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Adin Ross Hosts Q&A Twitter Space with Fans Ft. Corinna Kopf (full space)the is going on oh you guys


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Adin Ross Hosts Q&A Twitter Space with Fans Ft. Corinna Kopf (full space)

the is going on oh you guys all,know exactly what you are,all of you you wow,that's just crazy,what you doing right now y'all,chilling,why are you spamming the BLM me Mo bro,stop bro,you guys make me seem like I'm like this,racist just like,arrogant,you know what I mean like I hate that um,I hate that um narrative,I don't like that I'm not racist,I love everyone white black red green,yellow orange,Brown,everybody bro,everybody,nah I really started a space because I,wanted to talk to you guys,and let you know like,you know,I'm like,wait how do you guys who's requested to,speak how do I how do I add you in here,same so many people are verified now bro,this is insane,why are all you verified,now,y'all paid your verification,why, yeah I mean I'm not gonna lie I was,not verified I'd probably do the same,thing so I don't blame you guys do not,blame you I'm not gonna lie,foreign,but yeah I mean like what am I supposed,to talk about in this ,someone made a text to me they said yo,do a space really quick I said what the, am I supposed to talk about I could,talk to about NBA because,I know everything about the NBA I could,talk to about politics,because I know I think about politics,now like I'm very political you know now,so I want to become a political speaker,I wanna I wanna change the world,foreign,I don't give a ,um I really don't care,but a lot of you guys are requesting to,speak,so I'm gonna accept one of you,and you're gonna ask a question,well it could be whatever question you,want,and it could be anything I'm as open as,a book,and you guys can just straight up ask,any question you want all right so I'm,gonna choose one person first,if you don't have a question I'm kicking,you,okay,I'm adding this person right here put a,thumbs up put a thumbs up if you,understand the terms and conditions,all right hold on oh my God I hate,burping and I'm up,right now I had a what's the,movie theater last night I walked out a, black panther too I felt so bad,because that movie was getting really,good and then I was just too ,tired and and now I'm not racist,watching out of walking out of black,panther too you guys are making it,racist all right let me let me let me,let me add this person boom,yo yo yo what's good my brother,what's good my brother,yeah it was popping what's your question,so,um damn I don't think you choose me um,how you feel about the new Call of Duty,I think the new Call of Duty is good bro,it's just I haven't I can't get into it,the maps are so bad like I can't bro,they're just so bad,what about warzone,is the new war zone out uh I think next,week to 16th or so okay so yeah like I'm,gonna I'm gonna around with the new,Wars on that when it's out I mean but,yeah the map just gotta adapt you know I,mean like we need the old Call of Duty,maps yeah yeah definitely like crash and,like um yeah high rise and exactly yeah,that'd be dope that'd be dope yeah,exactly if you have any other questions,my brother uh no I guess that was it bro,have a really lovely rest of your day,mwah,all right who's next bro,yo oh this shit's fun,which has that sexual harassment did he,want that kiss chat let me know right,now yes or no,well I was building a hundreds bro,World Cup World Cup World Cup all right,let's add someone non-verified you know,that's one verified we're gonna tell her,to do it we're gonna alternate World Cup,World Cup,Boston was good,what's good,what's your question buddy,uh,I don't have one,goodbye goodbye,bro like come on bro all right,um let's see World Cup World Cup,let me add this 15 year old in here chat,what's up buddy,yeah,it is cool you hear me yeah you're not,in school no I'm not school that's why I,say big fan bro this is actually crazy,not gonna lie,again my question is,what made you get into streaming,I like video games I'm just like you bro,like I'm just a regular kid and,then I just like,I don't know bro I just like I don't,know like I feel like everyone that,plays a lot of video games has put a lot,of hours on it you should try to,monetize up and somehow whether it's, YouTuber or something you know I,mean like yeah yeah I just kind of,thought outside the box and like I don't,know I just feel like it was and I was,streaming like it wasn't really like,that popular it's popular like a lot of,popular now like I see a lot of people,doing it it makes me happy because I see,a lot of people like like trying to do,it and it makes you like like oh ,they're actually trying you know so yeah,you want to get into that bro like,I'm it's not guaranteed it's honestly,very lucky and it's very hard I'm giving,like the real advice but I'm not gonna,sit here and lie to you like but you,it's possible to make it but it's like,it's very hard you know what I mean,yeah that's cool man that's dope all,right one more question favorite rapper,right now,it's really hard bro I base I base,rappers right now off like drops and the,best album of the year is Drake in 21,but if you want me to um if you want me,to oh hold on speeds in the

