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Crypto Twitter Phase-1 Begins | BTC, ETH, & NFT Features Added... DOGE Ignoredforeign,we may have so

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Updated on Jan 27,2023

Crypto Twitter Phase-1 Begins | BTC, ETH, & NFT Features Added... DOGE Ignored

foreign,we may have some of the biggest news,here I think for 2022 if this actually,plays out and that is a combination of,Twitter,polygon and Robin Hood I want you to,think about those because what we're,about to give you guys in terms of some,of the alpha here is to analyze how all,of this fits together for the future of,crypto Twitter and in general payments,on Twitter as a whole my name is Paul,Baron welcome back to the tech path,let's get into it today it's going to be,a good one all right so I want to take a,break and thank our sponsor that is,ocean crawler watches if you guys don't,know I'm a big watch fan I love to,collect watches and I actually own an,ocean crawler and it's one of those that,when you look at the dive business this,is probably one of the iconic watches,out there now they have a whole array of,things the ones I like are kind of,interesting because you know me I'm a,Bitcoin guy so I love to look at what I,think is their Bitcoin watch and that is,their ocean caller Paladino which is the,Wave Maker V2 you can do pre-order on,these right now uh there's a really cool,offer that they've given just to our,audience and that is 150 discount so all,you have to use uh do is use our Link in,the description of the video below or,the podcast if you're listening to this,you don't may not get a chance to see,these beautiful watches but uh use the,link it'll take you to their website,just use the code Barren and that will,give you the discount code code so all,you have to do is do that you're In Like,Flint and uh,make sure and let them know we sent you,all right so let's get into it today and,I want to lead off here with uh this,first news story and this really kind of,blows into the whole,issue of where and what Twitter is up to,now we all know what Elon has been doing,over the past few weeks and now month uh,is really kind of going into,restructuring a lot of the the functions,within Twitter itself but at the same,time there has to be a solution that is,going to drive Revenue to Twitter that,at the end of the day that has got to,happen it's got to get them to a point,where they can become at least,profitable or at least handle their burn,rate this first story here Twitter ads,Bitcoin and eth price indexes to the,search functionality this is a big deal,because I think this starts to set the,tone for what might be beginning and if,you notice what we highlighted here,social media platform added new crypto,features enable users to search the,price of Bitcoin and eat simply by,typing the names and then boom you get a,a response back in interestingly enough,what I'll show you is what this looks,like out there on Twitter let's just,jump over to Twitter real quick here was,a quick search of Bitcoin,and that is uh self-propicating right,there so you guys can kind of see how,I've searched it and then there you have,it let me go back to it and we'll do,that live,and when you see search integrated in,like this and you'll notice right here,view on Robinhood this is really kind of,the biggest big difference between this,now this could mean a lot of,connectivity into the D5 wallet as we,all know is coming from Robinhood this,also could mean a lot of conjecture,around how this may play into the whole,application of ZK Roll-Ups in the use,case for polygon I'll get into all of,this for you guys just to give you a,kind of some fun point this was a a,tweet out there that was kind of looking,at Matic as being part of this this is,of course all Photoshop but the point is,you get the trick here could we see,search in the future that really starts,to really hone in on a lot of these top,digital assets that show up on Twitter,and remember crypto Twitter in its own,right is its own world it has a real,Community a lot of content within it,it's what we basically feed off for our,own crypto power index and it gives a,tremendous amount of insights to what's,happening in the market further into the,article and what I want to focus on here,was a tweet that was done back in,November this I think it was back in,early November,in this tweet was done by Sync and,basically what it was looking at was the,major partnership list that polygon had,put together remember you had Robin Hood,in there for the D5 wallet you had,Disney in there Mercedes Flipkart we,know about all of these Twitter yes we,know Facebook Adidas Etc you can kind of,see the line up there with Starbucks,stripe is in their Bentley and so on all,of these companies represent very,interesting strategies of how to deploy,web3 and part of this is going to,integrate into storms some sort of,payment solution and what that payment,solution might look like and or the,potential of integrating more use case,from mainstream users into actually,being able to buy on you know platforms,and Robinhood being a good example of it,we've talked about Robinhood many times,I'll segue into that just to show you a,little bit here of the investor Index,this is the Robinhood investor index,showing

