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Softy on Best Damn Sports Showyou know baseball union chief donald,fear said the latest proposal by


Updated on Jan 22,2023

Softy on Best Damn Sports Show

you know baseball union chief donald,fear said the latest proposal by owners,has narrowed the difference between the,sides but there's still plenty of work,to do so friday strike date remains firm,owners have moved a little on revenue,sharing and have modified their luxury,tax proposal as well whatever way you,look at it things are obviously coming,down to the wire now last week on this,show or so we've been going around the,entire country to kind of get the,temperament of fans through the media we,will continue that today as we bring in,dan bernstein from 670 am score in,chicago and from 950 sports radio and,seattle dave softy mallard,guys what's going on what's up chris,good to be here chris dave let's start,with you since we kicked off the show,where the guy used to cover up there in,seattle uh a-rod and do you think alex,rodriguez regrets his decision now do,you think he would take back or give,back some money if he could have stayed,in seattle or gone to a contender or is,he content being the highest paid player,in a crappy situation in texas i think,he's fine in texas i mean i just think,the comment he made about giving back 30,to 40 is israel bush league because,let's face facts he knows it's never,going to happen it's real easy to make a,comment like that when you know it's,never going to take place i mean i can,sit here and promise you if i win the,lottery i'll split it with you we know,it's never going to happen bottom line i,talked to a player on the mariners,yesterday he said if a rod does that,number one players association would,never allow him to do it and second of,all if he's going to texas to take 50,or 30 or 40 percent less then why is he,a ranger to finish in last place playing,the 125 degree heat he may as well have,stayed here it'll never happen you and i,both know it but he's not the problem,the problem isn't the rich good player,the problem is the rich bad player and,in chicago the city's full of them right,now he's not the prop todd hundley is,the problem royce clayton is the problem,moy says aloo is the problem and even,fred mcgriff with his gaudy numbers as,lazy as he is he's part of the problem i,think people want to be anti-player when,you should be anti-bad player well,crookey isn't the problem the owners,though not the players i mean you know,the players didn't force the owners to,give them the money correct,absolutely i mean you know everyone,talks about a ride should have taken,more money or less money to go to a,better team but yet then you hear the,fan complain well the yankees the braves,the diamondbacks whoever pays the most,money usually gets the best player you,know what do they want you know he took,more money to go to a bad team if he,takes less money he's on a better team,with a chance to win but then we're,still going to complain so you know you,guys tell me what the solution is well,look the bottom line is anybody would,have taken the money a-rod took i don't,care if you finish in last place the,rest of your career 250 million dollars,to me i'd rather have that than a world,series championship but the bottom line,with the texas rangers is is not a-rod,hey what i'm being honest here you're,telling me you wouldn't take 250 million,bucks i mean alex rodriguez was quoted,in print in the paper before he left it,came down to taking care of his family,if it means money over a world series,he's take the money he said that you,guys must have missed that the bottom,line is the rangers are spending money,on the wrong players hey they would have,gone out and spent that money on the,right players maybe we'd be in a great,situation in texas right now but carl,levitt chanho park john rocker who's,making the moves down there mickey mouse,come on we know what john you made a,good point you asked the question and,you said what can be done about it in a,conversation over a couple of pops the,other night with a senior major league,scout who will remain nameless he told,me he has a way of solving the whole,thing and that is install a speed dial,button on all the general managers,phones and all it does is dial someone's,agent and say no it's just a no button,anybody can say no the problem is too,many dumb ass owners are saying yes to,bad players,there's no doubt about that but that's,their fault guys let's real quickly get,to the fans the way i see it even if,there's a settlement reached before,friday's deadline the fans are still,screwed because i don't think the system,is going to be altered that much and,that means we're only going to have,eight to ten teams that will remain,competitive each and every year that's a,problem from a fan's point of view,thanks for speaking up,why does that screw the fan i mean,everyone's talking because i could have,told you the 8 to 10 shut up the eight,to 10.,signs up at every ballpark if you go on,strike me too,so now if they get this thing set,without a strike the fans are still,going to be screwed they're not going to,show up well i don't get it wh

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KJR Host Dave "Softy" Mahler Joins the Seattle Kraken to Discuss Name, Logo, Colors

