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Batman game makes us swear off bad PS2 games foreverThis video is sponsored by Skillshare.,It's the


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Batman game makes us swear off bad PS2 games forever

This video is sponsored by Skillshare.,It's the new year and I'm a new me, except for the parts that are the same.,I'm not just trying on a ton of new clothes.,I'm also trying on a bunch of new skills with Skillshare.,Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for anyone,who loves learning and wants to explore their creativity and learn new skills.,Invest in yourself and your personal growth at 2023.,Why not?,Are you interested in making a career pivot or upleveling your skills in your current,role?,Skillshare is an awesome resource to help you learn new skills and launch it to a totally,new career with classes like Finding Fulfillment, Using Pivots to Power Your Creative Career,by Emma Gannon, Start Your Creative Career with Sonia Rossulli, or Find Your Style, Five,Exercises to Unlock Your Creativity with Handy Pizza.,Mr. Pizza, please come on Game Grumps.,We just want to talk.,Skillshare is ad-free so you can stay in the zone while you're exploring new skills and,new classes are launched each week, so there's always something exciting to learn in the,new year.,I have new clothes and a new attitude.,Check out Skillshare today.,The first 1000 people who use the link in the description will get one month free trial,of Skillshare.,What are you waiting for?,Grammar!,If I took a Skillshare class on talking, I'd probably be better at doing these commercials.,Hey I'm Grump, I'm not so Grump, and we're the Game Grumps!,Hi.,Hi.,I'm Batman.,No.,Are you ready for my vengeance?,Batman's right here.,You can see him.,That's who I'm speaking as.,Oh.,How's it going?,Hey.,What are you guys doing down there?,He just has a little like curled up smile.,You partying?,Hello.,Hello, it's Batman Vengeance.,Batman Vengeance.,It's a video game.,How can you, you tell the story?,I don't, like, well, Bruce Wayne was walking with his parents.,No, not the story of Batman.,Which story?,The story of why we're playing this.,I don't remember.,You went to the wall and you said, Al, let's play this.,No, that was Chicken Blaster.,No, this was a long time ago.,Oh.,Okay.,I mean, it's still here somewhere.,You brought it in, yeah, it's over there.,Really?,You just like walked in and you were like, let's play these pieces of shit.,It doesn't sound like something I've ever said.,Batman Vengeance.,Wow, look at that.,That's exactly the words that you said.,Huh.,Yeah, we had Buffy, we played that.,Yep.,Charlie, we played that.,Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.,Yeah, and then Batman Vengeance.,Yeah, Batman Vengeance.,I guess I must have.,Okay.,Well, I did just watch Batman, the 1989 movie again for the first time in 30 years.,Yeah.,I loved it.,Yeah, it's kind of boring, eh?,No, I thought it was excellent.,Oh, okay.,Rest in peace, Kevin Conroy, by the way.,Yes.,Voice of Batman.,Yeah.,Very recently.,He seemed like a really good dude.,Wonderfully talented guy.,And what a voice.,I mean, he had that like, I'm Batman voice, you know, it's just like so iconic.,You just hear it and you're like, that's Batman.,It's gotta be.,He's like, I'm Batman.,I used to rush home from school so I could catch the beginning of the Batman animated,show.,Just because it was so like, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah,,dah.,It was fucking Danny Elfman's score, man.,Was it really?,Yeah.,Wow.,That figures.,Kidnapping a Pixar mom.,Huh.,So they did.,Yo, what that ass do, doe?,What a cute bomb.,I think it's the Joker.,It's gotta be.,Oh, did she die?,Wow.,Did it explode?,Was that the implication?,I think it was.,Oh my God.,This game starts with violence.,Oh, that guy died.,Are we getting vengeance?,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,No.,Are we getting vengeance for the Pixar mom?,I guess so.,Well, you loved her.,He's like, dead ass doe.,Sounds like someone's dead.,I must avenge it.,Wow, that's pretty dark.,Do you think his cape gets stuck on those gargoyles?,I do.,Do you think his butt cheeks get chafey and tight all the time?,Oh yeah.,No question.,I honestly, if you told me that it didn't, I'd be surprised.,And offended.,Yeah.,Hey, I look different now.,It's terrible on the news.,Let's turn the brightness way up.,I won't be able to see the man of bat.,Alright, so here we are in the world of Batman.,Ooh, look at this.,Are there, wow.,You can just kind of like morph into a puddle of bat.,And I can punch.,And I think I can, whoops.,Oh, the bat communicator's unavailable.,The bat communicator's unavailable, yeah.,Wait, I thought I said the Batman communicator's unavailable.,That would be, there would be no point to that.,But I was, hold on.,Because you are Batman.,No.,What?,I was playing this to see if it worked before we started recording Game Grumps.,And when I pressed that button, it said Batman communicator.,Oh my god.,Did I get an instant Mandela effect in my life?,I think you must have.,What did you remember?,Because you were excited to mention it.,I remember saying it out loud.,I was like, why does it say Batman