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i have some of your tweets here and uh,i want you to describe to me exactly,what they mean you know,the character living on twitter is 2 40,and i want to dive deep into your tweets,yeah here we go wait are they going to,be embarrassing someone wife me up god,damn it,i'll pay your bills 74 000 favorites,oh i i'm well my love life is slacking,i would like i don't know this is a,question i want to ask you guys,i don't i know this doesn't mother mike,because he's definitely dated somebody,who makes more money than him but do you,think it bothers men,if they date somebody that makes more,money than them,i think there's a different for me at,least there's a difference between,makes more money and like other pieces,of the power dynamic,i think the money thing no okay if,you're a if you're like a broke dude and,you're dating a chick that makes a lot,of money,there's like a power disparity there,that's crazy yeah if you're making two,million a year and the girls making six,million dollars a year,it kind of washes out you know what i'm,saying but,i think there's other parts of it like,power that exists,in being a really sought after female,that doesn't really have to put up with,any kind of because that's what it,was with lana was like yo this is how, it is,you know what i'm saying like they like,you have that same i feel like you,probably have that same kind of,mentality in a relationship,where you can kind of just be like yo,i'm the i make a ton of money,i'm hot as i got a million billion,followers,and every dude that likes me is a simp,and would give their left testicle to,date me you know what i'm saying like,okay that's a tough dynamic to,to like go up against it is hard you,feel me it's tough,yes i don't know i just feel like i've,been so single for the last two,years,you aiming too high i have really,unrealistic standards,really who are you going who you,shooting for if you could dm any man,right now and they would just be on the,besides i don't know if i want to date,someone on the internet if i do it's,definitely not going to be,i don't know i say that every time but i,don't think it should be public you ever,thought about just like a classic zaddy,like just like a hamptons bound fella i,don't know,a couple bees in the bank little little,g550 money just doesn't really appeal to,me too much what about planes i know,people think that i'm all about the,money in the cloud but money really,you drive a ferrari i do drive a ferrari,you got clout and money,yeah you like food i do like food what's,your favorite kind,french fries nice that's good all right,next up, all of you wait why are you on my,own oh,we haven't only found a contract ladies,and gentlemen this is leaked footage,who is this that subscribed did you,subscribe,i tell you i am not he definitely,scrolls like this,if you go to the website it's just there,oh,i wanted him to have have subscribed for,research purposes,so badly give you a discount uh before,you say this can i say you have 3600, likes on the only fans post that,is more engagement than people get on,twitter that have millions of followers,like really that's disgusting oh ,okay i just told you i have like almost,70 000 people on there,mind blowing all of you who are so, pushing and demanding me to post,certain i post what i want when i,want if you don't like it then leave,you need to leave um,okay well first of all i think i've i,hate to like pat myself on the back but,for what i've seen on only fans i've,really i post a lot like,i showed tits asked what like whatever,right,and people are just pushy they're like,you need to be showing your vagina this,and that i'm like dude this is my,thing my body would you ever do such a,thing,i honestly don't i don't,i don't want to like why did you say rap,i don't think i'm posting my,i'm posting posting my i think,it's just,your you're posting no i'm not,posting my ,never i don't,really not even i don't think i want the,internet to see my i want it just,to be for like,whoever hmm here's how you combat that,question karina what if i told you there,was,three that eight,no no no no no no um no 12 million it's,just not worth it,15 ends i don't know,i don't know exactly no i'm just saying,i don't know,but what's funny about this is i'm not,trying to on anybody sorry,you've said talk about ,by the way whenever she says it i hear,nicki minaj going people,should have done them you know that song,anytime something she says,i in my head i hear on him,when i was doing my research for this i,bought a couple girls,only fans that have like big presents,on instagram or wherever it is and i was,like buying their content to see like,what they post,and i don't think anybody like this goes,back to this post like i don't think,anybody should tell you what likes,i think you shouldn't you should be able,to post everyone you can post full,ins uh only fans of it like bikini picks,right but if you,you know you tell people like this is,the content i'm posting it's bikini pics,like,t

