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Updated on Jan 28,2023

Dana White Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ Sports

i told these guys at gq there isn't any,question that i won't answer,except this one,what's up gq i am ufc president dana,white and i am going undercover on the,internet,it's actually me,twitter i like twitter i i don't hate,twitter a lot of negativity on twitter a,lot of douche bags on twitter but i,don't hate it,dana white had hair yes i had hair,of course i had hair at one point in,time,dana white how many casinos are you,banned from it's not that i'm,banned from casinos they just don't want,me to play there they won't give me the,limits that i want and they won't let me,bet as much as i want,because they don't like to lose the palm,has kicked me out of there twice the,mirage the win will not let me play the,only places that will let me play in,town are caesar's palace the bellagio,and the venetian all those guys take,really big play,but if you are a big player,and you come into town,you're insane not to play at caesar's,palace caesar's dallas is by far the,best,casino in the world,in the world we never got dana white,versus tito ortiz how about dana white,versus jake paul let's make it a triller,fight zoofa boxing co-promotion for all,the marbles you guys realize i'm 53,years old now right when i was gonna,fight tito is 37 i'm 53. come talk to me,when you idiots are 53 years old,and tell me if you want to fight some, 20 year old kid i promise you,you do not you are a jackass santu,mcgregor and mayweather 2 is supposed to,happen can someone confirm this mcgregor,mayweather 2 is not supposed to happen,shouldn't happen hopefully won't happen,dana white if you had to cut,if you had to cut one champion who would,you choose this is a dirty question,dirty,dirty question and i told these guys at,gq there isn't any question that i won't,answer,except this one if ufc president dana,white booked fedor or a million echo,versus brock lesnar in 2009 who would,have won,obviously i'm very biased when answering,this question but i'm going with brock,lesnar brock wanted the fight,i tried to make the fight,we offered fedor emilianenko an ungodly,amount of money and they didn't want the,fight,i don't know what to tell you why do you,think people seem to talk about ufc,fighter pay i also would like to get,paid more my job lol listen there aren't,too many things you can talk about,the ufc about if you look at what we've,done with the business in the last 22,years it's incredible never been done,ever the things that we've done in the,fight business you always have to have,something to about i guess and,fighters always want to make more money,boxing,has absolutely been destroyed because of,money and and all the things that go on,it's never going to happen while i'm,here believe me these guys get paid what,they're supposed to get paid they eat,what they kill they get a percentage of,the pay-per-view buys and the money is,spread out amongst all the fighters if,you don't like it,there's a simple solution to this,problem go start your own mma,organization no buried entry knock,yourself out pay them whatever you want,to pay them it's been done before how's,it worked out for other guys not well,mind your business,quora the is quora how good of a,boxer was dana white,obviously not very good or i wouldn't be,a promoter,would bruce lee and his peak be able to,contend with today's top mma fighters,it's such an unfair question i'm such a,huge bruce lee fan i mean bruce lee in,his day we wouldn't be where we are,today without bruce lee so to try to,compare him to today's fighters is,ridiculous,can habib na mergameth be considered as,the goat in the ufc,it's it's so hard obviously,he's talented enough i you know who,knows what he could accomplish,but he retired too early,i mean jon jones,is probably going to fight at,heavyweight this year you know whatever,you think about john it's it's hard not,to call him the goat believe me when i,tell you i've tried to convince habib to,come out of retirement we'll see what,happens over the next couple of years,but i feel like he left in his prime i,mean look at what he did to justin,gaichy right before he retired how did,dana white get involved in the ufc so i,was involved in,in boxing,and,myself and my partners the fertitta,brothers started taking jiu jitsu we,fell in love with it we became obsessed,with it,and through that we started to meet a,lot of the fighters,and i started to manage chuck liddell,and tito ortiz that's really how we got,involved,tick tock,is vegas still the boxing city or is it,a ufc city i would call it the fight,capital of the world all the big things,that are going on here as far as combat,sports go,happen in vegas but abu dhabi has become,a very close second and with what abu,dhabi has planned for the next 10 years,very cool what is your favorite ufc,rivalry there's been so many good ones,cormier and jones is right up there,though one of my favorites they were,both so good i truly believe that they,were two of the absolute best fighters,in the world when they faced each other

