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Bawdy Basement Belligerence | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 44MATT: Hello everyone,,and welcom

Critical Role

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Bawdy Basement Belligerence | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 44

MATT: Hello everyone,,and welcome to tonight's episode of Critical Role,,where a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors sit around,and play Dungeons & Dragons.,ALL: (silly voices) We play Dungeons & Dragons.,MATT: It's a oddly sallow table, but regardless:,Happy New Year! We're back for 2023.,We have a few folks here at the table for the minute.,I think we're missing Taliesin for tonight,,but we'll be having him very, very soon,,and we miss him terribly.,But in the interim,,let's run through some announcements.,Here, beginning with our first new sponsor this week,,Capital One Shopping, and I'm told...,Seriously? Okay.,Apparently, we're going to a live feed,from something called the,Capital One Shopping Drift Track?,SAM: Welcome one and all,,to the Capital One Shopping Drift Track!,Capital One Shopping is a browser extension,that helps you save big online.,It's free to use, saves you money,,and makes searching for discounts and coupons a breeze.,ASHLEY: Wait, what?,What does this have to do with racing?,SAM: Not racing, Ashley. Drifting.,Capital One Shopping is so easy and simple to use,,you won't just walk to your browser, you'll drift there.,TRAVIS: This seems like a stretch.,ASHLEY: I mean, is this just an excuse,to get us to race around like idiots,just for your entertainment?,SAM: No, not race around, Ashley. Drift around.,Here we go. On your marks.,ASHLEY: Wait, do we...,SAM: Get set. ASHLEY: Do we have to do this?,TRAVIS: Nice try, Riegel. But we're not going to...,SAM: And go!,TRAVIS and ASHLEY: (car revving),SAM: And the drift has begun!,Watching them speed around the track reminds me,that you can forget digging for coupon codes that don't work,and searching endlessly for deals without results.,The free Capital One Shopping browser add-on,instantly searches for available coupons,and automatically applies them to your cart,across thousands of sites.,It's kind of genius!,TRAVIS and ASHLEY: (car revving),ASHLEY: You getting tired?,TRAVIS: How many laps is this race?!,SAM: I'm sorry, Travis. I don't understand the question.,TRAVIS: (groans) How many laps is this drift?,SAM: Thank you.,This drift is 10 laps long,,and you're falling behind.,Drift harder! (laughs),Oh, they look so cute.,While they shred the asphalt,,you can avoid paying full price,whether you're a Capital One customer or not.,Why, I used the extension to save $50,on this microphone headset. (laughs),Oh. (laughs) ASHLEY: Wait.,Oh, I'm getting a stupid leg cramp.,TRAVIS: We're off-course.,SAM: Oh, what's giving you this leg cramp, Ashley?,ASHLEY: This race is. SAM: No, it's not.,This drift is giving you a stupid leg cramp.,TRAVIS: Why do you keep calling it a drift?,SAM: Because it sounds cooler!,TRAVIS and ASHLEY: (car revving),ASHLEY: Woo! SAM: (laughs),ASHLEY: Okay, he's ready to cut the dust.,SAM: Okay, this is it.,The home stretch, the final lap,,and the winner is...,Oh!,Oh!,The winner is you at home.,Yes, you're the winner when you go to,,to install the extension today.,Thanks, guys.,Matt, drift to you.,TRAVIS and ASHLEY: (car revving),MATT: Okay.,(laughter),Welcome back.,SAM: Nice drifting, nice drifting.,LAURA: Nice. Great work, you guys. ASHLEY: Just drifting back in.,Thank you. MARISHA: Wow.,ASHLEY: Thank you.,LAURA: How'd you get changed so fast?,ASHLEY: I just threw this on top of my--,LAURA: Got it. ASHLEY: -- jersey.,LAURA: Got it. MARISHA: You're so out of breath.,TRAVIS: Yeah, it's the... ASHLEY: Tracksuit.,TRAVIS: I got the winter coat on.,MARISHA: Yeah, sure. (laughter),MATT: All righty. MARISHA: Sure, sure.,I think you have lines that aren't on the prompter.,SAM: I do? Okay, great. MARISHA: Yes.,(laughs),SAM: No, I said this in the thing.,MARISHA: Oh. Never mind, then.,(laughter),MARISHA: Shouldn't have been on the script.,MATT: Ah. MARISHA: Yeah.,MATT: On that note, this episode,is also... MARISHA: That's great.,That's good, you guys. (laughter),MATT: Also sponsored by our friends at D&D Beyond.,ALL: D&D Beyond!,MATT: You can add 11 new Dragonlance monsters to your game,with the Monstrous Compendium Volume Two,,available now to claim.,And these monsters are not found within any source book,and you can get them at no cost on your D&D Beyond account,at LAURA: ♪ D&D Beyond ♪,MATT: -- as in volume, 2.,Go ahead and check it out now.,Laura, you have announcements,to make. LAURA: Ah!,I do. LIAM: What are they?,LAURA: We have merch.,(laughter),ASHLEY: "We have merch.",LAURA: Hold on, this one...,ASHLEY: This is something I'm excited about.,LAURA: I've been really excited about this.,I'm not even going to give it to somebody else,because I want to put it on.,SAM: I want one of that. LIAM: Yep.,MARISHA: I know, let's look at that arms.,LAURA: What? ASHLEY: I had to touch it.,I had to touch it.,LIAM: Been waiting on this one. LAURA: This is for our subtle,want to rep the company, want to rep CR,without actually looking like you're repping CR. (laughs)

