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The DaBaby Situationhey everyone anthony fantano here,internet's busiest music nerd i hope,you're do


Updated on Jan 14,2023

The DaBaby Situation

hey everyone anthony fantano here,internet's busiest music nerd i hope,you're doing well,and uh you saw this thumbnail you saw,this title you know what this is about,but i have to talk about what has been,one of the biggest cluster ,in music this week and that is uh the,baby,who up until this point has been having,a pretty good,year a pretty good past 12 months i mean,his music's been doing well,he's been having a massive amount of,memes out there,pushing his name and pushing his music,in front of people but,it's it's all coming crashing,down very quickly and and that's not to,say that the baby's not going to have a,career after this,still he is in the middle of a pr,firestorm at the moment,over his recent rolling loud performance,now some of the headlines to come out of,this performance at first were kind of,light-hearted,silly stuff about this shoe being thrown,at him but it didn't seem to hurt the,guy and he had a funny comment about it,then moving on from there,more headlines coming out of this,performance got a bit more,insane with the baby bringing tory lanez,out to perform with him and i mean if,you know anything about tory lanez he's,currently on a lot of people's ,lists,still because of the controversy,surrounding him,shooting megan the stallion allegedly,allegedly,allegedly but the baby was bringing him,out here,in a show of like mockery because,i guess megan the stallion performed,right before,de baby did so you're having torrey,lanes on right after megan the stallion,and not only that but the baby brought,tory lanez on,in the middle of him performing two,tracks,that he has with megan the stallion so,he's like obviously trying to make,a point here he's bringing him on as a,mockery,to the artist that came on before him,the artist who,was allegedly shot by the guy he's,inviting on so honestly this was awful,enough,and i feel like this should have been,enough,to start sinking the baby but then,finally the real,firestorm started coming when uh,this clip of the baby came out on stage,where he is like and we'll,link it down below you could check it,out for yourself uh,talking about people raising their cell,phone lights in the air,if they don't have aids and they're not,dude sucking dick in the parking lot and,the dj,is making a homophobic remark or you,know his hype man is making a homophobic,remark,on top of that as well and this clip,over here i guess is just like the tip,of,uh the iceberg of some of the other,things that he said during the,performance that have uh offended people,in the lgbtq community,and uh they came with uh guns blazin,in response to this like elton john made,a twitter post,uh there have been rap artists that have,been disgusted by the comments,and there have been some rap artists,that have come to de baby's defense,historically guys that don't really have,a great track record when it comes to,uh public statements and uh you know,morality judgments so this thing has,become just like a whole orgy of ,honestly because if what the baby was,saying on stage was,was just jokes if it was jess jokes then,the response should be to like let it go,if it's just a joke then,you didn't really mean it and it's not,important and it's not significant and,it's easy to,disavow and say that you didn't mean,what you said and say,it was a mistake or just say it was bad,judgment on your part and,just say like there wasn't anything to,it but instead,we're defending our actions we're,defending our actions so if you're,defending your actions and you're,standing your ground,it says to me that it's not a joke it,says to me that you actually,kind of believe the things that you were,saying on stage because if you didn't,believe it then it's not important if if,you didn't believe it then there's no,reason to stand by it if i say things,i don't believe i'm not going to stand,by those things,whether that's something i said in jest,or whether that's something i said at,one point that i disagree with now and,that's how i would think,every person would operate but no the,baby is,instead defending the baby is instead,standing his ground,the baby is instead feeling like he's,above the comments and criticisms,of other artists in the industry even in,his own field,he had quest love on his ass i guess,over instagram and his response to that,whole thing was essentially like yeah i,don't know who that guy is,i don't know who quest love is i don't,care,which is obviously always a good look,when you are completely clueless as to,who some of the most influential people,are in the,genre of music that you benefit off of,yeah that's that's always a great look,but as this little cnn blurb over here,points out,this thing is extended even further into,a mess on account,of some of the people defending the baby,here because,it's been ti for example who in standing,up for the baby,who has like pointed out uh lil nas x,and brought up little nas x in the,conversation saying well,if lil na's x can openly be himself and,say he likes the

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DaBaby SHADES Dua Lipa After She Slammed His Homophobic Rant!