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Dana White - Twitter video 22-12-2020

Dana White - Twitter video 22-12-2020

2020 was supposed to be a banner year a,year now defined by a local pandemic the,NBA is suspending the season MLB spring,training NHL regular season March,Madness canceled it will forever be,known as the day sports shut down,while Sports across the globe go dark,Dana White says this show will go on for,UFC,why is Dana White comfortable continuing,Dana White is somebody with a flawed,intelligence you ought to be ashamed of,himself,more doubts this should even be,attempted there's still a medical danger,here really negligent for decision,making to make a buck there was an,article in the New York Times today that,was very critical I don't give a it,seems teenagers and it seems,there's going to make a sporting event,there's no way to 100 guarantee the,safety of everybody we don't dictate the,timeline the virus is the one in charge,here this isn't something that should be,happening so many risks involved in this,there's no way they come out of this,completely unscathed this whole damn,idea is reckless being a wife's Legacy,payment even if I put you in serious and,potentially fatal harm lining your,pockets with money is more important,than the safety of the production staff,and the people you have fighting for you,if you can't make it totally safe and,it's all fun and games until someone,gets this then they're not listening it,is purely great this is totally negative,for mixed martial arts in the UFC and,I'm not sure it's one that they'll get,over for a while Dave is way off here,way wrong the virus forced businesses,across the country to close their doors,there's cases around the world continue,to grow,I'm not afraid of the media why should,anyone listen to the media who are these,people what makes them experts what have,they ever accomplished they criticized,me for even trying to find a way forward,because it's easy to criticize from the,sidelines when you risk nothing and do,nothing but we need to fight this thing,instead of panicking let's find,Solutions Is it feasible that UFC could,go off,I don't see how,three fight cards have been announced in,Jacksonville on our way to Jacksonville,baby if the UFC or any of these,organizations want to go to Florida,that's a recipe for disaster,I've also secured an island we're going,to do all of our International fights on,this island,UFC is apparently building a facility on,a private island that they're calling,Island it's such a stupid,making it something that's marketable or,cool,we're gonna do everything above and,beyond and make sure that everybody is,safe he's saying his Fighters will be,taken care of however white does not,care if they're a sacrificial Lambs for,the betterment of business,he said I was risking People's Health to,line my own Pockets I didn't do so I,could make more money I have plenty of,money I did this so my Fighters could,make money and my employees could,continue to continue to make a living,and feed their families you can see that,no expense was spared as far as,ensure that we're safe will you be,willing to pay pay-per-view money for,something that shouldn't even happen our,events were successful in every way,shape and form that an event can be,successful I'm proud of my crew we,pulled this thing off that's what we've,always done and that's what we're going,to continue to do even if you believe to,take all the precautions it's still a,very high risk scenario there's just no,way to completely eliminate the risk,that someone could get sick the media,are not in the news business they're in,the clickbait business they think,negativity sells and gets clicks so,that's what they deliver negativity is,their product but I'm not going to let,that stop anytime there's great success,it's surrounded by negativity but here's,the reality,thing about this business,a lot of people did not want this to,happen but what we're really good at is,proving people wrong,that is what we do at the UFC

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UFC's Dana White Talks About Twitter

