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Cookie Run Kingdom "Cringe"hello everyone did something and today,on cringe we're gonna be looking a

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Cookie Run Kingdom "Cringe"

hello everyone did something and today,on cringe we're gonna be looking at some,cookie run cringe all right so i don't,know anything about cookie run but i,thought it would be fun to look at some,crazy fan art related to,cookies all right so i don't really know,where to start so i'm just gonna type,cookie run kingdom fan art,here's how cookie run kingdom became the,latest dessert sensation okay they're,gonna finally shed some light as to why,this game is number one now no it's not,just because the cookies are hot you,know it's because the cookies are hot,created by dev sisters the mobile game,has become a runaway hit at the moment,it is the number one game in the apple,app store's rpg section specifically the,rpg section how did cookie run kingdom,get so popular gen,impact that makes perfect sense actually,the cookie run kingdom fandom is,thriving some people draw their beloved,cookies as people like herb cookie or,almond cookie are they not people,already these cookie characters are such,a popular choice for fan artists because,they have detailed anime-esque designs,and on that note it's time to look at,the fan art that people have drawn for,cookies now of course we've got some,good stuff like pretty much everything,here are those the new characters from,five nights at freddy's oh no human fan,art tech talk you know what they,mentioned it so we gotta look at it oh,that's actually good though i don't know,who any of these characters are i,honestly don't know the names of these,characters so i might refer to them with,the dumbest names possible that's,obviously beaded bracelet cookie,oh okay wow don't know what cookie this,is green hatsune miku cookie okay did,you need to draw almond cookie that hot,all right you know what we gotta go,straight for it we're gonna type cookie,run kingdom on deviantart all right,cookie run kingdom oh there we go that's,where you found the cringe why have you,done this so bad too like it's actually,really badly drawn wow this art is,incredible actually it's the best art,i've ever seen all right what's popular,this month oh my god there's a lot of it,wow people are obsessed with drawing,these characters as fat cookies dude,you've got freaking 176 favorites 210,favorites,165 favorites this is absurd stop using,all your xp on her what does every,experience point turn into calories this,is also way too well drawn you should be,ashamed of yourself lactate cookie there,wasn't a need for this wow he's a,legendary cookie wait wouldn't that mean,you wouldn't be able to unlock it,actually you make yours a rare so no one,can have them okay i get it lactate,cookie is big,oh that's one way to say i created the,character what the heck is going on here,there's some weird like artistic style,going on here you know what forget about,this art i just saw something way better,what is that summoning a hyper pregnant,almond cookie a what now are you people,okay also i'm pretty sure that's not,what a pregnant belly looks like oh no,that image gets it worse let's look up,cookie run kingdom ships what is the,most popular ship in cookie run kiwi,roll this page has been deleted what am,i gonna do now all right we're gonna,hack in,kiwi roll is a slash between kiwi cookie,and roll cake cookie from the cookie run,fandom i will die if i have to say,cookie one more time cookie goddammit,since neither have been featured in the,main story so far not much is known,about the relationship between the two,well it's a crack ship great i always,love crack ships the hidden lore is that,they used to be friends you made that up,there's fan fiction one blooming,relationship fresh out of the oven 25,day not safe for work challenge oh no,i'm gonna regret this you failed after,day four sounds about right,cacao didn't hesitate to strip off the,little clothing he and his husband were,to bed do you have any haired man placed,a drop of no i'm not going to read the,rest of this absolutely oh my god all,right cookie run kingdom cringe you know,what i can't freaking find it myself i,gotta have other people find it for me,what is there's nothing here there's,nothing wrong with this fandom cookie,run kingdom weird these memes are stupid,please be mindful and don't bash other,cookies in public you're not even real,dude who cares about you no no no not,ginger brave in real life no please stop,don't don't do this ship or rip okay,i'll do it okay sea moon i don't know i,have no idea these ship names almond,fort oh my god like what is that i don't,know it looks kind of nice firewind oh,my god firewind does anyone remember,that pokemon game pokemon when it's my,favorite game sour belt cookie chocolate,bon bon who's coming up with these ideas,man these are weird this is imessage,meme is stupid you hit send on that,picture of mike wazowski and i hit end,on a relationship this is not real i can,already tell you this did not happen oh,my god i just realized there's 50,questions thank god there are so many,cookies in this game how do you get yo