DaBaby SHADES Dua Lipa After She Slammed His Homophobic Rant!

DaBaby addresses his homophobic comments scandal in his latest music video that is shockingly,being well-received by fans and the rapper is also throwing shade at Dua Lipa for calling,him out — let’s get into it,Despite all the negative publicity DaBaby has been getting for his anti-gay comments,and shaming people living with HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases while,onstage at Rolling Loud Miami this past Sunday, he still went ahead and released the official,music video for his latest track, “Giving What It’s Supposed to Give.”,And far from sweeping the backlash he’s been getting under the rug, DaBaby faced it,head on at the very end of the video with a rainbow-colored message that read, "Don't,Fight Hate With Hate.,My apologies for being me the same way you want the freedom to be you.” ,And in part of the actual video the rapper is seen actually holding up a sign with the,word AIDS in bold letters as he delivers the lyrics, quote: "Bi---, we like AIDS, I'm on,your a--, we on your a--, bi---, we won't go away.”,And in an Instagram post following the release of the video he directed and co-produced,,DaBaby pointed out that he filmed it before his Rolling Out performance and he added,,quote, "It never seizes to amaze me the way God put me in situations I’m already,equipped to handle.,Enjoy.”,Then in a follow up IG post DaBaby revealed that the filming of the video took 16 hours,and that he jumped on a jet right after only to get two hours of sleep prior to his controversial,Rolling Loud act which he deemed as "one of the BEST performances of the entire festival,yet the most controversial and emotion provoking performance as well.",He went on to chalk up his insensitive remarks during the show to being an “entertainer”,and added, "try to apologize and explain that you meant no harm & that you were only entertaining,as you are paid to do, & have no problem with anyone’s sexual preference that is outside,of yours, only to have a substantial amount of people refuse to understand your logic,,tag along with a trending topic & play with your character and do everything they can,to take money out of your pockets and food out your kids mouth.",DaBaby continued on by portraying himself as the victim since according to him now he’s,the one being offended by others online and he emphasized that it was just a coincidence,that his new video happened to touch upon, quote: “EVERY controversial topic trending,in the headlines.”,He wrapped up his lengthy caption with a very bold statement that read: "so you then go,against the grain in the opposite direction of every scared person around you & stay true,to yourself & DROP DAT B**CH & show the world once again that you CANT BE F---ED WIT?,I have.,I just did.,God’s Work.”,And DaBaby didn’t stop there…,Dua Lipa, having featured him on her song ‘Levitating’,  was the first artist to,call him out for his deplorable remarks stating that she was “horrified” by his words,and how she really doesn’t recognize him as the person she worked with.,She also threw her full support behind the LGBTQ+ community and called to put an end,to the stigma and ignorance around HIV/AIDS.,Well apparently DaBaby wasn’t too pleased with her reaction as he subtly threw shade,at Dua by liking tweets speaking ill of her like this one that reads:,“It's funny how @DUALIPA  song levitating is only number 1 because @DaBabyDaBaby is,on it.,You're welcome.,Because I dead*ss only heard of you because of Dababy.”,This other person wrote, “Patiently waiting for  @DUALIPA  to pull,her song with  @DaBabyDaBaby  off streaming services”,And finally this user tweeted at Dua,  “soooo when you gonna remove that remix,with  @DaBabyDaBaby  ?! We waiting …”,However Dua seems completely unfazed by DaBaby’s baits as she’s busy promoting the music,video for her feature on the late Pop Smoke’s track ‘Demeanor’ which dropped today.,And she’s also been chilling at some paradise beach in her parent’s home country of Albania. ,And despite all the outrage online, DaBaby’s video seems to mostly be getting positive,reviews from fans and other artists including Snoop Dog, the like-to-dislike ratio is also,very low and according to Social Blade, his subscribers have only increased since the,scandal.,However, it’s a whole different story on Twitter where for the most part users are,out to cancel him altogether. ,It seems that this situation is far from over and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with,any new developments…,For now, go ahead and click right over here to find out more details about DaBaby’s,original offensive remarks and which other stars unfollowed him,Then hop to the comments and let me know all your thoughts on DaBaby’s decision to drop,his new music video in the middle of this scandal.  ,As always, I’m your host Renee Ariel, you can follow me on socials @ReneeAriel and I’ll,see ya next time!

