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we got a lot of people just say your,name and you're cool,hi uh nick house with wrestling i'll,start nick,um show of hands,who here fancies themselves as a,journalist,you're a journalist nick i try my best,okay,um no real real quick go ahead um,you still do improv,no not a little bit no no,when you did improv,who'd you do improv with,i did it with uh,scott colton hmm,okay so you fancy yourself a journalist,would you say you're friends with scott,coleman uh no i haven't talked to scott,sometime,so you're not friends with him ah no no,scott and i do not see that eye oh wow,well that makes two of us my point is,if you fancy yourself a journalist even,if it's for the silly world of,professional wrestling and you have,journalistic integrity people who report,things mostly that are ,and slanderous lies against myself if,you are friends with somebody you blew,my spot if you're not friends with them,i apologize it's okay but you should,probably disclose who you're friends,with i'm not from,i haven't had anything to do with scott,colton,in almost a decade probably wanted,nothing to do with him even longer than,that it's unfortunate that i,have to come up here and speak on this,when i'm on my time and this is a, business,why i'm a grown ass adult man and i,decide not to be friends with somebody,is nobody else's business but my,friends,if i fall backwards will catch me,scott colton i felt,never would have,my problem was i wanted to bring a guy,with me to the top that did not want to,see me at the top okay you call it,jealousy you call envy whatever the ,it is,my relationship with scott colton ended,long before,i paid all of his bills,i have every receipt,i have every invoice i have every email,i have the email where he says and i,quote i agree,to go our separate ways i will get my,own lawyer and you do not have to pay,anymore that's an email,that i have the only reason the public,did not see,is because,when i finally had to countersue him,through discovery,we discovered he shared a bank account,with his mother,that's a fact,and as soon as we discovered that fact,and we subpoenaed old marsha,he sent the email oh can we please drop,all this now it's 2022. i haven't been,friends with this guy since at least,2014 late 2013. and the fact that i have,to sit up here,because we have irresponsible people who,call themselves evps and couldn't, manage a target and they spread,lies and and and put into a,media that i got somebody fired when i,have all to do with him want,nothing to do with him do not care where,he works where he doesn't work where he,eats where he sleeps,and the fact that i have to get up here,and do this in 2022 is ,embarrassing and if y'all are at fault, you if you're not i apologize but,what did i ever do,in this world to go to deserve an,empty-headed dumb like,hangman adam page to go out on national,television and go into business,for himself,for what,what did i do dave what did i ever do,didn't do a goddamn thing,what's your name sir d'angelo the,pittsburgh pack what are you doing,in pittsburgh,i made it really clear in forbes and i,just want to make it clear again it's,not his position to make it very ,clear,there's people who call themselves evps,that should have known better,this was none of their business i,understand sticking up for your ,friends i get it i stuck up for,that guy more than anybody okay i paid,his bills until i didn't and it was my,decision not to yeah but i shouldn't,know commented when nick first said it,it's my fault and if i hadn't it's my,fault i appreciate it i should have just,taken it ahead of time but i'm trying to,run a business and when somebody,who hasn't done a damn thing in this,business,jeopardizes the first million dollar,house that this company has ever drawn,off of my back and goes on national,television and does that it's a disgrace,to this industry it's a disgrace to this,company,now we're far beyond apologies,right i gave him a chance,it did not get handled and you saw what,i had to do which is very regrettable,lowering myself to his level but,that's where we're at right now and i,will still walk up and down this hallway,and say if you have a problem,with me,take it up with me,let's go,what's your question nick,first of all you're always very nice to,me and thank you um,i wanted to ask about mjf obviously uh,he played a voicemail from you before he,came out,obviously confronted you uh punk,um,why now,why why is mjf back in the fold now how,do you both feel about him being around,how do you feel about the time he spent,away all of that well if i may i'm the,one who asked him to come back because,uh mgf's a big star in this company and,this is one of the biggest events a year,ago cm punk debuted here and i thought,it was right for the fans and like i,said for the fans i thought the best,thing that we could do as a company was,bring mjf back he wants me to work with,pricks constantly that's that's what it,is,nevertheless uh two of the top wrestlers,in the world mjf and c

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Eric Bischoff shoots on his twitter beef with CM Punk