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If Cookie Run characters had Twitter (Part 10)

If Cookie Run characters had Twitter (Part 10)

if cookie run had twitter part 10 the,grand finale well not really,all right let's tell each other's secret,about ourselves all right i'm gonna go,first i hate you the woman was too,stunned to speak,and you want pizza there who are you,gonna call when games are there who are,you gonna call when there's an,animatronic bear come down to freddy,fazbear pizza fred bear,beatbox bottles cactus um,actually this morning we are very sad we,woke up with a surprising news one of,our own stephen was shot dead,with a knife,this is a serious threat to our mission,it's just a baby,fly me to the moon and let me kick it's,flipping ours,what is wrong with you all,oh let's cut some bread with something,sharp,bread,bread,bread,bread,bread,no no no no no no,come here pretty boy,that's them officer that's the person,who's british on ironically take them,away,charles they found us i am aware deploy,the accents of course oui,man am i about to ruin your peace what,emotions are a ploy made up by the,government to sell more tissues and,cheap psychology books,time is a social construct made by,humanity as we try to grasp and,understand reality and what is going on,but time is just that a construct a line,time does not exist and nothing matters,everything we know and see is based on,something we cannot fundamentally prove,there is no value in anything material,as everything is reduced to the acts of,chemicals,will you fight,or will you perish like a dog,baby i'm not even here,i'm a hallucination,macaroni,with the chicken strips,everything will be okay you cannot stop,it everything will be fine you have no,choice what kind of pep talk is that,ominous positivity,why would you give a cherry bomb to,gumball gumball felt unsafe,now i feel unsafe i'm sorry would you,like a cherry bomb,we just ate why are you making pancakes,for the dogs why are you making pancakes,for the dogs they don't know how,welcome to my house as you can see i've,knocked over many chairs because i'm get,so tilted at the towers,this isn't really a tilted aura well you,see it's a gamer pad not many girls come,in here because i get friend zoned so,frequently but that's okay,i'd like to be in the friend zone i'd,like friends it's not as pleasant as,you'd think,they don't treat you like a friend they,treat you like an item,sometimes i wish i could be more than,just an accessory to these women but,unfortunately as a gamer i don't get,respect well i'm not a gamer so maybe,they'll respect me,that just makes you a beta,you're all going to hell,goodbye,you

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If Cookie Run characters had Twitter (Part 3)

If Cookie Run characters had Twitter (Part 3)

if cookie run had twitter part three,i prevented a murder today not a thing,i'd ever expect to happen but i'm sure,impressed,how did you do that self-control,god how did i not expect that at,insomniac underscore mage i have,discovered that the search results of,both of our names together is very,popular,especially with an ex in between should,i search it up i'm intrigued no you,shall not madeline madeleine i did it,but unlike me it was not divine at all,yes not going to lie this place is a,little seuss,wait wtf is that what are you doing here,you are prohibited from being here you,an atheist corruption be purged hey piss,off that's my commander you're trying to,kill their upside down face,how did that creature get a twitter,account that's not important how i got a,twitter account you're hurting red,velvet,wait it has a name oh excuse me,okay what does a stand for,arson oh you're so good okay b what does,b stand for barson,what stands for c commit arson,d,don't come near me i'm going to commit,arson i raised your real well,i have finally gotten all of the relics,i love them so much,wait that looks like my letter oh no no,no don't open it wait no just give it,back why'd you take it,those look like my pants i have just,checked my closet and my pants are gone,hmm give me back my waffle bots you,little bleep or i'm gonna smash you into,crumbs,you may be a museum collector but,stealing my cat is just impolite,omfg my girlfriend is frozen and dying,her sword is gone dot dot dot my relics,eclair come out you're under arrest for,robbery good golly there's someone,banging on my door i think they want my,relics,open the door at eclair underscore luvs,underscore relics i see you have c,fairies life support,i have just found your location and i'm,coming to get back her sword,i'm leaving the country,why are you running,why are you running,at cake hound underscore general ao this,you,i hope both the sides of your pillow are,hot tonight,you

