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Elon Musk Releases the COVID Twitter Files & It's Worse Than You Thought | DM CLIPS | Rubin Reportth

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Elon Musk Releases the COVID Twitter Files & It's Worse Than You Thought | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

there is just more and more information,coming out on how the government,coordinated to silence people related to,covet so a journalist by the name of,David zweig he had a really long,extensive Twitter threat on on what's,going on here with the government and,big Tech I'm going to just read you,portions of it it was like a 30 tweet,long thread so we just picked some of,the highlights here the Twitter files,how Twitter rigged the covid debate here,we go by censoring info that was true,but inconvenient to US policy so here,are the highlights first by discrediting,doctors and other experts who disagreed,by suppressing ordinary users including,some sharing the CD scenes the cdc's own,data the United States government,pressured Twitter and other social media,platforms to elevate certain content and,suppress other content about covid-19 it,wasn't just Twitter the meetings with,the Trump White House were also attended,by Google Facebook Microsoft and others,so let's just be clear this was the,Trump White house do when the Biden,Administration took over one of their,first meeting requests with Twitter,Executives was on covid the focus was on,anti-vaxxer accounts especially Alex,Berenson in the summer of 2021 President,Biden said social media companies were,killing people for allowing vaccine,misinformation Berenson was suspended,hours after Biden's comments and kicked,off the platform the following month but,Twitter did suppress views many from,doctors and scientific experts that,conflicted with the official positions,of the White House as a result,legitimate findings and questions that,would have expanded the public debate,went missing inevitably dissent yet,legitimate content was labeled as,misinformation and the accounts of,doctors and others were suspended both,for tweeting opinions and demonstrably,true information,exhibit a Dr Martin koldorf an,epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School,tweeted views at odds with U.S Public,Health authorities and the American left,the political affiliation of nearly the,entire staff at Twitter No thinking that,everyone must be vaccinated is as,scientifically flawed as thinking that,nobody should coveted vaccines are,important for older high-risk people and,their caretakers those with prior,natural infection do not need it nor,children,internal emails show an intent to action,by a moderator saying koldorf's tweet,violated the company's covid-19,misinformation policy and claimed he,shared false information after Twitter,took action koldor's tweet was slapped,with a misleading label and all replies,and likes were shut off throttling the,tweet's ability to be seen and shared by,many people the ostensible core function,of the platform okay then of course what,you know the the post-mortem of this is,that Elon Musk eventually buys Twitter,Alex berensen is back on Twitter Dr,Robert Malone and Dr Peter McCullough,are back on Twitter uh he is,systematically right now Elon Musk,getting rid of the content moderation,teams at Twitter he fired a whole bunch,more people just this past weekend who,were in charge of silencing people but,the fact is you really just need to know,this guys it kind of sucks to know,because it puts us in one of those,dystopia Ian Schwarzenegger movies from,the 80s the government without question,was pressuring social media companies to,silence you

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Dave Rubin on Twitter suspension: Can't say anything about this

