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CNN Writer Gets Exposed for Pro-Hitler, Anti-Semitic Tweetshe previously declared his support for,ge


Updated on Jan 30,2023

CNN Writer Gets Exposed for Pro-Hitler, Anti-Semitic Tweets

he previously declared his support for,german for the german national soccer,team,because of quote what hitler did with,the jews,quote the only reason i am supporting,germany in the finals is,hitler was a german and he did good,with those jews end quote raja posted,that ahead of the 2014 fifa world cup,uh that was the final between germany,and argentina,in a separate post around the same time,raja also said my support for germany,is due to what hitler did with the jews,we're going to talk about,cnn and we're going to talk about my new,favorite cnn contributor or or actually,ex-cnn contributor adeel raja,now i'm quoting now from newsweek cnn,has dropped freelance contributor adeel,raja after it was revealed that he,posted a series of anti-semitic comments,on social media,and praised the nazi leader adolf,history,on a number of occasions adolf hitler,adolf hitler you called him adolf,history,did i call him eight off yeah you did,adolf hitler pardon me,it's not clear if he praised adolf,history,uh he certainly praised adolf hitler,yeah,the islamic the islamabad-based,journalist on sunday tweeted that quote,the world today needs a little history,no hitler,just kidding the world today needs a,hitler,he quickly removed the post when it,sparked backlash,the only reason i'm supporting oh now,let's turn back time a little bit he,previously declared his support for,german,for the german national soccer team,because of quote what hitler did with,the jews,quote the only reason i am supporting,germany in the finals is,hitler was a german and he did good,with those jews end quote,raja posted that ahead of the 2014 fifa,world cup,uh that was the final between germany,and argentina,in a separate post around the same time,raja also said my support for germany,is due to what hitler did with the jews,the freelancer presented himself as a,cnn contributor and had a byline on the,network's website,as recently as september of last year,his first cnn byline is dated january,20th,2014 several months before,the anti-semitic tweets during the fifo,world cup,now cnn as you might imagine or might,not imagine depending on,you know what you think of cnn they were,pretty quick to distance themselves,uh a deal raja has never been a cnn,cnn employee as a freelancer he wrote,his reporting contributed to some news,gathering efforts from,islamabad cnn spokesman spokesman matt,dornick told the washington examiner,so is anybody surprised,not really that cnn had a contributor,who hates the jews and was a big,freaking fan of hitler,no are we surprised no i mean i honestly,i think though that there are going to,be too many people out there that are,surprised that are like wait a minute,there's sadly there's a pro hitler guy,on the left i i i i,imagine oh my i was told that trump was,hitler,what do you think olivia my question is,why were these tweets not uncovered,sooner,i mean we've been doing all this,journalistic digging,on people why didn't they talk about it,sooner why didn't cnn,actually do some employer history hey,look at,yeah at that i mean it's very common for,employees to get fired for what they're,doing on social media,if you have a freelance worker you,should be looking at their social media,and that's on cnn,hey remember that time kyle cashew,survived a mass school shooting,and then people looked into his twitter,history and tried to cancel him yeah,remember that yeah,yes yeah wow so they'll go after kyle,cashew school shooting victims but,school shooting victims who admittedly,said,stupid stuff but when you're a teenager,when he was,really young raja he's over there,as a cnn contributor cnn seems perfectly,fine with it,and had well presumably cnn didn't,actually know about it if cnn knew this,if it comes out that they knew this,and kept the guy then that's going to be,a whole new level,of of uh of mess but it's,you mentioned something a second ago,michael you said,gosh the media told us trump was hitler,yeah,but it turns out the cnn dude is hitler,or he likes hitler,presumably he's a leftist who likes,hitler we were talking about this in the,newsroom earlier yeah,this is a common misconception hitler,hitler was a right-wing fanatic,not true not so much not so much you,want to,talk about that yeah you know in terms,of european politics i want to hear your,take on this you know,the european political spectrum is a,little different from the american one,so in a european context yeah he's he's,on the right but,you know in america where it's kind of,big government versus small government,hitler was a big government leftist you,know he was a socialist,yeah he won he wasn't the national,socialist journal exactly that's what i,was going to say,that's what nazi actually stands for the,national,socialist party of germany and you know,one of the one of the,one of the reasons that you know hitler,and the nazis they didn't like the,soviets was because oh they,they don't have the right form of,socialism that was like the big debate,between those t

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CNN Contributor Praises Hitler!