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Adin Ross Speaks to Corinna Kopf on his Twitter Space

Adin Ross Speaks to Corinna Kopf on his Twitter Space

what's up Miss come,hello,hold on I always wondered why do people,have pictures of girls Colonel why are,you not talking,um I want to ask for my question what's,your favorite breed of dog,um,that's a good question,um,I would say my favorite breed of dog,is,um who's your favorite fortnite pro,player,because FaZe Ronaldo just down downed,the thumbs down to my question so I want,to know who your favorite pro fortnite,player is,I don't watch Pro fortnite so they're,all trash who's yours,I don't know,clicks,clicks okay,Dylan I I'm giving you your dream right,now boom go ahead,Dylan,Dylan,I feel like you didn't add them because,I don't see him on my screen,no he's right there it's a speaker no,you don't see it no I don't mind,put you in the top three girls,she's named everybody every girl that,he's,you talked to in the last three years,what are you doing right now,driving home,with my daddy and my mommy,really yeah,tell him I said hi no,what the or I'll just text them,yeah you're weird for that okay I have,another question who's your favorite,girl that you've ever had on your stream,foreign,ever had on my stream is probably,that's a that's actually a good question,I don't know,um probably summary to be honest okay,top three,yo Dylan about to make your dream come,true talk,I was hoping you'd say skybry,who's your top three guys got an,Airstream kernel,you,yeah I'm sure who else has been on my,stream I don't even know,can you poo you tifu who else stole my,stream,um Athey beautiful AC that's it,that's the top three,you want to come hang out with me,Florida,um,okay,you want to come help me in L.A no,well there's your answering on my dad,yeah I'm coming up my dad,wait do you guys live together he lives,on my he lives with me,damn,he calls the show no he literally lives,with me