UFC's Dana White Talks About Twitter

hello this is Joseph cupola with,TechCrunch we're here today interviewing,Dana White and some of the fighters for,UFC 140 in Toronto Ontario Canada,door,Wow,Oh facebook,this is Joseph popolo from TechCrunch,I'm here interviewing Dana White for UFC,140 a big event going on Toronto Canada,Dana how you doing today I'm good how,are you I'm pretty well I want to ask,you specifically but your social media,presence you're always on twitter i,catch you know no matter what time it is,in the day or night tweeting to talk to,me a little bit about how you got on,Twitter and why you're on it well it,started all started when Twitter first,came out is actually when I watched the,battle with ashton kutcher versus CNN,when that whole thing happened and that,kind of became you know interested in,Twitter and the possibilities of toward,and one of the things I've had this,love-hate relationship with the media,for a lot of years and what I love about,twitter is how I can talk directly to,the fans and it's one of those things,where you dont trick anybody into you,know like back in the old days where,you'd say if you fill out all this,information and give us your email,address you can you know get into all,these secret sites and all the other,people opt in to follow you on twitter,people that want to follow you follow,you so I I fell in love with Twitter,immediately fair enough as a CEO sort of,getting out there in front of in front,of your brand would you would you,recommend to other CEOs or maybe a,little less hesitant about getting on,Twitter and really using it to drive,their brand drive your presence yeah I,speak a lot a lot of things from from,you know colleges to business events and,whatever it is and I always pop up to,weather and tell anybody who's involved,in business if you are not on Twitter,you you're crazy because first of all I,think it's the greatest marketing tool,in the history of the world and it's,free and it's a way for you to connect,with your with your uh you know your,fans or your the people who buy your,product or whatever it might be and,another cool thing now not just talking,to your fans and all this stuff for,instance tomorrow night when this fight,happens I'll be on Twitter all night,leading up to the fight you know you,know then what happens the night of the,fight let's say people something that,problem with their tickets cable goes,out,somewhere there's a whole laundry list,of problems that happen that I fix,immediately that night as I see them,happen before social media and before,Twitter back in the old days I wouldn't,know this stuff till Monday and I'd be,like God we got to make sure this never,happens again but because of Twitter,there's so many things so many different,ways that I can manage my business,better with my with my consumers so you,say without a doubt it has helped your,bottom line there's no doubt about it,it's it's a the greatest marketing tool,in the history of the world good to know,other question I had for you is,obviously all your fighter fighters are,branded with twitter handles it's all I,was part of their walk out and there,were a fix their obviously there's sort,of a responsibility and so the the,fighters using it responsibly and,there's there's been a lot of things,especially lately of forest de miguel,what is your sort of thoughts on that,and how do you manage that effectively,as a boss well help we've just started,manage managing it effectively within,the last couple of days what happens is,is that I'm one of these guys who,believes in mmm being real you should be,able to you know if people come on,Twitter and say dumb stuff to you you,say dumb stuff back to them just like in,the real world but there is there is a,line that you can cross and things that,should not be tweeted for instance even,if it's a joke or it's just if you can't,explain yourself which you can't you,cannot explain yourself on Twitter,there's only so many characters you know,and there's some things that you have to,have enough common sense not to tweet,and not to say you're never gonna you're,never going to make everybody happy,there was some guy on Twitter who,actually it was weird because this,happened the last couple days this weird,guy was on Twitter and it seemed like he,was baiting me you know and I'm a guy,he'll take the bait i love i love,getting into these these inner you know,these uh back and forth with wise guys,that come on twitter is fun i'll sit and,go back and forth with these guys seem,like this guy was baiting me you know,nobody could be this weird as this guy,was and sure enough today when she and i,were going back he,he wrote this thing I had a story,written and one of the local newspapers,that I was bullying him on Twitter you,know so you're going to run into weirdos,and freaks and all kinds of different,people on Twitter but for all the,negatives there's more positives than,there are negative speaking about being,responsible on twitter is there anything,you wish you could take b

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Dana White BANS Jake Shields for Mike Jackson incident! Bisping defends Jake Shields, MMA news