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Dua Lipa, Elton John Condemn DaBaby's Homophobic HIV Comments

Dua Lipa, Elton John Condemn DaBaby's Homophobic HIV Comments

celebrities are speaking out following,de baby's homophobic comments,made during his recent appearance at the,rolling loud festival,in miami yeah and one of those stars is,dua lipa who recently collaborated with,the rapper on the remix of her hit song,levitating,responding to his comments the grammy,winner shared a statement on her,instagram story reading,i'm surprised and horrified at the,baby's comments,i really don't recognize this as a,person i worked with,i know my fans know where my heart lies,and that i stand a hundred percent with,the lgbtq community,we need to come together to fight the,stigma and ignorance around,hiv aids elton john also took to his,social media and wrote that he was,shocked,to hear the rapper's comments about hiv,writing,this fuels stigma and discrimination and,is the opposite of what our world needs,to fight,the aids epidemic homophobic and hiv,mistruths,have no place in our society and,industry and as musicians,we must spread compassion and love for,the most marginalized people in our,communities,musicians job is to bring people,together,yes following the backlash the baby,released a statement on twitter writing,anybody who done ever been affected by,aids hiv y'all got the right to be upset,what i said was insensitive even though,i have no intentions on offending,anybody,so my apologies but the lgbt community i,ain't tripping out y'all do,you your business is your business,well his apology was not well received,uh by others on social media including,glads associate director of communities,of color desean usher who called out to,babies,hateful rhetoric in a statement which,read in part the rhetoric that the baby,used in an inaccurate hurtful and,harmful,to the lgbtq community and the estimated,1.2 million americans living with hiv,while the baby has made haphazard,attempts to apologize,actions need to be taken for full,accountability and changes to do better,in the future yeah additionally uk-based,clothing brand boohoo man released a,statement on wednesday announcing that,they would no longer be working with the,baby,back in june boohoo man released a,hundred piece collection,with the rapper,oh my god so initially yeah initially,that apology,move i'm not surprised that's not being,taken well yeah what's your whole take,on this,one the internet always hangs on to that,initial story,much longer so you have to make an,apology strong,you have to like really reach out and,showcase some humility he's made a,mistake,the problem with online discourse is,people,pick their sides and they firmly,entrench themselves on their side until,like it hurts their wallet or it really,upsets someone they respect so,when you make a mistake you have to try,twice as hard and you have to go out and,really make amends not just say you're,sorry,yeah um my whole feeling on this is like,the baby like what did this,do for you like mine the business that,pays you this was so,out of line freedom of speech isn't,freedom of consequences or dealing with,people's reactions like you're spewing,hate your pep you're perpetuating a,stigma um that hurts a lot of people,and you know for me like i've advocated,for the hiv aids community i've traveled,all the way to kenya,to help there with kids who have been,orphaned by that disease,and that stigma like it trickles down to,so many people around the world so many,different types of people,um who suffer from from this,misinformation i think that,the baby forgets that he's talented and,because he's talented,his music is powerful and therefore if,his music is powerful so is his voice,um and i just this was just so,inappropriate and then the apology you,know i am so tired of,black people especially black men,feeling like they have to,live in this one box this one stereotype,that i have to be a gangster,and i have to have this one little,belief and stick to it or else i'm not,going to be loved and respected in the,community,there's so many black people who don't,feel accepted by their own because they,feel like they're not,street enough they're not gangster,enough there's room for all of us we're,all different,we're allowed to be you know accepted,we're allowed to be different i i just,i find this very annoying and people and,companies,have the right to not support an artist,whose opinions don't align with their,own views and values,i do feel however do alipa speaking out,you know yes go ahead speak out that is,your opinion,but you can't profit off the remix then,dua so you got to take it down entirely,you got to keep that same energy you're,not going to still keep making money,off of a remix with the baby while,you're out here saying you don't respect,the baby and you don't expect,respect what he's saying either so keep,that same same energy but i'm just,overall this was like really frustrating,for me because i am a fan of the baby,hip-hop is my culture this is what i,love this is what i listen to,so seeing someone as talented as him,have this fall from grace because his,opin

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Lil Nas X, Kevin Hart Discuss Homophobia

