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Hangin' With The Boys: Is This Dak's Moment? | Dallas Cowboys 2022the following is a production of,d

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Hangin' With The Boys: Is This Dak's Moment? | Dallas Cowboys 2022

the following is a production of, and the Dallas Cowboys,Football Club,blowing out of the backfield exploding,down the sidelines this is hanging with,the boys presented by Wingstop where,flavor gets its wings now your hosts,Jesse Holly Kurt Daniels and Nate Newton,what's happening what's going on what's,going down we are back again for another,great show that's a live look at the,Tostito Championship Plaza outside in,front of the Ford Center where today my,man Curt my man Nate they like the,church you got on your little color on,right there you know your Hall of Fame,shirt on right there I like that she's,trying to get Woody in I hear you I hate,I hear you mark as well just trying to,show some some love I mean I'm in a,different section but brother I need to,put you in the building though you're in,the Hall of Fame building Elvis Elvis,has not left the building to believe,that it is a sunny 79 degrees is the,high today currently here 74 degrees I,know right why are we in I'm trying to,enjoying that would be that would be a,minute it's really nice outside so,yes that is Nate Newton he is Kurt,Daniels I am Jesse Holly together we,make hanging with the boys the Sports,Talk equivalent of Braille people,Fearless when we speak this segment is,brought to you by Wingstop where flavor,gets its wings also,the 2022 Wild Card watch party at Miller,Lighthouse is on yes sir Scott Prescott,your Dallas Cowboys are heading to Tampa,Bay to take on Tom Brady and the,Buccaneers in the Wild Card round of the,2022 NFL Draft come out to the middle,Lighthouse at ATT stadium for free I,said free I said free Wild Card watch,party on Monday January 6th cheer on the,boys alongside Dallas Cowboys,Cheerleaders Rowdy while enjoying the,long games food trucks music and more,gates open up at 5 30 p.m and kickoff,starts at 7 15 p.m for more information,visit, 2022,playoffs,playoffs playoffs I'm gonna say this,right here man okay I'm gonna say this,area here Kurt yes sir,you think,Georgia May TCU feel them,um,painfully,that's all I got to say,smash smash smash for real I see it from,all year long and I'm glad it was in the,playoffs oh yeah and and but my wife's,like looked over me like this sec I said,you know who I'm going with,she like you gonna jump out you've been,with TCU all year I said not against the,SEC I know,and uh I'm not an SEC guy I went I,didn't go to school to had opportunities,but I sold a lot to FAMU but I ain't,never in my life my life but I'm like,that dude yesterday was so like I was,secretly going for sale,not you your boy mommy came on the call,oh yeah oh I was like yeah no no this,dude yesterday like man when you called,in bruh don't let him back on that phone,uh Chris me and I'm gonna go at it Eric,in North Carolina yeah Eric in North,yeah I mean I was secretly Sam Howe,hoping he can have a good game well his,good game got us whooped back but anyway,thank you for letting me get that out no,man yeah if you watch that I want to,call out a game,assault if you watch four quarters of,assault battery last night,you think they felt did they they felt,him and I felt them oh I them at,home well I ain't play a snap but you,just saw the difference man you saw the,difference between size speed yeah,I don't know any team could have you,know played them close they said Obama,would have made it no no if not that,night if they said house enough no not,that Michigan no not that night well but,anyway no speaking of you know feeling,us you know at the beginning of every,season we we are you know we looked,through and we go through the the,preseason and we kind of start doing our,predictions and stuff like that and you,know I I would I would we got to call,Shannon because Shannon still has,the the hazard written down what our,predictions were right for this season,and,you know if if I'm gonna keep this,between Curt and I because we already,know you went 16-0 yeah yeah you know I,was close yeah but,yeah if you yeah 17 excuse me if you,could have had a crystal ball glass and,could tell the future like Miss Cleo,and you said that this Cowboys team,heading into the playoffs what what,heading ending December would one be,heading into the playoffs but would have,a 12 and 5 record and going into the,playoffs would you have said to yourself,I'll take it I'll take it right now not,knowing what the future may hold but,just saying if if you gave me a,realistic prediction in August that the,Cowboys if I came to you and said the,Cowboys 12 and 5 playoffs,oh yeah I would for sure I think I think,I might have had them at 10 wins or,something like that but and then,especially when Tyron went out,and before the game even started and,then dagged the first game I mean it was,done yeah I think we all thought was,done at the deck went out so why does it,feel so bad you know going into this,maybe Jess can explain it,um I think the the only thing that that,could explain this is,you know we this is a what have you done,for me

