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Is This The End Of Leftist Social Media?twitter shares they are surging right,now up a little over 2


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Is This The End Of Leftist Social Media?

twitter shares they are surging right,now up a little over 25 elon musk has,bought nearly 10,of twitter the world's richest man elon,musk is now twitter's top shareholder,breaking news elon musk offering to buy,twitter for 54.,a share elon musk wants to buy twitter,for a poultry 43 billion dollars the,tesla and spacex mega entrepreneur wants,to take control of the social media,platform if this purchase were to,actually happen what would that mean for,all of the dissenters who have been,thrown off the platform for refusing to,tow twitter's obvious progressive,orthodoxy after all the first amendment,is under attack this probably isn't news,to you by now it's been under attack,every day of our lives because the,left's fight for power is all about the,erasure of free speech it's been that,way for decades now they've gone about,this a couple different ways they've,invented hate speech which can never,actually be clearly defined they've,united the media and canceling whomever,dare state their conservative views out,loud they have to keep them to,themselves and hollywood has now become,a hive mind of celebrities who all speak,in the same elitist leftist voice and,almost more importantly they've hit a,gold mine with social media companies,mega platforms like twitter and facebook,are now famous for censoring,conservative views while boosting,progressive ones and you dare not,violate their leftist user guidelines if,you do you'll be suspended or banned,just ask former president donald trump,how quickly twitter can shut down an,account the same goes for daily wire,hosts michael knowles and matt walsh,they've also been accused of violating,twitter's user guidelines which,aren't always applied the same to every,user i just got suspended on twitter,because i pointed out that biological,males are men,and um this this to me you know is is,all part of of the game here but the,left and twitter can't shut down every,free thinker especially freethinkers who,just so happen to have billions of,dollars people like elon musk you tweet,a lot,i use my tweets to express myself,some people use their hair i use twitter,we live in a country with some pretty,eccentric billionaires we've got jeff,bezos aka lex luthor's cousin and the,man behind amazon and now the washington,post he started the company in his,garage in 1994 and 30 years later amazon,brings in half a trillion dollars a year,and has moved into entertainment,literature and even grocery stores or,how about bill gates whose history is so,shady we'd have to make an entire other,video about it which i think there's a,good chance we will be long story short,his success with microsoft put him in,the room with some of the most powerful,people and politicians in the world,including the ever wealthy but now dead,pedophile jeffrey epstein but i digress,and then there's the wild card one of,the country's most famous,african-american immigrants,elon musk the billionaire with ambition,so large he wants the earth to move to,mars one day he thinks we'll have at,least visited there once by 2030 and he,plans to do it with the space company,spacex obviously though it's not just,outer space that elon's putting his,money into he's probably best known for,his company tesla the pioneering,electric vehicles yielding hundreds of,billions of dollars for the company and,more importantly rattling the,traditional auto market a decade ago,pretty much no one had even heard of,tesla and now you're likely to see one,at least every time you drive to work,but musk isn't just famous for his,massive business ventures compared to,the other billionaires on this list he,is completely unpredictable that's why,so many people love him he's probably,the least politically correct person on,the internet and certainly the least,politically correct billionaire he's,famous for his twitter trolls against,the media and more importantly his,constant incessant trolling of,politicians some of which have actually,landed tesla in hot water who could,forget his appearance on the joe rogan,experience where he talked about aliens,and smoked weed for a few hours and also,prompted an sec investigation he also,got bored and invented a flamethrower,which sold out online through his boring,company it's worth noting those,flamethrowers are not a joke as,evidenced by a recent jeremy's razors,commercial,they're very real,he also had a baby with psychedelic pop,singer grimes and they named that baby,yeah good luck pronouncing that i'm not,gonna try he's also appeared in a ton of,pop culture like the simpsons and iron,man good idea for an electric jet you do,yeah then we'll make it work now you,wouldn't necessarily see musk as a,conservative ally at least not for the,last few years but that's exactly what,he's become he's a huge proponent of,free speech and sees legislation working,against it as dangerous to democracy and,these days that's enough to get him,considered by many as conservative,in an interview with babylon b musk said,that woken

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So, Who’s Really Pulling the Strings at Twitter?