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Binance & Elon Own Crypto Twitter | Twitter Debuts NFT "Tiles"

Binance & Elon Own Crypto Twitter | Twitter Debuts NFT "Tiles"

foreign,been entered into the market to where,maybe it opens up a free crypto we're,going to break into all that good stuff,around Elon Musk his acquisition and,also the Takeover of of crypto Twitter,because really that's what this is about,crypto Twitter my name is Paul Bearer,welcome back into Tech path let's get,into it today,this is a very interesting rundown today,when we looked at all the news,um and it's kind of interesting there I,could start to see a little bit of not,only division within because you know,with Twitter already has a good job it,does a good job of dividing and,conquering but I think within the Press,Corps uh in the past it was kind of just,who's getting banned who's not getting,banned who's in Shadow band who's not in,Shadow band but I think press corn now,is starting to take sides on this so,it's going to be interesting to see how,this plays out uh in the short run,here's the elon's Tweet uh the bird is,freed October 27th uh you know he has,such a way about understanding it's,almost uh it's very just a very,intriguing uh individual and I think,that's what makes him so,um compelling for everybody to watch why,Elon Musk Twitter deal matters for,everyone there's a few good points here,on axios,um and you guys when you're following a,lot of these uh these media Outlets,one thing I want you to remember,is that um,many of them have agendas okay and uh,listen we're an independent media,organization sure I have opinions uh I,may have an agenda to the sense of I,just want to make sure we get the facts,right and we deliver those I'll have an,opinion of which you would have as well,but when you start guiding it to this,level I think it's very interesting uh,Twitter Remains the global Public Square,you know aging audience what do you mean,aging audience uh it's rules it's going,to be set by a single individual that's,already been debunked uh the world's,richest man uh and one of the most,idiosyncratic you know I understand that,uh Bill Gates on this most of the,Farmland in the United States uh deal,makers 140 44 billion or 44 billion,reminder that signed contracts are,binding wow somebody we needed an,article to tell us that contracts are,binding this is really great great,education here I'm learning this is the,point that I'm getting in and this and,this is where it gets to me is when I,see this is,um Elon critics Elon Fanboys and for,Elon basically they're just pissing on,everybody that is following Elon in,general doesn't matter if you're a,fanboy or a Critic doesn't matter this,is the problem uh you look silly for,lamenting he was going to buy it and,then revealing his inability to walk,away for critics You Look Silly even,sillier uh in this case not believing,that the lawsuits would lay bear,Twitter's conspiratorial Soul uh for,Elon he now must figure out how to take,Twitter more than 44 billion a price,that everyone agrees is too high is it,really is it really too high because I,think long-term investment would look at,Twitter as a big big time opportunity,here and after all this is uh,essentially,I I don't know that I would call it a,toy to him but it's definitely a small,percentage of what his focus is going to,be overall my concern is that in the,early days it will have an effect on,some of the other companies including,Tesla and SpaceX but overall I feel like,you know there are there's one thing,about uh Elon that he does very well and,that is he throws engineering at,problems and when you throw enough,engineering problems I do think it does,start to shift the tides now it doesn't,I know Free Speech all those kind of,things play into this but uh when it,comes to crypto I think engineering is,the most and most immutable aspect of,how it works blockchain is just that,it's an engineering feat it gives an,open opportunity to pretty much the,masses and it really kind of,differentiates you know the scenario,that's been playing out in the monetary,system for a couple hundred years which,is the risk get richer and the poor get,poorer you know hopefully all of that is,going to be solved uh not necessarily by,Twitter but by blockchain and web3 as a,whole and Twitter could be a big part of,that it starts with the 11 this was a,tweet I did 1100 employees have left,Twitter since mus announced buying the,company with almost a third going to,Google or meta this all came in from,LinkedIn data which is kind of ironic uh,Elon Musk Moss begins uh Bitcoin the,Free Speech Maneuvers which I think is,interesting and of course he carried in,the sync yeah it's pretty uh pretty,stupid but kind of uh corny which is,exactly what Elon is corny uh but that's,what makes him so unique and so,endearing I think to a lot of people,musk also has can take control of,Twitter and fired its top Executives,this is a typical strategy for many of,you guys that uh maybe you haven't been,in in a scenario where there's been uh,takeovers in business and there's really,three areas that you do it in today you,take over a company uh

