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Republican Congressman Ron Wright dies weeks after testing positive for COVID-19republican congressm

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Republican Congressman Ron Wright dies weeks after testing positive for COVID-19

republican congressman ron wright of,texas,has died due to complications from covet,19.,the 67 year old announced he'd tested,positive for the virus,on january 21st he died sunday at baylor,hospital,his wife susan continues to battle the,illness there,in a statement wright's congressional,office said the congressman,was also fighting cancer adding that he,died peacefully with his wife by his,side,congressman wright represented texas's,6th congressional district,since 2019. for more let's bring in the,texas tribune's washington bureau chief,abby livingston abby welcome thank you,very much for joining us,congressman wright and his wife were,both diagnosed with coronavirus but,the congressman had other health issues,what can you tell us,absolutely he has been in a long long,battle with lung cancer,almost since the time he came to,congress he's only this was only the,beginning of his second term so he,really,had yet to make his mark as a member,although he had been a long time capitol,hill staffer in the past,well you've described ron wright as a,fixture of the local political scene,especially in tarrant county which,includes fort worth tell us a little,about his backstory,and how he came to congress,well he was a top staffer to a,congressman named joe barton who had,been a long long,time congressman who left in a bit of,scandal several years ago,and so congressman wright ran and,eventually succeeded him in congress but,he'd also been the state,excuse me the tax assessor collector in,tarrant county um and had been on the,city council in a,very large city that most people don't,know much about called arlington,this is where the cowboys and the ranger,stadiums are,and so he's been very well known and i,think there's a lot of grieving in,tarrant county tonight,you know as you know congressman wright,was in his second term,in the house it's obviously very early,but you know there are a lot of,decisions that are going to be made in,washington here in the coming weeks,uh including on economic relief for,americans do we have any information,abby on what will become of texas's,sixth district seat,well this could become a nationalized,special election we don't know quite yet,congressman wright won and ran by about,eight and nine points in the last two,cycles,but democrats have been threatening this,district they have not fully,resourced their candidates who've been,running um but this is the kind of,district that they've been able to turn,over in a special election and so it,could become a very interesting race,uh should democrats fully invest,yeah i mean what does this have the,potential to look like given what we saw,you know what we've seen recently in the,state of texas in particular,we kept hearing about this quote unquote,blue wave,but what could this potentially look,like here,well this is the story of texas and this,is the story of the larger congressional,battleground across the country which is,arlington is a very urban environment,tarrant county is effectively the,bellwether county of texas the way,tarrant county goes uh is usually the,way texas goes but it's even been,trending even more democratic than the,rest of the state in the last two cycles,but you extend down past arlington and,you start getting into some very rural,areas where donald trump is very popular,and so the upper hand is undoubtedly,with republicans,and we still don't even know how,seriously the democrats are going to,challenge this seat,but this is one where republicans were a,little anxious about last fall,and had wondered um if democrats had put,more money behind it could ron wright,have been in more trouble,and so uh this is this is going to be a,fascinating race and i think uh,to um i think it may it could become,interesting on the scale of,say conor lamb's race in pennsylvania,which uh was,of subject to fascination i guess in,2017 and so,uh this is our first real test special,election to see which way the winds are,blowing uh,nationally this cycle,yeah as you point out a great deal of,interest in what's happening there in,texas,abby livingston for us abby thank you,very much,thank you

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Split Decision: CD-6 candidates Jake Ellzey and Ron Wright

