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Jim Cramer goes over his 5 rules for earnings seasonmy mission is simple to make you money,I'm here

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Jim Cramer goes over his 5 rules for earnings season

my mission is simple to make you money,I'm here to level the playing field for,all investors there's always a bull,market summer and I promise to help you,find it Mad Money Starts Now,hey I'm Kramer welcome to Mad Money,welcome to Craig America I'll build my,friends I'm just trying to make your,little money my job not just entertain,but educate teach putting contacts call,me 1-800-743 CBC tweet Mitchum Kramer,now that we're on the cusp of earnings,season we need to prepare ourselves this,is a time of tremendous opportunity,but it's also a time of constant,mistakes that can cost you fortunes if,you don't know what to watch out for so,rather than obsessing over today's,action was positive down gaining 186,points has to be advancing point seven,no percent NASDAQ climbing 1.01 percent,a session that again showed a nice,contrast to last year's bear Market,I want to get you ready for earnings but,you could change everything that's,happened since the year began above one,let's just put it out there this is the,most chaotic time of year companies,don't coordinate when they decided to,report so the whole process is nuts take,Friday morning we got a bunch about,Wells Fargo JP Morgan City Group Bank of,America it's like all these companies,are trying to I don't know how about,give me a heart attack there's simply no,time to make considered judgments In,This Moment instead we get foolish,comparisons based on a few metrics and,nothing more but the truth is far more,complicated sure we want to know if,these banks are seeing delinquency Spike,we want to know if there's long growth,we want to know how much they're making,left your deposits and that's just the,tip of the iceberg some bags are moving,aggressively in the digital Bank of,America's Got the best major digital art,Bank operates in the world others are,trying to become asset gatherers to take,on less risks like Morgan Stanley,fortunately they report next week JP,Morgan wants to overall offer all things,to all people Investment Banking the,trading the wealth management to,Consumer banking so others like Wells,Fargo trying to deal with the sins of,the past how much leeway The Regulators,have what can they do in the present,it's very confusing there's just no way,you can compare these banks with any,specificity,it's kind of like comparing zebras with,gazelles or giraffes with hippos it,makes no sense yet we do it because they,report at the same time and are,therefore pitted against each other,so first rule of Burning Season do not,succumb to instant analysis no need for,it investing's honestly not that time,sensitive as long as you don't put a gun,to your head second rule of earnings the,first move,it's often the wrong move when I got in,this business companies would release,the earnings she dutifully match it to,the consensus of what the analysts were,looking for you do it all by hand,putting more weight on the animals with,better track records then you could,judge whether it was really better or,worse than expected oh that's out the,window these days we have so many,services providing consensus assessments,for sales and earnings if the companies,report any line item that's weaker than,those aggregate estimates than their,stocks well they just go down forecast,cuts are disastrous because we are still,in a quasi-bear market despite the,action the first few days of the year,forecast boost may not be enough to move,stops higher there's a rush among the,services to be first and there is a rush,among traders to be first too this haste,is totally unnecessary if you're,inclined to make instant judgments based,on what our often computer generated,headlines not even but computer you,should just go to the racetrack or you,don't want to play DraftKings it'll be,more fun probably more lucrative these,knee-jerk reactions to the headline,numbers don't even take into account but,said on the conference call especially,when the CFO gives you the forecast the,middle of the call the most important,moment of the entire exercise but the,conference call is we're all the,important information is if you buy or,sell before it happens you're begging to,lose money more on that later third,world please don't take your cue from,the tape during earnings season I make,most of my decisions without even,looking at the stock I only check it for,validation afterwards I have a set view,of say how Wells Fargo is going to do on,Friday and then I compared to the,reality of what the stock says is going,to do this is a complicated situation so,anyone who takes action immediately,you're guessing but investing is not,just,if you've done a review of what you want,to hear from a given company you should,forget about taking action during early,season I believe in buying and holding,with homework or buy and homework if you,haven't done the homework don't buy the,stock definitely don't buy it because,you heard someone say something good,about on TV including me you need to,know how you feel about a company,yourse

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Investors selling Twitter stock are missing the fact Musk deal will close, says Jim Cramer

