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"BENN'S HAD THE WORST PR"- Dan Rafael On Conor Benn's Team, Previews Paul-Silva, & Crawford Spencefo

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

"BENN'S HAD THE WORST PR"- Dan Rafael On Conor Benn's Team, Previews Paul-Silva, & Crawford Spence

foreign,boxing social in association with bet,Fred I am in Phoenix for Jake Paul,Anderson Silva I thought was hoping that,Dan would make the trip but um,unfortunately had to try and get one of,Zoom but first of all Dan Raphael how,are we sir I'm doing great I mean you're,in Phoenix but I'll be watching that,fight on TV tonight,I thought about making that trip and it,just didn't uh there was so much other,stuff going on tonight also that it just,uh for a variety of reasons as well as,uh non-boxing related reasons it didn't,make sense to uh to be there for me I'll,be honest it's been good to get out of,the English cold weather get into a nice,bit of heat here I am really really,loving the weather first of all and,loving the food as well Dan I must say,loving the food,um but yeah let's first we'll kick off,um the fight is set to commence this,evening um in the U.S um just get your,thoughts first of all is the interest,still in this fight as it's still it's,been spoken about as much as it was,previously in the build up,I mean to me anyway it seems like the,interest is there from the standpoint,that if you have any remote interest in,Jake Paul's career which certainly,eliminates a lot of boxing fans but,there are a lot of boxing fans and,frankly non-boxing fans who are,interested that it's the most intriguing,fight that he has had so far in my view,because Anderson Silva is in my mind a,totally different level of opponent,compared to the other guys that he has,faced so far it's no no knock on those,other Fighters but Anderson Silva is one,of the all-time greats in Combat Sports,and even though he's not a full-time,boxer for the bulk of his career he's,been training very seriously and over,the last couple of years he's had four,professional fights he has a victory,against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr now that,may not be as worthwhile today as it may,have been a few years ago but that's,still a whole different ball game,compared to the types of guys that Jake,has faced so far so you know people look,at Jake Paul they see a guy that's uh,being in these big events and while he's,not fighting anybody but he shouldn't be,fighting anybody when you're in the,formative stages of your career you know,it's not his fault that people want to,see him fight and they're willing to pay,for pay-per-views and tickets and that,sort of thing so he's out there learning,the sport as he's also been an,attraction uh if he was not Jake Paul,and just a regular guy he'd be fighting,a you know four and six and eight,rounders on under cards uh you know,making a fraction of the money fighting,guys you've never heard of but he has a,popularity level and now he's fine,Anderson Silva so you know we'll see if,he bit off more than he can chew it is,um a massive name huge name that's an,understatement a huge huge name within,Combat Sports but there is an argument,that is part obviously past is best he's,47 years of age down you know is it,strategic for Jake Paul to pick such a,huge name but at this age obviously,Jake's the favorite in this fight,yeah I mean I think obviously that that,has to play into it,uh you know but you you cannot ages ages,I don't want to be cliche but it's a,number and if you look at Anderson Silva,in his boxing matches uh against Chavez,and you know not that he was facing a,top boxer when he fought Tito Ortiz who,was the fellow former UFC champion you,know he dusted him with one punch in,like in 81 seconds so those are his two,more recent boxing matches and he's on,the same level record-wise in boxing as,Jake is so you know I'm interested I,mean it's not I don't take it as like,big time boxing from the standpoint of,its for a world title or it has,implications on a pound for pound list,or something along those lines but uh as,a diversion as something I'm interested,to watch uh,I'm in,what do you make of the BET between the,two at the press conference um obviously,Jake saying if Anderson wins um he gets,to fight Jake in an MMA competition and,then Jake's bet if he wins he sets up,this UFC commission to help get better,health care for UFC fighters what did,you make with that is that actually a,possibility,smoker mirrors who knows if they'll,actually follow through I mean but Jake,has made to their habit it seems in his,fights there's always some sort of,pre-fight wager or talk of a pre-fight,wager whether they actually follow,through or not I think there was a one,then he bet uh maybe it was Eddie Hearn,a million dollars on the outcome of the,Serrano and uh Katie Taylor fight I,don't think they ever ended up paying up,in some respect so you know listen if if,that happens and they're able to set up,something to help out the UFC fighters,you know good for them and if he does,end up taking on Anderson Silva in some,kind of uh you know combat but not,boxing whether it's kickboxing or MMA or,something you know I guess I'll be,interested in that too but uh I take it,more as a pre-fight hype than anything,that I should take seriously is it