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Mick Shots: Playoff Week | Dallas Cowboys 2022

Mick Shots: Playoff Week | Dallas Cowboys 2022

the following is a production of, and the Dallas Cowboys,Football Club,is Mick shot streaming live on, and the official,Dallas Cowboys app now here are Bill,Jones Everson Walls and Mickey Spagnola,it is a Tuesday at noon inside the swbc,podcast Studio here at the star in,Frisco and it is officially,Buccaneers week around here Bill Jones,Everson Walls and Mickey Spagnola as we,are now less than a week away from the,super wild card playoff matchup in Tampa,against the Buccaneers that's what the,NFL's calling it super wild card I,thought bill was just being hyperbolic,no it was the Roger Goodell is being,hyperbolic about it what is the,difference it's super I don't because,they've added another,I don't know why it's super now what's,the difference maybe it's not like it's,not like there's another round of games,but you're still,you still could have you don't care how,many car teams playing they added two,more games I think that's why and that's,why we have that's why it's super that's,why we have the Monday right the Monday,game correct because we added teams it,wasn't super before we added these other,teams we didn't play on Monday yeah,because we used to only be four games,that's true,you could play two on Saturday two on,Sunday now we got Monday we get to go to,Tampa Bay on Monday oh isn't that nice,yeah that's right absolutely and then,turn around on a short week and play,Philadelphia or San Francisco yeah but,that's what happens when you're you're,assured you're assured of playing on,Sunday the SEC during the divisional,Playoff round right yeah right yeah,you're not playing on Saturday you would,hope yeah so would you rather have if,you're the Cowboys,in the second round we're looking past,yeah forget Brady no we don't need those,guys they don't concern us we're three,point uh,favorites right well here's what you,prefer you prefer that Seattle beat San,Francisco,and the Giants beat Minnesota yeah and,then and then you would be playing you,get a home game that's right you can get,a home game against I must admit the,Giants Because by the way it's been,pointed out the Cowboys can't win on,grass yeah so I wouldn't mind going to,Minnesota,which I was going to ask you yeah what's,the difference playing on grass because,both teams as Jerry said have to play on,grass yes,the best thing about me in playing on,grass is it slows down the wide,receivers but does it slow down the,other team's wide receivers too yeah it,does but yours and theirs with me I need,it because I was slow,so it gave me time to think when you've,got to slow you down it's it's slow I,was already slow when you're accustomed,to slowness and then you know it helps,me you're the same slow on grass or turf,turf but it gives me a chance to,decipher what the receivers are doing,because they're running slower in grass,they're not nearly as quick you put a,quick guy you put a Tyreek Hill in Texas,stadium yeah old school Texas stadium,that's one thing,but if you put him on in San Francisco,uh at Candlestick yeah but that's I can,read that I see the problem for you and,me is better is that we always played in,sand,let's go to San Francisco it's depending,on how they treat the grass there that's,true that's true I just never I just,never believed that stuff no because if,it slows the fast guy down it should,slow a slow guy down how fast guys,accustomed to to going quickly okay so,what about a pass rush this is what,Jason Garrett was bringing up the other,day is that he thinks it affects the,Cowboys pass rush playing on grass they,can't get off as fast as on Turf if you,look at it so if you're going up against,an offensive lineman then doesn't that,slow him down it does slow him down but,if you look at what Michael Parsons does,you look at the speed rushes that he,always uses okay you got to know that he,can't make the same moves on Turf it's,not as effective on Turf as it is on,grasses there's on Turf it's just the,way it is because in many cases the,offensive lineman is a stationary object,and he's just got to run around them and,so he can't run around he can't run as,fast that is fast that's physics okay,I just want to know whereas a DB is not,a stationary object because they've lost,but yet they still have to maneuver,around a defensive back and you can do,that much quicker with a quick-footed,guy as opposed to a guy who's accustomed,to being slow foot well four of their,five games have been lost on grass and,so there's Merit,yeah 45 games that we lost but the fork,and and I don't think our sack told it,was all that that good either yeah but,the the four games were against,other than Green Bay it was all playoff,teams right,still because you could look at Green,Bay at that time making a playoff move,and who did they who did they beat on,grass Tennessee the other thing is they,had the greatest receiver coming out in,the draft in years and Christian Watson,the Packers did that's right,and he showed it online and he was,f