Dave Rubin on Twitter suspension: Can't say anything about this

thank you let's bring in dave rubin the,host of the reuben report and author of,don't burn this country surviving and,thriving in our woke dystopia dave,welcome to the show and and welcome back,on twitter i mean good lord if you,decide to stay,of course i mean we should synopsize,this you were kicked off of twitter,because you defended psychologist dr,jordan peterson i mean god forbid you,speak freely give us 30 seconds dave on,your ban and reinstatement,yeah well all i did was call out twitter,for banning dr jordan peterson who is i,i would say the the leading public,speaker in the world and uh you know,incredible author and psychologist and,everything else but you know if you say,anything related to any of this gender,insanity that we're all going through,they give you the boots so i am,temporarily back on but it is by the,grace of the twitter gods i suppose that,i can waste time on that little device,remember when they were banning people,for the covet stuff right and then just,how wrong they were good you couldn't,say anything about coveted it was oh my,god it was misinformation difficult it,all turned out to be accurate and here,they are doing the same thing i want to,move on to george gascon if i can,because he looks to me from william's,report there dave he's being walked,closer and closer to the door,well i hope so you know trey i am no,longer uh california i'm a floridian i,live in a free state now but george,gascon who of course was bernie backed,and george soros back this is a guy who,has brought progressive policing and as,he said his own words he wants equitable,policies so they are allowing for more,crime whether it's petty theft whether,it's more intense crime and they don't,really believe in proper policing and,then over time these systems fail which,is why san francisco just recalled their,d.a chesa boudin who was also bernie,back and soros back and look what is,happening in every one of these,progressive cities i mean this is one of,these things where we talk about it and,it sounds like it's partisan because,we're saying oh these progressive das,except just look at the numbers look,where it's not safe look where murder is,skyrocketing look at chicago look at,portland look at seattle look where they,defund the police disrespect the police,look where crime is rampant and then,look at some more red leaning cities and,guess what law and order is respected,the police are respected and you could,do what desantis is doing down here in,florida which is offering five thousand,dollar bonuses to police officers who,want to get out of california and new,york,by the way you know california misses,you the 13 tax that you took with you,and and the eight seven dollars of gas,you're not paying i want to put these,numbers on the board if i can dave,you're cramping crime shooting victims,up 54 this is in la county 29 for,homicide 17 for robbery 16 for,aggravated assault violent crime 14,you got 15 seconds to wrap us up dave,thank you,how much more can i add than that you,don't even need the numbers every single,person every single person that is in,california where you are right now trey,everyone knows what's happening there it,is your choice look they they tried to,recall newsom it didn't work hopefully,this one goes through and then maybe,there's a chance i personally don't have,much faith but but there's always hope i,suppose,dave good to have you on as always thank,you sir,good to see you hi everyone i'm brian,kilmeade i want you to do me a favor i,want you to click to subscribe to the,fox news youtube page this is the only,way that i know for sure that you're not,going to miss any great commentary any,great news bites any great interviews,coming your way on fox you can get it,all here on youtube so subscribe right,now

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Dave Rubin Suspended from Twitter for Saying This, Will He Delete It? | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin Suspended from Twitter for Saying This, Will He Delete It? | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

so why did i get suspended the day after,we declared our independence ironically,this happened at 3 a.m last night so,just after,july 4th these twitter freaks what did,they do well here's the image this is,the email i woke up to this morning,i have violated their rules against,hateful conduct and what are those rules,you may not promote violence against,threaten or harass other people on the,basis of race,ethnicity national origin sexual,orientation,gender gender identity religious,affiliation age disability or serious,disease now,that doesn't sound like something that,dave rubin would do i poke fun at people,i make fun of people but i certainly,don't instigate violence or really go,after people for their immutable,characteristics so what is it that i,tweeted i must have done something so,horrific and so out of character that,would have brought upon this this just,damning condemnation of what i am and,what i do what was my tweet,uh the tweet was uh this the insanity,continues at twitter jordan peterson has,been suspended for this tweet about,ellen page he just told me he will never,delete the tweet paging elon musk and,what i did there was screenshot jordan's,jordan peterson's tweet about ellen page,now ellen page,was an actress who i suppose is now an,actor named elliot page you may remember,i don't know of any work that elliott,page has done am i missing any big,movies that elliot page has done but,ellen page used to be an x-men and she,was pretty good she she i think i can,say ellen page was in x-men and she was,pretty good she was a she at the time,anyway all i did was screenshot,and comment on jordan being suspended,now ironically here's where this is why,this is all,sort of so mangled in the way they do,everything this tweet that i sent this,defense of jordan was from a week ago,because he got suspended about a week,ago you may remember we talked about it,on the show and jordan,put up a pretty spectacular video on his,youtube channel explaining why he will,not,delete that tweet um so what's,interesting here is about a week ago i,post that now all week long i was,getting warnings from twitter that i had,uh been reported to the german,authorities and all sorts of stuff so,the the trans activists the woke,wackadoodles they were mass uh reporting,my account trying to get me suspended,and i and then suddenly at 3 a.m right,after july 4th suddenly i get suspended,i did issue a a statement on locals,because i do have an ability to get my,message out even if i am not on twitter,so i want to read my statement to you,and then i want to give some props to,some of the people that are defending me,right now here's my,uh response this is my official,statement this is dave rubin reading,dave rubin's official statement about,his twitter suspension i have been,suspended by twitter for posting a,screenshot of jordan peterson's tweet,tweet which got he himself suspended,while it is unclear how i broke their,terms of service it is clear that they,are breaking their fiduciary,responsibility to their shareholders by,letting a bunch of woke activists run,the company i hope elon musk's purchase,of twitter goes through so he can blow,up their servers and humanity can move,past this pervasive twisted self-imposed,mental institution in the meantime you,can find me at, the platform i,created to fight big tech censorship,something we need now more than ever let,me give some props publicly to a few of,the people defending me because you know,one of the things and this is maybe the,real bumper sticker of all of this it's,not about ellen page or elliot page and,it's not about misgendering someone and,or anything like that what this is,really about is how fear spreads right,because if you say something that's true,but then you know that facebook or,instagram or twitter can take you out,for it uh you might be less willing to,say something true right if you get,suspended once then maybe the second,time you're gonna be like ah i'm just,not gonna say the true thing so what,happens is when they suspend jordan,peterson,only a for saying something true only a,certain amount of people are willing to,say oh i'll defend him i'll post the,screenshot i'll say he shouldn't be,suspended because they don't want to get,suspended right so i think it is worthy,of crediting some of the people uh who,are defending me right now because,you're not just you're not defending me,i don't mean to make this about me what,you're defending is the ability for,truth to be said you know in the public,square as we have it in 2022. so ben,shapiro who's been nothing but an,all-star in this fight against this woke,nonsense he says reuben report has now,been suspended for posting news about,jordan peterson's suspension all because,we are not allowed to mention that until,five minutes ago elliot paige who is,very very very male was a female actress,named ellen page here's dave's statement,a couple other people real quick on this,uh who else we have t