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we touched on it a little bit there but,um Fury chazora again not a fight,everyone was talking about but Frank,Warren will then say it's done 50 000,tickets already,so well Frank Warren can say that they,did 50 000 takes and if that's true you,know good for them,yeah I don't believe they did 50 000,tickets I believe a lot of them were,bought up by scalpers and they're,sitting there on StubHub or some other,third-party uh vehicle to sell tickets,uh so I think that's a fake 50 000 buys,but again if they did 50 000 good for,them I mean there's probably 50 000 Die,Hard Brits that want to see Tyson Fury,fight against uh anybody Derek to saw or,anybody else and that's all well and,good but everybody knows that the vast,majority of the money associated with,that event is not the 50 000 uh tickets,that they claim to have sold it's on,what's going to go on the pay-per-view,and and uh you can't tell me that if,they were fighting Derek if they were,instead of fighting Derek's assorted,Tyson Fury is fighting Anthony Joshua a,couple things one the pay-per-view was,gargantuan and two they would be able to,charge a lot more money for the tickets,so you know I respect Frank Lauren and,Frank's been a great promoter for a long,time but Frank's a promoter he's out,there to sell you a you know to sell you,an event so you know he's doing his best,job that he can on this fight uh you,know you don't have to be a rocket,scientist to just go back to January and,find Frank's comments that he made to,the BBC about how Tyson Fury uh or they,should never let Derek just first of all,that Derek tesora should retire this is,him coming off of the loss against uh,Parker in the second fight where he got,dropped three times and uh if Frank said,in that interview to BBC that not only,should just for retire but you know,anybody would have to be crazy if they,let him in the ring with Tyson Fury so,when it when it had nothing to do with,him he was all willing to tell everybody,to put Derek short out to pasture now,he's sitting here trying to pimp and,done the fight yeah you tell me you know,he because he's got he's got a dollar to,be made now so of course he wants to,have the fight so when you look at Tyson,Fury obviously he came out and said I,want to fight usick said I can't fight,this I've gotta go back and he be,early next year so then he made he tried,to make the Joshua fight from the,outside looking into the 60 40 split,let's get this done,um Derek and Anthony are the same,management company but Derek has been,afforded the luxury what seems like more,time to make the deal done but it's not,what seems like more time they gave,Anthony Joshua like 30 seconds they gave,it to sort of like three or four weeks,but if but if AJ is not the guy to fight,who else could purify in between now and,fighting usick that would be,go down go down any list of rankings,find a guy you haven't already wiped out,twice in non-competitive fights,and you don't think that there's some,other heavyweight Contender out there,that would jump at the opportunity to,fight for the heavyweight championship,of the world,I'd rather see her I'd rather see Tyson,Fury in a rematch with Otto Whalen than,a third fight against Derek disorder and,that's just one example I'm just I'm not,saying that's the fight I advocate you,said who could he fight there's guys out,there that would take this fight and I,by the way I've got no problems if,you're wanting to stay active after the,Dylan white fight and have a second,fight this year knowing that he's trying,to set up the USIC fight in the,beginning part of next year but don't,tease me and me about you're,gonna fight Anthony Joshua when you know,that that's a fake and a fraud and then,come back to me,with manual Char and then a third fight,with derichosaur don't play me like that,yeah I think when you mentioned that,Otto Allen although he could do that,rematch The Balancing Act with that,would be,this would Pro the chisora fight would,sell better than Otto well especially in,the UK too Brits isn't it that's fine,I'm not a Brit,no look I I agree with you it's not the,fact I want to see but I think it's the,most useless pointless Trilogy I can,think of in a long long time,it's the lead up to Undisputed though,that's what we're thinking into though,that's what's going to happen surely,next,you've been drinking the Kool-Aid what,does what does Anthony Joshua do in the,meantime because obviously he's got to,build himself back up we're looking at,George ice who's obviously going to be,the Undisputed will supersede the,mandatory for Georgia will fight,um providing he gets past chisora,um and then obviously Anthony Joshua is,left with trying to build back up who,does he fight in the meantime with,relevance that will give him that,platform to then start getting back in,his championship fights is it a dillian,white who what what would your team do,I think with I think with Joshua you,know it's sort of a similar situation,you go down the rankings try t

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Antony Cetak Gol Cantik, MU Menang Lagi 😎 Joao Felix ke Chelsea 🤝 Aguero Comeback Dari Pensiun 💪