Eric Bischoff shoots on his twitter beef with CM Punk

but i do want to,sort of pick your brain about something,because it kind of caught me by surprise,i saw last week,it looked like you were uh,i don't know picking fights with cm punk,on twitter what's up with that,i wasn't picking a fight i was,responding,you know punk had some very um,edgy comments,that i'm assuming were directed to me,because they were in response to,something that you and i said in a in a,very interesting conversation,about,current wrestling wwe and the aew but,evidently he got a little case of the,ass rash,and decided to,lash out,on social media and i love that you,know i,i love to counter punch sometimes i,don't really wake up until i've been hit,really hard,it's just by nature,um,but you know he threw a punch in social,media and i thought well this will be,fun,so i responded in kind,kind isn't the right word i responded,and pointed out that you know this was a,guy who came out,you know and and said that uh you know,him coming to i'm paraphrasing it now,not quoting it i quoted it on my tweet,so i'll let that stand but i basically,say you know for a guy that thinks he's,a bigger deal than,scott hall and kevin nash you know,coming to wcw or randy savage,um so far he's fallen flat on his face,and i i published his quote,i i didn't i didn't make anything up,i took his quote and i posted it and,said how's that working out,which it isn't obviously,you guys probably in terms of a return,on investment this guy has to be the,biggest financial flop in the history of,wrestling eric that's not true,you're only taking one metric and,talking about ratings you're not talking,about all the merch and all the tickets,and all the swag and there's more to,life than just that tv writing dude come,on now of course there is of course,there is but,how many millions of dollars in net,profit and t-shirt sales is he doing,nobody knows we're we're responding to,comments that are made but are not,backed up you know somebody could show,me you know what kind of return on his,investment then i'll eat my words and,i'm happy to do that i'm look i'm wrong,a lot,you know i'm i'm i'm aggressive i go out,there i try new things i i talk and,i'm not always right and if i'm wrong,i'm wrong i'm happy to but let's let's,talk let's look at it,so far all we get is oh he's selling,so much merchandise well how much is so,much but eric and by the way once you,once the initial,excitement of anybody not just cm but,anybody bring somebody in you launch a,new t-shirt you launch new merchandise,and you get a big hit and then it just,kind of levels out until you come up,with something new and if you're really,over then you can you know continue to,come up with new merchandise and fill,the tank but i don't know that that's,true,you for sure,well here's what i know for sure,you know you've uh,boy you're gonna be mad at me on this,one but here comes,you've become dave meltzer,ooh let me explain,ooh that's that's,that's that's a hell of a way to start,the morning,when we go back and we revisit comments,that meltzer had,about hulk hogan in 94 and 95 pre-nwo,he kept on and on and on,about how there's no way wcw can be,profitable here they're going to have to,sell this many in order to do that and,blah blah blah,and whenever i read that off to you,you're like he doesn't get it he doesn't,understand the value that this brought,it wasn't just about the pay-per-view,buy rates it was all that,and,at the time of course wcw wasn't,releasing all of their financials and,you couldn't tell so he was doing a lot,of speculating isn't that kind of what,you're doing right now about punk,um no i i'm not and,i guess in a way i am i'll i'll i'll,take that i'll take that hit to a degree,in the context of the conversations that,we've had on this on this show which is,what kind of was the catalyst for,for um,punk's response on social media we're,talking about television ratings we're,talking about impact we weren't talking,about the broader um,spectrum of revenue opportunities,and in terms of television within the,context of television which is what we,were talking about,and in my responsive even this morning,it's been a horrible return on,investment,and i'm asking the question unlike dave,meltzer i'm not saying,you know he certainly hasn't had any,impact on advertising you know only,turner broadcasting would know that,you know nobody in the aew would know,that because the aew doesn't sell their,own advertising,um turner does but in in in terms of his,content in terms of the context into you,know,punk comparing himself to randy savage,and and scott hall and kevin nash and,the impact,that they had on wcw,versus punk coming out and saying he,he's a bigger deal than that you know,again it was a comparison to wcw and i'm,only talking about again ratings in,terms of ratings he's fallen flat on his,face,you know he came out to a 1.129 i think,or 1.1,1.17 million people came out to see his,debut on friday night on rampage it's,down to around 400 500,000 on average,you know

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WWE Cm Punk's Most Savage Moments Of All Time