So, Who’s Really Pulling the Strings at Twitter?

speaking of the the left's power to,compel pretty much anything,if we move over to the big Tech sector,it is amazing how the left is now very,very clear about what they wish for in,Big Tech sector and that is to control,speech and they wish to control behavior,in the realm of the in their relevantage,discrimination law they also wish with,regard to speech to control the,availability of information to you and,to the left has been very very upset,that anyone is noticing the so-called,Twitter files these are files that were,released originally by Matt taibi the,former Rolling Stone journalist who is,definitely of the left and what those,files showed is that Twitter's middle,management was essentially coordinating,with the Democratic Party,at the behest of the FBI more broadly,speaking to quash the hunter Biden story,in advance of election 2020.,so the White House has a response wildly,untalented press secretary Kareem,Jean-Pierre of the Biden White House she,says you know what we shouldn't even,focus on the fact that Twitter was,shutting down information in advance of,election 2020 it's a distraction it's a,distraction from the fact that Twitter,is mean and cruel and allows too much,speech,it is it is amazing when faced with the,prospect of actual censorship on behalf,of the Democratic Party,and soft censorship on behalf of the FBI,Korean jean-pierre's response is why,can't we have more censorship over,Twitter,because these files were released,um on the basis of you know,hack materials Clause at Twitter,decisions were made to censor reporting,leading up to the election my question,was is it the White House view that,these decisions were made appropriately,in light of what has come out so look,we see this as a an interesting or a,coincidence if I may that that he would,so haphazardly uh Twitter was so,haphazardly pushed this distraction that,is a that is a full of old news,it's full of old news it's a distraction,what we really need is more centering of,speech,meanwhile other members of the media,echoing this because of course the the,mainstream media in the aftermath of the,Obama era has decided that they're,basically just an adjunct wing for the,Democratic party it used to be that they,identified chiefly as journalists now,they identify chiefly as activists who,occasionally produce Goods of Journalism,a uh a commentary named Christine Romans,over at CNN she says that um you know,the censorship of Hunter Biden's story,that's not actually censorship it's not,big Tech censorship in any serious way,these are documents related to the,internal discussions at Twitter in 2020,around,a laptop that was found at a laptop,repair shop that contained all kinds of,really outrageous stuff from the present,now president's son right and inside,Twitter what you can see are all of,these people who work there saying is,this real this feels like Russian,disinformation maybe it is real real,arguments about how they should treat,this material in an election year now,what some wants you to think is that,this was censorship by big Tech,some would like you to think that but,it's not it's not really censorship by,big Tech except how censorship by Big,Time meanwhile Media Matters Angelo,carasoni he says that the real problem,online is is not censorship it is not,cracking down on speech it is not big,Tech siphoning off which speech it likes,the real problem online is that people,are allowing too much free speech to,bloom what we need is more crackdowns on,Free Speech,what are the types of takeaways here,that can get that can be prevented,because this stuff is going to spill,over to other platforms and what I'm,really worried about like just today,Elon Musk is bragging advertisers are,coming back when in fact they're not and,what I worry is that at some point this,becomes so normalized that the industry,starts to adapt and roll back a lot of,their types of policies and preventions,and protections around this type of,extremism and hate which then raises the,temperature elsewhere so I think we have,to make sure that the other platforms,don't get worse as a consequence of the,type of work and sort of unwinding that,he's doing it at Twitter,right that's what they're really scared,of that's what they're really now what,do they really want what they really,want all of these media Outlets,particularly what they would really like,is for big tattoo sensor all the stuff,from the not approved outlets and to,allow stuff from the approved outlets,and this is why it is a travesty that,the Republicans are now considering,passing a National Defense authorization,act that essentially protects the big,media companies at the expense of,conservative media companies because,that is what the Republicans are,apparently about to do now what is,happening right here is that Mitch,McConnell is looking at this giant,Omnibus package and his figuring he does,not want this to go over into the new,year what he's afraid of is that the,Republicans take over the house Kevin

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Ben Shapiro BLOWS UP the Glass Onion: Movie Review