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FULL WOKE MELTDOWN - Critical Role Competitor Blows Itself Up With CRAZY TWITTER DRAMA!

FULL WOKE MELTDOWN - Critical Role Competitor Blows Itself Up With CRAZY TWITTER DRAMA!

we had a big eruption in the tabletop,role-playing world over the weekend,with board game drama stuff like that,and i'll go over all of it there's a lot,to go through and my voice is not,holding up very well i'm very sick so,stay with me thank you guys who do so,all right my name is john de la rose i,am a number one best-selling author and,award-winning comic creator and if you,like my content if you appreciate what,i'm doing if you just want to check out,books whatever whatever reason you're,here support my subscribe star i've got,a,good thing going here where we're making,awesome content i just put up some new,comics for everybody over the weekend,and i appreciate everybody's doing so we,are growing pretty quickly on this and,you guys are an awesome fan base and,i will do my best,to provide fun uh without the sjw crap,for you guys,all right today we're talking about roll,app and you can see that i'm blocked,already because i commented on,uh the drama that's going on and i'm,working on this now rolap is like a,roll20 kind of,competitor i guess and they were trying,to do some content like critical role,does which is a dnd,youtube channel which is very popular,you guys have probably heard of it and,so they were trying to make a competitor,towards that they hired a bunch of the,major tabletop rpg sjws like bebo,and other people,to do their work,and uh of course you know that all fell,apart because sjws never make things,about the work itself they just make,things about identity politics well,drama erupted from that and of course,here it is they came out the corporate,statement,where they were uh blaming,this guy what is kiss on here uh,and i don't i don't know him very well,but,you could see his profile here and uh,for the whole drama when you know,there's a lot going on i'm sure,i can't do my uh i can't do my,i can't do my soy voice today guys i'm,sorry but it is difficult,and painful to write this in light of a,situation taking place on social media,directly involving our team we've,decided saying something is the right,thing to do first we want to outline,what actually happened uh spoiler this,is not what actually happened in the,fall of 2021 we hired a creator and,that's what's a kiss to produce a show,for us they,he had a long-standing close personal,relationship with our head of brand,that's the bibo crazy person,and we trusted them to create a show to,represent our core values kindness and,community play they always use the word,kindness when they're trying to cancel,and destroy somebody you've ever noticed,that very uh very odd tick that these,people have,during pre-productions we became,concerned that a lack of deliberates,were they were providing the,questionable claims we're making about,their progress and tangible results the,creator put out tweets promoting the,show,we were paying for by attacking another,popular show that's critical role,referring to them as crackers,yes,and we're not talking the ritz variety,unbelievable we're not in the business,of uh controlling people's voices online,this is by the way this is who you hired,i mean you guys did this intentionally,and,then act shocked pikachu about this but,whatever uh we did find this method to,promote something we were sponsoring,concerning,this is the bizarre part right here none,of our team thinks the phrase cracker is,a slur,wait what,of course cracker is a slur that's the,whole point of that term are you guys,crazy uh well i shouldn't even ask that,question,we are noting this because one of the,primary accusations being levied against,us online we have no interest in,silencing anyone our concerns were only,tied to the fact that this was promoting,a show we were sponsoring hmm,okay,i like whatever,our henna brand had the call with,creator discuss these concerns he,responded to her with allegations of,white supremacy yes,questioned her authority to do her job,and pressured her to quit her job at,role or face reprisal within the,community that's bibo,and uh you know i mean these are always,people who are,um,i guess they have this like white savior,complex where they have to,save the minorities and so we're going,to do so by virtue signaling and that's,that's exactly the type of person that,this lady is so uh it it very,interesting that uh we're watching this,blow up right here,this is why we cancel our contract with,this creator we do not tolerate anyone,be berating our team members or making,false and hurtful claims about anyone we,work with,we are we under contract paid them in,full for their current invoices in a,non-trivial sum despite the lack of,deliverables,a few days later the creator began a,coordinated harassment campaign against,our team specifically they had a brand,this was based on completely false,allegations that we were a majority,white team propping up white supremacy,and silencing marginalized voices there,was no evidence attached to these claims,yeah unlike every other time you guys,claim this stuff which is all the time

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Rebirth | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 139