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Dave Rubin | The Cross Of Christ | #CLIP

Dave Rubin | The Cross Of Christ | #CLIP

for me personally the importance of that,thing called the cross and the idea of,Christ dying for his enemies he's all,about forgiveness and I don't think we,can go anywhere in these debates if we,can't learn to forgive again I don't,know where the question of the Cross,sits with you but well I'll just the,first a really powerful idea so I think,the best the best way I can address that,is the forgiveness part first so my,friend Peter Bogosian who I've had on,the show he this is a man who is a,liberal good liberal in the truest sense,of liberal professor at Portland State,University he wrote a book called a,manual for creating atheist so this is a,guy you would have a lot of existential,issues with but he's been an incredible,an incredible voice to shine a,microscope on what has happened with,leftism and what he describes it as and,this is an atheist so remember this is,an atheist he describes it as a secular,religion with no redemption narrative,yeah and that's really interesting to me,because here's a guy who's an atheist,right so he wants things to be ordered,purely by secularism and non belief and,yet through talking about this he has,learned that religion virtually all,religions I don't know that one that,doesn't really religions have a,Redemption narrative leftism or what,what this postmodern lunacy is there's,no there's no redemption narrative you,as a Christian white man you are the bad,guy if you must bow forever and they'll,tolerate you as long as you bow but the,second you won't bow you're out now,that's a religious idea the idea of,forgiving people for that and the idea,that you are you are not born guilty is,really interesting but they've created,that they've created well you were born,white and male you are bad that that is,deeply dangerous so so I don't know that,that completely addresses your question,about the cross but what I would say is,that it's become increasingly clear to,me,from everyone that I talk to and from my,own journey that without these ideas,we've got almost no chance right now you,know I think either thing I would say is,that actually I my perspective would be,we're all born good and bad yeah so,that's more of a blank slate right but,as Universalist as well mm-hmm so it,doesn't matter in one sense the color of,my skin or with our male or female or,whether I'm a victim or a victim maker,because the truth is were probably all,both or have the ability to be both we,actually all have a shared nobility we,all have a shared fire you know if you,like sinfulness the old-fashioned word,and we're all offered on the same basis,on a universal basis forgiveness