Ben Shapiro BLOWS UP the Glass Onion: Movie Review

alrighty folks so in case you missed it,over vacation I critiqued Glass Onion,the new Knives Out mystery on Twitter,and it blew up the world without very,angry at me because I think it's a,stupid stupid movie,stupidly plotted it is filled with,stupid characters and stupid writing and,Ryan Johnson's a stupid stupid man get,to all that in just a moment first this,video is sponsored by friends over at,expressvpn,okay let me explain how stupid this,movie is this movie is unbelievably,stupid like s-t-o-o-p-i-d stupid the the,primary reason why this movie is stupid,is because Benoit Blanc who is played by,Daniel Craig is supposed to be the,world's greatest detective Google said,you were the world's greatest detective,if you are making a movie about the,world's greatest detective presumably,you need the world's greatest detective,in order to solve a complex crime this,entire mystery is predicated on the idea,that the crime in in question is idiotic,so dumb it's brilliant no which,completely robs the story of any meaning,it is poorly constructed the characters,make no sense their motivations make no,sense as we will see Ryan Johnson,actually creates a series of get out of,jail free cards for himself to escape,the fact that his writing is terrible,but this movie makes no sense so let's,start with the premise of the film,the premise of the film is that Miles,Braun is basically Elon musk's greatest,played by Edward Norton and is Elon Musk,he can run space companies and he runs a,social media company and a news company,and all the rest of this sort of stuff,founder of the ubiquitous Tech Giant,Alpha which now has dozens of companies,from alpha Cosmos Alpha Car Alpha shop,and he has all these Hangers On and all,these Hangers On he's essentially paying,them to be his friends they like to call,themselves The disrupters miles Braun,has called all of his friends to this,island to do a murder mystery game try,to solve the murder mystery if you can,and Benoit Blanc has been accidentally,invited in order to solve this murder,mystery I've got the pre-definite,detective in the world at my murder,mystery party that is so legit and you,sort of think that maybe Edward Norton,actually will be murdered maybe that's,what this is going to be about no that's,wrong,the first 75 minutes of this movie are,just a lie now there's a difference,between a red herring and a mystery,which is where you put a piece of,evidence that seems to lead in One,Direction but actually is relevant,across the island I've hidden clues some,may be helpful some may misdirect that's,for you to determine there's never seen,that and what Ryan Johnson does here,which he just tells you a completely,irrelevant piece of Storytelling for 70,minutes completely irrelevant when I say,he lies to the audience of course all,murder mysteries hide some aspects of,the truth from the audience but they,don't outright lie to the audience about,the subject of the mystery itself for no,apparent reason so typically speaking,there are a few points of view that a,movie can take one is sort of the God's,eye point of view where you are seeing,everything that is happening and where,the director has to have some sort of,excuse not to give you a bit of,information so that would be say the,sting and certain crucial pieces of,information one conversation is withheld,for the sake of the mystery then you,have movies that are from a particular,character point of view so when the,twist happens it's because the character,didn't know a thing that the character,probably should have known that'd be the,Sixth Sense where the entire movie is,really from Bruce Willis's point of view,which is why he doesn't know that he's,dead,if you haven't seen this anyway then you,have movies like this which are sort of,God's eye point of view but sort of not,they're from blog's point of view but,they're from Helen's point of view but,information is randomly withheld,including the entire plot of the film,because as it turns out the entire plot,of the film is not about the murder,mystery on the island the entire plot of,the film is about a character we did not,even know existed,for the first 70 minutes of the film,Mouse Brawn is in an ongoing lawsuit,with Andy she is the co-founder of the,company Andy started Alpha with Miles 10,years ago in just a tour of one legal,move cut her out completely right he,wins she has evidence that she is the,co-founder of the company and this is,the only piece of extraneous evidence,ever and this sloppily written napkin,with the idea for the company so based,on the napkin idea Andy and Miles,created athlete it blows up they bring,everyone along for the ride she emails,that to everybody miles Brawn kills her,because she's foolish enough to email,him and everybody else a picture of this,envelope that has the napkin that's,supposed to decode the whole thing the,person who you think is Andy Andy is,dead and it's Andy's twin who's been,investigating all of this and Benoit,Blanc has been invited

