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Are Steelers fans spoiled?one thing that i see more often than i,thought i'd ever see this year,as t

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Are Steelers fans spoiled?

one thing that i see more often than i,thought i'd ever see this year,as the steelers have ebb and flowed and,gone back and forth and especially after,losses in the week after losses the,morning after if you will,is,steeler fans are spoiled and it's not,the same number that's texting again and,again and again because we got some,jokers that'll text the same thing you,know you can see what lines text on what,number it's coming from,steeler fans are spoiled and you know i,take everything,and look at it and say i value,everyone's opinion so let me think about,that for a little bit no matter how off,the wall it seems to be unless it's like,a personal attack i don't even deal with,it but then i like to think about,everyone's opinion and so i tried to,think about it we had a discussion you,and i did because i presented that to,you this morning steeler fans are,spoiled,are steeler fans really spoiled,if the last time they saw a super bowl,victory was in 2000 the year 2009 after,the 08 season,how old think about you could be a 17,year old kid go with that you could be a,17 year old kid you could be,seven you could be an adult right now,you could be a full-fledged adult you,could be 18 right in your freshman year,of college okay,and you might not remember the last,super bowl victory or parade because you,were you would have been six then,i mean that's,that's not spoiled that's that's me or,you,in the late 80s early 90s being told all,the time about what it was like in the,late 70s and never getting to experience,it ourselves right right we are now 30,years down the road and again i make,that comparison all the time to the late,80s early 90s under the knoll era,beginning the tower era because it it,feels like we are in a lot of the same,lanes now again 30 years,later and that includes where you know,i remember talking to my family down,south in texas and louisiana when i was,a little kid and oh you're a steelers,fan you guys went,no i i just i was born in 1970 not the,fall of 1979 i haven't seen the steelers,win,really that spoiled that since 18 it's,nine six and one eight and eight twelve,and four after then a big collapse and,five five and one right now are we,really,that spoiled if you're 18 years old the,farthest you've seen the pittsburgh,steelers progress that you can really,remember,is a conference championship game,where they got handled by the patriots,right you're not spoiled you want to,have your own parade you want to have,your own championship are you really,that spoiled that in the last five,playoff games you've seen them beat the,dolphins with matt moore beat the kansas,city chiefs with a bunch of field goals,and lose to the patriots the jaguars and,the browns are you really that spoiled,i don't think so i i you know that's a,and,when i see that i don't want to have a,knee jerk and that's why i want to go,ahead and talk this through,because there are two sides to it there,are definitely people who feel that way,man you've had such a run of success,well you know what,here's the thing it's a capped league,and so it's not,there should be a bounce back here's,what i'll say you can you can you can,describe yourself if you're a steelers,fan and i've made mention of this when,we talk about penguins fans being,spoiled in the past right,you can consider yourself not spoiled,spoiler makes it sound like you're not,grateful for anything at all right but,you can find your expectations,have been spoiled a bit because you are,a fan of a team that is constantly,always,every august in someone's conversation,about contending for a championship,right even if they're not totally if if,it's not totally validated people talk,about your team all the time and them,being not just competitive but being a,playoff team every single year so you,come to,just those expectations i don't want to,say you become numb to it but you do to,a certain extent we become numb to oh,we're going to the playoffs great okay,that's supposed to happen,um so your expectations can get a little,bit spoiled but to say that steeler fans,on the whole,are spoiled by what we've seen over the,last 10 to 12 years,i would have to disagree with that,because over the last 10 last 10 to 12,years,at least again in my opinion it's been,no better than,those,those 10 to 12 years that we got between,the,last super bowl the 70s and the,beginning of the coward era no i agree,with you scotty scotty's in boise scotty,good morning to you how you doing,hey good morning guys thanks for taking,the call man certainly,a few things i just wanted to touch on,you know i was thinking maybe kevin,clover maybe needs to go you know,uh i don't really you know think,anything that he's done is real special,the past few years with these draft,picks a couple other things i just want,to mention and i'm going to listen to,you guys off the air okay,uh,pittsburgh winning eight or nine games,this year is only going to kill us in,the draft okay i'm not saying they,should go out and lose games but

