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Are Twitter Algorithms Even Legal? | Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakichin the world we live in,and you're a


Updated on Jan 22,2023

Are Twitter Algorithms Even Legal? | Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich

in the world we live in,and you're a rich dude really rich dude,there's two ways of looking at it you,can look at it like he say whatever he,wants i had a really rich dude owns like,everything here tell me one time he goes,man he goes when you're at that level,you gotta be careful because if you say,the wrong thing markets drop and you,cost people billions,but,musk is smarter than that and he just,has seemingly made social media what it,should be with us a little bit of fun no,no it's supposed to be this safe pillow,um lined room where nobody gets hurt and,everything is politically correct yes no,it should absolutely be fun it should be,a little bit offensive there should be,things that you don't like you don't,you're not going to agree with everybody,you're not going to like everybody um,and sometimes those counter opinions are,exactly what you need to hear so um stop,acting like everybody who thinks like,you is right and everybody doesn't think,like he's a criminal that should be,censored and um yes i think we need to,get past this idea of like nobody should,ever be offended or made to feel like,the slightest bit uncomfortable with a,tweet or a comment like learn to laugh,learn to lighten up and,i think a little bit of fun would do a,whole lot of good for a lot of people,do you think do you think musk will,bring that to twitter because he hasn't,said what he's doing he hasn't said he's,going to be a crazy man he's just said,hey look i'm buying twitter do you think,he'll,uh do you think him buying twitter will,impact people in a very dramatic way in,terms of not being offended by,everything,um i think it will impact people in a,dramatic way as far as not being able to,um monitor and control information that,makes them uncomfortable,so the thing that i'm fascinated to see,how it plays out is it exposes the,algorithms used to suppress certain,people or amplify others um you've seen,a bunch of people on twitter comment how,their their followers have grown,exponentially,since he bought it i don't know if,that's entirely true or why but like,what are they doing i mean are they are,they so the thing i wonder is like if,you see how many followers somebody has,you're relying on twitter for that,accuracy right like nobody's going,through and counting their 100 000,followers um but are they artificially,inflating that number for certain,organizations or for people i don't know,are they deflating it for others um are,they boosting stuff up to the top of,people's timelines intentionally to to,um disseminate a certain type of,information so i think that's what's,going to be fascinating is not only the,accounts that you can bring back and,undoing some of the censorship we've,seen,but exposing how these algorithms are,working to promote different ideals and,the support that they seem to have which,then creates a certain narrative around,certain agendas so um if he could pull,back the veil like pull back the curtain,a little bit to how those things work i,think that could dramatically impact um,things for people especially when they,realize like hey this isn't as popular,as an opinion as people on twitter want,you to think i mean it's become the,public town square that's the whole,thing so if you're able to to provide a,microphone for certain people in that,square and not others that definitely,controls how that information is,received and disseminated,i'm going to assume and and i don't have,a law degree but i'm going to assume,that,twitter,in their algorithms and if they did or,didn't censor they did or did not shade,or shadow block whatever i assume it was,all legal what they did right i mean is,it possible that anything was illegal,done here i you know what i mean,yeah that's i mean again i think that's,for somebody way smarter than the two of,us but um i would imagine it's illegal,because it's a private company and that,was what some of the the employees were,saying like yes we provided or we uh,instituted these policies that they were,done legally and ethically in yada yada,um again,my argument and i think that's what i,appreciate about elon is like he even,studies like that the restrictions on,free speech are confined to the,restrictions of the law and if people,want to change the restrictions of free,speech then they should change the law,until they do twitter should adhere by,those those guidelines even if they are,a private company which has always been,the the argument right like the free,speech is for the government not for a,private company so twitter can do it at,once but again twitter has become the,public space that the government and the,constitution tried um to protect so,i think he he's made that point like,look there are limitations on free,speech that are very limited based on,the constitution and those are the ones,and policies we should adhere to not,necessarily um what these companies and,big tech deem appropriate speech,you

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Making Dakich Cry?! More Mean Tweets On Don’t @ Me

