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MEAN TWEETS: Conor McGregor Reading Funny Mean Tweets !!oh my name is the notorious conor,mcgregor a

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

MEAN TWEETS: Conor McGregor Reading Funny Mean Tweets !!

oh my name is the notorious conor,mcgregor and i will be reading out your,mean tweets i can't wait,i'd happily watch conor mcgregor die,i can't wait to see jose although bother,him and his little pink the little pink,wife beaters in,i actually hate conor mcgregor so much,knee if,knee of long back lynch,look at the length of that back,look at how long her back is,where's,what,is that,look at that,what,that's not right,can can you see that you're the camera,that's not really,is it,that's,that can't be right,oh my gosh the longest bike i've ever,seen,squats nev,squats,conor mcgregor makes me so embarrassed,of being from dublin like i'd rather,admit to being from the same city as,nikki bourne,it was nikki a man from westlake ah he's,sorry he's sorry,future groupie,that's what that's what i think,katie hopkins and conor mcgregor vying,for the accolade of being the worst,human being alive i reckon who's katie,hopkins,oh stop,difference between chael sonnen and,conor mcgregor connor actually believes,the stupid that comes out of his mouth,say what you want to me yeah i'm,bulletproof,and if you're in this game you must be,bulletproof it's probably not that far,off i do believe what i say,it's,it's that simple,you see a picture of your baldi,the lads,go on the lads,five virgins every single one of them,here conor mcgregor is so ugly that he,pains my eyes,that's his profile,really can't wait for jose alla to mess,up conor mcgregor and shut his mouth up,conor mcgregor trash tiger,hashtag team aldo conor mcgregor truth,targa,andy allison i hope conor mcgregor gets,knocked,out,you and many others,uh stop,conor mcgregor is like a little angry,ginger cat a lion,a tiger a leopard that cheated,i'll take that,i'm not i'm not angry conor mcgregor is,an arrogant scumbag,and i sincerely hope somebody,on his poorly fitted suits,whatever the suits are fit good whatever,about everything else,maybe there's a case but the suits fit,good,uh thank you everybody i enjoyed reading,your mean tweets,i will wipe my tears with my money,and carry on thank you so much

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mcgregor once again went off on the,diamond,dismissing his win and mocking his claim,that a checked leg kick is what broke,mcgregor's leg,here is conor mcgregor mocking the wife,of khabib,another of his deleted tweets was when,he called khabib in homophobic,connor made some ugly remarks about the,late great father of khabib,the time he clowned ally and khabib,connor clowning khabib's team over the,bus incident,he deletes a disturbing rant against,dustin and his family,gonzoe is like goner it means a person,is doomed or finished,conor mcgregor deletes tweets mocking,the cousin of khabib after defeat on his,ufc debut,the notorious gives a response to,dustin's wife,here he is clowning dustin's wife once,again,connor talking about his incident with a,bellator referee,connor crazy response to ali,you

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All of Conor Mcgregor’s weird twitter voice notes

All of Conor Mcgregor’s weird twitter voice notes

that was an illegal me on the head of a,grounded opponent,what are you talking about smash this,and smash that what was smash more near,to his oisaki yeah,Shake doesn't need to a grounded,opponent call the cops, ticket come here this one goes,out to uh Anthony,Smith yeah,you know reports came out your last bill,you broke the leg right you're sitting,there you're sitting there hobbled over,the oak what was the extent of the,injury it was silence area for an area,trap on that,so obviously it was a miscalculation,didn't break your leg but what was it,was it a stress fracture what what was,the issue pal,because you know what that looks like to,me you hobbling now there was what I,experienced pre the break what I went,through in the camp,and in training and had them stress,fractures and they were building up over,time even over years of building,people around you,it built up over time,so keep kicking pile until the leg snaps,until then strap your leg up and keep, going and get back in that cage,and kick until the leg fully,snaps,and then you'll be at my level yeah and,then go about what you got to go about,you I'm a big a bad machine what can I,say God decided it,the stand,he hit,I'm coming for you pee head,silly hillbilly do you want to go,tomorrow man yeah,do you wanna go to wall,we'll go to war with you yeah,secure the little sausage everything,will have security set you up,we're just there when you're in Vegas,again pal,the Apex Fanny pad,keep my name out of your melt in,any type of threatening behavior,foreign,ER,hey Mike that's Connor here just getting,on about that video the last part I saw,I saw you didn't understand that I was,simply acting,and I I thought you would have known,brother I love my man God bless the show,God bless the fam and God bless my man,oh yeah,the most power,Twitter's ever seen,the most power Twitter's ever seen,the most power Twitter has ever seen,the most power it's what has ever seen,the most power Twitter has ever seen,the most proud of what is ever seen,the most power Twitter,has ever laid eyes on,the most power Twin has ever seen,foreign,that's me guys the notorious,bro we had we had a chat about I love,her reptiles or I love her rats,silly ,there's a car like I'm the funny fairly,bad love,or I'm challenging you to a fight,tonight 10 30 pm I'll meet you down at,SBG Concord and we'll fight for the,whole lot we'll fight for the whole lot,going through having lawyers message me,about the information and all this soon,and all you're a little fair you're a,little blouse me we'll see you at SBG,Concord Hanoi 10 30 pm and I'll feature,for a whole lot yeah answer this answer,this blowers

