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Roquan Smith Media Availability | Chicago Bearsjust how good does it feel to come away,with a victor

Chicago Bears

Updated on Jan 20,2023

Roquan Smith Media Availability | Chicago Bears

just how good does it feel to come away,with a victory this week oh yeah it was,big uh this week you know uh coming out,versus the hungry detroit team and then,just sticking together throughout the,whole game and then coming out on the um,winning side that's big,a moment this time,where you felt like the team was,sticking together or anything that it,was going to translate to sunday i never,felt like we would we were separating uh,amongst each other uh we know deep down,uh who we have,amongst each other so it was just about,staying true to ourselves and uh,not switching up,did you feel like this could be a reset,opportunity not that you needed to reset,for this team but the fact that you were,able to do it and set the tone early in,this game,i think it started with the oh how they,came out i won the toss and uh got the,ball drove right down the field i think,that set the tone for the game and uh,that was big so and we just had to uh,build off that we knew those guys were,going to come out fighting scrappy and,we just had to step up to the plate when,it was all turned,oh it's big being able to play with the,league like that you know being up you,know being up so you know these guys,trying to,score get points and whatnot so just,playing with it pretty much it wasn't a,huge leap but it's it's pretty sweet,what can you say about what robert quinn,has done to start this season for you,guys,oh yeah uh yeah great guy man uh,real down to earth and like the way he,plays you know coming to work every day,god never complained,never you know don't say much but just,always in himself and bust his tail so i,got a lot of respect for that guy trying,to uh learn everything i can from him,when did you know that,you guys were gonna take the ball,i don't that's not my job my job is to,uh whenever it's our time to go out,there just go out there we take the ball,first we defer,and go out there and just play,this already,it was just about boring our next and uh,not letting those guys in you know time,or so they got in but it's just about,sticking staying uh true to ourselves,and just playing very hard to the uh,last whistle,when david went down,oh it sucks you know if anybody get,injured but,you know i know that guy's a warrior no,one works as hard as him so i know he'll,be back,pretty soon,what about when when you lose a keem,what that does for the defense and how,the defensive line kind of rallied,without him oh yeah you know it's it's,tough when you lose a soldier and a guy,like a vocal leader like a king but you,know it's the next man up mentality and,i know he's going to do everything in,his power to,get himself back,in the best best situation for himself,in the team,you

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Chris Brown - C.A.B. (Catch A Body) (Official Video) ft. Fivio Foreign

Chris Brown - C.A.B. (Catch A Body) (Official Video) ft. Fivio Foreign

stop,Nintendo switch one don't,laughs

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Crazy White Boy - Love You Better (Official Video HD)

Crazy White Boy - Love You Better (Official Video HD)

times Fame now oh but don't you feel,feel the motion inside no more tears I,can't do say I love you,I can't do I do anybody later I can't do,say I love you bear I can't do I do it,holding it down,I said it's like a superstition,we do people over float in your shoulder,I see the feeling on your face,I can't do I can't do I do it body,leaving,I can't do say I love you,I can't do do it,I can't do say I love you,I can't do I do it on your body lady I,can't do say I love you I can't do do it,you,hold in your time I said it's like a,superstition,all over Rosalie shoulder,I see the feeling on your face,I can't do say I love you,can't do I do it on your body lady I,can't do say

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Metallica: Sad But True (Curitiba, Brazil - May 7, 2022)

Metallica: Sad But True (Curitiba, Brazil - May 7, 2022)


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I Was a Neo-Nazi Skinhead: NBC Left Field