Lil Nas X, Kevin Hart Discuss Homophobia

both Lamaze X and Kevin Hart have,appeared on the most recent episode of,HBO's the shop which has celebrities,sitting in a barbershop discussing their,careers this was of course shot before,Kevin had his accident on Sunday wine,clip has gone viral where Lil nas,explains why he came out of the closet,and Kevin's apparent flippant reaction,that early success you thought it was,important to make a an announcement,recently so what why did he feel that,was necessary,that's actually my question why do you,feel it was necessary to come out and,say that it's not there like his like,being forced it's just like knowing like,growing up like I'm grown I'm grown up,to hate it,I'm not supposed to go like hey hey what,homosexuality gay people come on now if,you're really from the hood you know you,like you know like it's not some so it's,like if for me the cool do with this,song on top of everything to say it is,any other time like I'm doing this for,attention in my eyes but if you're doing,this like while you're at the top you,know it's like for real and it's like,sewing like it doesn't really like,matter I guess exactly does there it is,okay so people are coming after Kevin,for his dismissal that coming out is a,big deal at homophobia does exist in the,african-american community now that's,the clip that people are seeing I want,to give a bit more context here yeah so,Kevin does applaud Naz for speaking his,truth because Naz is owning the,narrative and here's what Kevin says a,little bit later on the shop and then,God has experienced the firsthand,you can't ignore people for the first,time in our world in our generation we,get to listen to people today's time,gives everybody the opportunity to go I,feel I think I this you can't ignore it,because then you're not of the people,doesn't mean you have to change you got,to understand and you have to,acknowledge so as a comedian some choose,to say I hear you as some choose to go,get got here I'm gonna be me the choice,that overall I think he,eventually we're coming to its,understanding as a man as a person of,the people I don't want to separate,black-white gays non gays fat skinny,global how do I make all these people,laugh you got to get to a space to where,you go if my job is to make people happy,how am i doing it and if I'm not doing,it the way people think I should how do,I make sure people know that my gesture,overall is to do that has these times,that have changed changed your process,and comedies economy more absolutely not,because I'm gonna succumb I've never,been a malicious comedian it's always,been to me and my family so I've never,been the guy to go to man white people,oh my god make ya'll dead people y'all,got it I'm never gonna guys it's always,been about me my family my experiences,so it hasn't altered me but I'm more,conscious can you explain something to,me because I watched that clip and I saw,something else explained to me,people are saying that he what where's,the anger why they mad at him basically,the idea that when he first says who,cares,in terms of been like when Lola Nozick,says coming out and then in terms of,Kevin Hart dismissing the idea that,there's homophobia in the,african-american I mean because of,course there is so I think there's just,this idea that Kevin Hart is saying it's,not a big deal to come over the closet I,think that Kevin Hart is trying to say,it's not because it shouldn't matter who,you love if you're gay or straight it,shouldn't matter it is if that's not how,it comes off right well to me it sounded,like he was trying to say why does it,matter right it shouldn't matter I,thought he was being supportive at least,that's how I interpreted I interpreted,him saying but why does it matter like,what's what's the problem because of his,past comments that he has made and said,people are picking moments out of that,larger picture to go at it again like I,think he still struggles to understand,his point of view of the stuff like even,him saying in that second clip Maurice,saying I've never been malicious towards,gay people of course you worry you're,malicious with that joke yeah but your,kid smashing your kid's head yeah,he was gay right and so this idea is,saying that there is no homophobia in,african-american community when you did,a whole baby bat yeah he says he says,why why why is there because little,Nozick says you know when I was growing,up you're taught to hate gay people,why he didn't say there was none in the,community well I came over exactly how,Kevin Hart worth it but he seems to be,surprised or he seems to dismiss the,idea that there's see to me that sounds,like a guy who's trying to be liked but,why why wouldn't you just love everybody,right well I think that's something,obviously we're in a world that would be,great but 2019 we're not there yet where,it doesn't matter of course it does,matter represent representation does,matter so the idea of the biggest artist,around right now is at the top of the,charts to come out and sa

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Rapper DaBaby Gets Cancelled After Homophobic Rant

