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Dave Weigel Perfectly Predicted How the Election Would Play Out (Best of Office Hours)god bless amer

Tim Heidecker

Updated on Jan 16,2023

Dave Weigel Perfectly Predicted How the Election Would Play Out (Best of Office Hours)

god bless america,florida accounts fast everyone bases all,their insight on on what florida did,and like things are definitely like on,the lower end of what democrats could be,doing but i've talked to people on my,own,you know my own team uh who are like,what's it mean that,this this results like this like we,wrote about this we wrote about how it,was going to take,forever to count these absentee ballots,so you're uh so that that's kind of,happening,so so what so you should i you're an,impartial journalist i understand that,and i'm going to respect that,i'm not but you so so if you're if,you're giving me,giving my audience who i think largely,leans,towards the uh left uh should we just,take a breath,and not be reading much into anything,and just let things play out ah,well it's weird because it ohio is,really interesting ohio,is that like the fastest counting state,in the midwest so far,uh and biden did much better than,hillary clinton did,uh it kind of if you look at the places,where,white working-class voters and white,voters with college degrees moved away,from the,from the democrats he did better there,and if you scan that across,the midwest he's probably in good shape,so if you were hoping for just a,total humiliation of the republican,party and they lose everything,that doesn't seem to be happening but,we're i i kind of i don't want to turn,into you know david cross in the um,pre-tape call in show episode,of mr show but but it's a bit like that,where,there's people we all kind of said in,the press hey,it's going to be weird this year because,of how how and when people voted and how,and when the states count it,everyone said all right and then,everyone lost their minds again,as soon as they actually are coming in,so democrat you can't be disciplined,about it because it's too,fun and too exciting to be reacting in,the moment and it's,probably annoying to keep going well,don't forget that there's,that there's this process that has to,play out,so all right uh,i mean for me obviously you're right,for it would it sends a much clearer,signal if it's this,full repudiation of trump and trumpism,uh through the general election where,you just say the country has stood up,and said we don't,we don't we don't agree with uh,the way this guy's been handling things,and and here is our voice loud and clear,doesn't look like that's going to be the,case so yeah,whatever happens if biden wins,there's still going to be a tremendous,amount of,uh angst and and conflict coming from,the other side,where it said well he won but there,might have been shenanigans and he,barely lost and all that kind of stuff,come on man yeah that's something people,wanted to avoid,and i think that's what's going to,happen uh so,a scenario that looks pretty realistic,now is that uh,nothing gets called tonight um i'd say,the results of the election is not,called tonight but trump supporters are,watch tv and they and i'm not trying to,dismiss them,everyone watch tv liberals freaked out,trump supporters said we're doing great,uh the media is wrong again and and you,know as somebody in,the press uh who's who's been doing this,you know i do worry about the,our credibility that's already gonna be,hurt because there are people who went,and this is i always gonna throw,uh under the bus the people who go on,cable and i'm like i'm seeing 500,electoral votes you're biden,there's gonna be supercuts people who,got the overall,overall count wrong um and so,they're and i get their predictions were,like,off off base so that's gonna happen i,mean i think in my in my case i wasn't,making predictions but,i i was pretty more sunny on what,happened to democrats and some people,uh there's going to be of the stuff,that's counted first you know that's,what we can write about first you're,going to write about the surprise,republican wins,the not very surprising democratic wins,and then,maybe by friday there's clarity on the,race and in the,scheme of american history that's not,that long for a fairly very close,election,and it's going to be i mean biden's,still tracking,you know cutting texas to something that,we still can't call,um that that shaves like 800 000 votes,off the republican margin so biden's,going to win,the popular vote again by a big margin,and there's going to be another wave of,oh come on like how come how many times,we need to go through this where,the country doesn't want uh donald trump,and yet,the system keeps keeps making it uh,putting them on the fence but in terms,of the count itself,i think there's some democrats freaking,out but the math that we're all ready,for it still feels like it's it's biden,winning you know the hillary map plus uh,the,upper midwest plus possibly arizona,and arizona looks pretty good for him,he's just won new hampshire apparently,i was gonna say isn't new hampshire a,fairly uh important state,for the map for biden it is it's also,it's it's kind it's a state that that,tells you,how you know the suburbs are going,because most

