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Voice of REason: Cubs Controversy - When Twitter (and You) Gets It All Wrong | The Rich Eisen Showa

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Voice of REason: Cubs Controversy - When Twitter (and You) Gets It All Wrong | The Rich Eisen Show

a tweet comes into my timeline with the,phrase sorry kid baseball is for balding,men which you know will you know get my,attention there's video on it fellow,named Chris hassel who is a play-by-play,man for watch Stadium Facebook and CBS,Sports Net winds up in my Twitter,timeline on my alright I'll buy it I'll,click on that video and then I see this,radio audience it's that video of a ball,being flipped to a young man and the,front row of Wrigley Field he and his,mom seemingly can't get it and then an,adult in a Cubs uniform just picks up,the baseball like it is fair game and,claps and hands it to a woman next to,him as if it's just fine that a young,boy with a glove who was clearly meant,to the intended target for the ball,can't collect it and he doesn't even pay,it's a single attention to it and I'm,just I'm livid father of three I'm livid,I so I tweet back i retweet this video,I'm going to shame this man behind him,but first of all I say tweet back it's,follically challenged secondly this is,boldface theft in any adult regardless,of hairline should be embarrassed and,then moments later that Cubs tweet out a,video and this made me feel good a,picture of the young man very happy,holding two baseball's including one in,his right hand that's got an autograph,of Javy Baez on it,the Cubs tweet this out a javi 23 Baez,at hobby 23 buy a signed ball should,take care of it hashtag everybody in and,then that's the Cubs logo where do you,get the second ball from that's a great,question I didn't even think of it so I,saw this and I'm even more livid at that,guy behind him it was beautiful looking,boy so I retweet that say please tell me,someone and his family turned around and,said suck it back row fritz loved that,one I bet despite him being in the back,row which is frequently told to suck it,Dan Patrick show it proceeds this one,every day so I see that and I go about,my day,then I revisit Twitter and I noticed,that that tweet that I sent out,going crazy as did many others until it,reached such a viral nature there's a,fella named Chuck Mike off at sea my,seal ff2 who said he was sitting in the,row with the gentleman these so called,these the so-called balding man or,follically challenged as I like to say,had already helped the kid get the ball,he gave two more away to kids also he,was a great guy TV got this all wrong TV,didn't get it wrong TV just showed the,guy all of us on Twitter got it wrong,the mob man yeah so that's the second,ball that the kid was holding it was a,baseball that he had already gotten,because the guy behind him helped him,get it and that's not all,another I mean this fella Chuck Mike off,was tweeting his head off saying that he,was sitting next to the boy and the same,fan helped him snag a ball a few minutes,before this the other ball the kid was,holding was the same one the guy caught,and gave him before this I was sitting,next to him and then he said that the,ball that he did in fact take that we,saw on the video and he did hand it to a,woman it was his wife she took a picture,of it and they gave that ball to a kid,next to them this guy was great this,story is bad is what he's tweeting out,David Kaplan who covers the Cubs I,believe for NBC Sports Network in,Chicago I spoke with people from the,Cubs the man who grabbed the ball on the,widely seen video it actually had,already helped the little boy get a ball,earlier the young man is a game used,ball and a hobby buyers ball all as well,guy is a ok so let it go people,i retweeted all that because I was part,of seeing a video and not even thinking,for two seconds that there might be,another backstory and there are still,some people saying still that ball was,clearly meant for the kid and it should,have still gone to him he should have,gotten two balls one both of them game,used none of them is signed by hobby,bias the Cubs played a role in this,because him to them tweeting out this,picture of hey everything's a-okay kind,of that was that guy under the bus hold,a minute,Bartman eyes the guy behind him exactly,and so let this be a lesson because back,in the day by the way this is now the,second segment neurone which I'm dating,myself that's a pitch that would have,been on SportsCenter I would have done,the highlight of that dan Keith was on,again last night now would have done the,highlight of it all of us would have,been and that would have made it on,SportsCenter we might have by that time,gotten the backstory of it or gotten it,wrong gotten it wrong cuz we didn't know,the backstory because we wouldn't have,had Twitter to tell us the backstory or,reddit or whatever to tell us a,backstory to hold our horses but folks I,wouldn't have been walking around in the,afternoon at one o'clock in the,afternoon seeing it in the palm of my,hand we are so damn quick and I am gonna,raise my hand and tell the my follicly,challenged compadre my bad I apologize,and I will from now on refrain from,doing this sort of stuff I have to I,have to certainly the journal

