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Cloud9 CS:GO Year in Reviewif you just ask me,was it for us good year or bad year I,think it was rea

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Updated on Jan 29,2023

Cloud9 CS:GO Year in Review

if you just ask me,was it for us good year or bad year I,think it was really good year,first of all we qualified for two majors,it's very important for every team,in Rio we reached playoffs a lot of good,teams didn't do it it means that this,tournament was really hard,so top eight real major is a good result,I will say that I don't have had any,like big expectations from us because,our preparation wasn't like perfect,actually after zero two,went to playoffs it's kind of well I,will say but still I feel that we can do,better,I'm gonna say it's okay result,of course,the main goal was to win this,to win the tournament to win the major,the minimum goal it was to go to,semi-final,garage no,body is,I think that Rio was,good for us but not excellent we made,really amazing comebacks even in the,elimination March versus Imperial behind,the crowd and also,to reach playoffs we won,face,Navi heroic is one of the best in the,world at the moment and we did it so we,can't say that it was so easy for us to,go to playoffs,I mean we deserve it really,if we were talking about top five,positive things for us in in past year I,think,the number one is the joining of Cloud9,number two is the winning in Dallas,behind the home crowd,so with a huge support from United,States fans to be honest we were really,impressed by that,number three,is the third place ESL probably in Malta,number four,playoffs in Rio,and number five it is comebacks in Rio,that is why some people just started to,call us comebacks nine it was really,amazing when you made a lot of comebacks,during one tournament the only one,positive moment that we won Dallas so it,was really important not only maybe for,us but also for Cloud9 and we manage it,doing so that's cool is,foreign,I mean,in total a lot of positive things to be,honest,but if we're gonna compare 2021 and 2022,of course it's different in 2021 we we,won a lot,that's why in people's head,it looks like we failed it this year,I mean the only one way and it is a,positive note it was uh win this one and,goes to the blast finals tomorrow,foreign,so for the next year,is usual for us just to be on the,highest level on the top level it means,top five in the world,and of course uh I think we are ready,to go on the next level now we have,enough experience,behind the crowd I think that the main,goal for us will be to win the major,um,my first Dream first goal is,to,to shine as a team and as I said,hard work pays off and in 2023,it will pay us,I will do like everything what I can do,and thanks for support us even that even,like not the best team in the world,right now we will do our best to manage,and,make Cloud9 great again,in 2023,We're not gonna try we're gonna do our,best and we're gonna bring the titles,for you guys,for you thank you,so I would like to thank all our fans,because,as I said we didn't expect,that we will have some warm welcome in,cloud nine,and also our old fans from CIS region,I want to thank them as well I just wish,all of you in the next year,have only good emotions even if we will,lose we will fight,foreign