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Conor McGregor discusses UFC 257 loss, responds to Khabib Nurmagomedov tweet | ESPN MMA

Conor McGregor discusses UFC 257 loss, responds to Khabib Nurmagomedov tweet | ESPN MMA

yeah it's heartbreaking john you know,it's hard to take,the highest highs and the lowest lows in,this game my leg is completely dead,and even though i felt like i was,checking them it was just sinking into,the front of,the muscle at the front of the leg and,it was badly compromised and it's like,an american footballing,museum at the mini so you know,it is what it is dustin for a hell of a,engaging the takedown with him i thought,i'd done well i got up torn them,i was in my head thinking in that,section now i'm getting just tied up now,i felt all right,in the clean room i was better than him,in the clinch um,but too little too late the leg was,compromised and i didn't adjust,to and and that's it fair play the dust,and very happy for him,very happy that i got to compete in this,in these times and,and come back my 11th ufc main event,and that's it it's hard you know,i don't know i don't know where i'm at,at the minute to be honest we think,about you know your mental toughness and,what you're made of i mean was that,difficult for you to know like,this leg just isn't working anymore like,there's i'm i'm i'm dead in here,look i was going to tough it out,gentlemen i took that as much as i could,but,um it was an unusual one that's for sure,where i would feel okay in a sp,inspiring or something checking that,side i felt like me,i lifted the leg up multiple times but,it just sunk into the muscle at the,front of the,at the front and it just it was badly,compromised,and then dustin had good solid defense,as well so when i was pressing forward,with the shots they were,you know he was defending well,it is what it is he fought a hell of a,fight and that's it what can you do i'm,happy for them,you said the inactivity just caught up,to you i mean is it is it physical is it,a timing is it,what what was the cost of the inactivity,it's the whole shebang i mean but uh,i have no excuses here it was a,phenomenal performance by dustin,um and that's it you know,i don't know what to say i'm gonna go,back i'm gonna chill out i'm just gonna,i'll watch the full fight and get a,better grasp on it,but the leg was compromised and i was,rushing the shots a little bit and,you know i didn't adjust and that's,that's that you know it's a,it's a bitter bitter pill to swallow,and i don't even know whether i'm that,upset i'm um i don't know,i don't i don't know what to say you,know last thing for me connor dana was,here earlier and he said like he hadn't,talked to yet but he's like,this could go one of two ways either a,conor gets hungry you know what i mean,it drives him,he comes back you know better than ever,or he walks away you know he's got money,in the bank he doesn't need to do this,as you sit there right now which of,those two pass sounds right,yeah you know i'll certainly regroup,i'll regroup and pick myself up you know,what i mean,get up off the floor and go again and,that's it styles make fights there's,many great stylistic matchups out there,i meet myself and doesn't have,one-on-one myself and,nate are one-on-one you know there's,many good matchups for me and,i'll adopt a different approach for for,the trilogy i feel with dustin because,you know that that that those leg kicks,are not to be messed with you know i,mean,that calf kick the low calf kick i've,never experienced that and i just,it was a good one so it's not that i,haven't got the style in in me to,to switch it up and keep that keep that,at bay and,of a lot more weapons i didn't get the,show it wasn't my wasn't a great night,but,again no excuses hats off and you know,regroup and pick myself up,i look forward to going back now seeing,the kids and just,just taking their licks man it's a,bastard of a game but it is what it is i,i,there's not a mark on my face that it,wasn't rattled about anything it's just,i had i had no leg,and fearful complaint and we fought well,and,yeah i look forward to watching the back,connor,was the the leg something that you felt,growing over time as he landed more,shots or did it,suddenly happen because in the final,sequence there's a moment where it looks,like your leg suddenly goes dead and,your balance goes yeah it was,it was an accumulating accumulated for,sure,i knew when i seen he had tiago alves in,the corners like these,you know i knew what was coming i knew,they were going to try and kick the i,knew he likes to kick the loki he's also,experienced that low that,kick before himself taking it so that's,my first time to experience that so,um but one of them sunk in early and,thiago said that was a good one,and i was gonna be heading in a bastard,it was a good one and then it just,started accumulating open,but you know it is what it is,man i'm not that i'm not that upset over,it which is another weird one for me you,know what i mean,i'm happy with i put in an immense,amount of water gave it me all,and i'll regroup for sure,you know what i mean i'll adopt maybe a,different stance and you know,every opponent is it has a different you,know you have to