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Hasan Reacts on Dave Weigel

Hasan Reacts on Dave Weigel

and then brett explains why oh yeah,so as far as the dave weigel thing goes,i don't know i just uh i don't i don't,is maybe i should care but i don't i,know dave i don't think he's a bad,person,uh i i don't think like his crime was,severe you know what i mean,uh,maybe because like,look i have friends that are in,i have friends that are at washington,post right,and i have journalist friends who are at,washington post they're brilliant,they're great love them all okay,and dave is one of them and i think that,ultimately like the washington post,unironically like doing a both side uh,argument for,uh conservatives or uh the the number of,coverage afforded to for example uh you,know normalizing white supremacy at the,washington post you know like that is,infinitely more,damaging than someone like dave weigel,who was otherwise like a very good uh,reporter,um,a very good reporter uh retweeting like,a boomer a joke that is like,not even remotely that hurtful,you have retweeted that joke no because,it was a little bit too much of a boomer,joke but i've i'll retweet ,all the time,i've retweeted worship i've said worst, with my mouth,i literally say i am specifically,biphobic like almost on a daily basis,you know what i mean what the do,you mean,um so,friends street seems like a stretch,no i have like actual wait what,i have friends in at washington post yes,i do what do you mean friends seem like,a stretch i'm saying i like dave weigel,um,separately from that but,you're biphobic no dude it's a ,joke dumbass,the wrong with you you know what,yes i am i am specifically biphobic dude,it's the funniest version of bigotry,because you're like like even,you've moved past like,homosexuality like you're fine with that,but you're like i'm specifically,biphobic,ah,anyway um,sonic because it bisexuals are pretty,cool yes i have considered that okay so,they're probably looking for a reason to,fire him no they're not firing him,anyway um they are,uh they're they're,suspending him apparently until,um they are suspending him until like,july i think,um it literally wasn't even on par with,what eaton said about tops bottoms it's,just a groaning joke but the leg will,always eat its tail rather than tackle,something that's actually important,yeah it's just dumb as ,i mean i i don't know i'm sure like the,probably a little bit more personal,disdain and behind the scenes,that are are the reason why you know,what i mean matthew mcconaughey more gun,control now also matthew mcconaughey,dude benny johnson is a pathetic,little freak plagiarizer uh matthew,mcconaughey actually is like uh you know,someone that people love so if i were,him i wouldn't be on matthew, mcconaughey get his ass in the,qrt's math stands you know what i mean,where's the matthew standum,this is pretty funny though like,you know wow i can't believe he shot a,gun in a movie,but wants gun control,like,i can't believe i'm,responding to this,actually you know what,where is the benny johnson article,about the gay crews,hold on,there it is,okay i'm going to post that,bifocal people are just afraid of,someone who their mom and their,dad let's go bang or tweet incoming,today might be the day benny johnson,realizes actors are mimicking people who,are not them,i'm against bisexuality because it's,centrism you're tolerating the bad ones,heterosexuals by sitting on the fence,okay dude people are gonna take that, seriously,um,someone in the chat said matthew,mcconaughey's literally from uvalde,uh okay,yeah oh it was fox news's uh commentator,that's like on him really,interesting no no they're not dude,they're not they're not actually ,dude,aaron rupar is wrong okay,this is not they're not on,mcconaughey okay this is such a dumb, tweet,aaron got so horny to blast this,be the first to pop off with,this tweet to go viral that he,misunderstood what she was saying,she was literally saying uh she,was literally saying it's good like look,you never see someone from hollywood,calling to restore our family values,like she was literally saying that it,was good that matthew mcconaughey was in,the white house talking about uh,uh talking about restoring our family,values they were actually focusing not,on the gun uh gun control ,i know you said those were fake pearls,was 100 my favorite accessories are i,don't know if they're fake,um,what did i say to this guy,uh matthew mcconaughey is literally from,uvalde yeah,exactly,on you covering the cali votes they're,not going to come in today uh but yes,this is the primary,ah,no i think you're wrong i think she's,pearl clutching and saying sarcastically,how hypocritical of someone in hollywood,to claim family values no,i don't think she was pearl clutching i,think she was like objectively,describing what happened,okay i'm tweeting not expecting benny to,get this point but movies aren't real,live also you can like shooting guns and,advocate for gun control,but that's too much,nuance for a dude who got,fired for play,terrorism,from,buzzfeed,and then i'm gonna