I Was a Neo-Nazi Skinhead: NBC Left Field

Well the most surprising thing that people find is the fact that I have,seven kids but that's the number one. Then a part of my story I was a neo-Nazi,white power skinhead when I was a teenager.,From very young felt very much,like the black sheep in my family and had this sense of not really belonging.,And so I started to be drawn towards like skateboarding culture and punk rock,culture. A couple weeks before I turned 15 I went to a party I ended up being,raped by two men. They were white guys. That experience really set my life off,on a very self-destructive trajectory. On the periphery of the punk rock scene,were skinheads. And they were the angriest people. I was, like, 'wow. Those are,my people.' They always had each other's backs and had a really close-knit sort,of bond and friendship. And that really, really appealed to me. I understood that,the price of admission was to say I hate black people.,I hate Jews. Because I hated everyone already it was almost in fact a relief,to narrow down the hatred and anger. We would hang racist literature. Yelling,racial epithets to people of color. There was a time where somebody who had a,cancer of tear gas and we threw that into a gay nightclub. It was definitely a,targeted attack.,Eventually I ended up moving to Houston to go live with the mom and little,brothers of a guy that I was going out with. Because I didn't really have,anywhere else to go at that point. She, by engaging me, and showing me immense,compassion and acceptance when I didn't deserve any, really helped me to have to,look differently at myself. And just the return to sort of like regular people,thing things like that that I hadn't done for four or five years at that,point. Any sort of extreme ideals that we encounter during our youth and our,formative years. Very foundational to the adults that we've become. Very much like,a reprogramming of your brain. There's a Facebook group but we can all go there,and just be like oh I'm really struggling. Some of the people that have,been out less time than I have it's like I'm cut off in traffic by a black man,and my initial response in my mind is to throw a racial epithet. Much like most,addictions relapse is very common. As someone who has been in ex-smoker,multiple times, that addiction, that I think it's a very good parallel. You can,know intellectually that this is something that doesn't have a part in,your life, but depending on how long you are involved, it can be an ongoing,lifelong process to disengage completely.,There is no normalization of violence and hatred and bigotry that's happening,in my day-to-day life.

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Riding along with the Chicago Vehicular Hijacking Task Force

Riding along with the Chicago Vehicular Hijacking Task Force

now to a cbs 2 exclusive the carjacking,crisis is terrorizing drivers across the,city is it the car pulling up beside you,behind you or cutting you off how bad is,it well the county tells us this year,there have been an average of five,carjackings every day there's even a,dedicated task force to stop them we,asked if we could ride along to see how,it works if it works and if the city,could be doing more,this is the case and the chase that,preoccupied the task force for much of,the night four teenagers all armed with,guns had carjacked the vehicle north of,boston we're heading toward those lights,somebody got him,even getting to this point in the chase,wasn't easy catching the suspects,wouldn't be either more on how it ended,in a minute,for the chicago vehicle hijacking task,force the night started with roll call,at the cook county sheriff's command,post in austin of course safety is,number one let's use the helicopter to,our best advantage let's have a good,night guys be safe be safe parting words,that echo on the first stop of the night,a car tracked by the task force crashed,into a fence at 44th and wells on the,south side shots fired three arrests,helicopters and this find five guns,including a fully automatic weapon it's,also a big deal because they're not,accurate,so they're you're looking at 50 rounds,coming down in,seconds look at all these resources,oh yeah and the helicopters we have up,and everything,they know you're coming for them,and yet it continues yes and it will,continue until we can get them quickly,this is every night oh yeah yeah i mean,the numbers are the numbers and they're,horrible for everyone we get there's,more and more and more coming,dart says there's one thing that would,be a game changer for the carjacking,problem we see playing out on chicago,streets and it falls on car,manufacturers with tracking with,tracking we could bring this thing,almost to an end,most cars since 2015 have tracking,devices but not all the companies,cooperate with law enforcement when,vehicles are stolen or carjacked dart is,supporting illinois and federal laws,that would require car manufacturers to,staff a 24 7 tracking center you're,trying to tell me that these you know,billion-dollar corporations can't hire,people to work at call center to,go after what is probably the largest,increase in crime anywhere in the,country that's you know vexing everybody,and scaring people to death where they,don't go into cities anymore and they're,afraid to leave their houses and they,can't put together a call center come on,i mean that's garbage,talk us through it here lieutenant what,do we got,a stolen vehicle first stolen today,lieutenant patrick donovan has spent 24,years with the county we've got,undercover units behind us,he took the assignment with the task,force two years ago to solve a problem,that's only getting worse we've got to,try,all sorts of different avenues he says,it's like fishing it takes patience,persistence and an understanding that,some suspects will slip off the hook not,this one though officers followed this,stolen vehicle from the dan ryan to 57,where they pulled over and arrested the,driver and recovered the car and just,minutes later a new carjacking call,comes in partial,mary there was a gray dodge charger with,like two windows that was taken by four,male subjects with guns chances are,they're going to use that car in some,type of a crime a drive-by these are,just the guys you want to get off the,street all officers can do now is hope,the car shows up on one of these,chances are you've driven past one,without even knowing it hundreds of them,set up around the city and they are,critical a high-tech tool that reads,license plates and alerts police to,stolen or carjacked vehicles,and sure enough there's a hit one of the,readers has picked up the carjacked,dodge on lower whacker so that's where,we go using lights and sirens to weave,through traffic the dodge is still,downtown somewhere hitting on the lpr's,down there,so what did that take half an hour,and then it popped and here it is,you can be sure that four armed guys,downtown are up to no good,it was eastbound um,cpd units finally have eyes on the car,and we're closing in when cpd decides to,pull the plug you had to call off the,pursuit yeah,too dangerous,too densely populated down here not,worth the risk,i can't imagine doing this without these,license plate readers it'd be absolutely,impossible it'd be impossible,now we wait we've got about three,minutes until the helicopter comes,they'll try and see if they can pick,them up look for erratic driving a car,that fits that description,see if any license plate reader hits,see if any any of the other ground units,spot it,it'll show up somewhere or show up,somewhere,and when it does we'll be there,for now we shift to two new car jackings,both on the west side one of which,illustrates how hard it can be to catch,these suspects the victim started to,track his cell phone,cell phone was tracked to