KJR Host Dave "Softy" Mahler Joins the Seattle Kraken to Discuss Name, Logo, Colors

get some more reaction from our hockey,and sports community,shall we and i'm told our next guest,dave softy mahler from sports radio,950 kjr has a few opinions for us and,that's unusual for you softy,well for once maybe he doesn't have the,opinion,softy you are disappointed,every turn there are you with me,oh it's great to see you i was told,you've got a few opinions which i was,saying is unusual for you so let's start,with the first one,the name are you a fan,well kind of you know maybe a little bit,no are you kidding me i love this man,this is exactly what i was hoping for,and i think it's a genius move by all,you guys over there for a lot of reasons,i mean first of all congratulations on,on getting the word out man we've we've,all been waiting for this for a long,time this is like christmas morning,obviously for,a lot of us and the fact that we can now,go out and buy sweaters and t-shirts and,hats and hoodies and things like that,uh we're gonna have to find some you,know different sources of income here to,spend some money,on the release the kraken store website,because the thing crashed within 30,seconds,of it going live for crying out loud but,i you know i feel like this,is totally new it's out of the box it's,unique,it's a bit of a risk there's no question,about that and for all those reasons i i,love it and this is what the fans wanted,man i gotta pull up on my twitter,account,right now 3 000 votes in love it or hate,it,82 love it 18 hate it so,what more do you want man this is the,the fans feel like,they were a part of this process and,there's no nickname i think that was,generating,whether good or bad ross more buzz than,the name kraken so,the fans were heard the team listened,and now the fans feel like they were a,gigantic part of this process and you,know as well as ipal,when the fans feel like they're a part,of something they feel like they have,ownership when they feel like they have,ownership,they really want to get involved so,today was a great day,great day yeah this is really as you,know very much a fan first organization,they have listened they had as you,mentioned couple hundred thousand,submissions,from fans over 50 engagements with the,fans in person to find out what the name,was and kraken,just kept rising to the top why do you,think that was because it's brand new,because it's totally unique because,nobody's doing anything like it in,professional sports which actually kind,of surprises you when you think about,that,how many professional sports teams at,least in this country do you know,of that have a a mythical sea creature,as their nickname as their mascot and,nobody else is doing anything like this,so,it's opening up a whole brand new kind,of territory i think from a marketing,perspective,i can't wait to see how the team markets,this man i can't wait to see how,uh you know this comes about as far as,you know play on words when goals are,scored,or big defensive stops are made you know,big wins that come down,when the team takes the ice you can,release the kraken i thought about,having a giant sea monster come out and,squirt ice on,or squirt ink on the opponents or the,the uh the fans that show up to this you,know,to the game so there's all kinds of,different cool things that you can do,and i'm just,i'm just thrilled because this is the,name that a lot of us have wanted for a,long time i'm surprised they did it i,wasn't i wasn't banking on this to be,honest with you,i was hoping they would do it but i'm,surprised the team went down this road,in the end,but it's a good surprise and what about,the colors as well what do you think i,don't know if you can see me right now,wearing my,merchandise what did you make of the,color scheme yeah well you look good by,the way nice fresh haircut by the way,too i like the tight look up there man,i think the color scheme is great,because again it's also new you know,we've been living in this area for,45 50 years and half cut a lot of green,a lot of blue you know real pacific,northwest is you know type of colors if,you will so,to kind of go away from that and to,introduce the red,with the blue and with the green and,with the white and the two different,shades of blue,i think is a great color scheme and the,fact that you can actually switch the,dominant color,in the sweater uh you know be for you,know home and road games maybe alternate,sweaters things like that,a lot of combinations there man so it's,just a fresh new look for a brand new,team,and this town deserves it man we've been,waiting you know for a long time to have,a fresh new look,uh for a professional you know sports,team in this town and we finally have it,and softer you know as well as anyone by,taking the temperature,of sports fans daily on your sports,radio 950 kjrs show,how much fans have been wanting,hockey how big a hockey town is seattle,well i think you're already seeing that,by how many season tickets we sold in,the first 12 minutes when these things,went live right you know just a

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Sports Diary-Dave Softy Mahler!