CNN Contributor Praises Hitler!

and contributor named adil,raja tweeted,that what the world needs today is a,hitler,and that shocked a lot of people that,cnn would employ,someone like that but honestly i wasn't,surprised at all,this person has tweeted in the past i,think during the world cup,had tweeted their their rooting for,germany because germany gave us hitler,and he did a good job with those,jews so cnn's known they've had this,anti-semite,working for him for years but like most,liberals today,they don't see a problem with it they,claim they they didn't know nothing,about it they'll look into it that's,that that was their official response,today because the tweet went out,uh yesterday sunday but,this doesn't surprise me at all you know,long-time uh,democrat alan dershowitz who said he's,never voted republican in his life,actually campaigned for obama campaign,for clinton he said a few years ago,my party the democrat party has,an anti-semitic problem we need to deal,with,the anti-semites are no longer,on the right they're all on the left,this is alan dershowitz lifelong,democrat,and i'm not surprised you know years ago,i had a facebook and i would argue with,liberals all the time,and i was amazed at the the hatred,towards israel from liberals,and i used to say to him it makes no,sense israel,is the only place in the middle east,that gay people can live freely i mean,you're supposed to be,you know all in favor of women's rights,and gay rights,israel's the only place in the middle,east that a gay person is safe,that a feminist is safe you know most of,the middle east women can't even drive,cars or leave their home without,um their husband or their father,and in israel there's freedom,and these young liberals it's the young,ones and even,even in the democrat party you see they,the democrats,have always equated the terrorist group,hamas,with the democratic elected government,in israel as equal which was not hamas,is a is a terrorist organization,equivalent to isis or al qaeda,but the democrat leadership has always,equated them as as,equal but they never,you know the leadership like pelosi and,schumer they never came out with,anti-semitic statements,but the young democrats like aoc and,illinois omar uh,talib rasheed all these young democrats,that are taking over the party that are,running the party today,they're outright anti-semitic in their,tweets all the time,i mean this is not surprising and um,you know i used to debate these liberals,on facebook and i'd be like,you know israel's the safest place for a,muslim in the middle east,i mean iran throws throw gay,muslims off of roofs um they burn them,alive,israel is the safest place for a muslim,in the middle east,yet all you guys on the left who are,saying,um you know we need to be more diverse,and,and inclusive you hate israel,and they can never give me an answer,they would give me ridiculous answers,like,well because they bomb little kids and,hospitals and and schools,and what they're referring to is,israel gets attacked they attack,back back unfortunately the cowards in,hamas,hide in schools and hospitals,but the israeli government warns them,we're bombing they actually tell them,we're bombing this building,we're like what just happened recently,there was a political disagreement,about uh housing okay,and of course terrorists do what,terrorists do they start lobbing bombs,fifteen hundred rockets,indiscriminately killing jews and arabs,in israel israel had his right to defend,itself,so they lobbed the bombs back and when,they realized,that they were coming from hospitals and,schools they said evacuate these,buildings because we're destroying them,this is why when they destroyed the uh,that news media building,uh none of the news media guys got hurt,because they've told them we're bombing,that building,but the marxist media and the democrats,make it seem like israel is the bad guy,but just think about this,why does the left hate israel so much,when they're the only democracy in the,middle east,because that left hates democracy,just like in america where they're,trying to turn people against america,and the you know these college,professors are telling these kids,america is a racist evil country,they're telling the same kids who are,now in congress,you know like aoc and and illar homar,uh they're telling these same young kids,that israel,is racist and genocidal,it's it's it's backwards it's baffling,but this is what's going on,but if you notice when trump was,president we didn't have this going on,what's the difference,the it's very simple when obama was,president,israel was on fire constantly this was,happening then trump was president we,had peace in the middle east,in fact they said there could never be a,peace deal,in the middle east without the,palestinians uh,signing on to it there was one piece,dealing 50 years before trump,trump had four peace deals signed this,is historical this is,a huge achievement one of the greatest,achievements by any president,ever and and according to middl