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Dana White GETS ROASTED over NEW Power Slap video! McGregor GOES OFF on Gastelum! Suarez returns

Dana White GETS ROASTED over NEW Power Slap video! McGregor GOES OFF on Gastelum! Suarez returns

all right let's get this show started,this video we've got four new matchups,announced for upcoming UFC events Conor,McGregor takes shots at Calvin Gastelum,Dana White gets roasted by UFC fans,Israel anasania attends the concert of,exhibit and Mike Jackson gets released,from the UFC,the card for UFC's return to London has,some additions the UFC recently added,three new fights for UFC 286 this,includes a middleweight bout between,Marvin Victoria and Roman delizae the,Tori last Saw action inside the Octagon,back in September of 2022 when he fell,short in his bout against Robert,Whittaker losing the fight via unanimous,decision as for the lead Zay he's riding,a four-fight winning streak he's fresh,off a second round TKO victory over Jack,Hermanson back in December,the second bout added to the card is a,featherweight scrap between larone,Murphy and Nathaniel wood azolino was,the first to break the news in the third,fight announced for UFC London is a,women's FlyAway clash between former,total Challenger Jennifer Maya and 11th,ranked Casey O'Neill,Tatiana Suarez will also be making her,long way to return to action after,nearly four years away from the sport,when she faces Montana De la Rosa at an,upcoming UFC Fight Night card scheduled,for February 25th,after going 5-0 in the UFC a net,Kendrick derailed Suarez after her most,recent win in 2019 and she was unable to,compete now healthy again she is set to,return in a new weight class debuting at,125 pounds Conor McGregor has some harsh,words for Calvin Gaslamp following UFC,Vegas 67's withdrawal Gastelum was,forced out of his fight with nasserole,due to a gruesome mouth injury the,details of which are yet to be disclosed,Calvin will now be replaced by Sean,Strickland who will take on imavov in a,light heavyweight encounter on six days,notice on Twitter gaslim released his,first statement since withdrawing from,the bout he wrote I'm extremely,disappointed to say the least this is,not how I wanted to start 2023 I worked,my ass off and battled through a lot of,adversity and was ready to put on a hell,of a show this weekend I apologize to,himavov his Camp as well as UFC and all,the fans,#on a mission for gold,shortly after McGregor took some shots,at Gaslamp by writing this on his,Instagram stories absolute Scruff this,thing is that's full-on staph infection,all over his face a fully hole oh my God,and it's his second time to attempt to,enter competition like this what the,clean your mats wash yourself go to the,doctor scruff,Dana White is being ridiculed by UFC,fans after releasing a new powerslap,promo video it was only last week that,the news and video surfaced of Dana,White slapping his wife Anna at a New,Year's Eve party,following the altercation both whites,issued statements advising they were,working things out and asking for,privacy on Monday the UFC president got,brutally roasted by fans after posting a,new powerslap promo video on his social,media here's some reactions Brandon,Moriah said ain't no way he posted this,Alex rho are you the main event,aristonado Dana versus Miss White Main,Event Michael xo86 very poor timing to,be debuting a slap League very poor,timing,John Flores Dana about to ten and seven,his baby mama now that's quality it was,all a genius marketing plan,art Trudeau white versus white rematch,is the main event,siege209 said Dana finna be the first,champ,in full senoro Dana should sell a drink,called slap Jews,Israel adasani attends the concert of,hip-hop sensation exhibit who's,currently touring New Zealand as part of,his juicy Fest 2023 exhibit is also,known for his role as the presenter of,MTV's iconic reality show Pimp My Ride,here's the video for me personally I,always thought this is the business,you'd be in club promoting people in,because he's the kind of guy that breaks,people together he can walk into any,room any Eskimo igloo and sell ice to,them yeah and he likes to work with his,hands and he works with an animal yet it,was good to see him finally being,is like I think and he's won a,successful event I hate us so I hope,says we're here it's a beautiful day,let's go,oh my God,foreign,thank you,I feel like I feel like,on Monday welterweight Mike Jackson,confirmed his release from the UFC with,one bout remaining on his contract the,algorithm-based Twitter account UFC,roster watch first reported the news,in an interview with MMA fighting,Jackson said that his release is,unrelated to the fight that happened,with Jay Shields at the UFC performance,Institute for which he is pressing,charges Jackson also said he wants a,rematch with shields under the terms,that he originally agreed to a boxing,match at a mutually agreed upon Jim,Jackson said he wasn't able to defend,himself properly at the ufcpi because he,had just had surgery on his jaw he said,my mindset wasn't to beat the god of,Jake Shields it was not to get punched,in the face so he's in my DMs talking a,bunch of but then his tune changed,and he was like do you want me to come,to H

