,actors,at like an amusement park during,halloween you know when they have

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