Rapper DaBaby Gets Cancelled After Homophobic Rant

bluetooth,goede mop poster the barber de baby is,facing etienne een bug life line up for,video of inductie homofobie combattre,muziek vetrollen en barrel de baby geen,de rewind keeper isolatie aan zionisten,porteurs zelf online up and begins,shirley in nummer honden van de comments,en ik zal uw allebei regionaal joden,voor steve dus een dik 25 katholiek kon,reproduceren en daling met spanje de bbq,grill naam is jordan en dave curtis,keene castle bike for driver limiet ham,of of the koemarkt 6 ballen gringoire's,revery linton steeds glamour toren was,al over de nieuwe set roze live station,nek en die stelling in de for following,this agreement in de video de baby's 6,to the audience de hemel kip sony,miljoen dollars en teken guess who de is,de banden steeds horizons age malloc,suki guy en babbel het kamp impressie,het voorwiel the guardian was na hem,precies evolutie,bubbly micro's mechanisch kalium en,jasper planters at life or death of in,mijn sympathie bad taste,biarritz als een t-shirt mickey barry,gunt het eeuwenoude muse bij de sprites,begonnen met het showen performing,together a funny een stok af te duwen en,wipte dat de baby,marant happen die congress egoïsme die,vindt u al met al die mannen focus on,this be great if you could arise and can,support and beyond his performances and,it begins yuan trade detail weeee door,en i you we en they just idee waarom eet,je die en duty 3 weeks tempo yourself on,line up ladies fugee's mellow wine for,yourself on line up,cel is opnieuw een die in the,part i love yourself online eraf en en,ziek en crm is door hen use a few people,mors de marechaussee die kist youtube al,die man tyler je kind de just a we dit,soort lee was een greenway de en this,already found for performance nummers,man spuit niveau golfer scintillation,like this one twitter users zijn de baby,storylines publiek en van de hel en,daarvoor een tol die zero maildienst,aflossing trender will never be a cool,bro's this person treinen kanten van,bold and get en post by others on fire,the street zijn,james grime people bellen ziet u de baby,for what she said' er al was de rabbi's,is het romeinse les en de de baby raina,hello en hij was zullen de baby in haar,maken met staan pieken zijn latjes use,in my god is een naaste voor wat hij zei,daarin zet dan mijn idee hoe hopping van,die der wijk in een flesje culture met,een ander lading nieuwe de baby baby,geld naam enqueue,wanneer binnen uw ervaring en zijn ze,voor in de baby your choice is een larve,jan en nu nam in de blue check mark olie,antwoorden sorry getting in the way to,say about something het onder je navel,times for more people would ever i,misschien uw blazer antwoorden voor is,remarks de baby insider pages,silent nieuwe letter t toe is twitter,csl mensen voor de sifon lyin' hier in,the amsterdam william in march,atelier wie al die jazz dat lamberink,online en fresnel show demonische,hormoonniveaus is cargill minibar kluis,is je naam erin en ebuddy hoe than ever,been effecten bij eet eet ivy league,otherwise philips avance was een,sensitieve nam een hbo intentions al hun,vending in bali zoo my apologies but,they all the beach i merely a child uw,je al deze signaal business snel balance,kids have body for the set bonnie driver,polio die stem in de tweede man was,still not least,neppers twitter maar die hem zijn de,typische show the same energy mini black,magic chart,wat nieuwe zijn medio email met christus,en de riemen snel gasleiding the point,where users and 0 guests and doesn't,like son is voor pie says now using,blocking justice is een gasleiding chu,worden netrouting striplac mijn job al,de time they might be home base is een,telefoon billen die nu sommige,going on ear inquiring de thumping is,het is wenselijk sjabloon reis een ander,story over chicks de nieuws cycle hij,google nieuws en porno de gold hij wil,ik ga le bon en ec mayn't en,boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy,oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh,boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy,oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh,boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy,oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh,boy oh boy oh boy oh matcha ijs en your,kamers van de wereld hij belast met,bloemen spaanse sociaal aspect optie,close to the fortunes mary barra zesde,secundair beurs minister oeroeg hella,badger,zak in de ene bergsma edev lee was wies,moens s not sure why would be when no,worry dorset's monica's en kibble andere,tank ever chocolade five or six ktm 1010,vest rood,sorry i would say thank you were using,your dad was mijn broers na het is een,super as well as terug elk de poolcirkel,job leads and size small cap no way,miljoen sandy ya know me,dat heet werk dat is beter,harde serie miljoenen dollars en and,still have one huizinga nee jack,coachingsessie dimitri de voor miljoenen,why you have you move van je donateur iv,dus wie gaat bij over from escribano,twee jacks uit de weg en zelfs een nog,steeds video tanki summer for watching,and the road charlie waardes in een ton,eckstein,steek