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Colin Dunlap Judges Pittsburgh's BEST IPAs | Hampton Beer Outlet Blind Taste Test

Colin Dunlap Judges Pittsburgh's BEST IPAs | Hampton Beer Outlet Blind Taste Test

all right everybody we're here at,hampton beer outlet i'm in the masters,chamber aka bill's office,so we're here with something a little,special we've got colin dunlap blind,taste testing six of the best ipas,pittsburgh has to offer all local,breweries and he's going to pick his,favorite so let's pour these things bill,here is the contestants we've got squish,from sunderlands we have galactic ghost,from grist house,we have false kingdom,from old thunder here we've got uh,general braddocks from brew gentlemen,soft top,from butler brewing oh yes not to forget,11th hour from their astrology series,we've got their most recent one which is,gemini so colin's gonna taste these have,no idea what he's drinking talk about,him a little and then pick his favorite,beer is good beer is good beer is good,beer is good,okay here we go okay,it's like a journey when you're at a,restaurant your food comes how excited,you get this is like that times 10. here,we go,let me guess three's next we've got a,number three,you're right virginia he's really good i,graduated from west virginia i can do,this four five do you have some sort of,grid or key where you know what is what,yes,that's all right i didn't think i was,smart enough to remember those six but,i've got it right here i know exactly,what is what everything else we are,ready though we're ready with stuff,gigantic beer number one do i do it like,one,oh yeah there you go number one,now i gotta say calling backstage we,already filmed the pour so everybody,knows what that is yeah we've already,filmed it i've had this before,you probably perhaps have had all of,these before,and you're discriminating,well known,well,it's debatable it depends on how many,beers i had,what are these are secretive notes okay,all right secretive notes like when,you've got it like what's the respect to,confidential,do you want a palette cleanser yes,all right here we go let's do it the,right way,nice little lightish,number one so i'll go,okay are you scoring it like the,olympics are you giving,number two sweet sweet,this is all supporting the local economy,everything here is supporting the local,economy right,there are people working every day to,brew these awesome beers locally locally,all in and around pittsburgh western,pennsylvania area pittsburgh's beer,scene has saved my hometown of,sharksburg,it has if you think about it from an,economic standpoint,right yeah former mayor matt rutzky,mayor matt ruski he,invited these,these fight to these breweries in there,and then,it's happened there's two of them,there's another one in blondes it's,happening all of millvale they sort of,like they took the blueprint the novel,that's very true it's incredible what,beer has done for me if you're right,there is a lot of responsibility he,cannot mess this up oh okay and for,anybody watching here the coolers behind,us are all the local selection here at,hampton beer outlet so that's what,you're seeing,we picked six out of there earlier and,you can mix and match the six pack and,mix and match which is a big move you,could just get one of this and one of,them any one of these give me one of,these show me one of these that's the,way to do it,how many local beers are we up to do you,know how many breweries are in we would,have at any one time another breweries,we probably had 15 and beers we would,have over a hundred different varieties,i was going to say about 130 or 150 it's,more than 100 just local that goes to,the show where the scene is,pennsylvania's headquarters pittsburgh,baseball western pennsylvania conflict,all right that's number three,all right how'd number three go down we,didn't it was it was good it was good it,hit you right away okay,that one that is like a two that's a,that's a dinner beer that's an up that's,a that's a ship with dinner beer okay,oh,oh that was a,i'm not even sharing the secret notes,i'm just judging on that reaction that,was a i like this reaction it's,interesting to see how hazy all of these,are like that's you can clearly tell,that's the trend right now and it's,people in the pittsburgh area at least,here at hampton beer outlet i mean hazy,versus you know new england versus west,coast is probably,yeah yeah 80 20. yeah yeah,two more we are uh,four or six or can't wait if you reduce,it's a really tough job but somebody has,to do it throughout pittsburgh speaking,with his colleagues whenever they,mention colin's name it's always there's,a man of discerning taste that's exactly,what i've always heard about him as well,yeah you're dead on that's all you get,done here there's a lot of many of his,colleagues and we'll maybe chat about,them a little bit yeah,i think we'll get to them yeah there are,some,different opinions of the beer quality,among 93 seven to fans there's there's,some it runs the gamut like a little,like regular people it runs the gamut,yeah you know i think that's the other,thing about hampton beer outlet that i,love,and i'm not just saying this because i,live,1.7 miles dow

