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Joe Rogan: REAL Reason Elon Musk Bought Twitter?! GOOD or BAD?!they he tried to withdraw from buying

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Joe Rogan: REAL Reason Elon Musk Bought Twitter?! GOOD or BAD?!

they he tried to withdraw from buying,Twitter and the CEO or whatever stuck,him to the price because it made money,and they got a great price so they got a,ridiculous price ridiculous he gave them,way more what it's worth and he had a,mindset of going into it there was two,things going on one he believed that,it's it's very bad for democracy in,general when you have suppression of,free speech and I agree with that he,really means that and he sees it,happening to him right and so he sees it,happening to people that he knows and,people whose voices he's respected and,he saw that like uh The Babylon B got,banned which is crazy which is crazy,crazy for calling Rachel Levine The Man,of the Year yes a biological male,calling him the male of the year like,crazy that's that's crazy yeah that's so,offensive The Babylon B getting kicked,off crazy yes yeah so he was like well,that's enough and then the reason why he,tried to pull out of it he's like,they're not giving me data on the actual,amount of fake accounts correct there,was an a former FBI guy pull up that,story Jamie this former FBI guy,estimated the actual amount of fake,accounts on Twitter and he was like it,could be as high as 80 percent so if,you're buying something and they say,well it's 95 people it's five percent,possible we're trying to figure that out,and he's like how are you trying to,figure that out show me and they won't,show him and he's like show me your data,that shows you and they show them 100,accounts they went over 100 accounts uh,over 80 percent of Twitter accounts are,likely Bots former FBI security,specialist which is wild so if,that's like 20 of the people on Twitter,are actual humans and 80 of it is,propaganda either by publicity firms or,super Pacs or whoever the is trying,to manipulate narratives and one of the,things you saw with Elon was like,there's a bunch of tweets that people,retweeted they're from wildly different,accounts that were all the exact same,tweet and he's like these are Bots like,these are there's a thousand percent,boss yeah I mean I want your face like,you I couldn't even if I posted,something it was all Bots 100 so I don't,just there's a million percent Bots they,probably weren't giving the right,information but he did want to pull out,well I think if they found out that,information this Twitter would be worth,substantially less right and that's also,what he was trying to do he was I think,he's trying to probably talk them into a,better price because if you if you find,out that a company is 95 horseshit right,or 80 horseshit and 20 what they say it,is like if that gets out but he also,devastating to the company 100 he also,has such you money though he was,upset about the suppressing and I'd,probably be the same way if I had that,type of money so I'm just gonna ,buy you like and that's essentially what,he did and I do think like you said the,Bots and going back and forth he wanted,to get out that's the one thing though,the Twitter Pro to everyone's like I'm,gonna get off my my dad was one of those,guys I'm leaving Twitter's like what are,you talking about that why is he leaving,Twitter because Elon my dad my soul my,dad which people my dad is like a a very,liberal guy like hated Trump hates him,hated him before he became president,just hate him so I interviewed Trump and,I FaceTime my dad I tried to keep it a,secret and I like facetimed him when I,was doing it just to see my Dad's,reaction he turtled my dad turtled one,so I was like oh why but I mean he he,hates him hates him but he's one of,those guys in my dad's one of those guys,so it's been interesting with my dad,because I have been,relentlessly attacked by the left and he,is a left guy so we getting these little,things I'm like do you still think the,New York Times is like unbiased,and and he can't answer he's like well,do you think Fox News is on by something,no definitely not but do you think the,New York Times he has a very hard time,bringing himself to it but it is,eye-opening for him I think I think it's,eye-opening for a lot of people but for,a lot of people for a long time that,infinite that information never got to,them they didn't really know that's one,of the most substantial and significant,aspects of Elon buying Twitter is these,files being released where you're,getting to see the actual involvement of,intelligence agencies the actual like,banned lists and blocked lists and,Shadow band and how they're suppressing,people's signals it's pretty ,wild and it's almost entirely done,to people that are on the right yeah,this and then the people that are on the,left that are dissenters right the,people that uh went along with the Great,Barrington declaration and didn't think,that we should shut the country down,during the pandemic and the Great,Barrington declaration I have no idea,what that is legitimate scientists like,top of the food chain,epidemiologists virologists who said,that we are handling the pandemic,absolutely wrong and then there is,interna