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You Cannot Imagine How Sad Jimmy Fallon's New Bit Is 'Til You See It | Direct Message | Rubin Report

You Cannot Imagine How Sad Jimmy Fallon's New Bit Is 'Til You See It | Direct Message | Rubin Report

I've heard that the floor asks for,shrubs to be put in the comment areas,yeah right we will not let this lie,because like when obviously we you know,put in some rocks too,oh interesting all rocks are my friends,I didn't know,citizens of the world I'm Dave Rubin,this is the Reuben report it's January,9th of the Year 2023 we are live,streaming on Rumble and on YouTube if,you have not subscribed already at,,reubenport please go ahead and do that,and if you want to join us after the,show for the post game wrap-up where I,read comments answer questions I can be,corrected if I make an error all sorts,of stuff you can go to, the team is,fired up and in a good mood today I can,tell I feel we have a very very tight,show for you and we're going to be,talking about,sanity versus the machine the machine is,Just Gonna Keep Coming the sensorious,nature of the machine the lying the BS,all of that stuff it is not going to,stop I think if you watch this show you,get that it is going to continue to come,at us both culturally and politically,through people that we should have,gotten rid of a long time ago whether,they're CNN anchors or New York Times,journalists or bureaucrats like Anthony,fauci but there are some glimmers of,hope so you guys know I like my hope at,the end of the show we're going to get,you to some hope but before we do hope,I'm about to show you,what I think might be the most unfunny,thing in the history of the world okay,we've shown you unfunny things on this,program we've shown you video of Stephen,Colbert before we've shown you a video,of The Daily Show we've shown you a,video of other late night programs,trying to be funny but Jimmy Fallon who,is the host of The Tonight Show The Once,great Tonight Show The Tonight Show of,Jack Parr and Johnny Carson and Jay Leno,uh he is the host of The Tonight Show,now and uh he did a little song and,dance because apparently there's a new,covid variant coming and I saw this over,the weekend on the Twitter and I thought,it's so horrific it is so so crushing it,is so the exact perfect example of what,these corporate sellout nothings push on,all of us endlessly that is the,mainstream machine that I have to share,it with my audience which is a little,sadistic of me if you think about it,Jimmy Fallon,it was Alpha Ben Delta van Omar chronix,another brand of public 19 has arrived,it's a new strain but it isn't the same,sounds more like Elon Musk his name,UB40 who sings Red Red Wine put on your,map when you're inside a facility it,could be a robot from a Star Wars,Trilogy,Point 1.5,how long do you think I can hold that,face,all right I know you didn't laugh at,that and I'm sorry we had to start the,show with that,um but that is that is a corporate,channel right meaning NBC this is a,giant corporation that puts on a show at,I think it's at 11 30 every night it's,The Tonight Show has been on for,70 years I mean really since the,beginning of Television you know,and it was funny it was it was meant,really so people could go to bed with,sort of a little bit of the news of the,day right with a little bit of a,monologue and maybe an interesting,conversation actually one of the things,that I've been doing lately,um and there's really nothing on,television that I want to watch anymore,because our cultural norms are so,backwards I watch old Johnny Carson,tonight shows I've also been watching,the old roasts remember the old roasts,with Dean Martin I've been watching a,lot of those when comedy was actually,funny and there was in a reverence and,Hollywood actually was kind of cool,something like that but the reason that,I'm showing you this video is you have,to understand that all of the stuff that,the machine gives us is a complete farce,now first off there is this what is it,xbb 1.5 okay it doesn't even matter it,just does not matter what this thing is,he talks about Alpha and Delta and,Omicron they they stopped the world for,about two and a half years and they'd,love to stop the world again and by the,way some masks are coming back in,various blue States will get that in a,little bit but if they believed,that this was so serious that all of,these people have died and it was so,horrific and it was worse it was worth,closing schools and ruining children's,education and destroying the economy and,making sure that Grandma as she was,dying couldn't be seen by her,grandchildren all of those things do you,think Jimmy Kimmel would be singing,about it,do you think he'd be singing about it I,had Phoenix check as that video was,playing Jimmy Kimmel has about 50,employees on the program about 10,writers so 10 writers came up with that,plus Jimmy himself I suppose,and that's what they put out there,pandering nonsensical,BS like endless BS but why would they do,it why would they want you to be afraid,of covet again right like you survived,the Alpha and the Delta and the Omicron,why do they want you to be afraid of,this thing why do they not want to let,it go could it h

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Should We Care About Jordan Peterson & Dave Rubin’s Twitter Bans?