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Jim Cramer Says To Quickly Sell Bitcoin and Your Friends

Jim Cramer Says To Quickly Sell Bitcoin and Your Friends

back to cryptos are awesome George we're,all George so Jim Cramer Mad Money host,tweeted today telling everyone to,quickly sell not only their Bitcoin but,their friends as well which,doesn't make what doesn't make a whole,lot of sense but let's talk about that,let's talk about Bitcoin also which has,gone up a little bit more since this,morning what cut what else can we expect,for remainder this week and let's talk,about other things within crypto as well,so let's get started welcome welcome,welcome guys good evening good morning,um depending on where you are,tomorrow's Market looks like it could be,in the green again today we ended up in,a green it was a little choppy up and,down up and down people were afraid of,what this guy,was going to say he ended up saying not,a whole lot not a whole lot so tomorrow,maybe in the green once again but,Bitcoin trended up a little bit more,17-4 an entire crypto market cap,trending up a little bit more above uh,one percent about one percent higher,right closing in at 860 billion so so,far so good,but what else can we expect for the,remainder of this week well Paul did,talk about you know still stabilizing,prices and uh you know what there's,going to be something big this Thursday,I've been telling you guys right the CPI,number I think that's go fact his,decision the other Governors decisions,uh based on how much the ray hike should,go up by the next of um fomc meeting,which is February now dependent on this,reading if this reading comes in very,very low meaning inflation is rocketing,downwards right maybe this next red hike,will only be like a 25 basis point hike,maybe not a 50 basis point because the,last one we have 50 base points and that,was down from 75 maybe we just go down,to 25. maybe,maybe we don't have to see more right,hikes in the future we'll see we'll see,we're getting a little ahead of,ourselves but this this Thursday will be,absolutely huge so we got a couple of,days until then but right now there's,still a lot of Doom and Gloom out there,the World Bank warns that there will be,a global global,recession this year Global recession not,just the US is a global recession right,so there's definitely a lot of fear out,there a lot of layoffs Banks like,Goldman Sachs the Swiss Central Bank,reported a horrible horrible numbers and,so many layoffs right now and,unfortunately this is this is the,consequence of increasing rates and,slowing down the economy and this is,precisely what Paul wants to see even,Wells Fargo is stepping back from the,housing market once upon a time they,wanted to just reach out to everyone now,they're slowing it down right the banks,are getting a little worried about,mortgages and homes,um so there's still a lot of worry right,now right but,it's,it's still early it's only the second,week of January right so there's a lot,more to come,and it doesn't have to be all doom and,gloom like what some people are,predicting,at least not for Bitcoin and crypto,which I'll get to in a little bit,because there's a lot of good happening,in the space uh however Jim Cramer our,favorite Mad Money host,because there is only one,tweeted this out this morning people,want to believe the best yes I agree I,believe you can move out of tech slowly,and Bitcoin and Friends quickly,so again I mean why do you need to throw,Bitcoin in there what I I don't get,first of all you could have just left it,at that right but he had to throw,Bitcoin in there and not only that what,doesn't make sense is friends what is,that what does Friends have to do with,tech or Bitcoin,I don't quite know but we know that Jim,he he flip-flops a lot just like in 2021,he was calling to be paid in Bitcoin,and before that in 2017 called Bitcoin,going to a million dollars now very,bearish on bitcoin very bearish on,crypto overall,right so many of course what they're,doing is they're doing the opposite,they're doing the inverse Kramer and,this is again for many the time to be,buying when Jim turns fearful and,capitulates on something that's usually,a time when you want to buy in so I just,wanna,share that with you guys uh what else is,going on well,we know that Cameron and,Gemini they're they're attacking dcg,okay attacking specifically bearish,silbert not dcg so they wrote a letter I,covered this this morning uh open letter,to the board basically demanding,for some kind of I don't know some kind,of action and basically to fire Barry,Silber basically that's what it's coming,down to they made a lot of accusations,they speculate a lot of stuff whether or,not it's fully true half true we don't,know but of course it's part of kind of,like you know I would say half tried to,get a resolution half to kind of divert,blame right Barry himself did tweet out,this incredibly long,Thread about various things about,basically being proud of the role he had,at dcg proud of what he has accomplished,in 2020 this almost sounds like,a memoir like basically it sounds like,what you would put out after you,you put in your re