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Ce este si cum se foloseste TWITTER

Ce este si cum se foloseste TWITTER

South Britain's front and ratio and,miniature Matar a suburban dispute,twitter twitter restorative Child's,Arikara services my multi massage,text-based artists were known as the,buzzer to pay photography so valid,ananda Occam surgeon Gemma :,Mohsen factual Quantico the agent repair,Twitter from wanted groovy et tu arab,poem okay,Neve opera just imagining now for,teachers in God upon full name upon your,family,email rule who are on yahoo come home,sow Gmail fortune parola angry,och mapa something up for Twitter,awesome a pump a gmail cousin a premier,uppity,okay espaƱa catalyst okay and then then,Estes Jesty the username click is the,rod,when you cast available Aachen Germany,Condit said recommend select its,rectangular afternoon I'll stay create,my account,she Ockham an album of make tutorial,next follow that she the poem but on my,sister follow from the afar open through,Twitter as the father in the recent was,a it's Swedish the parcours get,some treats click for follow button,surface on which the follower age,bathroom,Padma on capital gain next,browse categories go tampering category,five five five,oh great okay IH an exponent of rampage,email circuit on contacted their hold,oxycodone conducting search contact for,the truck chaser,more Benjamin arrested in Kolkata,the Trajan dispatch is done,okay Bochum digit serve on this petition,and mine,a vampire after his Twitter was a poncho,party na hora Hassan dis creating an,elephant originally

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Cum Town Ted Cruz Liking Twitter Porn