Should We Care About Jordan Peterson & Dave Rubin’s Twitter Bans?

Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin are,banned from Twitter what's going on well,nothing new there really it's just,they're more of the same I think uh no,it I was talking to with my co-host for,trigonometry Francis about this in the,studio today and I was saying can you,imagine that they've we've got to a,point where to to state a historical,fact about someone's biography is now a,crime essentially it's at least in,Twitter's eyes you're gonna get banned,from a social media platform for stating,historical fact about an individual,which is what both uh Jordan and Dave,have done here uh and I think it speaks,to the situation that we're in which is,uh the ideology behind all of this it's,just become so perverse and has been,allowed to run a mock so far that we,live in this clown world uh and unless,Elon Musk is able to take over and,change some of this I don't I don't,really see how how we're gonna get out,of it do you think Twitter is that,important is a is it still the Town,Square for public discourse I do think,that and of course you could say Well,only whatever percent of the public even,in Western countries are on Twitter and,it's true but then that is where the,discourse happens because most people,aren't on Twitter because they don't,want to be part of the discourse they,actually have you know jobs and kids and,and things they actually want to achieve,in their life instead of getting angry,with each other so I do think it's the,Public Square and I do think it's really,important and I also think it's,essential that correct principles are,modeled in the space because the sort of,high culture discourse then leaks out,into the rest of society and you see it,you know in my former career of Comedy,people now happily getting up in the,middle of a gig and shouting stuff at,comedians not in the old way where it,used to be a sort of heckling and,battling and that used to be fun I,really used to enjoy that but it's like,no they'll go to complain to the people,who run the club afterwards and demand,that this comedian is never allowed to,perform so it I think the sort of,behavior that's modeled in this type of,Public Square is actually really,important and of course the rules they,impose then get filtered down to other,areas as well and other people feel well,you know if Twitter's going to shut,these people down well we're allowed to,shut them down in real life with it you,know not invite them to speak or ban,them from speaking and so on so I do,think it's really really important,actually yeah so the culture of,censorship on Twitter has more,Downstream impacts perhaps one of the,interesting things now is that tweets,become news right previously people were,tweeting about things that happened in,the news but now the news can be derived,from what people tweeted so there's this,very sort of cyclical game so just for,the people that haven't seen it the,actual tweet that Dave got suspended for,there's a difference between a,suspension and a ban uh the ban is if,you would I think being completely,removed from Twitter a suspension you,have to do this kind of struggle session,where you admit that the Tweet was wrong,and delete the tweet and acknowledge the,fact that the Tweet broke terms of,service but Dave's tweet was,um the insanity continues at Twitter,Jordan Peterson has been suspended for,this tweet about Ellen Page he just told,me he will never delete the Tweet paging,at Elon Musk and the warning from,Twitter says he may not promote violence,against threatening Iran for the people,on the basis of race ethnicity national,origin sexual orientation gender gender,identity religious affiliation age,disability or serious disease and that,was uh enough to get Dave a strike,yeah and there's a couple of points I,pick up there the first one is you talk,about the struggle session and it's a,really good reference because you're,talking about of course Soviet Union and,uh China uh and uh this is exactly you,know one of the things I talk about in,the book I know we'll get on to it later,is how Soviet some of some of the things,that we are now doing are because this,is exactly what used to happen in the,Soviet Union if you wanted to if you,made some kind of faux pas and you were,not politically correct enough again as,you know I talk about the origins of,political correctness in the book then,what you would have to do is you'd have,to publicly come out and say I comrade,you know and you'd have to give this,whole speech about how you you'd messed,up and this is what they make you do,they make you sort of admit that you've,done something wrong instead of just,you know even just punishing you for,breaking their rules even if as in this,case I I don't think there's any,credible evidence that Dave Rubin was,inciting violence or hatred towards,somebody by using a name that person,used to use until about three seconds,ago,so dead naming is it seems like the,thing that Dave's been popped for there,yeah well clearly and I it's funny to me,as well