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Twitter Crypto Features Coming in DAYS? | $BNB + $MASK Analysis

Twitter Crypto Features Coming in DAYS? | $BNB + $MASK Analysis

foreign,Twitter,wherefore art thou,this is going to be a good one because,it's breaking down things that are,happening not only within the Twitter,ecosystem but also I think when you look,at the potential of how Twitter could,affect a lot more in the crypto space,and blockchain overall that's what we're,going to talk about today it's going to,be a good one make sure and stay tuned,my name is Paul Bearer welcome back into,Tech path let's get into it I do want to,thank our sponsor binance uh us if you,guys are looking at maybe getting into a,new exchange that uh is,I think one of the you know we've had,our times with with binance just so,everybody's kind of clear I've not been,a lover of binance uh mainly because of,the onboarding here in the US they,completely fixed that and have made it a,lot easier for people to onboard now so,kudos to binance and their team for,getting that fixed but when you're,looking at binance the thing you got to,look at is staking this is one of the,things that I think draws a lot of,people in a lot of different uh tokens,that you can of course get into you've,got eth at six percent right there Matic,at nine percent Solana at seven and a,half uh and a ton of others available,including polka dot over there at nine,and near protocol at 10. so some pretty,good uh some pretty good opportunities,here if you are a Us customer and you,want to use binance just go to, use our link below uh it,does help the channel out and guess what,you get to convert uh trade and convert,on bitcoin for zero fees so that's,probably the biggest Advantage I want to,get into a couple of things today,and before I get started because I just,want to remind everybody even though,this is about Twitter I want to remind,everybody that we have go to our Channel,and go down the list here into our,playlist you're going to get a chance to,see our polygon playlist we just did uh,a big polygon meta drop just a few,minutes ago uh this is a really uh,interesting video and it gets into kind,of the future of what polygon will be,and where it's going the opportunity is,going to be huge for that and meta we,basically break all that out so make,sure and check that video out uh put it,on your read or your watch list for the,weekend it's going to be a good one for,you especially if you're a polygon lover,love to know if you are polygon smash,the if you are a polygon investor smash,the like button and uh let me know in,the comments below are you looking at,long-term holding there or are you,trying to do some flip and some swing,trading on that uh we'll get into that,all right so you got uh binance here in,the news talking about their Bluebird,index,um it's kind of interesting uh and how,many of you guys were aware of mask uh,we'll break it down but I'm just kind of,curious drop some comments over on the,side I'd love to know uh they talk a,little bit about the bluebird index uh,which is a cryptocurrency index that,tracks the performance of its own native,token B and B uh Doge and a little known,cryptocurrency known as Mark which is,mask and the interesting thing could,this be alluding to that this could,potentially be one of the key or these,these three assets who could be the key,starting point for uh maybe payments,within Twitter that would be a very big,uh interesting around hinting at Miles,talks about it right here as easy,hinting at these assets being used for,Twitter payments uh obviously with the,bluebird uh,you know model here and I think you know,when you look at the connection between,CZ and what's happening with Twitter and,Elon there's a lot I think that could,play into this uh in terms of good,Partnerships uh it's definitely not one,that I would completely,um you know discount I think there is,real potential there one thing I was,looking at though on the mask website,which if you guys have not visited just,go to learn a little bit about,this one so your portal to the new open,internet you can install this uh there's,a lot available within this encrypt,messaging uh which is something we've,talked about and you guys know about,obviously uh this was kind of,interesting launching new projects via,Ito which is an initial Twitter offering,kind of cool so if you're launching a,new project on any of these you could,also potentially go this into an Ito,format social trading tools built in you,can kind of see some of the elements,that they kind of paint through here of,how it's used,which is right there boom,you can kind of see how it comes through,a Twitter message of what that might,look like verifying of T avatars,potential there create your own web 3,profile I think this is going to be a,big part of this in the future uh and,then even social marketplaces so a lot,within it and they you know they kind of,flew up the charts and really had quite,a bit going on if you look at some of,their videos just uh in a general let's,kind of show showcases how to use it you,know the mass network itself there's the,three