WWE Cm Punk's Most Savage Moments Of All Time

the CEO o of the WWE at Night of,Champions I want the Cerebral Assassin I,don't want the new you the new you sucks,I want the old you you want this gun lay,the pipe bomb on me big guy come on go,ahead there's one thing you're better at,than I am and that's kissing Vince,McMahon's ass you're gonna punch me in,the face or do you got to go ask your,wife permission first,according to my Twitter page which by,the way is thirty-eight thousand,followers well screw you and your 38,thousand Twitter followers maybe this,company will be better after Vince,McMahon is dead but the fact is it's,it's gonna get taken over by his idiotic,daughter and his doofus son-in-law and,the rest of his stupid family,unfortunately for myself I happen to be,here in New Jersey you used to do this I,got two words for you Jersey sucks,you know wear the pants in the family,but you do wear her panties don't you my,mom don't let me do all the talking why,don't you let everybody know exactly how,intimate me and you were behind closed,doors tell them that I'm the best in the,world,I'll kick you in the nuts and you'll,smile at me and like it and show me some,respect number one thing being I want,you to bring back the WWE ice cream bars,and one last thing the main event of,Wrestlemania being John Cena against,your buddy Blaine that's the rock for,nobody who watches bad Disney movies you,have become the New York Yankees need to,watch your mouth you need to watch the,show I do and say whatever I want to,whomever I please do you know what else,I don't do Randi I don't take joy rides,on my motorcycle at 3:00 a.m. and try to,pop wheelies and get,for another three months when it comes,to mr. McMahon he's a a greedy,money-grubbing soulless bastard I would,but I know where that hands been,I do understand considering that neither,yourself nor pac-man have any testicles,whatsoever,I've never got to tell you this face to,face but mine is a whole hell of a lot,bigger than yours,I see Eve over there I know she's,looking at it how many times did you say,well you know I just don't think he has,what it takes while you're lying in bed,with your wife initiation will be the,ultimate sacrifice and it is my hope no,no no no no no how gullible are all of,you people wearing a harness you are all,no congratulations legitimately you are,all the biggest mindless group of sheep,that I have ever seen in my entire hunt,we brought the brick show to his knees,we brought the big showdown we did that,that's funny because I don't remember,telling any of you that you can be happy,get on your knees,first you have to check with the Board,of Directors to make sure it's okay,and by Board of Directors I mean your,wife and you've been slapping me in the,face for years,and now that's a slap in your face I'm,sorry I do have a license I'm sorry I,didn't hear a word you were saying I,wasn't paying attention I apologize yeah,you didn't pay attention in wrestling,school either jerk Cain I have your word,well that used to mean something but now,your word is nothing coming from a,seven-foot-tall sellout suck up the town,relations and the interim general,manager wrong hold on a second hold on a,second hold it right about here so the,people can actually hear you,well I'm glad we can be honest that is,smug overrated kind of like looking in,the mirror isn't it hunter I got in,trouble basically because I have the,balls to say things that nobody else has,the balls to say hey Vicky if I'm the,voice of the voiceless you're the voice,of the pointless,you're gonna want to sue me cuz I'm,gonna be in jail you wanted to guess,what I'm gonna be in jail for animal,cruelty because I'm gonna beat you like,a if Triple H asked you to jump,off a bridge would you because I think,that would be good for business my,heartfelt apologies for your loss at,WrestleMania so here's to you JBL,sometimes it's what you don't do that,makes you who you are it's how was your,movie by the way,oh my mind went straight to DVD just,like yours see all these people here,wishing they had a remote in their hand,so they could fast-forward anytime you,have a microphone in your hand exactly,when did you become the big red ass,kisser take your vitamins I get what,you're saying brother Straight Edge,Society dude I thought you said,something about being entertaining that,was boring you're not funny and nobody,likes you certainly we've got,similarities we don't smoke we don't,drink we don't do drugs but should make,sure he's the first superstar the tested,his Money in the Bank contract that lose,he's the loser like everybody in,Philadelphia and he's a loser like you,sir you paid your ticket you want a boo,that's fine but I dare I dare you just,step in between these ropes and you,never boo again don't you have I dare,you,Fat Joe to step up and be a man maybe,you didn't see what I did to John,Morrison I took them out you took them,out like on a date me to be,disrespectful you don't like it when I,just grab things out of your hand do you,let me tel

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CM Punk & Michael Landsberg Intense Interview