Sports Diary-Dave Softy Mahler!

alright guys so I have the honor of,talking with one of the legends in damn,right honor akin one is Seattle radio,Dave soft mauler yeah so Dave I have to,ask man tonight is the end of an era,it's the end of King Felix it is the end,of his reign here in Seattle very sad,very sad but I have to ask you though,are you gonna be shedding some tears oh,absolutely I mean either a you're crying,because he gets his ass kicked again or,B you're crying because he throws a,perfect game and no-hitter something of,that ilk I would take five and four to,be honest with you right now,I agree I mean this guy busted his ass,for us for 15 years you think about,where this team was when he showed up in,2005 his first start was six months,before the first Seahawks Super Bowl,that's if you can believe that,he knows unbelievable I mean that's what,in your life has been consistent for 15,years and how old are you like 12 years,what in your life has been consistent,for 15 years nothing every day for fit,every fifth day for 15 years Felix,Hernandez has been a part of our life I,love the guy I love him to death and it,makes me sad that he never got the,picture in October Edgar obviously the,World Series drifty world's calming,theme right yeah and it's ridiculous,that our greatest stars our greatest,country contributor excuse me never got,the pitch or play in October and it,pains me that Felix never got that shot,so we're here to pay homage one final,night to the greatest picture ever in,franchise history and Felix Hernandez I,love the guy and I wish them nothing but,the best whatever he wants to do when,this season's over great but let's hope,for one one great game tonight,I agree so here's a really tough,question for you if Felix Hernandez was,to decide I didn't realize there was,gonna be a test here oh my god okay so,if you're just look at these,Stadium we built a new stadium they got,poop in their dugouts we never had poop,on our dugout ever ever ever as bad as,things got and they've got World Series,titles they literally have in their,dugout we never had that in Seattle,things got really bad for us dumb for,this playoff since that guy right there,was the last time they made the playoffs,we freaking suck but he's stuck with his,that George Carlin by the way but we,never had poop in our dugout ever see,this is why they had feces in their,dugout we never had that ever this is,why Dave softy mother is the greatest,guy to Seattle Sports radio's all right,so here's because I have a small wiener,why do you think that's not true at all,I used to weigh 270 and now I'm about a,buck that's why they called me stuffy,okay so here's the question if Felix,Hernandez was to go to the Astros,Dodgers Braves whoever it is to try to,get a World Series I'll answer your,question before you can even finish it,I'll root like mad for him there's only,one player in the history of mariners,baseball that I've ever rooted for after,he left here and that was jr. right,right like I was hoping he would do well,and do good things for the Reds if if,Felix wants to go play for the Dodgers,or Astros Cardinals whoever as long as,he's on the mountain in October I'll,root for the guy I love him like a,brother and I whatever he wants to do,he's earned that right anything all,right and do whatever he wants,well I got to spin it around cuz my arms,getting tired but you know what ain't,beers real yes it is real look at that I,got Dave softie Molly pulling my beard I,feel so honored I feel honored I want to,come work with this guy no you know yes,I do yeah,but hey Dave I was really an a-hole to,be honest with you,I know you are but I still love you but,hey Dave I want to give you a hug,because I want to say thank you so thank,you so thank you so much hey go M's baby,oh we die go Felix yeah and long love,you Felix long live the king

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Dave Softy Mahler reacts to Russel Wilson Trade to Broncos