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“Epic Clusterf*ck” Unfolds At WashPo Following Dave Weigel Retweet

“Epic Clusterf*ck” Unfolds At WashPo Following Dave Weigel Retweet

so we showed you this joke right every,girl is bi you just have to figure out,if it's polar or sexual,not the greatest joke not the worst joke,uh dave weigel retweeted it at the,washington post he's the washington post,guy,and then his colleague who works also,works at the washington post someone,named felicia sumnez how do you say her,name sumnet sanmez sanmez,so she's an unhinged maniac uh i found,out turns out,she's a she's a pretty unhinged she's,the worst thing that you could think of,uh someone like her being she retweets,it it says fantastic to work at a news,outlet where retweets like this are,allowed,uh first you know first i thought he was,he was quoting a billy eilish song,but apparently it's some kind of joke,and uh,by the way it's,she says,fantastic to work at a news outlet where,retweets like this are allowed it is,fantastic to work in an outlet where,they don't police your retweets isn't it,it does sound pretty fantastic actually,oh wait a minute she's being sarcastic,okay,so dave weigel had to immediately,apologize i just removed that retweet of,the i'm really sorry uh doesn't matter,uh they suspended him right,they suspended him because she got upset,look at her smiling like this is why i,got into journalism,that's what it,now the irony is this guy dave weigel,had first had previously defended her,he had defended her because when kobe,bryant died she tweeted out he's a,rapist right let's remember she said we,shouldn't forget his allegations yes,that's what she said,yeah she said we shouldn't forget his,allegations,uh so washington post dave weigle,defended her,after the kobe treat and 20 bucks it's,because he thought he was going to get,laid all right,that's me,very clear david weigel benched without,pay for a month on monday defended his,fellow political reporter felicia sumnez,and in early 2020 when she was suspended,by the paper after posting a tweet,linking to a 2016 story detailing rape,allegations against the nba superstar,so now what is actually what is actually,uh,you know i think it was volterra once,said i may not agree with what you have,to say,and i will,but i will not defend your right to say,it nor return the favor if you defend my,right to say thanks i think that's what,it was,so here's the art there's an article in,vanity fair called the cluster f inside,the washington post social media,meltdown so this became it became a big,thing,so,on tuesday afternoon washington post,reporter josh dawsey tweeted that he was,proud to work at the paper a place,filled with,with many terrific people who are smart,and collegial there it is,so after she did this,so after she did she went out of tear,i'll show you some of her tweets but she,went on a tear trying to get him fired,she got him suspended and then she tried,to get another employee fired,uh,for telling her to cool it,and and so it became a big thing and,that's why vanity fair did this article,it's a big cluster f inside the,washington post and then what the,washington post did was they sent out a,memo to their,people who worked for them hey start,saying nice things about the washington,post,and so they started doing it,josh dawsey was the first one and his no,institution is perfect including the,post but the place is filled with many,terrific people who are smart and,collegial i'm proud to work here,and then,four minutes later reporter rosalind,helderman tweeted that she was proud to,work at the post which is always,striving to be better than it was,yesterday there she is,uh it's got good people who work hard to,do important journalism i'm proud to,work here,oh she put her own words into it,she made it her own yeah so smart and,collegial i think means uh,craven and careerist i think that's what,that means,uh six minutes later another reporter,amy gardner,she tweeted how she was proud to work at,the paper followed by other top,journalists at the publication including,matt viser carol leon leonic and dan,balz nice name dan,i stand with balls,and you gotta have a lot of balls to, tweet that out anyway what's,funny about all and here's another one,i'll give you one more,the post is not perfect no institute,it's ashley parker she was uh but i'm,proud to work here i love coming to work,almost every single day and knowing that,my colleagues are collegial,collaborative and fun humans not to,mention talented journalists who are,always striving to do better so they all,did their own version of that same those,same talking points were in there they,even use a lot of the same words we're,all striving to do better they're,collegial and all that so they uh we do,notice they're all proud to work at the,washington post but not with dave weigel,not one dave weigel's an okay guy to,protect the post so the public,outpouring of post pride,which i'm told political reporters were,urging one another to take part in,followed executive editor sally busby's,memo reiterating wordplay workplace,policies and promoting collegiality,among staff,so,so,i loved as th