Dana White BANS Jake Shields for Mike Jackson incident! Bisping defends Jake Shields, MMA news

so following the recent altercation,between Mike Jackson and Jake Shields,Mike Jackson says the UFC has now banned,Jake seals from the ufcpi and the Jake,is not allowed to train there ever again,speaking with MMA junkie Mike went on to,save the UFC staff was like his band,Jake Shields is banned he can never come,back here so what do you want to do you,can't come back to the pi do you want to,leave it at that or press charges Mike,also went on to say all of this is a,song,I was just attacked,chills that's some wild trying to,get a workout on,his white nationalist feelings,on the believe you me podcast Michael,BisMan reacts to the Jake Shields and,Mike Jackson drama,so Jake Shields as you said very,outspoken on Twitter and you know some,of his comments uh you know leaning,towards uh you know some conservative,ways of thinking have led to the ire of,Mike Jackson uh who went so far the,other way as to call Jake Shields a,white nationalist and a,uh Jake Shields was like all right let's,see if you keep that same energy when I,see you and this is what happened,you can't blame Jake to be honest you,know I mean yeah he has uh you know he,has his views nothing too controversial,it's not enough he's certainly not a,racist I've known Jake for a long time,but he is good at Jujitsu as Mike Davis,found out very very quick you know when,I roll with Jake it's the downward,pressure that that man has is,unbelievable and I just think it's,pretty embarrassing for my Davis as a,grown fighter to be asking other people,in the room can you get him off can you,help essentially can you help Mike Davis,I'm drawing a blank on him,well Mike Jackson Mike Jackson Punk,oh that's right that's right you know as,I said the J Shields does have some of,the best grappling American Jiu Jitsu,proponent big time uh no I like Jake I,like Jake a lot and a fair play,I mean listen I'm not condoning fights,starting at the performance Institute,you know what I mean and by all accounts,I've read that the UFC abandoned from,there which I kind of get because he's,not on the roster he's a former fighter,and they've got to make an example they,can't have people starting fights you,know certainly in an environment where,most people there are professional,fighters or their cornermen or coaches,basically everyone has combat experience,everyone knows how to fight there has to,be you know this this uh tone in the,room that regardless of what goes on on,social media or what anyone says or even,if your opponent that you're gonna fight,this weekend even if you're in the same,room you've got to hold it together you,know what I mean we're not wild animals,you know what I'm saying so like I said,to make an example out of Jake which,kind of sucks because if somebody was,calling me a racist then I don't I,wouldn't take that to kindly either,foreign,Whittaker reacts to Paulo Acosta pulling,out of the fight at UFC 284 on February,12th in Australia I'm Brad at komodo's,Instagram Costa said the reason he,pulled out of the fight is because he,was supposed to negotiate a new contract,with the UFC before the fight but,couldn't come to a deal because the UFC,was being quote unquote Patty,g'day everybody,I'm sure you've seen the media and the,rumors going around right now about the,Perth card and I'm It's upsetting to say,it's very upsetting to say that they're,true the the fight with Casa has fallen,apart UFC tried everything in their,power to um to get him to the fight they,gave him the new contract from what I,understand to to take the fight and he,still didn't take the fight so um yeah,the the Perth fight is not happening,they're looking to reschedule me March,April,and uh,this is very upsetting this is very,upsetting I I'm sorry all the friends,fans and family that are that are,heading over there to to watch me do do,work but,yeah it's um it's out of my hands it's,um yeah I'm upset you know I was,prepared to train through Christmas to,train through New Year's to to to to put,in the work I'm already so deep into my,Camp everyone knows that I train my,camps are quite long,so I'm already so deep into my camp and,and and work,and I want to take the family out I want,to go on a holiday after the fight and,wanted to buy the kids some new toys,earn some money you know pay the rent,but yeah all that's uh put on the back,burner for now all that's put um been,pushed back and it's upsetting for me,you know um so I've seen for me,upsetting for you,so um but what can you do what can you,do I'm just going to um train I'm going,to train my hardest I'm gonna train like,a demon and just take out my,frustrations on the next guy and whoever,they put in front of me in their first,quarter I'm gonna I'm gonna get in there,get in there and and do my work uh,yeah today though immediate future I,guess I'm gonna have some birthday cake,today,what else is there to do otherwise and,then and then hit the gym,um Merry Christmas to everybody happy,holidays I uh I Look to still be in,Perth and see you guys

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Dana White says Bisping is a dick, defends Forrest Griffin