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Twitter Employees MELTDOWN When Asked to “Work Hard”

Twitter Employees MELTDOWN When Asked to “Work Hard”

okay meanwhile over at Twitter complete,Mayhem according to the media people are,freaking out over the current activities,over at sweater so what exactly is,happening over Twitter well CNN's Oliver,Darcy has now branded it Twitter's last,gasp which is uh a radical overstatement,of the case basically what happened is,that Elon Musk put out an ultimatum,that all of his employees should come to,work extremely hardcore,basically he said we are not going to be,doing this routine where employees get,to run the place you need to commit to,working long hours and working hard and,fixing this or leave,there's a couple days ago he issued an,ultimatum to Twitter employees,he said commit to a new hardcore Twitter,or leave the company the severance pay,200 shifting to an engineer driven,operation one that will need to be,extremely hardcore going forward,according to the midnight email obtained,by The Washington Post,employees were asked to click an icon,and respond by Thursday if they wanted,to stay he said this will mean working,long hours at high intensity only,exceptional performance will constitute,a passing grade,by mid Wednesday members of Twitter's,trust and safety team which of course is,the most ideologically driven part of,the Twitter company they were discussing,a mass resignation and then apparently,they engaged in a mass resignation,according to the Washington Post,hundreds of people working at Twitter,said that they were going to leave they,were they were refused to sign a pledge,to work longer hours,according to the Washington Post the,number of Engineers tending to multiple,critical systems have been reduced to,two one or even zero someone from like,20 in a particular Department to two,people in a particular department now,people on Twitter who don't understand,how Twitter Works they think the what,this means is that basically,Engineers are in the back room and every,time you tweet what happens that they,they take your Tweet they re-type it,onto a floppy disk they take the floppy,disk they upload it into like a computer,from 1950 that fills a room and then,that's how your Tweet goes up and so if,you don't have people a thousand Twitter,employees who every day are just,reinputting the tweets the thing's just,gonna break down in 24 hours it's going,to shut down that's that's wrong,hey what the engineers are there to do,is they're there to stop an emergency,meltdown so somebody hacks the system,for example or there's a major bug that,crashes the system,20 guys you now have two,so that means that the critical systems,if they come under attack that could be,a problem but the way the media are,trading it's like oh my god well,tomorrow it's going to go dark it's just,gonna wind down that that is not right,an early sign the number of those,declining to sign was greater than,anticipated must be easy to offer a turn,to office mandate it issued a week ago,telling employees Thursday they'd be,allowed to work remotely if their,managers will start there making an,excellent contribution,but apparently several workers are,saying that the precarious position has,been reached a former employee said,quote I know of six critical systems,like serving tweets level of critical,which no longer have any Engineers,there's no longer even a skeleton crew,Manning the system it'll continue to,Coast until it runs into something and,then it will stop okay that would be an,implication regarding the possibility of,an emergency,so how many people are still remaining,apparently,somewhere between 75 and 88 of all the,people working at Twitter one must took,over are basically gone at this point,musk eliminated roughly 50 of the 7 500,person Workforce when he first took over,a former Twitter executive told CNN that,this was a mass Exodus,I asked about the situation a former,Executives said Elon is finding out he,can't bully top senior Talent they have,lots of options and they won't put up,with Xanax they will struggle just to,keep the lights on,that assessment was universally shared,by a half dozen current and former,employees that spoke with Oliver Darcy,on Thursday now you would imagine they,would say that right everybody who,leaves the company says about their old,company the place is going to fall down,without me,Darcy says Twitter management was in,panic mode hours before the deadline,passed people familiar with the matter,said explaining senior leaders were,scrambling to convince talent to stay on,at the company,now while all this is happening Twitter,is reaching New Heights and users,Twitter continues to have massive,traffic,they're gonna have to go out they're,gonna have to hire back some Engineers,what this is is Twitter's most perilous,moment in terms of how you actually,rebuild Twitter there was going to come,a moment where everybody who's not,ideologically aligned and enthusiastic,about working for Trump was going to,have to leave that moment has just been,accelerated so instead of sort of a slow,walk to this point where a Twitter,

