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Terry Boers reunites with Dan Bernstein at The Score's 30th Anniversarythat response is for none oth

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Terry Boers reunites with Dan Bernstein at The Score's 30th Anniversary

that response is for none other than,terry bors that's got to feel good it's,just feel good i mean it's been fun,getting out and,seeing all these people again because i,think we saw them for a long time,too long,well,yeah a few people have changed a little,bit but yeah i i it's it's sort of like,old home week an old friday who needs to,tamerator isn't it,that's what it is but i'm grateful to,them being so kind to me today i,appreciate that,and i appreciate them in general as i've,said before and i wrote that without,guys like these and women like there's,no show there's no portion bernstein,nothing happens so they're the ones you,know they always say they're grateful to,me no i'm grateful to you it's the other,way around it's not hardly because we,have enough to do it in the other,together anyway,we didn't know the hell we were doing,for 17 years of this now you got a,genius of you this guy here is something,lawrence is great,and layla is so sweet so i i mean you,know you got it made here dude so so my,favorite thing that's happened in the uh,three hours that we've been here is,watching,terry and layla talk,and i mean i don't want to make too big,of a deal out of it but it it felt it,felt good,like just seeing the two of you interact,because you're the two people that have,done the most with the least,well you know already don't you,i was waiting for the reveal we're just,waiting to peel it down,and it's just beautiful because,i say this about terry all the time like,when terry would come into the hallways,everyone would light up and seeing this,place,when they saw that you were coming onto,the stage like light up is exactly how,like all of us feel when he would walk,down the hallways it didn't matter it,didn't matter like what type of day you,were having it didn't matter,terry would come up and be like how are,you what's going on he'd tell you a joke,he'd crack a one-liner he called,bernstein a penis something well that,was every day,that's true day ending and why so so,seeing seeing the people here real time,sports,react the same way that score people,react when we see terry bors is pretty,bleeping awesome,i appreciate that lawrence thank you i,it's,been a while since we've had a chance to,talk so uh a few things have changed,so,much better looking than i am anyway so,you've done way better,than i ever did well i was thinking this,too that here we are,30 years,removed from the start of the station,when you weren't even sure you wanted to,do this,you like being a writer you didn't know,about the whole sports radio thing it's,not going to work well just wait just,wait for that first nielsen ratings book,to come out and then the score will be,on the map that very first ratings book,that was going to validate everything,oh boy,oh boy,and i was this this was a story that was,told to me i was not part of the station,and i'm glad i wasn't because i probably,would have jumped off a cliff,well you know,you would have had a little help i would,have been right behind you because i,think that's a safer place to be um but,yeah we uh,you know when you start something that,it seemed like such a good idea that i,can't miss,but i admit to being a coward i,completely admit to doing that i mean i,i had nothing um,left to prove writing right that i,didn't think anyway maybe so many people,still look at me and say you had a lot,to prove ass face and i said well maybe,i did it's very possible but i really,did anything to prove and i i wasn't,sure that i could do a radio show for,four hours a day,i i really didn't know what that would,go like i mean doing all the radio i did,in the sports report that's a couple,hours,with three guys,you know so how many words you're,getting with ben bentley and bill,jealous good luck so,i i mean,um,to me it was a,an opportunity a great opportunity but,it wasn't something i'd always thought i,wanted to do right i i didn't i didn't,start writing and doing newspapers,because oh man someday i could be on the,radio that's not why i did it not why i,did it but today is great it is terrific,to see everybody and i'm glad they want,to see me because i think a lot of,people probably don't,so,a lot of the people who don't are dead,so you got that going for you yeah,and these two are very silent lauren's,one of my favorite people,and i i saw the big story today about,you two holy god,oh my goodness that's great yeah there's,a story in the tribune about this show,and luckily like it i think it does a,really good job of talking about all,three parts of the show dan layla and,myself,and,it's great but look look i you know how,i feel about you like,any anytime that you're on the score,airwaves i kind of just want to shut up,and listen,um,because of what you guys did and i've,i've told each of you this individually,but i'll just say like as a show like,the boers in bernstein show was,instrumental,to my career because both of you in your,own way dan in a surprisingly very,lovely,letter and terry with just being