Antony Cetak Gol Cantik, MU Menang Lagi 😎 Joao Felix ke Chelsea 🤝 Aguero Comeback Dari Pensiun 💪

berjumpa lagi dan lagi dengan Kakak,spasi kali ini kakak sudah menyiapkan,berita-berita terupdate Seputar Dunia,sepak bola untuk kalian semua selamat,menyaksikan,Thailand versus Malaysia menang 3-0,gajah perang ke final piala AFF 2022,leg kedua semifinal Piala AFF 2022,mempertemukan Thailand versus Malaysia,duel berlangsung di taman sat stadium,tim tuan rumah membuka skor pada menit,ke-19 lewat aksi terasil dangda,memasuki babak kedua Thailand menambah 2,gol lewat aksi boarding pala Di menit,ke-55,Malaysia takwa sama perkecil ke,tertinggalan hingga peluit panjang,berbunyi hasil ini membuat Thailand,menang agregat 31 atas Malaysia dan,lolos ke final piala AFF 2022 skuad,asuhan Alexander Talking sudah ditunggu,Vietnam di babak perebutan juara,rafelio bantal minta gaji 196 miliar,rupiah ke AC Milan,Leo yang sudah bergabung dengan Milan,sejak 2019 saat ini terikat hingga Juni,2024 namun dirinya menjadi pemain,prioritas yang ingin dipertahankan,roseonary seiring performa oke yang ia,Tunjukkan selama dua setengah tahun,terakhir namun belakangan muncul kabar,bahwa leao lewat ayahnya membuat,penawaran yang cukup menyulitkan Milan,yang dikenal selektif dan ketat dalam,mengeluarkan uang influencer Italia,Ervina menulis Leo menuntut gaji 10 juta,Euro per musim atau senilai 167 miliar,rupiah Tak hanya itu Ayahnya juga,meminta komisi yang tinggi meski tak,disebutkan nilainya melihat kabar itu,muncul ke publik Cleo langsung memberi,bantahan seperti biasanya berita palsu,tulis Leo di media sosial merujuk berita,yang dipublikasikan,Chelsea kepindahan Felix kecil,disampaikan jurnalis top Italia Fabri,zeromano Atletico meminjamkan Felix ke,Chelsea setelah sang pemain setuju,memperpanjang kontraknya di Wanda,metropolitano hingga 2027 jovelic kecil,wego kesepakatan lisan penuh tercapai,peminjaman dengan biaya 11 juta Euro,dengan gaji 100% ditanggung oleh Chelsea,cuit Romano di Twitter Jo Felix memang,menjadi incaran Chelsea tim London biru,membutuhkan pemain 23 tahun itu untuk,menambal Lilis Serang mereka yang,keropos akibat cedera,Cristiano Ronaldo unggul telat dari,Lionel Messi di Indonesia jamak ditemui,nama-nama pesepakbola top yang diadopsi,menjadi nama lahir contohnya saja,Beckham Putra janzola atau Maldini Pali,yang semuanya berkarir sebagai pemain,bola menamai bayi dengan nama,pesepakbola rupanya tidak hanya di,Indonesia saja para orang tua di negara,Amerika Selatan Peru juga melakukan hal,serupa bagi anak-anak mereka yang baru,lahir berdasarkan daftar identifikasi,nasional dan status sipil baru Cristiano,Ronaldo memuncaki daftar nama paling,populer bintang Nazar itu diadopsi,menjadi nama,31.583 anak-anak Peru sepanjang 2022,jumlah nama Ronaldo unggul jauh di atas,Rival abadinya Lionel Messi nama Messi,diadopsi 371 bayi Peru disusul 229 nama,yang diambil dari bintang Perancis,kylian mbappe,Arab Saudi tutup mata Ronaldo dan,Georgina diizinkan kumpul kebo,kepindahan Ronaldo ke Arab Saudi,membuatnya dihadapkan pada aturan di,negara tersebut salah satunya adalah,aturan yang melarang pasangan belum,menikah tinggal serumah sementara,Ronaldo dan georgino saat ini memang,belum menikah meski sudah dikaruniai,anak saking tenarnya nama Cristiano,Ronaldo kabarnya pemerintah Arab Saudi,melunak soal aturan tersebut melansir,mirror pemerintah Arab Saudi dikabarkan,bakal tutup mata dan membiarkan pemain,Portugal itu tinggal serumah dengan,pasangannya meskipun hukum kerajaan,masih melarang kumpul kebo tanpa kontrak,pernikahan pihak berwenang baru-baru ini,mulai menutup mata dan tidak lagi,menuntut siapapun meskipun undang-undang,ini digunakan ketika ada masalah atau,kejahatan kata pengacara kepada Ifi,beraksi lagi bulan ini perkuat barcanya,Ekuador,masalah kesehatan membuat sergi Aguero,terpaksa pensiun padahal saat itu sosok,asal Argentina tersebut Baru beberapa,bulan membela Barca kini seperti,dikabarkan coup offside Serda Guero,bersiap untuk kembali bermain lagi ia,akan beraksi di lapangan hijau pada,tanggal 28 Januari mendatang untuk,sebuah laga friendly tahunan disebutkan,lebih lanjut Sergio Goro akan memperkuat,klub Ekuador Barcelona Sporting club di,dalam laga friendly bertajuk noche,amarila tersebut secara resmi lewat akun,twitternya Barcelona SC yang bermarkas,di kota guaiya kuil juga sudah,mengumumkan sergi Aguero sebagai bintang,tamu untuk laga friendly itu,dinobatkan sebagai pelatih terbaik dunia,versi AFF,dalam laman resminya IFF menyebut bahwa,karuan seloti meraih suara terbanyak,dalam voting pemilihan pelatih terbaik,2022 Ia mendapatkan 245 poin unggul jauh,dari bos Manchester City Joseph yang ada,di peringkat kedua sementara itu ada,nama bos Timnas Maroko Walid regreguy di,posisi ketiga ini tampaknya tak lepas,dari raihannya bersama singatlas pada,piala dunia,2022 kemarin,tegaskan Lionel Messi betah di Paris,saint-germain,christoph kalter menegaskan Lionel Messi,kekerasan di klub ibukota Perancis itu,dan meyakini superstars Argentina,tersebut akan memperpanjang kontraknya,kontrak Messi akan berakhir pada Juni,ini dan me