Split Decision: CD-6 candidates Jake Ellzey and Ron Wright

Hello my name is Jake Ellzey.,I'm a Republican running for Congressional District 6 here in Texas.,I'm Ron Wright and I'm running for Congress in the 6th Congressional District in Texas.,My record of service to this country stands on its own.,My entire adult life, I've been involved in community service of one form or another.,I'm a commissioner on the Texas Veterans Commission, spent 20 years in the United States Navy.,Serving on boards and commissions, mainly in Tarrant County.,Serving my country in combat, in the air and on the ground.,And then I gained some invaluable experience as a district director and then chief of staff,for Congressman Barton.,I own a business, I'm a CEO.,But I can hit the ground running in Washington.,No one else can.,I'm not a politician.,I am running for office, however.,I have a history of service that is unassailable and it represents the people of this district,far better than anybody else.,I don't know that I'm the fresh face, but I'm certainly the pretty face.,My opponent has been in politics for the last 20 years so everybody knows who he is.,I mean, look at this.,I've come from a life of service in which nobody knows who I am.,I'm the experienced candidate.,I'm running on that.,I'm running on my experience.,So trying to get started in public service in office is very, very difficult.,I'm a known commodity.,People know me, they know where I stand.,The 6th District deserves a voice that's unencumbered by politics.,The first issue always is protecting life and liberty.,Protecting freedom and the American people.,Everything is intertwined in this country with respect to national security.,I wanna continue the reforms of the Trump administration and cut back on the onerous,regulation.,We've got wars that have been going on for 16 years.,When you've been at war for 16 years, your military does get depleted.,We've got to cut spending.,We've got to get it under control.,We've got a 21 trillion dollar debt.,Illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and as well as human trafficking.,We keep getting held hostage to DACA and DREAM.,I reject this notion from the left that we have laws that don't mean anything.,That we have laws and it's okay to break them.,It's not.,Under the Constitution, the Congress is responsible in Article Four, Section Four, for preventing,invasion of our borders.,I want the laws of the United States to be respected and I want them enforced.,Protecting the 330 million Americans comes first.,It has to come first before we address DACA and DREAM.,We need to do some things that will protect the American people before we make any accommodations,for illegal aliens.,We need clean air, we need clean water.,Nobody is saying anything else other than that.,I think we have to strike a balance and that's what Joe tried to do.,Climate's always changing, isn't it?,Climate's always changing.,When I graduated from high school, they were predicting another ice age.,Well, that didn't happen.,If somebody proves to me that science is worthy of my attention then I'll listen to it, but,when you falsify data as NOAA has been shown, N-O-A-A has been shown to do numerous times,,you lose my ear.,We can have both.,We can have clean water and clean air and robust industry.,Well I can't say that he went wrong in terms of his congressional service.,He made some personal mistakes so that everyone knows about.,He owned up to those mistakes.,I have nothing bad to say about Mr. Barton, but I have, I think all things being what,they are, it was time to go.,He apologized for it and he's not running.,So Joe Barton's not an issue in this campaign.,I can assure you, there hasn't been a nude photo of me since I was 3 years old.

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Special congressional election in Texas heads to runoff

Special congressional election in Texas heads to runoff

the race to fill an empty congressional,seat in north texas has moved to a,runoff after a special election on,saturday,the race is to fill the late congressman,ron wright's seat he died in february,after battling lung cancer,and the coronavirus wright was the only,sitting member of congress to have died,from the virus,more than 20 candidates ran to finish,his term the late congresswoman,congressman's widow susan wright took,the most votes but,failed to get more than 50 percent she,will face fellow,republican state congressman jake elsie,in the runoff,joining me now is james henson he is the,director of the texas politics project,at the university of texas,at austin james thanks for being here,let's get a little bit deeper into into,what's happening in texas and then let's,talk about what this might mean,in terms of sort of broader politics but,both of the candidates going into the,runoff are republicans and they're both,trump supporters,but the former president endorsed just,one susan wright did that nod push her,into the,the pole position in this race well it,sure looks like it helped,um wright and elsie were virtually tied,in the early voting with about 7 000,votes each,wright then received nearly 8 000 votes,on election day,elsie had less than fourth and 4 000 so,it definitely helped her although i i,think for a lot of people this was a,very crowded confusing race she was the,favorite growing in,going in so the trump endorsement helped,um let's talk about what this race says,about democrats in texas the democratic,contender who came in third place,just conceded a little bit earlier and,what does it say about the anti-trump,republican candidate michael wood,well there was a lot of talk about,whether the anti-trump,sort of themes in this race among him,saying a couple other people were going,to get them,anywhere and it didn't uh he would,finish,far back in the pack um you know,i think the the role of trump in texas,is complicated i,you know i would say that texas was very,trumpy long before,trump you know there's a history of the,kind of politics that donald trump,activated that were,had a lot of value in texas long before,this,and so we're going to continue to see,post-trump texas,show the effect of donald trump's,presidency but but look in a lot of in a,lot of ways very familiar to what,politics looked like in texas before,trump,that is a republican party that where,there's a strong contingent of very,dedicated,ideologically driven conservatives um,and a strong element,of traditional cultural politics and and,some nativism frankly,uh let's talk about the democrat a,little bit more uh,jaina lynn sanchez she's previously run,for this seat uh she came,in third place um but still given how,crowded the field was with republicans,i'm not sure,give us a read on whether or not that,was really a success for democrats,and then are democrats looking at any,other texas districts with an eye,towards flipping them,well you know starting with that,district i mean this is a district that,has been,looking a little bit more democratic but,still,overall was very republican uh um,the late congressman wright won that,seat by about nine points,in in 20 in 2020,this was actually you know looked better,for republicans than it has in the past,the 11 republican candidates,split about 62 percent of the vote the,10 democrats combined for about 37,percent,if you unpack the district that looks a,lot like the rest of texas looks now and,will continue to look,um democrats did much better in urban,tarrant county the home of fort worth,but barely moved the needle at all you,know barely broke double digits,in the more in the two other rural and,exurban counties,so you know looking forward we're going,to continue to see democrats try to,contest,mixed mixed districts like this but,after an initial optimism after the,democrats had after 2018,they really got pushed back on their,heels again in 2020,republicans are now going to control the,redistricting process,and and are trying to move through the,legislature but new voting and election,rules,that are advantageous to republicans um,and so the democrats still have a pretty,big hill to,climb in texas despite you know the the,demographic trends that we've all heard,about,james i also want to talk to you about,something that that is also a national,theme,because in the case of this race it got,very,dirty uh tell us about the false,robocalls about susan wright,and is there any indication where they,may have come from and what might be the,consequences,for whomever was behind these really,hateful,lies yeah there were a bunch of really,awful robocalls that were circulating in,the district,um you know in the final week in the,final week of the campaign,that were claiming that that susan,wright was somehow responsible,for the death of her husband who as the,lead in said died of covid,um nobody's been able to track down,where these robocalls came from,and i think that's part of the gambit,when you inv