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Dave Chappelle Completely Destroys Cancel Culture

Dave Chappelle Completely Destroys Cancel Culture

uh duh,hey there,if you do anything wrong in your life,duh and i find out about it i'm gonna,try to take everything away from you and,i don't care what i find out could be,today tomorrow 15 20 years from now if i,find out you're dude finished,who who's that,that's you,that's what the audience sounds like to,me,that's why i don't be coming out doing,comedy all the time cause y'all ,is the worst i've ever,tried to entertain in my life,are you surprised though by the by the,criticism that's that's come your way no,and i don't mind that that people get,upset some of this criticism like is,helpful like i get educated by it i,don't necessarily agree with all of it,but i learned about,a lot of things,you know just from my critics i am not,saying that to say,that trans,women aren't women,i am just saying,that those that they got,you know what i mean,i'm not saying it's not but that's,like,beyond or impossible ,tastes like that's not quite what,it is is it,it's not blood that's beet juice,but you guys got to remember i'm not,saying it to be mean,i'm saying it because it's funny,and everything's funny until it happens,to you,if bad things happen to someone else,that's not that's not necessarily funny,look at it this way,i grew up in the crack epidemic i tell,jokes about i grew up in the crack,epidemic,and now there is an opioid epidemic,are they treating the opioid epidemic,the way that they treated the crack,epidemic,no this is a national health emergency,when we were coming up we were policed,by the national guard addicts were,criminals,now they understand addicts are sick,people and maybe it's because the,demographic,of the opioid epidemic is not the same,demographic,of the crack epidemic racially i mean,we're talking about race right so now,that your community is getting destroyed,is a whole nother ballgame,and then you have it's a huge window of,empathy oh my god we can see each other,we both went through similar pain but,i'm just saying everything's funny is,what happens he was more about,is more about empathy that you,there but for the grace of god,but there's a more important reason that,i would stop doing comedy right now,and this reason is the real reason,that's been percolating and it really is,the crowd not you,i'm talking about,the crowd on the big stage it's too hard,to entertain a country whose ears are so,brittle, are so sensitive the whole,country is turned into,bitch-ass ,everything you say upsets somebody,you know i can remember when it all,started it was when i was doing,chappelle show when i was doing,chappelle show,i just do the show and then on the,weekends i do like concerts and ,like that so i'm doing a concert and,there was a couple in the front row,beautiful couple the wife,wife was obviously asian,you can see it in her face,the husband,this was mysterious to say,the least,couldn't quite pinpoint where he was,from caramel colored fella very nice,hair but it could have been from,anywhere bangladesh mexico i can't guess,with a like this,all i knew for sure,about this guy,is that his wife was a ,i could see that in her face too,no he was laughing and having a good,time and she was scowling at me at a,goddamn comedy show i couldn't figure it,out,and then i realized at some point that,she was pregnant and i was smoking on,stage i said oh my god that's probably,why she's mad so i started to put my,cigarette out but then she hit me with,one of them fake non-smoker calls,so i just kept smoking i thought to,myself that babe would be fine,relax,and i tried to break the tension i just,asked her it's all i said i go hey where,you guys from anyway and i could tell,that she was on to me she goes very,condescendingly she says,i'm,from,california,if you are asking my ethnicity,i am,chinese and her husband was just cool,about this he was like a mexican,bro,i said well i'm sorry if i offended you,by asking but you're a very beautiful,couple,and miss there's no question that you're,going to give birth to the hardest,working baby this world has ever seen,that's not a bad joke,she got very upset she got up to leave,immediately but she didn't just leave,she had to take one last dig at me on,the way out,i will never buy one of your ,dvds again,dave chappelle,i said ma'am with all due respect,chinese people don't buy dvds,and the crowd went crazy we've all,laughing having a good time i didn't,even think anything of it and then just,three days later this lady sends a, letter to my promoter telling,him not to book me for shows anymore,because i was quote racist huh,and and i'm quoting her insensitive to,the nature of my interracial marriage i,was like word i was,and she had just done a little bit of,research,she would know that i myself am in an,interracial marriage,that's right,in fact,my wife is asian too, i'll see you on thanksgiving,but my wife's not chinese,she's filipino,that's right that's right and our kids,are puerto ricans somehow so there you,go,i don't give a about interracial in,fact you know what my mo