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EPIC RANT: Dan Bernstein Goes Off On Chicago Cubs Players Refusing To Get Vaccinated

EPIC RANT: Dan Bernstein Goes Off On Chicago Cubs Players Refusing To Get Vaccinated

cubs david ross said the players are,still not at 85 percent vaccinated,he said some have come around to taking,it,while others are still going through the,educational process,what in holy hell are we,doing here the educational process,is not your wife's tick-tock the,educational process,is not facebook the education is,done ask your doctor,you have team doctors there's no excuse,you have actual mds employed by the team,on multiple levels there is no,educational process,get your damn vaccination get it because,it's good for you it's good for your,family it's good for everyone,the vaccine is safe and it works,there is no reason,not to your educational process,should be over the moment you ask a,doctor should i get vaccinated here's,your flow chart,should i get vaccinated against covid,yes end of process,done the educational process,is not some meme it's not something that,leads back to that british doctor,wakefield as they all do it's not,tick-tock,it's not something your kids saw on,instagram,you've got a doctor get vaccinated,against covid it's the only way we end,this thing,stop this stupidity already for the love,of god,grown ass men you got every medical,opinion at your disposal right there,people who went to medical,god it's just it's it's enough,it's enough it's settled science,get it will they change it every will,they reformulate it every year,yeah might there be boosters yeah are,they learning more about it as we go,yeah the only way we get out of this,the only way is through science,it's not through drinking flax oil that,you ordered from somewhere,god darn it,there was another way to get out of it,and that was to prevent it from,replicating,due to procedures that we decided we,didn't want to follow,but this is a much easier way i mean,that is just this this is,get it this is not a this isn't some,sort of,fashion this isn't politics it's,science it's science get,vaccinated because it's the right thing,to do for yourself it's the right thing,to do for other people,also other people matter,similar to wearing protective coverings,when you don't know which bullets in,your system may or may not be firing,just saying it's i,i'll never understand it i i will i will,never understand where any of these,idiots are coming from with things that,they made up,i will say yeah i know uh if you follow,peter hotez who has written,countless books he's a doctor out of,houston and one of the biggest research,facilities there is in the world,and he talks about uh having a book,title called no vaccines did not give,your child autism,and the damage that that is done in the,anti-vaccine movement and follow the,money,follow the money when it comes to your,anti-vaccine movement they're,they're just ask your doctor and here,here they 630. yeah dan you're not a,doctor,ask yours ask your doctor,ask your medical doctor and just,remember,the transmitter is your phone there's no,way you can put a transmitter into,liquid like that,it's just not the case however all the,information you've given on your phone,is probably a little more not only,direct because you updated your app and,accepted the terms of service,but that that is a proven way to,actually follow you,and let's face it at the end of the day,we're just not that interesting,like you want to see how many times i,google sports stuff,i'm all right with that there is no,reason to not get vaccinated,there is no reason to given the first,opportunity you get,the first vaccine that's available,whether it's moderna,or the johnson johnson one shot or the,pfizer when you have the opportunity,take advantage of the opportunity there,is no,reason not to and and get our lives back,and it's the also the idea of to me like,a principle of conservative being,principle of conservatism being i,shouldn't be somebody else's problem,if you think about it from that respect,like i would hate the fact that i got,somebody else sick,in anything if i came to work sick if i,knew i was contagious i don't want to be,somebody else's problem,so the way i see it is think about it,that way,you don't your actions shouldn't have to,be paid for by somebody else,the fact that the cubs the cub the,chicago cubs,with all that they have at their,disposal with all the information that,they have in their workplace with all,of the medical help that they have,people who work for the team the fact,that the cubs,still say people are some have come,around but others are going through the,educational process,what process what the hell process are,we talking about here,i had fri i had a friend and this is,insane i had a friend in austin who,really took one for the team she was,part of the moderna trial,and she's okay she's fine,she's on facebook though which means,somebody has her data,right yeah i mean it's just it's just,crazy and and with that said i'm i'm not,going to be here tomorrow,because i am getting my second pfizer,shot today,immediately after the show and i'm,because i'm wary that uh,some older people tend to do