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Colin Dunlap vs Mark Madden | Mortal Kombat | Media hacks

Colin Dunlap vs Mark Madden | Mortal Kombat | Media hacks

so major Twitter beefs going down,between mark Matt and and Colin Dunlap,started off with mark Madden talking,about Kris Letang Kris Letang is Mark,Madden's golden boy he's getting a lot,of criticism because he loves Kris,Letang Kris Letang can do no wrong yet,he bashes juju bashes pretty much every,Pittsburgh player in media and kind of,started out with Colin Dunlap kind of,taking a shot at Madden on his show on,KDK Bob Pompeii Andy's show and Madden,kind of responded it's Colin Dunlap,tweeted mark man's original tweet mark,mad he said Pittsburgh fans love phil,kessel because he looks like them agains,our loser and hate litang because he,looks like a movie star hockey got,nothing to do with it this man just said,other people look like a Yin's or loser,what is the world come to think Colin,dumb black has a point on that mark,Madden is pretty much a yin sir I think,he's from Latrobe so that's about as,ginger as it gets right there and then,mark man goes on to absolute ,you hit on a key point thought I faced,in my life especially after four years,all these mad and followers calling me,my wife kids except your names on social,media is the very last thing that,whatever impact me a problem is stuff,like that can't can hurt others mark and,mark perpetuates the ideals absolute, after I faced my life it looks,like it's working out okay and thank you,God so climb down off the cross for five,minutes and stop being a martyr so you,know Mark's crying about Colin Dunlap,making comments about him like mark,doesn't make any crazy comments mark,Madden pretty much wished death upon,former Kennedy senator I forget exactly,his name he got fired from his job on,ESPN for wishing death on a senator and,wishing his assassination mark man his,beef with females on Twitter,and said that their only place is in the,kitchen or in a strip club so this isn't,new with Mark Madden mark Madden lives,for this Twitter beef stuff it brings,ratings to him he talks about ratings,calling dunlap trying to seek ratings,this and that Mark's always bragging,about his ratings but you got a look at,the look at the channels there on the,program it's all about program direction,mark Madden's ratings are attributed to,his program director mark Manzo and 1:05,9dx it's a music station that that,station has ratings just because of,music so there's people listening to,music they're not gonna be listening to,sports news all day you might listen to,sports news for like 10 20 minutes a day,when you're in the Corps but if you're,driving whatever you're mostly listening,to music and you know that it has,everything to do with the station it's a,bigger station marks on a bigger station,calling Dunlap's on a channel that's,24/7 sports all day nothing but sports,so I mean Mark's getting those ratings,pretty much solely off the off the the,program direction of the program and he,talks about Millennials well that,program is programmed to target,Millennials the music is programmed to,target Millennials so you know marks,kind of an and you know none of,us out here have faced any problems and,for us some haven't worked out after all,I've faced in my life out here one,minute he's a virtue SIG's signaling the,next minute he's body shaming it's close,to skinny frenita seem at the mark he,has low self-esteem mark can call on,anybody he can say whatever he wants he,can say all the outrageous things he,wants but anytime mark gets criticized,for his opinions he's never wrong he's a,super genius I make so much money that's,what it comes down to this guy needs to,get off the air,yeah bullied like with all your DMS and,emails and behavior in public let's ask,your neighbors what he thinks I remember,you at Piper's yelling off every 15,seconds because you thought it was funny,what a crock of you're a big voice,in the city a powerful big one you,earned it through hard work why bullies,use you for charity work why call a dead,man cope a drunk see you know this is,what Mark Madden does he bullies Jews,you for charity work mark man loves the,attention he'll do anything for,attention he'll say anything for,attention right now so you know this is,Mark's 15 minute of fame he's getting,more and the sad thing is Colin Dunlap,he gets so much more clout than where,I'm at and it's mad mark Madden's mad,right now more people support Colin Dunn,left and Mark Madden yeah and face to,face you beg for a selfie and the selfie,is on line to prove it so don't tell me,about backing down you could kick my ass,no question you just wouldn't you picked,that you back down it's what you do mark,I mean he's a grown adult with a job and,a family why is he going to fight you,man I mean why is he going to fight you,he getting a picture with you is really,gonna do that's really gonna blow his,career up mark Madden Oh getting a,picture with your fat slob ass is really,gonna make a make a name for himself I,mean he interviews,James coroner's on his show on 93 7 a,fan every way every Monday I think or,whatever so I mea