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Dibilang Ratu Tidur!! Raffi Roasting Nagita Polisi Tidur Minder Liat Gigi!!! | Konser Indosia2 8est

Dibilang Ratu Tidur!! Raffi Roasting Nagita Polisi Tidur Minder Liat Gigi!!! | Konser Indosia2 8est

rumah tangga nih Ini belum nyampe aja,udah retak nih,mumpung belum,kita mulai dengan sultan Anggara,harus bisa saling merosting Oke Oke kita,akan mulai dengan,roasting Nagita ya,banget kayaknya dia tuh ya Ya Allah,sayang istri Sultan anda karena kita,Slavina,ada artikel dulu ya kita lihat kita,lihat dulu nih artikelnya,tidur terus,dan ada foto yang akan ditampilkan,Apakah benar gigi Maaf ya Gi cuma tidur,terus,Coba Bisa Kak Novi,saya ini aku sebagai suami nih Nggak,terima sebenarnya bukannya karena kamu,dibilang tidur terus tapi aku nggak,terima kalau ini dianggap gosip karena,ini,tapi,tidurnya pakai tas bermerek Iya kecap,matanya bermerek lupa itu itu tidur juga,itu lagi kerja loh,Aku cuma mau ngasih info Kenapa Menurut,data psikologis biasanya orang kalau,suka tidur tuh cuma karena dua hal,pertama karena suka makan gula kedua,banyak masalah,gara-gara banyak masalah banyak makan,gula Dek jadi tidur terus ya,nanti lihat sendiri dong istri saya ini,emang dia bisa tidur di segala kondisi,jadi lagi ngobrol di mobil ketiduran,nungguin syuting ketiduran bahkan,nungguin anak-anak tidur aja dia bisa,ketiduran Pokoknya dia ini tidur melulu,bayangin aja polisi tidur Ngelihat dia,pasti minder,dia tidur terus bayangin aja itu jadi,gimana ya jadi saya tuh udah beliin dia,tas yang mahal lah tapi aku udah beliin,dia tas mahal malah dijadiin tempat alas,tidur Coba yang ini aja Sayang Sayang,kasihan banget tasnya dong itu tas sudah,mahal kehilangan harga diri,kan tasnya mereknya dower ya,bukan cuman bukan bukan gimana ya Jadi,bukan cuman apa-apa aku tuh cuman takut,aja badan kamu pegal Jadi kalau kamu,badannya nanti pegal-pegal leher kamu,entar jadi enggak bisa nengok Nah kalau,kamu enggak bisa nengok nanti juga kan,kamu enggak bisa dibilang itu salah,bantal ya kan jadi kalau begitu entar,Salah siapa Salah aku karena aku enggak,pernah pulang Nah iya hahaha makanya,Raffi eh salah ya Salah Kamu lah beli,tas mahal bisa tapi beli bantal enggak,bisa,enggak pernah salah bantal ya lehernya,benar neng ke kiri kanan gampang banget,ya apalagi kalau lihat dia,tapi bantalnya bener makanya dia,liriknya ke sana ke sini,kan aku juga capek Kamu aja pas lagi,ngelihatnya juga lagi pas lagi aku lagi,tidur karena kan kalau misalnya aku lagi,berkegiatan di rumah lagi kerja Lagi,ngurus anak kamu di mana enggak di rumah,kan wah,ah aku syuting Sayang aku syuting Iya,sayang aku tuh sebenernya,syuting udah deh kamu udah paling,terbaik Sayang masalahnya Emang kita tuh,cuman gak ada waktu emang ini adalah,kalau pasangan itu mau panjang itu ya,cuman dua lah satu yang pertama kita,harus,sabar yang kedua dan yang kedua kita,harus saling memaafkan satu sama lain,dan dua-duanya ada dia,Oke masih ada lagi Sudah Cukup Sudah,Cukup,tapi tapi luar biasa,luar biasa,wow luar biasa