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welcome back to out of pocket we are,going to be going through some of the,weirdest comments,today,we have,now if you don't know who she is she's a,streamer,and,what is she what else should she do oh,yeah she's um she's david dobrik's,friend ah,that's just that that pays the bills,enough doesn't it yeah,for anyone that would,so today we're going to be going through,her twitter replies,because i heard they're really,really bad,okay which one which one should we start,off with should we start,i already know oh my god oh no i already,know those are bad guys there's not even,a caption,just so this is a regular this is a,regular photo,like anyone could post something like,that and i was taking that david,dobrik's house,oh that's actually his house yeah,oh his house is huge okay let's go,through some of these,oh my god oh god what is that,yo,oh,what are you trying to join,man is down horrendous,look at his toes,you should just end it here bro that was,enough,the exit simple,oh mommy all right bro,yeah,like,do better man,do better,let me please for the love of god sniff,those panties after a hot girl after a,hot summer day send him to,prison,touch grass dear karenicom the most,beautiful woman in existence i would,rock,i would walk across ten thousand miles,of broken glass to feed a fart on my,face and give me pink eye i hope you see,this and give me a chance,i love you,this shit's a joke right yeah that's,brother starving,there's no way she opens her comments,there's no way there's no way i would i,would never i wouldn't stop looking,never it'd be it,it's too bad in there oh,no what is that,that's disgusting this guy said you're,such a sexy little thing i want to eat,that mommy,ain't no way,ain't no way,go outside what's what's so special,about her,i don't know that's that's the like i,like i'm talking to,the guy i'm talking to you,yes you what is like what is so special,about it the anomaly,why like what what is wrong with you,you need help bro,okay okay uh pretty uh that's pretty,it's pretty normal pic normal pretty,normal yeah,i don't know this,this can't be good,oh,my gosh,oh my god,why ain't no weight what,ain't no weight boy,why ain't no weight boy,i would love to eat it and treat it like,a five-star meal please karina i won't,disappoint you i will start crying if,you don't let me,why,you can treat me with all this all,disrespect,ground me whenever you want to mommy,please i ain't begging you another,fatherless child brother is dark brother,starving get that boy a glass,get this guy out of here,this guy out of here,that busted,that busted,me and you oh,he knows,he's doing something he's not supposed,to be doing,this is bad this is a bad,i just wanna like,do you think she finds this funny,like like she does not like any of you,currently peeing with turbulence,oh my gosh,you know like this is all fun and jokes,but,some of you guys,would actually go through with this,that's what i'm saying because there's a,lot there's,a lot of you that'd be like,this is just jokes,is it no come on like is it is it a joke,it's not,and i want you to know what you're doing,is wrong,look at her just writing in her uh,her ferrari suffocate me in between your,milkers please drown me in your milk,and,you were looking kind of good i'm trying,to smooch those,of course you know i would always let,you switch my lips,okay girl okay,how is that girl,oh so good,karina why don't you date me,you're everything i want in life i love,you so much please give me a chance i,would swim across the ocean being,weighed down and fighting sharks just,just to see you in real life please,karena did you mean me get a boner in,the mall using me as your toilet all,right bro me after drinking her period,blood,what,what are you still ass,what is that,you need help,you shouldn't be doing this,this is bad,what do michael jordan say stop it,get some help that's enough of that,if you guys enjoyed this don't forget to,like comment subscribe and if you want,to do another person dms,alright,and yeah,thank you always

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Corinna Kopf & & Aircool | Cooking stream!! Get in here