Cum Town Ted Cruz Liking Twitter Porn

not today penis god I got better stuff,to do like look at civil war articles on,Wikipedia my pants down what do you,think power you were learning about,civil wars now I can't remember that to,the last the last Wikipedia article I,read all the way through was the Great,Dismal Swamp what's that well it's a big,swamp in Virginia dismal it's bad it's,really that's a great name it's called,the great yeah that's why I read the,article that's cool it's the Great,Dismal Swamp the biggest swamp ever I,don't know I mean is it really up,it's pretty big they made that,that cuz at the time they didn't know,the value of wetlands oh they value to,the like pumps were good are they good I,thought they're bad I guess everything,ski doesn't yeah it's humid you,can't grow you can throw that kind,but it you know I'm saying you could,grow that hydroponics guys take a little,boat ride to remain growth where you get,no no it's cool it's like a tunnel,that's fun I would like I having said,that I would like to do a fan boat,through a swamp like a Gators we could,do that yeah that would be awesome you,do that just us boys I'm mad I didn't do,that when I was in your I want to go,paintballing in the woods now that it's,fall ooh,although this bit of Indian summer we've,had this week has been,I'd say distasteful it was cold,I like I'm already wearing jeans,and hoodies and I got caught,outside today in a hoodie in 80 degree,weather it was hot it's ,yeah it was hot yesterday too I am by,the way shoutout to rad milk the boy has,done it again what happened he fine so,he does is he like just make a,post on like the same ,everyone was doing in like 2012,I guess not everybody but funny people,like yeah yeah they just comment on like,brands pages oh yeah oh yeah,so you wrote an Arby's page like my wife,left me can I get a beefy double coupon,or whatever they get coupon for the,beefy big double or whatever and somehow,somebody screenshot it and it ended up,on The Steve Harvey Show,Steve Harvey personally commenting on it,yeah,he's like I'm a fan of ease they do not,have a beefy double like angry oh wow,that's a glove it'll be like a,heartwarming thing where Steve gets the,guy's sandwich but no no Steve had to,yell it so headache Everett the boy,dirty online hilarious oh he is funny, also shout out to online boys,getting dirty Ted Cruz beating off all,right dude well we got a list of things,out of order look you don't you don't,talk about there's not the going out of,order look we got this we got this new,system with Jake was here the system, works but you can't go to that,we go to the freewheeling freedom so,we'll never be tamed by a listed I will,I will so we will talk about the list,and if it come all right how about this,stock don't think of it as a list think,of it as a menu what I want from menu,and I want I thought you're gonna say,buffet No thank you don't around,and get ice cream a menu has a specific,no it says no sub change things on that,menu guess what I want to eat the,Ted Cruz beating off Marco said you,can't all I'm saying is at the point is,if you have a notes list if I say one,thing you don't go hey how about that,and then say the next thing on the list,that's where that's exactly how it's not,how a list works because you blow,through everything on the list,and we run out of time let me know what,no Steve Harvey thing marinate for I,thought it was a seamless transition,Adam well you know Oh what are you a,list guy I'm not saying I'm a we're,trying to break free from the shale is,my seamless transition stuff net,seamless calm,does anyone have yeah can i okay it was,you you had a transition sent I'm from a,stand-up set point of view speaking of a,beautiful you brought it to Y alright,Roy Rogers bacon cheeseburger that's,down there how about this boy Rogers and,it's a place you can kids,all right now Ted Cruz people say you,miss what I'm over it, you no no I was gonna make a I was,gonna say Ted Cruz but I won't,cuz that's I now I want to talk about,another part of the list I feel like Ted,Cruz beating off thing false flag for,sure who's more like Ted surf surf surf,the world wide web for pornographer,hardcore you know you know what we're,like you know what I'm you know what I'm,saying,more like Ted cruising men's public,restrooms nice for actually not more,like that because it was a tourist,section I think it was a world wide web,looking foot you know what what do you,think it's just randomly him liking porn,that looked like his wife that's I mean,come on he's not into that you think it,was a hack you actually believe you know,I think that he I think that he did it,to seem normal,I think he's you think he did it I think,that he was like well Donald beat me,because he has you know his everyone saw,his wife's boobs and they think that's,cool he's running he thinks no way that,is Bruce doesn't have Edie yeah I mean,he looks like a guy that can't get an,erection,yeah the probably gurgles out of his,dick like slowly and bubbly I think,th

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[Vtuber/+18] twitter decided my fate - we go deep cock !discord !commands