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The Twitter Filer | Ben Interviews Matt Taibbi

The Twitter Filer | Ben Interviews Matt Taibbi

and joining us online is Matt taibi's,former writer Rolling Stone editor of TK,news sub stack and apparently a radical,right-winger and we found this out,because he was the journalist who broke,a lot of the material from the Twitter,files Elon Musk turned over a lot of the,old files from Twitter under the under,the auspices of Jack Dorsey and jayagati,and and Joel Roth and all the rest of,the the Wonder team over there and and,Matt was able to break a a pretty major,story here so Matt first of all why,don't we start by talking about that,major story what was your big takeaway,from the files that you've seen from,Twitter,I think there are two the the first one,the big one for me is that we have,concrete proof that the government and,specifically agencies like the FBI and,the DHS are in the censorship business,they are uh buying and flagging content,in huge quantities and sending them back,to platforms like Twitter uh to be,moderated and we have,absolutely proof of that uh documentary,proof the other thing is the Barry Weiss,Revelations about Shadow Banning I think,people had suspicions about that but we,now know that they not only do it but,they have an extraordinarily intricate,system that allows them to either limit,someone's visibility all the way to zero,uh or amplify it as much as they want so,what you're seeing on social media is,really a heavily distorted version of,reality so you know man you reported on,some of the places that were being,Shadow banned obviously it was it was,Twitter saying they weren't Shadow,Banning they were kind of using the the,Dr fauci gain of function distinction,without a distinction routine they were,saying well Shadow Banning is really,when you just tweet out there but nobody,can see it but it's not Shadow Banning,if we just tremendously reduce your,reach and make it nearly impossible for,anybody to see you which of course is,what we all mean when we say shadow,Banning and then you got the usual,routine from the journalistic outlets,and this is the part that really was,astonishing to me so there was obviously,the Revelation that everything we had,suspected about Twitter was true that,they were discriminating against certain,content against certain content creators,and I I just noticed that since Elon,Musk took over I gained a million,followers in about one month after Elon,Musk took over which means that I mean,the account had to be actively,suppressed there's no other reason why,I'd get him I wasn't that great this,month on Twitter so you know something,happened but you know by the way I,couldn't interrupt you you had a case in,in what they call Sip pests which is the,like Supreme Court of moderation I,actually saw your page uh I'm gonna be,breaking news here but um but I saw the,Ben Shapiro pitch they actually decided,in that case not to slam you but but for,sure you were being discussed yeah I,mean I I would have been shocked if I,had not been I I was always extremely,careful on Twitter as to what I thought,their standards were and so I tended to,use sarcasm instead of just straight out,saying what I meant in many cases so,instead of getting banned for saying,that a man is a man and a woman is a,woman I would say that a man who said,that he was a woman was in fact the most,womanly woman that had ever woman and so,that was my sort of end around to get,around the Twitter rules well well the,uh well the Tyranny was was in place but,you know what was really astonishing is,after you broke all this material you,would imagine that the journalistic,outlets were interested in speaking,truth to power might actually be mildly,interested in the fact that one of the,world's largest social media platforms,was being manipulated from both the,inside and the outside in some cases by,governmental forces that were,manipulating people inside Twitter by,telling them that there was,misinformation disinformation coming,from abroad they probably should do,something about that and sort of these,this broad Henry II well no one rid me,of this meddlesome priest kind of way,and then at the same time from inside,the company where he had activists who,were essentially overriding their own,policies in order to specifically pick,and choose who should be banned you'd,imagine that people in the media who,supposedly are in favor of free speech,would be in favor of this instead they,got very angry at you for having,reported the story at all it's hard for,me to tell whether that's professional,jealousy because they wish that musk had,actually gone to them or whether they,are so ideologically committed to the,idea that these platforms need to be,policed by their political allies that,they they are actually angry that it's,now been revealed that that was what was,happening,yeah it's hard to Divine I mean maybe,some of it's professional jealousy um I,think a lot of it is more just hive mind,narrative policing this story doesn't,fit into neatly into a category that,they would like I know old school,journalists w