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one sort of positive that has come out,over the past couple of days and I,suppose we've seen this happen before,um I think this is a mega fight um,Giovanna Davis Ryan Garcia we're seeing,signs that this is edging closer reports,of and I know you've you've been around,the block hundreds of thousands of times,we've seen I mean spare me spare me,spare me I mean I don't care what any,headline says framework of a deal that's,a lot of because framework is,one thing but until they have a,broadcast situation ironed out it means,apps absolutely nothing the broadcast,situation is literally the most,important part and right now and maybe,this will change there is not a seeing,of eye to eye in whether this fight,would be carried in America by The Zone,by Showtime pay-per-view or a,combination of the two so until that is,squared away there's no fight I don't,want to hear about it,no we can't go out there now no I mean,you can go there I mean I mean I'm not,telling you how to conduct your,interview but I'm just making the point,that that,there's so much misinformation and I,don't want to get people excited and,think oh my God this fight's happening,first of all it's certainly not,happening this year even though they,were hoping it would happen this year uh,if it does happen and it's a massive,massive if it would be in the early part,of January,um that's why the reason the reason for,that is because,Javonte Davis faces several serious,criminal charges due to a alleged,hit-and-run accident in his hometown of,Baltimore the trial for that case had,been scheduled for mid-December,so that would obviously if it was going,to be in December would most likely,preclude a December fight with Ryan,Garcia because number one you can't do a,fight during Christmas week at least in,the United States it doesn't make,economic sense so that would limit your,ability to do that and obviously he's,got an important situation in his,personal life to deal with so yeah but,that court date that was uh scheduled a,few weeks ago for December 12th has now,been moved and his trial is not until,February so by moving the the trial date,to February it would allow them,theoretically to have this fight in,January but there is a lot of heavy,lifting that needs to be done before,that can happen and the most significant,aspect of that is how is this going to,be broadcast Showtime has no interest in,working with the Zone The Zone would do,it but they're the the like the the,younger brother situation like of course,they'll do it because they need Showtime,more than Showtime needs it,Davis business on his own without the,help of anybody but they feel like they,have the better expertise in American,pay-per-view hard to argue with that to,be quite Frank uh the Zone's perspective,is you know we are a company that has,invested millions of dollars into Ryan,Garcia and uh we deserve to be part of,this and it'll be interesting to see how,it plays out because uh the two sides,are gonna have to agree or the athletes,are going to have to make a,determination what they're going to do,my understanding is Javonte Davis,although he is aligned with Showtime,with PBC and Eamonn he doesn't have a,contract with them he works with them uh,Garcia does have a contract with Golden,Boy which has a deal with the Zone uh,it's a very complicated situation,there's no easy answers,yeah you see a lot of things come online,jovante seems to go on these little he,tweaks quite a lot then deletes them,right you've been seeing you've been,seeing this about them not being signed,to,um either we don't I don't have half the,time he's referencing to to him and to,Mayor with the promotions because there,was one talk of him being now free from,his contract,so nobody really I think he's talking,about Mayweather promotions,so do you believe that he's free from,that male with a promotions contract now,and it's down to him I I have no um I,don't have any like proof of it except,for what jervante says as simple as that,so he says he's free you know that would,be something that that would have to be,worked out between him and his from you,know whether they're the promoter or not,but you know,if the athletes want to make a fight,usually fights can get made and you know,Ryan Garcia to his credit has been,calling for this fight and I think doing,whatever he can do for a long time,trying to will this fight into existence,clearly Javonte Davis is interested in,the fight also it really is truly a,great fight too great uh young Stars two,undefeated fighters to carry big,punching power both have a distinct fan,basis it would be a very big event uh,you know apparently they've agreed on,what the weight would be it would be 136,pounds so just over the limit so not,even a championship fight because,Javonte has a second tier title in the,lightweight division but if you're,fighting at 136 it's a non-title fight,but that doesn't mean it can't be a big,event you don't have to have a world,title and say you can make a big even