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TX Rep. Ron Wright dies weeks after testing positive for COVID-19 | NewsNOW from FOX

TX Rep. Ron Wright dies weeks after testing positive for COVID-19 | NewsNOW from FOX

all right everybody we have some,breaking news to bring you here on,news now from fox this morning we have,learned some sad news a united states,congressman,has died the latest news that we got,right here,this is u.s representative ron wright,who was hospitalized with cancer,last year and recently tested positive,for coronavirus chad pergram,the fox news reporter who covers,congress just took to twitter to say,quote excuse me fox has learned that,representative ron,writes the republican from texas has,died wright tested positive for,coronavirus several weeks ago,wright had also battled lung cancer last,fall wright was 67 years old,wright succeeded former gop texas,representative joe barton,in 2019 after barton retired so again,this is breaking news right now,our sister station fox 4 in dallas,actually,covered representative wright not too,long ago,the last article published on january,21st on their website,the texas tribune also contributed to,the article,reading that the representative tested,positive for the coronavirus in a,statement,again this was published on january 21st,which was a,thursday so not quite,three weeks ago but it was weeks ago,again wright 67 years old was,hospitalized,last year due to complications from,cancer treatment,and we've learned that he'd been in,quarantine prior to,or been in quarantine after testing,positive for the coronavirus so,earlier in the week when this article,was written almost three weeks ago,wright announced that soon after,returning to texas following the house,votes to impeach,then president donald trump he learned,that he and several members of his staff,had come into,contact with an individual who had the,virus,wright did not attend president joe,biden's inauguration and said in a,statement at the time he was quote,watching from my home in arlington end,quote again this is all background,information from our sister,station fox 4 dallas wright a former tax,assessor collector for tarrant county,who first took office in 2019 said he,was experiencing,minor symptoms so again we have learned,as a tweet from chad pergram the fox,news,reporter on capitol hill that,representative ron wright the republican,from texas has died at the age of 67.,he tested positive for coronavirus weeks,ago and also battled,lung cancer last fall so we will,continue to stay on top of this breaking,news story for you here,on news now from fox most of you are,going to see a two-minute commercial,break,when you return it looks like we're,going to be getting a live report,probably from chuck schumer i'm not,exactly sure i'm,working to confirm that information for,you but again i wanted to bring you this,breaking news right here,on news now from fox and the live update,is going to be yes from chuck schumer,and alexandra ocasio-cortez those of you,not going on a two-minute commercial,break we'll be back in new york city for,their latest coronavirus updates