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How Elon Musk's Grand Crypto Twitter Experiment Can Succeed | Forbes

How Elon Musk's Grand Crypto Twitter Experiment Can Succeed | Forbes

elon pioneered industries electric,vehicles and commercial space flight but,twitter might be his biggest challenge,yet his success or failure will have,dramatic implications for crypto and the,future of web 3.,web 3 is a decentralized version of the,internet built on top of a blockchain,one question that comes up a lot is what,it means to actually decentralize,twitter or decentralize the platform,basically it has to do with some of the,big challenges and criticisms of web 2.,web 2 is a term that's used to,characterize the big internet companies,of today these are centralized companies,that run these huge data silos and use,them to promote targeted ads towards us,in ways that many people find creepy,when i use the term data silos what,really happens behind the curtain of,these big tech companies is that they,track every aspect of your online,behavior look at what websites you go to,what you do on those websites what links,you click on,what you like what you dislike etc etc,etc they store it and they run it,through highly sophisticated algorithms,and essentially crunch that data then,they use it to target ads that's how,they make their money for web3 to be,successful we have to turn that,advertising model on its head there,needs to be a new way for these,platforms to make money these platforms,are so sticky because everybody's on,them people get fed content that they,want to see if we use a decentralized,version of one of these platforms where,they're not collecting that personal,information they're not tracking what,you're doing across the internet there's,got to be some other way to make these,platforms sticky without being creepy i,have not yet seen anyone successfully do,that or really come up with a plan to do,it,crypto has needed a knight and elon musk,in many ways fits the bill as jocular as,he can be and perhaps irresponsible in,some ways he also gets crypto and,twitter is really seen as kind of the,town hall for all things crypto and,there's a lot of similarities between,the crypto audience and the twitter,audience crypto is still pretty,unintuitive most of the early adopters,are willing to deal with that because,they believe in its potential so,although twitter hasn't had any major,major product rollouts in recent years,it has taken some significant steps,forward in integrating crypto and,digital assets into its operations,if elon musk is going to actualize his,dream of having twitter become a truly,as he sees it open space for free speech,he's going to have to have a very high,level political acumen,for some of his other companies like,spacex and tesla he got generous,government subsidies and in general he,had the support of the government,social media is a much different animal,if you look at how some tech executives,have been treated in front of congress,recently you can understand why it's,almost a joke that opposition to the,company seems to be one of the only,things that unites congress these days,if anybody can succeed in this endeavor,it's elon musk and if he does it will,turn social media on its head

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Elon Musk Is Adding THESE Altcoins To Twitter! (Do You Own Them?)