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foreign,TV proudly sponsored by Everlast I'm,joined by Dan Rafael all the way from,across the pond uh yeah busy weekend uh,in American boxing danwich show will,come on to in a second but um yeah,obviously the the News That's dominating,boxing especially British box at the,moment is this ongoing situation with,Connor Ben so yeah what have your,Reflections been of the situation over,the last two or three weeks,foreign s are that it's it's first of,all it's just a very unfortunate,situation that it had to come to this,that uh when you know starting from the,fact that when the when the result of,the of the test was revealed as positive,that there was a lot of,um,efforts to let this fight go forward,without without being straight with the,public and and the British board having,their issues and the promoters having,their issues with the British board and,the original decision not to not to take,a look at the result of the Vada test,only sort of being kind of forced to do,so later because there was so much bad,publicity towards what was going on uh I,mean that's that's one of the things,that can be fixed right off the bat is,that if you are going to hire Vada to do,your testing that if they present the,result that is positive or whatever the,result is it should be uh part of the,the story it can't just be a Yukon,result and by the way the same thing,would go if he had failed a u contest,for example but there was evidence that,he had all sorts of Vada tests that were,negative that should also be part of the,the overall scenario it's not just a,one-way street so my my Reflections are,that it would right from the get-go it,was a terrible situation,you and I both know there have been,rumors for weeks about a second thel,test that was divulged uh by by Conor uh,not that long ago that there was one in,the in the summer time uh I had heard,about that couldn't nail it down uh you,know so uh that's another thing that's,an issue that that again they didn't,complain about that early on it's just,it's a disaster it's basically,everything you could do the wrong way,when presented with a positive drug test,I have covered I couldn't even count the,number of positive drug tests that I've,covered and you know they're they're not,good and they they cause problems and,there's uh negativity but pretty much,every other one that's ever occurred in,like the history of my time covering,boxing has been handled in a better,fashion than what's gone on with this,Conor band situation,yeah I think that's where most of the,outrage comes from in terms of boxing,fans,um we're still waiting on on Connor's,sort of other statements and he's trying,to prove himself,um innocent which we hope he can do,um Connor but I think what the outrage,is directed towards as you said it's the,way it's been handled now Eddie's,argument and Calis Allen's argument in,this when we've asked them about it is,that they legally cannot cancel the bout,it's in the hands of data at that time,Chris Eubank Jr to say I don't want to,proceed with the fight and the board,whether they want to prohibit the fight,or not which in the end they did but,there the promoter's argument is that,they had no jurisdiction over canceling,that fight what are your thoughts on,that,well if that's the case and I'm not,entirely sure that that's true they sure,as heck gave their opinions,to the fighters and the board that they,wanted to continue with the fight it,seems to me so yeah maybe technically,speaking they couldn't be the ones to,pull the plug but they sure as heck,didn't go to their best efforts to say,we don't want to do the fight they could,have made public statements saying we,want to cancel the fight but they won't,let us I mean of course look I Chris,Eubank the athlete of course he wanted,to fight he's been training for months,he's been cutting weight he has a huge,payday riding on it you know he's the,favorite to win the fight there was a,thousand reasons why you can understand,why the young man would want to have the,fight but having the fight or not having,a fight is not up to the boxer that's,not the way it works that's why there,are Regulators that's why there are,managers that's why there are promoters,uh the athletes are important obviously,they're the ones getting the ring and,put their lives in the line but they,don't get to make that decision so the,fact that Chris Eubank wanted to fight,and that Conor been wanted to fight is,no way should come as a surprise to,anybody,um but as far as them not being able to,cancel the bout uh you know it felt like,at least early on they were weighing,their options to perhaps seek an,injunction now obviously they didn't go,forward to do that I'm glad that they,didn't make that into even more of a,mess there were suggestions that they,would seek an outside regulatory agency,edius said many times that they were,never going to do that so I'm happy to,hear that that's a good thing,um but if they really couldn't cancel,the fight and it was up to t