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Colin Dunlap received a weird text this weekend. Creepy, helpful or blah?

Colin Dunlap received a weird text this weekend. Creepy, helpful or blah?

creepy helpful or just blah I'm probably,in the just blah uh situation I'm,probably where I am is probably that,just blots the way of the world now,but I know people who would say it's,creepy I know people who say it's,helpful again I probably fall in the,this is just blah so yesterday,I'm sitting there minding my own,business it's like 7 45 in the morning I,get a text,Boop text goes off I look down and there,is a photo of the Northampton fire hall,where I vote where I will vote tomorrow,and let me bring up the speed on the,Northampton fire hall where you vote,when you walk in there I seven people,will ask me about my mother-in-law,because she's the sweetest woman alive,and they all know her the average age,106.,at the Northampton fire everyone is very,sweet though and nice and they will have,baked goods that they made I don't even,think they sell them I think they're,just kind of like sitting around you,could you know it's it's great,anyway I got a text with a picture of,the Northampton fire hall yesterday and,it says Colin if you're registered to,vote at and it lists my address on this,text where I live,public records suggest you may not have,voted yet well yeah because I'm going to,vote on Tuesday when everybody goes this,data could be wrong or old if we got,your address right it looks like you can,vote on November 8th at Northampton vfd,at 5149 North Pioneer Road Gibsonia,Pennsylvania 15044 pictured,as they included a picture we're not,election officials though so you can,confirm whether that's correct and check,voting hours on the official government,website and it lists a link to the,official government website and it's,brought to you by voting Futures then it,says stop to end,creepy helpful or just blah I just can't,believe that these services or whatever,these people are,um that do these political campaigns,think that I or Colin or Crowley are,going to actually be like you know what,I am actually I'm gonna go vote because,you sent me a text message it is so,creepy how do you know why do you know,my address why why are you walking,around taking pictures of buildings of,where I should go to go vote and then,sending me the picture like you're just,like right down the street creeping on,me probably taking pictures of where I,live with my address knowing that it's a,half a mile away it's so ridiculous it's,not blah for Doran it's gonna take it,it's terrible see I get it because I do,think ah you want to help people out you,don't know where to vote maybe it moved,fine what I do think is creepy and,during your hit on it don't ever text me,my own address that's where I'm like my,man or lady or robot whatever texted me,listen you're going to tell me where I,live I know where I live I don't need,you to know where I live I've catapulted,that barrier in life,I think that in because it's probably,true anybody can find out where you live,yeah anybody and I can find out where,anybody else lives and and I'm just kind,of past that is that safe probably not,is it the way life intended to be,probably not but public records in the,internet and how things happen with a,couple little Google searches you could,find out anybody's address the value of,their home what their house looks like,what kind of cars are in their driveway,and I'm just now to the point where it's,like,come find Efron and find out,honestly I really you're out in my,driveway taking pictures,but I it's helpful I I I'm with block,because I know where to vote but it just,struck me as of all and I must have got,I think over the past three days I've,gotten probably 25 texts vote for this,guy vote for this person vote for this,lady vote for this guy no I really love,this no don't we don't want to talk,about abortion all that I've gotten all,these texts right I don't know how I,find myself on all these lists not one,of them influenced me and most of them,go straight in the trash but the one,with the photo of the place I vote that,caught my attention it did it caught my,attention how is it how is it helpful,whenever they know that you're a,registered voter and they know that you,voted before and they know that you're,going to vote this is helpful for them,to take a picture of a place where you,should I wonder if somebody just moved,there that's my thing I understand that,I got a text too and I laughed out loud,did you get one with a picture of your,Precinct no picture but it said hi this,is Karen with super majority and it made,me laugh out loud because of course her,name's Karen,but there's a link find your polling,place there's a huge difference to me,between click this and find your polling,list your address no and that's the,difference to me I don't need you,telling me where I live that creeps me,out but if you just tell me click on,this and you can find out where to vote,I think there's a difference there okay,yeah Zeiss is going to say something,though because I'm already getting,worked up and I don't even care I don't,even I go I love going to get my lit