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Dave Weigel Falls Asleep On Air, How He Handles It Is Pure Comedy [Hilarious Audio]

Dave Weigel Falls Asleep On Air, How He Handles It Is Pure Comedy [Hilarious Audio]

so if you if you watch this show or,listen to our podcast which is very,popular if you do any of those things,you know that we bumped into Dave,waggled a reporter for The Washington,Post when we were in Las Vegas covering,the Ted Cruz rally and Dave waggle it,was was growing a mustache for the first,time I've ever seen him with a mustache,and I thought it was a fake mustache at,first and it certainly looked comical it,looked like you would put it on for like,a joke right anyway so we did a 30 like,a 30 second video we Hank and I did a 30,second video and we like hey look David,weathers they buckle what's that thing,on his face and we pointed out his,mustache and I go oh it's a fake,mustache because he's funny Dave and I,thought that Dave Wagah would see that,and he'd think it was funny and he,tweeted out and then we'd become friends,and turns out he's very thin-skinned for,a news reporter and he blocked me,immediately over that little video so I,think it's funny so I tweeted out that,video of that I'm like well I'm gonna,tweet it up to my fans and tell people,that you blocked me over it you're,thin-skinned wimp and by the way he's,half libertarian half Republican so that,makes some liberal uber and I don't know,what it makes them but it doesn't make,him a good reporter but not that he's,not but that doesn't make him one okay,every July 4th he fires a rocket up his,ass yeah something like that I don't,know what that I don't know what that,means what I bet he does that and I bet,he has his ass has a nice mustache,so I so somebody tweeted this guy named,Hector Madrigal treated this he says why,are these the top searches for Dave,Weigel and the top searched it says Dave,waggled mustache if you go to google and,you type in David Weigel you know how,gives you the things to click it says,they Dave waggled mustache Dave waggle,Twitter and then Dave waggle mustache,and then Dave waggle Instagram podcast,Bloomberg wiki and then the next one is,Dave waggle Jimmy Dore so it's nice to,know if someone Google's Dave waggle,three out of the top ten things that,come up have to do with Jimmy Dore,mustache mustache and Jimmy doors so,that's nice now why do I bring this up,just to set the table because Dave,waggle,his heavies facially hair challenged he,wants face hair but it really looks,horrible,here he was the other night I think he,was in Oregon I'm not sure exactly where,he was but you see the bad facial so now,he's decided to try to grow a goatee but,it doesn't seem like he has enough,testosterone to grow a goatee you see,how this there's no it's just like a,patch on his chin and then a mustache,which is not a goatee and what is he,doing with his friend there this is more,of a bork that looks like a like a a,justice bork he's gonna go in for a,justice Bork look if you know that is,look them up if you don't know who it is,I don't want to look him up now why do I,bring this up because there he is he,tweeted heap this was from his Instagram,this is Dave waggle and he says hey I'm,drinking sherry from a bone luge control,yourself ladies that's Dave waggle I,told you he's funny,that's why I thought he would get a kick,out of that video he's funny he has a,sense of humor,obviously he does with that moustache,but here but harried so there he is,being hilarious drinking sherry out of a,bone luge,I guess that's some kind of wherever,they were that must be a thing something,a little different yeah boy yeah I was I,dropped I dropped the soap at the gym,talk about a bone luge anyways so hey,there he is drinking share he teeth he's,the one who sent that out on Instagram,Dave waggle did drinking sherry out of a,bone luge then the next day I saw this I,saw this as a headline at the Daily,Caller I saw this as a headline Oh,Washington Post Dave wagon falls asleep,by the radio show after drinking sherry,okay so he goes out of the hugh hewitt's,show so dave waggle goes on the hugh,hewitt's show and he he'd they ask him,questions and also did you hewitt show,was on early in the morning right and so,here's what happens so they call it he,calls it I'm gonna play it for you I'm,gonna play the audio for you here's the,audio here's the here's the Dave well,audio big believer that people tweet,things,other people because they think somebody,made a really meaningful point one of,the most the last things Dave what last,night was a quote from Newt Gingrich in,which he said Washington elites mock,Trump for mispronouncing Tanzania they,don't get that the most important word,that he pronounces is America tell me,why you thought that was an important,point so there's the question there's,the question that Dave waggle tell me,what you thought that was an important,point Porton enough for you to retweet,Dave why go here want to hear Dave Wyles,response okay so now here comes Dave,waggles response,Dave Dave idea I did you catch the last,question I did yeah yeah sorry I'm okay,I'm gonna place work in here very well,oh no problem,first of all there's several