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thank you,this is jonathanager with here for grow,boxing fans joined by Dan Rafael let's,talk about uh some news today that Eddie,Hearn says he's had a bit of contact on,email with Shelly Finkel uh for the,first time in it in years about a future,fight between Joshua and Deontay Wilder,uh your reaction to that is that some,step in the right direction even,tentatively I mean anytime there's,communication it never hurts I don't,think it's the first time in years,because I spoke to Shelby Finkel,there'll be a week ago and they had said,and he had said to me in the in the days,or the week or two before Deontay had,his fight against Robert helenius that,Eddie had uh contacted him about talk,about wanting to talk about that fight,and Shelley said to me that his response,to Eddie was I'm I'm interested to talk,about it let's definitely talk about it,let's wait until deante's fight with,helenius is over and then Circle back,after that's over obviously uh that was,a couple of weeks ago Wilder sport is,spectacular first round knockout against,selenius and I guess this is now Eddie,circling back to him about the prospect,of that fight I've talked to Shelly,Finkel a number of times over the last,since the Deontay Wilder knockout,against selenius,um he has said to me on a number of,occasions that's the fight that they,want,as a fan I wanted to see that fight for,years I wanted to see that when it was,them both being Champions it would have,been for the Undisputed title they were,both undefeated but there had been docs,on multiple occasions between the sides,and for different reasons and you can,lay blame perhaps at the feet of both,sides here and there that it did not,happen uh and so even though they're not,Champions anymore and they're not,undefeated anymore and they've shown,their vulnerabilities by being knocked,out uh and and suffering losses,you know what it's still a great matchup,it's still a very exciting fight it's a,fight I think that title or no title if,you're a boxing fan I don't think,there's any way you wouldn't want to see,that fight it's a very interesting,matchup and like like you mentioned if,Eddie in fact reached out to Shelley,communication is never a bad thing the,only way you can make fights is you,communicate with the other side so,um I'm gonna Reserve judgment on whether,it happens or not because it has all the,different examples that we've just been,talking about about these significant,fights that have not happened we can,cite chapter and verse on all the stuff,that goes on that are reasons why these,major fights don't happen so I'm not,going to get my hopes up you show me a,signed contract you send me a press,release show me a photo op of them stand,it together on a news conference and,then maybe I'll believe it and I'll be a,little bit more when the bell rings so,I'm not going up and down that emotional,roller coaster uh we've been down that,road way too many times especially with,some of those matching fights that that,Eddie loves to talk about that don't,happen so I'm happy if they're having,conversations about it but uh you know,show me the money as they say and let me,see when it's really done,done obviously one file that is,definitely happening uh December 3rd,here in the UK Fury against Derek,chisora now obviously uh Frank Warren,has Justified uh why they couldn't get,certain opponents I know there's WBC,ranked opponents that uh some people,suggested in your opinion is chisora the,best name available in terms of one a,dancing partner for Fury in a in a 60,000 seater stadium was there anyone else,you feel could have stepped in other,than Derek chisora that was available,you can go down the rankings I don't,have them here in front of me but I mean,there's plenty of heavyweights that,would be somewhere in that top 15 of the,WBC they would drop everything they're,doing and run to a world championship,opportunity so look I appreciate Frank's,position I'm not anti-frank Warren by,any means I like Frank we've gone along,Frank over 20 years but Frank's a,promoter his job is to sell the event,obviously he's going to say uh that this,is a great fight and fans should embrace,it and it was what they could get done,but no I don't think it's a very good,fight I'm not interested in it to tell,you the truth I love place in theory as,a heavyweight champion he's a tremendous,fighter he's a great personality but,he's another guy that promised a lot and,delivered a little uh and I just don't,think that a dare to sword fight is,worthy of the fight now if he wants to,get his buddy there to sort a Payday,good for him but that doesn't mean we,have to buy that stuff I'm not I'm not,in I mean look I love boxing and I cover,boxes how I make my living I'll watch,the fight I'll write about the fight but,uh I'm not enthusiastic about it at all,if there are 50 000 die hards that are,going to show up at that stadium and,watch a fight good for them,um you know I don't necessarily believe,that 50 000 number if you go