Elon Musk Is Adding THESE Altcoins To Twitter! (Do You Own Them?)

foreign,okay listen we may be a couple of,minutes late but that is because I was,getting the scoop on exactly which coins,Elon Musk is adding to Twitter so we're,going to be looking at which coins Elon,Musk is adding to Twitter as the new,crypto coins of Twitter I'm going to,show you why the Market's pumping and,then we're going to decide whether it's,going to continue pumping and let me,give you a clue I think the answer is,yes and then we've got an F in SBF FTX,update for you and part of that SPF FTX,app that is a couple of inches of,interviews that were done,then we're going to look at bitboy and a,warning that I gave bitboy a few days,ago and how that warning has come back,to possibly bite him in the ass and then,the last thing that we're going to do or,the last thing that we're going to talk,about on the show is the favorite,altcoin picks of all the people that,work at Banta I asked him this morning,which five coins would you buy if you're,buying the coins now and what we're,going to do is we're going to look at,which coins each person Advance has said,so listen I was late,but the amount of alpha in the show is,going to make it all out to you let's do,it,get the out of bed go,I'm gonna wake up gotta wake up ,get up,welcome,wakey wakey wakey wakey rise and shine,and as rayon drops this destroy that,like button destroy destroy that life,button because this show is going to be,the highest officer that I think we've,ever made and if that if it's the,highest officer that we've ever made,chances are it could be one of the,highest Alpha shows that anybody on the,internet has made ever so it's going to,be a huge huge huge show and also at the,end of the show I'm going to do,something amazing so what I'm going to,do at the end of the show is the,following if you have a buy bit account,listen I've been listening carefully,right so I have three boxes here I have,box one,hold on let's see can you guys see box,one over there I have box two,and I have box three,so I don't know what's in these boxes,yeah they are these are the boxes I have,no idea what's in these boxes,but what's gonna happen is at the end of,the show if you've got a buy bit account,then you've got more than 250 dollars in,that Bible account I'm going to open up,those boxes and whatever's inside the,box is yours it could be one dollar it,could be a ticket to the World Cup,finals it could be fifty thousand,dollars it could be five thousand,dollars I have no idea what's in the box,haven't seen it don't know these boxes,were handed to me a few minutes ago and,I haven't had a chance to look inside so,what you're going to do is you guys as,the community are going to pick the box,and I'm just gonna open the box and,we're going to give it to to one lucky,winner and we're gonna do that every,single day from now until Christmas so,there's 20 days left until Christmas,we're going to take 20 people in the,community that have buy bit accounts,with over 250 in them and you guys are,going to decide which box I'm gonna open,and what and whatever's in that box,well that is what you get if you in that,so listen you got some time to do it you,got until the end of the show and if you,haven't done it you've got another 19,days from tomorrow but that's what we're,going to be doing to make people's,Christmas uh wishes I was gonna do it,another while I was going to say hey if,you've got a Christmas wish put your,Christmas wish in but that becomes,complicated so,Let's Do It Let's Have Some Fun you guys,are gonna vote I'm gonna just be the the,the the servant I'm going to open the,box and tell you what you've won,cool listen we've got a lot to discuss,one of the things that I want to discuss,this show is this interview that was,done with SBF to do everything else yes,or no do you do you believe you deserve,to be punished,foreign,do you deserve do you believe that,anyone who has hurt someone should be,punished,like just like ethically morally like,forget about the whole SPF FTX thing,like yeah do you think an individual who,hurts someone deserves in some form not,legally not you know morally do you,think they deserve to be punished,I think my honest answer to it is,the thing I feel strongly is that they,deserve to have a duty to make it right,no matter what it costs them as best,they can like that is the answer that,feels real to me so Frank chaparro did,an interview with SBF and let me tell,you and like what that Mario Twitter,spaces or the Andrew russellkin Frank,wasn't taking prisoners and he was a,crypto native guy and he asked all the,right questions so we're going to spend,some time talking about that interview,so I've got a massive update for you on,SBF,um and yeah generally we've got a,massive show so listen what I need you,guys to do is first of all do me a huge,favor smash that like obliterate that,like button subscribe to our Channel if,you're not already part of the fan,because everyone at banter gets a,Christmas bonus if we get to over 600,subscribe 600,000 subsc