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What The Media Got Wrong (And Right) About The Midterms | Dave Weigel | TMR

What The Media Got Wrong (And Right) About The Midterms | Dave Weigel | TMR

it is a pleasure to welcome back to the,program Dave Weigel uh last time uh you,were with us Dave and by us I mean of,course Emma and I thank you,um you were uh working for the,Washington Post and now you're working,for this,organization called semaphore what's,that all about is this the Illuminati I,mean come on Dave well they're all the,Illuminati it's all it's all the media,it's all the we have the same meeting,every Tuesday at noon just the All Hands,to figure out the narrative is this week,uh but the the uh no it's it's a startup,with a bunch of journalists who have,worked at other places and thought okay,there's some issues here where people,don't trust the media not just for,Republicans ginning it up reasons but,for hey this coverage is awful reasons,and uh we kind of have a different sort,of format where we break down like our,analysis from the reporting which has,been pretty fun we're very Scoops,focused I mean I've been the last couple,weeks doing the same thing I've been,doing for like a decade which is just,going to places talking to candidates,writing stories so I have more of that,coming but but it is it has been good,and like the the post is fine everyone,everyone should keep reading it we're,just trying trying some trying something,new but I have found there's Republicans,who didn't want to talk to me at the,post who will talk to me now,um which I feel like is unfair to the,post but yeah good for me right well I,do enjoy like the little David's view,thing at the end of uh of I mean I I,like that I like the explicitness it,gives you guys license to be explicit,about your perspective on this all right,well let's start with,um I mean you brought it up,uh let's start with this this whole,question of like the The Narrative uh,that you guys uh get together with on,Tuesdays to determine as a uh and,there's like a lot of controversy around,um this uh nape cone,um uh assessment piece I guess that was,a function of uh four house races which,ostensibly,has gone from showing that Democrats are,in trouble to showing that Democrats,have some hope,um he points out uh Pennsylvania's,eighth,and Kansas is third New Mexico's second,in Nevada's first,um,broadly speaking let's just start with,this and then we can go into this where,are we relative to the polls because the,narrative has been Democrats it's are in,increasingly bad shape,but the polls don't seem to reflect that,in terms of like the generic polls or,maybe you know specific polls around the,country,yeah I thought this set of polls was,good because it validated a theory I've,had from really from going around the,country uh which is in places where,Suburban voters with college degrees uh,Suburban women where people are not you,know maybe they were doing better at,some point in their lives but they're,they're not like just destitute right,now,um in those places people are still very,focused on on abortion on threats to,that in red States in particular where,Republicans when they when they're,taking power are are Banning abortion or,if they're winning the election they're,going to do it in Bluer places,especially kind of working class uh,Democratic districts either white,working class or Black Or Hispanic uh,Democrats are doing worse and and,they're doing worse again in states,where Democrats run everything that's,that's been this theme the for part of,that the demographic stuff I kind of saw,popping over the summer the rest of it I,didn't see until recently I mean I think,there was inconsistency between you know,if you're in Michigan or you're in New,York or whatever Democrats were doing,really well saying don't let her public,win because they're going to ban,abortion it is I think Republicans have,had more luck switching the issues,around in New York for example uh in,Michigan a little bit in places where,they say don't worry about it I mean the,Republican message on abortion has,evolved into don't worry about it and,also Democrats want uh babies to be,killed as they're crowning that's kind,of those two things have been a little,more effective you can't really say that,when you're in Kansas and Oklahoma is,right underneath you and they literally,banned abortion you can't say you cannot,say don't worry about it there that's,interesting so uh I mean this is,it's conceivable with what the picture,you're you're drawing is that we're,going to have a very unique,where we see the distribution of races,that may flip in the house,it's going to be a like a unique it,seems to me it's going to be a unique,off-year election because generally we,have these sort of like what we consider,be front line districts that are in,purplish States or their purplish,districts but like we've got Sean uh,Patrick Maloney,um who is the D simple D Triple C chair,who bigfooted uh mondare Jones and,basically uh stepped into his district,so that he could lock up his victory and,he seems to be at the very least,um in enough Jeopardy that uh the,Republicans are expending their,resources