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Boosie BadAzz Defends DaBaby, Calls Lil Nas X Homophobic Slur

Boosie BadAzz Defends DaBaby, Calls Lil Nas X Homophobic Slur

well the baby's performance at rolling,loud there is still,a lot of controversy in falling out from,that whole situation in the comments,that he made on stage,now in case you still haven't heard it,as envy would say in case you live,behind a rock,here's what was originally said you,didn't show up today with hiv aids any,of them deadly sexual transmitted,diseases,that'll make you die two three weeks put,yourself on lightning lady if you,smell like water put a cell phone like,that uh,fellas lights up fellas if you ain't,stuck in the parking,i don't know why we keep playing i'm,sure there's some people that's hurt by,it like i don't know why we,we keep playing that order well cause,then we have to don't we,after that because we can't assume,everyone heard it or remembers,what was said because now we're going to,talk about how the company that he's,been working with that he released a,capsule,a capsule clothing line with a 100 piece,limited edition line,actually is no longer working with him,now that first line did drop on june,30th,and boohoo man posted a statement they,said we stand by and support the lgbtq,plus,community and do not tolerate any hate,speech or discrimination in any form,and they said they are no longer working,with the baby,now the baby responded after that,because you saw a lot of people were,making statements you know elton john,spoke out,glad released a statement and he posted,a video of him ducking the shoe being,thrown and he said no weapon formed,this is how i bob and weave anything,sent to destroy me check my resume and,sit back,hashtag my soul ain't for sale he also,released a new video giving what it's,supposed to give,and that visual does conclude with a,brief message addressing that,controversy we just played around what,he said,over the weekend at rolling loud in,miami and he did,uh say don't fight hate with hate my,apologies for being me the same way you,want the freedom to be,you he said he filmed the video a day,before his rolling lab performance,and he said it never ceases to amaze me,the way god puts me in situations i'm,already equipped to handle that's what,he wrote on his instagram page,don't so if you if you bump into someone,in the club or step on someone's shoe,if you didn't mean to do it if it wasn't,intentional just apologize,that person might turn around mean mug,you they might even say something to you,but if you didn't mean to do it just,apologize and keep it moving,and i was saying that from the beginning,you know i'm not a fan of canceled,culture,at all and i do feel like he said,something and at that point it's big for,you to apologize and educate yourself,on why things were hurtful to people why,you're spreading misinformation,and that's it you know and boosie badass,did come to the baby's defense also real,quick if you say don't fight hate with,hate,you're admitting that what you did was,hate,all right now boosie badass did go ahead,on instagram live,and he talked about his displeasure of,people canceling the baby for his,remarks everybody now with a nephew,sucking,just can't put that on everybody and,expect it to be cool,now isaac say he won't perform naked on,stage for charity,you don't with him like you with,your baby you know be even sided man,you don't think there's disrespect in,front of boys who trying to be straight,if i'm at awards and he go up there, i'mma drag his ass off stage and,beat his ass,like the nazis they want to perform, for charity,you don't tell his little ass, if he taking it too far,go sucker get the ass,lucy we were just trying to get to your,page back on instagram and this oh my,gosh,the one question i've been asking all,week awful why,like why busy why what little nas x is,not your op no gay man is your app i,really don't understand why people care,so much about who other people are,sleeping with,like i hear straight men talk about who,gay men are sleeping with more than i,hear gay men talk about who they,sleeping with like why do all of them,care,that much and busy confused the hell out,of me in that rant just now,wow cause he said little boys that are,trying to be straight how do you try to,be straight,you're either straight are you not young,men trying to be straight,like x responded and i know we don't,have much more time left in room well,but he said i'm starting to think you,end where it's gay too cause y'all stay,on my d,and he said some of y'all not even mad,that i'm gay some of you are mad that,i'm gay and still succeeding,all right and that is your rumor report,not a little nazix is wondering well now,that's got these brothers losing their,minds and money,and i don't understand why y'all care so,much about who,other men are sleeping with and boosie,said he don't want little nazix to do it,in front of the kids but he wants to do,wants him to do it on ig,all right i'm trying to figure out where,the logic is,all right and i'm talking about this but,charlemagne you have a donkey of the day,coming up yeah you're giving your don