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Sammy Sosa Is Back With The ALL TIME CUBS 🐻

Sammy Sosa Is Back With The ALL TIME CUBS 🐻

Sammy Sosa is back with the all-time,Cubs and I know what you're thinking,right off the bat,that looks exactly like him I also don't,know why it says out of position when he,has a secondary but I've checked he will,be just fine in right field in center,field we got the hawk Andre Dawson,you gotta have a little bit of solar,power in there I mean any team that he's,on he's getting to play Jimmy Fox over,at third base Ernie Spanx banks will be,playing shorts up Soriano at second base,Kyle schwart daddy at first base and,brand new Legend this year Giovanni Soto,behind home plate the bench is,definitely filled with guys who are,platoon heavy Jim Edmonds jockey ,Sandberg will be the guy who could take,on anybody in a pinch Javi maze we'll be,taking on lefties and same with big dick,Nick and I do want to say as a whole I,am surprised how good this Cubs team is,we're gonna have Carrie Wood Cole Hamels,Fergie Jenkins,yeah Greg Maddox and Mark Pryor boo so,if you couldn't pick up on it our two,starters or Carrie Wood and Cole Hamels,with the bullpen we got some good pieces,in here as well are all this chappy Joe,Smith who I swear hey God every single,team he's been on Brew Suiter Goose Joe,Nathan Dennis ackersley a little bit of,Steve cheese check and Lee Smith how he,only has an 85 this year mind-blowing as,always if we're the home team we will be,playing in the team's home stadium,Wrigley Field if you're new to the,channel do me a favor hit that subscribe,button right in the old fart box and if,you're a current subscriber hit that,like button and give it a kiss for Daddy,now before we get into the rest of our,content I would like to give a huge,shout out to upside for sponsoring,today's video inflation has us all,thinking of ways we could cut back,whether that is driving less dining less,or getting less at the grocery store we,can all agree on one thing there's,nothing fun about less now thanks to,upside you don't have to cut back get,cash back on gas dining out and,groceries with upside now I personally,use upside when I'm going to the gas,station or getting groceries and I,absolutely love how easy and convenient,their mobile app is and with all the,cashback that I am getting thanks to,upside I'm just putting it away for my,rainy day fun to get started all you,have to do is download the free upside,app in the app store or Google Play and,use my promo code magunski and get five,dollars or more cashback on your first,purchase of 10 or more next claim an,offer for whatever you're buying on,upside checking out the business pay as,usual with your credit or debit card and,get paid it's that easy with upside,you'll never have to worry you can cash,out to your bank account anytime PayPal,or even an e-gift card to Amazon or,other amazing Brands so what are you,waiting for upside users are earning,more than a million dollars every week,that's why they have a 4.8 star rating,on the App Store and I gave them a five,again be sure to download the free,upside app in the app store or Google,Play and use my promo code magunski in,all caps or click the link in the,description box down below to get five,dollars or more cash back on your first,purchase of 10 or more thank you to,upside for sponsoring today's video now,back to the rest of our content our,opponent for today is going to be you,know lavala he's gonna have jv on the,mountain honest Wagner Brian Reynolds,Francisco olindor oh yes Cody be made,girls scream make me cream J Ram Ken,Griffin I didn't see who's in eight this,is like the first time I've ever picked,a Major League Stadium and then our,opponent did as well it chose the worst,one possible I already know our man just,gonna be getting blurred on Legend no no,how about no,okay good start good hack,hey I'm not you baby you're gonna come,to Daddy,oh my God I'm too early,that's the first inning you already know,what's gonna happen,Sammy Sosa you know damn well in real,life he lines out like a ,Jimmy that one's got to be leaving,right now no no way no way remember how,I said this is the worst stadium in the,game and it's not even close yeah get,ready for a 2-0 slug Fest after 18.,to be fair though our Mains is,absolutely lost,the nippies,hey get out of my box now if I'm gonna,guess what pitch I could run right into,his Barrel it's the back door cut ,nine see how he makes contact I'm on him,now I'm gonna be a little douche nozzle,Here Comes Your fastball try and hit it,good try,yeah full cow you're gonna put it in the,zone I'm not you come on Georgie just,like the World Series over the train,tracks,oh,damn it,yeah he'll get one he'll get one,daddy down the line and that is not,gonna be a double weight maybe maybe it,is gonna be a double we may even be able,to send him home nope no no shot no,shots second and third one down we're,bringing the infield in that's how you,know this dude knows damn well he ain't,scoring,and neither am I,Andre Dawson,oh we just missed it I can already feel,how this game's gonna go he's gonna,fluke