Making Dakich Cry?! More Mean Tweets On Don’t @ Me

hey millet,underscore,tj,maybe if dan didn't yell,we would listen,hey,man i don't yell,i speak with my,outside voice,all the time,millet underscore tj so we'll just flip,that around tj millett,i bring an enthusiasm unknown uh i i,bring an enthusiasm greater and stronger,than anyone in the history of mankind,and i do it every day from nine to,eleven,so tj millett i will try to speak softer,you soft little,i will try to speak in a manner with,which you are comfortable,tj i will try to appease you little tj,because of all the things in the world,tj,of all the things going on,you're mad about a man that has too much,enthusiasm,i do yell a little bit i was actually,watching the show the other day and i,thought you know what i saw this tweet,and i'm like i think tj might be right i,do i think he might be right i think i,need to tone it down a little bit,so i'm gonna tone it down speak to you,like we're speaking at the dinner table,that ain't happening all right,so tj,uh what's what's now what's next,there's mean tweets,oh at slade western,double d are you allowed to call me,double d isn't that a sexist term,isn't that a sexist term that oh i don't,know,we can't call uh offensive to women,well you got to understand something,about slade western,first off slade western isn't a real,person,slade western has zero followers,according to this,slade western uh,tweets a lot about dogs,yeah i don't know i just think it's,weird but still funny you put the word,journalist and integrity in the same,sentence oh,that's an actual tweet from slade,western,i think i now like slade western,whenever you say something like that,holy smokes,slade western you're my boy blue or my,girl either one don't know,i only have two i only have boy and girl,i'm sorry i can't go down the list of,all the things that you want to call,yourself but i got boy i got girl i got,man i got woman that's all i got slade,that's it so if that's incoherent,gibberish god bless you and god bless,america but slade western i'm not mad at,you,i'm not,um,yeah,i also like the fact,that slade western,uh goes back and forth with people,i do,i do,slade western i ain't mad at you,keep them coming,all right where's the next one,slain western,dockets is so,is unbelievable stoke,wait dan dockitch is unbelievable so,stupid sounding not a bit funny or,knowledgeable,i am very dumb,i do sound stupid it is my northwest,indiana chicagoland these them and those,voices,but i would say this i would say dan,dockitch is,uh either unbelievable comma so stupid,sounding not a bit funny or,knowledgeable,i'm not mad at you jim dolly for saying,that it just shows what a, you are,it just shows what a hater you are you,know what jim dolly i think you're,racist that's right i said it i meant it,yeah your name jim dolly aka jim grant,you know what else,he called roy blunt an idiot,yeah,i don't think jim dolly is really a,person jim his name is jim grant he says,i want to give will smith the finger,i don't think jim jim dolly 15 is a real,person,he's following seven people,uh,the kansas city royals greg cody miami,herald yeah i don't i think he's a bot,jim dolly you're a bot you're not real,people,i don't respond to real people that's,right i don't respond jim dolly and i'm,yelling that's right i am,what are you gonna do,i used to argue with these people,what is wrong with me like i would have,come back and said something snide if,you went a year ago i would have been um,i don't know,two years ago i'd have been ripping them,an espn would have caught been calling,me,yeah i think i'm really funny,i do i think i'm unbelievable i agree,so stupid-sounding oh i agree with that,knowledgeable don't even at me people,the knowledge is off the chain,yo,what else you fools have for me,what else you guys got,don't be damn well this guy matthias,he's taking mike woodson's little,influencer daughter,who's like 31 years old she's an,influencer,i'm an influencer,so mike woodson's little daughter uh is,an influencer,and i was all over the indiana hoosiers,my school for being soft as a baby's ass,about,um,losing,and losing big in the ncaa tournament so,mike woodson's little influencer,daughter she's 31 years old she's an,influencer i'm an influencer,she said don't be dan,don't be dan,so this guy here this matthias guy he's,always on my ass every day,i mean to the point where i'm like mom,is that you,mom,could that be you,and one of the things that little mariah,i think her name is mariah said was,don't be dead,really yeah i wouldn't be me hell uh,getting ready to give about 500 bikes,away getting ready to well never mind,anyway,don't be damn this matthias guy says j.w,braves matthias i'm not gonna be dan,this dude there are two,twitter handles,that are,um,you got to see this this is interesting,there are two twitter handles that are,devoted and i take this as a,compliment so this guy john mathias,uh at jwm his twitter handle is,literally me,like literally me,there's another guy,he goes by larry cowan,everything at