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The Break: The Buc Starts Where? | Dallas Cowboys 2022

The Break: The Buc Starts Where? | Dallas Cowboys 2022

the following is a production of, and the Dallas Cowboys,Football Club,are you ready for a break yes are you,ready for a break absolutely ready for a,break yeah and um so much for that it's,time for the break on,we were on the break with Nick eatman,Brian Broadus and bar Garcia and Derek,Eagleton,it is Tuesday January 10 2023 season 18,episode number 104 welcome to the latest,edition of the break we are live from,the swbc mortgage Studios at the start,presentable light the only beer of the,Dallas Cowboys today we got a lot of,different topics we're gonna hit and as,we do on each Tuesday we got a little,game from Brian uh the mad scientist is,over there yes whipping up some,questions I'm sure that will Boggle the,minds but before we get to that and uh,we do have a few other things we want to,get to I want to start first with Jerry,Jones today he was on our sister station,105.3 The Fan and uh was asked,specifically about Mike McCarthy and the,question was,if is there anything that can happen,this weekend or I guess it would be,Monday versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,that would change his job status Jerry,very emphatically and literally like,without a lot of explanation said flatly,no,um his expectation is that you know that,won't change anything and for me,personally quite frankly I think it's,the right decision what did you guys,think hearing that,well I mean I don't know if Jared can,change his mind whenever he needs to do,so we'll see what happens in this week,um and this weekend you know he also has,complete confidence in the staff he said,that I have complete confidence I think,he expects to go and beat an 8-9,football team I think that's what he,expects the Cowboys to do uh they're a,better team than the Bucks they have,been all year and they've you know and,um he expects that so,when that doesn't happen,if that doesn't happen sorry if or when,but you know then we'll see if he still,sings the same you know same tune,because he can change his mind whenever,he wants and he's proven that he'll do,that but I mean I I think you're right,but you know that's why I don't know the,question because it's just hypothetical,and we'll see what happens because he's,going it's all about how he feels and,how does he know how he feels yeah the,guys over there debated the morning show,Sean and them debated I'm even asking,the question and but you know it's one,of those things that in radio you mean,the one thing is we're we're looked at,in a way of like if you don't ask that,question you got it then then people are,like well you never ask tough questions,you never put you know I mean you with,cherry I think it's very hard for Jerry,to lie I think Jerry's one of those guys,that will like to you know like he's,standing there after the Tampa game and,telling you where Dax thumbs broken,Edward is late to the party Ed's asking,the question well let me repeat Ed yeah,he broke the you know instead of just,you know he's trying to like be,accessible and he's trying to be and I,know that Sean and RJ and Bobby and you,know they kind of debated on asking the,question but if you don't ask the,question then you're looked at it like,you don't ask the tough question so I,I'm with Nick I don't think he does,anything at the head coach I do I do,worry a little bit though if you have a,little bit of the same result that you,had from like the the commanders game,you know if you have it where you go out,and you look that bad you know is there,now I think he brought Mike McCarthy in,here to win divisions and win games,which he has the last two years but now,it's about January football you know I,mean Mike likes to talk about how the,months and stuff lead up to January,football and that's important and and I,I agree with Nick as well that Jerry,could very well change his mind he could,say listen this this is not we talk,about January football and we're failing,at January football but I I think that I,think that he doesn't make a head,coaching swap even if the Cowboys lose,this game but are there other pieces in,play here,how'd you look offensively you know what,do you think about that even though the,statistics tell you you have this really,great offense your quarterback does well,except he throws interceptions you know,your defensive coordinator is on the,short list of teams around the league,that are looking for head coaches so,this thing by itself could just,naturally change you know if Dan Quinn,takes a job he might take a guy with him,or two and now your staff is completely,different but to your point I don't,think that he'll make a change if they,lose this weekend,and me personally I don't,I don't I understand the frustration,from fans and all that because it's just,like another year and another year and,all that but at the same time,I think I may personally personally,depending on how this game goes even if,they were to lose I think I'm okay with,McCarthy getting another or just having,that last year one