Dana White says Bisping is a dick, defends Forrest Griffin

here's the thing you know,we do every year we bring guys in and we,have the ufc summit and,go through everything with them i don't,know if you've ever seen me on twitter,maybe somebody should teach me a code of,ethics but,i think that uh,we're we're heading into a different,world here it's a different time it's a,different day and age where you connect,with the fans and,people say dumb sometimes you know,fans come on and say dumb stuff if you,say some dumb expect to get some,dumb back it is what it is i'm not,one of these uh,guys who who runs the company and is,going to have everybody hide from,twitter and you know,and,you're dealing with fighters and if you,think you're going to come on and start,saying stupid things to people and blast,them and and the forest griffin thing,was taken out of context the forest,griffin thing what he said made absolute,sense,twitter isn't the place to say it you,only have so many characters to explain,yourself,in what he was saying you know,it wasn't uh,you know demeaning rape and saying you,know anything,positive or whatever about rape he was,saying as he as he turned on the tv that,morning,there was a story about penn state he,literally changed to another there was,another story and then the third channel,he went to there was another story about,rape i mean it's everywhere it's all,over television it's like rape is the,new missionary it's it's all over the,place so,believe me when i saw his tweet and i,called him i said i can't wait for the, explanation on this one i mean i,don't know what he's gonna say that's,gonna make me think that this was,uh the right thing to tweet and it,wasn't you you don't tweet stuff like,that where you can't explain yourself,immediately,did you is what it is i'm sorry did you,ask him to make the donation or visit,with that rape crisis,griffin and and,i'm a guy who's been in this situation,before when you say something like that,publicly and all these groups start,coming after you right they all start,coming after you and and uh you know,they all want to get the pr,off you know getting you to apologize,for what you said,um forrest griffin there's this there's,this uh,charity,in las vegas called foursquare and,basically in las vegas i guess in every,major city but las vegas there's,something like,580 000 kids that don't eat every day,like when they go to school the only,meal they eat that day is school food,so when friday comes they don't eat,again until monday,at lunch at school i mean that's crazy,you don't even think that things like,this exist until you learn about it so,we're sitting down with this charity,foursquare and they're giving us you,know all the information and everything,they said you guys know a guy named,forrest griffin,uh yeah we know forest griffin said well,i guess,he used to come in there,and,he would put on a hat and everything,would go in the back and start cooking,and stuffing boxes and making food and,he would work there all day then when he,left he would write a check,and he would do it every day and they,told us that about force we didn't even,know that and force does all kinds of,good things you know so,forrest was so upset that this uh this,thing happened he was all over on his,own and tried to make it better forest,griffin is a good guy and 90 percent of,the guys who fight for us are good guys,i'm not going to say every guy that,fights for us is a great guy because,believe me we got some some real idiots,to fight for us too it is what it is,and,you know that's the type of person,forrest griffin is so,believe me when i see god and i know the,difference when something bad goes down,and i got a guy that i think you know,probably needs to be reprimanded for,what he did then we do it and when,there's a case that i see where a guy is,getting hung out to dry because he was,misunderstood in what he said i will,defend him to the to the end,speaking of guys saying quote unquote,dumb things,yeah,he's been accused of saying dumb things,in the past but it's obviously natural,at the promotion of the marketing this,thing have you ever worked with anybody,remotely,close to him not even not even anywhere,near not even,i mean like seriously,believe me i'm sure everybody's gonna go,crazy over this one but i'm just telling,you i've never seen anybody who can talk,like this guy can since muhammad ali,since muhammad ali the stuff that just,comes right off the top of his head and,is hilarious it's just you know,and you don't know what's real and,what's not real,what about,compare that to medical biscuit because,chael gets a lot of love,well bisping's just doing it,he doesn't try to do it bisping is who,he is and you know there's certain guys,that just have this thing about him that,you're just not gonna like michael,bisping is one of them and so is josh,koscheck you know these guys could go,out and try to make everything better,and say nice things and you're still,going to not like them on friday at the,weigh-ins obviously you would walk o