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Big Tech Twitter Pushes Woke Agenda | Don't @ Me With Dan Dakich

Big Tech Twitter Pushes Woke Agenda | Don't @ Me With Dan Dakich

when you look at,twitter okay twitter dictates a lot i,mean i know people say,uh and i'm gonna shift i'm gonna shift,the conversation here because i'm really,curious your thoughts on this what do,you think elon musk being the largest,shareholder in twitter what do you think,that will help a lot,i mean honestly i do i i,the freedom of speech that's taking,place and you can argue that twitter is,a private company which it is even,though it's publicly held and traded my,argument is that the public square has,shifted so,you know with our with our freedom of,speech the notion was like you can go on,the public square and say whatever you,want within you know certain,restrictions not inciting violence and,so forth um,and and my argument is that in in 2022,social media has become the public,square so yes i could go stand outside,my house or you know in in downtown and,share my opinion but i'm not going to,reach the people that i would reach on,twitter on facebook on instagram or,parlor or whatever whatever,you're on,so i think when it comes to the,interpretation of the constitution the,bill of rights like we have to we have,to understand that the public square in,which was protected free speech has,changed and it's taken on a a,technological component to it which does,have,a private company component but i think,in the modern day that has become where,we get out our free speech,uh elon musk's,purchase of the the shares of twitter,that he has and he's like nine percent,now um i think is is huge because and i,don't know how much like he can change,company policy with his vote and being,on the board now if he's just one if,they need a majority and like how all,those things work but the problem is and,we're seeing this through company with,companies throughout throughout really,the country but probably the world like,they're all owned by the same people so,if that same agenda is being pushed,there's,there's no diversity anymore i mean,there's like blackrock uh vanguard and,state street they own everything i mean,you think you have competitors but,they're owned by all the same people so,i'm i'm hopeful that this elon musk,component can kind of shake that up a,little bit because the people that are,getting blocked on twitter are just,people that twitter doesn't agree with,and that to me,is inherently wrong but unconstitutional,um,i remember what i learned about free,speech at the university of miami and my,professor,his big thing was the answer to bad,speech isn't less speech it's more,speech and i remember thinking like no,they shouldn't be allowed to say that,that's messed up like that's wrong,that's rude it's it's it's you know evil,sometimes um,like sometimes there are really terrible,things said like they should they should,be silenced and he,he uh really broke it down that that if,you can't support all free speech then,you don't believe in any free speech,because who are you to determine what is,right and what is wrong and that's where,we've gotten to in this country where,companies think they can determine what,is right and what is wrong what is true,and what is false we have all these fact,checkers who then come out and you know,it's revealed that they had different,agendas so um the censorship of free,speech in the in the the social media,space i think is a real threat to um to,freedoms that we have always you know,held dear as american so i'm hoping elon,musk can shake some some things up in,that space um and everybody's like get,trump back on twitter blah blah blah but,like the idea that that is even um,happening,is concerning and i don't think people,realize like how far-reaching that can,be when you have government colluding,with big tech to censor american,citizens like that's,i don't i don't know that's not the,future that i want to see the direction,our our country going,is he the best guy,like if all the people that you you know,have the enough money have the,wherewithal to go and get involved in,this is he i think so it's hard to know,when you don't know like their true,intentions and stuff and i feel like so,many people can be taught,um but when you see the collusion that i,think has taken place and maybe that's,too strong of a word it'd probably call,it collaboration that's taken place with,with big tech and government and big,pharma,it's scary um it's scary how quickly,something gets taken off of youtube for,just mentioning a prescription that,starts with the letter i that some,people have used to treat covet like it,gets you know it gets flagged it gets,taken down um so i think he is i think,he has more of a level-headed approach,to this,um and i think he is is more,more for the people than probably a lot,of those,ceos,that are currently there are and i just,i i don't know i mean like when you're,that rich can you be bought like,obviously everybody has a price and and,we see you know how that affects,people's decisions whether it's like,gates or bezos or any of those people,but um i mean he's so dam

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STFU, Dakich! Firing Back At Mean Tweets | Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich