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Dorin Dickerson fooled Colin Dunlap and Adam Crowley with the best work in show history.

Dorin Dickerson fooled Colin Dunlap and Adam Crowley with the best work in show history.

we had real babies actually they brought,in real babies,that's like falco's got some people he's,stepping right on the gas,yeah they were real babies real babies,and he made you carry them at football,practice yes at football practice,whose babies were they uh just people of,the area,you carried it wait a minute here,antonio brown you carried a baby it was,a child practice it was a child,development class so they brought in we,would have like kids that were in like,preschool-ish and we would watch them,and then but they weren't baby babies,like no but before that like,a certain part of the semester it was,babies and we would have to carry them,around at football practice yeah or just,in class both,shut up so you had pads on and you're,holding this little guy with a diaper,mike white did a story on it shut up,back in yeah like 2004.,you never you didn't you never seen that,picture of me holding that baby whenever,i was like in practice,i may have now that you say it but,did you you didn't fumble did you no i,didn't drop the baby i've never dropped,a baby i never dropped any of my kids,geez that's a good lesson right,well that i mean that's that's a lot of,pressure dorian on a 17 year old kid i,mean it happens,i like palco's coaching techniques but,that's a bit much guess you're not,throwing that day right right it's total,i mean you're running a service academy,type offense,jesus,i didn't know what to say i just said,yes okay,do you know where that baby is right now,through what that baby grew up to be who,knows afraid of heights for sure who,knows,jalen warren's holding it,isn't that crazy you don't remember that,you don't remember that story no i don't,you were holding a baby,did the baby did it cry or anything no i,had a pacifier in and diaper and it was,ready to run a little west a jersey yeah,a little west a jersey wow,we had to knit the jerseys too,because it was a part of the what kind,of school you go to i mean they made us,make the clothes for them and then it,was they bought a bunch of diapers put,them on and pacifier and we had to hold,the baby the whole day and then at,practice and mike white came did you,have a did you baby partake in drills,like you'd no it was just like before,and you took pictures and then you just,like walked around and then and,who then did you hand the baby to was,there a character handler caretaker i,don't know if it was a parent,grandparent somebody came to pick the,baby up somebody got a lot of trust yeah,whoever's baby that was okay it wasn't,like an orphan like it had parents,listen i have no idea,fam morning show presented by matt mertz,plumbing now part of the armstrong,comfort solutions family were they up,for like adoption or they were like,babies that had homes i think they had,homes just parents were at work and they,didn't want to send them to daycare so,they said oh here's a good idea why,don't i send it to football practice,you know i'm kidding how long are you,gonna keep this going,oh i thought you were serious oh that,was pretty good you you're the you,you're the first person to ever get me,you've got me oh my god that's it,impossible to do you got me i can't you,were pretty convincing,oh my gosh you fell for that,well i fell for it because of what you,said at the beginning that was very good,it's a hell of a cell that was a hell of,a cell you totally pulled my leg that,whole thing,and i'm thinking how did mike you,weren't going to penn state mike white,wouldn't have wrote it,well here's the thing i thought it was,part of like homec like,knitting the uniforms and child care,yeah right,yeah remember i was like i was like you,didn't see the story you don't remember,you're like,i saw it you're a jaggery

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Colin Dunlap regaled listeners with a story about his gonads!