CM Punk & Michael Landsberg Intense Interview

first question for you,Who am I speaking to what do I call you,CM Punk mr. money in the bank Phil,Brooks what do I call you mr. amateur I,guess so you can call me Phil you can,call me Punk,whatever whatever you feel what what are,you what are people outside of your your,ring life call you like you know you,know your buddies where do they call you,not saying I'm your buddy yet Oh,till a lot of my buddies I'm punker okay,punk yeah,Bunker punk so we know your name we know,you signed a multi deal a mighty fight,deal with the UFC and we know that your,debut will happen in late 2015,let us allow you right now to hype the,fight for you take a look the UFC and,Phil Brooks invite you to join us for,the mystery fight of the decade,whoo Willie faced superstars want a,piece of them what up B jose canseco,he's done MMA and he's hungry after,losing a battle to a gunman other,superstar candidates include Drake oh,and one after a tough loss to Diddy,Bieber who's reeling from an Orlando,Bloom ko and already talking trash Oh,with Brooks recently going vegan you,know who wants a piece of him hello may,I come in,I am fat boy avi Chef Boyardee Phil,Brooks will it happen join us for a,fight you can't miss on a day we can't,tell you against an opponent we don't,know in a weight class to be determined,may or may not ever happen so what do,you think you and the chef sure yeah,I'll fight the chef I'll fight you I'll,fight anybody well no you're not gonna,fight me have you actually ever and if,you were fighting me I would say going,in in the news conference I would say,I've never taken a real punch in the,face I hope you don't find this,disrespectful but have you actually,taken a real Punk you're gonna ask me if,I've ever taken a real punch in the face,yeah you obviously hadn't seen some of,the guys I was wrestling in the WWE yes,I have taken a real punch no face but,wouldn't you agree that that that is,different that then being in the Octagon,stay with a guy who is punching to hurt,it's not part of putting on a show,again you probably haven't seen some of,the guys from you,okay well then then you know I've been,punched in the face before and not just,on TV I've been I've been in my fair,share of unfortunate scraps outside of a,an arena and not in front of a TV camera,I've been I've been socked in the face,it sucks but now you're signing up for,it here's what I find to be interesting,Dana has to some extent I think,protected you saying that he wants a,fighter to basically have fought one two,or three times is that something that,you worked in advance so you wouldn't,feel pressured to fight a guy like Nate,DSA no we never had a conversation about,who I would fight or what their,experience level would level would be so,that was that was Dana talking so so,what if Dana said you know what you can,fight the person that you believe you,would like to fight against Nate Diaz,called you about if they offered you a,chance to fight him at any weight so,you're heavier than him you can fight at,that would you fight a guy with Nate,Diaz his experience look this is this is,where you know things things will get,sent out of context I don't think I,don't think Nate called me out I think,what Nate did was express his opinion on,the UFC signing me and me fighting in,the UFC and I respect his opinion I'm,still an 80s van I watched him fight,last Saturday and I watched him fight,next time he fights who I fight isn't,100% up to me I don't think it's up 100%,up to any fighter that's what the Joe,Silva's in the world of for it would I,fight Nate Diaz this is where you takes,this out of context yeah I would fight,anybody given the proper time to prepare,for it would that be a wise decision at,this juncture in my career probably not,but I would also fight Anderson Silva,tomorrow if you paid me the correct,amount of money to do so okay so there's,no other context here I mean your point,is that you're not looking to be,protected by Dana you're not looking to,jump in with someone that they know you,have a great chance at beating you will,go where the company wants you to go,yeah this is uh this is a challenge and,it's a challenge that I signed up for so,taking it easy doesn't really make sense,you know I got to put the miles in and I,got to do the work to prepare and I'm,not afraid of that but once I get there,once I fight the fights a fight see I'm,really interested not just in terms of,the ring versus the octagon and,obviously you haven't been in the,Octagon but in terms of the life of a,wrestler versus the life of an MMA,fighter which one do you think is more,dangerous to your health the life of a,wrestler or the life of a USC guy,well the UFC has a referee to stop a,fight in case something goes wrong and,wrestling more often than not you you,break something you hurt something you,finish the match you keep going that's,the way it works they're the show must,go on so I would take that because it,means like my guess would be on you know,the surface everyone woul

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Konnan on: has AEW ratings drop showed how much they need CM Punk?