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Dua Lipa HORRIFIED Over DaBaby's Homophobic Comments

Dua Lipa HORRIFIED Over DaBaby's Homophobic Comments

Dua Lipa is speaking out after rapper DaBaby made some deeply disturbing homophobic comments,while performing at the Rolling Loud music festival, and now many other artists are standing,against his hateful rant.,Let’s get into it.,DaBaby fans were in for quite a shock after the rapper performed during the 2021 Rolling,Loud music festival in Miami on Sunday night when he began firing off many homophobic comments,to the crowd that would later get the attention of fans and fellow musicians worldwide.,But before we continue, I just wanted to issue a trigger warning as what we’re about to,talk about contains homophobic slurs and remarks that deeply affect the LGBTQ+ community, so,please only continue watching if you feel comfortable doing so.,Videos from the festival began surfacing on social media, including one shared by TMZ,that showed DaBaby telling the audience to put their cell phone flashlights in the air,if they QUOTE “didn’t show up today with HIV/AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted,diseases that will make you die in two to three weeks.”,It’s safe to assume the audience didn’t take this well, and at one point, DaBaby even,dodged a shoe being thrown at him onstage:,“Who the f*ck threw that motherf*ckin’ busted a** god damn Addida?”,The following day after DaBaby’s comments went viral, he went on social media to attempt,to clarify his comments, but only made even more remarks about his gay fans, telling the,audience that they aren’t “junkies” because QUOTE, “Even my gay fans don’t,got f*ckin’ AIDS.”,Unsurprisingly, these comments deeply angered fans and fellow musicians as many began speaking,out against DaBaby throughout the week, including his “Levitating” collaborator Dua Lipa.,She took to Instagram on Tuesday to reveal how horrified she was after hearing his comments,,writing QUOTE, “"I'm surprised and horrified at DaBaby's comments.,I really don't recognize this as the person I worked with.,I know my fans know where my heart lies and that I stand 100% with the LGTBQ community.,We need to come together to fight the stigma and ignorance around HIV/AIDS.”
,Demi Lovato also stood in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community on their Instagram account,,posting this image that read, “HIV IS NOT A GAY DISEASE,” along with multiple slides,of information surrounding the stigma of the disease and a caption that read, “Hot people,listen to the original version of ‘Levitating.’”,Many others, including Elton John, shared information about the deadly disease, and,some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Miley Cyrus had already unfollowed DaBaby on Instagram.,Not to mention, DaBaby’s brand deals have already begun cutting ties with him, including,men’s clothing company BoohoooMan, who tweeted QUOTE, “boohooMAN condemn the use of homophobic,language and confirm we will no longer be working with DaBaby.”,DaBaby has since made another attempt at an apology on Tuesday as he took to Twitter to,clarify his comments, while also standing firm on some of his controversial remarks.,He said, “I tell fans to put a cellphone light in the air y’all start a million man,March.,I told you y’all digested that wrong, but I ain’t gone lie I’m impressed.,Now show this same amount of support when a racist cop kill one of our black a**.”
,He went on to explain that, “Anybody who done ever been affected by AIDS/HIV y’all,got the right to be upset, what I said was insensitive even though I have no intentions,on offending anybody.,So my apologies.”,He then added, “But the LGBT community...I ain’t trippin on y’all, do you.,y’all business is y’all business.”,We, here at Clevver, also stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community and anybody who,was deeply affected by DaBaby’s comments, and we hope he is able to become more educated,and have much more empathy for those who are affected by HIV as well as those also fighting,to survive on a daily basis.,Then be sure to let me know all your thoughts on Dua’s response to DaBaby’s shocking,claims right down here in the comments. ,I’m your host Sussan Mourad, you can find me on socials @Sussan_Mourad, bye guys.

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Will Dababy’s Homophobic Rant Get Him Canceled?