Rebirth | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 139

MATT: Hello, everyone,,and welcome to tonight's episode of Critical Role,,where a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors,sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons.,ALL: (discordant yelling) We play Dungeons & Dragons!,MATT: Before we jump into tonight's episode,,we do have some announcements to get through,,beginning with the first of our sponsors for tonight,our friends at Big Bads. Sam?,SAM: So a little mix up tonight.,I thought the sponsor was Toys"R"Us,,it turns out A, they're bankrupt,and B, that was a prank from somebody on the staff.,So I didn't prepare anything for tonight's sponsor,,nor do I know anything about it.,However, it's going to be fine.,We have these IFB things.,IFP, IFB?,MARISHA: IFBs. SAM: Thank you.,So Kyle is somewhere off screen.,He's going to feed me the info.,I'm going to just say it to you,like an anchorperson reading the news.,Okay, so hit it, Kyle.,Okay, yes.,So Kyle, yes, I can hear you.,This episode is sponsored by,Big Bads.,You can go a little bit faster, buddy, okay?,This episode is sponsored by Big Bads,,something booklet?,Booklet by our friends at Hit Point Press.,Okay, okay.,Split the difference, Kyle.,Yeah, somewhere in the middle, great.,Our monthly booklet by Hit Point Press,about boss monsters for 5th Edition.,Estás escuchando Radio Dance Electrónica,canción numero uno--,I think I was picking up a radio station there,,a little interference, no problem.,Anyway, Big Bads.,Their double feature month is almost over at,So subscribe now to get two big dads,delivered to your doorstep.,Bads, Sam, bads. Two big bads-- not dads, with a B--,delivered to your doorstep.,Not dads.,I wish.,Those boss monsters are ready to drop into your campaign,or to star in your next one shot.,Turning the page.,Oh crap, I've spilled coffee on my crotch.,Ow, ow, the pain, the blistering pain.,Tell them to cut.,Oh god, shuffling noises, crying sounds,,unzipping sounds.,Oh god, they didn't cut, we're still live.,Zipping sounds.,Prepare for Exaxia--,please pronounce it Ex-ax-ia--,the spider, which along with--,the what, Kyle?,Along with the reprint of the very first Big Bad,,Daniel the flesh golem, who just needs a hug,,I've got a copy here in my left hand.,Go check it out now and subscribe at,before May ends to get your hands,on this Big Bad double teacher.,Feature. Feature, Sam!,Jerry, can you get me some ointment, or ice?,Yes, Jerry, for my crotch, what else would it be for?,I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you, Jerry.,It just hurts a lot.,Oh god, Sam is still say what I'm saying.,Sam, the ad is over, please for the love of god, stop.,I'm begging you.,Oh, screw it.,Shuffling noises, a random but soft object,being picked up and thrown. Ow!,(laughter),SAM: Is that it, are we done?,KYLE: It's done, we're done!,(laughter),MATT: All righty, thank you, Sam.,Thank you, thank you, Kyle.,I'm sorry, Kyle.,Go get that looked at.,And thank you, our friends at Big Bads.,Also, a big thank you to our second sponsor,and friends since the beginning of campaign two, D&D Beyond.,ALL: ♪ D&D Beyond! ♪,MATT: Our official digital tool set of the show,,they are now offering subscriber perks,for all their hero and master tier subscribers,through the end of May.,This means five brand new character sheet backdrops,and four of their most popular portrait frames,from past book launches available to it.,See them all at,Marisha, you've got some stuff to talk about.,MARISHA: I do, oh boy.,Thank you so much for joining us live,on Twitch and YouTube.,To join our live and moderated community chat,,please head over to our Twitch channel.,Next week, we have two pieces of content sponsored,by our friends at Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios.,Join us this Monday, May 24th at 7:00pm Pacific, important,,on Twitch for a one-shot inspired by the upcoming release,of Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood,,with GM Matthew Mercer, Sam Riegel,,Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, and special guests,,Aabria Iyengar and Michelle Nguyen Bradley.,SAM: Oh wow.,MARISHA: New people, oh yeah.,The VOD will be available on YouTube Wednesday, May 26th.,And then Laura Bailey and Liam O'Brien,continue their Elder Scrolls Online playthrough,as Lex and Lax--,(laughter),for another episode,of Everything is Content.,Watch the stream,Friday, May 28th. I'm done.,SAM: Nice.,MATT: Well done, Marisha.,ASHLEY: Boom!,MATT: There you go.,That brings us now to Ashley.,ASHLEY: Hey!,I'm going to say more of what I've been saying.,Thank you so much for supporting,our Critical Role Foundation,and our fundraising campaigns,with our wonderful friends at 826LA.,MATT: Yeah!,ASHLEY: Since we're prerecording the show,,the best way to catch real-time fundraising updates,is to follow us @CriticalRoleFDN,,which is short for foundation, on Facebook and Twitter.,And to learn more about our campaign,to build a writer's room for students,at Venice High School in Los Angeles,,or to donate, head over to,And th