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CNN Contributor Fired for Tweeting "The World Needs A Hitler"

CNN Contributor Fired for Tweeting "The World Needs A Hitler"

cnn contributor fired for tweeting,the world today needs a hitler,mr reagan did you know collagen comes,from the ancient greek word for glue,this is because collagen acts like a,glue between our cells and our body's,organs it's the main structural protein,that forms the protective tissue,throughout the whole body from skin to,bones muscle tendons,and ligaments the problem is that the,body doesn't produce an unlimited amount,of collagen in fact our body,our bodies produce about 10 percent less,collagen every decade,those who supplement collagen often note,it's like a fountain of youth,benefits include loss of wrinkles and,pain-free joints,this is why i highly recommend ageless,multi-collagen from biotrust,this multi-collagen is a scientifically,backed collection of the highest quality,types of collagen that our body needs,for thicker hair more youthful skin,healthier nails,pain-free joints it's flavorless,odorless and it dissolves quickly,i take this because of the joint issue i,actually have,a problem with my joints i've had it,since i was about 14.,this is a problem for me if i want to,stay healthy,i take collagen i highly recommend it,for you as well especially,if you're getting up there in age like,i'm 41. some people may think that i,look,young maybe it's partly at least because,of this collagen stuff i don't know,but i take it i like it genuinely,believe in it and if you don't believe,me you can look it up the benefits of,collagen,it's been highly researched and it's,universally appreciated,throughout the medical community look it,up collagen very helpful,and according to the script that they,sent me many users who did not have,success with other collagen supplements,report that ageless multi-collagen from,biotrust,works great for them this is this is it,right here i do take it this is a closed,package,but i do have open ones obviously,because i do take this stuff,every single morning i get my favorite,multi-collagen for 51,off or by going to,that's,or click the link in the description,below,the world today needs a hitler and,you may be wondering exactly what he's,talking about uh is it as bad as it,sounds,oh yes he's talking about eradicating,the jews,um okay so let's have a look here,anti-semitic contributor is fired by cnn,for posting the world today needs a,hitler seven years after his first,uh praising nazi leader or after first,praising the nazi leader,um let's see here the guy's name is adil,raja he's a freelance contributor,a cnn contributor has been fired after,tweeting the world needs a hitler in,response to the growing violence between,israel and palestine,in a statement cnn officials said a deal,raja's reporting contributed to some,news gathering efforts,from islamabad however in light of these,abhorrent statements he will not be,working cnn in any capacity,raja who appears to have worked as a,freelance contributor to free cnn in,2013,tweeted the anti-semitic remark around 2,45 pm sunday deleting at around 3 15,according to the washington examiner,it's just the most recent in a series of,anti-semitic tweets raja has made over,the past years,twitter users have discovered 2014 while,presumably watching the fifa world cup,raja tweeted,the only reason i'm supporting germany,in the finals hitler was a german and he,did good with those,jews mike i know i shouldn't laugh but,it's,oh wow yeah that's that's that's pretty,hardcore,i mean you just don't hear people say,something like this really,um let's see here oh and he's smoking a,cigarette,uh uh you know all sexy like hunter,biden look at that,uh let's see here uh the world today,needs to hit larry rice the only reason,i'm supporting,germany um hitler did good with those,jews and he actually he actually wrote,hale hitler,in his post holy smokes raja has been,working with,cnn because these don't look like a joke,right this doesn't look,if this is a joke okay fine he,legitimately likes hitler,now again even though he's a hitler,supporter and he,he he hates the jews and all that kind,of stuff um,i'm kind of a free speech absolutist i,think he should be able to stay on,twitter i think he should be able to,post those things i'm sure,i'm sure twitter is going to ban him but,let's have a look here,gosh raj had been working with cnn in,islamabad pakistan since 2013 according,to his linkedin profile and most recent,his most recent byline on the news,website appears to have been september,2020,he's been he's been working with them,until just recently,he's also an executive producer at,pakistani ary news,2016 he won the agahi award for,investigative journalist of the year,according to his twitter account,um what was he investigating how to,exterminate the jews,sorry this is really not that funny i,don't know i'm laughing uh the agahi,awards,were an annual series of awards for,journalism in pakistan many twitter,users have called for santa to fire him,in twitter ceo jack dorsey to ban him on,the social media site,aft