STFU, Dakich! Firing Back At Mean Tweets | Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich

i haven't seen these so they're going to,be put up on the screen and you're going,to get my reaction i guess let's see,what we got here big boy,all right,i'm not saying it's the end of the world,but for god's sake put on a hat hey,i'm follicly challenged you guys were,mad at me when i did the comb over now i,went like this get out of here,jwm braves mathis,stop it stupid it's a good look,my wife loves it,in fact my wife said hey the other way,doesn't look any better either so,i'm putting on a hat i like this i like,this head,come on,what do you got next,ben shafi ben shapiro i feel like i,could have a few laughs either at him or,with him but i would be simply miserable,with dan dockage man that's not true,i'll tell you right now you ask anybody,that's ever worked with the anybody,that's ever been on the road with me at,espn their favorite person to work with,what has two thumbs and is the favorite,person on espn to work with this guy why,because i buy,and because i make fun of everything and,we laugh nights before games with me and,tarico and allison williams and bart fox,and scott johnson are still talked about,now oh and,he's got to be a michigan state fan too,he's a michigan state fan he's full of,i mean get out of here with that you'd,have such a good time you miserable,little prick,what's next,ben shapiro and me would be a really,good time by the way it'd be a great,time,dan you are the ugliest m effort i have,ever seen and your voice sucks have you,ever landed a job using your voice,and using your looks and voice is crazy,f you look at big fish,have i ever landed a job because of my,looks,yeah this one,yeah,why are guys always worried about what,other guys look like and this guy's a,guy i can tell by the way he writes,my voice is awesome it's these demon,dozers right from south chicago don't at,me,big fish,big fish you got one of my,no i've never yeah i landed this job,using my voice and using my looks,let this wash over you,look if i had a nickel for every time a,woman stopped on the street and said my,you're handsome i would not have a,nickel,big fish don't worry about how i look,would you say that to a woman no,pig,chauvinist,the little thumbnail of dan dockage avi,actually looks like someone photoshopped,the sunglasses emoji on a penis i can't,argue that,i can't argue that i'm sorry i can't,argue that melvin izzo iii i'm sorry i,can't argue i've seen it and i agree,it does,but as my wife said the other way didn't,look any better look i used to swoosh it,to the side lacquer it down put some,dust all in it and had a big catcher's,mitt back here,god gave me so much,he gave me brains,a great sense of humor unbelievable,physical ability but he didn't give me,hair,i can't argue this it looks like a penis,it does,afternoon is upon us,don't forget that dan dockitch is the,worst human being on the planet and a,total jack he eats his own kidney stones,go yourself,how about that,at johnny sins phd you got a phd in,being a,that's what your phd is,shut up,this guy's always on my i recognize that,name,go blank yourself,probably not supposed to swear here they,can't monetize it if i swear

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Elon Musk Dunking On The Idiots Of Twitter | Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich

Elon Musk Dunking On The Idiots Of Twitter | Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich