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Boers and Bernstein - Dan Bernstein goes bonkers

Boers and Bernstein - Dan Bernstein goes bonkers

Jockamo and Cicero you're on the score,yeah guys I think that stat you gave us,what the I'm based and what the,Shogunate there are those are all,sluggers I'd like to see where ypl rates,went leadoff man in that getting on base,plus slugging that low PS is it counts,as both his on-base percentage socks his,eye base percentage sucks he's on base,32% of the time he's bad he's a bad,leadoff man oh yes yes,Wow okay what does he know I just gave,you an unpaid percentages bad too,okay anything else,Wow get on the next game you can,describe it how Marcus when he's on I,like it again to a debate what I'm about,LeBron James like you think everybody,thinks that the Bulls need LeBron James,don't need him as an idiot well thinks,he's great I think she started to belong,on the Bulls but you think anybody that,thinks he does involve doesn't belong it,moves as an idiot have you been on,another planet for a few weeks,Wow have you no you know what happened,with LeBron right no I said you were,saying that anybody thought the Bulls,that wouldn't be great with LeBron James,it was it was an idiot but Rob thinks,that any of that LeBron would be any,comfortables,I'm completely confused you've just said,completely conflicting things,Hobbes says LeBron felt good for the,Bulls you said he's great for the Bulls,and they mean anybody doesn't think he's,great for the boys an idiot would you,want him on the Bulls Wow,why because I don't think that he blends,with the Bulls how so I'll fall because,he would take away from the whole team,it's all about the plan,I don't want to root for a guy this all,about me oh really so you didn't like,that you didn't like rooting for Jordan,all about Jordan oh really who else is,it about never was really who else was,it about it was about and he was,basically the coach on the floor oh it,was a coach on the floor I see Jockamo,you know it is time for what said what,do you think do to get in a debate with,you know it's time for you to hang up on,yourself yeah okay it's about all you,can say good you know what Jack it's,time now so I'm not I'm not touching,anything you're gonna you're gonna do it,I'm not I've got no button I'm not,touching anything my hands or hands are,up in the air go ahead you are yeah can,i yeah we'll just leave you up I'll take,a few more calls okay here so hang on,there I'm gonna press you're gonna hear,a little noise because I will you stay,here for a I'm sure you will see I want,you to actually stay on until 6:00 okay,we'll get right back to you okay okay,all right so you hang in there hang in,there till 6:00 we'll be right back to,you in White Lake Michigan it's Eric on,the score hey good evening guys hey I've,got a I got an idea here it's a little,creative Demetri Young's out of baseball,he's 36 years old got a career average,about 292 was Comeback Player of the,Year in 2008 he does not have a career,average of 292 he absolutely does and,look at this everyone knows how you do,me,Dmitri young does not first of all do we,trio is probably 700 pounds right now,he's and what year do you think this is,2008 he would come back where it's not,it's not 2008 wouldn't cost you a penny,because he can't play he can play this,is a great is a joke in all honesty is,this a joke are you just calling in to,be stupid yeah,don't like it because it's creatively,you know I don't like it because it's,stupid no no he can play he's like 36 it,would be a great idea to be a great,story a great story what did you say his,career average was that cute run to 92,92 well you said three 90s what you said,no no no no to 92 not three no no one's,392 so this isn't a bit that you want,them to dig up the corpse of Dmitri,young baseball tell me this is a bit,please do everybody a favor and say,you're joking,hey Jermaine guys out of baseball he,still can play hey your ear may say,you're joking say it right now say,that's it I I you got me I'm kidding,seriously seriously,really,it never ends,really I feel like freaking Kafka