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hello everyone welcome back to my,channel this is gonna be sort of an epic,video grab your drink get your pen and,paper ready have your phones at the,ready open up a tab split screen on your,iPad whatever you need to do because,there is gonna be something in this,video that you're gonna like let's get,started,thank you,while you're watching this please hit,the thumbs up button and leave a comment,with your thoughts on favorites videos,down in the comment section because,these videos take a long time they take,a lot of like mental like retrospection,they take a lot of gathering of things,it gets quite messy similar to a bad,collection video it is one of the most,involved sit-down videos to film so for,that alone I would appreciate a thumbs,up and maybe a comment in the comment,section beauty makeup Hair Skin Care,Hair Care fashion Rings books sleep,nutrition everything is in this video so,let's get into it we're gonna start with,makeup because that's kind of like the,traditional YouTubers like thing to,launch into in a usual topic to cover,but I am going to go rather quickly,through these because each one I could,literally talk about forever what I've,been using constantly what I love what I,use on The Daily and these are no holds,bar word honest to God favorites for the,year of 2022 and probably Beyond to be,honest with you favorite Foundation of,2022 probably no surprise it's the Nars,light reflecting Foundation this was,released two years ago or so and since,then it has become my staple Foundation,no longer am I using like Giorgio Armani,luminous silk I'm not using my other,Nars foundations I am using this pretty,much throughout the year I will say in,the winter months I don't tend to wear,as much Foundation because I don't like,it to get on like coats and sweaters and,stuff but this is if you want that like,Sheen that like light reflecting glow oh,my God it's so so good it will probably,make you look super shiny in photos but,who really takes flash photos anymore I,don't know let's move on to powder I've,talked about this years and years and,years and years and years running the,Lancome absolute powder it's the best it,also has a a light reflecting properties,you could probably kind of tell from the,packaging through the packaging you can,see it it's meant to be sort of like an,anti-aging powder that reflects light so,that fine lines kind of disappear and it,just removes textures and removes,texture but in photos you have no,texture when you wear this powder it's,incredible I hope they never discontinue,it also as a base I've been loving the,size say,I don't know how to say this I don't,even know where I discovered this but,this is such a good base this is called,the glowy super gel and the color is,star glow and I use this one pump all,over my face after my skincare but,before my Foundation or tinted,moisturizer it's sort of like a base and,it's like this glow from within that,shines through your base and just makes,you look so radiant healthy it gives the,illusion that you're using like,retinoids and all the expensive skin,care even if you're not it's fantastic,if you love a glowy face like I do then,don't sleep on that one favorite,sunscreen is the Colleen Rothschild,triple defense broad spectrum sunscreen,I love this because it is a mineral,sunscreen and I only use mineral,sunscreens it's just what I like it's,what I enjoy using I don't particularly,care for chemical sunscreens even though,they work very well,um I am just super finicky about only,using physical sunscreens and this is,the best one that I've tried would use,things like the super goop glow,sunscreen and all that stuff but those,are all chemicals on screens if you,haven't like check the label they're all,chemical sunscreen my favorite,anti-aging product of the year goes to,agency's Future formula this is such a,great great thing even if you only sign,up for this and not their whole kit they,are so good they're headed by the same,people who made curology so this is sort,of like the anti-aging Wing it's a it's,a separate brand but it's by the same,people who do curology which is great,for fighting acne again prescription,skin care telemedicine you can chat with,your prescription provider like whenever,you need to whenever you have questions,but mine is my personal future formula,is tretinoin Azalea azaleaic acid,tranexamic acid and niacinamide and I,put it on my face just a pea-sized,amount once a day and that is what has,really contributed not only to my acne,improving but also the glow that you,might see like a lot of of you guys have,commented on my skin and that's because,of skin care most of the time of course,those glowy products I mentioned also,help what I use to wash my face every,single day it is the Colleen Ross child,balm it's the radiant cleansing balm,there is just nothing better they make,up jumbo size version which I haven't,even gotten into because I'm still going,through this one it smells heavenly it,smells like eucalypt

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Cloud9 CSGO: Funniest Home Videos ☆Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter☆

Cloud9 CSGO: Funniest Home Videos ☆Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter☆

if they don't dance well have no friends,of mine,we can go where we want to whistle they,will never get em crowding vertical bad,dog the natural athlete oh this one's,for the fans are here fade away,Jordan nothing Gilbert that's not,for the fans I live,here we see Jordan Hill were nothing a,practicing for the,salad rice chicken that's what a protein,HGH got for you oh yeah button,Nando's what'd you get here oh let's,drink almond a full-bird rich one two,hits when you got an airport shuttle,showing up put the cookie there we are,it's terrified right now because we're,flying over the Pacific Ocean,so as an anti-anxiety measure east,is what is uncomfy,big baby mom mom so cute,go on here Tyler are we doing it's not a,picture of your video oh my God he's,smiling I got it on video,all right team jib Chesbrough here they,go they're doing a snapchat or ,crack back get his back George boy yeah,yeah gives back hurry up hurry up bro we,have limited time dawg,sliding your girls games like check out,my buddy you didn't do it quick minimal,time yeah that's my boy,he's xt9 freakazoid if you want hops,like this guy choreography shimmy,nice game it puts the lotion on the skin,though she gets a nose,oh yeah please need fresh teammates,forty nights,a shoulder injury gamer life who's just,ugly brats,chitra rack