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Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey advance to runoff election for 6th Congressional District

Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey advance to runoff election for 6th Congressional District

several key races in north texas will,head to a runoff after last night's,election results,as expected there will be a runoff,election for the 6th congressional,district,23 candidates ran in that race to fill,the seat of late republic republican,congressman ron wright,his widow susan wright ended the night,with 19 percent of the vote followed by,state representative jake elsie with 13,percent,both candidates will have more time now,to convince voters why they are the best,person to represent them in washington,fox 4's david centendry live with the,latest on the runoff ahead and has more,reaction as well tonight,david blake democrats thought they could,flip,this congressional seat but now we're,looking at two republican candidates in,this runoff election,a special election for the 6th,congressional district,including southeast tarrant county as,well as ellis and navarro counties,is headed predictably to a runoff there,were two dozen candidates so it was,clear that no one was going to win it,that there would be a run-up but,democrats were hoping not to be shut out,republican jake elsie whose campaign was,well financed,and susan wright the predicted,republican front-runner,are now vying for the seat and so that's,two republicans i really thought it,would be a republican or democrat,cal gilson political science professor,at smu,says between the two dozen candidates,republicans received a significantly,higher percentage of votes it was 62-38,so the republican turnout was very,strong the democrat turnout was not,strong,the seat belonged to the late republican,congressman ron,wright who died in february following a,battle with cancer and,coveted 19. his widow susan wright,led candidates with 19 percent of the,vote she has the endorsement of former,president donald trump,elsie who's currently a representative,in the texas house,earned 15 percent narrowly edging,democratic candidate,jana lynn sanchez by less than 400 votes,democrats have to increase their turnout,machine,and they've got to figure out how to,talk to texas voters,sanchez did place second in tarrant,county where the vast majority of votes,were cast,but right one tarrant and navarro while,elsie carried ellis and,sanchez finished far back in fourth,place,jilson says the democrats loss in an,election with,relatively low turnout points to a bold,red picture in texas,when you get down to 10 you've got the,die hards on both,side and there are more die-hard,republicans in this area than die hard,democrats,in the mid-cities area so i do think,that this is one more wake-up call,for the texas democratic party to think,about what you're doing why it's not,working,democrats narrowly control the u.s house,and senate making races like district,six,in texas even more important for both,parties,you lose one seat and you've lost,control of the senate,you lose five or so and you've lost,control of the house,governor greg abbott will set the date,for the runoff election

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Jake Ellzey defeats Susan Wright in Texas congressional election runoff