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Dan Bernstein pissed off at Derrick Rose

Dan Bernstein pissed off at Derrick Rose

thanks for listening thank you very much,david shuster thank you to our guests,today vincent goodwill from Comcast,SportsNet Chicago a promotion arouse Q,from Yahoo Sports,Sam fells of the committed Indian and,Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report who,just joined us in the studio producers,of Jays Wow ski nick ship Kowski and,adam hammer Sprenger to the video,streaming does it well at watch 672,score calm Jason Kastner is our intern,and BB King was our soundtrack for much,of the show yeah Kastner rock the purple,today too so he put them on my,instrument anybody who has purple on in,here today is on my Instagram trying to,promote lupus awareness and here I'll,put on purple day May 15th so thank you,for everybody who did that and also all,the people on Twitter who did it as well,and all the people on instagram who,tagged me and their pictures keep them,coming thank you so much a lot of people,who fight that that nasty nasty disease,always think they're doing it by,themselves and when they see stuff on a,day like this kind of makes them feel,better I know my little sister feels,better I know Nicole feels better she's,like man you know a lot of people wear,purple for your dumb ass and I'm like,yeah they my peeps they're my peeps,that's what they're supposed to do,so Carly ten to the scores contest line,right now before we get to our,transition at three one three one two,five nine one 6,700 that's three one two,five nine one 6,700 Wednesday pair of,tickets to the 2015 Wells Park craft,beer fest taking place on Saturday May,23rd at Wells Park for more information,and to purchase tickets visit Shai beer, and we now go out to side outs,bar and eatery that's 40:18 Roberts Road,in Island Lake oh it's the Bud Light who,needs to tour with the fellas Dan and,Terry what's up buddies I'm pissed off,is what's up why I'm pissed off and,Bulls fans should be pissed off too,because you've got I've never in my damn,life my entire life as a fan of,basketball having covered the league,having done this job for 16 years and,this show I have never in a critical,playoff game seen an NBA star like I've,seen guys have bad games I've seen guys,have awful shooting nights I've seen,guys go out guns blazing and trying to,make every shot,and you're just not there night I've,seen guys get in foul trouble because of,some crappy calls I've seen guys maybe,it'll lose their head a little bit get,kicked out of a game I have never ever,seen a purported NBA star that makes,ninety five million dollars a year in,salary alone not want to play in front,of his fans Freddie in his town at home,and a game where they where they need,you,everybody needed you and you say I'm,built for this my ass that was an insult,an absolute insult I've never ever seen,it in an NBA game from a star play take,that Jason believe there's not a more,visceral reaction to an absolute insult,to a city of people that have supported,him and been behind him even through all,the tough times,he still had this this core of fans that,nobody could do no wrong and he does,that to you come on unacceptable you,sure there's not something wrong with,him,he didn't say so oh well he didn't say,so but I I there is but he says he says,that he doesn't want any excuses so he,should get not there's something wrong,with everybody he was 5 for 8 in the,first quarter and he was 2 for 8 the,rest of the way I'm taking shots in the,last three quarters just try yeah it was,it was a poor showing I don't much,wanted yeah I'm not sure he can do that,everywhere every other night I'm not,sure he can explode to the basket I'm,not sure I have a lot of stuff with him,and I'm just not sure I mean I I don't,disagree with it that you can't,disappear like that on your home court,in a big game but I'm just don't I'm not,sure that you got to go down with no,bullets left,I completely agree I said at the,beginning show I was I think I was more,upset about it on Twitter and then,watching the postgame afterwards and you,know some of the things that you know a,few weeks ago I said I don't give a damn,what he says anymore just you have to,show me that's what I have to do,you got to show me dry you got to show,me and when that dude is out there,because let's face it Derek was built up,to be the anti LeBron and he captured,that 2011 when that guy's on your home,court and does what he did you know how,to understand that that this is the best,player in the world and you may not be,the the you from 2011 but no one will be,mad if you go out on a you know an,eighth for 2012 there'll be some people,who mad if you will go out for 25 leave,it out there let us see it go to the,best get off your damn bike and go to,the basket and dance on the bike and,there was some offensive weirdness at,the end of that game to Dan go back and,look at it - with Jimmy,there were sets there where Derrick,caught the ball and Jimmy immediately,went to his side to go post up and to me,that screams of a guy saying I well I'm,gonna do it now and if you got