Corinna Kopf & & Aircool | Cooking stream!! Get in here

um,because you have the board and you don't,want to like mix vegetables,are you being serious what you can mix,vegetables you don't mix,poultry like chicken and meats,how to cut a mango okay why don't you go,get something else to cut on it doesn't,have to be funny just get something else,wait what i don't know,what,see if we have another cream we have to,have another cutting board tomorrow,you know i hate when chipotle,makes their,onion little particles way too,i'm not hiding it,i can't i can't use a plate,what,use a pan or something we have a pan and,put on,you know talking about when chipotle,makes their onion chops way too, big,dude that sucks,i'm in a pan,on a pan,i feel lost,you are lost,i feel like i'm not helping,all right so click on this,cut on this my eyes are not burning i'm,like not even just saying that,go look for a dude,look at the pan down there i gotta turn,this off this thing's about,look down there,the bottom,okay who do you think would be probably,the best to cut off yeah,we're going to make a brownie,we're making fudge brownies,dude this gum smells so good someone,keeps saying enchanted junk i'm doing it,wrong dude it doesn't matter how you cut,the we're not professionals,dude i watched i was showing like okay i,honestly never cut an onion before,you're not even able to see me here,okay well you know what i'll let you do,this,what are you gonna do i'm gonna make my,guacamole,i'll just sit here and talk,what did paco say,that's awesome dude still here is he,still donating,that's just insane,guys i can't even see i wouldn't be able,to see the donations,okay this is,wow that actually looks pretty good,can i eat something i eat onions oh,do it,that is just nasty,cut on a plate dude i got a pan look i,got this just cut on here it's fine just,let me just give me give me a second to,get my bowl you're good you're good,i'm making guacamole,what do you mean what are you talking,about,you literally have knives,what else do you need,wait you cut the onion like that,that's definitely how you cut an onion,i literally just cut the side off i,don't even use the whole thing why would,i waste it oh i thought when you cut,onion you can cut it this way,why does it matter the the way of the,onion,it comes out the same way you actually,told us you know how to cook i do know,how to cook i don't know how to cut a,mango,you say some stupid,yeah i always rinse my fruit with hot,water,why is that to be hot,to get all the germies off,we actually have a uh vegetable,sink right here but you're not using it,how do you know that's a vegetable thing,no way it's called a vegetable what is,the same kind of island called chad it's,not a vegetable sink but it's called,like something like a something sink,what is it called,like a,uh what is it called there's something,that's called,does a mango have a seed in it,i think so,how do i cut a mango,what's it called dude that's gonna be,bad,he that guy donated another hundred,dollars dude he's insane he's insane get,my laptop what's it called he's actually,insane bro,at dangerous all right,i guess i'm just going to go in at it i,don't know how to cut them into it okay,we'll just suck it up do i cut,it like this guys cut it like this,a bar sink,i have no,idea in the middle,there's definitely seed in here yeah,what are you doing dude i do not know,there's a seed you can't cut through the,seeds dude you look like ninja ninja to,this cooking video dude and he,cut an avocado like straight in half i,just spit like right through the seat,and everything,it's funny as well,so doing what i'm doing right now just,useful dude you don't know how to cut,around a pit,like cut around the pit and then open it,god damn,dude i can't go with you dude i've never,cut a mango before dude yeah but if you,realize,there's no way,i'm,let me do it wait,peel the skin off,peel the skin they're saying peel the,skin,that would be sweet,wait,dude you're gonna just squeeze it's,gonna bust everywhere you're gonna bust,everywhere,there's no way it's how you open it's,not it's definitely not,it's opening so bad,why not grab the hardest fruit peel the,skin off dude it's definitely not how,you open it,ain't no way this skin feels off,maybe we need to write one,did you think of that,my whole mouth on,maybe it wasn't right no it did it's,dude this is not how you open them,dude hold on,this mango sword,monsters,it's it's this is just a bad mango no,it's a bad mango,no this is a bad mango why would you say,that it's not a bad thing another,hundred dude this guy's insane,dude this,there's no way to batman go,oh,it is so stupid just try it,come on that's not what the english,should sound like,some parts of the mango do some hard,though dude this is just a,i didn't even try,it maybe it's not ripe yet,in the beginning i'm wasting it but okay,okay is it good,no i mean i cut it though i wasted half,of it,with taylor,that's good,it's amazing what are you talking about,what are you actually on about that's a, good ass mango,you'

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Meeting Corinna Kopf was a DISASTER...

Meeting Corinna Kopf was a DISASTER...