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Reacting to Twitter's New Hardcore Rules w/ Patrick Bet-David | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Reacting to Twitter's New Hardcore Rules w/ Patrick Bet-David | POLITICS | Rubin Report

not just job Cuts Elon Musk eliminated,Twitter days of rest and work from home,policies last week pushing a 24 7 work,culture if you're a Twitter employee who,has a satisfying work balance life,work-life balance you may not want to,hear what the new boss has to say musk,cut close to 3 700 jobs at Twitter or,half of the workforce via email last,week musk has also removed Twitter's,days of rest monthly days off for,employees to rest and recharge and it's,pushed to implement 24 7 word culture,additionally Bloomberg reported that,musk plans to end the company's remote,work policy and ask remaining employees,to work to return to office full-time,fantastic now watch this next one here,after weeks of media teeth,Nation over musk takeover Twitter sees,explosive user engagement Twitter's,daily user growth hit an all-time high,during the first full week of Elon Musk,owning the platform according to a,company document obtain by The Verge,since musk's dramatic takeover Twitter's,monetizable daily user growth has,accelerated more than 20 percent while,Twitter's largest market the US has,grown even more quickly per the FAQ,Twitter has added more than 15 million,more than 15 million monetizable daily,user not Bots crossing the court of a,billion marks since the end of second,quarter when it stopped reporting,financials as public as a public company,so on one end they're bashing the guy on,the other end it's getting more,engagement than ever before look the,fact that he is just doing this blue,thing for eight bucks it's like look how,many people are doing it I don't know,what the numbers are on that yet but,people wanted to give Twitter money and,Twitter had no mechanism to do it I,think Twitter is going to look,completely 180 different in a year from,now than it looks right now it's going,to look much more like WeChat which is a,Chinese app which there's all sorts of,reasons that we shouldn't be cloning,Chinese apps but that you're going to be,able to do much more within Twitter in,terms of purchases and communities and,all sorts of stuff that's obviously the,route that he's going but he has,unlocked something he has unlocked the,fact that the government was in on it,with the previous guys and Jack Dorsey,should be hauled in front of Congress,again and again I know nothing ever,comes of it when they do it of course,but Jack Dorsey has a lot to pay for,they still have to expose what really,happened with the laptop and who fully,decided all of this stuff and was was a,call put in by the government to Vijaya,got a who is the head of trust and,safety and they there's so much that he,can expose right now and covet and all,hence why Joe Biden is up there going,real well we'll find out and also don't,think don't forget one thing with with,the eight dollars and how he's trying to,monetize he's realizing he can't just,rely on corporate advertisers yeah to,continue you know operating how they,have been because how many advertisers,have already pulled out of Twitter No,someone like 50 has this is definitely,your guys Department more than mine but,has anyone ever bought a company at the,premium that he bought a company at and,then within two weeks fired 75 of the,workforce like is that is there any,comparable to that anywhere past that,normal,it happens all the time with smaller,companies but not at bigger companies,some would you agree with that not at,this time buying buying something at a,premium and then doing something like,this that's not usually the way it works,the way it works is you know it's 1995,and you buy Harley Davidson when it's,really having a tough run but it's a,beautiful brand and it's got products,that can be revived then you remove half,of the people and you restructure it and,then you take off again because it's,Harley Davidson that happened to,Harley-Davidson a couple times in cycle,but it's never a premium where you pay,like this this huge premium for it and,say okay I'm gonna do this also try to,imagine what so many of these employees,were doing on the DL like now that now,that we have some insight and this is,what he really has to expose if he wants,to clean it up and then and then move,the company forward it's like how many,of those employees were reading your DMs,because there's no doubt that they were,100 there's just no doubt that they were,how many of them were making sure that,for example in July of 2021 when I,tweeted out that mandates were coming,and vaccines weren't working and I got,suspended on Twitter was that either the,government that did it or was it an,Insider a Twitter that did it he can now,figure this all out they have logs of,all of this stuff this is not you know,they can't paper shred all of this so,it's like if he just goes in and figures,out who did what when did they do it and,get rid of everybody I mean everybody,there do not hire because of equity,higher because of Competency and and,give everybody what they want it's it's,it he has it in some ways it's a very,easy job because eve