Jake Ellzey defeats Susan Wright in Texas congressional election runoff

the associated press projects jake,elsie has won the special runoff,election in texas's,sixth district lz will fill the seat of,late congressman,ron wright who passed away from covid,complications in february,he defeated wright's widow susan wright,in the runoff,despite her endorsement by former,president trump,it is the first time a candidate,endorsed by the former president has,lost an election since mr trump left,office for more on this i want to bring,in joel payne,and doug high joel is a cbs news,political contributor and democratic,strategist and doug is a former rnc,communications director,and republican strategist doug i want to,start with you,so uh as you know wright had been,endorsed by former president trump,in this election we know that we now,know the results,uh is this an indication that perhaps,the former president's,magic touch is fading well i think his,magic touch has always been slightly,overrated and i'll surprise you i think,joel and i might agree a lot on this,topic,look donald trump is the most coveted,endorsement that any republican can get,but that's not a guarantee of success we,saw that,obviously in in texas last night where,trump didn't just endorse but he made,robo calls,was extremely supportive of right in,this campaign,being from north carolina you know i'd,note that uh donald trump endorsed ted,budd in the senate race very,early just a couple of months ago at an,event for the republican,north carolina republican party and that,didn't cause any of the other republican,candidates to leave the field,uh they're still fighting for a new day,because they know yeah they didn't get,the endorsement that they wanted,but they don't that doesn't mean that,they necessarily win or lose because,donald trump is,still an enormous influential figure,within the party uh but he doesn't,determine anybody's success and,ultimately,candidates still matter good candidates,should be bad candidates,and that's what happened in texas,so to follow up quickly what do you,think this means for the 2022 midterms,well i think it means if you're a,republican your best course of action is,probably to stay out of donald trump's,firing line,if you want his endorsement and you get,it it's a boost for you,but it doesn't mean that you're,ultimately going to win those candidates,who stay out of his line of fire may be,very well served,and joel i want to turn to you now how,do you think that uh,democrats how closely do you think,democrats watch that race,and how do you think that they can,capitalize on this moving forward,well i tend to not overreact to any one,special election,special elections as doug can tell you,can be very unpredictable,and probably not a good idea to build,your entire political strategy around,but i think doug makes some good points,i think the president's endorsement is,certainly a positive for a republican,but,let's not forget presidents very quickly,lose,political touch and political power um,you know barack obama's endorsement,probably is not as golden,in a democratic party as it was five,years ago or 10 years ago,and president trump might express the,same phenomena i mean,parties move on um parties could be,moving on from donald,trump right now um it's probably a,little bit too early to make a,declarative statement on that,but i do think that um this does,indicate that there is,room for pushback to donald trump within,the republican party and that that might,be the bigger headline here,angel moving on now to the january 6th,hearing um following that emotional,testimony,yesterday what would you like to see,happen next,i think it would be really something,that would um,you know do something for the overall,morale of,everybody who works in that building and,doug and i are former uh capital,staffers and,i can tell you we probably felt that as,much as everybody in that room yesterday,is to just come together with a simple,shared state of facts around,what happened that day and stop trying,to ignore what was plainly visible,as a political measure look you know,sometimes politics is really simple,republicans don't want to find,themselves on the side with the people,who are,carrying confederate flags and beating,up police officers and they don't want,to find themselves on the opposite side,of,police officers who are testifying under,oath,about their experiences their awful,experiences with an insurrectionist mob,that's not generally the position you,want to be in politics i'm not breaking,news here but,i guess for republican office holders i,think they have to determine,whether or not fealty to donald trump is,worth the embarrassment that they faced,yesterday,when they had to you know do counter,programming and counter messaging,to these very powerful accounts that,these gentlemen uh displayed in that,committee hearing,yeah so doug i want to ask you i mean,considering,how sort of moving that testimony was,and how you know sort of cathartic it is,not just for the lawmakers or the people,that were on

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Tarrant County Judge Glenn Whitley On The Death Of Rep. Ron Wright

Tarrant County Judge Glenn Whitley On The Death Of Rep. Ron Wright

tarrant county judge glenn whitley thank,you so much,uh just your thoughts on the passing of,congressman wright,well it's um it's a sad day for our,community,um he and susan had done so much to,serve our community and,i know he had been uh sick you know but,he,he always had that positive attitude i,talked with him probably,two or three weeks ago and again he was,fighting it,he knew it was a tough battle but you,know he's at peace now,he's with his his lord now and,um will be the ones grieving um,on earth here and we'll all just you,know stay around susan and do whatever,we can to help her,and so when you last spoke to him he was,actually battling covet,yes he's you know he that i mean it's,just you know it's just been one thing,after another and,um but he was always optimist optimistic,he,uh he never let it get him down he was,never one to just sit and complain,i've known he and susan both for over,three decades,he's always been a public servant that,one who wanted to take on work and take,on a,a job and when it was over with he,wanted it to be better than what it had,been when it started out and,first is the arlington city council then,tax assessor collector and then finally,he got an opportunity to sit in the,chair where he had worked for,joe barton for so many years and so i,think he was very excited about that and,i just wish,that he'd had a whole lot more time to,serve in that seat,uh you uh have you know a full-time job,uh,serving the public and i'm just,wondering i i can't imagine,you know first all the hours that you,put in but the hours that he put in,traveling and at the same time battling,cancer,i mean that that that's just got to be,so so,challenging um can you speak to that,in the sense of how just busy you are,you know what i mean,yeah well you're exactly right jack i,mean,put on top of that he was just as busy,in congress going back and forth doing,everything being at party events,um and so on top of that to have to,fight something that,requires every ounce of your strength,uh just i was always in awe of how he,was able to do that and whenever i,talked with him again that positive that,optimistic attitude,always came out and this community just,will never realize how fortunate it was,to have ron here,you know first as the city council and,again he was one of those folks he,you know he had very strong beliefs but,he was always a team player,he didn't go in and just throw grenades,and try to blow things up he always,tried to make things work,and i think that was you know he was a,great deal,a part of the success there in arlington,because he always was looking out not,just to the next election,but out decades and and he and,again susan were just so terrific for,the community,uh not only the local community but the,county the state,and the country all right well judge,whitley thank you so much i really,appreciate your comments and,uh for joining us in such short notice,thank you so much,you bet jack have a good day