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If Cookie Run characters had Twitter (Part 6)

If Cookie Run characters had Twitter (Part 6)

if cookie run had twitter part 6,at brave boy hello older brother brave,cookie hello dozer wait a minute aren't,you supposed to be dead aren't you,supposed to be more polite,ah that red velvet guy really got on my,nerves anyways now i can go back and oh,my god what is that,n-y-a-h-a-h-a hey wait you look boring,my my it's the devil corruption be purge,put that crossbow away oh all right you,are an angel i can trust you you come,near my friend again and i'll make you,understand the true meaning of fear,nyah yah heard them which one of you am,i supposed to be scared of more again,stop right there criminal scum,i think not boomer we're the same age,relax how about i give you twenty,dollars and you stop chasing me,it's getting rather tiring aight now,stop running give it here you go i wish,you a good day wait a minute what are,you doing,arresting you you stole a museum's worth,of precious paintings and jewelry after,all,also thanks for the free money,look a fairy,oh sorry dude i killed that fairy,i live in eternal fear of seafairy,cookies hair,as you should you hot-headed,scared idiot noises,debate of the day everyone which goes in,first the cereal or the milk obviously,it's the milk that goes in first by the,way,problematic wizards everybody knows that,the cereal goes in before the milk you,guys use milk i eat it dry like all,normal people do there goes my latte you,eat your cereal dry,how otherwise milk is a monstrosity,listen up you little dry cereal eating,she,oh no the adults are fighting over dumb,stuff again,who cares pass the popcorn this is more,entertaining than watching true crime,and that's saying something,add yogurt cream underscore the,underscore best where is my naga's heart,oh she lilac help me that angry snake,man wants his treasure back and you know,what happened yes i know what transpired,you lost the naga's heart in a bed,against a deranger ah so that is what,happened i shall find you and pulverize,you into crumbs finer than a grain of,sand in the desert,how dare you gamble away one of my,greatest treasures lilac you messed up,at medusa underscore cookie if you are,going to attempt to kill us at the very,least don't be yelling in our faces,while threatening to do so,this isn't yelling this is text poolish,cookie add medusa underscore cookie,right,i should have left you on that street,corner where you were standing,but you didn't,i can't be your angel,wind archer calm down i am not wind,archer i am night raven i am the,darkness,everyone shall fear me son calm down,please this is just a phase you'll grow,out of it this is not a phase dad this,is who i am,wind archer there he goes didn't even,wait for his father to finish oh now he,is burning something,hormones am i right,you

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google translated Cookie Run: Kingdom went TOO FAR... (v3)

google translated Cookie Run: Kingdom went TOO FAR... (v3)