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Defending the Undefendable: Adeel Raja

Defending the Undefendable: Adeel Raja

hey everybody,you are tuned in to the free mad podcast,i am at free match,the free mat podcast is a,libertarian round table discussion,on a normal day usually joined by,the one and only general patrick flynn,general patrick flynn,is attending to family matters and,personal life,everything else he does want to say that,he wishes you well,i have seen him uh probably last weekend,uh he's doing all right um,hey my purpose today by title,this is one of the defending the,undefendables,it's it's a fake fake video series,um it was a deal raja and,i i was kind of struck by this guy uh,by the stones on this this guy,and you would ask me how i would defend,anything,if you don't know adio raja uh,he is a freelance writer pakistan based,um and he had it's probably been almost,a week ago he tweeted,that the world today needs a hitler,and of course he ended up deleting the,tweet,and you would ask me how i could defend,anyone who would say that the irony is,i can't defend,plenty of things this guy has tweeted,he has tweeted,about you know receiving criticism from,various parties,but he had also had uh tweeted,praise for adolf hitler in the past and,he appeared,unapologetic after his firing and they,said that,he had oh let me see glad a single tweet,contributed to the hashtag palestine,cost because selectivism works,that's my own words and brought it to,the limelight with me,losing my job in the west claim of,freedom of expression and human rights,um for the most part,he has contributed to various,articles being a freelance writer,um and i guess it was 2014 fifa world,cup and he had,tweeted the only reason i'm supporting,germany in the finals is,hitler was a german and he did with,those,good with those jews uh irony they,didn't put it this in the article these,are my words,that technically hitler was an austrian,and his famous from austria,that's like calling uh jordan peterson,uh saying that he's done real good with,the kardashians when,jordan peterson's canadian so,or at least last time i checked he was,because i might be like,i might be like a deal roger and,completely screw up,please please laugh of course he ends up,you know he ends up tweeting about uh,you know israel israel hamas conflict,but you want to ask me,what little piece i could defend about,what he had said,all right the words that he had said and,these are his quote,the world today needs a hitler,i know that he said that out of,as a personal uh he has issues with jews,let's just say that that's that it's,he's,tiptoed around that i don't think he's,tiptoed around anything,but i want you to look,at the phrase the world today needs a,hitler,it's the irony is we need a common enemy,it it was common,very pieces of the world,when they have a common enemy or a,common goal,enemies or goals often defeating an,enemy is a goal,if he would have completely not talked,about,anything about destroying jews or,tongue-in-cheek type comments,pro-palestinian,and he said the world today needs a,common a common enemy,i could believe that i don't know where,you would find a common enemy,but we don't seem to we seem to be,really,ignorant of an opportunity to find one,and i know that's a roundabout and this,is watering down,a really disgusting person or disgusting,words,he might be a decent person but,he hasn't shown it he hasn't shown any,growth,and to be pro-palestinian,you could say we could bring these,parties together if they had a common,enemy,and maybe he should have,he should have looked at that and yes,it's a stretch to think that,two fairly decent uh,enemies people that don't like uh,how about this they made their business,not,not getting along they're well known for,it,maybe maybe that's uh something you,could look at,that's maybe the world needs another,common enemy,and maybe he should have,thought of that maybe he could find,other than,slacktivism and being mouthy,he's teaching us hey maybe we should get,real solutions and not just be,slacktivist he should be teaching,us a lesson and not how to,tweet uh maybe should teach us how to,shut her mouth because he's not doing it,lead by a counter example and,maybe maybe that's what you can get out,of this a counter example,a teal roger yeah that's counter example,you can learn something from this guy,and what not to do,and i don't know what you know always,say this higher the,higher the let's hire the people that,that have uh lost their jobs because the,mouthiness,and uh the the wokeness,you know and i don't know where i would,what kind of rehab program i could have,for this,but i'm not a nazi i no longer have a,confederate flag on my arm,but maybe we need common enemies to,bring us together,maybe we should end,a typhoid or a solution for tuberculosis,because,to be honest with tuberculosis is worse,than covet 19 but,nobody heard me say that,anyway folks think of this we,easily could easily,i could defend the undefendable i said,adio raja,you could you could make a counter,example out of him,he could be your he could be your,p