Colin Dunlap regaled listeners with a story about his gonads!

only well are you guys I'll tell you,what I'm allergic to because it's kind,of funny it's not a food though are you,allergic to anything uh no environmental,things yes seasonal allergies I well I,have seasonal allergies I found out I,was allergic to one thing whenever you,have kids they recommend you get this,Tdap shot which is a form of a tetanus,kind of shot well I got it and then it,was about 12 15 hours later I felt my,neck kind of uh kind of lump up a little,bit right and it's like your glands and,they were getting like big like uh puffy,you know,so like I called the doctor they said,wait on it you may have a reaction you,could have like a small reaction well,the next morning,my gonads,thumping like it was like a heartbeat in,my,my two guys,like and it was just wouldn't relent and,they got swollen and I was like well,it's not a bad thing if it moved a,little bit north but anyhow so I called,the doctor and I said listen it's not,getting better it's getting worse my,neck is swollen and my you know blow my,belt it's just thumping and it's tender,and it's so I went back to the doctor,there was this Tdap vaccine vaccine,right and they're like you'll never,believe this but this happens you know,how I tell you during all the stuff,crazy stuff happens to me they're like,one in and it gave me this number one in,6.7 million people that have this,reaction and it's why we you know you,sign the paper and you say there's,nothing bad's gonna happen you're just,gonna have to you know fight through it,or whatever but it was like every time,my heart beat it was like I could feel,it in my place yes why there though like,it was only your your throat right in,your and down below that's it those,those four places either side of my neck,and either side of my my pish buried,yeah I thought it was it was there and,it but it was unrelenting and thumping,and it felt like every time my heartbeat,or thumped it was like a bruise that was,getting punched so you just have to wait,for it to go wrote it out I I wrote it,out I cranked back a six pack of beer,and I had Advil because it was a weekend,how long did the thumping in the night,it's about 24 hours awful oh man yeah,every I mean it was bad and I said to,the doctor hey Doc it's a woman she's,great I said doc what are we doing here,and she goes what you just this is,you've had an adverse reaction but it,won't kill you and it won't like bind up,your throat and you'll still be able to,breathe and everything enough about my,throat right did she have to check them,she did oh boy I had to lay down on my,back,and on that white piece of like butcher,shop paper yeah and it was crinkling,like that and I just went you know and,this was right so it would have been I,want to say was it right before or right,after when do you get that right before,right after your kids are born I think,just before yeah yeah like like three or,four months before so it would have been,like 12 years ago and she was like oh,yeah you're swollen I was like oh thanks,I know that,by Friday it was like unbearable and,then I went back to the doctor that,Friday afternoon and then wrote it out,over the weekend,did he gradually get to Friday or was it,just like one day it was like we first,started with my neck on that Thursday,okay and then Friday oh Thursday night,into Friday Traverse down and then,Friday afternoon it was unbearable I,mean every every single thump of like my,heartbeat it was like I was getting it,wasn't like a full-on kick it was like,yes it was like I was sitting next to,something something was just tapping me,in the area each time,thousands of times a day yeah,yeah right but we had to get that shot,because you know you're having kids,right my kids ended up in the NICU,anyway they were going to be born like,kind of premature they thought any but,it was tough and so about allergies I'll,eat anything I don't care I just don't,get that Tdap Sean ever again I could be,you could send me down a rescue mission,for this or Ike what was it called yeah,sure was that what was the hurricane,same you could send me down to that Ian,swimming all that River drink it all hey,you want a a tetanus no thanks I'm good,I am not getting that thing again,it hurts so bad I wonder what the like I,don't know something bad happened yeah,Wednesdays with Whaley

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Declan’s trains interview with Colin Dunlap