Konnan on: has AEW ratings drop showed how much they need CM Punk?

pull up I haven't I've not seen them,blind on the number I'm assuming you're,probably pretty good because the show is,decent and then they had they had a new,look well I didn't it wasn't much,different to me yeah like ever everybody,said oh my God this dude look I'm like,18. 864 down 12 000. really,um,interesting because this show well you,know but it's funny because um,it's actually it's not because it was,because Alvarez and like a lot of the,dirt she got like the dirty Mark,podcasters were really raving about the,show I had like the formula there has,been like if they're raving about the,show then the show is probably not that,good or it's not gonna do good in the,ratings wouldn't and that that's been,the like that that happened here I guess,because I I thought the show was decent,too but since the dirt cheap guys in the,marks thought it was good it doesn't,draw it's like it's kind of funny you,know like they're trying to draw numbers,and they do a show for their base and it,does well with the bass but it doesn't,resonate outside the um outside their,Echo chamber and I I have a I won't get,a discussion I I think I have a theory,about that,um about what they're doing like,philosophically wrong uh but we'll get,in there we're just off the bat before,we get in the review what did you think,of the show last night yeah I thought it,was good I did too I did too and the,thing is that the thing is feels like,they don't have the,the steam they had before they they kind,of seem a little bit stale they have,they've had a lot of bad shows so one,out of a lot a lot of bad shows doesn't,really pop off you know what I'm saying,right there was a time when they were,having continuous good shows they've,lost their way it's not an easy thing to,do or anybody could be a Booker you know,what I'm saying and I'll tell you this,yeah,um who's gaining a lot of a lot of uh,what's the word I want to use uh,momentum a lot of stock in the,Cincinnati in this narrative CM Punk,yeah yeah and let me tell you the,numbers the numbers were we we've had a,significant amount of time he's been off,TV right and the numbers are,significantly compared to the time it,was on like you could do you could do a,pretty good metric that he drew fans,right well he was their biggest star,yeah I mean but he's not an easy guy to,deal with so you gotta right what time,do you cup bait because I've had you've,had we've had that we've had it in WCW,where you're like okay this guy's,talented but he's always showing up late,or he's always showing up or he doesn't,want to do jobs and there comes a point,where you've got to draw the line right,you know let me let me give you a,perfect example,me and you've you've over 35 years of,the business right I've got 30 you know,we have a lot of experience right right,we and like looking at these metrics,look at the talent looking you know,everything involved we would have a,pretty good way to navigate this thing,like from from experience correct right,like you know Tony's been into this,business for how long like three three,years right three times a few years ago,you know it's like probably six like,he's still in diapers bro and the thing,is that you know I don't want to sound,bangorious what a tremendous word is it,a word look that up Joe it's a word is,it really absolutely I I doubt that go,ahead Joe look it up and let's shut look,it up and look at the different,definition,glorious means excessively proud of,oneself or one's achievements overly,vain,glorious but the thing is is that bro,it's like anything else if you've never,been a Booker you have you can read,about it you can talk about it the,people that were Bookers unless you're,there you don't understand the that a,Booker goes through it's a very,thankless situation because when you do,what the talent wants you're the best,when you don't you're you have something,against them you know uh and and you can,never make everybody happy you've got to,push so many guys at the same time uh,you got guys that don't want to wrestle,with other guys you got guys that you,know are trying to tell you hey these,guys are talking to me I don't know if,I'm gonna stay what do you want if you,give me this I'll stay if you don't I'm,gonna leave and so you're wondering you,know there's so many things that people,don't know about and here's the biggest,thing and then you have no idea the key,point is the stuff that people don't,know about right private conversation,you would have no idea how big a baby,and insecure and I understand why the,biggest stars actually are right you,know they're afraid to lose their spot,they're afraid that everything they work,for somebody's going to come and take it,away not understanding that the only,good person that can take away your spot,is you you know what I'm saying and this,is the thing too and also you you've,dealt with this countless times where,you have a vision of talent and in your,mind you have a story where it's going,and you are looking at the s

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AEW Star Backlash For Attacking Fan...Kurt Angle...Nick Khan Selling WWE...AEW Star On Sad Issues