Investors selling Twitter stock are missing the fact Musk deal will close, says Jim Cramer

yeah I mean that's really you know a,sideshow in terms of what's going to,happen because uh next Friday uh musk is,buying it for 54.20 now this National,Security review which by the way the,White House has since said uh that it is,unaware of it we do not know of any such,discussions and that helped a bit in,terms of the decline in the stock but,you're still seeing it there that is,more or less solely because of this,story from Bloomberg uh well-regarded,reporters behind it and so the question,becomes well who told them this and why,did they think it was worth writing,um we don't know we don't know I will,tell you at least in speaking to people,close to Twitter they are unaware of any,inquiry so far from the U.S government,at all about National Security concerns,here,um that said where would or how would,they take place well perhaps cepheus,remember the committee for foreign,investment in the U.S which reviews,deals for their National Security,profile if they feel like there's,something that is concerning to them if,you were to see a formal letter from,cepheus to musk and Twitter they would,hold up the deal until that inquiry took,place that has not happened but that is,the concern right now uh that in fact,the next week given what we saw in this,Bloomberg story that somehow they would,decide that that is something they,wanted to take a look at,his his tweets about Putin or the fact,that he's providing starlink for free to,the Ukrainian uh to to Ukraine and has,said hey I'm providing it for free,and I'll get to you know it's very much,unclear exactly what uh has risen to a,level that would really concern the,government in a at least a real way,um section four of the equity commitment,letter by the way states that musk,cannot bring in investors that would,result in consent or additional uh,additional approval under any Anti-Trust,or foreign investment laws so if they,were to say hey we have some issues with,your investors you just have to get rid,of them under the merger agreement and,replace them either with Zone Equity or,somebody else talked yesterday about a,lot of the equity that at least is being,attempted to be raised even more on that,this guy Gavin Baker the hedge fund up,in Boston had a big presentation,yesterday,pointing out by the way that about seven,percent of the users are responsible for,eighty percent of the cash flow that may,go to why some of these uh stories about,significant layoffs may be true in some,in some fashion although I have not,heard that 75 number but I mean you guys,know this anything at this point will,scare people off because it's Twitter,it's musk uh this would be Jim,outside the realm of what we would deem,many would deem acceptable almost has,rings of what we would have seen under,the previous administration doing,something that would be uh to the,benefit of the president perhaps,um by taking advantage of uh and and and,and and trying to penalize their,political opponents,geez I've got to I have the exact same,story in my report and I know we speak,to different people,but that's exactly the story I got and,people were selling stock,it's motivated by other people and,they're going to miss the fact that the,deal will close,and uh I mean I don't know about the,layoffs because the layoffs haven't been,targeted but I have exactly the same,story you did which is that this is,while it certainly I'm not going to see,a story as a mistake I am saying that,that this is not going to help it seems,unlikely but it doesn't take much to,concern people who are betting on a,close next Friday of course as we,discussed yesterday and as these I you,know quoted some of these emails that,have gone out in terms of looking for,further Equity uh checks this deal is,expected everything I've heard indicates,that it is expected to close next Friday,but this was unexpected that you would,even see a story like this how to,actually gauge its impact Carl is very,much unclear right now and musk himself,is responding to tweets about the report,the notion that somehow he wants the,government to save him from a deal that,some argue he doesn't really want is not,lost on him at least that thesis no he,loves irony but the idea that he,actually is such a playing chess at such,a high level that he actually did this,purposefully to try to bring about a,National Security review that could,result in the deal not happening live,DHS that's hard to imagine uh and again,people close to Twitter indicate to me,there is nothing they've seen from the,government in terms of any inquiry thus,far but,um,listen uh you know it's Twitter it's,just like it's Chinatown Jake I mean I,don't know meanwhile uh Webb Bush today,says he's probably got to sell another,five to ten of Tesla uh in order to pay,for this deal which they think fair,value on Twitter is more like 30. that,yeah 30 or below given the snap numbers,today you could imagine if Twitter was,not in possession of a 5420 deal that,it's going to close next Friday it would,be

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Jim Cramer Says To Quickly Sell Bitcoin and Your Friends