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it's vanity,all right off the rib I'm gonna say I'm,getting flashbacks to the cringe video,that fnatic made once of announcing,their roster but this is like a cool way,of doing it but anyway,oh I got the 10 years on,those boxing gloves the judge,no don't blink because our next player,is so fast by the way who's this guy,just I should know I should know but I,don't and why is this cursor not going,away,slime,a wild card spinning onto the scene and,Giga high definition you've seen his,moves on Twitch,it's Zappa,oh ,I was ever busting a move,the Showman,nice internationally yes there it is of,all time,the man,the myth,the goat oh ,I love it I love it I love it,I love it I love it,that's pretty sick that's pretty sick,that's pretty sick,I like that I like that honestly bro,they could have hyped that up even more,I'm sorry for pausing the video so much,but I would have loved to see him like,walking up with the hood on in like the,dark like and then like you hear like,the crowd cheering cheering and then,like you know but they still did a good,job of it,all right we're ready,El Diablo,enough said I hope mango did not hear me,call that guy the goat,oh he's actually bald but certainly,not least making his return to Cloud,Nine it's Celsius,got his own entire shirt off nice nice I,love it,yo they actually made the video sick,I'm not gonna lie,the comeback,The Comeback Kid or KZ was that,yo they killed it that was really good,yay,how does it feel to be on cloud nine,good,for,eign

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yo what is going on youtube i am jerm,here this tweet up on the screen came,out a couple of hours ago i'm not,exactly sure when this video is gonna be,going out maybe it'll go out tomorrow so,maybe,it'll be a lot of hours by the time you,guys see it but this this tweet went out,from cloud nine,uh at cloud9 on twitter today we,announced we were parting ways with c9,amateur support tempos lol we thank you,for your time in the team,and wish you the best in the future at,the same time we're welcoming breezy as,the new support,time to get to work so i mean uh you,know,at face value if you didn't know much,about the situation pretty uh,just normal tweet obviously uh roster,moves happen all the time if players are,underperforming or,uh teams just things aren't working out,players uh and teams move on from each,other all the time replacements come in,uh so you know many people wouldn't,think much of this but,this tweet is actually causing a ton of,stir and a ton of drama in the league of,legends scene right now uh it's,absolutely exploding on twitter i'm,pretty sure there was a reddit post was,pretty hypo on the league of legends,subreddit as well,uh and it's a whole situation to dive,into so in this video today we're going,to talk about everything that's going on,given my thoughts and opinions and given,just the latest updates and facts in,this situation,um because i i think there is just a ton,of uh misinformation and a ton of,correct information just everything,going all around a lot of feelings and,and uh just,crazy tweets and stuff being said but,before giving that information real,quick if you're not already subscribed,definitely click that subscribe button,really quick it's fast it's freeze easy,helps you guys up today and all my,latest content and i would appreciate it,a ton,uh we recently hit like 6 100,subscribers if we could hit 60 200 as,fast as possible that would be awesome,just keep growing keep going up,i would appreciate time also dropping a,like on this video if you do enjoy it or,if you want to support my channel help,my content out um it really does help me,out with youtube algorithm,uh you know that would be awesome uh so,thank you so much if you do any of that,with that being said here we go getting,right into this one uh one of the big,tweets that uh really got this drama and,controversy going,um was the fact that uh myra davis,or mira davis i'm not sure exactly how,you pronounce that but uh tweeted out,make a long-term developmental roster,bring in a coach from collegiate league,of legends collegiate league of legends,coach brings in some of his buddies,one of them clearly has a long way to go,but has promised talking about tempos,here,um who from my understanding is a,zillion one trick in solo queue,i know on like reddit or something they,were saying that uh it seems like his,other champions really aren't up to,uh to par yet he seems to be an insane,zillion uh in an insane sport player but,uh obviously his champion pool maybe,hasn't developed and especially playing,in like team settings maybe he hasn't,developed as well so he is like a,project,but obviously uh he is a an insane,talent that maybe has a bright future,ahead of him,um so uh the whole community tells you,this you approve of it,kid drops out of college for your team,and you kick him after,three weeks so that was the tweet that,got everybody talking about it,for the most part to my knowledge and,got a ton of people reacting and stuff,um but jack who is the the head guy at,cloud9,uh actually started responding to people,on twitter which was kind of interesting,you don't know i see the head,you know the big boys coming out on,twitter and actually kind of just,responding to like random people and,and stuff but he really got into like a,little twitter war here with a ton of,replies and stuff,um he said everything you've said here,is fiction your attempts to stop drama,are not appreciated,and i hope you would take uh note that,the tempo that tempos understands that,this move is for the best and he said,okay we're really about to do this huh,sure would you like to talk about c9,took a player on a developmental roster,despite many voices in the community,stating it was a bad idea and instead of,sticking to the developmental purpose of,the roster you're removing a player,after it's too late for him to secure a,slot for himself on any team so that is,where a lot of the drama is coming from,that is what a lot of people are saying,uh like you know if you don't want him,on your team uh if there's issues going,on if you don't think he's good enough,whatever that's totally fine,but a lot of people take issue with the,timing the fact that they signed him,after you know he dropped out of college,uh lost his scholarship,at his league of legends team in college,uh and then comes to play for cloud nine,and then they drop him a couple weeks in,where now it's too late,uh to go back to college to get a new,scholarship to get on a new roster or,somethin