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Contentious Company | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 120

Contentious Company | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 120

MATT: Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight's episode of Critical Role,,where a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors,sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons.,ALL: (discordant yelling) We play Dungeons & Dragons!,MATT: You dick. Left hook.,Before we jump into tonight's game,,we do have some announcements to get through,,beginning with our first of two sponsors, Cortex. Sam.,SAM: From our fans-- nope.,From our friends at Fandom,,the people behind D&D Beyond, comes Cortex.,It's not a new game, but rather a box of tools,you can use to craft your own game,,from hundreds of modular parts to best suit the way,you and your friends like to play.,Right now till December 31st, Critters can use the code--,I skipped a whole paragraph.,Using a system--,(laughter),Using a system of dice and descriptive traits,,you have the freedom to build within your favorite genres,and worlds, from books, TVs, movies, and video games.,And from now until December 31st,,Critters can use the code, CORE20, at checkout,to get a 20% discount on the digital edition of the book.,Just go to,,which is apparently a thing, /crcore, and grab a copy.,Now, last time I used Cortex to develop my own horror game,,Tax Code Carnage: IRS Annihilation,,but Ivan and the folks at Darrington Press rejected my idea.,So this week I'm going to pitch a new one, it's called,Tea & Tea.,Hold on.,Steep yourself in an aromatic new RPG system.,The first ever interactive tea-brewing adventure game!,Play as three soothing character classes,,Oolong, Assam, and if you're feeling nasty,,Jasmine Matcha.,(laughter),Balance tannins, soak up caffeine,,and fight the evil forces of Lapsang Souchong.,Super interactive! All you need is dice, a cup, hot water,,and a thirst for excitement.,TRAVIS: Oh Jesus.,SAM: Tea & Tea is a truly immersive experience.,Here, I'll demonstrate one of the modules right now.,Oh no! The evil Earl Gray has flooded the realm,with his undead bergamot bestiary.,He's forcing us to eat scones without the créme fraíche.,That is, until Rooibos the Red attacks.,ASHLEY: Oh!,SAM: Now, you roll a d4 to see how many minutes to steep.,It's a four. And now we wait.,(laughter),(laughter),I guess, I guess while we're waiting,,what do you guys think?,LAURA: You know, it was really good.,LIAM: Strong, this is strong.,SAM: Okay!,Well, I guess we'll check back later, see how it turns out.,Until then, back to you, Matt.,MATT: Thank you.,No, I'm super--,SAM: Thanks to Cortex for sponsoring the show.,MATT: Thank you, Cortex.,I'm super excited to try out this game, and like,,run a one-shot for all of 2021.,(laughter) TRAVIS: "For all of 2021.",MATT: But yes, thank you so much, Cortex, for sponsoring,,our friends at Fandom.,Our second sponsor tonight is NordVPN.,This episode-- as you know,,they are the sponsors of the-- providers of the,highest quality of encryption,for your internet traffic and they hide your IP,and physical location on the internet.,Right now, they have a special Christmas deal going on,,with every purchase of a two-year plan,,you get four additional months for free.,That is four, that is the right numbers,,of fingers I'm holding up.,But you can go to right now,and use the coupon CriticalRole, one word, at checkout,to take advantage of this great offer immediately.,So I've been using them for over a year, they're fantastic,,I recommend you do as well. Check it out when you can.,NordVPN (deep exhale).,For the rest of the announcements, we have a few things,to go through. First, beginning with Marisha.,MARISHA: Oh my goodness, you guys.,I've got announcements on this paper.,The most important one:,This is our last episode of the year.,ALL: Aww!,MARISHA: We're going on Christmas break or holiday break,,or whatever you celebrate. We made it.,Yeah. And we'll be returning for episode 121,on Thursday, January 14th, is our next episode back.,LAURA: Oh wow. MARISHA: So.,SAM: Oh, we get time off. MARISHA: We will see you then.,SAM: To travel-- Nope.,MARISHA: Nope.,Nope. Just wait it out a little longer.,Also, if you're watching this episode live on Twitch,as it is airing,,you should totally stay tuned during the break.,We have a special viewing over our newest project,,which is Crit Recap Animated.,(cheering),Yeah, it's going to be airing during the break.,Yeah, really excited about this one.,Crit Recap Animated is a series of short videos,that's going to be breaking down our Mighty Nein arc in--,sorry, our campaign in little arcs,,those are the words.,And it is a narrated by our local resident Lore Keeper,,Dani Carr, who we all love.,(cheering),Yeah, the episodes feature animation by Offworld Studios,and the writing team--,Aww, they added the writing team,of myself, Dani, and producer, Kyle Shire.,(cheering),Yeah, written in-house, of course.,And yeah, our first episode is an introduction,to the characters of the Mighty Nein.,So if you miss it live during the break,,look for it on YouTube on Wednesday.,Yeah. But we're hoping that the