God I love the witch destroying me I,don't even know desire,if you didn't see the first two this is,Cookie Run Kingdom Google translated 15,times Ginger Brave is ableist pure,vanilla is way too thirsty and Herb,cookie is a demon who drags people into,the Earth with vines speaking of which I,figured we'd start this off with her,story however it would be nice to spend,more,consumerism consumer takes out wallet I,need to buy every flower you have you,don't have any flowers then grow some,Why not start gardening but I don't have,a garden why not,he's getting sold off,a donkey we are opening a flower shop he,ate too many he ate too many mushrooms,last time we gotta sell him yes I love,you I'll be back,blinking what deformed tail,can improve performance line up to make,more items why not enlarge the table,come on princess cookie flowers for you,perfect this is a very sad thing,how dare you oh my flowers sad,vanilla cookies I didn't know I loved,vanilla what cheating on night cookie,cheating on my cookie what I have to,replay this random level yes play time,all right self-driving warm War these,random enemies don't know is about to,hit them these seven cookies are the,enemies,they just walk through them,all right what do you like give me a,Honda Civic not sponsored I've never,seen this plant and I don't think it's,on the map of the big cookie Factory,what Factory the factory where all the,cookies are made that pure vanilla works,at,so what do you mean sure yeah of course,no,no snake stop doing the roots I'll kill,you before I lose my mind give me one,last bite the D he knows the demons,overtaking him the Demon's a separate,part of him oh,bro he's got d.i.d just like me look at,green snake Ruby green you know that,color Ruby Green Oh yes where is your,new home why,that doesn't sound very interesting,let's go to the kingdom we'll find you a,good place there cheap rent and,everything make a shovel twice sorry,it's not a shovel it's a spoon why is,the pickaxe called Hot Vine,why is the stamp magic steak go even,further with these tender green vanilla,cookies I don't even know desire,what is desire what I don't even know,Ranch,why does it look like that unicorn toy,is in a blood ocean instead of like on a,carpet sprinkle the hair cookies with,vanilla cookies,trees say what you just have to do with,saving the trees go now oh my God I just,realized that mole's thing moves it his,icon yeah I'd like to apologize for the,fact that I was working on this I put it,on Discord real quick so you can talk,real quick and it'll show in the video,attention to all viewers play rain world,now,not sponsored Alchemy cookies found,where is my newborn,whoa you promised me you'd get me a,boyfriend would you return from the,desert where is he water and sunlight,are important factors for plant growth,maybe you need more water just walks up,to Herb cookie and Waters him as if it's,gonna do anything,I,wonder where you could possibly get a,clear flow of water I wonder where I,wonder you know you could have done this,in editing I it's funnier this way,hypothetically you could you could do,herb dragging me down to Hell by placing,my thing just below the the screen,render,about five boxes of pumpkin soda ew,sounds horrible demon run if you value,your life is the plant an except an,extension of herbs demonic side yes,that's his other power he has control,over all plants that's how he drags,people,them yes what a strong tree just like I,taught you,now no one to get close to me I wonder,why these cookies are available as a,surprise and they are delicious they,just like Twisted the cookies just to,make a fence dear God my limbs,oh what can I do to make you happy,it reminds me of the night of the museum,yeah oh my God,okay who's voicing this twink I am,taking it I'm taking it I'm taking it,I'm taking it perhaps covering the glass,Dome will calm the plant trap this demon,plant please we are begging you please,sing a lullaby,I don't like this that's all are you,okay that was a very short lullaby you,love me okay I'm forcing you to I love,you here we've had like three times so,far the cookies are just talked about,love for no real reason and none of them,are ever going to top I want to have all,these children with you the story of the,perfect cookie the best cookie finally,we can continue the main story should we,do some more story story first or what,uh yeah sure,God damn it,so called wit,man,but I can't run dude latte cookie wrote,this title,fake type cold copy it's a witch's house,cold coffee feels like something,gingerbread would set as like just like,oh gosh darn it taped deal yeah,cold coffee wow I thought the witch was,back what a beautiful dream,I want the witch to come back and,destroy everything,God I love the witch destroying me,this is,fashion you guys are gonna blame,I did not mean it that way I did not,mean it that way I told me that way,who are you who are you my name is,unicorn cookies cream with happy,memories,I think you messed up I think

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Cookie run - Mole's Twitter Shorts (2018)

Cookie run - Mole's Twitter Shorts (2018)

Hey guys! Here are some videos previously exclusive on twitter! Hope you enjoy! (Language warning),Gross!,Begone, you pest!,*Adventurer is a beater,You need a bath.,Right here and now. *Hot Doggy is angry*,Oh! Heck! Heck!,Nice job, dummy. Your cookie no longer exists.,Had enough yet?,*Evil chuckle,*gasp,(This clip was inspired by @cursedcookierun, check them and their content out!),(Strawberry, no longer following the rule of T-posing like the others, is sentenced to being used for summoning the one who has T-posed before all.),*The T-pose god is unhappy with his followers,Ooooooof~,Crawling in my crawl!,These crawls! They will not crawl!,Crawl is how I crawl!,Crawling! What is crawl?!,Crawl!!!,Mythic - Sans Undertale Basic Skill - Giving you a bad time.,Do-do-do~,I hate when people understimitate my fastness!,I'm fast!,I'm so fast,,You couldn't even comprehend how fast I am!,God dangit!,Thank you for watching! I hope you all have a happy 2019!,#Braveisreal2019,Chese Cat, you lazy cat!