let's go man all right how do we see if,karina wants to join no she's just,calling me you did not just take me away,from my boys while playing fortnite who,are your boys what the it's nick,palm and sven they're cool all right do,you want me added to the call and have,you ever played fortnite yeah we just,won our game yeah because you were,playing against like bots yeah they,cheated a lot but we're still beating,them okay you never asked to talk to me,or play with me when i was on facebook,what's up with that i mean i didn't feel,like going in your chat and just doxing,my entire life so that's probably why oh,okay,i'll take it oh somebody wanted me to,ask you what the avocado story was i,like the penis,like on everything you swear to god yeah,i swear i swear,yeah,he said it tasted like avocados okay,nothing i've deep throated one before no,you have not made it i have we've talked,about this yesterday no you did not,first time yes it was serious,are you are you bi maybe nick is i'm not,no i here's what happened i was with a,girl,i was making out with her right,all of a sudden it gets to that part,and i like go for it and then she's like,yo by the way i have a penis and i was,like all right i'm gonna try it and,that's what happened i found on,craigslist sounds okay so this is a,made-up story it's not made up,how do i prove it to you okay you're so,loud you're giving me a worse headache,than i already have do most penises,taste like avocado or,was that just like one time i think the,reason why my mine tasted like avocado,as fan it's a great question i think,it's because mine already pre-came so,that's why it tastes like outcome,you're too sarcastic to ever take,seriously 100 like i don't understand,hey quit staring at my boxes only 50 of,you guys are subscribed to the channel,and if you guys want me to buy more,boxes this month i suggest you do so,let's ask someone in fortnight,let's go to fortnite lobbies and ask,them can you tell if you're like,no offense but you you're probably,really short right really short he's,really jealous no i'm not saying that to,be mean i'm not saying this to you,but i feel like you strike me as like,very short yeah,wait is it okay if a guy's five six,um no,there's a guy next to me you're right,he's feet,is he right right there no yes get him,get him get him,he's white he's white i'm not trying to,be racist but he's weird wait what,like white white uh armor right health,yes did you kill him,no he got away we gotta grow up guys,there's people oh chris,wait somebody,i'm actually cracked out of my mind,yo she's getting built on miss helper,yeah yeah yeah,he's in your box,what i'm doing man spiderman,i miss my sniper shot,help her out,what's your favorite anime,um levi,no levi's favorite anime not shoe,ackerman,levi is okay i don't like that i just,said that,shut up,and you've never watched an anime in,your life wait who is smart only fans,you are amaranth,um probably her,actually i know she does is she your,competition,no,flip it,i'm actually dead i'm actually dead,where are you i'm in the storm in the,storm,wait why are you done because i'm in the,storm and i'm dead i'm fine i'm fine,guys i'm fine,hurry up be careful i'm dead miss you,did not run and hide,that one can you not do that to me right,wait is that not helping you,that's when there's no shot on a bucket,of stacking okay i'm gonna build build,build build build build,here can you pick me up,i'm done,you're a little far away man you're a,little far away i'm literally right next,to you hurry i'm done,come here and come to this rift right,here with me i'm taking your pad yeah,and come to this rift i'm pretty sure,there's a guy right behind you guys,that's okay he can stay there wait,karina you're actually good at this game,i've been playing way too long to be,still this kind of trash,honestly i think s fans bring the team,down yeah i've never played this game,dude karina is just done with us she's,so far away,i'm gonna try and rest real quick can,you hit this res machine with me it'll,go quicker wait there's a guy right next,to the guy right next to your guy right,next,we're dead already,oh no,these guys actually play fortnite,oh i'm rest what the going on my,tornado,what is this game,either kill me kill me either kill me,and pick up my v carter,i don't even know where you are i'm,right next i'm literally running i'm in,your mind,that's right,i'm gonna die you noob come on let's go,i hate marshmallows,i got him i got him i'm right here right,right here,dude nice curl holy ,okay we cover her as soon as we get up,yup i'm with you nick i'm with you,what is happening dude,i don't know man nick,your nick is a god,yep apex gladiator oh there's no telling,there's more if there's more we're dead,there's more there's more seven health,than a dream we gotta participate right,now just getting better yep i'm gonna,snipe we literally have to save ,what did,you have to,carry my body,oh wait i'm coming for you i'm coming,for you i'm here,no,nic

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YourRAGE Reacts to RDCWORLD1- When an Anime only focuses on Boxing