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10 Biggest Curses in MMA History

10 Biggest Curses in MMA History

NBA players have been known to do all,sorts of strange things to Zone in on,that free-frow shot not counting Will,Ferrell of course the Boston Red Sox,even grew beards for good luck on their,way to winning the World Series in 2013,and in the MMA World Anderson Silva even,admitted to sneaking away from his team,to eat Big Macs after weigh-ins and,while those superstitions have helped,athletes get into whatever mindset was,necessary to do their jobs the flip side,of the coin does the exact opposite by,either tapping into the magical powers,of Doctor Strange serving as a silly,distraction strong enough to throw,things off course or by simple,coincidence among the watchful eyes of,equally superstitious fans and pundits,curses play golf ball I'm Bailey and,remember my own point and here are the,10 biggest curses in MMA,that did pretty work did it number 10,the morning combat resume review okay so,obviously just like in the mummy there's,something to be said about the world of,MMA,cursed well that also applies to the MMA,media an entity universally revered,amongst fans Fighters and promoters it's,no wonder that some have zeroed in on,curses stemming from these beloved,microphone Wilden wordsmiths while the,MMA hour producer and gambling,Aficionado Connor Burks has raised,eyebrows with his T-shirt because,actually it's now extended to all types,of memorabilia poor guys just trying to,show support honestly also Connor if,you're watching please don't buy that,Jack Della madalena T-shirt oh God it,does appear though that the crew over at,morning combat might really have cast a,spell on the fight World their resume,review a deep dive into the previous,bouts of a fighter before a major event,is a great way to build anticipation,ahead of their next outing I really,believe we are seeing one of the,greatest of all time but yeah sorry Lads,it's also been a great way to predict,the loser of that upcoming contest for,nearly the first year of programming,every single fighter profiled would lose,with only one making it to decision,let's not underrate his actual ability,to do what he does when he is a hundred,percent ready it was at UFC 260 that,Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell really,disrupted the natural order of things,with a double offering of the resume,review highlighting steepe miocic and,Tyron Woodley both would not make it to,the final Bell that night and it would,take a segment outside of ever made to,break the curse as boxing champion,Canelo Alvarez would be given the resume,review honor before an 11th round TKO of,Caleb plant number nine Trail Sonnen not,seemingly satisfied with being the,Undisputed and undefeated best,middleweight in the world during his,competitive days Charles Sullen has,parlayed a successful fight career into,being one of the more recognizable,analysts in the sport his YouTube,channel is wildly popular and has become,a go-to for many fight fans for his,signature sarcasm an entertaining way,with words question is who's gonna win,on Saturday under the unified rules at,145 pounds between Amanda Nunes and,Megan Anderson and when you start to,break that match down for the X's and,O's you start to see a few very positive,signs for Mika but there is a decent,number of people who tune into his,videos just to see what he's gonna get,wrong over the roughly Five Years uncle,chale has followed in our footsteps with,his YouTube thing he has amassed quite a,few wildly wrong predictions among his,Greatest Hits are Megan Anderson to,Dethrone Amanda Nunes Calvin Kayla over,Max Holloway and cowboy over Conor want,a prediction straight up I believe,cowboy Cerrone finds an upset according,to psychology of the fighter in 2021,Trail had a dismal 32 success rate for,his official predictions which I mean,well I mean there's no way of Defending,that really is there depending on how,well your Tim foil hat matches your,sneakers though there might be more to,this story instead of being a terrible,fight picker perhaps he's actually an,evil genius whatever the case may be Joe,has as would expected taking the,speculation light-heartedly joking with,his fans begging him not to pick their,favorite fighter countless fans have,reached out to me,and begged me to not put the curse,on Darren till I'm taking Brunson so,where does Kevin Lee fit into all this,number eight Eminem while there's some,other musical artists that may or may,not be cursed this one in particular is,all about poor decision making from the,fighters a share dog Forum poster in,particular had his pulse on the status,facts and figures and he compiled a,database of UFC fighters and how,successful they were after walking out,to the octagon with a Slim Shady track,blaring over the speakers his findings,weren't all that damning actually upon,first glance at the 212 instances that,had been logged by the last update yeah,I can't believe he actually went through,them all the fighters who preferred an,Eminem track before throwing down lost,about 52.4 of the time so that's ne

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Dana White receives BACKLASH after posting NEW VIDEO! Conor McGregor SLAMS 'IDIOT' Jake Paul!