Dave Softy Mahler reacts to Russel Wilson Trade to Broncos

uh russell wilson traded,for five draft picks and three players,give me your rundown what do you think,yeah well it was bound to happen i mean,this is what russell wilson wanted right,i mean,i think everyone needs to realize that,and i think that there's a lot of,seahawk fans larry that are actually,having a hard time coming to grips with,that reality because you know how hard,quarterbacks like this are to find,everybody in the nfl and you've seen it,with the carson wentz thing you've seen,it with the commanders getting desperate,the bears made an offer for russell,wilson a year ago what the rams did for,matt stafford,teams are desperate for quarterbacks,right now jimmy garoppolo you know this,as well as me at one point in time was,the highest paid quarterback in the,entire nfl when he signed his original,contract with san francisco so you don't,just get rid of guys like this unless,you have to right this is like a guy,like you or i,marrying a supermodel and then you and i,decide to dump her and get divorced,she's got to be a freaking lunatic for,you and i to get rid of a supermodel i,mean look at us for god's sakes faces,made for radio the two of us right here,so think in your mind's eye about how,bad things had to be for the seahawks to,actually agree to get rid of russell,wilson russell wilson wanted out man he,did not want to be here anymore this is,not on the seahawks i'm sorry you can,argue and you can and moan and,whine all you want about what drove,russell wilson to get to this point and,that's fine but russell wilson did not,want to be a seahawk anymore he wanted,to move on and that's why he's a bronco,right now because there's no way pete,carroll trades a happy russian uh,russell wilson he's 70 years old there's,not a chance in hell pete carroll wants,to start over and rebuild with a younger,quarterback so i i just think seahawk,fans and everybody around the nfl has to,understand that i'm seeing a lot of,people that are criticizing pete carroll,criticizing john schneider uh for what,you think they wanted to do this you,think those guys woke up one day and,said hey here's an idea let's trade a,top 10 quarterback in the nfl yeah,that'll get us back to a super bowl so,stop with the bull crap this is all,russell wilson he wanted out and that's,why he's a bronco right now so you just,answered my next question dave it wasn't,it wasn't uh schneider it wasn't carol,it was it was russell and his agent that,forced this maneuver i mean look in the,end they obviously were not seeing eye,to eye on a lot of different topics,right i mean they had the whole let russ,cook thing going a year ago two years,ago when in the first half of 2020 he,was the mvp of the nfl and then the,offense fell apart i remember like it,was yesterday they were six and two they,were riding high they went to buffalo,russell wilson threw like 17 picks they,got blown out and pete carroll said,that's enough of that forget that we're,done we're going back to my roots,because you guys know pete carroll just,like us he's not one to take chances,pete carroll does not want to put the,ball in the air pete carroll wants to be,economical with the passing game throw,it 20 25 times a game and run it 50,times a game and play great defense the,problem with the seahawks right now,larry is they've got neither one of,those things they don't have a great,running game and they don't have a great,defense at least not even close to what,they had in 2013 with the lob so it,really didn't fit you know if that's,what russell wilson's looking for a,place where he can blow up the stat,sheet light up the box score that's not,going to happen in seattle i guarantee,you he had a phone call with with uh,nate hackett the new head coach in,denver before he accepted this deal and,there's not a doubt in my mind not a,doubt my mind that nathaniel hackett,told russell wilson you want to cook you,want to get in the kitchen baby,never met a man i've been scared of,careful you won't get exactly what you,asked for here for whatever you bring me,getting handled i answer to no one i,don't need to hassle you

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Real Hawk Talk Episode 197: Special Guest Dave "Softy" Mahler