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Catcher Tucker Barnhart is Confident in the Cubs Vision

Catcher Tucker Barnhart is Confident in the Cubs Vision

we have new Cubs catcher Tucker Barnhart,here,um welcome Tucker we're excited to have,you and with that let's just get started,with questions,hey Tucker this is uh Tim Stebbins with,NBC Sports Chicago,um I'm curious when you were in,negotiations with the Cubs how do they,kind of map out or Envision the role you,would have here uh with young Gomes,alongside him also in the mix,oh Tucker believe you're muted,sorry about that how about now,perfect okay,um but Tim nice to meet you for me when,I talked to David,um the way that it sounded and the way,that he explained it to me was Jana and,I would basically be splitting time,um it's just one of those things that,that I think personally that you um you,you need two catchers that you trust and,believe in that could play every day if,necessary,um and I think we have that I think Jan,has obviously proven,um that he is an elite level everyday,catcher in the big leagues and I think,I've done the same and uh I I can't wait,to work with him,um I can't we've touched base a few,times already since I've signed and um I,I'm just I'm thoroughly excited to uh to,get to know him and get to work with him,for sure,Tucker uh Tony and Jack here with,Marquee Sports Network you obviously,played against the Cubs a lot you know,early in your career what has always,been your perception of the organization,the fan base and then you know playing,at Wrigley field for the uh just in your,career as a visitor and now coming in,there as a home home member yeah for,sure um I'll start with the first part,of that the uh for me,when we played against the Cubs no,matter where I've been,um it just seems like a situation a,situation and a field that I've felt,like the organization does everything,right they they treat the players the,right way the um the the experience at,the Ballpark every day that I've been,there,um has been electric no matter how the,team's playing no matter how the weather,is,um Day game night game it doesn't matter,every every day there is is electric it,feels like,um I like to describe it like I,described Fenway Park in a way where the,the stadium just feels alive and it's,it's it's hard to kind of put into words,that feeling but you just when you go,there it almost feels like you're,playing a different element than you're,playing when you go other places just,because there is so much history at the,Ballpark the fans no matter if it's a,Wednesday Wednesday matinee or or Friday,or Saturday whatever the day of the week,it's just it's an electric atmosphere,and it's just something that I think as,a as a baseball player that has been,able to play in the big leagues and then,you you kind of get to choose where you,go playing at Wrigley Field as a home as,having that as your home or playing for,the Cubs it's kind of like a bucket list,thing uh in terms of major league,baseball players at least in my opinion,and I'm super thankful to be able to to,call Wrigley Field home,um it's for lack of a better term it,sucked to go play there as a visitor,because it's been a hard place to play,for quite some time but I'm excited to,uh to to call it home for sure,hey Tucker this is uh Ryan Herrera with,ch Geo,um you mentioned obviously playing there,a lot and obviously you got familiar,with the organization from an outside,perspective being with the Reds for so,long but as you were going through this,process was there any former Cubs or,whoever that you kind of talked to about,the organization itself and their,experiences,yeah you know I leaned on and I leaned,on Wade Miley a lot I know he was only,there for a year,um last year but Wade and I got pretty,close uh with his time in Cincinnati and,I trust his opinion very much I mean,he's a he's uh 10 11 12-year big Leaguer,he's played in multiple organizations,and he couldn't say enough good things,about the about the Cubs and about the,organization and he I mean he told me he,said you know me man it's like I've been,been quite a lot of places and I played,for on different sides of the country,for winners for losers and he he said,it's hard it's hard for me to choose or,pick a different organization that's,done it better,um so that coupled with the proximity to,home I'm an Indiana guy I'm a Midwest,guy I love the Midwest you know and and,Chicago we're like like I said earlier,we're super familiar with it I've played,there a ton my family loves the city and,so uh it just kind of became a perfect,storm when it all kind of came together,and and I'm again I'll say I'm going to,say it a lot but I'm super happy and,thankful to be a Chicago Cub,s Tucker this is Megan Amira with the,Chicago Tribune,um you know the Cubs have really,emphasized run prevention with the,additions they made this off season with,you Dansby Bellinger what does that do,for for what you and you know catchers,in general want to accomplish behind the,plate with this pitching staff knowing,you guys are going to be having that,that sort of Defense up the middle this,year yeah I know I thi