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This Democrat Just Pushed Dave Rubin Too Far & He's Got Receipts | POLITICS | Rubin Report

This Democrat Just Pushed Dave Rubin Too Far & He's Got Receipts | POLITICS | Rubin Report

California's governor Gavin Newson,coming under Fire for his latest claims,promoting his State while attacking,Republican leaders in red States,California has has been well Freedom's,Force multiplier protecting Liberty from,a rising tide of Oppression more than,any people in any place,California has bridged the historical,expanse between freedom for some,and freedom for all here's one guy used,to live there his name is Dave Rubin he,now lives in Florida in the associated,the Reuben report Dave good morning to,you uh you saw the story what you think,man Gavin Newsom cannot say one single,word of truth if his life depended on it,bill I did a little homework before the,show today I'm bringing I'm bringing I'm,bringing receipts do you know how many,people have left California in the last,three years because I actually checked,the numbers 275,000 in 2020. 360,000 in 2021 340,000 in 2022 that's 975,000 people in three years I carried the,one and did all the work on that to,double check it so 975 000 people flee,California because they were fleeing his,tyranny his high taxes his lockdowns his,mandates let's not forget he was also,the former mayor of San Francisco uh,what he did to that city is now has been,exported throughout the state 800,000 people have moved here to the free,state of Florida which is absolutely,flourishing it was also announced I,think yesterday California now has a 20,55 billion dollar deficit of Florida of,course has a surplus so the proof is in,the pudding I mean you don't have to do,too much digging where are people,leaving and where are they going and,that's how you know who's doing it right,and who's doing it right I appreciate,the math good homework there uh Dave two,things here singer Phil Labonte uh lives,in well here's what he said on screen,number one guys hi New Hampshire,resident here I don't pay income tax to,my state I don't need permission to,carry a firearm I can collect rain water,and we have way less crime we are the,free state thank you very much found,this thing from Arrow Weber a,cinematographer I think he lives in,California he said uh the harm reduction,centers throughout California,um sent out a a video of,San Francisco officials giving away free,bags of needles and paraphernalia to,drug addicts and tagged it by saying,this is California under Gavin Newsom so,I you know,pick what you want there,right well it's as simple as that look I,love the fact that now New Hampshire and,Florida and Texas and Tennessee and,South Dakota we're all competing now for,the free estate those are also all the,states that people are moving to the,simple truth is you cannot if you were a,young person saying I want to go ahead,and start a good life a decent life as,an American citizen how could you do,that in California how can you open a,business in California with high taxes,and high regulation also knowing the,government could come lock you down at,any moment and have all sorts of crazy,regulations related to who you hire and,all the diversity stuff and everything,else you simply cannot do it there but,you can move to some of the states that,I just mentioned where you will have,every opportunity I mean let's not,forget I'm here in Miami where our mayor,Francis Suarez he put out a tweet about,a year and a half ago saying how can I,help when he heard that all these tech,people wanted to leave California well,now they've left and Miami has become,the Silicon Valley what silica promise,of Silicon Valley is happening right,here in Miami while in San Francisco you,know the old Silicon Valley it's it's,drug dens and rampant crime and and just,the general statement a lot of work to,do too I know why you left Dave's thanks,for coming back and sharing your story,with us today good math I'm going to,bring my Abacus next time Bill right on,looking forward to that enjoy Miami Dave,Rubin thank you if you're looking for,more honest and thoughtful conversations,about politics instead of mindless,dribble check out our politics playlist,and if you want to watch full interviews,on a variety of topics watch our full,episode playlist all right over here and,to get notified of all future videos be,sure to subscribe and click the,notification Bell