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Top Chicago prosecutor quits over leadership

Top Chicago prosecutor quits over leadership

let's head to chicago where the criminal,justice system is simply crumbling,thanks in part to progressive states and,attorneys who don't think they should,punish criminals,kim fox has been the city's top,prosecutor since 2016. and things have,gotten so bad that a lead prosecutor in,her office well he just quit,supervisor james murphy shocked the,department with his abrupt departure and,he placed the blame squarely on fox this,is what he said in a statement i cannot,continue to work for administration i no,longer respect,this administration is more concerned,with political narratives and agendas,than with victims in prosecuting violent,crime,this is why i can't stay,any longer,where have we heard that before,joining me now somebody that knows this,all too well fox news analyst gianno,cobwell,a friend and our colleague brother uh,you continue to grieve the death of your,brother,the killer is still at large,when you heard that prosecutors are now,quitting,her office what was your reaction,well first and foremost i'm not,surprised and i want to thank you,lawrence uh you have been a great,resource to me,during my fight for justice sean hannity,as well in our entire brother fox news,family so thank you so much you were,with me on the day,my brother's funeral so i just want to,thank you from the bottom of my heart,for having me,now i'm,not surprised that this soft on crime,prosecutor kim foxx,is being called out by her,former staff for what she really is,which is a poisoned appeal to the juju,judiciary system in illinois,and i'm very disappointed with what i've,seen from the county prosecutor's office,i've been talking about this for a long,time i have a documentary on fox nation,called the new battle for chicago,nancy grace and i recently sat out and,had a long conversation which i,encourage people to check out on fox,nation about what the county prosecutor,has been,which is an absolute failure for the,people in which she was elected to serve,we've seen her drop 25 000 felony cases,including rape and murder we've seen the,even the mayor lori lightfoot and the,superintendent of police,superintendent brown,bash kim fox for not taking up cases,that the chicago police has provided to,her to prosecute and we know obviously,that the safety act which was passed in,illinois very recently,has um not been one of the right,policies to make the people of chicago,and cook county safe bell reform is,something that should have never,happened but it started in 2017. i can,understand,when you may have a bit of bail reform,if somebody jumps a train style and they,didn't pay their three dollar ticket for,a train or maybe um you know a small,batch of cannabis the person was spoken,i can get those those actions but for,these felony cases like what are you,thinking the governing process in,illinois has been a disaster and they've,put the lives of many individuals at,risk including my brother and it's a,total disappointment for me and my,family you know what gianno you were,talking about this before this,tragically hit your family and this is,the second instance absolutely your,other brother survived the incident now,sadly you have to lay kristen to to rest,but can you talk from a personal,standpoint i mean what is the d.a office,doing for you and your family now that,you're a victim,has there been any communication,no so the da's office has not been in,contact,they're saying hey the police needs to,provide us with something prosecutable,for us to take any action but i've seen,for myself what that looks like with the,da's office,when the the former prosecutor mentions,political narratives he's absolutely,correct we saw how he how kim fox moved,for jesse smallett but the victims in,the city of chicago don't get that kind,of attention lawrence they don't get,they don't get someone who's going to be,actively involved because they're not,quote unquote celebrities if my younger,brother if i wasn't attached to him he,would be not be a priority for those,that work in the city of chicago he,wouldn't no one would care and there's,so many people who do not get any,consideration whether it be from the,county prosecutor's office or what we,saw last year being the deadliest year,in the quarter of a century in the state,in the city of chicago i should say,whereas out of all the crime committed,in the city of chicago only 12 percent,of those crimes led to an arrest there,are people who are screaming out for,help they're begging they're desperate,i'm desperate for justice for my baby,brother and i'm gonna tell you i will be,that voice for those individuals this is,a very personal fight for me and it,doesn't end with christian we need to,reverse these soft on crime policies in,the state of illinois to ensure that,there aren't more christians lawrence,and i want to encourage people if you,know anything about what happened with,my baby brother on june 24th at 114,south vincennes in chicago please call,the tip hotline please call the tip-off,line which is