[Vtuber/+18] twitter decided my fate - we go deep cock !discord !commands

foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait,what is happening what is happening wait,sir sir I haven't even opened my beard I,want to bring up a beer what's going on,wait oh guys,Maury,hi,hi baby how are you oh my god hi wait,wait wait wait wait wait wait what is,happening wait,thank you so much for the follow doctor,I'm already oh my God I wasn't,ready my full friend down yes I,chucked that beer boy,how was your stream how was Scout of the,Lamb wait I got myself some Murphy's I,love that Murphy's,yes Queen wait let me shout you out,wait,the music the music is not as loud yes,wait I didn't put the shout out here oh, wait okay there's the shout out,here,okay let's open deep rock or as I say,deep because Twitter decided my,fate today,yes,let's decide let's play,I swear guys I love you all how are you,Lori yes I'm glad you had fun,okay,let's see I think General also wants to,play but let me also reset like the um,feeling too well today,yes hi everyone this starts with a,roller crew say hi wait let me who's who,else is here pineapple with you know,I'll count you out as well wait,wait,oh my God pineapple how are you doing,and muda,and Falls oh,and bear bear is also here oh my God,are you me I wasn't ready for,this,I wasn't ready I love you all you just,think you're the happiest bunny,how how do I,wait,oh my god no I wasn't ready , why you why the first again why,scared me like this Buddha Buddha listen,false is doing this most of the time but,those farts scared the out of me,how do you open Steam Chat by the way oh,my God false,okay I checked the beer thank you oh my,god do you know that how do you how do,you open this team chat,it's like,oh,oh I see yes,yes okay,oh shift tab thank you false King,wait wait wait what is happening let's,chug a beer I'm saying we're chugging a,beer for this,wait,I was looking at Maurice's stream oh my,God now I'm here,okay let's let's do a party,let's which one is the party,oh my God,I am,I think this one black rates blonde oh,my God welcome back bear oh my God yes,we celebrate thank you so much for the,stream more and for the stream also the,string your stream was hilarious I loved,every second of it,and thank you so much for the raid, yeah this is for you Mori,oh bear oh my God thank you so much for,the sub wait wait before I forget,I stopped,wait I'm overwhelmed wait bear let me,show you out,baby thank you so much,okay,for you guys we'll make something in,um,uh,yes claim all the other Aras that you uh,that you wish for,you must save yes I didn't put it like,expensive on purpose,but,um since you know since I've I've been,blessed by y'all I can do an ARA for,free you know maybe just give you a,little taste,ah wait what is happening with this oh I,am I am oh I am legit my heart is racing,so bad like oh wait for what kind of,mission do I even have,it was like it's 2K and redeem so many,I'm I'm waiting for this bitter hugs yes,you now have a little crown on you bear,because you're a king absolute King wait,I have the license upgrade I see,let's see,okay I see let's make,um,oh,I'm happy you think,I'm sweet,I'm I'm like the cursed most cursed ,you'll ever find wait now because we had,like such a good opening I'll put on,a smiley face for the v-royed yes,because we are we are vibing look look,okay okay so let's see what we have here,what we can do that's interesting,no bruh,wait wolf do you stream as well,if you're streaming I'll shut you out,just uh not sure,he oh cave Ridge cluster,I still want to upgrade my driller,though now let's have to do,let's do host friends let's do Hazard,three,and you know what,let's,do it yes,um let's talk about General I know he's,streaming drg as well,um Eclipse okay sorry about that noise,oh I think he's Mid Mission,so,um,wait I think if I'm if I'm not wrong he,has,yeah he's finishing up right now for the,for his mission like three minutes so,I'll wait for him I think,and,oh yes so wait I'll follow and uh yes,shot you out,you are filthy fleshy oh I love flesh,tubers so much,I really love those flesh tubers,ah yes,oh Digimon,oh God I just took a sip of my Murphy's,and I just forgot how much I love,Murphy's I love Stout I love who,so good,oh yes I chugged the beer thank you,false,yes nothing wrong with fleshies,the word flesh tuber for me,is just,uh,um,yes um,General is joining,and,um,wait I want to do a prediction I'm doing,1003 because I forgot predictions are a,thing to be honest Maybe,um I'll do if I die,how do I,how do I how do you edit this,how do you,how do you do a manage prediction,start prediction ha I'm stupid,oh have she whoa now I'm curious now I,want to see now the next time you stream,I'm out gonna be there absolutely just,waiting for you from minute one minute,one second one first second I don't know,I don't English I don't know English at,this point,General,yes rolling stone,oh that's a nice outfit Stone brother,for rocking,uh let's see if General wants to