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Sunday Sit-down with Dave Matter

Sunday Sit-down with Dave Matter

welcome back everyone it is sunday sit,down time joining me tonight dave matter,of the st louis post dispatch dave we're,about to get started here so thanks for,joining me before things get pretty,hectic in the next few weeks my pleasure,it's a fun time of year it is fun well,fall camp starts tomorrow as you guys,know what are some things you know that,are kind of on your radar everyone's,talking about obviously this quarterback,battle but what are some things to kind,of look out for in fall camp this year,well it's got to start there doesn't it,i mean that's quarterbacks drive the,discussion in college football i think,it's probably the reason that outside of,the team there's not great expectations,for this program because there's,uncertainty there so you know we don't,get to see a lot of practice but we will,get to see those guys play a little bit,you know the contenders and we'll see if,it's really a four-man race if it's more,of a two-man race,i don't really knowing eli drinkwits and,how he runs things i don't really expect,him to announce a starter we'll just see,who that starter is a month from monday,when they play their first game but it,should be a pretty interesting month,well i do want to touch on obviously you,think so much about the quarterbacks but,i was looking at the tight ends there is,not a tight end in that room right now,that has caught a pass in live action,last year i don't think there is and you,know what do you think what's the,importance of that position this year,it'll be to see just how they value the,position like is it are they just,basically going to be blockers is it,going to be a little bit of a surprise,you know it wasn't a great position last,year and still they lost their top three,guys you know to move on and and uh nico,hay stopped playing so,they started from scratch there they,added one guy from the portal from,buffalo tyler stevens you've got right,horse camp back who played a little bit,last year but that's that position is a,bit of a mystery when you look at the,wide receiver room obviously that's been,a big emphasis as well luther burden,everyone talked about him do you think,he's going to come as advertiser you,think there's going to be this little,bit of buffer room where you know he has,to get used to the pace of college,football absolutely and you know it'll,it'll be a pivotal month for him i mean,he's going to be going up against you,know,defensive backs every day in practice,like he did you know back in the spring,but what the little i saw the little we,got to see in the spring he's pretty,impressed i mean he doesn't really on,the field doesn't really carry himself,like a freshman,obviously he's super talented,it didn't take long for him to you know,get his jersey number and to be out,there with the starting unit,the expectations are going to be,incredibly high for him but i'm sure he,has really high expectations for himself,too so,it'll be a good chance for him to work,with the different quarterbacks and uh,and just see get it get a taste of what,it's going to be like you know on,saturdays this fall when when you know,everything counts,well,in that room do you think there's a,specific guy that maybe kind of needs to,step up be that leadership role you,think of barrett banister obviously,having that leadership role but in your,thoughts you know who needs to step up i,think it's a i think it's a really good,group i think it could be the strength,of this team i mean you look at a guy,like toski dove has played forever and,um has been a solid receiver on the,outside you mentioned banister i mean,the guy's been here forever and is just,everything you want in a leader and kind,of a spokesperson for the program i,wouldn't be surprised if he's you know,voted a captain um you know dominic,lovett i think is pretty,uh,you know really motivated to kind of,make up from last year and he wasn't bad,last year he just didn't get the ball,very much but he played a lot so we'll,see if a position changed for him he's,playing more inside now that'll make a,difference,because i'm sure all those guys are very,aware of luther and who he is and what,the fans expect from him so maybe that,motivates them to you know just play,give a little bit more this year too,when you look at the talent you have in,that wide receiving room it seems to put,so much more pressure on that,quarterback decision you know how much,pressure do you feel like it is drink,with this year obviously you had conor,bay's lack last year transfer out and,then now you're looking for your starter,until maybe sam horn can get up to speed,you know how much pressure do you feel,like that is for that decision you got,to get it right you know you can't mess,that one up uh this will be the third,straight year missouri has a different,starting quarterback in the first game,and i i think in a in a perfect world,you know connor bay's like whether he,got hurt last year or not he comes back,and you kind of build a bridge to sam,h