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Russian blame game breaks out after Moscow says its own troops’ cell phone use caused Makiivka strik

Russian blame game breaks out after Moscow says its own troops’ cell phone use caused Makiivka strik

Russian Blame Game breaks out after,Moscow says its own troops cell phone,use caused Maki ofka strike,a rare public blame game has broken out,between the Russian government and some,Pro Kremlin leaders and Military experts,after Moscow appeared to blame its own,soldiers use of cell phones for,Ukrainian strike that killed at least 89,troops on New Year's Day,the Russian Ministry of Defense said,that the main cause of a strike in the,occupied city of makievka was the,widespread use of cell phones by Russian,soldiers contrary to the ban which,allowed Ukraine to track and determine,the coordinates of the soldiers,locations,but that account was angrily dismissed,by an influential military blogger and,implicitly contradicted by the leader of,the self-declared danetsk People's,Republic DPR in eastern Ukraine pointing,to Discord in the Russian command over,moscow's response to the attack,the strike took place just after,midnight on Sunday targeting a,vocational school housing Russian,conscripts in makievka in the Donetsk,region according to both Ukrainian and,pro-russian accounts,it prompted a rare Russian admission of,a high death toll,the Ukrainian military reported even,more dramatic figures initially claiming,up to around 400 Russian soldiers were,killed,CNN cannot independently verify either,side's reported death toll,in either case the strike marks one of,the deadliest episodes of The Conflict,for moscow's forces,Simeon pagov who blogs under the Alias,were Gonzo and two weeks ago was,personally awarded the order of Courage,by President Vladimir Putin at the,Kremlin attacked the ministry of,defense's Wednesday statement as not,convincing and a blatant attempt to,smear blame,he questioned how the ministry of,Defense could be so sure that the,location of soldiers lodging in a school,building could not have been determined,using drone surveillance or a local,informant,and he again questioned the official,death toll which was revised upward by,Moscow to 89 from 63 writing that their,number will still be growing,hagov was joined in his sentiment by,Dennis pushelin the pro-russian DPR,leader who pointedly praised the heroism,of the soldiers killed in the strike,shortly after the government pinned the,blame on them,we know and we know firsthand what it is,to suffer losses pushel and said on,telegram Wednesday,based on the information I have I can,say with certainty that there were many,displays of courage and real heroism by,the guys in this regiment,they risked their lives to help,some of the Dead were those who died,when they went back to Rescue their,fellow service members he said,Sunday's strike had already sparked,vocal criticism of moscow's military,from pro-russian bloggers who claimed,that the troops lacked protection and,were reportedly being quartered next to,a large cache of ammunition which is,said to have exploded when United States,made himmar's Rockets hit the school,Daniel besanov a former official in the,russian-backed danetsk administration,said on telegram that apparently the,high command is still unaware of the,capabilities of this weapon,and Igor Gerkin a Russian propagandist,who blogs about the war effort on,telegram claimed that the building was,almost completely destroyed by the,secondary detonation of ammunition,stores,video reportedly from the scene of the,attack circulated widely on telegram,including on an official Ukrainian,military channel,it showed a pile of smoking Rubble in,which almost no part of the building,appears to be standing

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Will democracy still be on a roll in 2023?