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Pure Vanilla & Hollyberry BUFF LEAKED By DEVSISTERS?! | Cookie Run Kingdom

Pure Vanilla & Hollyberry BUFF LEAKED By DEVSISTERS?! | Cookie Run Kingdom

what is guys hi everyone skin and I'm,coming at you guys with another content,of curriculum Kingdom so if you guys,didn't know after the update for profit,cookie and his event gotcha there were,actually a couple bugs that were,affecting a lot of players as well as,the in-game for one particular cookie,and that is going to be Black Pearl so,if you guys haven't seen any of the,videos yet there was actually a bug,where her Auto attack just dealt like,insane amount of damage just absolutely,oblitering enemies within the game so if,you guys took advantage of this I don't,know if they fixed it and reverted like,uh reverse the outcome of all the you,know event that took place but black,pearl cookie inside of the cookie,Alliance was an absolute Beast all right,being able to deal an insane amount of,damage of course this bug has been fixed,uh because it's been a long time since,the update has been actually out but,that was one of the things there were,actually another bug that affected two,cookies and we actually have a guess on,exactly what my might be taking place,inside of the next update for the second,anniversary and that is going to be the,buff coming for both pure vanilla as,well as Halle Berry uh you're gonna be,able to see that the Halle Berry skill,as well as pure vanilla skill the,description actually disappeared for the,English version all right so if you guys,are playing on the English text then the,skill description all right the white,part actually disappeared so I actually,took a screenshot of this already and I,sent it to chosak who actually asked me,uh and told me about hey you know there,has been some changes within the Korean,text all right uh which you can see on,the screen right now that actually took,place however when I went to log into my,game and played on the English text you,can see on the screen that the text was,actually gone alright so if you guys,look at the text uh the text actually,shows and this has been translated by,another player uh named jupi alright so,it says pure vanilla the skill,description actually changes to gives,amplify buff to normal healing and,during the skill if he is unable to,generate an HP Shield he will give a,periodic healing instead so now he's,able to do more healing as well as,increase the amplify buff which means,that he's also able to increase the,duration of that healing that he is,going to be able to do so against any of,the uh you know enemies that is going to,prevent you know your cookies from,Ashley getting a shield like inside of,episode 14 then he will actually be able,to give that cookie periodic healing on,top of that increasing the duration of,the healing with the Amplified buff,alright so that is going to be a little,buff that we're going to be able to get,for pure vanilla of course like I said,this has been translated by jupi uh from,Korean to English all right and then the,next one is going to be Halle Berry,Halle Berry skill ashy is change to,gives crit resist and gets a buff every,time she gets critted on alright so if,she actually takes damage and that,damage is crit then she is going to be,buffed every single time and after a,number of those Buffs okay after a,certain amount of Buffs on the next,skills she uses she is actually going to,be stunning the enemy alright so this is,not a leak all right this is actually,something that was shown inside of the,game for the Korean text on accident,after the update so you guys know that,the update actually you know went live,about an hour and a half early and all,of these small mistakes small accidental,bugs have taken place kind of leaking,okay inside of the game on accident what,is going to be taking place for the,second anniversary so does that mean,that we might actually see a return of,Halle Berry as well as pure vanilla,inside of the Arena inside of the world,exploration we actually might especially,with Halle Berry who is able to give,crit resist as well as you know uh you,know with the damage Focus every single,time she gets credit on she might,receive a damage resist spot she might,receive a defense buff we don't know,exactly what that buff is as of right,now but every single time she gets,credit on you know uh she's gonna be,able to gain extra you know bumps as,well as stun the enemy alright so uh,it's actually going to be really really,uh cool how uh these cookies are going,to be changed all right so I'm actually,looking forward uh to how the ancient,cookies are going to be returning and,then uh we don't know exactly if another,you know episode is coming out for the,second anniversary that's what I'm,guessing I kind of shared with you guys,in the previous video where you know,profit cookies update might actually,lead to the release of moonlight uh,cookie I know there's some leaks I,actually don't know exactly what the,leaks are I've just heard it about it,from the viewers but it is a possibility,that during the second anniversary on,the 19th Moonlight cookie as well as,episode 15 am maybe