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Critical Role TLOVM Twitter Spaces Event

Critical Role TLOVM Twitter Spaces Event

hi everyone we're gonna get started here,in just a second letting everyone filter,in and we'll kick this thing off at 4,30.,you,hello,hi sam we're about to get started here,are you excited i am i'm so confused,yes,twitter sneezes is the most confusing,thing to use,okay we can go ahead and get started hi,everyone,i'm kayla i'm the social media campaign,lead at prime video for the legend of,vox machina and today is the day it's,absolutely amazing that we made it here,i'm gonna say that this is a full circle,moment for me because uh,before i was at prime video i used to be,a journalist and,a baby journalist kayla got to interview,marisha and matt and talison at a,convention talking about critical roles,so to be we're able to have worked on,this campaign has been a dream and i'm,so excited that we're here,uh so the legend of vox machina episodes,one through three are out in the world,for everyone to enjoy,so excited,if you're excited can you go ahead and,throw up some emojis,i want to see them in the chat it'd be,really amazing to see them come out,are you talking to us,everyone everyone throws up emojis,crying faces there we go there it is,amazing,so we're here uh to get excited for our,twitter watch party that's gonna kick,off here at 5 pm pt,but first i want to let a few friends uh,kick off the party by saying hello uh hi,critical role team how are you,hi thanks for watching,hello hello twitter,good day,this is such a like uh i i like twitter,spaces because it kind of takes that uh,uh onus off being on camera and having,to look a certain way and people looking,at you and making sure your background,isn't any like any nothing's crazy,happening on so it's happening in the,background so it's real nice,um so,just for those that are joining the,spaces uh i've i think i requested for,liam's and ashley to also be speakers as,well but i'd love for those that aren't,familiar with critical role to get a,chance to meet you,you introduce yourself and which,character you are or characters you are,on the legend of ox machina,and we can start with matt because matt,is the one that i have up first,perfect uh hi yeah my name is matthew,mercer i,am the dungeon master for the,game stream that this series is based on,and uh i voice silas briarwood one of,the antagonistic characters in the,series as well as a whole multitude of,weirdos across the world,uh i have laura up next,oh hi,i'm laura bailey,i play vexallia,a half elf twin to one liam o'brien,ranger,haggler extraordinaire,let's see i have travis up next,what up what up it's travis i'm grog,strong,we're jaw around all in the same uh,backyard we're walking away from each,other so we don't hear each other,talking but it's nice to join you today,so glad that everyone is here and then,next i have,liam hi there this is liam o'brien uh i,play vaxx in,the show and i'm also excited to be here,and i guess this is how this tech works,i did,it it it the first time you get on here,it's it's always like where do i go and,how do i work this thing,uh sam you're up next,hey uh hey it's me sam rego i play,scanlan shorthold on the show,he is a musical magician,and,i'm so excited that this is our big,launch day,it has begin,god damn it,it's so good,it's so good uh ashley you're up next,hey that's me is this working am i doing,this,it's working hello i,am i i'm currently,laying on a hammock,and i play pike quickfoot the group's,healer and uh,mama,mama pike this is so strange hello,everybody,oh goodness uh and next up we have,marisha,oh boy hello,uh i am marisha ray,and i play,keyleth the,awkward nature wielding,uh druid that is about as awkward as i,feel right now,uh so,what's up,it has begun,and,next up and uh,the,one of my favorite characters uh on the,show i'd love to get lit towson tell us,a little bit more,hi uh this is talis and jaffe i play uh,percival de rollo who's a,aristocratic uh,gunslinger with a with a somewhat,troubled past,hi travis,oh you just you did it real good though,you just did a legit interview or intro,well i i listen to all you mess up so,what do you mean i was perfect,oh goodness so we're going to get into,some questions really excited um so i'm,going gonna kick this off,we,know you've always had some guests stop,by in the past to participate in,campaigns but,the show guest cast is really stacked,how did you all decide who would come on,to play who who did you how did you,decide all of those things,oh well it was a,a group effort for sure um,we,uh you know being voice actors ourselves,we obviously could reach out to some of,the the best voice talent there is,around folks like gray griffin who's uh,voicing delilah,and um,uh uh carrie payton uh who plays,sovereign uriel,and uh max middlemen who plays uh,desmond in a couple of the episodes and,um but then in addition uh we reached,out to some really amazing film and,television talent like david tennant and,stephanie beatrice and indira varma,and tony hale just uh and they all,signed on to the show just based on the,the

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Duplicity | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 55