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Bernstein rants about Tony La Russa: 'He doesn't know why he's doing things'

Bernstein rants about Tony La Russa: 'He doesn't know why he's doing things'

c started the fifth at 65 pitches right,gavin lux walks,challengers on second out comes ethan,cats,so he starts the at-bat austin barnes 83,pitches,today,no we're watching it we're watching him,labor,so,barnes reaches on the the fielder's,choice,on the and the error by burger,then he strikes out mookie bets remember,that,so he begins the freddie freeman a bad,at 92 pitches there should have been,somebody warming at the start of the,inning certainly the reason part of the,reason why ethan cats comes out,part of the reason what that visit,should do,is buy you warm up time,mound visits are precious now,mound visits are currency mound visits,are used to allow everything to get,going and that means in her high,leverage moments that decide games that,aren't necessarily seventh eighth and,ninth inning at that point,that bullpen should be going however and,maybe you have a a mid leverage a high,leverage depending on what the score is,depending on what you have to do ever,you want to manage it cover your ass at,the very least the bullpen has to start,with the tying run on deck which is,runners on first and second however you,want to define it but at the very least,but to to waste a pitching coach visit,to waste the free time that you get to,get ready,get somebody ready get more than one,person ready get somebody ready to be,ready,at that point,nothing crickets,after the freeman double a properly,managed team after the freeman double,has a a reliever ready there's the hook,thank you you're done,that at bat begun at 92 pitches,the freddie freeman about he was at 92.,so double all right it's 4-2 we still,have the lead let's bring in a fresh arm,let's get out of this intact we'll lick,our wounds and we'll be 4 2 maybe 4 3,we're fine,nothing,no movement no action,nothing,then trey turner singles,then the then grundle comes out,it's more time,and usually that's because a manager or,somebody involved has given the catcher,the the the talking hand sign,that means we gotta we gotta buy time,for our believers to get warm but,nothing,then then you know what happened trey,turner steals a base the max muncie,double the will smith walk,three more hitters after the freeman,double,and then when you listen to why tony,larussa left him in it's the opposite,reason,for why he issued the historic one and,two intentional walk,he doesn't know why he's doing things,the manager of the chicago white sox,himself does not understand why he's,doing what he's doing and that's where,we are i don't know where you begin with,how sad how pathetic that performance,was,that is the nadir,of a once,a great career,of a guy who was a legitimately great,manager this is unbelievably sad,and it would be you know it would be it,would be more sad if he weren't such a,piece of garbage person,i'm i'm not personally sad because he's,the the guy's,he's just not a sympathetic figure at,all,not in any way shape or form the,defiance,the lack of understanding and here's,what i'm talking about he's pitching,it's his inning dylan cease he struck,out mookie bets it's his inning wants to,be the pitcher of record let him compete,compete compete compete,and you can give them all the numbers,you want about the where you are in the,order how about this well there's nobody,in the bullpen you want to use the fifth,inning,who cares what inning it is win the game,with a high leverage situation i don't,care what damn inning it is you got,everybody in your bullpen get them ready,it's not you can't decide when the key,outs are in a game where the high,leverage moments come what do you mean,there's nobody in the bullpen you want,to use in the fifth inning who cares,what inning it is you use the guys in,the bullpen to get the outs that you,need to win the game whenever those,situations occur,well i can't use them yet i well what,about your your good pitchers that can,get guys out nope not time yet,baseball tells you when the moments are,that decide games,it's not necessarily 7th 8th 9th inning,like it was 20 years ago 30 years ago,he's pitching it's his inning and if a,pitcher of record you care about a,pitching win,and if it's all about competing let me,ask you this,skip,if it's all about competing he's,pitching it's his inning,well what about when you got a guy one,and two,one in two,it's not his moment,at that point now that doesn't belong to,him in the same way,he doesn't get ownership of his,competition at that point,now now after the fact well i gotta i,gotta go to the analytics i gotta go and,look at this number and that number and,this number that bullcrap he doesn't,know why he's making these decisions,he can't justify them,he doesn't understand,he doesn't understand,he's pitching it's his inning compete,competes on baseball oh you can throw,all that stuff out uh he struck out,mookie bets he's that guy on the mound,and i i don't want to use anybody in my,bullpen right now he's he's the pitcher,a record it's his inning okay well now,you got a different guy out there,and he's h