Will democracy still be on a roll in 2023?

will democracy still be on a roll in,2023,was the year democracy bounced back,but will the worst political system,apart from all the others keep up its,lead in the year ahead,in the U.S last year midterm election,voters repudiated Donald Trump's,election denying extremist candidates,now the former president's re-election,Campaign which is based on lies about,2020 faces an existential crisis,Congress also passed a new law designed,to make it harder for sore loser,presidents like Trump to mess with the,Constitution,in another blow to populist extremism,Brazilian voters ousted one of Trump's,Protege former Brazilian president jair,bolsonaro and in April French president,Emmanuel macron defeated far-right,Challenger Marine Le Pen,as democracies showed resilience,autocrats lost momentum in several,countries last year,soon after securing a norm-busting third,term Chinese leader Xi Jinping was,embarrassed by Nationwide outcry and,forced to abandon a controversial zero,covet policy,Iran's clerical regime is still being,rattled by a furious protest movement,and the pitfalls of surrounding yourself,with yes men were exposed by Russian,leader Vladimir Putin's miscalculated,special operation in Ukraine which has,raised the profile of Ukrainian,president vlodimir zielinski as a,champion for democracy and revived the,West's Cold War Alliance,democracy's enemies won't rest,there's no sign that the challenges,facing Moscow Tehran or Beijing could,loosen their iron grasps on power,even in the U.S Trump is on the comeback,Trail and a republican majority,dominated by members who voted not to,certify President Joe Biden's election,in 2020 is poised to take over the U.S,House of Representatives,but those who thought they had democracy,on the run in 2022 got a surprise,the simple magic of a voter marking,their ballot in a polling Booth or a,protester willing to put their life on,the line for the right to do so remains,as powerful as ever,meanwhile here's what will Define the,New Year in American politics,Washington is bracing for a new era of,divided government likely to bring,governing showdowns shutdowns withering,political investigations in the opening,shots of the 2024 presidential race,here's what we think will shape the year,a house Republican majority in which,radical conservatives now have,disproportionate influence will try to,throttle Biden's presidency and ruin his,re-election hopes,by driving McCarthy's speakership bid to,the brink pro-trump conservatives have,already shown they will not be stopped,governing could therefore be impossible,and a likely standoff with the White,House over raising the U.S borrowing,limit later this year could turn into an,economy wrecking disaster,a thought for attorney general Merrick,Garland whose decision on whether to,charge Trump with a crime is one of the,most fateful in modern politics,trying the ex-president would tear open,old political wounds and would further,damage legal and governing institutions,politicized by Trump,yet a failure to prosecute could set a,precedent that hands ex-presidents,impunity and fractures the principle,that everyone is equal before the law,like it or not Trump has pitched America,into the next presidential campaign,but his limp launch leading over his,2020 election loss and the poor track,record of his hand-picked election,denying candidates in the midterms,diminished his aura,potential alternative Republican,figureheads for populists,show how Global events can redefine an,American presidency,but as the war grinds on Biden's,capacity to stop it from spilling into a,disastrous Russian NATO Clash will be,constantly tested he has his hands full,an encounter between a Chinese Jet and,U.S military jet over the South China,Sea over the holiday hints at how,tensions could boil over there,news,Softly,session

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CNN Correspondent Fired for Anti-Semitic Tweets