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The truth behind TenZ getting dropped

The truth behind TenZ getting dropped

speaking of you on complexity I always,remembered playing against you in so,many qualifiers and every single time I,met complexity it's like we're gonna,lose like like every single time we like,get close to like making like something,at the close qualifier we play,complexity I'm just like,it's like GG yeah they're in there in,your head I'm free yeah it was you you,were The Gatekeepers,yo what up Sand City today we're doing a,podcast with some of the Valerian guys,and we have joined with us Steph tens,and second,um so going to tens a little bit,um you started from CS and uh that's,that's your First FPS I would say yeah,CS is my first competitive game and,had a lot of fun playing it and then you,uh I think the two teams you played for,one was Cloud Nine and then the other,one was climbing up the ladder like my,first ever mdl experience I played on,um I played on oceans team I think it,was skdc at the time what did they call,odig he's like the,The Godfather he's The Godfather they,collector of all the talent yeah,um afterwards I guess C9 scouted me,um I joined C9 like the csgo team it was,kind of weird though because I was an,opera in mdl and I picked up for like,pit player like I'd play like anchor so,I'd play like Inferno pit we like be,yeah basically beamerage but you're,playing anchor roll yeah I feel like a,lot of teams do that don't they oh yeah,100 get a guy in because he's the new,guy they put him in like they put him in,the bad spots but that's not the right,way to do it right I mean yeah you wanna,you're not playing to your Comforts at,that point yeah I mean it's like one of,those things where like if you're a,younger player like and you get a really,crazy offer too you're not gonna say oh,no like I'm not I can't play that role,you know yeah you're always gonna be,like Oh I'm gonna accommodate just not a,fan of that uh thought process of like,you bring someone in and then you look,at how they play and you like how they,you know do things but then you change,it up it's like throwing them I like,valorant too right like you you play,like a role and it's not like you're,gonna put jet on certain things like end,cream be on yeah it makes things really,easy like in CS there's like there's not,really like a role there's like a unsaid,role that you're gonna like fulfill yeah,but then you have like a set position,basically but yeah so you went from,Connor and bought you out from ATK and,then you were on Cloud9 for a bit NCS,and then,um yeah so I was on C9 CS go and,afterwards like three months,um got cut,I got caught,just you're sleeping in or what no just,like some team stuff I wasn't sleeping,in yet I was like that was like later,earlier yeah I was later on okay I,remember you blowing up though you were,like even in that three months there was,like a bunch of clips from you the D,clip I remember oh yeah yeah a lot of,people liked watching like uh stuff in,my stream yeah,so just some inner you know team stuff,and it just wasn't working out and then,they cut you and then is that you're,still on C9 at that point yeah so then,uh afterwards I resigned with them as a,content creator just because I just,wanted to like feel it out like my,stream was like doing really well at the,time and,um valorant like by the time actually,when I got like benched that's when the,project a just got like announced and so,I basically told the like C9 management,at the time I was like Hey like I kind,of want to try out this game and so they,keep the held on to me for the duration,until valent came out I was signed to,them as a valiant player I kind of built,the whole entire like CS like the,original,um uh C9 like valorant team oh you like,hop them Scout the players yeah yeah,okay and um just just some like stuff I,ended up going to content creation again,because I went from like thousand viewer,Andy to like 20 000. yeah and that just,happened overnight or what yeah like was,it like I think it was because like,there's like multiple factors I would I,would say on both both like fortunate,and lucky I would say as well because I,was able to get,um valorant first like the the rank I,think that actually blew it up a lot you,were the first person in na to hit it,yeah I didn't know that and that blew up,my stream like a lot a lot yeah yeah it,was a YouTube video recently that was,like 10 reacting to the first reading,one to really want later on yeah for,people that don't know if Valerian was,the name of radiant right yeah it was,like the original uh title they had for,it so then eventually Sentinels bought,you out uh they need a player for the,team yeah and then um you were just a,sub at that point or yeah so um I was a,sub for the Masters one event that we,somehow won and then afterwards uh I was,still a sub we qualified for Iceland won,Iceland and that's when at the end like,literally a few hours or an hour after,we won you won as a sub for the team oh,I didn't even know I thought you were,signing that thing yeah that whole time,oh yeah you