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Media Mash: Sense of Urgency? | Dallas Cowboys 2022

Media Mash: Sense of Urgency? | Dallas Cowboys 2022

the following is a production of, and the Dallas Cowboys,Football Club,this is Media match a round table of,cowboys insiders dropping wisdom and,offering sizzling takes on the current,state of your Dallas Cowboys now your,host newey Scruggs,so what do you get when you get a Kevin,a Heckman a Nick and a John in one room,and I'm not gonna say you're from,Atlanta I'm gonna say you're from the,Atlantic because I think that's what I,said last time I said German shoulder,from Atlanta,no you said that they um the Atlantic,instead of the athletic I swear to God I,thought you said you've been from the,swats or something like that and my man,Kevin Gray from 105.3 The Fan sir dude,brother how are you I'm good good to be,in here with you and uh some guy named,Nikki what's up baby what's going on man,Hey listen when you when you're on with,me it's gonna be all energy so if you,came in here low if you wasn't feeling,good I'm sorry you have to break it up a,bit it's gonna be like this for 45,minutes but when I do a show I ask the,same question I'm sorry I just check on,my people make sure everybody's fine,check on your minnows to see how you're,doing how's your mind you know you know,everything is good in the hood Nick I'll,start with you how are you today man I'm,doing exceptionally well thanks for,asking and um you know people say it all,the time you've seen it all right and I,was like no no I have not seen a Super,Bowl NFC Championship game or Road,Cowboys win on the playoffs haven't seen,that you've been here for a while though,24th season never seen a win on the road,oh man and saying it's high time huh be,nice to flip the script yeah they'll,sort this out positive Kevin how are you,today I'm good man this is the second of,three jobs that I'm working today so I,got a radio show at uh seven o'clock,tonight on 105 fans so doing a lot of,working today but I'm happy to be here,like Chris Arnold back in the day you,know and Chris can make it you know 40,plus years of the business I can do half,as good as handed I'm doing okay he has,many job yeah John how are you today sir,I'm good man no complaints I I agree,with Nick I haven't been covering the,team as long as him but I was it would,be nice to cover some of those things he,mentioned I'll even take it less than,maybe just seeing him beat Tom Brady you,know one of those yeah that's another,one defeating Tom Brady that'd be fun,outside of that no I'm doing good doing,good how about you how are you doing man,I'm wonderful why are you talking weird,with y'all man good baby no complaints,um I got to get reactions for you guys,from last night's uh college football,game there was a college football game,last night what that was that was what,that was and come on guys help me out,here I don't want to put a negative spin,on this I wanted to you know really kind,of feel how you felt while you were,watching it John 657 what do you got,um just to be completely honest so I'm a,die-hard Florida State football fan and,I can tell you right now if you told me,Florida State could make the national,championship game but they have to get,blown out by that I'd say I don't want,to make the national championship yet I,would rather not make the national,championship games that's how I felt,watching that I'm like all the good mojo,you got from a great season like that,and yes that is amazing but to to do,that in the in that big of a moment,I mean I mean I have a hard time with 35,to 7 but when you start getting in the,60s 60. I mean hey hey people are,listening TCU fans you can say whatever,you want and that's fine but I know that,there's plenty of you listening out,there that agree with me that there's a,part of you just like maybe if we just,went none of it after the Michigan game,we'd be fine with it I think the thing,that stood out to me the most was the,speed and the athleticism difference,between both teams was on full display,last night and the SEC proved once again,why they are Head and Shoulders Above,the Rest when it comes to college,football because Max Duggan was under,siege all night right last night and so,much so even the backup dudes for,Georgia were getting after him so yeah,the sec's dominance was just proven how,long did it take to take you to see that,difference in athleticism,um probably after Brock Bowers was a,monster in the first half he had a,couple of catches on the gun on the,first drive yeah it's like oh okay this,is what time it is tonight for Georgia,and TCU and he didn't make a huge impact,against Ohio State now that's not the,impact that you thought he was yeah he,came out early and they were going to,him I was like it was scary about Bowers,is he's just a sophomore like that's,that's frightening he's just a sophomore,yeah one more year yeah I mean he'll be,out yeah yeah for me um you know and I,I've taken a lot of grief about this in,the last few weeks,um because I I said it publicly that,Alabama deserved to go in over TCU,absolutely that's what