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all right let's look at some of the,dumbest tweets of this year okay it's,perfect because this also starts off in,January last year in January the year,started off great even after a 12 hour,night shift at the hospital last night,my wife still has the energy to shovel,the driveway God bless her and all our,frontliners time to make her some,breakfast bro why'd you post this a,question I have all the time on Twitter,is why did you post this why would you,post you being like a horrible husband,oh my Lord okay what she needs is not,your breakfast what she needs is a,divorce okay that's what she needs she,needs a new man what has happened to our,men what will we do without men anyway,so that's pretty funny uh that was,really great I mean the year started off,awesome and by the way whenever I always,say like oh why did you post this I,always I'm simultaneously thinking thank,you for posting because honestly that's,what Twitter is the best at Twitter puts,these things on the timeline for my,enjoyment hi I am Pazzo this is what you,call a roach what do you consider a,roach I don't know what the this,guy was doing I didn't even see this,tweet but uh pretty sure you're if you,smoke that I'm I'm certain if,microplastics are making are children,gay or whatever you know you are you are,gay now you are just burning plastic uh,I don't know I don't know why you did,that probably shouldn't do that pan,fried is such a nonsense minion term,what else might you be frying in the,cotton a baking tray a kettle a shoe I'm,having to make this because it's a,mansplainer paradise enjoy yourself Lads,does she not understand that you can fry,things in different ways like a deep fry,stop mainsplaining sorry uh trigger,warning mansplaining in the context of,Prisons it's the hole that matters women,have a hole their vagina which men want,to penetrate with their penis either,consensually transactionally or by force,bluntly the reason we have men and,women's prisons is to keep the men away,from the holes that's cool uh famously,men don't out of their buttholes,that's not a thing this is like when you,when you've gone down I guess the the uh,Rat fem pipeline that you forget that,men also have holes also men also get,sexually assaulted in prisons so that's,like actually that's the most common,place where it happens and and also uh,women are incapable of doing sexual,assault according to this person that's,a good take Hillary self-awareness,slider set to zero MLK Jr said I had,hoped that the white moderate would,understand the Law and Order exists for,the purpose of establishing Justice and,that when they fail in this purpose they,become the dangerously structured dams,that block the flow of social progress,this is a sub tweet and who yourself who,the is the white moderate in this,situation Hillary Clinton is literally,like openly moderate and also openly,white and has openly wrote written about,having slaves black slaves in the,Arkansas Governor's Mansion she also is,called black people super Predators uh,young black people specifically during,the crime build she is not openly white,oh stop this dude what the we gotta,stop this dream my partner is still,Presidente well if my girlfriend's,having sex dreams with celebrities it,better be with the bar stool crew I just,had an hour-long sex dream about the,stool Presidente I've been having so,many sex dreams is unreal Dave portno,yep he had a huge I'm tweeting this,there was no penetration that is insane,why would you tweet that anyway let's,move on Darren roll goes calling me,racist is cute on this day especially I,have one of the largest MLK Junior,collections in the world and some of my,closest friends are black this was a,fire one that I also uh covered isn't,this guy like a sports broadcaster or,something very weird thing to tweet,proximity wise we're closing in on Black,History Month yeah he's a sports writer,and uh and like an analyst or whatever,and he just came out of the gates, swinging okay he said I have a,you know I have an MLK Funko Pop how can,I be racist maybe we should think about,how we treat our elected officials let's,take a look at this one do not,understand the empire caused a cape for,the government when they do something,wrong the response should be you,fix it when they do something right the,response should be you about time,that's how abusers think do you,understand the difference between the,government and a partner yes it's still,how abusers think you please me,even though I can't possibly be pleased,is a textbook abuser framing also abuse,doesn't only happen with a partner,demanding your government do its job and,improve people's lives is not abuse and,it's incredibly insulting to abuse,victims to imply it is you aren't,demanding the government to do its job,because you've already said that even if,it does what you want you won't,acknowledge it that's textbook,narcissistic framing that is textbook,Twitter I love that I know you're,talking about an entirely unrelated,thi

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Revealed! How a woman lured Twitter influencer cum con to his death trap

Revealed! How a woman lured Twitter influencer cum con to his death trap

what's up good people and welcome back,to lily's rams,if you're new here please hit that,subscribe button and to the returning,viewers thank you for keeping it lily's,rams,now the mother of popular blogger and,social media influencer frank obegi and,his three close friends have sent,shockwaves through the nation,their butchered bodies were found in,kijabe forest in cambo county,the remains of obegi elijah mecca and,moses nyachae were dumped in kijabi,forest while those of alfredo barre,were found in magadhi,those discovered that kijabe forest were,taken to the city motori on june 19th,and booked as unknown while the body of,a barre was ferried to the same mug on,june,20th,an,unidentified woman is,thought to have lowered to some of the,victims to their killers,larry police boss abraham farah,disclosed that the bodies found at,kijabi forest did not have a private pot,and some of their body parts had been,eaten by wild animals he added that it,was evident that they were tortured and,then strangled to death sources are,revealed that when,two of their,four friends went missing their,counterparts went to report only for,them to disappear too,the deceased men lived life on the first,lane and have been described as,ambassadors of soft life,allegedly their source of big money was,not known,now stories of how the four men's calmed,unsuspecting kenyans have emerged online,with people saying that he he was part,of a notorious online,fraudsters,gang,involved in multi-million,cryptocurrency fraud,frank obegi and his gang were alleged to,have coined,someone,one million shillings on monday last,week,according to another source obergy led a,flamboyant life and used to throw money,in a popular club in westlands and also,in thicker while in the company of,beautiful ladies,and as fetch would have it a woman,allowed them to their death trap,taking it to their twitter pages obegi's,alleged friends and people that knew him,had warned him severely,about,scumming people but he turned a deaf ear,his father also alleged that,he had,warned his son and,what he knew about his son was that the,son was working,as a flight attendant,now easy calm easy go,this is how,a young man lost his life,through,scamming people online,what are your views about this,particular video please comment down,below and do not forget to like and,share this video