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Texas congressional candidate Michael Wood on the future of the Republican Party

Texas congressional candidate Michael Wood on the future of the Republican Party

in six weeks voters in texas will cast,their ballots to replace the first,sitting member of congress to die from,complications related to covid19,republican ron wright had been,undergoing treatment for lung cancer for,years,before contracting coronavirus earlier,this year,he died in early february at the age of,67.,wright's widow susan has already entered,the race to fill his seat,the historically republican district in,the dallas-fort worth metro area,has been trending toward democrats,recently in 2012 mitt romney won by 17,percentage points,last year president biden lost by just,three,i want to bring in one of the republican,candidates in the race,michael wood he's a small business owner,father of four and recipient of two,purple hearts awarded for service as a,marine,in afghanistan thank you very much,michael for being with us,thank you for having me it's good to be,with you elaine,so because of the events leading up to,this race i want to start with the,pandemic,a new poll by cbs news finds that less,than half of republicans,say that they have been or planned to,get vaccinated,do you think that is an issue and if so,what do you think should be done to,address that,i do think that's an issue and i think,it's important for,everybody to get the vaccine whenever,they're able to get the vaccine,this has been a horrible year for our,country,and operation warp speed and other,efforts by,government and business have just,amazing things achievements that are on,par with the manhattan project in terms,of developing this vaccine,and getting it out to the american,people i think it's important for,republicans,and all americans to get the vaccine,whenever they can,how is it though that you would address,reluctance on the part of some,republicans as we saw in that poll,to go ahead and get vaccinated though,what would specifically,um you know the next steps be in your,view to try to fight some of that,hesitancy,well with this issue as well as a,whole host of issues that are facing our,country i think it's important to,speak plainly to the american people and,tell them the truth,hear them out with regards to their,concerns their hesitancy in getting this,vaccine,but i think the first step is telling,them plainly that it's important to get,this not just for themselves not just,for their families,but also for their communities in the,country at large,so you say that you are running because,the republican party has quote,devolved into a cult of personality and,you also say that you voted for,president trump,in 2020. what's your view of president,trump now,well i think that president trump has,forfeited his right to lead my party,and to play any sort of constructive,role going forward,for the country as a whole you're right,i did vote for him,in 2020 i felt like he was a better,president than i expected,back in 2016. i also think that the,democratic party has grown,too extreme too comfortable with,socialism and i felt like we didn't,really have a choice,i was very much affected and shaken by,pretty much everything,that the president himself and his,administration did,after election day including on january,6th,we used to be a party of ideas uh we've,devolved into a cult of personality,we used to stand for things like limited,government strong economic growth and a,strong national defense,i fear that over the past few years,we've become too much the party of q,anon,too much departed conspiracy theories,and i think that that's bad for the,party,and i'm doing what i can here in texas,to,fight back against that,what was that like for you as someone,who has served in combat we mentioned a,bit of your biography,in your intro but when you saw those,events unfold on capitol hill on january,6th,what went through your mind uh it's one,of the,worst things that i've ever seen i think,i have the same reaction that a lot of,americans had,that was probably the worst thing that,uh you know i've seen,the worst attack on our country uh since,september 11th,uh that wasn't just an attack uh on a,building,wasn't just an attack on the congress uh,i r i truly did feel like that was an,attack,on the american people and here's the,thing there's a certain raw,and noble patriotism that exists within,the american people and i feel like,that's been taken advantage of,that was taken advantage of after,election day and that was uh taken,advantage of on january 6th,we're a nation born of revolutionary,struggle we,threw off uh tyrants and that's a huge,part of our national psyche,and i felt like donald trump tapped into,that,irresponsibly along with other members,of the republican party and leaders of,the republican party,and uh i feel just like i felt a few,weeks ago,incredibly disappointed and more than a,little bit angry about it,our time is running short here but i do,want to ask you about this influx of,migrants that we have been seeing,at the southern border many of them,unaccompanied children,what is it that you think the federal,government needs t

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