Declan’s trains interview with Colin Dunlap

okay we're here today with Declan Dunlap,what is your YouTube channel called,Declan streams and do you know about my,hit series woodland ballet girls it's a,hit series tell me all about woodland,Valley rails - well there is this team,of locomotives right and then train,master Declan assigns them assignments,and then it's just a pretty basic story,it's also pretty hilarious or funny okay,who is train master Declan um he's me,but also he's gonna be this little lego,person or something,okay so train so woodland Valley Rails,is a fictional series yeah it is okay,well tell me how you first got into,trains and why you like train so much in,the trains right I just I just um but,all I know is I've liked them since I,was a very very little kid,oh very very good very good point okay,um let me ask you this what is your,favorite railroad in the United States,do you - yeah I do I really like CSX,okay um what is your favorite kind of,locomotive probably like the G bow like,the ES 44 AC or the SD 40 - - whatever,you whatever I just like okay what are,those engines tell me you tell me one of,these characteristics of those engines,both of those engines were built by no,no I mean one the GEVO yes 44 AC was,built by General Electric okay and the,the the the SD 40 - - is built by,electromotive division in like the late,70s,oh yes 44 AC was built in the early,2000s by GE Oh transportation very,interesting are they both still in use,yeah they're both still in use oh wow,what is your favorite kind of car not a,motive or kind of freight cars probably,as high between an intermodal well car,and hopper car an open-top hopper car oh,because I just love coal trains so,gotcha what is an intermodal what is an,intermodal car it's a well car where,they load containers on by like a crane,Oh interesting interesting another,question for you,as far as trains that you've seen out in,the in your real life what is the most,what is the most interesting engine that,you've seen with your own eyes no no,have you have you gone Trainspotting at,all,I've seen the Norfolk Southern four,thousand five heritage unit and the,Norfolk Southern four thousand two,heritage unit and the Norfolk Southern,Jersey Central 1071 Illinois terminal,1072,interstate 80 105 and North Oaks,southern 80 114 those are all the,heritage units that I've seen Wow,interesting,do you happen to watch any cams on the,internet or anything else Trent yeah,yeah I left three dams where are some,places that you look and you see the,Horseshoe Curve cam oh and where's that,located okay it's a can by virtual real,fan and which is pretty cool,okay and just that one last question for,you before we sign off here right and,what is this channel called again,that one's tree declan strains one last,question do you think that maybe when,you get older that you may have a career,in railroading maybe Oh what would you,like to do if you would do that probably,be an engineer okay well fair enough,well I guess see you later everybody,right see you later fans and what do you,say nice help you leave a comment in the,comment section below and subscribe oh,okay bye for now

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Mr. Collins Returns (Extended Edition) - Ep: 36