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What Elon's Crypto Twitter will look like

What Elon's Crypto Twitter will look like

hey everyone welcome back so it's been,42 days since Elon Musk took over,Twitter and this has been a story for,the ages pretty much since day one right,you have one of the richest humans on,Earth taking over one of the most,visited websites on the internet now the,facts about what has transpired since,Elon has taken over really depends on,who you ask okay this has become a very,controversial topic it's a very,political topic some people are going to,tell you that Elon has ushered us into a,new Utopia where free speech is king and,you can say what you want you can be who,you want and other people are going to,tell you that Twitter is basically on,life support okay and you can't spend,more than a few minutes on that platform,without your body just being filled up,with all these toxins until you have no,choice but to just fly off into the Sun,but there's one issue in particular that,we care about on this channel which is,whether or not Elon is going to be,friendly towards crypto and,decentralization and how much is he,going to integrate any of that into the,platform if at all so I went ahead and,did the research and I looked for every,piece of evidence that might give us an,answer one way or the other okay so is,he building a crypto wallet will Twitter,start selling nfts are they going to be,using Dogecoin for payments all that and,more in a new segment that I like to,call Does Elon love the blockchain if we,step back for a second you'll see that,this isn't whether or not Elon is going,to be some Maverick that just dives into,crypto by himself at a time when,everyone else is moving away from crypto,okay actually what we've been seeing is,that in general most social media,companies have been aggressively inching,towards crypto especially in recent,months and the most aggressive of these,is probably Reddit and I did a couple,videos on this but essentially they've,been going hard on their nft avatars or,digital Collectibles as they call them,they're not up to four million wallets I,have minted one of these and they're,also looking into turning their,subreddits into tokenized communities so,you know they're basically going all in,then after Reddit you have Facebook and,Instagram and this is where Mark,Zuckerberg has been making a huge bet,he's basically putting his reputation on,the line his business on the line on his,vision of what is going to be the,metaverse and I'm sure you've seen some,of the you know Exquisite teasers that,they've been putting out around this but,the relevant Point here is that Mark,believes that decentralized blockchains,will play a big role in the metaverse,and more recently we've seen Facebook,and Instagram start adding nft and,crypto wallet features into their apps,now after Instagram there's a big drop,off in interest okay you have Tick Tock,which I haven't really heard anything,around crypto followed by YouTube which,has also pretty much ignored the topic,you just hate to see it and then you,have Twitter which would probably be,somewhere in the upper half maybe,actually just below Reddit because they,were the first ones to let you connect,your wallet and actually show off your,nfts on their platform and apparently,they were already working on a crypto,wallet before Elon ever even showed up,but now we have new management and so,the question is what does Elon think the,role of crypto should be on his platform,and exhibit a would probably be elon's,relationship with Dogecoin now if you,don't know Dogecoin is a meme currency,but it's one that Elon for some reason,really likes and he's pumped it a bunch,of times in the past most notably,mentioning it on Saturday Night Live,which funny enough pretty much marked,the top of Dogecoin last year now Elon,has dropped little hints around Dogecoin,in the weeks after he has purchased,Twitter nothing really Concrete in terms,of how it's going to factor in but what,we do know is that Elon has stated,before that he thinks Dogecoin is even,better than Bitcoin when it comes to,buying things and he does want to turn,Twitter into a Marketplace as well and,so if he does integrate crypto at some,point and that I think that's likely,then you should assume that Dogecoin,would probably be one of those accepted,currencies okay moving on to exhibit B,which is a juicy conversation that,leaked between Elon Musk and fraudster,Sam Bachmann free who apparently is now,every everyone's favorite podcast guest,I mean I don't know what the hell is,going on but the guy is doing all the,rounds at this point I'm not gonna be,surprised if he ends up like on Jimmy,Kimmel or schmoozing it up with Stephen,Colbert okay but anyways we got some DMS,leaked during the whole Elon Twitter you,know lawsuit and this one in particular,is interesting okay so here we have,Michael Grimes who I believe was one of,the bankers for the Twitter deal and,he's referring to Sam and he says that,he wants to put in one to five billion,he's serious about partnering up and,then below here we could see uh