Jim Cramer Says To Quickly Sell Bitcoin and Your Friends

back to cryptos are awesome George we're,all George so Jim Cramer Mad Money host,tweeted today telling everyone to,quickly sell not only their Bitcoin but,their friends as well which,doesn't make what doesn't make a whole,lot of sense but let's talk about that,let's talk about Bitcoin also which has,gone up a little bit more since this,morning what cut what else can we expect,for remainder this week and let's talk,about other things within crypto as well,so let's get started welcome welcome,welcome guys good evening good morning,um depending on where you are,tomorrow's Market looks like it could be,in the green again today we ended up in,a green it was a little choppy up and,down up and down people were afraid of,what this guy,was going to say he ended up saying not,a whole lot not a whole lot so tomorrow,maybe in the green once again but,Bitcoin trended up a little bit more,17-4 an entire crypto market cap,trending up a little bit more above uh,one percent about one percent higher,right closing in at 860 billion so so,far so good,but what else can we expect for the,remainder of this week well Paul did,talk about you know still stabilizing,prices and uh you know what there's,going to be something big this Thursday,I've been telling you guys right the CPI,number I think that's go fact his,decision the other Governors decisions,uh based on how much the ray hike should,go up by the next of um fomc meeting,which is February now dependent on this,reading if this reading comes in very,very low meaning inflation is rocketing,downwards right maybe this next red hike,will only be like a 25 basis point hike,maybe not a 50 basis point because the,last one we have 50 base points and that,was down from 75 maybe we just go down,to 25. maybe,maybe we don't have to see more right,hikes in the future we'll see we'll see,we're getting a little ahead of,ourselves but this this Thursday will be,absolutely huge so we got a couple of,days until then but right now there's,still a lot of Doom and Gloom out there,the World Bank warns that there will be,a global global,recession this year Global recession not,just the US is a global recession right,so there's definitely a lot of fear out,there a lot of layoffs Banks like,Goldman Sachs the Swiss Central Bank,reported a horrible horrible numbers and,so many layoffs right now and,unfortunately this is this is the,consequence of increasing rates and,slowing down the economy and this is,precisely what Paul wants to see even,Wells Fargo is stepping back from the,housing market once upon a time they,wanted to just reach out to everyone now,they're slowing it down right the banks,are getting a little worried about,mortgages and homes,um so there's still a lot of worry right,now right but,it's,it's still early it's only the second,week of January right so there's a lot,more to come,and it doesn't have to be all doom and,gloom like what some people are,predicting,at least not for Bitcoin and crypto,which I'll get to in a little bit,because there's a lot of good happening,in the space uh however Jim Cramer our,favorite Mad Money host,because there is only one,tweeted this out this morning people,want to believe the best yes I agree I,believe you can move out of tech slowly,and Bitcoin and Friends quickly,so again I mean why do you need to throw,Bitcoin in there what I I don't get,first of all you could have just left it,at that right but he had to throw,Bitcoin in there and not only that what,doesn't make sense is friends what is,that what does Friends have to do with,tech or Bitcoin,I don't quite know but we know that Jim,he he flip-flops a lot just like in 2021,he was calling to be paid in Bitcoin,and before that in 2017 called Bitcoin,going to a million dollars now very,bearish on bitcoin very bearish on,crypto overall,right so many of course what they're,doing is they're doing the opposite,they're doing the inverse Kramer and,this is again for many the time to be,buying when Jim turns fearful and,capitulates on something that's usually,a time when you want to buy in so I just,wanna,share that with you guys uh what else is,going on well,we know that Cameron and,Gemini they're they're attacking dcg,okay attacking specifically bearish,silbert not dcg so they wrote a letter I,covered this this morning uh open letter,to the board basically demanding,for some kind of I don't know some kind,of action and basically to fire Barry,Silber basically that's what it's coming,down to they made a lot of accusations,they speculate a lot of stuff whether or,not it's fully true half true we don't,know but of course it's part of kind of,like you know I would say half tried to,get a resolution half to kind of divert,blame right Barry himself did tweet out,this incredibly long,Thread about various things about,basically being proud of the role he had,at dcg proud of what he has accomplished,in 2020 this almost sounds like,a memoir like basically it sounds like,what you would put out after you,you put in your re

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Elon Fires Top Execs From Twitter | Jim Cramer Cries about Meta