AEW Star Backlash For Attacking Fan...Kurt Angle...Nick Khan Selling WWE...AEW Star On Sad Issues

with more updates on a potential sale,for WWE and more this is wrestling up my,name is John and you're watching the,wrestling report,before we get into the rest of the video,make sure you subscribe to wrestlingub,and turn on all notifications to stay up,to date with everything in the world of,pro wrestling also don't forget to,follow us on Instagram at,wrestlingubofficial and follow us on,Twitter at wrestling underscore hub,foreign,aew now the company can't compete,against WWE on an international level,Jeff Jarrett said on talk is Jericho the,live event industry which is one of the,hats I'm wearing we'll call it House,shows it's not a four-letter word around,here which I love the house show,business I'll call them the,non-televised Live Events I think that's,the proper terminology that I use when,I'm talking to different promoters I say,hey these are non-televised oh I got it,that's it right up at the Forefront so,now getting into the non-televised,events I want to be really careful that,we strategically help with the guidance,on getting we call C and D markets but,candidly markets that Dynamite is not,going to go to once you get outside of,the United States the aew brand believe,it or not is on par with WWE I said I,need numbers in Canada so anyway they,came along and man it's fantastic the,growth internationally is super exciting,it's very obvious the focus has been on,the television product and when you,really look at the strength of the brand,and I know from the quick due diligence,I did you know we have been to repeat,markets already I know even with the,pandemic we've been to repeat markets so,there's a lot of new markets we're going,to in 2023 which is just such an,understated Value Point that oh you've,never been to Laredo oh you've never,been to El Paso oh wait you're going to,Seattle Seattle is a major Market I,think 2023 I can already see the surge,that and that's just let's say spreading,our wings a little bit more because the,focus has been on that Wednesday night,dynamite in 20 markets or 30 markets,growth is going to be an understatement,I believe,foreign,how he used to share a room with his,manager Dave Hawk during his early days,in WWE Kurt Angle revealed in his,autobiography it's true it's true I,wasn't real comfortable about my,decision my manager Dave Hawk came with,me to Stanford to ease some of these,strain and advise me just in case they,wanted to sign a deal we roomed together,in Stamford and though the other guys,never told me at the time they thought,we were gay Dave would run errands for,me it's funny as hell to think back on,it because Dave was running around doing,everything for me there he'd make,protein shakes he'd rub down my neck he,was doing my laundry he just wanted me,to feel better about being there because,I was pretty uncomfortable about it at,the same time he was trying to work the,Austin deal with the World Wrestling,Federation so everybody thought Dave and,I were gay which would have come as,quite a shock to my fiance at the time,Karen and Dave's wife Tracy,foreign,revealed that Triple H would give her,the opportunity to wrestle in WWE saying,man I do love Hunter he's so fantastic,he was like wait what happened I was,like I don't know they haven't renew my,contract he was like oh my gosh well I,didn't know that I'm sorry he was really,fantastic he did give me the opportunity,to potentially be a GM again and give me,the opportunity to be like have you ever,potentially want to wrestle again I'll,give you that opportunity too he was,very open about any ideas that I had,foreign,Mercedes money did not get much of a,reaction out of the New Japan fans at,wrestle Kingdom it was set in the,wrestling Observer newsletter that after,Kyrie beat nakano in his short match to,retain the title she came out the,reaction wasn't big those there live in,attendance said that most fans did not,know who she was since WWE has had no,television in Japan for a long time,on his Strictly Business podcast Eric,Bischoff mentioned that he believes CM,Punk will get his contract bought out by,aew when asked if Punk not coming back,to aw was a positive or negative thing,he said part of me jokes around about,busting Phillips balls because I just,I'm not impressed with him I think he,was over hyped and when I say that look,I understand it came to aw with a,massive amount of Mystique and there was,a build up and he did a good job of,maintaining that Mystique but he lost me,in his first promo I mean he showed his,ass in such an obvious way to me in his,very first promo when he went out there,and buried Hulk Hogan now I'm not saying,that because I'm friends of Hulk Hogan,I'm saying that because Philip has never,worked with Hulk Hogan Philip doesn't,know Hulk Hogan and what Philip was,doing was Philip was trying to get,himself over with the dirt sheet,Community mostly meltzer's fan base by,burying someone the Meltzer has been,bearing for 25 or 30 years in order to,get himself over and what that does to,me

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Booker T TRIGGERED The CM Punk Fanboys & The Twitter Mob Over His Opinion ...