Duplicity | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 55

MATT: Hello, everyone, and welcome to tonight's episode,of Critical Role, where a bunch of us nerdy-ass,voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons.,TRAVIS: We play Dungeons & Dragons!,MATT: Before we jump into tonight's game,,we have a few announcements to get through.,First and foremost, we have two fantastic sponsors tonight.,Up first, our friends and sponsors of campaign two,thus far, D&D Beyond.,Sam.,SAM: D&D Beyond, I just ate some pie,,because it's Pi Day. Mmm, mmm. Tastes real good.,LIAM: Is this the bit already?,SAM: Nope.,Congratulations, the D&D Beyond team is growing.,They are currently on a quest, get it?,To find a senior product manager and two product designers,to work on making all their exciting plans into a reality.,They shared with us, also, this is actually cool.,The last developer that they hired was a critter,who heard about the job opening right here,on Critical Role.,We got someone a job.,LAURA: That's awesome!,SAM: I'm exciting that the team is growing,because it's more people for me to command,when I become president.,LIAM: In your dreams.,SAM: Visit the links in chat to apply for a job today.,That got me thinking, guys.,They're looking for employment and I was doing some digging,around the offices here and I found some other jobs,that are being offered for you guys.,If you're interested in any of these positions,,I'm just going to put them out there. okay.,Writer wanted.,Obnoxious talk show host seeks part time joke writer.,Beard trimming skills a plus. No education required.,Criminal record encouraged. Must be a good lookout.,Candidate must also be willing to withstand,constant overwhelming stink of cabbage.,No respirator provided. Ability to stay turnt a plus.,Send applications to,LIAM: I guess Rachael needs some help.,SAM: I found this listing as well.,Seeking a full time dice management specialist.,Online personality and style influencer,seeks help organizing her extensive collection of dice.,Must be able to sort over 93,000 dice by color,,cuteness, luck, whimsy, size, and unscientific superstition.,Must also catalog 4,000 stuffed bears.,In lieu of pay, candidate must accept weekly stipend,of 300 ugly dice.,Meals not provided. Okay--,TRAVIS: No such thing as ugly dice.,LAURA: Yes, there is.,SAM: Here's another one.,Seamstress wanted.,Overworked content creator requires talented seamstress,or seamster to remove sleeves from every garment she owns.,Sleeves to be disposed of by dunking in acid,,death by fire, shredding in a wood chipper.,Mail applications to sleeves are fucking bullshit,at fuck sleeves dot com.,Last but not least, image consultant required.,Guten tag.,I am an underdog candidate for political office,in search of an image consultant to help overcome,my impossible odds. Currently running a failing campaign,for president of D&D Beyond getting ass handed by,far more attractive, energetic, and likable candidate.,Attempted to run on a platform of rules,,math, and fascism, but my opponent's smile,can melt a million hearts, and he can charm the world,with his wit. Please help me restart my atrocious,campaign and salvage my dignity before I am decimated.,Send CV to German accent at Liam O'Brien dot TV.,LIAM: Guys, guys, fascism works.,SAM: Those are the job listings.,Thank you, D&D Beyond.,(applauding),MATT: Thank you, D&D Beyond. Thank you, Sam.,(laughs),Good luck to whoever those seeking individuals may be.,Our second sponsor tonight, returning friend of the show,,the Rook and the Raven.,LAURA: The Rook and the Raven.,MATT: Yes, indeed.,They are makers of high quality notebooks,,specifically designed for RPGs.,You've seen some of their work in the past.,This is their Mischief and Misadventure book.,These are binders that contain ways to very easily,and cleanly contain all of your character information,,campaign notes, all that good stuff.,They have plastic sheets for any draw and erase,things you want to keep tabs on.,They're awesome. You should check it out.,They will be at Emerald City Comic Con with us,to begin, but they will be at their booth, number 825,,as well as C2E2 later this year,,you can find them there, as well.,Find them if you're going to be there,this weekend or at C2E2.,They are good folks. Tell them you said hi from us.,MARISHA: As seen on Critical Role.,MATT: As seen on Critical Role,,as used emphatically by Beau.,How many pages of those have you filled?,MARISHA: Almost all of them. I need more.,If you guys could send more actually.,MATT: Here.,MARISHA: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!,I can take these out, thank you.,TRAVIS: You don't have to write font 48, you know.,You can--,MARISHA: Don't judge me.,TRAVIS: I'm sorry.,MARISHA: You start taking better--,yours looks like a Where's Waldo--,TRAVIS: I draw pictures!,LIAM: Can I read just this half page of notes?,MATT: Sure.,LIAM: "Patient. Listen.","Stay alive. Diary.",SAM: You have to remember,to stay alive by writing it down?,MATT: It'll come in handy.,LIAM: Written in pink

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Critical Role DAMAGE Control! Twitter is ANGRY About Their Success?!