Elon Fires Top Execs From Twitter | Jim Cramer Cries about Meta

welcome back to cryptos are us I am,George we're all George,man we had a lot of news today we got to,cover them all starting with Elon firing,everyone left and right from Twitter,starting with the very top so let's talk,about that also let's talk about tech,earnings absolutely horrible so horrible,in fact Jim Cramer did something I've,never ever seen him do before apologize,sincerely and actually cry about it on,national TV also we have a huge huge,inflation data report coming out,tomorrow,and much more,this is only the tip of the iceberg so,let's get started man there's a lot to,talk about tonight guys,if I have my screen,working yes there we go,all right so first things first let's,start with Elon,we know that tomorrow was the deadline,for him to come out the financing and,take over and I'm guessing that has,happened already because people have,noticed the CEO and CFO no longer no,longer at their desk escorted out did,they get fired or did they leave we,don't know even if they didn't leave,they would get fired because Elon,already told him so you all need to get,the F out not only that,the top dog uh the top legal dog also,left,the guy who decided to ban Donald Trump,whether you like Donald Trump or not,right Elon says this will be a platform,for free speech,no censorship well he he didn't say no,censorship he did say that mostly Free,Speech but there will be a little bit a,little bit of censorship recently,um but overall Elon wants to clean house,right now and tomorrow or today he's,ready,the CEO,sell those pink slips right he said up,to 75 so there's probably more that's,coming but he started on the very top,and I don't know who he's gonna be,hiring to replace all these people I,know that there was a leaked message,before about him asking Jack to possibly,come back and Jackson ah nah not go do,that but who who knows maybe maybe he,will come back or maybe other people,maybe Michael Saylor would take up a,position,who knows okay but that just want to,lead off with that obviously people that,that are Dogecoin holders,are all going crazy right now because,they know Elon has big plans for Doge,within Twitter could be the main,currency the digital currency there's,rumors about a crypto wallet already,being created possibly supporting Doge,and hopefully other crypto too like,Bitcoin and ethereum and others right,and who knows what else is coming but,but Elon could actually make it happen,in terms of giving Doge actual utility,think about that one man that somehow,can pay 44 billion 54 billion dollars,for,a company and single-handedly could give,utility to Doge think about that so good,things good things overall,all right now as for the other Tech,Giants,uh not not doing so well I told you guys,this morning I thought Amazon was gonna,have a horrible earnings report they did,they they struck out they lost a whole,bunch of money uh take a look their,revenue came in lighter AWS which,arguably is the the most important,aspect to Amazon their web services,their cloud services came in below right,so these are all bad things and they're,for Amazon dipped majorly during the day,and after hours so if you combine the,two what that's 16 17 now Apple did much,better which I also said I thought they,would have you know bad forecast but,they didn't have bad forecasts either so,their stock is holding pretty well but,we know prior to that meta reported,absolutely horrible earnings and they,tanked 25 today take a look new 52-week,low their market cap is now only at 262,billion which is probably still,163 billion too high but still that's my,opinion and one man I've never ever ever,seen him like this before ever in,history Kramer has been wrong many times,okay we all have okay I'm not just,saying Kramer is the only one that makes,mistake I make plenty of mistakes too,but I've never seen Kramer this upset,about a company because if you search,Jim Cramer meta or Facebook you'll see,over the last 10 months he's been,telling people don't give up on meta,don't give up I'm meta don't give up on,meta and he keeps saying,don't give up on meta and keep going,right and now they had this absolutely,horrible quarter and he feel he's,feeling it so let's just play this with,this real quick okay I mean I'm not,trying to kick the guy while he's down,but I'm trying to show you guys how hurt,he was actually by this and it to me it,seems sincere so you you guys decide,cash flow last year 9.5 billion now less,than 1 billion,okay let me say this about this,I made a mistake here,I was wrong,I trusted this management team,that was ill-advised,Universe extraordinary,and I apologize,okay,um,what did you get wrong,I had a a belief that,there was a recognition that there is a,matter that you can't spend,conscious that for instance with Jim,Farley,who took a project that was his argue,and closed it because it was not ready,it was not near enough,this situation,is almost a rogue situated,I had thought there would be an,understanding,that you just can't spen

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Jim Cramer weighs in on Elon Musk's Twitter poll