Real Hawk Talk Episode 197: Special Guest Dave "Softy" Mahler

hello everybody and welcome to the,197th episode of real hawk talk i am,brian nemhauser you can find me on,twitter ad hoc blogger,and we've got a fun show tonight uh,we've got a special guest uh an old,friend of the show not that he is old,but he has been a friend of the show for,quite a while and,we've got two of our best co-hosts,joining us uh dana o'gorman at danao g,on twitter,and jeff simmons that real jeff simmons,but the big guy,the one that,hopefully you've all heard on 950 kjr,for many many years,cheering on the huskies the seahawks the,mariners,and now the kraken,is dave softy mauler,uh a good friend and uh dude it's been a,while i don't think i've seen you in,person in,in a minute so how are you doing man it,has been a while and first of all,congrats on 197 shows that's that's a,lot of nem hauser man i don't know how,your audience does it that is a butt,load in them hauser baby,i mean you're getting close to 200 do,you have big plans yet for for number,200 what's on the docket for that,all sorts of planning you know,we,we have huge plans for the,double the plans that we had for the,hundreds episode for sure i was gonna,say you could just spend the whole show,just going over all of evan's stupid,takes and just do the entire show for,for that for for number 200 and just,blow the guy up and just say the hell,with it but no i'm kidding i'm sorry,he's not here i was looking forward to,talking to him but great to see dana,great to see jeff and i i actually watch,you guys after games i'm i'm that creep,i'm that weirdo that sits in bed laying,in bed at 9 30 10 o'clock at night after,a seahawk game because here's the,problem we get off the off the air for,like our post game show and i have this,problem a lot when it comes to like the,huskies like i'll do a post game show,for washington and i'll get in the car,and i'll flip on the radio and i want to,hear somebody talking about the huskies,but there's nobody there because the,only guy doing the post game show was me,or my team so i appreciate what you guys,do you give us another option it's uh,it's awesome i love sitting in bed and,you know just hearing you guys yak,because most of the time you're talking,about stuff that i'm thinking as well so,kudos to everybody who's a part of this,because you guys have created something,awesome thanks dude uh appreciate that,and uh,i guess,we got we got a fair amount to cover oh,yeah um you know,i i haven't heard your perspective on,we'll start by just talking about the,season that was yeah and how it went,relative to how you expected it to go,like,what's your story of the 2021 seattle,seahawks well i thought it was a massive,disappointment i mean i don't know how,else it could be i mean you're seven and,ten uh you fired your defensive,coordinator right i mean that's it you,hired a brand new hotshot offensive,coordinator who i thought after week one,was on his way to kind of doing some,good things and then just kind of took a,detour and really wasn't able to capture,that until the end of the year when,there really wasn't much to play for so,you know i think i think any time the,league expands the playoffs and almost,half the damn conference makes the,postseason and you can't get there that,is an absolute downer and i'm i'm sorry,but i don't just sit sit around like a,lot of people do and and blame russell,wilson's injury i think that's a cop-out,you know for for what happened in 2021 i,think your running game was terrible,your lack of a pass rush was terrible a,lot of problems that we identified brian,you and i talking over the off-season,you have a need for some offensive,alignment including a center you have a,need for a pass rush and you really went,out and did nothing to address it you,had a need for a second if not third,quarterback on this football team and,you did nothing of significance to,address that and just sat around and,waited for you know pieces to fall off,the scrap pile and hope that you could,sprinkle some fairy dust on them and you,know make sure that they work so you,know look i mean obviously russell,wilson's injury was a factor but it,wasn't the biggest factor because even,before russell wilson's injury the,second half of the tennessee game in,overtime the second half for the,minnesota game third quarter of the ram,game when russell busted his finger he,had seven damn points for crying out,loud so there were signs even before,russell's injury that this thing was,going south and and going south in a,hurry so uh i i would just say it was a,massive disappointment for sure yeah,well you know it's funny you bring up,the tennessee game and that's been a,subject of a lot of debate even on this,show,no arguments that the defense just,melted down in that game right and,that's what people remember about it,what i remember about being at that game,was the offense did nothing in the,second half the only play that they made,the only play was a huge busted coverage,from the titans,the defense actually stopped t

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Can Washington Win 10+ Games Coming Off a 4 Win Season? | Washington Huskies | Dave "Softy" Mahler

Can Washington Win 10+ Games Coming Off a 4 Win Season? | Washington Huskies | Dave "Softy" Mahler