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10 Biggest Curses in MMA History

10 Biggest Curses in MMA History

NBA players have been known to do all,sorts of strange things to Zone in on,that free-frow shot not counting Will,Ferrell of course the Boston Red Sox,even grew beards for good luck on their,way to winning the World Series in 2013,and in the MMA World Anderson Silva even,admitted to sneaking away from his team,to eat Big Macs after weigh-ins and,while those superstitions have helped,athletes get into whatever mindset was,necessary to do their jobs the flip side,of the coin does the exact opposite by,either tapping into the magical powers,of Doctor Strange serving as a silly,distraction strong enough to throw,things off course or by simple,coincidence among the watchful eyes of,equally superstitious fans and pundits,curses play golf ball I'm Bailey and,remember my own point and here are the,10 biggest curses in MMA,that did pretty work did it number 10,the morning combat resume review okay so,obviously just like in the mummy there's,something to be said about the world of,MMA,cursed well that also applies to the MMA,media an entity universally revered,amongst fans Fighters and promoters it's,no wonder that some have zeroed in on,curses stemming from these beloved,microphone Wilden wordsmiths while the,MMA hour producer and gambling,Aficionado Connor Burks has raised,eyebrows with his T-shirt because,actually it's now extended to all types,of memorabilia poor guys just trying to,show support honestly also Connor if,you're watching please don't buy that,Jack Della madalena T-shirt oh God it,does appear though that the crew over at,morning combat might really have cast a,spell on the fight World their resume,review a deep dive into the previous,bouts of a fighter before a major event,is a great way to build anticipation,ahead of their next outing I really,believe we are seeing one of the,greatest of all time but yeah sorry Lads,it's also been a great way to predict,the loser of that upcoming contest for,nearly the first year of programming,every single fighter profiled would lose,with only one making it to decision,let's not underrate his actual ability,to do what he does when he is a hundred,percent ready it was at UFC 260 that,Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell really,disrupted the natural order of things,with a double offering of the resume,review highlighting steepe miocic and,Tyron Woodley both would not make it to,the final Bell that night and it would,take a segment outside of ever made to,break the curse as boxing champion,Canelo Alvarez would be given the resume,review honor before an 11th round TKO of,Caleb plant number nine Trail Sonnen not,seemingly satisfied with being the,Undisputed and undefeated best,middleweight in the world during his,competitive days Charles Sullen has,parlayed a successful fight career into,being one of the more recognizable,analysts in the sport his YouTube,channel is wildly popular and has become,a go-to for many fight fans for his,signature sarcasm an entertaining way,with words question is who's gonna win,on Saturday under the unified rules at,145 pounds between Amanda Nunes and,Megan Anderson and when you start to,break that match down for the X's and,O's you start to see a few very positive,signs for Mika but there is a decent,number of people who tune into his,videos just to see what he's gonna get,wrong over the roughly Five Years uncle,chale has followed in our footsteps with,his YouTube thing he has amassed quite a,few wildly wrong predictions among his,Greatest Hits are Megan Anderson to,Dethrone Amanda Nunes Calvin Kayla over,Max Holloway and cowboy over Conor want,a prediction straight up I believe,cowboy Cerrone finds an upset according,to psychology of the fighter in 2021,Trail had a dismal 32 success rate for,his official predictions which I mean,well I mean there's no way of Defending,that really is there depending on how,well your Tim foil hat matches your,sneakers though there might be more to,this story instead of being a terrible,fight picker perhaps he's actually an,evil genius whatever the case may be Joe,has as would expected taking the,speculation light-heartedly joking with,his fans begging him not to pick their,favorite fighter countless fans have,reached out to me,and begged me to not put the curse,on Darren till I'm taking Brunson so,where does Kevin Lee fit into all this,number eight Eminem while there's some,other musical artists that may or may,not be cursed this one in particular is,all about poor decision making from the,fighters a share dog Forum poster in,particular had his pulse on the status,facts and figures and he compiled a,database of UFC fighters and how,successful they were after walking out,to the octagon with a Slim Shady track,blaring over the speakers his findings,weren't all that damning actually upon,first glance at the 212 instances that,had been logged by the last update yeah,I can't believe he actually went through,them all the fighters who preferred an,Eminem track before throwing down lost,about 52.4 of the time so that's ne