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don't forget to go to ass-kicking calm,but pound for pound the best home health,and beauty fragrance products this is,Bobby and you're watching Don T's boxing,let me dig into your eyes,the mess that the D Cavs get away with,in the sport of boxing and only in a,sport of boxing,Dante's boxing nation was going on guys,now let me go ahead and issue a,disclaimer right now because um we're,about to get into this real deep we're,about to get real deep and I know the,race is you know they hate when they're,exposed so then they start defending,being racist and all that kind of stuff,so I'm just saying to all the races D,Cavs right now this is your opportunity,to stop this video if you don't want to,hear the truth and the whole truth you,stop the video you unsubscribe because,quite frankly I really don't even want,you guys on the channel a matter of fact,I'm gonna go ahead and only have the,comments approved because whenever it,comes to videos like this where I'm,about to go real deep on the ass,this is when they love to flood the,comment section,oh but they'll never call in when we do,the radio show try to push that same,crap that they push in the comment,section no they only put that in the,comment section because they know that,they don't have to explain themselves,they could go ahead and say whatever,they want to say and not be held,accountable but when you're talking to,someone directly then you put on the,spot that's why they don't like to call,in but they'll sit there listen to the,whole show you know do little drive-bys,in the comment section and keep it,pushing,because it is therapeutic for them to,just say things that makes them feel,better they know it's not true but it's,therapeutic for them so what that all,being said let's go ahead and get into,this ridiculous news when it comes to,Dan Raphael or maybe I should say this,ridiculous Dan Raphael when it comes to,this news,so Guillermo Riggin diao he reported on,his Instagram that ESPN's ESPN dan,Raphael personally and directly blot,rego from his Twitter account once again,we're talking about ESPN we're not,talking about like some small as YouTube,channel we not talk about just some fans,they came to watch one of regos fights,or whatever the case may be maybe a fan,that was rooting against we go we are,talking about ESPN dan Raphael he blocks,Guillermo from his Twitter account now,this is what Guillermo Rico had to say,about being blocked by ESPN Dan Raphael,quote and at the beginning guys I think,regal he meant to say my number one fan,which he was referring to Dan Raphael,but I'm a quote exactly what he said,my fans number one loves me so much that,he needed to take a break from my,Twitter accounts for medical reasons I,think something to the effect rigo's,Twitter is too addicting so he blocked,me,hashtag Dan Raphael end quote let me,start by saying this what makes this,situation so egregious but at the same,time there's a lot about what Dan,Raphael just did that made this,extremely personal and offensive allow,me to go ahead and break it down right,now,first thing you notice when you look at,this picture I have up on the screen,right here this is Dan Raphael sweater,account right as you see this man is,promoting Leo Santa Cruz and he's,promoting Gennady golovkin he has a,picture with him in golovkin as his,profile pic right and his background pic,is Leo Santa Cruz someone who,conveniently and coincidentally avoided,Guillermo Rico by all means necessary,this is the guy that he's promoting on,his Twitter is Dan Raphael while at the,same time blocking Rigo from his Twitter,I mean if you really think about it it's,almost like Rico golovkin and Leo Santa,Cruz going to a club right Dan Raphael,he lets golovkin in he lets Leo Santa,Cruz in and then all of a sudden regal,pops up and he says hey you can't get in,the club I'm sorry you just can't get in,I don't have no reason why you can't get,in you just can't get in sorry Rico is,like as if is it full to capacity I mean,what's going on in there and downline,nah man you just can't come in you just,can't come in I mean this is pretty much,what Dan Raphael just did I said this is,egregious for so many reasons because,for one the word professionalism it,comes to mind when I first look at stuff,like this when I see things like this,Dan Raphael is supposed to be a,professional,once again we're not talking about a,small-timer,we're talking about someone who,represents the biggest sporting network,in America right I'm telling you guys,right now if you have been listening to,my channel for quite some time then you,know that I have called out all of these,hypocritical as double standards since,day one and almost everything that I've,told you guys about it's coming to,fruition,like I tell you guys all the time man,the truth will always come to light for,better or worse right I mean we've seen,what happened in Charlotte with with you,know racist people just being racist and,proud walking down the street not even,trying to s

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