Booker T TRIGGERED The CM Punk Fanboys & The Twitter Mob Over His Opinion ...

so it's one of those days and a,twitter cringe fast known as,twitter concert known as twitter where,these nerds,are mad at booker t,over his opinion on cm punk returning,you know and you know you know i'm,having an opinion i'm saying you got,these faglors this british, named russell lamia and all,these guys oh my god booker t,once again it's a bad take about senior,no so let me keep this straight so who,would i rather listen to a legend who,have knowledge in the business was,experienced in the business who did it,all well show this some fat british,geeks on twitter or just a bunch of, nerves that got cheese stuffed,ankles for legs and could barely, walk and could barely fit,through the door they got to use,the garage,i think all right i think i'll write a,whole booker t opinion at a higher,regard because he's known for spending,the real he don't sit here,and kiss y'all laugh like mick foley or,anybody else just to get colorful cool,points online no he speaks his own,opinion he stay true to his own opinion,you know what i'm saying and so is it,because he don't suck your dick,i guess that make his opinion bad bad,takes,no this actually is a pretty solid, take you know what i'm saying,from booker t and he's speaking,the truth so before i start,talking my let's read what he said,okay,cedar point came back and he had,10 full television minutes to go out,there and make his point as far as cm,punk being back,he had the perfect crowd to be able to,go out there and really and i'll talk,about have a party up in the united,center but cm punk came back and took,his moment and chose to talk about wwe,that right there was just a total myth,as far as i am concerned he struck out,i can only imagine if the rock had that,same 21 000 in miami florida the rock,would have talked about every landmark,in miami and everybody in miami um,frequented since they were little bitty,kids,he would have talked about the bridge,they had to come that he had to come,across he would have talked about the,school that he had to come up fighting,in he would have had those fans going,crazy with excitement but simple choose,to talk about wwe,i also choose to challenge darby allen,all right he been going for seven, years and he come out there and,the first guy he wants to fight there's,a that paint his ,face around the scooter in my,skateboard or scooter , ride,this is who he choose to party,up with some some lame bum well named,darby allen,you know it's crazy right,and that nine minutes went back so slow,uh when it could have been a party going,on on the united center,so um hey i also see what uh booker t is,coming from,i'll i find i'm seeing punk return out,right mouthfully over here like,i gotta find this guy over here if you,like i said i almost said falstart this,is my opinion as well if you like cm,punk hey more power to you you know i'm,saying if you're getting triggered about,what i'm about to say i don't give,a you know what i'm saying you can,just click out the video and go,watch somebody else go watch one of,those british youtube channels who's,sucking this dick gotta watch any,everybody's sucking this ,dick i'm not gonna do it i'm,gonna speak my mind and say whatever the, i want to say on my simple ass, that i am not here to make you,happy i am here to just tell my,opinion you feel me you can eat a dick,you know what i'm saying so all you, fanboys who's triggered already,disliking the video comment down,in the comment section,boy let me fanboy even though i got to,be more than any company in the, world,go right ahead i don't care thanks for,the view,but,is is booker t lying,let's look back,cm came back right you know he really,didn't really say much what he talked,about ice cream bars,that these fentoners stuck up,their when they got it,he talked about challenging darby allen,he do a little actually do some shading,i guess at w his time at w you know what,i'm saying saying like you know now,i'm back with with real raffling finally,you know i haven't been i haven't been a,real rapper since all ages,he badly saying that w isn't pro,wrestling you know what i'm saying even,though all raffling is a form of,entertainment no such thing as a,wrathful company being pro raps me since,all wrapping is a form of ,entertainment any dumbass that's sam w,isn't poor raffling and guess what,dumbass aw is a pro wrestling either,it's all a former entertainment my ,aw has segments aw has what stories and, guess what real pro,wrestling doesn't have to that's what,you don't know what,else funny,real pro wrestling isn't,you know so you know what you know it's,a predetermined you know what i'm saying,you know you get it you get what i'm,saying real rapping isn't pre-determined,we're wrapping this real you know,so all wrapping is a form of ,entertainment you got to be so , to the otherwise,you know what i'm saying,so he will barely just you know he he,definitely spit in the face,like like the smart buster said on,twitter i need to write smoke burst who,i think yo

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REAL HEAT Between CM Punk & The Miz! *DELETED TWEET* Why Punk Hates Him! ' WWE News