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Conor McGregor Posts Bigoted Tweet About Khabib's Wife

Conor McGregor Posts Bigoted Tweet About Khabib's Wife

I'm come here for Smurfs this guy I,don't know I know this is a respect for,Conor McGregor has taken it too far,after a barrage of attacks between he,and Habib nurmagomedov he tweeted your,wife is a towel mate Conor has insulted,the Dagestani fighter the love of his,life and his religion where Habib is a,devout Muslim one of 1.5 billion on this,planet Habib's reply tweet would read,rapist,you are rapist you are a hypocrite who,is not responsible for your actions,justice will find you we will see,connors tone-deaf response was to Habib,saying I don't think he's finished when,Conor announced his retirement Conor,acts like a jealous wife who says I will,leave all the time but then comes back,although it was tweeted Conor deleted it,but still it remains all over the,internet just one google search means,that it remains forever Conor of course,wasn't finished he between plot twists,it's a goat under that towel because he,simply cannot help himself digging the,hole deeper and deeper at the notorious,MMA if you think that insulting entire,religion you be safe you are mistaken,tweeted could be recall just 12 months,ago in Brooklyn,McGregor attacked Habib nurmagomedov bus,which carried other UFC fighters that,were injured in the process it ignited,the rivalry and the UFC sold the fight,as just that a cage match built on the,foundation of pure hatred the limits of,which were nowhere near prevalent in the,build-up to their fight Conor called out,hubby's father labeling him a quivering,coward which set the alarm off for,personal attacks it has gotten to the,point that UFC president Dana White had,to respond and he did stating the,ongoing situation has escalated to a,level that is unacceptable as such we,are taking the necessary steps to reach,out to both athlete camps and this,situation is being addressed by all,parties internally there's a lot to,unravel but we must call it as we see it,prior to McGregor knocking out a great,champion in Jose Aldo he would save the,Brazilian what I really want to do is,turn his favela into a Reebok sweatshop,they work well over there he demanded,loyd mayweather dance for me boy while,promoting his boxing match full,disclosure I am a fan of the Ultimate,Fighting Championship Dana White while,our politics rarely align I appreciate,his business acumen and the mastery he,has put forth in building the UFC from a,2 million our product to over a four,billion dollar venture what I cannot be,onboard with is the level Habib and,Connors rivalry and how it is manifested,the UFC's hands are not dry remember,that bus attack video we showed,previously the organization used it in,their promotions in the build-up to,their fights Dana has come out,admonishing the fighters social media,barbs and condemning their action but,there is no doubt from their past,history the promotional company is,salivating at these two going at each,other my other gripe is innocent,bystanders are being targeted ie,Habib nurmagomedov his wife and Conor,McGregor's alleged accuser plus a,significant other D Devlin they did not,sign up to be brought into a now,cultural war there have been heated,rivalries before there have been,escapades of trash-talking gone too far,the UFC must take this head-on and set,the example for other promotional,companies in the near future without,intervention the tensions rise not just,from the fighters and their respective,camps but also their supporters who will,flock the host city the host stadium and,without a doubt unequivocally lead to,spectators needing an ambulance

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KSI: Dillon Danis Won’t Compete for Misfits Boxing Again - The MMA Hour