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Government Shutdowns Don't Matter

Government Shutdowns Don't Matter

that said I'm not sure that I could,articulate the differences between these,19 and what Kevin McCarthy stands for,what in your view was sort of the,breakdown and again I don't feel sorry,for Kevin McCarthy but I'm intrigued,that even he didn't seem to see today,coming so let's uh okay we could just uh,we can end it there so it's pretty funny,to me that so this is Nicole Wallace's,almost admission of how out of touch she,is and that she can't understand what's,happened she goes and I don't even see,the difference between Kevin McCarthy,and Matt Gates it's like well yeah,because your level of analysis of the,situation is they're everything bad and,dark and they're Nazi KKK anti-vaxxers,so aren't they all the same,it's like oh yeah no of course you can't,analyze the differences between them,because like they're,you can't analyze the situation at all,for what it is you're just like you're,you're living in a an imaginary land I,don't know it's like yeah there's huge,differences between Kevin McCarthy and,Matt Gates how about like uh Matt Gates,is completely against the war in Ukraine,and sending all of this with these money,and weapons to Ukraine and Kevin,McCarthy is wearing a Ukrainian flag pen,to Congress every day,pretty big difference,it's like a pretty big major policy,difference like,probably the biggest thing going on in,the world right now they're on complete,opposite sides of,he's with Mitch McConnell who's said,Mitch McConnell in the Senate said that,it's the number one priority,of the U.S Senate is that Ukraine wins,that's not a lot of people's number one,priority in America,thousands of miles away from Ukraine,that's that's just not a lot of people's,number one priority but again I mean,they're all you know clowns been Nazi,anti-vaxxers so why don't they all just,get along so anyway that's the level of,analysis going on at MSNBC it's like,really it's just no matter how many,years you spend just like you know,watching how full of they are it's,hard to believe it's hard to believe,it's not that they're Liars it's hard to,believe how unsophisticated of liars,they are that that's that's the level of, you got going on there,anyway,we'll uh we'll keep watching this,situation the other thing that I thought,just was like uh kind of interesting,about it and it's one of one of the,things I like about this is that,it's uh,it reveals how much this doesn't matter,none of this matters,even if Kevin McCarthy doesn't get in,there's no like there's no one decent,who might get in you know what I mean,it's not like it's just a choice between,it's like it's going to be business as,usual as usual no matter who gets in,there but there's I love it it's the,same reason I love when we get those,random government shutdowns I just love,how they reveal how much this is all,just the whole thing's,everyone in the corporate press is,freaking out like it's such a huge deal,that we've gone a few days without,having a speaker of the house and,meanwhile it's me having absolutely no,impact on real people's lives just means,nothing it's like when they when they,finally I said like their game is to,like you know with the shutdown that,their game is always to say like well we,have to pass this huge spending bill,because if we don't in three days we'll,have a government shutdown and you're,supposed to act like oh my God that'd be,horrible so I guess we gotta sign,whatever we gotta sign and then on the,rare occasion that they can't get it,together and there is a government,shutdown right everything's fine life,goes on as normal I mean of course they,don't actually shut down the government,but even the parts that they do shut,down it's like,I don't know just ruin some people's,vacation that's all they really do is,you were going to Washington you're like,I was going to go to the Smithsonian but,the gosh darn government had to shut,down and look at the facilities I miss,out on let me I've been to those museums,they suck yeah they're not fun,yeah I suppose there are some parks that,are nice,yeah if they close Parks yeah I think,there were some like government classes,still there yeah I think there were some,government parks that they like chained,up or something I was like that your,great Wildlife joke oh yeah libertas,everybody second hour coming sometime,soon TBD uh all right so anyway I don't,know any any uh final thoughts on this,where else uh all right do you think the,big things that are on the table or,whether or not a republican Congress is,actually gonna you know Haul on people,like fauci they're gonna Haul on some of,these individuals are they going to haul,on people from the FBI I um either for,January 6 or over Tech censorship uh or,are they going to make any sort of,changes to bills that you know they,can't just be passed as 4 000 Pages,without anyone reading it or last one,are they gonna exert pressure on uh the,buying Administration to actually maybe,take care of the Border I would say,those are kind of off the top of my head,