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Twitter Censorship and DoorDash Sucks Black Cock

Twitter Censorship and DoorDash Sucks Black Cock

when reporters actually went into the,field and didn't get their sources from,twitter you can't get your sources from,twitter because now they just cover,everything up and delete everything,and now especially with that new rule of,like you can't post um,random people's faces or like private,information like yeah it's good you,can't dox but it comes with like oh we,can cover anything up because it's super,ambiguous with this new rule so they're,basically just gonna cover up any,information they want with that,um not like they weren't already but,even more so now especially after that,update there was a huge purge if you,guys haven't noticed like i lost like,600 twitter followers from this purge,i think i think i've set a record for,how many purges i've survived like,do you guys know any other twitter,accounts where they were banned for like,four months and then rose from the dead,am i like one of the only ones,i think i'm the only one,and i've survived all the other twitter,purges i'm doing pretty good,um you know i thought it'd be over after,i was tweeting doordash last night about,how they didn't deliver my pizza so i,started tweeting them some handmade,memes,about my hatred for door dash drivers,i'm sorry for those who had to see that,my little melty on instagram,yeah i was i'm sick and tired,like i have a cold and so i've just,wanted some greasy hot pizza it's in the,same line of thinking of having soup,make me feel better and i order it and,then 20 minutes later they cancel it so,sometime later i decided to go off on a,tangent on instagram about it and i,started taking photos of door dash,drivers and drawing big black on,them saying how they love sucking black,dick and i tweeted it at door dash and,they didn't respond for some reason,i don't know why that is but they should,have,sent me a free pizza after that honestly,with my artistic creativity there,um they're still on my instagram if you,want to see them before they get deleted,all the doordash memes i made,about my hatred for them,um,let me let me show you guys one i really,like some of them i think some of them,came out really nicely tell your door,dash driver to pass away,um it's a reference hatsune miku song um,i did the the fist meme and said,doordash,um i tweeted doordash saying since i,can't eat pizza i want you to eat ,um,then i proceeded to um,like take photos of doordash drivers and,draw on them it's like this one i made,him into a devil,and this one i drew a big black and,said he likes it,and um this one,i i titled it this asian guy smiling,with his door dash bag delivering food,and i captured it,he's smiling about delivering your food,to your neighbor because that's all they,know how to do is like not deliver your,food like i just think it's really funny,how,doordash is called doordash yet they,managed to never get the food to your,door like i think they're called,doordash not because they're dashing to,your door but because it's like diner,dash where they're dashing away with,your food that's my theory personally,like we've all been misled by the name,the name really just means uh food,stealers,um,i made this one and said,i,left your food on the street don't,forget to tip me teehee,and this one says hey can you deliver my,food,and she says no,this one i took a picture of a door dash,driver and i circled their helmet,and captured its special helmet,um,then i took a photo of a doordash driver,delivering to a woman,and i captioned it let's name some,events that never happen i'll go first,um because they never deliver food,um this one has um an ethnically,ambiguous brown male,uh looking unhappy about his door dash,delivery,and uh,a guy a white guy behind him looking at,him,and i captioned it um me as the white,guy,who's looking at him conspicuously and i,captioned it me after leaving him a 50,cent tip,and then i captioned the brown guy as um,him seething over the fact i didn't pay,him eight dollars after driving fees,taxes and doordash fees to eat one of my,chicken wings before he delivers it to,me,that actually happened once,door dash driver ate one of my chicken,um,and then i started tweeting doordash,these memes,um,and i tweeted i mean um i posted on,instagram a photo of a doordash asian,door dash driver,and um i said when there's no parking,because somehow magically with door dash,drivers like,i don't know what it is like,there there's just always parking until,you call door dash then suddenly there's,just no parking,just magically all the parking,disappears when i order food i don't,know what it is it's just crazy,wow like that's just crazy like,you order doordash and then like all the,parking spaces disappear i guess i'm,getting gang stalked or something right,like everyone's just coming down the,street coming down in the hood and,taking up all the parking so i can't get,my food,um,and then you guys started attacking me,in the dms because i said ask me how i,feel about door dash drivers,um this one set is a door dash driver on,his mot