Jim Cramer weighs in on Elon Musk's Twitter poll

um how'd you vote,how did I vote on it I felt like I,shouldn't oh because you want to be,neutral yes I thought it was like I need,a sticker I voted I didn't get a sticker,um we're starting with that uh Elon Musk,by the way he did ask issue users excuse,me if he should step down,um and saying he would abide by the,results,17.5 million votes cast that's pretty,good I know and I I voted like 70 and,said yeah when Contessa was on I voted,at uh,Tesla of course as you know we've talked,about endlessly the stock has taken a,significant downdraft since you can see,it 31 percent that's just since the,close of the Twitter Transaction what do,you think it means if he does step down,does that mean people keep saying that,means bankruptcy I keep thinking no it,just means he's going to find it yes,another CEO yeah listen that was always,part of the plan you know we were,looking back it was in may remember when,I reported that he was telling the,investor group that he had lined up the,7.14 billion uh in equity investors that,included uh or you know Larry Allison,and Mark Andreessen he was telling them,at the time I'm going to take over yeah,that was back in May that was my story,right I'm going to be temporary CEO and,then I'm going to find somebody to run,the company right so I'm going to do it,for a few months and oftentimes these,polls Jim do seem to be something that,he already expects to do,um and so it's not a surprise that said,it's not clear who his successor would,be no but I have a lot of sources in,Twitter and yes the disarray is palpable,but in some ways,that's my sway I mean he really kind of,didn't want anyone from the old group I,think that this was so positive I don't,my travel trust doesn't know Tesla but,it's such a positive for Tesla to read,that because I think the biggest problem,here was that there was definitely a,sense that he's taken his eye off the,ball and now I mean he could appoint Joe,schmoe and Tesla goes hard yes now again,it's unclear whether he will listen to,the poll though he said that's intense,it was fine one would anticipate again,if this was part of the plan that we,that he was telling investors about last,May that he does have someone in mind to,potentially take over that said he's the,owner I mean he's still going to be able,to dictate whatever it is he wants to,happen it would be through another,person but to your point just simply,saying I'm no longer CEO would certainly,be beneficial for shares that have been,cut by a third just since he closed,right but I really want to make this,point that test this is not the Tesla's,doing incredibly well I mean I think,people don't understand there's a China,problem but I think the China certainly,reasonable given the fact that there's,covet yeah uh Twitter doing poorly uh,because of some ad degradation given the,fact that well there's overall weakness,in the ad Market we know about it across,the board and obviously he's they've,added to that with what you know some of,the problems there in terms of,advertising to advertisers specifically,pulling back on Twitter right now saying,we'll wait right but they're you could,have some consolidation in that industry,I don't know it would be good I also,don't think by the way that he ever,really put into place what he has in,mind for Twitter if he hasn't something,in mind uh a new CEO I think would be,regarded as being positive for both,because I think people think he's doing,barely at both yep and I I think that,the idea is doing badly at Tesla it's,just wrong Tesla's doing quite well yeah,I think that the fact he's doing badly,at Twitter world who wouldn't well I,mean again I'm looking at an Oppenheimer,piece from this morning they downgraded,Tesla due to Twitter related risks right,I mean that's the number one reason musk,is increasingly isolated as the steward,of Twitter's finances with his user,Management on the platform we see,potential for a negative feedback loop,from for uh departures of Twitter,advertisers and users due to,inconsistent standards resulting in,increased finance and needs that may,lead to incremental Tesla sales by him,um just as the competitive environment,that that vote made me feel like okay,Tesla sales are done,so buy some Tesla right uh and that,there are I think there's plenty of,people who want to do Twitter I don't,know if you read the excellent article,by Jim Stewart this weekend,about CNN yes yeah I did and Chris Licht,yeah well I know Christopher yeah sure I,mean what did what a terrible job to,take yeah and yet he took it yeah uh and,he took it even though there's clearly,some problems with CNN you do a lot of,firings or I had to go along with them,but you know I thought the Quizlet,article applied a lot of ways to what,could happen with Twitter why there's,always someone who wants to be the CEOs,always,and even if it's a troubled situation,right right and I think that I don't,think I don't think James Gorman wants,to be the CEO though nope John Ledger,does but I'm

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I do not see how Elon Musk gets out of Twitter deal, says Jim Cramer