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hey I'm Jay from the Cub Scouts welcome,to a game called Garden of ban ban now,this game caught my eye because of how,colorful it looks and it kind of gives,me that Poppy feel that Poppy playtime,feel I know I'm not the only one,thinking it when I look at what this,game is but the description of this game,says enter ban bans kindergarten and,you're sure to make some friends explore,the mysterious establishment and don't,lose your life and Sanity uncover the,horrifying truth behind the place but be,careful as you are far from alone I,don't know how a kindergarten can bring,all those fields but we're about to,check it out right now if you guys cool,today down with that everybody get ready,and buckle up guess here we go for a,parent looking for their missing child,time is a delicate matter click the,clock to advance time,well that's pretty cool,is this like a security camera footage,wait that was blood smears right so the,door opened and then something either,came out or came in and now we're in the,kindergarten ban bans kindergarten,matter of fact hold wasd or arrows for,movements,okay give me that,I got a security card jumbo Josh says,eat vegetables and fruits to become,strong like me like that jumbo J says,like that like that nobody wants to be,like that I promise you Stinger Flynn,says having many arms allows me to help,a lot more people I have nothing to say,bad about that if you're thinking that,I'm gonna roast that man for trying to,help out a lot of people I mean what do,you think I am some kind of animal yeah,what kind of kindergarten is this,everybody this is like the most,high-tech kindergarten what is this,what is this this is a drone the remote,requires two batteries dear Mommy I am,hiding in a room but I have to fight the,monster it is the only chance to make,Claire like me and that's him and he has,a knife a kindergartner with a knife and,then there's a big bird monster and,Claire just has a head oh Jesus now's,not the time to lose one's head but I,guess that Claire lost her head this,game is pretty sick already and here's a,battery right here and also by the way,everybody I actually hate comparing,games to other games like oh this looks,just like poppy playtime this is Dollar,Tree poppy playtime this could be better,than poppy playtime and hello how you,doing I didn't know that the Drone was,gonna come at me like that,press left Mouse button to use your toy,okay,oh that's sick press right Mouse button,to something it didn't even let me read,I feel like I'm in kindergarten I can't,read oh I think I know what to do,I'm gonna make you go there and then,make you hit that button so let's make,the Drone go over here,and then we just have to make it run,into it got it,and that open,yes what is that who the is that,guy is that is that a thing that's a,thing where you at,do I have this,oh cool dude like I said this is like,the top of the line kindergarten right,there that was the thing that was,looking at me oh Pila bird mission opela,bird is unbelievably hungry feed it six,eggs to get your prize isn't that some,cannibal type stuff maybe that's what,happened to The Kindergartners,maybe right hold on let me feed you one,there you go slide that one in there but,yeah I would love this as a kid not like,the messed up part that happened to this,kindergarten but you know just the fact,that this kindergarten is pretty sweet,ban ban says sharing is caring your,pancreas is mine what wait what hold on,that's a little different from the rest,Bam Bam need to calm down and put that,tongue back in his mouth the toy cannot,be directly command to breakable,materials hold on I didn't even get to,read that the end is here who wrote that,naughty corner,I think I need to teleport the Drone,here,can you teleport here wait how do I do,this oh okay so the Drone can actually,break through the glass Captain fiddle,says,I feel like we're all a bunch of Captain,fiddles sometimes sometimes we don't,want to say anything we just want to do,a little ugga and a little booger and I,feel it I respect it there's another egg,right here give me that how do I crouch,known so let's see what happens when I,hit this,got that,it made the egg roll out,I don't know how that worked but I'm not,going to question it here we go last egg,this better be it,there you go okay it's a key coming out,the mouth this is the key card we got to,use they're all color coded so now we,bring the Drone thing over here boom,and open that door which is a hammer and,another notes distraction at one what do,you mean distraction at one I'm getting,these cryptic ass messages but let's,just go in here,go in there and come on get me in here,press space to jump I've known that I've,been knowing that,what do I do emergency stop oh,okay,so we have to make it to the other side,what was my color oh shoots,wait,wait,those freaking bird feet coming up from,the freaking depths of hell like I said,this is the most amazing kindergarten,and also the most haunted at the same,time becau