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EPIC RANT: Dan Bernstein Has Had it With Tony La Russa - HIS ENTITLEMENT IS 'GALLING!'

EPIC RANT: Dan Bernstein Has Had it With Tony La Russa - HIS ENTITLEMENT IS 'GALLING!'

well sullivan hey tony i i agree that,it's uh you know mountain out of a,molehill here but your own player,lance lynn said if a position player is,on the mound there are no,rules let's get the damn game over with,and if you have a problem with whatever,happened then put a picture out there,so doesn't that kind of negate the whole,problem with the,swinging at 3-0 no i'm good,oh it doesn't fall because lance has a,locker i have an office,and at some point you know leadership is,what you're supposed to represent,and if if you ask lance right now,does he disrespect my opinion i'll take,my chance with his,answer i think he was mostly addressing,the twins being upset,more than you but i i could be wrong i,don't know yeah well i mean,i don't agree because you know what we,went into boston and pitched two innings,with mercedes and with,mendic it's really a bad situation,to be on the other side of that and,you're hoping for three quick answers,sometimes,you know guys like i said i do not take,the bet out of their hands,except on three no and they can add,three or four more and it gets more,more painful more painful when you're,already pained enough because you got,your butt beat,and you're having to use a position,player so,i look back you know sometimes the more,complicated it is simply to keep it,what is today man what are our,occupations so simple,our team against their team keep a score,there's a winner and a loser but the,game of baseball,demands that we both make our best,effort and if today,and we've already talked about it it's a,rubber game of series big game for us,we're going to take our best effort if,they beat us at chippercat,if we beat him we we're pleased about it,we'll celebrate for a little bit,but if you're going to tell me that,sportsmanship and respect for the game,of baseball i respect your opponent,is not an important priority then i,can't disagree with you more i don't,care what the,more he's changed,i just don't i don't believe anybody,that really understands,so sometimes if you have a you know a,young club you explain to me what,look at those you know there's,there's a time wait i'll give you an,example you may be a base dealer,and you're winning by seven or eight in,the ninth the top of the ninth inning,and you get on base and the manager,gives you the red light,and you say man i could have stole that,video yeah you could have,but the red light that's not the time to,steal i mean it comes up,more often than you think and uh,the thing that was flavored here was,that to get a home run,and made the score a lot size four worse,this isn't about missing a sign let's,have that first and foremost,if it's missing a sign that is internal,and you're not apologizing to the other,team,and defending them throwing at your guy,they're not,throwing at a guy because of a missed,sign so let's end that discussion right,now stop,hiding behind that this isn't about that,it's not it's about hitting the home run,it's not about some internal violation,or a missed sign,then you're not going out there and,talking about the way the game is played,in sportsmanship and all that,so stop that and second of all this,he doesn't understand he called him,clueless he called a 28 year old man,clueless,he said i would have spanked him just,the the,dripping paternalism from this the,entitlement,the entitlement who the hell are you to,be saying some of this stuff,my god this is just i i'm sorry it sucks,that we're still doing this,but this is galling this is galling and,look what's going on on twitter right,now,while he's saying we do we stand for,this i'm the leader he's got a locker,i've got an office kiss my ass,i'm sorry your mean mercedes responded,to tim anderson by the way tim anderson,who tweeted,don't see and don't hear keep pushing,100. your mean responded yeah yeah,brother and,two dynamite emojis and laureus,they're all lined up behind me you're,getting clowned in real time,right damn now right now,they're proving you wrong,unbelievable it's it's just,embarrassing at this point and i,appreciate,laureus frustration and his candor when,he says i don't know why this is still,this is still a discussion i think that,that is valid here,he may legitimately not know that he,doesn't understand why it's still a,discussion,this is why it's still a discussion when,lance lynn who is a guy who,has advocated for you publicly based on,the history based on the relationship,youtube built over,10 11 years time has said this,when people are saying to him in a,professional manner giving him the,respect that that office deserves,from the media and pointing out well,lancelin said this,well so and so said this people are,talking about this,why are the twins so important and why,are you giving the twins agency to hurt,one of your players,that shouldn't be the automatic result,either the twins made a decision to,throw at him,the twins made a decision to put our,studio on the mouth and mlb should be on,the twins by the way,there should be punish