Will Dababy’s Homophobic Rant Get Him Canceled?

i've seen uh wale and drewski uh rolling,loud they were talking about seinfeld,and he was like asking him like how he,cause like while they had the mixtape,about nothing or whatever but then he,actually ended up,doing like a whole album i guess with,james jerry did jerry did like the intro,jerry decided like oh this century i'm,going to do like one thing,right or is it a decade this decade i'm,going to do one thing and then you get a,mixtape with,one of the richest comedians of all time,oh yeah i'm sure yeah,and like he had that one show uh like uh, comedians and cards and some,stupid it was fire,that was hard it's still around is,it i think so like new new episodes,what's kramer doing he's still calling,people uh i think after that he,kind of ceased to exist,as far as what was what was their like,reason,what was the joke that was being told,somebody was heckling him yeah somebody,started heckling him and he was like,you dare me to shout i'm sorry ,what a miscalculation like what how did,you think that was the answer to the,heckle they made a whole like south park,episode over there,like hey that guy yeah that was a,bad look for him,it kind of honestly feels like what,happened to the baby this weekend,no what not that bad but bro they've,been going,close what did you do on twitter can you,scroll down i'm pretty sure we have a,quote up here of what the baby says,if you ain't got hiv or something like,that make some noise,if you ain't sucking dick in the in the, uh parking lot,let me read this quote this is what the,baby said on stage,if you didn't show up today with hiv,aids or any of them,deadly sexually transmitted diseases,that'll make you die in two to three,weeks,then put your cell phone lighter up,ladies if your smell like water,put your cell phone light in the air,fellas if you ain't sucking dick in the,parking lot,put your cell phone lighter up i wonder,if this had been sort of like stirring,around in his brain like oh i got these,bars someone just dropped this ,later he what's wrong with that,he 1000 freestyle that off the dome,what's wrong with it let me try to,explain to you why,someone might be offended by this what,if you're in the crowd and you had aids,if you had three weeks to live you,should be at the hospital nobody said,you got three weeks to live what,if you just in the,he said if you didn't show up today with,hiv aids or em daily sexual,transmitted diseases that'll make you,die in two to three weeks okay so for,the record,there is only one disease sexually,transmitted disease that will,potentially kill you which is aids so,we're talking about one disease here so,obviously i mean it's hard to take this,as not homophobic i understand,the perspective of people who are,offended by this i can see the,the ending one you know sucking dick in,if you're a man of sucking ticket apart,right at the end i guess you know ladies,if your smell like water put,yourself okay that's fine your can,smell like water that's acceptable,if you ain't sucking dick in the parking,lot,put your fellas if you ain't sucking,dick in the parking lot if you're coming,to a concert you shouldn't be sucking,dick in the parking lot yeah but he said,fellas you know it comes off where's the,lot,he could have said fellas if you ain't,sucking dick or eating in the,parking lot which i guess maybe he wants,to take a stand against public oral sex,then i guess i can kind of,i mean you have to read it as being,intentionally aimed at obviously when,he's saying stuff about aids and hiv you,got to think all right this is aimed at,the gay community he may,overwhelmingly deal with this more than,yeah i think everybody's just too,sensitive now bro you can't say ,listen i agree with that statement i,just feel like this,i can i understand why people were so,familiar,no i mean i don't get offended by,anything kramer said worse,yeah okay i could say that but only,because you are offending more,people by saying the n-word in the,context he did and,you know there's probably more black,people than gay people but,they seem both pretty offensive right,i'm just saying like,you just got to be like people are too,sensitive but you all you also have to,like,kind of be willing to accompany,everyone and don't make like certain,groups that butter the joke you feel,especially if you're the baby and you,you're at this huge,festival and he's such a big artist,that it's like of course he's gonna have,a ton of gay,fans yeah you know he's on songs,with dua lipa and like i,mean that's just,oh he got a song a little nazix but does,he have a song with him i don't know i,don't think a song with him i think he,just uh,he's like on like where did he get on,the on he's not like the old town road,remix or something well either way there,little nod's ex's dad posted the picture,of them together talking basically,to the baby for what he said,i don't know if little nonsex had bars,for for the baby about this,i think okay but it was done at a moment,where there's already a b

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