at Iowa State in aimed we're now joined,by a great friend of the show Dave softy,Mahler KJR Dave appreciate your time how,uh how impressed are you so far with,what you've seen and the win against,Michigan State for UW,hey first of all good to hear you guys,number one number two uh you must use,that term great friend of the show,Loosely man because the bar is very low,on this program uh for you guys when it,comes when it comes to Pals I think I,think anybody who picks up the damn,phone and calls it back is a great,friend of the show but yeah no I'm fired,up man I mean look I'm drinking the,Caitlyn Kool-Aid right now after what I,saw on Saturday and you know maybe it's,just a homer and me I don't know maybe,it's the desperate fan in me that just,wants so badly for UW and Washington to,be back to the Glory Days of uh you know,2000 with Rick new Heisel in 1991 with,Don James and the mid 70s and late 60s,with Jim Owens and guys like that but,you know look man they uh they pretty,much manhandled that football team on,Saturday night I don't know how much of,the game you guys were able to watch but,they're leading by 25 points in the,fourth quarter it's 39-14 with nine,minutes to go in the game so the score,doesn't even really show how dominant,Washington was in that game Michigan,State's running backs did absolutely,nothing on the ground in that game this,is a football team that was getting,after the quarterback big time in the,first two games of the year Jacoby,Woodman the transfer linebacker Ed,rusher from UNLV was a total non-factor,in that game for the Spartans on,Saturday so I was mostly impressed by,what the Huskies did at the line of,scrimmage both offensively and,defensively and as you guys know man,that's what it takes to win you know,watching that Georgia Alabama game last,year in the national championship and,watching how dominant those lines were,it was scary thinking about how you know,my team would look against guys like,that but I just think that when you can,get after the quarterback and protect,the way that UW has been protecting,Michael penex Jr in the first couple of,games of the year you know I got people,now talking about UW winning 10 games,coming off a four and eight season a,year ago so yeah I'd say people are,buying the hype up here man for sure we,had you on after Jimmy Lake uh was was,was let go uh yeah and uh you had told,us stories about uh he was a man who for,lack of a better term I have right now,held on real tight to to everything and,was very uh micromanaging and you know,that cannot really your coaches your,attitude reflects on the players the,players kind of reflect that is this,just kind of relief being with someone,as a head coach who is the opposite,well it's a relief being with somebody,who's not a child it's a grown-up and,that's what I'm seeing out of Kalyn de,Boer and look I mean I'll be honest with,you man when they gave Jimmy Lake the,job I thought it was the right move I,think Chris Peterson thought it was the,right move and I think most of husky,Nation thought it was the right move you,got to remember that back in the day,Jimmy Lake was one of the most sought,after defensive coordinators in the,country right there's a reason why Pete,Krakowski who's now Stark's coordinator,at Alabama at Texas there's a reason why,he gave up his gig as defensive,coordinator to let Jimmy Lake take the,job because he knew if he did not that,he would have taken off and gone,somewhere else there were a lot of,schools that were looking at Jimmy Lake,as their DC including Alabama and,including Texas A M so he was hot and as,my buddy Petro's Papadakis likes to say,it was the right move to hire Jimmy Lake,and it was the right move to fire Jimmy,Lake but they never should have gone,four and eight last year just like they,never should have gone Owen 12 with,Tyrone Willingham in 2008 there's too,much one on this football team and,you're seeing it right now look they've,brought in a couple of different pieces,namely their quarterback and the,transfer portal but that team never,should have gone four and eight a year,ago and I think you're seeing why now,well you mentioned the quarterback a,couple times Michael penick's Mania I'm,sure is going on uh right now in Seattle,softy uh your thoughts on just uh his,play uh the different style that he,brings to the Huskies and the success,they've had with him at the helm so far,well he gives them just a lot of options,at quarterback that they just haven't,had I mean they can stretch the field,now there was no semblance of a vertical,passing game last year and no semblance,of it in 2020 during the covet's short,season when they played four games so,the fact that they can now pump the ball,down the field is great it's accuracy uh,is Top Notch and you know people talk,about arm strength guys and they think,about you know fly patterns go routes,post patterns things like that but what,about throwing the ball across the field,and getting it to a point before a,cor

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Dave "Softy" Mahler and Spike O'Neill Take the Ice Bucket Challenge to a Freezer

Dave "Softy" Mahler and Spike O'Neill Take the Ice Bucket Challenge to a Freezer

next time we see dave softy mahler he,will be wearing a speedo this is not a,good thing,this is not a test ivor how dare you do,this to the rest of the world,ready to roll brother oh boy,softie is now wearing the speedo under,his clothes,spike i believe is in the same situation,as we zoom in on his crotch,oh god that's a lot of legs,that is really horrible,i went with green reptilians,cold feet,he's got cold feet about getting cold,feet als right good cause yeah come on,i'm gonna i'm gonna take ten percent,my submariner,sweet mercy it's cold in here you can,actually see the ice in the air it's so,cold oh man,at first i was thinking i shouldn't take,video of this because you're getting,naked but then i'm like oh we're,actually going to see all of it so,that's disturbing,so,actually feels pretty good i may wear,this from time to time okay,green reptilian,the anaconda we call this huh oh you're,beautiful this is dave's hockey mother,i'm spike o'neill nice to see you again,we're going in,minus negative 14.5,that is,really really cold,and that makes this,really really,oh it is so cold did you get a picture,of the weather,it is cold in here,my god challenge i accept the challenge,from chris hanson for the als ice bucket,challenge my name is sophie this is my,buddy spike o'neal,i set the challenge from dave softee,mylon amanda i want to say thanks to al,anderson and from biryan toyota stepping,up with 2 500 bucks to als and i want to,thank michael wendy popke from linwood,honda for matching that 2 500 bucks okay,for shirtless,challenge challenge after challenge,after,oh my goodness,same time are we getting multiple people,up there at the same time there's got to,be 20 freaking below zero,no we're not going to freeze together,i am genuinely scared out of my freaking,mind right now i'm telling you that one,two,three,challenge what are you talking about, in the morning you get your ass,out there you get this done,purple sheet rich more my boss you ,you better get out here and pull this,off and mike hombre i challenge all,three of those to the als ice bucket,challenge i challenge bob,joe bryant and jodie brothers some als, challenge,oh my goodness