look at this tweet,by elon musk elon musk for those of you,that don't know paid 44 billion dollars,to take over,twitter and it has the folks freaking,out now,for days and days and years and years,and years,the left told us what,what are you talking about,there's no censorship here there's no,bias here this is free speech that's,what they told us well the extreme,anti-body reaction from those who fear,free speech,says it all yes it does,and it says it all on a variety of,levels number one what's everybody so,afraid of if there's nothing to see here,well it's all i heard,nothing to see here why is it always the,left tells me there's nothing to see,here and there turns out to be stuff to,see here,russian collusion nothing to see here,this lie that lie nothing to see here,the big guy somehow biden got 5.2,million in extra income i don't know how,it happened,everybody tells me nothing to see here,twitter there's nothing to see here,there's no censorship of anything what,are you worried about,well all of a sudden,elon musk decides to go ahead and put 44,million in the pockets of those that own,twitter,and he put a boat ton,into people that had twitter on the,stock market,bought the thing,i don't know about you but on my little,twitter account which has 150 000,plus,people following me it immediately went,up 300 followers i don't know how that,happened it has not gone up,in oh i don't know ever since i started,posting things that aren't the left,i don't know how that happened please,explain that to me i am all ears i would,love to hear how that could possibly,happen if there's nothing to see here,of course there's something to see here,of course there's been censorship,i don't even know what the hell an,algorithm is but i know this there's a,lot of people that's tweets i followed,and i never saw,what they call it shadow blocking a lot,of that going on,a lot of censorship of people whose,ideas were not in cahoots,with the left,a lot of that going on,if it wasn't going on what's everybody,worried about,there's going to be misogyny there,already was but it always came from one,side there's going to be racist well you,ever read joy reads tweets,you don't think that's racist as hell,what are you nuts,you ever see what comes out of the mouth,of jaylen rose you don't think that's,racist as hell,what are you talking about,is okay when it was coming from one side,is okay when opinions coming from one,side kind of met with the opinions of,those running,twitter but isn't free speech about both,sides isn't free speech about hearing,what people have to say,certainly,of course it is what's wrong with you,that's an amazing thing we've got going,here it really is,it's fascinating and i'm not really a,says it all guy we make fun of says it,all about you,dan you work for outkick says a lot,about you yeah it says that i like free,speech and i like,having a variety of thought that isn't,going to get censored by my bosses,you're wearing a blue shirt today dan,says a lot about you you shaved your,head dan says a lot about you yeah well,we make fun of that but it does it,look,nothing to see here means nothing to see,here,doesn't matter whether you're running it,or you're running it ain't nothing to,see it ain't nothing to see,everything's laid out it's free speech,there's no censorship i don't know why,we'd be worried about it but apparently,we are,and i like what elon musk had to say,right there because he's right,everybody that you have seen,that ditched twitter made a big deal,about it knows there has been a bias and,a slant that bias that protection,actually,that's what it is it's protection that,your thoughts our little libby friends,their thoughts are going to be pushed,the other side's thoughts,are going to be diminished slash sensor,now i am not on either side,i have always maintained that both sides,have good thoughts both sides have,horrendous thoughts both sides can be,great both sides can be idiots i am the,commissioner of common sense i listen i,pay attention i research i decide that,simple,i don't know why that's so hard for,everybody not named dockitch or not,named i know,clay travis or not named oh i don't know,uh actually i really don't know because,there's not a lot of people that do that,because there's even less people with,common sense,that'll speak out because they're afraid,fascinating

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Elon Musk Bails On Twitter Deal | Don't @ Me Dan Dakich

Elon Musk Bails On Twitter Deal | Don't @ Me Dan Dakich

elon musk,going out,and buying twitter,well that deal has fallen through elon,musk has said nae nae nae no we ain't,doing it ain't happening,and you go all right well why well one,of the reasons why is that elon musk,found out,that twitter isn't real,that all of these accounts that are,supposedly,real people,are not real people,bots rule the day musk found out that,bots were supposedly this many,they're now this many so what he was,going to buy was something unlike or not,unlike other businesses whose numbers,were inflated musk found this out musk,is not happy about it so you know what,musk said,no,again you don't get to be,these guys freaking age,and these guys freaking money,and all of a sudden,not be smart enough to understand a bad,deal the dude knows a bad deal he knows,a bad deal,and it's a bad deal,in theory it's a good deal remember when,musk bought the thing or at least it was,reported that bought that musk bought,the thing,well all of a sudden all of these oh i,don't know,um,what's the right word,all of our numbers of followers went sky,high because we all know,we all know,that twitter is shadow blocking twitter,twitter is not allowing you to follow,certain people we all know,so he said this uh elon musk they said i,couldn't buy twitter,okay then he tried to buy twitter then,they wouldn't disclose bot information,now they want to force me to buy twitter,in court,now they have to disclose bot,information in court,i think,i think elon musk,is awesome,i think this is the smartest play,i think what ends up coming out of this,is that elon musk buys twitter for,pennies on the dollar,i think that 44 billion dollars becomes,22 billion i think musk gets an,unbelievable deal i think the ceos of,twitter don't want to do what musk just,said i think they don't want to have to,go into court and disclose every single,thing that they're doing because let's,be honest my assumption and i think this,is a rightful assumption is that one of,those big buildings in manhattan,is filled with elon musk lawyers i'm,sure twitter has some too i'm sure jack,dorsey has a bunch too i'm not even mad,about that but win or lose,you're going to have to disclose,and my guess is the last thing that,twitter wants to do as elon musk said is,to close that type disclose,that type information,in the court of law,that would be my guess,so twitter ceos are saying we don't want,musk to buy it but a deal is a deal,here remember what we do on this show,pull this what does it play yes it plays,jingle bells,so musk is saying hey,you can't buy twitter,then they won't disclose the bot,information part of the deal now they're,forcing him to buy twitter on court,in court and now they got to disclose,the bot information,now twitter is saying that they are more,than 95 real people which is think about,that statement,all right think about that statement,right there yeah we've got this thing,where people log on they use a username,they use a password they do all these,things and oh by the way well we're,about 95 or above,percent people who are these other,people,who,just think about that statement for i,mean take out all the real world crap,and just think about that statement yeah,we're about 95 real people,all right,okay,it's fascinating because i've gone to,now,where i know who the bots are like if,there's a dog in the picture just a dog,i pretty much figure uh it's a bot,like i get all these things you shock,dogage i used to follow you before you,got political and i look at them and,there's a bot,because they have a dog picture it's,kind of the same dog as like a poodle i,don't know,yeah i honestly don't know,but yeah i mean,so here we go we'll see what ends up,happening but i don't blame them even a,little bit