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"Let That Sink In," Elon Musk Visits Twitter HQ | What Comes Next

"Let That Sink In," Elon Musk Visits Twitter HQ | What Comes Next

well yesterday was a day of hilarity in,the online space,Elon Musk arrived at the Twitter,headquarters carrying an actual literal,sink,he tweeted let this sink in,I I gotta say like the the fact that,Elon Musk is somewhere between an atlas,frog character and a bond villain is,really one of the great things about,American economic life these days here's,what that video sounded and looked like,you can actually see musk walking in,laughing with everybody carrying in the,sink no one knows what's going on pretty,spectacular stuff he then tweeted out,that he was meeting some wonderful,people at Twitter and I can only hope,that that means that all the people he,is not meeting he is going to fire and,the reason that it makes rather a large,difference whether Elon Musk comes in,there's some economic reasons why it,will be good for Twitter and then there,are some actual reasons why it'll be,good for the United States of America on,an economic level one of the reasons it,might be good for Twitter is because,Twitter as far as I'm aware has never,run a profit I'm not aware that Twitter,is actually a money making machine and,you can see why a video was put out by,one of the Twitter employees showing,what a day in their life is like and let,me just say it looks like a vacation Spa,it looks like nobody does any work,around there and they all sit around,playing foosball all day here is a video,from one of the Twitter employees not,all that long ago a day in the life of,Twitter as a Twitter employee so this,past week went to Essa for the first,time at a Twitter office badged in,honestly took a moment to just soak,everything in what a blessing also,started my morning off with an iced,matcha from the perch then I had a,meeting so it's quickly scheduled one of,these little pod rooms which were so,cool they're literally noise canceling,took my meeting got ready for a bunch,look how delicious this food looks oh my,goodness I was so overwhelmed then made,my way down to this Log Cabin area I,don't know what this is but it was,really cool played some food with my,friends to kind of there are no words a,bit went to the library to kind of get,some more work done so there's there's,that that's that's great and by the way,it should be noted that the Twitter,price to earnings ratio has been,historically extraordinarily out of,whack because Twitter has virtually no,Revenue but it has a worth that is very,very very high and so what that means,that they've been blowing through money,like nobody's business well that is just,one of the many tech companies that have,been,essentially propped up by an easy money,policy that has been followed for the,past several years it's not just Twitter,of course the New York Times reporting,today that Google this week reported a,steep decline in profit social media,companies like meta said that,advertising sales have rapidly cooled,off Microsoft predicted a Slowdown,through at least the end of the year,tech companies led the way for the US,economy over the past decade and buoyed,the stock market during the worst days,of the coveted pandemic now amid,stubborn inflation to Rising interest,rates even the biggest giants of Silicon,Valley are signaling tough days maybe,ahead the companies are navigating the,same problems as the rest of the economy,pumped up by the aggressive consumer,spending during that pandemic they,invested to keep up with demand now as,the spending is slowing they're trying,to adjust and it has not been easy and,it shouldn't be easy frankly because a,lot of these companies don't actually,own the monies okay there are certain,companies like meta where Facebook,actually earn an enormous amount of,money from advertising Revenue but if,you're looking at Twitter what exactly,is the investment priority over at,Twitter how do they even make their cash,nobody seems to understand this business,well musk having now paid well over,market value for Twitter is going to,have to actually bring people into line,we'll get more on this in just one,second first in an economy as volatile,as this one it's important to have,control when you're making a big,purchase like you know a brand new car,this is where my new partners over at,karzing come into play carzing is,completely changing the way you can buy,a car online an online car shopping,website with millions of listed Vehicles,cars and works with over 25 000 dealers,Nationwide to help you find your dream,car my partnering with Credit Agencies,lenders and dealerships carsing provides,you with everything you need before you,set foot into a dealership their mission,is to make auto financing quick and easy,while providing a modern hassle-free way,of shopping for cars their Innovative,technology and financial tools provide,customers with the ability to instantly,pre-qualify online without affecting,your credit score plus you can search,for vehicles with instant financing,details including down payment monthly,payment term and APR once you find your,dream car at your