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Cowboys Fans During the Commanders Game

Cowboys Fans During the Commanders Game

here we go baby let's win the one seed,today the Giants are resting their,starters we need the Giants to win and,the 49ers to lose Reagan the ball to,start Drive stalled anger what are you,thrilling in the ball to star in their,own 15. Terry McLaren scores on the drag,play are our starters already resting,because what is going on I'm really,losing to a Sam Howe leg Commander's,team that gets sacked and we go three,and out the next possession hold on,let's start I stand in the come on car,knows you got this don't let Chris,McCaffrey do that to you thank you for,dropping that Terry McLaren Turpin,fumbled it into a Washington player's,hand what is happening bro take all the,starters out right now sit down Sam,house y'all better kick the field goal,and miss the field goal let's calibrate,I think almost fumbled the shovel pass,anyone catch the ball today and we're,punting again they fumbled upon they get,it back let's be nice pass interference,on third down who is Molly Ravon mully,when did he stop playing for us Carlos,Watkins is down after the sacks this is,what we don't need interception movie,hooker let's go we stop playing around,now or back almost to an interception,now Jack throws a pitch this is not how,you go into the playoffs we can't even,get a first down it's gonna be the worst,dress rehearsal in NFL history,take all the starters out finally the,defense stops 52-yard field goal they,missed it can we please get some,something positive going anything the,answer is no did you do it with the sack,I'll take it wait Tyler be honest is,still out you're gonna be ready for next,week can we please score before the half,did I get that first down on the QB,scramble that's a terrible spot fourth,and one now you'll be sneak first down,get up running and play incomplete,touchdown City Lam finally something,positive my God and Maher misses the,extra point what a weird game okay,second half let's get the momentum back,for the playoffs thank you defense three,and out keeping our starters in San,Francisco's up 31-13 oh Zeke wasn't even,looking for the ball three and out good,stop Mullen yeah straight on mullet we,got him a couple weeks ago yeah Eagles,up 19 to zero I hate the Giants why is,City on the sideline on third down good,hole defense we score again we pull,everyone out we get a long shot two I,held it incomplete our receivers are,getting smothered another three now oh J,Rock curses down okay he's back up,cannot lose anyone else in the second,year we really let Sam Howe score on a,speed option man this is wild what is,going on Deck almost threw another,interception and we go three and out,this is great for morale this is great,why do the commanders look like the,playoff team can we just end this game,please like can we four fish,oh we haven't do a field goal okay get a,big plate of Schultz and a holding call,Molly gets burned by Terry McLaurin for,a 52-yard game we sneak out fourth down,that spot doesn't look good and turn,over on down this game has been a comedy,of error I'm about to turn this game on,now we're getting personal fouls Sam,William they get here first Eagle's,gonna win the game doesn't even matter,Hugo's gonna win 18 years in a row,without a repeat Champion I don't know,how I feel about that oh the game's over,oh did we okay we lost not gonna lie,started watching the Rams game we got,all the negativity out before the,playoffs that's all the game was we're,gonna be one and done playing like,absolute scrub this is ridiculous I'm,gonna start praying right now because my,gosh yeah one week to come to Jesus,entered if we lose to Tom Brady in the,playoffs I'm not watching football next,year I'm so serious like this is getting,ridiculous bro,I'm a grown man

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Girls Talk, 'Boys Talk: Concerns & Frustration? | Dallas Cowboys 2022