Mr. Collins Returns (Extended Edition) - Ep: 36

Jedna večeře s chlápkem, který je přesvědčený,,že všechno ví, všechno zná, nemůže být tak hrozná.,A nebyla. Ale neskončilo to jednou večeří.,Pan Collins tady tento týden chodil každý den.,Myslela jsem, že má vystěhovávat dům svojí matky a ne se poflakovat po našem.,A když je tady, chce mluvit jen o svém spekulativním kapitálu,nebo o internetových videích. Nejsem si jistá, jestli o tomhle tématu něco ví.,Ale aspoň jednu věc se na VidConu dozvěděl.,Jmenuji se Lizzie Bennetová a hádejte, kdo objevil moje videa.,"Pan Collins se vrací" Napsala Margaret Dunlap,Vůbec se nebojím toho, že lidé objeví má videa.,Caroline mi kryje záda u Binga,a co se týká Rickyho, no…,On je Ricky. Což znamená, že je naprostý a totální…,-Lizzie! -Co?,Řekla jsi, že mám být přirozená.,Ale on to sleduje.,Nemůžeš říkat to, co jsi chtěla říct.,Nedívá se na každé video.,Nebudu se o tom bavit před kamerou.,Jak jsem řekla, nedívá se na každé video.,Jsi ochotná riskovat, že to uvidí?,Internet je napořád a ty jsi ho zrovna nazvala idiotem.,Nenazvala jsem ho idiotem. Řekla jsem, že nic neví o internetovém videu.,Velký rozdíl. Není to žádné tajemství.,Snažila jsem se mu to říct do očí, ale jak sis možná všimla,,moc neposlouchá, když druzí mluví.,Ale ani tak si ho nemusíš znepřátelit.,Proč ne? On si znepřáteluje mě.,-Vyrušuji? -Jo!,Ne, pojďte dál. Posaďte se.,Slečno Lu, je mi potěšením jako vždy.,-Slečno Bennetová, chtěl jsem… -Můžeš mi říkat Lizzie.,-Ale to by bylo nevychované. -Ne, je to v pohodě.,Tak se jmenuju a známe se už od doby, kdy nám bylo sedm. Bude to dobré.,Vidím, že opět natáčíte.,Vy se nesmírně vyznáte.,Můj společník, Catherine De Bourghová, vždy říká:,Klíčem k úspěchu je obsah, obsah a zase obsah.,Něco jako mantra obchodu s nemovitostmi,Poloha, poloha, poloha.,Svým způsobem je to hodně o opakování, opakování…,Myslím, že jsme to pochopili.,Obsah je pro úspěšný video blog klíčový. Téměř prerekvizitou.,Já vím, proto se snažíme…,Nevím, jestli to víte, ale oběcně uznaným termínem je dnes "vlog",,podobně jako byl "web log" zkrácen do tvaru "blog",,"video blog", mám na mysli "video web log",byl zkrácen do tvaru "vlog".,Nepovídej!,Věřím, že byste toho mohla dělat mnohem víc, Lizzie.,Jak jsem řekl na VidConu,,internet je bohatý trh, z velké části nevyužitý.,Mladí diváci oupuštějí tradiční média podobně,,jako předtím jejich rodiče prchli od rozhlasu ke kabelové televizi.,Cituješ něco?,Jen sebe.,Jako technologický nadšenec,často trávím svůj volný čas hraním různých rolí podle scénářů,,ve kterých mám příležitost přesvědčovat tvůrce děl.,A tak vypiluji to sdělení, aby vyhovovalo situaci.,-Co děláš teď? -Je to zvyk,,který jsem si osvojil na návrh svého společníka.,Ona má za to, že vizualizace, příprava a provedení,jsou třemi základními stupni na pyramidě úspěchu.,Ona má pyramidu. Má taky schéma?,Ne. Je to spíše plán, který doufám, zahrnuje vás, Lizzie Bennetová.,Jak jsem říkal, trh s internetovým videem zůstává z velké části nevyužitý.,Domnívám se, že jste se dostala do silné pozice,díky svému hlubokému emočnímu spojením s publikem, které by bylo ohromně cenné.,Chceš se spojit s mým publikem?,Byl bych ohromně nadšený, kdybych mohl vidět vaše analytika.,-Jenom nahlédnu. -Moje co?,Myslí tvoje divácké statistiky.,To je osobní?,Pane Collinsi, nedáme si dole čaj a já vám o nich povím.,Moc rád bych prodiskutoval…,Ne, čas na čaj. Dobrý čaj. Běž!,Páni! Ten chlap je ale číslo.,A vím, že zrovna řekl asi tisíc slov,,ale pořád si nejsem jistá, jestli vlastně něco řekl.,Buď je opravdu chytrý nebo si myslí, že je opravdu chytrý.,Ale jedna věc je jistá. Nechápe, že nemůže jen tak vtrhnout do cizího pokoje.,Omluvte mě, slečno Lizzie, ale cítil jsem se povinnen vám přinést šálek čaje.,-Sám jsem ho zalil. -Zdá se, že jste povinen dělat hodně věcí.,Stejně jako jsem povinen říct vám,,že jste příliš talentovaná na to,,abyste omezila své profesní snažení na vlog připomínající zpovědnici,,který je zaměřen převážně na milostný život vaší sestry.,Jsem si jistá, že právě po tomhle moji diváci prahnou.,Oproti tomu, firemní instruktážní videa,-určená pouze pro vnitropodnikové užití… -Ricky.,-Pan Collins. -Potřebuju dokončit tohle video.,Ty musíš jít. Teď.,-Počkám dole. Jak dlouho asi… -Hodiny.,Ticho.,Ten sladký zvuk samoty.,Jak jsi mi chyběl.,Jo.,České titulky: Barbora Štivarová

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