Critical Role DAMAGE Control! Twitter is ANGRY About Their Success?!

hey guys welcome back to clownfish tv,this is neon i am here with geeky,sparkles hello we're going to talk about,tabletop again i think we got two days,in a row where we talked about tabletop,well this is it's the hottest thing ever,apparently the hottest thing ever yeah,we're going to talk about critical role,damage they're going to unionize are,they going to unionize i don't know no,i'm just kidding they got lots of money,i don't think they need to unionize,we're going to talk about them making,money and people being salty about them,making money again because it seems like,there's a lot of damage control going on,for those of you who have not been,paying attention,uh twitch was hacked and a list of its,top streamers was uh posted i think on,4chan and it turns out that critical,role is twitch's highest paid streaming,channel now,this isn't one person there are a lot of,people associated with critical role uh,they have a staff of 30 plus now i guess,they're basically a hollywood production,company,yeah i wasn't surprised by this i wasn't,i'm not surprised i guess either by the,reaction to this people are losing their, because i remember when they were,out there on crowdfunding like help us,get our show made,and here they probably had a deal the,whole time,yeah that was that was one thing i said,but you know what i can't really fault,them for that i don't either i'm like,hey you know it's a business yeah this,is capitalism guys this is capitalism,but the thing is is the crowd they cater,to,a lot of them don't like capitalism and,a lot of them now are complaining on,twitter that there's not enough,diversity with critical role and they're,complaining about the amount of money,that critical role doesn't need your,money there are a lot of there there's a,very white group by the looks of it um,and there's only three women to five men,and don't you know diversity just means,women now that's true if you if you go,ask like cartoon you know people that's,women,um,so that they clearly aren't diverse,enough because they're definitely,outnumbered yeah so we're gonna we're,gonna talk about this and this kind of,damage control because there's a lot,going on with critical role right now,they have a new dnd uh campaign book,coming out um they have their animated,series coming out on amazon this is the,one that was kickstarted but it's also,on amazon which owns twitch so yeah who,knows what's going on there um and that,being said though before we get into it,any further,uh you know we have 237 000 subs not as,many as critical role no i'm looking,there's not a lot of body diversity,there either,where that's canceled as it's a,cancelable offense where are all the fat,people we need more fat people,diversity there's not a lot of uh,shade diversity well that's the biggest,complaint but okay i think it's funny so,we've been talking more about tabletop,we've been talking about critical role,in regards to the culture that the,critical role has helped bring into the,tabletop scene for better or for worse,you know we could argue about that,that's a lot of other videos that being,said uh you know you're allowed to be,uh capitalist you're allowed to make,money yeah well we support that we,support you know making money people,were shocked if they were making that,much money um and also you know and i,said before we've actually met matt,mercer he's not a bad guy he's actually,pretty i've met him for like a few hours,yeah i don't know if he went i don't,know if he went home and kicked puppies,or not but i mean he doesn't strike me,as a type very nice yeah so i mean we're,not you know,slamming on them but,the audience that they've cultivated,again a lot of them probably,anti-capitalist,uh so it came as a shock to them that,they were getting paid the amount of,money they were getting paid,9 million nine million dollars in what,three years on twitch but here's the,thing that's over three years and you,have how many people involved people,don't understand this there's a lot more,to it but what i think is interesting,was this was announced like days ago,like yes like ten days ago a little days,ago and then normally talked about too,much for the last few days but then it,got announced that they're getting a new,uh d d,book that's based on them um they're,getting a movie yeah well that movie too,but look here if you look a lot of the a,lot of the discussion came back,about five days ago when it got,announced there's a crossover d d book,with them yeah and then now there's a,movie that's been announced today but,you can see the last like three to four,days they've been ramping up the you,know trying to twist the narrative,because they were clearly heading for,something and it's probably the movie,yeah so this came at a really bad time,the leak came at a really bad time for,them because they're like oh,because now there's was it on purpose by,somebody i don't know um my,understanding was that the people that,leaked,the twitch info they were like

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Steam and Conversation | Critical Role: THE MIGHTY NEIN | Episode 9