Girls Talk, 'Boys Talk: Concerns & Frustration? | Dallas Cowboys 2022

the following is a production of, and the Dallas Cowboys,Football Club,yes is Girls Talk boys talk presented by,jigsaw dating preferred dating partner,of the Dallas Cowboys and broadcasting,live from Dallas Cowboys World,Headquarters at the star,it is Tuesday it is four o'clock that,means it's time for girls talk boys talk,presented by jigsaw the preferred dating,partner of the Dallas Cowboys Haley,Sutton Naisha Morris and Jess Navarre is,here for your Tuesday slate of cowboys,talk ladies I have had a hard time these,last couple of days because Sunday's,game just hasn't sat right with me,having to sit through that was was,pretty miserable I'm not going to lie,it's miserable on a lot of fronts and,we'll get into that obviously I just,want to read off a couple of stats to,get us started in this one the Cowboys,offense on Sunday 128 passing yards 64,rushing yards just 10 first downs they,were four of eight on third down they,averaged just 2.8 yards of gain six,penalties for 74 yards two turnovers,just one touchdown and ladies they were,out possessed 23 minutes and 48 seconds,to 36 minutes and 12 seconds,Dak Prescott playing the worst game of,his career and it's not it is close but,it was the worst game of his career,14-37 picked number 15 in just 12 games,and something that I found interesting,in this one as I was doing flashback on,Monday I went back and looked at dak's,game against Tampa Bay in game one of,the season this year nearly identical,stat line he was 14 of 29 for 134 yards,in an interception in that one that,being said I'm glad we got that out of,our system but I will open up the table,with this what is your biggest concern,from Sunday's game,I think for me it's the offensive scheme,and not necessarily I don't think that,falls on Deck I don't think that falls,on anybody other than you know is this,play calling really working for the,offense are we playing up the strengths,or are we just kind of knocking the,confidence of the team that's that's,what worries me is I don't want this,this win or this win oh my goodness this,loss I wish it was a win we wouldn't be,having to talk about this,um I don't want this loss to propel them,back in the confidence that they took a,while to rebuild when Dak did return,because that took a while to return,after Cooper rush so I just I'm,concerned about the play calling I'm,concerned about,um the strengths of that offense not,being utilized where was The Run game,where is the tight end versatility that,we've seen work for this offense where,is the unpredictable aspect of this,offense there's a lot of questions I,have about the offensive scheme right,now,and it's frustrating because there's,moments within the season where you see,things work and then you'd never see,them again so it's just it felt like,everybody was confused it felt like no,one was on the same page and that,worries me but I also know this team is,resilient and they have they are more,than capable of coming back from that,for me is the offensive line and for me,it's the uh the rum blocking in this,last what couple weeks,um obviously TP returned from injury,last week and we saw he wasn't involved,a whole bunch so and with this game I,felt like the pass Pro was there at,times but the consistent the consistent,Factor even in the Bucks game that they,couldn't run the ball and when this team,cannot run the ball effectively you can,see that it spreads out through the,whole offense it puts a lot of pressure,on the quarterback it puts a lot of,pressure on the passing game as in,itself and it also makes defenses you,know be able to just drop Six in,coverage and Rush four and go about,their business so you win against the,commanders one of the best well the best,uh defense on third down I mean it,showed I mean I know we're talking about,how poorly the Cowboys played but let's,let's remember like they had some they,have a pretty good defense over there as,well but for me is getting the,cohesiveness of this offensive line back,together and being able to run block at,an efficient rate and do it well moving,forward is going to be so important to,this offense yeah let's talk about the,offensive line for a little bit because,I I want to raise my hand up I was the,one last week that said this offensive,line does it scare me you know like they,all they got it they got Hall of Famers,left and right boy was I wrong on Sunday,and it just goes to show you how one,small impact that being Tyler biotish,one small move one small change affects,everything to your point I think the Run,game was missing because there was no,run blocking there was no there was no,there's nothing blocking period I think,what stands out to me the most about the,offensive line in this game is you saw,it from the opening possession for Dak,Prescott the opening snap he took he was,immediately being pressured and it was,almost like he this tap dance that he,was doing in the back because he didn't,know like should I stay in the pocket do,I

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Talkin' Cowboys: Have Some Faith | Dallas Cowboys 2022