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What the NEW Cloud9 VALORANT Sounds Like - Voice Comms!

What the NEW Cloud9 VALORANT Sounds Like - Voice Comms!

we should we should make a huddle though,for real right now yeah a bit late we,got time we got 90 seconds man come on,dude come,on,they can't spare me they can't spend me,all right,that's the best you got nice good ,you get paid,hookah,one HP,not though not though actually,I'm dead nice,let's go boys good round good,patience,no Eric maybe you are a land player,why'd you say online,let's try to keep four alive don't don't,let your dumbass igl influence you,you guys are stressing me the out,holy ,Tweedle D and Tweedle dumb Jordan's just,like I haven't ate I'm bored we,lose two guns on an ego yeah,we're just kiss my head and something,just like released inside of me next,I'll release inside of you I want to be,released you reverse mine,I'm horny now dude,oh,bro change your setup,20 man one more time one more bottom one,more bottom,come here,4v1 guys,good job boys let's go,foreign,watching anything,HP I'm clear inside,nice,yeah you're kind of farming dude these,people suck,controlling this camera is this ,just very it moves they did could be,awesome,but I'm jumping out I'm jumping I'm,jumping out,come on,and this camera moving by itself pisses,me off,all right,so we just murdered them and use the,garage shoot though did you actually,don't know what the yeah I'm going,beer again they still haven't come,Nate Nate come hey come here are you,kidding meow meow,I'm jumping across I'm sudden okay,nice boys,this is a franchise,this one,I'm having fun,I know I know yeah,I saw last map,Jake can be done,maybe one second,my tv top,what's up,let's go,um,cookies,does that mean you're having a seizure,but that's a toast right,what if you smell toast I think you're,having like an issue dude I'm having an,issue dude I don't know what it is,though I'll finger up my ass me too you,look at me right now here let's get high,Conor McGregor where's the park down O2,Eric where's The Barking where's the,Barbie,rats,I won the top or ten two sides two sides,they know he's stuck,I hit a minus 60.,I don't think he had enough I don't,think I'm going for that every time you, aren't Gonna Get Loose hey,you're welcome hey hey,guys,all right,foreign

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Cloud9 White Takes on The Best in the World