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Elon Cleans Out Twitter's Headquarters

Elon Cleans Out Twitter's Headquarters

while Elon Musk is in at Twitter and he,is firing everyone as he pledged to do,and I am here for it I think everybody,else who's been on Twitter for the past,several years and is not of wild left to,spent is here for it as well Twitter's,moderation has been a leap show for a,very long time they've been Banning,people willy-nilly right and left people,ranging from Alex Jones to The Babylon B,to Jordan Peterson for a wide variety of,unspecified crimes they can never quite,be specific enough as to what exactly,was violated their standards are,incredibly loose somehow the italiani,he's fine while he's railing about how,the Jews should be destroyed but somehow,Jordan Peterson is banned for saying,that men cannot be women Twitter's,content moderation policies have,basically been a weapon on behalf of the,left and what it's meant is that,everybody has to skirt all of their,rules so there are things that you just,can't say on Twitter so for example when,there was controversy over there ever,mechan was a good treatment for covid-19,you couldn't even claim that Ivermectin,was a good treatment for covid-19 even,though it did work for a lot of people,and is still controversial as to how,well Ivermectin works you still could,not say even though the evidence showed,that widespread masking did not stop the,transmission of the virus you weren't,allowed to say that vaccines were not,effective in stopping the transmission,of the virus these are things you were,not allowed to say on Twitter and if you,said them on Twitter then you would,immediately have your account suspended,the number of personal friends that I,have who've been suspended from Twitter,is incredibly high and we're talking,about people who are not wild I'd be,we're talking about people like Dave,Rubin we're talking about Babylon B Libs,of tick tock Jordan like all these,people have been suspended or banned,outright from Twitter,well now Elon Musk is back he is in,charge and he is firing everyone as well,he should he said he was going to fire,75 percent of the staff and frankly I,think that's low he needs to go a little,bit higher than that because the simple,fact of the matter is Twitter is a,bloated bureaucracy it's filled with,people who had jobs like diversity,equity and inclusion manager it is a,platform it is a platform for speech,Elon Musk understands that now Elon Musk,did say yesterday and he is correct that,this does not mean that there are no,standards at Twitter it's not as though,you should be able to get on Twitter and,actively threaten violence against other,human beings and it's even possible that,Elon Musk has his own Overton window and,the Overton window is the window of,acceptable speech and we all have it,right in our own lives there's certain,people we don't want to be friends with,we don't want over in our houses because,their opinions are just too vile right,you wouldn't want a a skinhead Nazi over,at your house with your kids because,your Overton window is personally not,big enough to Encompass that nor in my,opinion should it be you should not be,forced to have that person over at your,house and if you own a platform like,Twitter presumably there will be an,overtime window Beyond which there are,certain opinions that are just too far,they just go too far but those should be,as close to the legal line of free,speech as humanly possible meaning that,there are certain things that are not,protected by free speech in the United,States pornography is really not,protected by free speech in the United,States and we like to pretend that it is,but historically speaking it just was,not,the the idea of a violent threat that is,not protected full-on defamation is not,protected by free speech in the United,States,well if you're a platform what you,should try to do is Hue is close to the,First Amendment line as humanly possible,because indeed that is what you were,created to do if the whole idea of,Twitter is that it was a digital Town,Square and treat it like a digital Town,Square meaning that it is a neutral,forum for discussion and that's going to,include crazy people who are over there,on the side standing on an Apple box and,shouting at everybody at will the good,news is that unlike that Town Square,where that person is noise polluting in,the digital towns where you have a mute,button and you have the ability to,algorithmically algorithmically shape,what it is that you wish to see and I,think that Elon Musk understands this so,the Hugh and Cry at Twitter is just,insane people at Twitter are Weeping,openly online you're seeing people from,the left the people in the media who are,just we're going to abandon so we're,gonna run screaming from this place what,are we gonna do we're gonna have to,leave Taylor Lorenz of course one of the,worst actors online she's leading that,charge,hilariously she's actually you know I'm,I need to tweet out my sub stats so,people can see my stuff over there sub,stack is also a free speech platform,where a bunch of peopl