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The MISSING 10 minutes from JRE

The MISSING 10 minutes from JRE

do you think the vaccines have saved,lives,we actually know more about this than,you would think,Joe Rogan's recent podcast episode with,Brett Weinstein was recently pulled off,of Spotify now it did return the next,day but it is now 3 hours and 18 minutes,when it was previously 3 hours and 28,minutes long now a lot of people,including myself were wondering what,exactly was being censored and who was,doing it but it turns out it was Joe,Rogan himself stating that they were,reacting to a fake tweet and wanted to,protect the person from false claims now,obviously we don't want to repost what,he wanted to take down but it is,important to show the context of Rogan's,reaction to see how far out the Tweet,was and how easy it is for people to,fall for misinformation this woman,tweeted I will never regret the vaccine,even if it turns out I injected actual,poison and have only days to live my,heart end is was in the right place I,got vaccinated out of love while,anti-vaxxers did everything out of hate,if I have to die because of my love for,the world then so be it never regret or,apologize for it it's a fascinating,perspective,and it's also a fascinating perspective,that this person claims to be about love,but has the most uncharitable view of,people who didn't get vaccinated now of,course Twitter replies are all jumping,at the moment they can call Joe out,several replies asking for fact Checkers,claiming he gets tricked a lot by a lot,of accounts that really don't seem to be,the type of people to listen to his,podcast at all which is so bizarre to me,people somehow expect the Jiu Jitsu,comedian elkano to be some Bastion of,Truth meanwhile they're being tricked,all the time you're not gonna get,coveted if you have these vaccinations,yeah that vaccinated people do not carry,the virus don't get sick that the virus,stops with every vaccinated person,and that's how you know it's not about,truth MSNBC can get it wrong all day,every day with their magical fact,Checkers and people just accept it,because it's not about wanting Joe Rogan,to be more factual it's about silencing,him getting him to stop talking about,perspectives that make them,uncomfortable with their own life,choices and it's truly sad that,listening to The Experts has become less,about learning and more about validating,themselves because yeah Joe got it wrong,but look how easy it is to go on tweet,gen and pump out authentic looking but,100 fake tweets it happened to me last,year when everyone was reporting on a,woke Army soldier telling U.S citizens,that they are the enemy I covered it,officer Tatum covered it but then I had,to go back and cover it again because I,got it wrong what she wasn't saying she,wanted martial law in the US she was,simply telling people why no one should,want martial law and how easy was it for,someone to clip her video repost it on,Twitter out of context and suddenly the,internet thinks that she's the bad,person now when I get stuff wrong I,usually just leave it up and just pin a,comment saying hey I'm wrong here but,I'll leave it up to show how easy,regular people can be misled but when it,comes to a regular person I took that,video down because you want to be fair,to them and I imagine that's why Joe,clipped out that segment on a show so I,appreciate him admitting to his 10,million followers that he got tricked,and edited out the fake tweet so if you,enjoy my concise no BS commentary on,what's really going on in the world,please subscribe to the channel then,check out my video on the baby being,pushed on the train tracks and how the,Portland justice system failed her

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Why The Twitter Files Is The MOST Important Story of Our Time