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What will the Bears do with the #1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft? | NBC Sports Chicago

What will the Bears do with the #1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft? | NBC Sports Chicago

we have an All-Star panel to discuss the,most pivotal off-season for the Bears,maybe ever as we get started here on,football night in Chicago on that panel,our Insider Josh Schrock Courtney Cronin,of ESPN and Mark Grody the Bears Radio,Network sideline reporter and 670 The,Score so I want to start with Josh,you're right next to me makes the most,sense when you hear former Bears front,office member and now Colts GM Chris,Ballard say he wants a quarterback what,does that tell you about how many teams,could want this Bears pick yeah I think,there's going to be a five six seven,teams but I think from Ryan poll's,perspective there's only going to be a,few that he's going to be willing to,deal with to move down that far I think,the Colts are in a perfect position at,number four you still move down you can,still get Jalen Carter or will Anderson,and help rebuild that defense so,there'll be a lot of teams making phone,calls but I think from the bearish,perspective there's only a handful he'll,want to deal with yeah I think if Ryan,pols doesn't have an open for business,sign outside of his door right now he,will soon be because the leverage that,the Chicago Bears have in order to make,you know make a selection here whether,they stay at one whether they decide,they want to move back there's so many,options that they can sort through here,and you never want the number one draft,pick I mean that's usually a sign of,being a bad team and the Bears finished,with the worst record in the NFL but,this is a bright spot for this franchise,because they can do so many different,things with the spot whether it's you,know if they want to take a quarterback,they have that opportunity to do so and,we know that Ryan polls today said that,like it would be something that he would,have to consider like he would have to,give some thought to but it wouldn't be,something that he would do unless that,position that player blows him away but,you can either do that you could take,whoever you want at number one you have,the entire draft board available to you,so I think this is a situation that the,Bears find themselves in where they have,the most leverage of anybody in the,draft right now I love thinking about,Ryan polls and he does his press,conference today says what he has to say,answers all of our questions and now he,goes into his office takes his tie off,reclines the chair a little bit and just,gets to take it all oh Chris Ballard,said that eh oh so and so is calling me,now oh great wouldn't we all love to be,Ryan poles right now and I did enjoy the,fact that today Ryan Paul said he had a,friend say yo you got the number one,pick that's great and he he said he was,he wasn't ready for it and it's,upsetting that he and and he wasn't,really paying attention to what lovey's,Texans were doing but I bet he got over,that really quickly really and he said,what he had to say today but he is in,the cat bird seat right now and he could,just be like this is the like this week,in particular I think is the best for,him because there nothing's happening,yet but he could really just sit back,and listen read watch listen every,anything he wants to do let the game,come to him let the game to him I did,laugh when I heard that guys when he,said he wasn't paying attention to the,Texans game everyone in Chicago was,paying attention to the Texans game most,of the crowded Soldier Field when we saw,the eruption a video when they won I,just don't know if I believed him what,do you think Courtney I mean I'm sure he,was aware of what was going on in that,moment Josh and I saw him though in the,locker room he you know put on his coat,and kind of walked out pretty quickly as,we were going to talk to players,afterwards and I think you know you,don't want to gloat that you have the,number one overall pick because that is,usually most times unless you trade,somehow to get that number one pick,that's a sign of a team that really,struggled in in this first year and he,said that you know today was something,along the lines of it feels like your,football Soul gets ripped out when you,have a season like this a franchise,worse 10-game losing streak to end the,year 3 and 14. there were some good,moments though I think that he could,hang his hat on and to know that you end,the year on a positive note where the,off season you're in the driver's seat,you have 108 million dollars plus in,salary cap space to utilize in free,agency you have the number one overall,draft pick there's no other team that's,best positioned right now to make a jump,in 2023 from I don't want to say it's,going to be worse to first because I,don't think that you can really throw,that out there and expect that that's,going to be you know the expectation for,the Bears in 2023 but from worst to,getting a lot better and looking a lot,better next year I mean he's in he's in,a prime position to do that as a general,manager John I was gonna I was gonna say,and because of of what this season was,all about there's no