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Twitter Files Continues | The Censorship of Trump Exposed

Twitter Files Continues | The Censorship of Trump Exposed

Elon musk's quest to unmask what,happened at Twitter before he took over,continues a pace and it is fascinating,over the weekend he revealed two more,tranches of Twitter files one via Matt,taibi the former Rolling Stone,journalist the other via Michael,Schellenberg of the former Democrat who,has been disillusioned with a lot of,these sort of extremist global warming,talk the thread from mataibi really sets,the stage for the thread from,schellenberger and I have to say the,roll out of this stuff just from a PR,angle is very very smart they're rolling,it out on Twitter which is where most of,the coverage is going to be not only are,they doing it that way they're also,doing it serially which means that,people are really keeping an eye as more,headlines emerge about how Twitter was,run so the the first thread from,matzahibi is about the removal of Donald,Trump Circa October 2020 to January 6.,the idea is that the preconditions for,removing Trump were set from October,2020 to January 6th and what they show,is ad hoc decision making at the highest,level of Twitter outside of Jack Dorsey,Jack Dorsey was off doing what he does,like hanging out with malaria ridden,mosquitoes in a Malaysian cave or,something and the rest of the Twitter,infrastructure was basically playing,while Dorsey was gone they were deciding,who should stay who should go they were,using their own political predilections,to decide what sort of material was,worthy of being seen and they set all,these preconditions in spite of the fact,that they knew that there was no actual,hardcore policy that was being defined,by Twitter they knew that there was no,actual standard that was being set by,Twitter instead they just basically,decided here's the thing I don't like,how do I cram this square peg into the,round hole of Twitter policy so here's,what Matt taibi says again this is,covering the period October 2020 to,January 6th just before Donald Trump was,banned from Twitter and all this is,really important not just because of,what Twitter was during election of 2020,although that's important obviously but,because this is how big Tech is run and,for so many of us who get our,information via the outlets that big,tech provides you have to understand,that there is a thumb on the scale in,nearly all of these cases this is not,just a Twitter problem this is a,Facebook problem this is a YouTube,problem this is something that we've,been experiencing as a company daily,where really since we began is the,vagaries of how these big Tech platforms,work you'll be running a company and,suddenly you'll see a 40 drop in traffic,in like a week because Facebook has,quote unquote changed its algorithm and,the question you have to ask yourself is,are they changing the algorithm broadly,and is it affecting everyone or are they,just targeting me and because they're,not transparent about how these,platforms are run there's really no way,to tell until you just through trial and,error try to rebuild your business well,meanwhile over at the New York Times it,doesn't seem like they're experiencing,anything remotely like the same problems,in terms of having to navigate these,Wilds instead it seems like they're,doing a pretty good job of having the,inside track and exactly how this,information is being distributed the big,tech companies work in tandem with,Legacy Media and the Democratic party as,well as it turns out sometimes members,of the FBI in order to quash particular,stories in order to reduce the amount of,information that is spread that they,don't like you to see so here's what,mataibi writes this came out December,9th that would have been Friday night,quote the world knows much of the story,of what happened between riots at the,Capitol on January 6th and the removal,of President Donald Trump from Twitter,on January 8th we'll show you what,hasn't been released the erosion of,Standards within the company in the,months before January 6th Decisions by,high-ranking Executives to violate their,own policies and more against the,backdrop of ongoing documented,interaction with federal agencies,so there are several of the of these,threads that went out there was the,taibi thread and there was the,shellenberger thread,and then,a Barry Weiss thread is set to emerge in,short order tabi says whatever your,opinion on the decision to remove Trump,that day the internal Communications at,Twitter between January 6th and January,8th have clear historical import even,Twitter's employees understood in the,moment it was a landmark moment in the,annals of speech he says as soon as they,finish Banning Trump Twitter Executives,started processing new power they,prepared to ban future presidents and,white houses perhaps even Joe Biden the,new Administration said one executive,will not be suspended by Twitter unless,absolutely necessary Twitter Executives,removed Trump in part over what one,executive called the quote-unquote,context surrounding actions by prominent,supporters over the course of the,elect

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