Why The Twitter Files Is The MOST Important Story of Our Time

my belief and I want to State this,before I go into a sort of bigger,picture because it's important to know,where I'm coming from my belief is this,the aim of life is joy and the path to,Joy is to become the person God made you,to be not the person you want to be but,the person God made you to be and the,way to do that is through the exercise,of virtue and virtue can only be chosen,not enforced joy to be the person that,God made you to be through virtue but,virtue has to be chosen and that's why,when it comes to politics ordered,Liberty is the purpose of politics and,the preservation of world of Liberty is,the role of government and that's my,political philosophy in a nutshell right,there so that's why I think the biggest,story of this year and one of the,biggest stories of my life is this the,Twitter files and I know the Press is,not covering it but that's part of the,story and part of why it's such a big,story it's a big story both for what it,tells us but also for what it implies,what it suggests so to bring you up to,date the latest tranche of Twitter,letters show this remarkable symbiotic,relationship between pre-elon musk,Twitter the FBI the doj all the cops the,federal cops basically and our corrupt,news media which is now shamed forever,not just for what they did uh during,this period of time during the election,but by their corrupt and wicked refusal,to report on what they did now to report,on this Twitter on the Twitter files,which is a major part of the story The,non-reporting of it under the guise of,policing election Integrity the FBI and,other police agencies coerced censorship,on Twitter and even if lightly you know,uh followed sites that were making jokes,like my site which I believe was,suppressed I'm sure it was suppressed,because it's been climbing ever since,musk came on board but most egregiously,they convinced Twitter's leftist head of,security Joel Roth that the hunter Biden,laptop story was fake there was,misinformation during the election right,when it might have changed things it,really might have turned the tide and it,certainly would have turned some votes,around now this is important because we,also know that the same government cops,were meeting with Google YouTube and,Facebook and we know that all uh they,all got together and silenced a sitting,president of the United States who won,somewhere around half the electorate,right he came in underneath uh Biden but,he won more votes than anyone had,besides Biden uh up until that time,and we know that the Press was quoting,these people sometimes anonymously these,these spies basically but once in the,form of this famous piece of spycraft,where 51 top CIA people turned their,skills against that us the American,people they turned their spying skills,against us the American people to,pretend that Hunter's laptop was Russian,disinformation when they knew it wasn't,and the Press complied and all of this,points to something else to a collapse,in support uh the collapse on the left,in their support of the First Amendment,and Free Speech there is no longer,support for free speech on the left,because they've lost the argument they,don't like the they didn't like the,Supreme Court when they lost the,majority they don't like the Electoral,College when they lose the election and,they don't like free speech when they,lose the argument they just don't want,to lose and they don't care what they,have to destroy to win vice president,camel O'Hara's whatever her name is,Kamala Harris is is openly saying that,the that Free Speech should be a subject,to government win this is cut three so,what I would say about any social media,site is this,I would I fully expect and would require,that leaders,in that sector,cooperate and work with us who are,concerned about National Security and,concerned about upholding and protecting,our democracy to do everything in their,power,to ensure,that there is not a a manipulation,um that is allowed,or overlooked that is is done with the,intention of upending,the security of our democracy and our,nation so we know that our democracy to,Democrats means they win they the threat,to democracy in this last midterms and,this is from the everybody on the left,the threat to democracy was Democrats,losing democratically that was the,threat suddenly the threat to democracy,when they didn't lose as badly as they,thought they would suddenly the threat,to democracy was over suddenly the New,York Times stopped reporting it the,Panic was passed the threat to democracy,is is them losing and so we know when,Kamala Harris says that she wants to,compel social media to not uh threaten,democracy we know that she means just,what was happening before Elon came in,we know this because they're attacking,the Elon Musk for letting people speak,until until they censor somebody on the,left until he knocks left this,journalist off then oh my gosh what,happened to free speech the thing is the,Press our press our media our news media,is against the first a

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Here Is What I Actually Think Of Andrew Tate