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Score Stories: Dan Bernstein - 30th Anniversary

Score Stories: Dan Bernstein - 30th Anniversary

take us back to the beginning with you,when did how did you get hired by the,score how did i get hired wow okay let's,play um,i was that's what these are yeah i was,broad well you know okay i was,broadcasting thanks for listening,uh in rockford illinois i was working,for the rockford lightning and at the,time the rockford,cubbies they had been the rockford,royals they were actually the cubbies,not the cubs after they were bought by,the cubs and i was hosting a weekly,sports show on wnta,radio,and mike greenberg left the score to,take a full-time tv job at cl tv,and,i had been a score listener,ever since i moved back to i could pick,it up 8 20 came in loud and clear in,rockford and i would listen to tom share,and tom webb,in the mornings and and,i just thought it was the coolest thing,in the world,and when greenberg left i had already,had a bit of a relationship with,the morning show doing calling in and,doing some impersonations after i had,won the dick vitale sound alike contest,i sort of made,appearances as an impersonator of,sportscasters and and athletes and that,kind of thing so they had me on for a,couple things so i knew ron gleason he,said we'll put a tape together we'd love,to have you apply that's great so i did,i had to fake the demo because i told,him i'd done reporting i'd never done,any reporting before so i had to mock up,these things that if as if i'd done,reporting,and,sent it to him and,kept bugging him and eventually gave me,a job i think so i'd stop bugging him,wow i didn't i didn't know about the,mock-up of the reporting that's awesome,we were just talking about that the,other day,um like if if you're asked to do,something that you don't know how to do,just kind of say yes and wing it in the,reading of course i've done reporting of,course i have i said and then i said oh,i better put something together and i,ran over to ralph sampson's apartment,ralph dude you got to do me a solid,sure so i said okay let's pretend that,i'm doing a story on this and blah blah,blah blah okay fine i'm sitting in his,living room and he pretended to do this,and then i ran back to the station,called on a phone from one room in the,station into the studio to record it so,it was phone quality edited everything,together went over to the pitching coach,of the of uh tom bergmeyer was with,rockford oh long time lefty former,fergie,good good dude and,and i did the same thing with him i did,a story on some picture that i,completely made up and he gave me the,actuality and i then i grabbed some old,stuff that i had for the cba all-star,game in hartford that was the cba slam,dunk contest,and i happened to get the winner,immediately after he won i ran out on,the court and talked it was terry ross,the father of current nba or terence,ross,and i and i made a a report out of that,and gleason said it sounds very good,you've got the job,so so,what were your first jobs then at the,score because when i became cognizant of,you as an intern in 94,you were hosting on the weekends,and you were the bulls reporter,well i i started in may of 95.,okay so i when i when i first first,thing i did was bears beat like very,first thing was right up to rashaan,salaam had just been drafted and i went,right up to hallis hall old house hall,and started initially as the primary,bears reporter and back and forth from,platteville my first broadcast,was on murph's show doing,updates for murph's show which is its,own story because of what happened with,murph before i even started at the,station,go ahead,i was calling,glendon rush as the who the future cub,was starting for rockford against,kane county at kane county and he threw,a no-hitter,it was nothing else was really going on,a sunday afternoon and murph was doing a,sunday show,and somebody ran up to the press box,with a handwritten note and said hey,call this number mike murphy on the,score wants you on to talk about the,no-hitter,so i i go in his show and he's doing,whatever he's doing and then he says he,goes hey why don't you do the call of,the final out for us redo that just do,it right now for us,total stroke thing to do so i,so so i said i said murph i'm sorry i to,be i really don't remember exactly what,i said,and,to not be in the moment i really don't,think i could do it justice,and he hangs up and he got a blast,spends apparently spent the next 10,minutes like that's why that guy's never,going to make it in radio that that guy,doesn't know how to play the radio game,he doesn't know what he's supposed to do,because he felt like he like who's this,guy the 25 year old big timing him or,whatever so apparently he had something,on my very first broadcast he joe flood,was the producer and he had something,planned he's like yeah play that stuff,that i said about him that day oh god,and flood had told me after like right,after the show's like hey you're not,going to believe what murph wanted me to,do,and i said what he goes he wanted to,play that stuff that made him sound like,an idiot,sounds li