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Cubs Prospect James Triantos is Putting in the Work and Gaining Confidence on the Field | On Deck

Cubs Prospect James Triantos is Putting in the Work and Gaining Confidence on the Field | On Deck

- Confidence, I mean, that's the whole game.,If you know that you're going to succeed, you're going to succeed.,If there's any doubt that you're going to get out, you will get out.,That's why I do that work in the cage. That's why I do the work on the field.,It helps instill confidence.,You just got to keep believing in yourself.,Like you work hard, trust it.,That's what it boils down to.,The original reason why I reclassified was to go to college a year early.,I didn't think I had a chance of getting drafted.,And then I started playing well, the scouts started talking to me,,and I realized that it was something that could possibly happen.,You know, I felt kind of invincible.,By the end of my high school season, I thought I was ready to play professional baseball.,- The Chicago Cubs select James Triantos Junior, a third baseman from James Madison High School.,- There it is. Originally part of the '22 class, reclassified, and he's selected at a pretty high level,,number 56 overall.,- Moving from high school baseball to pro ball was definitely a big change.,- And another two-two pitch. Triantos swings and misses.,- People could get their off speed stuff over.,Everything was sharper. Stuff was coming in quicker.,I didn't necessarily feel overmatched at first.,I really think I was just nervous.,I really think the most challenging thing was being able to handle failure.,I had just come off a season where I was getting a hit 7 out of 10 times, and now if I get a hit 3,out of 10 times, it's good. So it was humbling.,I really had to keep my confidence up, you know, keep believing in myself, and just keep going,,keep trusting the work I was putting in.,Also, take a step back and realize, like, this is my dream, There's always going to be,rough patches, but no matter what, I'm going to find a way to push through,,and I'm going to be okay.,β™ͺ β™ͺ,There's so many games within the game.,Overcoming the challenges of that wasn't really an overnight thing.,It was kind of day by day I got better and better at it.,I think the more you play, the less you notice what's going on around you and the,more you focus on just, like, what you're doing in the now.,I spend a lot of time in the cage, but it's not necessarily always working on my swing.,It's more about approach, what type of pitches am I swinging at,,just really minute things.,Because I have power, but I like to think of myself as like a gap-to-gap line,drives, doubles guy.,I think that really honing in on my craft what I have right now and developing that is my best option.,So I'm ready to go when I step in that batter's box.,- Fly ball left field and deep. It's gone. Triantos a two-run shot. Take flight, James.,- You know, I'm ready to go. I'm ready to play every day. I want to win.,- It's a home run.,- I want to do everything I can to help my team win.,That's why I love this game.,Since I was young, I was always the kid rolling around in the mud just to get my uniform dirty.,I like putting effort in. I like showing I want to win.,On the field in the box, I know who I am.,I know what I can do, I know what I'm capable of.,And that gives me confidence, and I think that's a big part of the game.,β™ͺ β™ͺ