Here Is What I Actually Think Of Andrew Tate

so I have a lot of younger listeners who,are big fans of Android who really enjoy,Andrew Tate now the big news over the,course of the last couple of weeks is,that Andrew Tate for those who don't,know,Andrew Tate is a um he is a online very,online guy who um was a lightweight,kickboxing champion I believe and he's,become big in the so-called manosphere,he was banned from YouTube I believe he,was banned from from Twitter and he was,banned from these things because he was,a self-described misogynist right,somebody who believes that that men are,superior to women in pretty much every,possible way well over the last couple,of weeks he got in a an online fight,with Greta thundberg in which he was,tweeting at her about how he had,Bugattis and lots of gas God's lures and,he was heating up the climate and then,she tweeted back at him that he had a,small it was all very silly and then one,day later he ended up being arrested by,Romanian authorities and the allegations,against Andrew Tate is that he was,engaging in sex trafficking,according to the New York Post police,and tactical gear descended on a villa,where Andrew Tate and brother Tristan,were staying Thursday to detain the,British Brothers on kidnapping and rape,charges judicial sources told Romanian,Outlet libertadia video shows the,officers with battering rams and guns,sweeping through the dark Villa before,escorting Tate into a car,the brothers in April had allegedly,detained two young women one with,American citizenship and one Romanian,inside the Villa against their world war,they were subjected to physical violence,and mental coercion according to the,authorities police said the Tates,allegedly formed an organized crime,group and sexually exploited women by,forcing them to perform pornographic,demonstrations for the purpose of,producing and disseminating through,social media platforms,the brothers had been questioned for,five hours by the police back in April,but were released at the time,and then uh the the they're currently,still being held in Romania right now,now Tate had predicted for a long time,this would happen to him it predicted,that people are going to come after him,that they were going to arrest him does,that mean that he's not guilty of,something I have no idea I have no idea,whether he's guilty of these crimes it,could be trumped up it could be the,Romanian authorities who are embarrassed,by Tate could be anything,I don't place a lot of stake in the,law-abiding nature of the Romanian,authorities I have literally know,nothing about how the law I mean Andrew,literally said he moved to Romania in,order to avoid law enforcement so I,don't know whether that's true or what,that's not I assume all that will come,out in the wash the thing I want to,focus on is the popularity of the,Undertake for a moment and it's,fascinating because again I have a lot,of young listeners who are who are,interested in the stuff that Andrew Tate,says the reason they're interested in,the stuff that Andrew hate says is,because he's transgressive he's,transgressive in that he says things,that no one else will say some of the,stuff that he says,is,frankly terrible and some of the stuff,that he says is not terrible some of the,stuff that he says is actually a version,of Truth I mean when he says that,promiscuity is generally a bad thing he,says it only among women all right he,says when when he says promise Unity for,women it's a bad thing,that used to be a relatively,uncontroversial thought but it's been,considered bad to say that now it's,wrong it's banned now we live in a,moment because we are so sensorious,online and sort of in the in the,political world we're so sensorious the,Overton window has shrunk so much that,there are two concepts that have been,crimped one is truth as in like Pope,Benedict the 16th truth right things,Eternal things a value that you're not,supposed to say anymore a man is not a,woman men should marry women they should,have kids right these are things that,are now considered very controversial in,the in the elite Circles of the West,you're not supposed to say any of those,things so truth like capital T,long-standing truths these things have,been denied,and then there's also been stuff that's,been denied that's that's just kind of,garbage like stuff that's not nasty to,say or yucky,and so what's been crimped is courage,right people are afraid to say the truth,and they're also afraid to say their,opinion because they lack courage,because the social sanctions are so,strong,and so because the social sanctions are,so strong and because they go beyond,just crimping the truth they go to,crimping pretty much everybody's feeling,that they can even say anything their,opinion jokes because of all of that,courage is now held in higher value than,truth itself,being willing to transgress lines is,considered a highest value because in a,time where courage is under attack,courage is a very very high value,courage is always the first value I mean,C.S Lewis says c

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