Dana White receives BACKLASH after posting NEW VIDEO! Conor McGregor SLAMS 'IDIOT' Jake Paul!

tail sun and advises Leon Edwards to,find an easier opponent if Kamara Usman,is unable to fight at UFC London right,now it's up in the air of Kamar will be,able to compete on the card due to the,fact that it's in March and he's still,recovering from hand surgery on his,YouTube channel Chael said Leon Edwards,at all times has the same responsibility,that every other fighter has which is to,get the biggest paycheck against the,easiest opponent and he is the one who,should be manipulating this right now he,should not be sitting back if he hears,the rumor that Camaro's got the thing on,his hand Leon within two degrees of,separation can get a hold of his,teammate at Sanford MMA and find out,about this wrist thing he can go right,to the UFC he could get an answer here's,a rumor I'm hearing do I have him if any,of that sounds shaky he should instantly,be invoking the plan to find the easiest,opponent he should be the one who's,creative he wants to go honor three,piece in a soda that's very low-hanging,fruit that is not going to be anybody's,First Option or second but that doesn't,mean that it isn't going to be an option,it's still possible,as most of you know by now Anthony Smith,versus Jamal Hill were set to fight,until yamahovich and Mago medanchalia,fought to a split draw right after the,draw the UFC immediately booked Jamal vs,Glover to share for the vacant light,heavyweight belt Anthony Smith has now,been training with Jamal and helping him,prepare for Glover here's what Anthony,had to say about the experience on the,most recent episode of the believe you,me podcast it was interesting you know,how it is uh and I guess for the,Believers and the listeners it's,different when you go to a new gym if,you're there and there's a bunch of,super high level mixed martial arts a,bunch of you know top 10 guys ranked in,the world or something it's usually,pretty calm because there's no egos we,all know that we're all good there's no,reason for anybody to try to you know,play that swinging game so,um but then if you go to a gym then,maybe there's only one or two real high,like real good high level guys,typically you're like all right I'm,gonna have to fight like for this first,day because people want to check you,they want to test you they want to see,how good you are they want to see how,close they are to your level they use,you as a it's like their own personal,gauge of where they're at,so,I got the vibe that it wasn't going to,be like that when I got there but I I,couldn't have been more appreciative of,the hospitality they put me up in a nice,hotel room they gave me a car to drive,they bought all my meals,all the coaching staff came together and,it was this this real cool kind of,brainstorming session like what was your,experience here what did it feel like,here you know what and I just gave them,everything I kind of had as far as,here's how I would do it here's how I,wouldn't do it here's where it's going,to be tough here's where you maybe have,some success and they just took it all,in and absorbed it and and,you know I was really impressed with,Jamal you know I don't want to give away,any of his Secrets or anything but it I,understand now you know you know how it,is with,you see things on on film or you see,someone fight on TV and then,um sometimes it doesn't always quite,make sense like you know that there's,something there because they're they've,been successful up to this point I mean,he's made it to be in the top,six in the world for a reason,um,but you don't always exactly understand,why and and I I see it now I get it now,he's he's very technical on his feet,he's he's strong he's an athlete he's,fast he's he the one thing that that,really stuck with me about Jamal Hill is,how fast he learns it you show him,something you drill through it a couple,times and then you know an hour later I,see him using it on someone else almost,perfectly I mean he's,he he picks up things very very quickly,recently Rose Nami yunes was defeated by,Jillian Robertson in 65 seconds in a,grappling match Sean O'Malley and Tim,Welch on the Timbo sugar show give their,reactions to this they discussed the,difference between regular Jiu Jitsu and,MMA Jiu Jitsu well it's like you I mean,I don't know where where really like,just if you just do I do Jiu Jitsu two,times a week or three times a week and,then you think you're gonna go in there,and compete against who does Jiu Jitsu,every day yeah but you train those,you're usually training with MMA people,when you're doing your Jiu Jitsu for the,most part like rose,I mean yeah I guess we don't know her,schedule but she probably trains more,with MMA Jiu Jitsu people that's more,her practice is probably around that,yeah where some people like Jillian I,think does ghee she does real training,obviously so maybe we shouldn't even use,them but yeah training real jiu jitsu,energy or even no geed but doing real,Jujitsu is way different than doing an,MMA Jiu Jitsu so much different yeah,it's a whole differe