CNN Correspondent Fired for Anti-Semitic Tweets

and i know i briefly spoke about israeli,palestinian conflict and i you know like,i wish,i don't i don't ever have to talk about,it again because people are so polarized,people are so divided on this topic that,they just go after you,and and i spoke from both angles and i,got attacked by,by jews not jews i've said some people,who are jewish background or,zionists i'd say um who who were who,who were my followers but now no longer,and i know,and i noticed couple of patrons ran away,as well so then somebody said,and i shared that with someone and they,said oh so you were being,sponsored by zionists i was like yeah 10,bucks a month,i sold my soul for 10 bucks a month um,but anyway that wasn't the reason so,so a couple of those and then obviously,some muslims were attacking me as well,because,you know like i was i thought it was,pretty balanced but,ah that's the reason but i can be quite,clear,about certain topics when it comes to,israel palestine,so have a look at this gentleman this,wonderful handsome man his name is adil,raja he's a pakistani,journalist who was working for,he was working for cnn as,as a as a you know on contract basis so,he wasn't,the employee of of uh of cnn but,you know anything pakistan related he,was he was a guy,so he wrote over a dozen articles for,cnn but then you know his uh,inner peaceful came out and he tweeted,something,what did he say he said this is on 16th,of may,nearly what 10 days ago or actually,eight days ago,the world today needs his daddy,you can see what you can see what it,says the tweet has been deleted so he,did,end up deleting it after he realized oh,oh,if i say this what am i going to do with,all the dollars that i've been getting,this u.s,currency you know the rich money that,the thing that makes me look,rich amongst my pakistani people so he,did actually so,sold his soul for a few dollars but,it was too late unfortunately for him,and that wasn't the first time so this,is bad on cnn,he actually had made similar marks,remarks in the past as well,um this is back in 2014 when i think,there was a match between a football,match between germany,and i don't know italy maybe or england,the only reason he now this is him,saying the only reason he is supporting,germany in the final,is because uh highly scheitler was,a german and he did good with,jews that's what he said um and,some somebody asked him well this poor,guy shakilam was saying let's see,it's going to be a tough fight though,but he goes no i don't care about,he doesn't know about football he's just,supporting german germany because of,shetla,so um and he's here insinuating,that you know jews should be,killed that's what he's saying and,obviously it's an,atrocious statement and these people say,that we,they do it out of frustration out of,anger,but they don't understand that you,cannot,do that you cannot make statements like,these,you can make them i mean you should be,you shouldn't go to prison for,making these very stupid statements but,you're gonna have consequences so cnn,picked up on that,and they said cnn has cut ties with the,freelance contributor,adeel raja after it emerged that he had,posted several antisemitic,tweets now he deleted the post after it,drew heavy backlash and other,anti-semitic tweets surfaced,um so anyway so mike pence earlier had,tweeted america stands with israel,raja responded by saying a history of,creating terrorists and standing with,them,um however in the light of those,abhorrent statements he will not be,working with,cnn again in any capacity,um so then you know,he deleted it he tried to do damage,control didn't stick to his guns,did it you know he had sold his soul,he's like oh hang on i might have,bitten more than i could chew so,when he realized sour grapes too late,you're fired he said he's a glad a,single tweet,contributed to the palestinian cause,and brought it to limelight with me,losing my job,now he's trying to be a martyr like i've,sacrificed my life,and my tweet one single tweet,has drawn enough attention to the,palestinian cause,see he's trying to be a martyr what is,that what is that mata syndrome or,whatever the,the superhero syndrome or whatever sorry,the eliza bro,you didn't draw anything people don't,even remember your,name they wouldn't have remembered your,face unless i showed it to you but even,i'll forget it,so didn't do anything bro all you did,was that you stopped taking the haram,infidel,money that you were that you would have,been so happy to take otherwise,you would have been so happy to take it,from the organizations like cnn,who support the state of israel and the,jews and the zionists and who in turn,subjugate your palestinians um,my views aren't separate on that i'm,just trying to point out from his point,of view,um you didn't do anything and he tried,to play,he he first tried to be a hero and then,he tried to be a victim the,and the west's claim of freedom of,expression and human rights,now he's like oh you guys are freedom of,speech yeah,when would th