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Air Peace Airlines Receives Another E195-E2 Aircraft

Air Peace Airlines Receives Another E195-E2 Aircraft

chairman air peace airlines alan oyema,has appealed to the nigeria customs,service to implement,the federal government's zero duty,waiver,on aircraft spare parts and value other,tax,mr yima said this will not only cut down,on cost of operations,but ensure air safety in nigeria,he said this while receiving the,airline's second embryo jet in abuja,lillian izzy mark report,a beautifully decorated hall serving as,a point of convergence,for elpis airlines guests,the career records another milestone as,it receives the second embraer 195e,tuesday,this is an aircraft that god forbid if,all the powers,shut down 30 000 feet above sea level,all the powers shut down a ram deploys,automatically and takes over,and the plane will land safely this is,an aircraft that speaks to the pilot,that the pilot,speaks to it i'm sure captain is similar,that this year,it is already typewritten they cannot,wait to be on that plane,to surely provide more than 8 000 jobs,for for nigerians,i was privileged to be part of the test,flight of this aircraft,and i could have gone on and on that is,the,state of the art aircraft it comes at,the right time,the maintenance program and everything,reduces cost for the air for the,for the for the industry the airline,staff and guests,proceed to the air side to witness the,arrival of the aircraft,this offers better economics in,operations,water cannon salutes for the aircraft,considered a groundbreaking concept in,the air,at namdazuki way international airport,abuja,emphasis airlines is blessing the trail,with a second brand new embryo 195,e2 aircraft in africa the e195e2,aircraft,is christened the profit hunter designed,for fuel efficiency,maximization of returns and efficiency,on high density rules the embraer 195e2,is a single-eye aircraft with a special,interior,and staggered seat arrangement,but the airline's boss is worried that,the carriers in nigeria may be forced to,shut down operations,if the nigerian customs service does not,change its approach to the airlines,and respect gated laws,waivers have been given to us through,the law so we expect that that should be,respected,however we should expertise the way we,administer the clearance of goods,in our airports and seaports that's what,we are saying especially for irrigation,if an airline is being forced to manage,parts,or to continue using a,path that you know that should be,removed it is not good for any airline,all of the airlines have,an association of airline operators,which,they have collectively and,collaboratively engaged with the,government,and the national assembly to see that,some of these incentives,are introduced to cut down the cost,especially like the the waiver,on vats on tickets it's a huge incentive,that was granted by this government and,that inadvertently has,brought down the cost of tickets,earpiece airlines will soon expand its,international operations,to china and india it is also expecting,additional 11 brand new embraer 195e2,aircraft,17 aircraft from maintenance years,outside the country,to service local regional and,international routes,lelian isemak tvc news abuja

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