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Where The Midterms Stand Now w/ Dave Weigel | MR LIVE 9/20/22

Where The Midterms Stand Now w/ Dave Weigel | MR LIVE 9/20/22

foreign,thank you,the majority rapport with Sam Cedar the,destiny of America is always safer in,the hands of the people than in the,conference rooms of any Elise they are,unanimous in their hate for me and I,welcome their hatred we must guard,against the acquisition of unwarranted,influence whether sought or unsought by,the military industrial complex some,majority reports with Sam Cedar and they,get the feeling you've been cheated,it is Tuesday,September 20th 2022 my name is Sam Cedar,this is the five-time award-winning,majority report,we are broadcasting live,Steps From the industrially ravaged,Gowanus canal in the heartland of,America,downtown Brooklyn USA,on the program today,National political correspondent for the,Washington Post author of the trailer,newsletter,Dave Weigel,in the state,of the midterms,also on the program today,Puerto Rico still without power,the Dominican Republic without running,water,all in the wake of,hurricane Fiona which is,building strength,Texas Sheriff opens an investigation,into desantis's immigrant hoax,fifth circuit Federal Court decision is,the latest to show how corrupted our,Judiciary has become,Senate races Titan and Pennsylvania,Wisconsin Georgia Nevada,already tight in North Carolina,and while Republicans in the Senate May,tank mansion's permitting plan for us,my pillow with Lindell,Mike pillow Lindell,defamation suit moves forward as his,motion to dismiss,was quashed,by the Deep state,Montana reverses will comply with a,court order to allow trans residents to,change their birth certificates,the Trump federal district judge says,gun ownership,banned for felons is unconstitutional,all this and more,on today's majority report,welcome ladies and gentlemen thanks for,joining us uh Emma viglin here of course,as always with this announcement about,today it is Newsday Tuesday Yes except,for we're not well we're doing news but,we're doing it with uh Dave Weigel uh,the we are now,um,less than eight weeks out or what six,weeks out yeah really uh September's,flying by flying by and uh from the,midterms this is going to be a,obviously a pretty big uh pretty,consequential midterms as far as they go,in the event that the Democrats can hold,the house and pick up,um two seats in the Senate,the Democrats are going to be in a,position where they're going to be held,to account for moving legislation,because there's every reason to believe,that,at least based upon what those,48 Senators have not said explicitly but,implicitly the filibuster,will get some Reformation,we shall see,um,if the house is not held but the Senate,is held it's going to give Joe Biden the,opportunity to put more judges on the,bench,which as we go through maybe some of the,rulings today,crucially important,um,so we will see what what happens over,the next five or six weeks because the,races are still very fluid and that's,why we want to bring Dave Weigel on to,talk about it meanwhile the,um,there is a,a lot of questions as to exactly how,uh,about 45,Venezuelan migrants,who were in Texas and Bexar County Texas,here's San Antonio,um how they ended up,going from San Antonio,to Florida,then to Martha's Vineyard,there is a lot of questions around this,Perla,who was apparently the woman who was,approaching these migrants in Texas she,was quoted in the NPR article initially,and she essentially said that this is,how she was promised work papers,expedited work papers,um and then she was tasked with,recruiting other migrants yeah and it,seems a little bit dubious uh that story,because,um,now we know,that um,and this is uh from talking points memo,but they're apparently most of the most,of the news about this angle of it are,coming from uh local reporting out of,the Cape Cod Times in the San Antonio,report,um that Perla was a tall blonde woman,with light complexion she reportedly,worked with two other women and two men,one of whom drove a white pickup,this does not sound like a an immigrant,to yourself,um they apparently housed the migrants,at a hotel near the airport for multiple,days,as they attempted to reach a quota,the quota was apparently 60 and they,were disappointed they weren't able to,get a sufficient number of people,and as uh Josh Marshall talking points,memo says nothing about this sounds,remotely like any kind of state,government-run or directed operation at,least not on the books,we now know via jet lug legum that there,was a copy of a brochure that was,actually sort of like made up from a un,Refugee settlement thing in terms of,what it was promising,and,there's some question is like how did,this operation what relationship did,they have with the governor of Florida,so far there have been no uh we have,heard nothing from the Department of,Justice as to and there could,potentially be uh federal charges here,we don't know I mean this went across,state lines,but certainly uh the sheriff from Bexar,County is beguning uh to investigate to,find out what laws may have been broken,here is Javier Salazar uh Bexar County