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Interview with Adil Hussain | Film & Television Actor | Welcome to Studio

Interview with Adil Hussain | Film & Television Actor | Welcome to Studio

archives of prasar bharti presents the,timeless treasure of golden era,we welcome you to our program welcome to,studio one from pursuing theater as a,school and college hobby to being a,multifaceted actor today adil hussein,has come a long way and alumnus of the,national school of drama adil has,trained with many theater gurus along,the way today we come face to face with,adil life and works welcome to the,studio adil thank you so much ladies and,gentlemen let us join hands to,congratulate the first indian actor adil,hussein to win the top norwegian film,honor the amanda award for his role in,the film what will people say,and i personally salute to the ace actor,as he has dedicated the amanda award to,the people of goalpada in assam where he,belongs to and because he believes in,art can break boundaries of all kinds,okay my first question to you is your,childhood as a schoolboy theater was a,part of your dream but did you ever,think that this would one day become,your career a difficult question because,i wanted to be an actor and for sure and,i hope that it will also be able to feed,me i don't look at acting as,whatever i'm doing now uh over the years,i don't look at that as a career because,i don't know what oxford dictionary,defines the word career how it is,defined i don't know that i would like,to find out google and,for me i think,that anything one loves to do,and,if you really love it then you do it,and that's sort of already rewarding,because you're being able to practice,what you love to do,and then after that if somebody,applauses or you know some people would,give you money which is like a dessert,after a wonderful satisfying meal,so,i don't even,think that i have an acting career i,think that that's what i do i mean,that's my lifeline that's my breath,right yeah but i so i never thought,about that that i will take up acting as,a career i thought i'll just act there's,a lovely instance my acting teacher told,me about two points i forgot the names,they're very famous poets byron and,shelley or someone and i don't know who,is senior who is junior he's very good,at it to remember so one of them came to,the other and said i'd like to be a poet,so either byron or shelley said oh you,would not like to write poetry you want,to be a poet,so people youngsters when they want to,be an actor instead of saying they want,to be an actor they could say i love to,act,and you may become an actor if you,practice hard true so i think i realized,that i just loved to act and that's it,i'm still doing it and i haven't yet,fallen out of love of acting and i hope,that i would like to act till i die,great my next question is you grew up in,a small town in goalpara in assam where,you were part of a large family,so i just want to ask that did you get,the support for your aspirations of,becoming an actor especially your father,was a school teacher i only passed away,in 2003 with all my respect and love for,him no he didn't,and i understand why he didn't,i empathize with him much much later i,realized okay so as a father the fear,that you have you know how would you,earn your living because that's the,whole system that which is in place in,most of the countries including india,and the system which is placed is,because of the way that the britishers,ruled us and then they left behind an,education system and this education,system was actually designed to create,labors to run the country and we are,products of that and now countries in,scandinavia and finland they have,completely changed their education,system because we have no idea what is,going to happen even after five years,you know if you look at the,technological and advancement and all,that so,he as any father would,thought that you know he has to have a,degree and earn some living and acting,is wasn't a,sort of a career option for him like he,couldn't even visualize adil as an actor,earning money so understand that but i,felt that he also lacked the wisdom,that what happiness is and that is very,important how contentment fulfills a,person and no matter whatever the,physical conditions are around,economical conditions are around the,person is in that does not bog down the,person because he sleeps well at night,like i don't need a drink i don't need,anything i go to bed and i sleep in 10,minutes and i think that is what success,for me is right that's because you're,happy yeah you you are okay you are,happy and you know happiness is also,overrated i think that happiness is that,you're satiated yeah you are at peace,peace with yourself that i think is the,most important thing no matter what you,do if you choose to be the ceo of pepsi,and you can't sleep at night and i don't,think that's a good thing you know that,is successful life i don't think that is,successful at all you know success is,has to be that you go home and you have,a wonderful vibration at home you go,home and you feel like hey everything is,good maybe there is nothing in the house,maybe just a floor and a pi

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