YourRAGE Reacts to RDCWORLD1- When an Anime only focuses on Boxing

or not y'all just come over it,bro y'all just come,it's boxing,oh oh what is this show about,what is it about bruh like yeah they've,been fighting it's been like come on,give me 10 minutes in and they have not,said that that's what my chat likes bro,you look like the sheep from mine the,thing about all of this,what the is the plot,wow,I don't care about plot nah bro,chat don't care about plot,bro,chat yes what happened bro why are,y'all fighting like this bruh yeah,all right I'm going to the last episode,explosions Michael Bay , talk bruh God damn this box bro,that's it they fight with their hands oh,yeah oh yeah,that's it that's the end Leland,this must be some Innovative new anime,style they trying or something bro I,just wanna like get into the story of,the show,CNA house is so weird now knowing that I,was like sitting all up in this ,scale of one to ten how bad could you,beat chat's ass,10. 10. 10. bro my groupie,I seen a house I was saying you know,it's like chilling here with Gen,xenomenon Jeremy issue does that make me,a groupie,I just only feel real,Rod Beach skill of one to ten how bad I,beat Chad ass chat how bad would I beat,y'all as let's be on it 10 10.,of course Y'all Gonna know we're gonna,jump your ass we ain't talking about,jumping time on 1v1,six seven one V1,two at most something you talking about,1v1 I run the ones but you know what I'm,saying let's be real,glad I'm not chat you are the definite,we're not in the game

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this karina's brand new 400 000,ferrari how much are you making a month,now i don't know,i don't want to say it 1.5 now,that's what they say when it's getting,up there,it used to be i made a hundred thousand,dollars,i think she keeps telling me how many,people are here but i didn't come here,to party i'm not a party no so i tried,to get david to tattoo my name on his,body for seven thousand dollars and then,i try to get my ex-boyfriend to get,curtis property attached to my body,who's your actual logan's here,of the place in germany that like i kind,of grew up hamburg did you she grew up,in dusseldorf i think,in 48 hours how much money did you make,48 hours oh my god i made a little over,a million dollars,and then i gambled to like celebrate and,i want thirty thousand dollars,look like this person a hundred dollar,tip,hey corinna can i get some ,hey karina said it's not a party this,girl has a lit up sign of her,name what the is our party's gonna,have like,he's really high that's why,if somebody offers five thousand dollars,to bet on four numbers if those numbers,hit you have to get a tattoo of my name,no shock why are you taking my ,thing,how much have you made up until today,it's actually not as crazy as you think,well it's crazy but like just,4.2 million,wait what my first hit pick ever i made,165 thousand dollars,natalie whipped those foods,how many likes is this video i think i,have to show you vagina you can surprise,i haven't shown my vagina i don't plan,on it,you're showing your vagina literally,right now,yo i want to get i want to show down,versus dover could you have cash yes i,want a gambling showdown against you on,simple card games like war i don't know,four i mean bro i only have a thousand,but i just had pocket money okay okay,pocket money,change is like seven or eight dollars,like uh oh,you choose one car i choose the other,can i make it juicier i'll put an extra,500 in on green that is the dumbest bet,i've ever heard of my hair that she made,before,can i,suck,oh you know what i got so tan i actually,yeah but who's tanner,me,no but i have like a different tan well,the reason i have this cash she bet on,five numbers and she's like if i hit any,of the five numbers you have to get a,tattoo of my name on your leg and if you,hit any of the 31 other numbers um i'll,give you seven grand she did it with me,and then she lost to todd seven thousand,dollars to todd how much did you lose,total fourteen thousand five hundred,that was good karina i made that,yesterday,sir she made it 30 minutes ago off a,couple paid opens over on off okay this,is uh 920.,he's a little bit short he's a little,short don't do it again corrina really,yeah i'm serious i'm sorry i won't do it,again he won't really say it one more,time say i won't do it again say it say,it say i won't do it again,so you're a say i won't do it,again you won't do it again do it,see what happens yup yup yup yup you,dropped it on my floor 500 on green for,karen uh good luck dumbass and then i'll,do a thousand bucks on,red,every time i bet black i lose every time,there you go round around we go where we,stop come on nobody knows all right,david show the wheel,show the wheel,you know what the difference is between,me and you karena what i don't spend my,money on stupid but check this out,i just bought this yesterday what the, is that,wait what is that wait i'm confused,well you've seen these wagons this is,just a little bit bigger,wow i can't win i'm the most unlucky, person dude dolbrick's cleaning,up tonight bro yeah that was really,great i mean i i gotta take it i won too,much i gotta get out of here before so,now that you have no more money you,wanna drop me off back home

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