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Analyzing the 2020 Democrats with David Weigel | How to be a journalist

Analyzing the 2020 Democrats with David Weigel | How to be a journalist

Twitter is that your first go-to or do,you check email to see what the,campaigns are telling you often or do,you have some like brand new social,media site I've never heard of no it,would be cool though wouldn't it,often it is hey Dave ready to talk 2020,I am let me ignore Twitter for a minute,I don't think you ever leave Twitter,okay so we're going to the White House,do you ever actually hang out at the,White House no I've been theoretically,one of these people wins that I'll have,to go there but I haven't been there in,years everyone who is on the trail right,now running for president,everyone who dropped out I spent a least,a little bit of time with them and I,spent enough for that I don't I'm not,out every single week where they're,going I choose kind of judiciously I say,okay well it's been a while since I,checked in with this group of voters or,this state so let me follow this,candidate to that place and it can't be,anybody you're looking at the calendars,of all these different campaigns have,how do you decide like okay this week,I'm gonna hit Dallas I'm gonna somehow,make it to Cleveland and in between,maybe I'll start up to Michigan it's,like well my brain has rewired so when,you said Dallas to Cleveland I'm like oh,well American flight they have three a,day and I hate you start to learn how to,get around a public transport the,coverage of the time spent with people,is more with voters than with the,candidates and sometimes the speech is,like you we really have heard the entire,speech before maybe there's one new word,you're listening for the one new thing,hey did he say that is that true but 95%,of speech might be exactly what they,meant to say hey right on message not,new at all who's doing the best job,right now just just getting the audience,psyched up getting people signed up,creating buzz generating enthusiasm,I'd say Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders,and people to judge her at the moment,doing the best at that in different,positions I mean Bernie Sanders has a,fan base that he is kept largely not,long I can add all of it from last time,and a couple new people it's similar to,his base at this point,years ago Warren has not done this,before if we kind of knows what she's,doing and it campaigns very good at,chasing people making sure they show up,to stuff make him excited about becoming,a volunteer or caucus go or mean they,they kind of have the most active,volunteers in Iowa and the budget,campaign is more organically building it,has more sizeable crowds they might,expect and just look at their polls it's,kept fundraising pretty pretty fast and,at the events itself people leave pretty,impressed and so I left Biden out of,that not to slight him but he so many,people know very well there he's not,getting a gigantic crowd that must hear,him and see him and on the way out if,you look at the door and see who's,signing up on car is a little bit less,people are interested but they're,shopping around let's talk about,Elizabeth Warren yeah what are the ways,that you judge if it's a good night bird,you see how many people are signing up,as the event ends I asked a lot of,people who they voted for last time and,there are two options both of the very,good for they voted for Hillary or if,they voted for Sanders and meteor people,who didn't vote at all but those are the,ones where I think it's connecting more,and if it is an event somewhere in the,south or in Los Angeles a city that's,more diverse you do look to see if there,is anyone who's not a white person at,these events you do that for her for,Bernie Sanders for anybody but Joe Biden,or Campbell Harris you kind of because,they haven't ya Scrat if there is a big,Warren crowd in South Carolina but,there's not very black tanned even if,there's a thousand people that's a,worrying sign for her not that she's,gonna fall apart,but that she has not yet connected with,people that she could win the nomination,with if she connected what do people,chanted her rallies fish in two cents,I think that might have started with,some sort of campaign staff yelling it I,don't know it definitely is become an,organic thing people get excited when,they hear talking about two cents on,every dollar that you make over fifty,million dollars now honestly I think,that's been compelling because Bernie,Sanders has more ambitious plans for,texting the wealthy but they take a,minute to describe she's known for the,selfies at the end of the rally you said,people are even other campaigns are even,ripping that off at this point yes they,have different ways of doing it so her,technique is and what so effective its,technique is have the event announced,the beginning that they're gonna do,selfies afterwards if you even started,to call them the real measure of,democracy so she will promise the crowd,that if you stick around you're gonna,get picture with her she's had giant,events where she stuck around for hours,and there's kind of an Iron Man,storyline that comes out of that other,camp but it's