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Twitter has huge value but has not been monetized well, says Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao

Twitter has huge value but has not been monetized well, says Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao

um tell us how the deal came together in,terms of why you decided to invest with,him,well the deal was put together a few,months back,um Elon was buying not buying it and we,haven't changed our position,um the reasons there are many reasons,for supporting the deal uh Twitter is a,speech Free Speech platform which is,global right which is extremely,important,we want to support uh support strong,entrepreneurs Elon Musk is a very strong,entrepreneur Twitter's a tool that I use,personally very heavily so and we want,to make sure that crypto has a seat at,the table for when it comes to free,speech so and the more tactical things,like we want to help bring Twitter into,web3 when they're ready and um yeah we,want to stop we want to help solve those,immediate problems like you know as you,just mentioned earlier,um charging for memberships Etc that can,be done very easily globally using,cryptocurrencies as a means of payments,possible Elon has has hinted that this,could turn into a sort of super app,um do you think that's possible and what,would that look like in your mind,um I think that's very possible,um so everybody have a different meaning,of super happy in that in their head um,I'm not sure if my version is going to,be the same as elon's but he was,referring to WeChat very heavily and I,use WeChat quite a lot so you know,payments uh social media messaging,um ordering food everything yeah,How concerned are you as an investor in,this in this business about the outside,interests and potential pressures that,could come on Elon as a result of not,just owning Twitter but obviously he has,Tesla which has business in lots of,different countries SpaceX which has,business uh in the United States but in,particular has lots of business with the,defense department and the various,pressures that could come to bear,I think well every business every person,have to deal with pressure they always,have other potential friends or uh,interested parties that can exert,pressure but if anyone can take pressure,I think Elon Musk shown that he can have,no pressure so as an entrepreneur we,understand that very well so we fully,support him in whatever he do,were you you know look when you got,involved originally the valuation of of,Twitter and frankly all of social media,and Technology was meaningfully higher,than where it is today I don't know,where what you think Twitter is,technically worth today whether it's 15,billion dollars 20 billion dollars 12,billion dollars but did was there a,point at which you ever thought to,yourself I mean because clearly Elon,Musk clauds himself I got to get out of,this deal or I got to get it for a lot,cheaper price were you ever uh at a,moment where you said you know we should,we shouldn't even be doing this like,this doesn't make any sense,um I don't think Elon ever said to the,best of my knowledge I don't think Elon,ever said that the price was not right,um I think he didn't want to do the deal,for various other reasons um but for us,we're long-term investors we believe in,strong entrepreneurs we believe in,strong platforms we believe in free,speech and this that's priceless,um and so the market go up and down a,few months ago uh now it's a bit lower,higher we don't care we look at this at,a 10 20 50 100 Year basis so a little,price fluctuation on a monthly basis,doesn't face us at all we support small,entrepreneurs is there a business model,or business case that's been made to you,or um in terms of why to invest in it I,know you want to see it at the table but,was there a model that you were shown,where you said you know what I I see the,path or is it more look Elon Musk is is,like the horse to bet on you look at,what he's done with Tesla look at SpaceX,and he's defied every uh you know,critical out there,I think Elon is definitely one of the,main factors but Twitter platform itself,is very strong I I believe Twitter has,not been monetized well it has not been,grown well,um there's many tactical problems like,there's Bots that spam my comments,um there's a scammer accounts on there,it's just not been run well,um so I think the platform has huge,value in itself I can see it clearly,um myself and especially now with Elon,at the helm we're very confident so,we're not worried about like short-term,price fluctuations,Shepard Smith here thanks for watching,CNBC on YouTube

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