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Virtual NHL Draft Coverage

Virtual NHL Draft Coverage

hello kraken fans welcome into our,virtual draft show served up icy cold by,the fine folks over at coors light,my name is everett fitzhugh and i am,thrilled and honored to welcoming you,into the 2020 nhl draft pre-show,for your seattle kraken now we're going,to take you around,this draft process and tell you a little,bit about what you can expect,when the krakens step up to the podium,coming next summer we're going to speak,with ricky olcheck the assistant general,manager,of your seattle kraken and the general,manager of the to be announced,ahl team down in palm springs we're,going to get his thoughts from,a hockey ops perspective as what we can,expect from the draft what players and,what coaches look for,uh and management look for when they're,trying to draft their players we're,gonna hear from ian furness,as well from kjr950 some of the local,kids here in the seattle area with,everett and the,uh seattle thunderbirds just up the road,they're gonna probably have some players,to hear their names called,over the next couple of days we'll also,hear from andy i,from the sound of hockey podcast,and,really your catch-all for everything,that is,uh hockey here in seattle about the whl,some of the prospects that could go as,well,in those uh drafted in those picks also,so a fun day heading up here for us,about a half an hour until the nhl uh,draft coverage on,nbcsn you can follow there as well as on, with every single pick,in the first round of the nhl draft some,big news,already today in the nhl draft day is,more than just picking your players,it's also about making trades we've,already had a big trade today max domey,being sent from montreal to columbus in,exchange for josh anderson,carl also placed on waivers today by,montreal the wings,buying out just an advocator so a ton of,news,already and we're about 58 minutes away,from,the draft a historical draft as well for,the nhl it is all virtual,thanks a lot kobit 19 was supposed to be,in montreal this year,next season it looks like it's going to,be back in montreal hopefully,we'll be able to be there when the,kraken step up to the podium,also historic as this will be the final,draft,that does not include your seattle,kraken so get ready,as a dry run coming for hockey ops for,our content team as well to see what we,can expect,for next season let's get started shall,we first up we'll have ricky ulcek the,assistant,vice president uh assistant general,manager i should say of your seattle,crack and ricky how's it going man,very good everett it's a special good to,be with you and all our hockey fans,across the world uh this is a big day,special day for these uh young athletes,uh to get uh drafted and all their,dreams uh coming to,fruition absolutely and we're going to,set the table for these fans here in,seattle now you yourself have been a,part of a lot of drafts from a scouting,standpoint,from a front office standpoint i want to,get your take on when you're scouting,these players and when you're sitting in,that war room,in that draft room what are you looking,for when it comes to,uh taking a player is it as simple as,the the,best available or are there different,character traits you're looking for,are there different uh you know skill,sets that you're trying to find when,you're going into that room what are you,looking for as a gm,as a scout as the person who was doing,all the drafting,well when we get to that last moment,before we make the announcement,uh get ready at the podium there's a lot,of work a lot of miles a lot of,sweat a lot of tears a lot of gas,mileage a lot of hotels,and uh long nights away from families i,mean our scouts do a tremendous job they,don't get enough credit,they're certainly not paid well enough,and they're certainly uh don't get,enough credit for all the,the toils and labors that they go,through during the season,and but they love it they're just hockey,junkies and uh in particular the amateur,group,uh is just an amazing uh amazing uh,ensemble,um so the traits that we're looking for,in players and we you know every team is,different from what they're looking for,but certainly you're looking for,skating ability you're looking for puck,skills uh,character on and off the ice it's,certainly very important that uh not,only the players contribute uh,into the community as well that's a big,thing so we want good character players,so again every team's different,sometimes it's the best uh possible,best player available uh and in other,circumstances it's uh for a need,it's a team that's maybe closer to a cup,uh or feel that they have some,room that might draft down uh they might,try to pick up a certain position uh and,then again you're always trying to,forward think as well,looking towards the future um you know,what do you have in your system,terms of coming up do you have a few,defensemen in the in the cupboard so you,might have to then focus a little bit,more on the,forwards aspect or how's your goaltender,situation so there's a lot

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