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STFU, Dakich! Mean Tweets Make A Comeback | Don't @ Me With Dan Dakich

STFU, Dakich! Mean Tweets Make A Comeback | Don't @ Me With Dan Dakich

let's roll them big boy what do you got,what are you giving me,this Rodney Falls guy,so this guy here you know what this is,in response to,this is in response to me saying me,actually saying that it is horrific,that officers get killed now this is,this guy see this guy comes at me like,it's his job apparently he refereed a,game of mine when I was coaching my son,and I was mean to Rodney Falls and,Rodney falls on Twitter he's gonna come,at me this I'm glad you put this up,there,this is a Democrat and if you go to his,Twitter handle all he does is defend,nonsense well,Rodney,is mad that I sent out a tweet,saying horrible absolutely horrific,there was a new report,210 officers police officers shot so far,in 2022. 39 killed that's a 14 increase,46 Ambush attacks 18 of those officers,killed this is from a friend of mine or,a lady that I know I shouldn't say a,friend Angela ganote,she's a fox reporter here in Indy my,quote tweet was horrible absolutely,horrific,and that's Rodney's response,see I responded to Rodney saying yeah,you're just a horrible person so what,will happen now is I'll be the bullet no,I don't care,that's unbelievable,I'm glad you put that Rodney's been mad,you were a jackass when you were,coaching your son I was a referee we,didn't like it yeah top,foreign,this guy apparently must support police,killings I don't go ahead what do you,got next big boy,doesn't look like many people are adding,you in jail or in general you know what,I think seriously,I think I have 155,100 Bots,I do I don't think anybody other than,the people I actually know,and the people that come at me every day,I think I probably have a hundred real,followers,I don't know a hundred people but every,time there's something negative written,about me or said about me the same group,of people,respond and this guy's one of them,so this guy decides well no I agree I,can't get a bunch of adding so don't add,me you know what that means the world as,we know it is listening to Don't,at,me see the meat see the me wait where,the hell is the meat why am I going that,way there's the meat,I can't even do I could don't,at,me,and people are listening,I gotta tell you one of the great things,that I've found my brother and I were,talking about yesterday is the interest,in my life my life is so boring,but damn I can say something on the,radio in a midday show in Indianapolis,and it makes it all the way to the USA,Today,we say something on this show I don't,know if you guys have noticed Dylan and,Ryan but basically every day uh,Barrett's media has taken something from,our show our show is absolutely rolling,so I don't know whether people are,adding me or not but I do know this,we're rolling baby here at out kick and,I love every minute of it,oh boy that's true,oh hell yeah,I do,everybody does all the greats do so MB,Stinger why are you mad about that MB,Stinger why are you upset about that MB,Stinger what's going on with you,well so you're making fun of mental,health I've been very open about my,mental health issues I've been very open,about the things that have been involved,in my life I've been very open about the,fact that I suffered from real,depression when I was losing games at,Bowling Green and I knew we had no,chance I don't understand it,I don't,why are you making fun,MB of mental health isn't that one of,the oh I don't know,uh taboos for people I mean are you,bullying me does it feel good bullying,me I've been bullied,he's mean to me,why are you being mean to me,don't be mean to me,I got these guys on mute so I haven't,seen all these but we're just here,because well I don't know we're going to,make fundamental Health yeah I'm on,Lexapro so is everybody you know yeah in,real depression I couldn't get my uh uh,my head off the pillow very open about,all of that I got no problem with any of,that,none,I do need a psychiatrist psychiatrist,psychiatrist psychiatrist I'm hearing,Echoes In My Head oh my God where are,those flies at,of course I do you do too we all do,oh man you're at the very top of the,list of self-proclaimed victim along,with every other radio host,every other one,I don't think every radio host is a,victim in fact I'm gonna have Jason,hammer on here from hammer and Nigel,number one show in Indy in about three,or four minutes and I don't think I,don't I don't think he is,of course I'm a victim we're all victims,everybody's a victim,King of Pain you're mean to me so I'm a,victim you're bullying me,you're horrible,awful,you'll be mean to me,people just make stuff up man,people get to say stuff uh yeah I don't,think I'm a victim but I don't know why,you're picking on radio hosts that seems,very radio Hostess are you a Hostess,don't be a hostess,well Hostess isn't bad yeah in fact I,stopped and got Hostess Twinkies last,night i-s-t not ESS,why are you hating on radios,doesn't seem right,doesn't seem right at all,but anyway I got all these fake accounts,that come at me I mean one day I did,everything from breakup families to,being on