I do not see how Elon Musk gets out of Twitter deal, says Jim Cramer

now how about twitter you want to get to,it don't you yeah okay so,elon musk had a lot of time at the,company he spent three days there,apparently looking at things,uh,they there is a clause called specific,performance where they can force him to,take it,and i don't know how he gets out of him,i don't know how he does not buy it i,mean how they can't force him now at 54,20. yeah uh well i guess maybe they can,renegotiate something but that's the,contract's 54 20.,and he agreed to that and unless there's,some sort of out now fraud which no one,has found my understanding no fraud,found,he owns it,he owns it and uh,he's got to point to some fraud,some material adverse change even uh in,the period since he signed of what,service nanny that i'm sure,and i think he's stuck i think he's hung,i don't know he's he's some of the,tweets are at odd hours,you've noticed yes you know usually,between midnight and two,stressful period for the man yep but i i,do think that when i look at the claws,and i look at the contract i think they,can hold them to it now,you know he's doesn't really care that,he he's not a traditionalist when it,comes to the legal system,but the legal system says that unless,there's fraud,he owns it which is why a lot of the,chatter this week has been if you're the,board,just keep your head down absolutely and,just act as if the deal's gonna and,that's part of what the statement was,yesterday we intend to close the,transaction absolutely and enforce the,merger agreement now look he did spend a,lot of time on this issue and remember,they said yeah five percent a little bit,more than five percent fraud uh could be,bogus,um that's,unless he realized here maybe he's got,evidence that it's 20 i i don't think so,i mean this stuff was vetted by ned,siegel it's a cfo i don't know anyone,who thinks that ned is anything other,than incorruptable,and i just don't hear anything from musk,which says that the numbers that seagull,gave him,and the company gave him were fraudulent,right well especially since his original,motivation apparently for the deal was,to attack the bots right it wasn't an,unfamiliar issue to him exactly now look,if i wouldn't if i were them just,in the instance,in the interest of comedy,c-o-m-i-t-y kind because right now we,got a lot of the c-o-n e-d-y kind uh,maybe they come back say look you know,we're willing to renegotiate but we want,some sort of good faith because,otherwise the company,here's the keys and i don't know if,there's anybody gonna be there now,sounds like you think it's worth,nibbling at then from from a,participation standpoint well i just,don't think it's they have a lot of,things in the pipe that were very good,uh that that are will not be aborted if,this if uh if the people stay,i've worked with them on some things,they're you know they have a lot of they,have a lot of irons in the fire it's,obvious that yes it could be a better,run company but you know who would tell,you that first they would,they have very little ego and they were,trying and are always trying to do,things and a lot of people feel this is,very undervalued asset uh so yeah,i yeah i,i think you could get hit for a couple,here but i i do,yeah i think that twitter down here is,okay,i mean look i just don't want everyone,from twitter to leave,i mean you know if you're on twitter i,think you're saying what what am i doing,here let me get my resume together,shepard smith here thanks for watching,cnbc on youtube

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Jim Cramer on Twitter's goal of 315 million monetizable daily active users by 2021

Jim Cramer on Twitter's goal of 315 million monetizable daily active users by 2021

speaking of investor conferences jim,yeah i know you got a heck of a show,tonight including uh ned siegel from,twitter,now with uh comments that they're,looking to double their revenue,and reach 315 million daily users by the,end of 2023,i think that stock's going to move here,in the pre-market 10 easily,ned is doing that last conference call,was terrific and i didn't know if it,could be topped,but ned is on tonight and i really feel,like that what's happened,is twitter's going to next level maybe,whether it be a clubhouse level whether,it be the fact that twitter's going the,way of what happened with pinterest is,kind or gentler,uh there are uh people who would never,think these days of advertising,on tv if they can advertise on twitter,meanwhile 40 40 out of 44 campaigns,that were in the super bowl we're also,on twitter david twitter has changed,dramatically from being an angry place,because there was,what is what does our president call him,that guy the,other previous guy the previous guy yeah,and a lot of people felt when the,previous guy wasn't allowed to tweet it,would be the end,well it looks like that that twitter has,become more hospitable,and people are using it the advertisers,david,it's happening so fast conagra 80 of,their ads,online they don't like other places they,can't reach the people,they can't reach the cord cutters david,right,uh well all right but then explain,facebook to me,why i mean how this is not good yes,because facebook stopped,i mean does that present an opportunity,facebook had 33 percent top-line growth,you've talked about their ability,i mean whatever headwinds are coming at,them they still seem to appeal to,advertisers in a very meaningful way,they do instagram advertising at this,point what you were saying,uh are are accustomed now to advert to,advertising in this way,uh whether it be twitter or the big boy,here facebook or alphabet well gary,vaynerchuk and this thing trades at a,lower multiple than viacom well david i,mean,okay you want to know what's wrong here,who,picks a fight with australia our,greatest friend,there's only one guy in the world that,could pick a fight with australia,i mean they weren't even with us with,vietnam no,zuckerberg attacks australia that's the,end david that was it,maybe canada that was his gallipoli hey,that was churchill that's lucid you,killed lucid,i did not kill lucid you killed lucy,cciv,the deal came out people learned that,they're 1.6 1.6 billion shares out and,they're trying to establish a value for,lucid a company that's not really going,to have meaningful profits for,quite a few years well how about what,happened with cece how about fischer,with that dramatic news,the foxconn yes we should hear from,fisker any minute,oh on mad monday tonight yeah yeah,that's a lot of minutes between now and,mad money,well look at him this guy is whenever he,got when he got serviced down when he,got bill mcdermott,that was it on the board real company,reddit user rally reheats are we going,to put game stop in the right corner,like the you know yeah i think we have,to again i think we have maybe we'll put,the ice cream,with the frog on one side and then the,stock price carl on the other side,uh by the way some of the other ones are,moving again too is i think let's check,costs,yeah yeah that's very oh yeah it's,doubling yeah,okay amc adam aaron last time took,advantage of it,because remember the movie theater so,far are not doing that well right but if,you look at,carl royal caribbean is the hottest,stock in this market why,because the rates are going up next year,can you imagine,people are paying more for cruises,shepherd smith here thanks for watching,cnbc,on youtube