Steam and Conversation | Critical Role: THE MIGHTY NEIN | Episode 9

MATT: Hallo allemaal, en welkom bij deze aflevering van Critical Role, waar een groepje,nerdy stemacteurs bij elkaar zit en Dungeons & Dragons speelt.,LAURA: Oh god!,TRAVIS: We zijn allemaal een stel klootzakken!,LAURA: Dat zou wel eens de ergste kunnen zijn!,TALIESIN: Oh man.,MATT: Dus welkom, Travis en jullie allemaal. Voordat we beginnen aan de sessie van vanavond, laten,we eerst snel door een aantal mededelingen gaan, dus houd even vol. Allereerst vanavond,,onze fantastische terugkerende sponsor voor de start van deze campagne en de nabije toekomst,,totdat ze besluiten om te verdwijnen in een wolkje rook: Het is D&D Beyond!,(gejuich),MATT: Blij om jullie hier te hebben! Sam, heb jij iets te zeggen?,SAM: D&D Beyond heeft een mobiele app, jongens, nu uit in beta! Je kunt hem downloaden in de App,Store en de Google Play Store-- De Apple App Store en de Google Play Store. En omdat,de meeste-- nouja niet de meeste, maar een groot deel van ons publiek in het Verenigd Koninkrijk,woont, heb ik de D&D Beyond pitch van vanavond speciaal gemaakt voor het Britse publiek.,TALIESIN: Het spijt me.,SAM: Oi, maten! Kijk en wees onder de indruk van deze gloednieuwe D&D Beyond mobiele app voor je,telefoon!,LIAM: Sorry, Kit.,SAM: Ik ken mijn zaken en ik lul niet. Het is de allerbeste app,,en je kunt de jouwe krijgen in de Apple App Store en verrekt, ook in de Google Play Store!,Ben je arm? Lariekoek! Het is gratis, en dat is het beste ooit! Je hoeft niet steenrijk te zijn om,hem te krijgen. Er zit geen addertje onder het gras. Je krijgt een e-reader bij de beta, en,karakterbladen worden toegevoegd in de toekomst, tickety-boo!,LAURA: Wauw!,SAM: Dat is een echte uitdrukking die ik heb opgezocht.,MATT: Natuurlijk.,SAM: Dus ga niet stom je tijd verspillen. Je zal teleurgesteld worden als je dat doet! Oh, lieve,Fanny Adams; je bent gewaarschuwd. Zoek de D&D Beyond app in je app store en je zal er helemaal blij,mee zijn! En nu ben ik helemaal kapot en ga op naar Bedfordshire! Vaarwel!,TRAVIS: Ja!,MATT: Oh wauw!,TRAVIS: Dat leek net Masterpiece Theatre allemaal in één keer.,LIAM: Ik weiger hiervoor te klappen. Ik weiger.,LAURA: Ik denk dat dat tempo best lastig was, dus ik ben onder de indruk!,MATT: Dank je, Sam, en sorry. Ook een snelle mededeling voor jullie, ze zijn begonnen met artikelen,posten op, echt geweldig. We hebben eerder video's gemaakt, maar nu ook,artikelen, editorials, die onze eigen James Jaeck, waarvan jullie misschien weten dat hij,geholpen heeft met de Tal'Dorei campagnegids, een fantastische schrijver en vriend van de show,,hij doet daar nu dingen. Hij is officieel deel van D&D Beyond en hij doet de samenvattingen van,campagne 2 van Critical Role. Deze samenvattingen van de afleveringen worden elke vrijdag,gepost! Bekijk ze vooral! Echt geweldig en gefeliciteerd aan jou, James, en als je ze nog niet hebt,bekeken, doe dat alsjeblieft, want hij is geweldig. Dat is! DND, niet D&D. Als,volgende, een herinnering aan iedereen die Amazon Prime met Twitch Prime heeft. Je kan je elke,maand gratis abonneren op een Twitch-kanaal. Je krijgt er eentje helemaal gratis. Je hoeft alleen,je Amazon Prime en Twitch-account te verbinden door simpelweg op een knop te drukken en daar ga je.,Het is geweldig. Talks Machina, gehost door Brian W. Foster, waarvan ik elke week de naam verpest,omdat ik blijkbaar erg-- Hoe dan ook, hij host onze fantastische Talks Machina samenvattingsshow,over de aflevering van vandaag volgende dinsdag om 19:00 UTC-8 hier op Twitch en Alpha, dus kijk,vooral en kijk welke leden van de cast langskomen om de vuile was buiten hangen en kletsen en wat,dan ook. Je snapt het. De zomertijd begint in de VS op zondag.,TALIESIN: Dat is niet waar, toch?,SAM: Dat wist ik niet!,TALIESIN: Waarom zouden ze dat doen?,MATT: Nou, het staat op de lijst. Ik weet het ook niet meer.,TRAVIS: We gaan vooruit.,LAURA: Dus we verliezen een uur.,MARISHA: Dus we verliezen een uur slaap.,MATT: Dus kijk op voor een update om te zien wanneer Talks Machina en,Critical Role worden uitgezonden in jouw tijdzone als je geen geluksvogel bent en in de middeleeuwen,leeft zoals Amerika wanneer het aankomt op tijd bijhouden.,LIAM: En als je deze aflevering kijkt in juli 2019, graag gedaan.,MATT: De podcast van de Critical Role aflevering van volgende week is nu beschikbaar voor al je,downloadbare podcastdoeleinden. En er is geen weggeefactie van Wyrmwood vanavond, maar,gefeliciteerd aan onze vrienden van Wyrmwood met het succes van hun Adventurer's Arsenal Kickstarter,en iedereen van jullie die het gesteund heeft. Het ziet er fantastisch uit en alle critters,die het gesteund hebben, ontzettend bedankt en hopelijk kunnen we volgende week weer iets weggeven.,We hebben nog een paar coole mededelingen. Als eerste, uitgave vijf van Vox Machina: Origins is nu,uit als je hem nog niet gezien hebt.,MARISHA: Oh man!,TRAVIS: In elkaar gemepte Vax voorop! Fucking fantastisch!,MATT: Het is best wel goed!,SAM:

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