REAL HEAT Between CM Punk & The Miz! *DELETED TWEET* Why Punk Hates Him! ' WWE News

what is going on guys it is wrestle a,mia here backwards some more news now,join us as Russell a Mia looks in the,wildest new stories and rumors you need,to know including legit heat between CM,Punk in the maze how ember moon was,injured the security blooper on rule was,planned,WWE ice cream bars are back and WWE,signs an indie star be sure to subscribe,and hit that notification bell for daily,wrestling videos let's waste no further,time and get straight into the first,story as there's legit heat between CM,Punk and Aamir's eldest rated superstar,wasn't scheduled to appear on this,week's episode of WWE backstage but that,doesn't mean he wasn't watching the show,this week's guest was former WWE,Champion The Miz as he spoke on how he,met his wife Maryse his favorite WWE,Superstar on the blue brand right now,which turned out to be otice good choice,and much much more he didn't have,anything to say about Punk on the show,but afterwards Miz had this to say,retweeted the video saying go suck a,blood money covered in saudi-arabia,dork before deleting the tweet moments,after of course that tweet was saved,before it was deleted and the video,itself which was tweeted by WWE on Fox,has also now been deleted was this an,overreaction in our opinion absolutely,Punk's getting bitter over a slight dig,like how sensitive can you be this was a,light-hearted joke and Punk got huffy,about it,Wow we hope nobody brings up his MMA,record to his face the diss is even more,perplexing since the Miz wasn't even at,the most recent crown jewel event as he,was able to wrestle on Smackdown against,Tomaso Chomper when half of the roster,was still stuck in the kingdom real-life,heap between the two seems to have,stemmed from around 2011 when the Miz,was the one - main event WrestleMania,twenty-seven even though punk believed,he was a bigger and better heel at the,time not being given a chance to mean,event WrestleMania is something punk had,been very vocal about I was even one of,the main reasons for him wanting to,originally leave in 2011 impulse,documentary best in the world he,constantly brings up the fact that the,mission have been the one to headline,mania it's funny since the Miz who was,also interviewed in this documentary,continuously puts over Punk now in all,fairness to the Miz he was champion he,was feuding with the rock and Cena and,deserved to headline the event when punk,was still hanging around the Nexus at,the time which was pretty much dead,since SummerSlam 2010 it's quite ironic,that punk is telling Seth Rollins not to,tweet when he himself has tweeted,rubbish and then deleted it it's,certainly not gonna happen but this has,all the makings of a personal feud on,television if punk ever came back to WWE,television this would be a great Feud,however judging by his tweet it's likely,he's not in the WWE's good books right,at this time next up how amber moon was,injured amber moon has been out of,action since September 2019 when she,suffered an Achilles tear speaking on,Booker T's Hall of Fame podcast she,revealed that she injured it during a,chase for the 24/7 championship she,mentioned I'm getting ready to do,Smackdown the next day and they were,like hey amber you're in the 24/7 title,run because Camilla won the night before,and I was like y'all sure y'all sure,you'll need me for that you know what's,weird is like when you know you have a,bad feeling about something so I had a,feeling and I was like oh do we but you,know what team player screw it I got,this I'm in we do the run though and I,told truth I was like truth you better,run I'm gonna catch you truth if I catch,you I'm tackling you and you're going,down and so when we actually did it I,literally caught them right before we,went through the curtain so they go,through the curtain and I didn't realize,how close I was behind them as I'm,coming through the curtain shirts I open,it go through truth is dropping carmella,and I'm going full speed and I had to,hit the brakes I was just like whoa boom,and I felt a pop moon didn't know how,bad the injury was until she got home a,few days later after traveling I,realized she couldn't put any weight on,her foot it's,still unknown when moon will be back in,the ring but in the meantime while she's,recuperating from the injury she has,become head coach at xcw hopefully she,makes a speedy recovery,next up the security blooper on Raw was,planned yeah we reported in yesterday's,news about a hilarious bloopers that,involved WWE security mistakenly,tackling the Reverend who was involved,in Alana Lashley wedding thinking a fan,had jumped the barricade as the camera,quickly attempted to cut away however it,seems like this moment was planned by,WWE and was supposed to happen posted by,loose lips backstage on reddit a user,that has made a number of correct,predictions on the forum wrote from the,script in arena an unidentified man the,wedding official is attempted to get in,the ring when he's confronted by,security you might ask yourself why,w

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