KSI: Dillon Danis Won’t Compete for Misfits Boxing Again - The MMA Hour

he is the undefeated,let's see boxing,promoter,boxer recording artist,um YouTuber uh sometimes actor,entrepreneur,um drink entrepreneur as well there's a,lot of things that this guy is doing,he's kind enough to give us some time he,is the one and only JJ AKA KSI there he,is hello kids oh what's up all right,first of all I'm not a good actor,I'm terrible you were in a film right,you were in a film oh it was I I no no,okay it was terrible well uh yo great to,be here man thank you for having me from,from the uh familiar spot right here,this is big,yeah yeah no it's uh well obviously last,time I saw you with uh Dennis going ham,and then all obviously after going in on,him and uh going in on me and you know,Misfits and everyone and it's true yeah,we probably had a bit too much faith in,him actually trying to show up I didn't,even didn't even show up in the end so,yeah that was that was bad enough but,Israel is I'm still back you know,fighting this Saturday and uh yeah I'm,ready you know fight comes done I'm,prepared and uh yeah I'm excited to get,back in the ring and just again show,everyone that you know I'm serious about,uh this boxing thing okay okay so we,went a few steps to uh ahead there yeah,you just went and went crazy on me uh,first of all you know who would have,thought I get the 10-7 over Dennis you,don't even get to punch him in the face,it's a crazy world that we live in,um but let me ask you this let's start,with that uh going back to Austin uh you,guys agree to the fight he says to us in,the interview that he was supposed to,fight,Logan Paul Logan gets injured and I,guess it was according to him some Talks,Of You may be fighting someone else and,I want to ask you about that person is,that all true did it all go down like,that or was that made up,no no that is all true so I was gonna be,fine wouldn't we and Tyron Woodley uh,Dennis yeah and I was and then uh what's,his name uh Logan Paul was gonna be fine,then Dennis and then uh yeah and then,Logan got injured uh the budget got,shorter,from The Zone uh and then we were kind,of like oh okay and then Pine Woodley,was just having a little back and forth,with the rehydration claws and you know,the weight so we were just like well,we've got Dennis here who's who's free,and he's hungry and he's he's been,telling us he wants to fight he's been,going in uh telling my manager moms yo I,want to fight I want to fight I want to,fight so I was like all right let's,let's go Dylan Dennis he wants it you,know he's hungry for it and he's gonna,be entertaining you know I know between,Dennis and Tom Woodley I'm gonna get,more entertainment from Dennis because,he's just wild and he's just weird,stupid but he he's you know he,gravitates eyes towards him and it's,just going to make it a bigger spectacle,also get the MMA Community into the,whole uh into whole into watching it and,it was just kind of like a smart play,and I knew I'd just knock him out anyway,but you know I think it would have been,just a great Showcase of me to be like,okay this is what I can do and then uh,and then yeah he's just there's a lot of,just well I mean there's obviously we,all know what the story is well so I'm,curious was there any part of you that,thought he might not show up like,initially no no no no no,real soon,throughout the process like even when,you saw him sitting here were you,starting to have any doubts,while I with him being there kind of,made me go oh okay he's actually serious,like he's going on your show he wants to,actually fight he's he looks like he's,somewhat prepared you know maybe he was,rambling on here and there but he looked,like he was serious so I was like all,right cool and you know from what my,manager's been telling me what people,have been telling me they're like oh,he's he's actually down so I was like,cool let's do it like I did hear,Whispers especially on Twitter and like,maybe if you comment here and there,being like oh he's not gonna show up,he's not gonna show up he's not gonna,fight he's gonna fight but I was just,like,nah man especially with the amount of,money he was going to be getting I was,like there's no way he's gonna just put,out especially everything he said saying,I'm not a real fighter saying that you,know I'm I mean I'm I'm an idiot uh I'm,stupid this is that that I I call box,blah blah blah he's gonna knock me out,blah blah blah there's no way he can,come through this much smoke and then,pull out and then he did,it is a crazy thing it is an absolute,crazy thing is there any part of you,that goes back to the press conference,and says we should have known then like,he didn't show up to the press,conference maybe that was a sign,well I mean that could have been smart,on on his part because for him to travel,all the way to the UK to do a press,conference and then fly back to wherever,he's from to then train again it's it's,kind of doesn't really make too much,sense and you know maybe,if he had then maybe use that as a,holiday not holiday as a way t

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