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Dave Wannstedt: Colts are the most desirable open NFL head coaching job | NBC Sports Chicago

Dave Wannstedt: Colts are the most desirable open NFL head coaching job | NBC Sports Chicago

let's go on the beat it is presented by,Chevy the guy who's,been on both ends of this Coach Dave,wanstek coach I'm reminded of the bum,Phillips quote there are two types of,coaches the ones who are fired and the,ones who are gonna be fired this is as,you know something that happens in a,career in the NFL you know it well,yeah well it's you know it's it's a,tough profession and every coach has his,window where you gotta hit it big and,unfortunately when you see something,that happens in one year at Houston I,don't see that being a window of,opportunity for the coach to hit a bed,uh Arizona I can get with I mean the the,whole debacle thing in Denver made no,sense to me from the beginning so I get,that part of it and in the uh I thought,they overreacted too quick you know I I,really did so every every situation it,becomes open has a little different,storyline to it and uh you know you,gotta find the right guy I think to get,in there and you know you got to decide,you want a guy with experience or do you,want a a young guy that you're betting,on that has uh a good track record of,calling plays maybe but has no head,coaching experience that's what all,these teams are dealing with now so if,you're job searching say you put your,coach coaching hat back on and you had,to go to one of these five places,whether it's Denver Carolina Arizona,Houston or Indianapolis where would you,go and why,well I would go to Indy and why because,they have a high enough I don't think,there's a and somebody's got to get,drafted number one okay and they gotta,rank these quarterbacks number one but,in my mind I don't know if there's you,know I don't see a Trevor Lawrence in,this drafted quarterback I mean yeah bro,you know I mean yeah Bryce young is good,CJ strong I mean will love us I mean you,all of them got great qualities but I,don't think there's a locked down guy,that you say he's the guy so I think,Indianapolis is going to get a,quarterback and I really like their,defense okay too I like their general,manager Ballard I think he knows how to,get players and the best player on their,team a year ago who we all watched it,Wisconsin Jonathan Taylor you know was a,pro bowl player he was hurt most of this,year so you're going to get him back,healthy so I look at Indianapolis and I,think with a quarterback,uh that they could bounce back quicker,than maybe these other teams now coach,you've talked about this before the,decision-making process that goes into,having your one regardless of what,everybody else says Russell Maryland is,the example for you in Dallas and then,there's also the situation the Bears,have at first overall what do you think,could happen,well you know I listened to the press,conferences today with with Ryan polls,and he's gonna say the right things he's,going to let people believe that he's,open for a trade and he's opened uh to,uh to trade Justin Fields if I can get,the right I think you said the right pot,of gold or whatever he said but you know,at the end of the day,um,you know that I I someone's gonna want,that pick it's not a great year in my,opinion to it's always a good a great,year to have the first pick but I think,there are some different conversations,about who the best quarterback is and,when you're in that position someone's,gonna want that first pick someone's,going to need a quarterback and they'll,get something they may not get quite as,much as what everybody thinks they'll,get,but as far as trading Justin Fields I'm,on I would not do it I think the guys,made progress I think he fits the mold,of a Chicago Tough Guy understands what,this city is about he's a team leader in,the locker room and as they get better,surrounding players I think the guy's,just going to get better so you got that,in one hand and now you're going to take,a chance on one of these other guys I,that would make me nervous it would also,make me nervous coach I like the seal of,approval Dave wanstead thank you so much,for joining us on football night in,Chicago,okay Elena see you later

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Mets vs. Cubs Game Highlights (7/14/22) | MLB Highlights