Cloud9 White Takes on The Best in the World

is Cloud9 white Unstoppable,I would say if we continue with the form,that we had in Game Changers Series 3,absolutely,not a lot of people can say that,everyone wants to say I want to be the,best everyone wants to say they want to,win but how many people put the work in,and actually get the Reps in to complete,that goal and fulfill that vision,this is finally the point where all the,comments on the side that says like oh,Cloud9 white is the best so G2 goes in,is the best this is where we're about to,prove to everyone that we are the best,we will lift up that Trophy and we will,be proudly be able to say that we are,number one,we are in Berlin to play in the first,ever International game changers,Championship there's going to be eight,teams playing from all different regions,over the world Japan APAC us and EU both,have two teams coming in Brazil and,latinum so finally after two years we're,getting to compete internationally I,think it's important for us to win this,Championship just so we can prove it to,the world that we can compete on land,and compete against the International,Teams because you can never really say,who's the best team internationally,rather than playing each other of course,so if it is important for us to prove to,other teams and bring the same dominance,that we showed in n a and assert that,dominance over every other region in the,world so they know exactly who we are,what we stand for and that we are better,than them,are they are an absolute favorite I am,mind-boggled by those results but that,just goes to show you like this,tournament anything is truly possible,the looks guys we have eight teams that,are going to be coming to this arena,with one goal in mind to become the,first ever Global champion,answer me playing site two towards the,back of Boathouse Dash comes in and the,first swing stunning working cut through,me and even once more welcome to the,stage Cloud line you're looking like,you're at home and Jazzy taking a peek,Alex has got the knife back up though so,that's it now with the no command coming,through oh it's going to anticipate this,but Alexis just swings out finds it,finds all three right out of the air,Mel's there too and it is a shot down,and a shot out you even got the old,coming as well Jazzy kids,probably,my expectations of C9 are just apps like,actually in the clouds it just is that,combination of just really strong sturdy,play and the aim it really is the full,package there I mean I feel like there's,too much on the line there's the N A,versus EU there's the pride of,everything goes down early no trade in,sight at least the trains are there for,C9 only one to go in that's BB that you,talked about before but that's Alexis,this round important but it's not gonna,work out it's clean so far for C9 at,three versus one glass has to pop off,yeah not even a halfway the least you,could do here is do a little bit of,damage put that at least into your,pocket Bob for those two kills but the,round still comes in for G2 and they,take the lead in this half to save the,round at least for C9 to stay alive into,this the third kill into the round 10 HP,left and the Viper has been available,trying to get the kill but it's still,gonna be glass rendition comes in,Petra here is a spray swings out from,the controls there's only 10 seconds,left in the dimensional drift on top of,that to get all that information Alexis,at least gets the kill off the glass but,the push-up there's no time Jimmy,foreign,what the is that,it's the opportunity back there do they,have a bike rolls we shouldn't even have,like we shouldn't even be able to hit a,2X right here but I walk into the hair,so that's why I think we should be,fighting,this defaulting hard on the extremities,and taking space I'm just confused like,how did we not run into this issue in,any of our Pearl Scripts are we,are we just playing differently than,narcos rooms,I don't know I just I didn't really,don't know like are we playing publicly,differently like all the teams that we,scrimmed on Perla did never none of them,have punished us for this like only G2,goes and has on this it's a 13-307,parole they're the only team that I've,been able to do that,yeah,right after their match against G2 we,were obviously all like pretty confused,and devastated why we played so poorly,but after watching it back and taking,time to decompress and like feel,whatever emotions we needed to it,definitely stood out to us a lot of the,mistakes that we made during that game,and that if we played them again it,really wouldn't be a very close game I,think we just needed we needed that loss,to kind of see our mistakes because G2,pulled out a lot of gimmicks on us that,we weren't ready for but now going into,hopefully Grand finals we're going to be,much more prepared for those kinds of,gimmicks and you know they won't catch,us off guard this time,um I don't know if we were tested by G2,goes and specifically I feel like the,our mental was tested by playing on land,and pla

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