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Feds Investigating Elon Musk Twitter Purchase | Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich

Feds Investigating Elon Musk Twitter Purchase | Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich

uh this is the least surprising news,of the,day,this is you could not be more surprised,than this happening,they always say and i anticipate this,next year,if you are a public figure,and you go against the current party in,power,expect an audit,so i have never been audited basically,my taxes are the same although i'm,making more money this year because of,this show relative to espn,so i'll pay a little more,but the truth of the matter is i'm,guessing this show,will get me audited because this is the,show that makes fun of the people in,power,well it's no surprise then,that out of the blue oh my god how did,this happen that elon musk who took over,twitter in a 44 billion dollar deal,is now,getting,investigated,by the feds oh that doesn't happen,really,it does happen,and when i read this yesterday my first,thought was,who didn't see that come,because elon musk is considered,against the current administration,in power and believe me people it's not,just when the democrats are in power are,you crazy,are you crazy that's not it at all,hey when the republicans are in power,same thing i'm watching gaslit,it's about watergate and how stupid,these folks are now i don't know if it's,true or not obviously those things they,take certain liberties but it's,basically about martha mitchell the wife,of john mitchell it's really good it,comes out sunday nights,and i think it's on stars we actually,got a subscription to stars to watch it,but the truth of the matter is,that's a republican group,that didn't need to break in,to win the election they were going to,win the election by a bazillion votes,but they were stupid,both sides do this both sides are idiots,i mean when you're so staunchly one side,or the other you're pretty much an idiot,you pretty much can't think for yourself,so this isn't like a democratic thing,this is just the way the world works,thing so elon musk the sec is,investigating his late disclosure of his,twitter stake per the wall street,journal after buying up,more than five percent of twitter stock,musk should have filed a disclosure on,march 24th,he filed on april 4th meaning he may,have benefited from buying up cheaper,shares,in the meantime hey look i'm sure this,is a legitimate investigation,nobody's not i'm not saying this isn't a,legitimate investigation if that's the,sec's rules and that's the sec's rules,but when i saw it i thought to myself,what took you so long,you know like,it's been a week or so 10 days whatever,it's been since he bought the company,what the hell took you so long i'm,shocked by this,i really am,stunned really i'm being facetious,so must go go through this investigation,people will glad hand each other because,see she,and you know what,the end of the day if he's got to pay a,little more he'll pay a little more and,he'll own twitter and free speech shall,return and the most tolerant of us all,our friends to the wacky wacky way left,will be unhappy about it,that's the way the world works take it,from this old head i've seen some things,people,you know this mouth and these eyes and,these ears they just haven't been,beautiful holes,they've seen something said some things,listen to some things that's right,you

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