Mets vs. Cubs Game Highlights (7/14/22) | MLB Highlights

keegan thompson ready to work making his,12th start 20th appearance look at the,pitch mix for mr keegan thompson fourth,seamer at 94 cutter curve change sinker,and slider,on the ground right side morrell charges,there's one away,well here's martay who didn't play the,last four games including the entire,series in atlanta and nursing a bit of a,groin inflammation lines one the other,way for a base hit track toward the gap,by suzuki slides to cut it off and it'll,hold marty to a single nice play by,suzuki,but marte with a bullet the other way in,his first at-bat after missing four,games and the mets have a one-out base,runner one out marte is aboard and now,the batter is francisco lindor,that's drill toward the gap in the right,center field by lindora that's going to,go all the way to the ivy marte digging,for third he's going to be waved around,by joey cora marte will score on a,double by lindor on the mets strike,first it's one nothing new york,francisco lindor picks up right where he,left off in atlanta his 65th one bad at,end of the season two outs of run in one,nothing minutes here's jeff mcneil,gobbles that one up,throws out mcneal and keegan thompson,able to limit the damage,for carrasco four and a half era because,he's had mostly great games mixed in,with three or four tough games and he's,been had his struggles on the road three,and three era over six on the road,there's a good change up by carrasco to,strike out ortega for the first down,pitch,swinging a miss strike three another,good split change from carrasco,he struck out ortega with that pitch now,our first look at saya suzuki and he,gets him to chase a slider for strike,three three strikeouts in the opening,inning for carlos carrasco as he works,around the broken bat hit that's lead,one nothing after one in chicago now the,mets have two on with one out as patrick,mazika will be the batter,the zika drives one into the right field,corner for an extra base in escobar will,score smith being waved around third as,suzuki digs it out of the corner and,smith will score easily on a two-run,double by patrick mazeka and the mets of,a three-nothing lead in the second,that's a three runs home and they've got,two on the corners with starling marty,coming up marta it's an arc toward left,center field moving over is ortega he,can't get it it's a base hit scoring,from third mazika on his way to third is,nimo it's an rbi single for starling,marte and the mets have busted out of,the gate tonight and it is a four to,nothing minutes lead and now pete alonso,the big slugger is due up with the bases,full of mets,on the ground the third backhanded,winston to mourinho down to first and,that's a double play so the cubs have,something working in the second they sit,by horner walk to wisdom and they have,the first two men on,and rivas goes down swinging on three,pitches good change up by carrasco to,get him that's his fourth strikeout in,the first down in the inning,uses the slider gets the ground ball,lindora gets the out at second and the,turn by guillorm and they got him oh wow,slow developing play but with gomes,going down the line the mets are able to,turn two beautifully done by lindor and,guillermo and that gets carrasco through,the inning out here's rafael ortega as,the cubs start their second time around,the batting order against carrasco,that's grounded on the right side,and gourmet makes the play on ortega too,struck out his first time up,that's pulled down to third another,ground ball for,carrasco he gets three in the inning for,a one two three bottom of the third,mazika the batter one down,popped up right side reboss waiting and,in foul territory makes the catch two,down four thinning the batter starling,martay,on the ground to third,winston,and that's the third out,here's the pitch,foul tip back into mazika smith that's,strike three carrasco got him with his,slider five strikeouts for carlos,carrasco here's the pitch,suzuki swings and misses strike three,another slider from carlos carrasco he's,got back-to-back case six total,strikeouts tonight and there are two,outs in the bottom of the fourth inning,horner at first with two down here's,patrick wisdom,check swing,i think ross has made it making a case,that uh cross goes backing out there,i thought maybe they were arguing about,the with the home plate i'm part about,and strikes but obviously,rossi was lobbying campaign for a bought,call there on carrasco didn't get it,ultimately,got the heave-ho,right i'm taking my lead okay he's set,but his foot is still moving what's,happening here okay now he's set but he,didn't stop he barely committed yeah,yeah there's no stop there that's,lightning quick i would also just,maintain dougie it's not just about the,base runner it's also about the hitter,the hitter's gotta gotta have an idea of,okay now it's starting warner will run,3-2 come into wisdom and he flies one,out to right marte giving ground but,he's got plenty of room,and that retires the side so carrasco,has tu

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