Talkin' Cowboys: Have Some Faith | Dallas Cowboys 2022

the following is a production of, and the Dallas Cowboys,Football Club,this this is talking Cowboys,World Headquarters,and,now your hosts Isaiah stand back Patrick,Walker and Kyle Yeomans,it is a talking Tuesday,on talking cowboys live from the swbc,studios at the star in Frisco it is,officially playoff week Wild Card week,is here's the Cowboys will take on the,Tampa Bay Buccaneers Monday Night,Football 715 Central Time Isaiah stand,back Patrick no C Walker Chris beam I'm,Kyle Yeomans we are taking your calls,today on a talk in Tuesday give us one,uh give us a ring right now,888-855-2297 we will uh we will answer,your phone calls starting in the second,segment gentlemen how we doing,fantastic did you really have to ask him,yeah I don't know why I even that was a,bad question so there was this game last,night and by game I mean it was more of,like a you ever seen a boxing match,where only one side shows up no both,sides showed up yeah but one got you,know were they just in the wrong weight,class was that what that was I'm not I'm,not going to say that because 65 to,seven it was 38-7 at halftime that's,what happens when you don't play with,your food that's what happens that's,what it looks like when you do not play,with your food and and I'd be remiss to,to if I didn't give uh credit and Roses,to TCU for the season no doubt I mean uh,before yeah before the committee made,their vote I was one of the you know,most staunch advocates for letting TCU,win people were trying to make the you,know the two lost Alabama argument et,cetera et cetera maybe Tennessee maybe,you no I was like it's TS it's TCU and,Ohio State should get in at four so I,think the committee got it right and,then thereafter obviously everyone was,like oh well you know what would TCU do,to Alabama that's irrelevant win your,games and then TCU goes on,um to just jumps off jumps out all over,Michigan yeah uh and kudos to Michigan,for fighting back and making that close,and then coming within a couple,possessions of of getting a comeback,Victory but seeing what they did all,season starting from the ranks of the,unranked to make it into the top four,and then to do what they did in the,semi-final doesn't for me it doesn't,matter,what the outcome was against Georgia as,far as if it was a loss does it matter,to me if it was a seven point loss or if,it was 65 7 like it was for me it,doesn't take away from what TCU was able,to accomplish and like you said Isaiah,with a new coach as well so uh credit,tons of credit to that program they're,now aimed in the right direction,um excited to see what they can do next,season that said uh okay so now that,we've gotten that out of the way now,that we've got the rest good job TCU uh,OSU got TCU killed that's basically what,it boiled down to and Kyle you can,confirm conversation offline uh previous,uh prior to the game yesterday I said,because OSU knocked some of our teeth,out that was going to be the reason that,the dogs went out there and tried to,send a message they weren't going to,play with the food they weren't going to,turn the ball over they weren't going to,allow,um you know teaching you to extend plays,like CJ Stroud did and you know get over,the top and,from the word go it was on and cracking,65 7 should have been 72-0 but you know,a little slide yeah you'll let us slide,Kirby next time 72-0 and stop,let that kneel at the end I could have,kept it going well congrats my friend,thank you congratulations back to back I,mean Georgia's the class of college,football right now I mean you cannot,argue it it's they are the class 40-year,drought oh man it's it's it's remarkable,um but it goes to show what what can,happen,um when everyone Buys in and and,everyone is on the same page and and yes,there's some subtlety that I'm including,here no doubt regarding the team that we,cover so buy-in,um let uh the timely and I said it on on,Twitter I was like sometimes a timely,butt whooping serves a purpose and Ohio,State whooped our butt and luckily we,escaped but timely butt whooping gave us,exactly the fuel we needed so now the,Cowboys they got a timely but opening,week 18. so we're we're I'm expecting,the same so proud of you yeah I feel,good man so proud of you Isaiah did you,ever have whether you were at Washington,here in the NFL did you ever have just a,complete whooping to where you were,so,angry so embarrassed by it that you came,back out and you played better the,second game the the game after that do,you ever have one of those,I don't think so Kyle and not off top,I'm gonna handed them out yeah you,handed out somebody wanted them out but,receive disappointing losses I believe,okay sure for sure but um because you,talked about it yesterday you've never,really been in a locker room that had,yeah that you all you always had dogs in,your locker room it suffered like the,end of my career like end of my career,in Jacksonville that was different that,locker room was different sure that's,when I was kind of