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DANA WHITE | THE UFC vs THE MEDIA - The Story of Fight Island

DANA WHITE | THE UFC vs THE MEDIA - The Story of Fight Island

2020 was supposed to be a banner year a,year now defined by a global pandemic,the nba is suspending the season mlb,spring training nhl regular season march,madness cancelled it will forever be,known as the day sports shut down,while sports across the globe go dark,dana white says the show will go on for,ufc why is dana white comfortable,continuing dana white is somebody with a,flawed intelligence you ought to be,ashamed of himself,more doubts this should even be,attempted there's still a medical danger,here really negligent decision making to,make a box there was an article in the,new york times today that was very,critical i don't give a it seems,dangerous and it seems foolish there's,no way to make a sporting event no,guarantee the safety of everybody we,don't dictate the timeline the virus is,the one in charge here this isn't,something that should be happening so,many risks involved in this,there's no way they come out of this,completely unscathed this whole damn,idea is reckless dana white's legacy pay,me even if i put you in serious and,potentially fatal heart lining your,pockets with money is more important,than the safety of the production staff,and the people you have fighting for you,you can't make it totally safe and it's,all fun and games until someone gets,this thing they're not listening it is,purely green this is totally negative,for mixed martial arts in the ufc and,i'm not sure it's one that they'll get,over for a while dana's way off here way,wrong,the virus forced businesses across the,country to close their doors the global,fear of covert 19 as cases around the,world continue to grow,i'm not afraid of the media,why should anyone listen to the media,who are these people what makes them,experts what have they ever accomplished,they criticize me for even trying to,find a way forward because it's easy to,criticize from the sidelines when you,risk nothing and do nothing but we need,to fight this thing instead of panicking,let's find solutions,is it feasible that ufc could go off in,a month i don't see how,three fight cards have been announced in,jacksonville on our way to jacksonville,baby if the ufc or any of these,organizations want to go to florida,that's a recipe for disaster,i've also secured an island we're going,to do all of our international fights on,this island,dana white devised an insane workaround,the ufc is building a facility on a,private island that they're calling,fight island it's such a stupid idea i,don't really have any trust in them,making it something that's marketable or,cool,we're gonna do everything above and,beyond to make sure that everybody is,safe he's saying his fighters will be,taken care of however white does not,care if there are sacrificial lambs for,the betterment of,media said i was risking people's health,to line my own pockets i didn't do this,so i could make more money i have plenty,of money i did this so my fighters could,make money and my employees could,continue to make a living and feed their,families,you can see that no expense we spared as,far as making sure that we're safe will,you be willing to pay pay-per-view money,for something that shouldn't even happen,our events were successful in every way,shape and form that an event can be,successful i'm proud of my crew we,pulled this thing off that's what we've,always done and that's what we're going,to continue to do even if you believe,they're taking all the precautions it's,still a very high risk scenario there's,just no way to completely eliminate the,risk that someone could get sick the,media are not in the news business,they're in the click bait business they,think negativity sells and gets clicked,so that's what they deliver negativity,is their product but i'm not gonna let,that stop,any time there's great success it's,surrounded by negativity but here's the,reality,none of the media people know anything,about this business,a lot of people did not want this to,happen,but what we're really good at,is proving people wrong,that is what we do at the ufc

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