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Jim Cramer on Elon Musk's Twitter defense: Are you kidding? Is that the best you have?

Jim Cramer on Elon Musk's Twitter defense: Are you kidding? Is that the best you have?

uh when it comes to big deals carl i did,want to hit twitter,shares are down ever so slightly 37,dollars and 60 cents,uh tomorrow we will get that hearing in,the in the chancery on whether or not,you're going to see an expedited trial i,think,there is an expectation,uh that uh chancellor mccormick who as i,had said was likely to be overseeing the,overall trial the real trial not,tomorrow's hearing but she also will,oversee that um,is doing so,and you know twitter may have a good,case here in terms of saying hey,the continued broadsides to our,reputation the insinuation somehow that,we're committing fraud are not helpful,to our business in any way shape or form,but did you we need to resolve this oh,my god he's back did you see that he,said it was a major flabbergasting event,that the number that they redid this is,the this is the eight,that,this is what they found 1.4 million that,were reduced out of 90 out of 190 and,that's flabbergasting uh no it is not no,and that's about the best thing he has,and that is again back to the core,contention here and one that the k that,the court is going to have to ultimately,decide and the burden of proof by the,way is on musk and his team,is,are the bots on twitter's platform far,far in excess of the five percent that,they cite,um and does that represent a material,adverse change an adverse effect on,their business very going to be very,tough um,to potentially prove that by the way i i,want to come back something on set on,thursday on the financing everything i,hear says that is solid as a rock there,is no expectation that financing is,going anywhere the pricing we'll see how,that ends up,performing in terms of whether or not,they actually do syndicate the loans and,it gets funded whether it's a loser for,morgan stanley and other banks have,signed on but no sense at all that i'm,getting and we did have that case i,cited the deo pack case i do want to,quickly correct myself from,thursday i said it was a colbert,kkr case it was kohlberg in that geopack,case my apologies to kkr for that uh,that quick mistake okay so what must is,leaving out,five meetings,five meetings to go over what he had,what they had throughout this stock this,frivolous document,it makes it sound like that that twitter,was saying listen we're not gonna let,you the opposite twitter wanted to be,sold for heaven's sake it was a hostile,takeover they went very quickly all,right and agreed,brett brett tell you these coasters,they said fine right take the 50 20 you,want to weigh business due diligence and,as we said they might they got it done,in a weekend right this document,basically says,twitter said whatever you want,but he doesn't do that he obfuscates,muslims,you've got a site for people what you're,citing what he's saying the principal,thing is that they revise down three,days after the agreement and this is an,ak from april 28th the guy down is so,small right,that you just have to say are you,kidding oh it's twitter's april 28th are,you kidding musk,do you really think that that's,you're saying is that the best you got,right,this was the document he originally,cited for his concerns but the question,remains as to whether he is going to be,able to show proof that his concerns are,valid have you ever been in one of those,china stores,you break it you own it,bingo he even talks about how people get,laid off he didn't want that no they,were trying to make their numbers their,numbers aren't that good they have they,will see what roads skadden his,attorneys can go down to try to prove,their case what are they always by the,way again tomorrow the hearing is about,whether or not this is going to be,expedited so the trial could begin as,soon as let's call it mid-september,we'll find out

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