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BREAKING NEWS! DJ Cookie LEAKED on Twitter! | Cookie Run Kingdom

BREAKING NEWS! DJ Cookie LEAKED on Twitter! | Cookie Run Kingdom

welcome back to the chain of livery body,this is codeations guys i've got some,breaking news for you i legitimately,think i found out what the next cookie,is gonna be that's dropping in the game,they literally just leaked this,potentially on twitter so without,further ado let's dive right in,diving right in ladies and gentlemen,legitimately an hour ago on the cookie,run kingdom's official twitter account,they dropped a brand new tweet now if,you click into the tweet here it,basically just says how many cookies are,in the new title screen right so,essentially like every person here that,wants to participate in anything that,they drop on their twitter account i,jumped in here immediately even though i,was standing in line at the store and i,was starting and i just started counting,cookies right because again i just,wanted to send a tweet back basically,with my overall estimate however what i,found was way more than just the amount,of cookies if we zoom in here on the,image that they dropped right this new,title screen is what they call it it,looks very similar to the one that we,actually have in the game but the reason,why it is brand new is we actually have,a brand new cookie in this title screen,if we zoom in here i'm going to just,maximize my zoom as much as i can here,you can see that we got eclair we've got,the new tea night cookie we've got,ginger milk madeline and,not only that,this cookie right here this one right,here what what or who,do you think that this one is guys i'm,going to tell you right now that looks,just like dj cookie you guys don't know,who dj cookie is i will pop it up right,here on screen for you guys to check him,out but again very very cool so dj,cookie was actually in the beta version,or the you know alpha beta version of,cookie run kingdom never made it to the,full game yet as of now but i definitely,think this could be a major major leak,and i definitely think it was not on,accident i think it was a 10 intentional,by the developers because again they,literally dropped a new title screen and,the only thing that's different between,this one and the original title we have,in game is gonna be dj cookie is,actually visible i think he was,technically in the image before but he,was blocked by madeleine's cape so again,now we've officially been shown dj,cookie and not only that dj is an,anniversary cookies so with that being,said it makes sense that they're gonna,drop this one via around the one year,anniversary so again we're gonna be,seeing a brand new cookie coming to the,game potentially next week i think it,could be dj and with that being said,guys i mean again i'm just super excited,they literally dropped dj in here i've,searched everywhere in this image trying,to find out if there's any other sneak,peek cookies i don't see anything else,crazy everybody else seems to be already,in the game from what from what i can,tell i mean we've got you know black,raisin back here peeping on us i mean,we've got custard again nothing too too,crazy i don't know exactly what this is,what this little section is here behind,here i don't know i mean we've got,raspberry cookie here but i don't know,what this big blob is i'm not exactly,sure so that could potentially be,something else i i see some like,eyebrows here behind expresso so again,i'm not exactly sure who or what that is,um as far as cookie goes but man dude,i'm super super excited for this because,again this could be the very first time,that i am the first one on a leak man,i'm absolutely pumped up you guys let me,know what your thoughts are down below,do you think that i'm reaching here or,do you think that we could potentially,see dj cookie as early as next week as,the new feature cookie banner as always,guys don't forget to like comment and,subscribe hit the notification bell so,you know exactly when i drop a video we,will be going live here on the channel,tonight at 8 15 p.m cst hope to see all,of you guys here with that being said as,always i'll see you guys on the next one,you

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