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Jerry Jones on 105.3 The Fan | 1/10/23 | Dallas Cowboys 2022

Jerry Jones on 105.3 The Fan | 1/10/23 | Dallas Cowboys 2022

good morning Jerry how are you hey good,good this morning guys and uh boy uh,it's hard to believe when I look back at,going to training camp that here we are,uh headed into our week of our first,playoff game and uh time has gone by it,seems like years but on the other end,seems like yesterday but excited about,this week excited about uh next Monday,how is uh how's your feeling this,morning compared to late Sunday night,after uh visiting our nation's capital,well I first of all was taken back and,surprised that we didn't play better,because we of course to just go right to,the face of it we had our best out there,and we were playing for potentially,quite a prize there Philadelphia had,dropped the ball and so all of that,doesn't make sense but let me just say,this when you uh technically have some,things go wrong,uh none of the incentive things make,sense and what was going wrong was,someone was or somebody's body is plural,were getting beat and they were doing a,really good job uh Russian has a very,good uh third down defense they do how,about leading the league,and they're pretty tough in there on an,offensive line to basically manage,Washington I'm talking about and so uh,any anything that,you didn't do right is up a pretty good,test there I'm not making excuses,because I but if what I am getting to is,I have real confidence all the,confidence in the world that Mike and,our offensive line coaches and our,offensive Personnel our coordinator have,all the faith in the world that we can,make the kind of adjustments we need to,make this week I feel good about uh by,deaths getting back in there that should,help us out,so in that offensive line so that's,where I'm starting with the offensive,line but I can see us playing better got,to play better at Tampa but I have a lot,of confidence in our coaches to get that,straightened out Jerry do you think,there was a chance that that was like,like a look ahead game McCarthy said it,wasn't the best week of practice you,needed you know not a miracle but,something crazy to happen with Philly,and the Giants do you think there's a,chance that maybe your guys just didn't,take it that seriously looking ahead to,Tampa,well I don't have um uh first of all uh,he told me the same thing before the,game that we didn't have our best week,of practice now we didn't sit down there,and explain and get into why didn't we,how could we not we might win the whole,Division and might end up with the first,seed if we play well here I didn't get,into that and nobody wanted to have a,better week of practice than Mike other,players involved himself again I'm going,back to this thing does go back to,technical of aspects of it the,preparation uh the uh judging of how to,attack another team or how to block,another team and it goes back to that,and when you don't do it right or they,do it better than you then you can have,a result like happen obviously but I've,Got Confidence here's my point I've got,a lot of confidence that all of the lead,is in the hopper all of that is in,Mike's mind the coach is mine coach,Philbin's mind or offensive line coach,who's outstanding and I think we'll be,ready or to go then it looked like we,were last Monday Jerry Jones right here,on 105.3 The Fan we were discussing this,with Brad sham just one of the suggested,or asked about this theory that did you,guys go a little bit more vanilla uh you,wanted to work on some things is,experiment with some things against the,commanders versus showing Tampa too much,or unveiling something before the,playoffs is that possible well I have a,problem with that because this game was,for all the marbles Sunday I mean Monday,we uh but we basically Sunday I mean but,we uh basically uh if we win in,Philadelphia loses it's a huge,difference,and so we should be ready to go the real,question is in your portfolio,do you have the ability to normally if,you won the game go out there in the,playoffs and show some other stuff,because you should know and we do that,they're going to take everything you've,done all year long and they're going to,be ready for that,and so you need to have some stuff in,your back pocket that can change it up,against a Tampa who we played in the,first game and and Tampa came out the,winner we we should have,unused things in our quill uh to uh use,against any opponent in the playoffs,that's part of the game,Jerry do you believe in in momentum,heading into the playoffs,I just believe in momentum generally I,do but I believe in a positive attitude,obviously and uh I think you have to,work real hard when you get a anything,that that sets you back but I will tell,you this uh,well momentum mental that's important,but make no mistake about it you're,dealing with a physical,uh game in football,and so you can have a positive attitude,and if somebody gets position on you and,you uh,don't uh when uh of all the positiveness,in the world uh won't help you get out,of trouble there,and so that's the that's the thing of,the game is it cert

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