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Dan Bernstein Owns David Schuster on Derrick Rose vs LeBron James Matchup

Dan Bernstein Owns David Schuster on Derrick Rose vs LeBron James Matchup

when LeBron is on Derrick at the end of,the game situations it sure looked like,to me and to others that Derrick is,intimidated with LeBron covering them,doesn't want to try and drive to the,basket on his hand he would love to,deRossett intimidated by anybody LeBron,can be standing out there holding guns,in both hands and Derrick any problems,he has not because he's wilting or,intimidated it's because LeBron like you,said is a superior defensive no it's not,no it's not no it's not he's being,defended that intimidated that's not,fair to Derrick I don't think I don't,think he's scared of that at all,no he's defended he's not I don't think,he's backing down to him or he I don't,think he's intimidated by he would love,to go to the basket against him but he,can't cuz he's too big and he's too,quick no that's called defense is that,semantics no you're saying he's not,intimidated he's defended he's his,angles are cut off no it's not no it,means he's not you can't give that's,defended that's a guy doing his job,intimidated means scared,okay well I'll do it right now I sense a,cage match coming up disease,intimidating no he's not he's not scared,of him though that's what intimidated,means it means the same thing on the,basketball court or off the basketball,court defended is defended can't get by,no I just think it's that I think it's,an insult to Derrick Rose to say he's,intimidated by anybody well I think he'd,disagree with you I think you disagree,with you wrong you're always right,they're not you,I'm right in this case intimidated,frighten subdue daunt,terrified to make afraid to make timid,fill with fear to overall or cow as,through the force of personality to,force or deter from some action by,inducing fear wrong use you asked me to,look it up I did I'm telling you the,definition of the word no I'm just,looking forward to you two in a cage,match I I'm 5495 are you scared I say,he's not yes you did cuz you don't know,what intimidate means to make timid who,fill with fear,I don't think LeBron fills him with fear,I think LeBron guards him okay

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