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This Democrat Just Pushed Dave Rubin Too Far & He's Got Receipts | POLITICS | Rubin Report

This Democrat Just Pushed Dave Rubin Too Far & He's Got Receipts | POLITICS | Rubin Report

California's governor Gavin Newson,coming under Fire for his latest claims,promoting his State while attacking,Republican leaders in red States,California has has been well Freedom's,Force multiplier protecting Liberty from,a rising tide of Oppression more than,any people in any place,California has bridged the historical,expanse between freedom for some,and freedom for all here's one guy used,to live there his name is Dave Rubin he,now lives in Florida in the associated,the Reuben report Dave good morning to,you uh you saw the story what you think,man Gavin Newsom cannot say one single,word of truth if his life depended on it,bill I did a little homework before the,show today I'm bringing I'm bringing I'm,bringing receipts do you know how many,people have left California in the last,three years because I actually checked,the numbers 275,000 in 2020. 360,000 in 2021 340,000 in 2022 that's 975,000 people in three years I carried the,one and did all the work on that to,double check it so 975 000 people flee,California because they were fleeing his,tyranny his high taxes his lockdowns his,mandates let's not forget he was also,the former mayor of San Francisco uh,what he did to that city is now has been,exported throughout the state 800,000 people have moved here to the free,state of Florida which is absolutely,flourishing it was also announced I,think yesterday California now has a 20,55 billion dollar deficit of Florida of,course has a surplus so the proof is in,the pudding I mean you don't have to do,too much digging where are people,leaving and where are they going and,that's how you know who's doing it right,and who's doing it right I appreciate,the math good homework there uh Dave two,things here singer Phil Labonte uh lives,in well here's what he said on screen,number one guys hi New Hampshire,resident here I don't pay income tax to,my state I don't need permission to,carry a firearm I can collect rain water,and we have way less crime we are the,free state thank you very much found,this thing from Arrow Weber a,cinematographer I think he lives in,California he said uh the harm reduction,centers throughout California,um sent out a a video of,San Francisco officials giving away free,bags of needles and paraphernalia to,drug addicts and tagged it by saying,this is California under Gavin Newsom so,I you know,pick what you want there,right well it's as simple as that look I,love the fact that now New Hampshire and,Florida and Texas and Tennessee and,South Dakota we're all competing now for,the free estate those are also all the,states that people are moving to the,simple truth is you cannot if you were a,young person saying I want to go ahead,and start a good life a decent life as,an American citizen how could you do,that in California how can you open a,business in California with high taxes,and high regulation also knowing the,government could come lock you down at,any moment and have all sorts of crazy,regulations related to who you hire and,all the diversity stuff and everything,else you simply cannot do it there but,you can move to some of the states that,I just mentioned where you will have,every opportunity I mean let's not,forget I'm here in Miami where our mayor,Francis Suarez he put out a tweet about,a year and a half ago saying how can I,help when he heard that all these tech,people wanted to leave California well,now they've left and Miami has become,the Silicon Valley what silica promise,of Silicon Valley is happening right,here in Miami while in San Francisco you,know the old Silicon Valley it's it's,drug dens and rampant crime and and just,the general statement a lot of work to,do too I know why you left Dave's thanks,for coming back and sharing your story,with us today good math I'm going to,bring my Abacus next time Bill right on,looking forward to that enjoy Miami Dave,Rubin thank you if you're looking for,more honest and thoughtful conversations,about politics instead of mindless,dribble check out our politics playlist,and if you want to watch full interviews,on a variety of topics watch our full,episode playlist all right over here and,to get notified of all future videos be,sure to subscribe and click the,notification Bell

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