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Journalist Loses A MONTH Of Pay For Offending Colleague With Retweeted Joke

Journalist Loses A MONTH Of Pay For Offending Colleague With Retweeted Joke

the washington post has suspended one of,its political reporters for one month,without pay,after he made the grave mistake,of retweeting a joke,that one of his female colleagues didn't,like oh heaven for fent so uh obviously,we need to take uh his wages away for a,month and make sure that he knows he's a,naughty naughty boy and i'm talking,about dave weigel here uh a political,reporter at the washington post we've,covered his stories we've actually,talked about him specifically on the,show before what he retweeted is this,following tweet,every girl is bi,you just have to figure out if it's,polar or,sexual now uh,immediately after that a,washington post national political,reporter felicia sonmez,shared her displeasure with that retweet,okay and wrote publicly of course in a,quote tweet,fantastic to work at a news outlet where,retweets like this are allowed,and the whole situation kind of,snowballed from there okay now weigel,immediately decided to do away with the,retweet so he reversed the retweet,and immediately apologized publicly,where he said i just removed a retweet,of an offensive joke i apologize and did,not mean to cause any harm,it turns out that there was also some,internal conflict taking place uh you,know there's the public,display and then internally at the,washington post there was a back and,forth for instance sanmez also,confronted weigel in an internal company,slack channel,she tagged him and wrote i'm sorry but,what is this,she then added in the slack channel,that the retweet sent a confusing,message about what the post's values are,okay before i,move forward because there's so many,little elements to this story i also,want to note that weigel both publicly,apologize and then personally apologize,to san mez uh and,um,i'm i'm really sick of these stories,okay i think the fact that they,suspended him without pay for a month,over a retweet over a joke,that some of the some of his colleagues,don't like sanmez doesn't like,i,it's his personal twitter page,you don't like the joke you don't have,to like the joke i thought the joke was,kind of lame right but i'm not such a,delicate flower,that seeing someone tweet that or,retweet that makes me fall apart and i,would venture to say the majority of,women in this country are also not,delicate flowers who lose their minds,over a joke they don't like,it is amazing to me,that the washington post that provides,cover,over and over again for the very,corporate politicians who screw over the,american people including mothers in,this country who desperately need paid,family leave who desperately need,affordable child care who desperately,need,housing in this country those are the,people who by the way get screwed over,by the washington post every day every,day we did a 20-minute long segment on,that yesterday where uh jeff stein and,tyler pager decided to write like this,super lengthy piece uh accounting this,supposed melodrama between joe manchin,and joe biden and that's the reason why,the buildback better agenda fell apart,completely ignoring the fact that joe,manchin has personal financial interests,uh and and was going to blow that piece,of legislation up no matter what because,he's looking after his own pocketbook,they completely ignored that information,to me that is far more offensive,than dave weigel retweeting a joke you,don't like if you're that delicate get,off twitter log off log off,we're dealing with our rights being,stripped away from us and this is what,your focus is right now yeah you're,offended by a joke on twitter,come on ladies,wrap it up,move it along we've got bigger fish to,fry,we're not weak delicate little flowers,okay and for the prominent reporters who,make a big deal out of nothing day in,day out i've got no interest in it and i,certainly have no interest in pandering,to that that ideology it's pathetic,so look if you the original tweet by,someone else is no problem she said,objects to,wiggle retweeting that i,i could totally see how about pull him,aside and have a conversation with him,privately yeah i agree that's the way,better way to go and then he would have,apologized to you and taking the tweet,down he wasn't reluctant to do it at all,uh but okay you did it publicly but i'm,not going to get on her for that okay,she's frustrated by that and she thinks,maybe,you know how women are treated overall,and weigl is an important reporter,washington post she puts out a tweet he,then immediately retracts and apologizes,both publicly and privately that is when,you go okay hey that worked great i'm,glad that he retracted it and and,lessons were learned and and and women,are not going to be,you know minimized here in their work,etc nope nope nobody can let it go no,apologies ever good enough there is no,redemption ever for even the slightest,offenses or the most ancient offenses it,doesn't matter everything's a capital,panel uh capital punishment okay and by,the way they suspend him i don't know,she's still satisfied no one is ever,sati

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