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Scope of Intel Agency Involvement in Tech Censorship Revealed in Twitter Files, with Matt Taibbi

Scope of Intel Agency Involvement in Tech Censorship Revealed in Twitter Files, with Matt Taibbi

very early in the process when we were,looking at,um deal the period before the election,in 2020 we started to see slack uh,Communications between Twitter employees,and they would say things like DHS Flags,this or the FBI flags that,um and then there would be a list of,accounts,and uh,you know we raised eyebrows we're like,we you know obviously we had heard,rumors that that might be the case but,we didn't know for sure what that meant,um and then we started digging and,before long we ended up finding that,there's an incredibly elaborate,formalized system,um by which,not just Facebook but it's not just,Twitter but but a whole series of tech,companies,um is in contact with the federal,government actually both the FBI and DHS,and they're receiving requests for,moderation in bulk from those agencies,uh in Twitter's case the setup basically,is that requests that come up through,the states go through DHS through a,system called hisn and in the the FBI,will pass on requests that come from the,Federal own garden and that can be,anything from HHS to treasury to what,they call other government agencies,which I think is the CIA the CIA is,definitely listening in to meetings with,these companies we've seen evidence of,that so,um it's it's incredible like I I I was,really Blown Away by the breadth of this,program I I thought it might be more,much more informal than it is it's not,it's it's quite formal all right so,what's the response to you know there's,no question that for example Russia did,interfere with the 2016 election not in,the way the Democrats allege but,they definitely had Bots purveying,disinformation misinformation online,they'd come up with fake news stories,which then the Bots would circulate so,it would get in front of certain viewers,and all they really wanted to do was sew,Discord they put out Pro BLM stuff and,anti-blm stuff and then watch us fight I,mean that's that was their MO and so the,FBI had,I think we might we might need to,recalibrate how much of that turned out,to be true it might be a much smaller,program than we we've been told but,anyway go okay so but they did it and,the FBI was tasked with,looking at that and figuring out how are,they doing that what's real what's not,real what are we correct so this is all,along the lines of their defense you,know we we have a real role in,preventing the actual bad guys from,messing with our internal dialogue As,Americans and we're living up to that,role right that's their like what why,wouldn't we meet with Facebook and,Twitter so we could prevent what,happened in 16 from ever happening again,well the end I give a couple of answers,to that but the the first one is that,internally,um we have uh enormous quantity of,evidence of communications between,Twitter uh Personnel who've been passed,along lists uh where the government,asserts that this or that account is a,russia-linked account or an Iran linked,account or a Chinese linked account and,they're saying we're just not seeing it,you know like over and over again,um there's a very significant email that,that I found where the state department,had passed on a series of accounts that,it it asserted were controlled by the,Gru and there's a Twitter executive who,incidentally is a former CIA person,himself,um and he's writing an email and saying,look I know this account my,um attitude in the past has always been,to wait more evidence on that but he,says our window on that is closing our,government partners he uses that term,our government Partners have become more,aggressive and so essentially what he's,saying is if they say it's,um Russia linked we have to agree that,it's Russia link even if we're not,seeing the evidence uh and just quickly,Twitter had a formal internal guidance,where they said publicly we are going to,assert that we only remove content at,our sole discretion privately we will we,will remove any content that the United,States intelligence agency identifies as,a foreign State actor committing cyber,operations so that is interesting uh and,so we now know the app for a fact that,they do that and um I think I think some,of those uh stories about foreign,influence,from what we've seen have been,significantly overblown,wow wow I mean it's crazy to have you,know the dress was lifted and you got to,see all the things and the things were,not pretty they're not pretty so where,after having looked at all this and,you're in the midst of it as you point,out it's not done,like where do you stand on it how does,it change you you were already,suspicious of an overbearing government,getting too involved in Private Affairs,and silencing speech and working behind,the scenes to do things we didn't want,them to do,so where do you stand now how does Matt,taibi look at the government the world,in America after seeing all this stuff,well I think the the Twitter,um heading into 2016 and let's not,forget,Donald Trump's ability and his Mastery,of Twitter was a crucial element in him,in winning the election that yea

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