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Clix *JEALOUS* After MEETING Sommerset's NEW BOYFRIEND Live On Stream!time I've ever been alive that

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Clix *JEALOUS* After MEETING Sommerset's NEW BOYFRIEND Live On Stream!

time I've ever been alive that there's,been no snow on Christmas,oh wifey all right just reminded me hold,on okay for real bro I'm in Jersey yeah,I do I know snow I don't know why I had,no sense I don't get it it makes no,sense keep up the work bro hey bro I I,supposed to appreciate that you guys Joe,you guys do not need to spoil me this,March after Christmas dude,um thank you so much for the 27 months,case Josh shopping 20 gifted thank you,thank you thank you thank you,dude I love Christmas though bro I'm so,I'm dude I'm happy I'm back in,Connecticut uh Jersey though let me tell,you bro,like that three four hour nap so when I,woke up I didn't feel anymore so I was,like okay maybe it's gone and then,after that like I was fine for the rest,of the day and then I woke up this,morning and then just really bad and,then I was stuffy too but that's kind of,like and um,yo uh Cody this is Tyler Tyler Cody hey,yo what up stud,what's up man,we're both a little sick so please bear,with us we're just kind of they're both,sick they are both sick yeah what the, what do you guys have,surprised I don't know,like I I just been sick for like a week,and a half oh it's got the worst though,wait what do you guys have what do you,guys feel like,uh,you go,mine's gonna take a while uh yeah I just,scratchy throat and congestion not much,but I'm just now starting it so,you have a scratchy throat yeah damn,that sucks bro you know I actually woke,up a little bit sick today too,but I'm not sick but like I I I'm,probably just fighting something but I,think I'm gonna beat it off before it's,like before I'm sick make sure you drink,like a lot of water yeah no I'm chugging,myself with water but wait start what do,you got,dude I've been puking for like the past,week I my throat is killing me uh my,nose is running all of a sudden,what else I have a disgusting cough,there's just so many things what color,is your puke,that's actually a really important,question to like figure out what it is,is it like greenish,then I don't know something depends on,if I have food in my stomach I feel that,I feel like you might have a good,Christmas I'm not a doctor I'm a,fortnite player but I gotta say I gotta,say you have covet,I don't know no I took a covet test I,don't have covet you got the flu,surprise and if you've got the flu I'm,guessing you got it you got something,else,St D dog tell me bro at one time,I'm not even gonna start in that yo Kobe,thinking these problems 500 Best Buy,ports thank you bro 4 million problem,stack me in the prime all right we have,to win this game I just went live,I suppose I was watching your stream,before surprise ,did the did the presidents come in or no,no, you basketball she's taking a long,time holy at least said to like the,28th so it'll be a minute wow I'm sorry,I'm sorry all right it's fine I swear it,doesn't matter surprise ,oh yeah,yeah let me know you have the OG stud,I know bro I have a weird character I,was gonna save yeah but OG stole that,that's actually crazy and oh I wanna,show that yeah,I'm coming I just wanted to kiss your,lips bro I feel like I'm just like a,random guy just blowing me I just feel,like I'm like third party I feel like,I'm third viewing every single combo bro,I need to start being the alpha bro I,need to leave I need to leave every, combo bro that's my issue that's,my issue anything hey do you want this,uh I just need to figure out where to,turn off the front oh,yeah,and then do you see like go to gameplay,privacy like kind of scroll down and,then it's the second one I should say,play a name during regular games,something I am third partying these, couples bro I'm over the ,you see this do you see this ,yeah okay thanks, bro I don't know why it's taking so,long UPS is just UPS kind of me,with this I can't lie,I mean you guys it's done it pretty late,that's why I was confused that we were,like gonna wrap stuff because,we wasn't gonna get there on time so,that's why I just like sent it yeah I,thought secret Santa is like rapping and,all that so I was like all right you,know what I'm saying yeah I didn't know,that's what we were doing well that's,not you guys,that's really bad you're good yeah,1500 12 146.,yeah be careful,it's a shield actually I can probably,yeah,thank you yep Sean careful,yeah,yeah Highlanders,knocked right there not too many nice so,crazy,full box,come here,nice,thank you,I'm more than holding for the wall,I got four seconds three seconds peace,up guys,teamwork,thank you,very good from a box,tops,get on my wall 100,150,yes,I'm beating him right now I'm on top of,him,you're crazy oh we kill them at the same,exact time crazy yeah,crazy wise oh my God bro,dude I hate playing truth I feel so out,of the picture,the prime,how is everyone's Christmas bro I just,love you Greetings From Italy oh my gosh,that you guys,yeah I just spent a lot of time with,family and stuff so it was really nice,what about you oh my Christmas is pretty,good I got a backpack,um I got a new phone yeah like

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left eye yellow,wait do you mind spreading the thing out,real quick just because it's a little,bit comfortable by sending this link,surprise ,11 months I'm essentially right now I,gotta try to here,yeah yeah whatever you like I got it,five apostrophe no no just see I'm not,even sure but just say it all right,all right all right,I'll go first,look chat it's pretty good all right,here we go up first,all right right foot on blue,flaw all right,like spin next spin,um left hand on blue for the female,her name's being a my bad,Lena yo come on stop being weird,uh left hand or yellow,in the game in the game uh leave the,left left foot blue,oh she's looking at the toes,I swear to God yo peanut butter God I,know red what do you say,left hand on red for you,do I even bend this ,glitch,the twister Game and make her spread uh,lean at the left foot on Green,you with it,for you,yo go,oh he's funny it just spins,our right foot on Blue Felina,all right,all right foot on Blue are you already,ready for them it's pretty good,Mr Lena knows when Lena knows,uh right foot on red,DM for my thighs about it,there's no way,bro,what the ,clicks right foot up green,come on,bro will you spending for me,yo go bro yo go come on spinning bro,it's been damn,left foot up,are you kidding do that ,oh my God,I got it whoa what the whoa what,the ,where's the whistle,what do you say she switched circles,over,mommy did you cheat,and switched it she lost him,everybody said she lost,pretty sure get the out,all right let's go again ,hold the L 10. 0,pay off pay off,dude I stay yo I swear to God my room,smells it's not me,you hurt yeah I took a shower I swear to,God,that'll be win yo what,we oh,come on let's do it again,this time are you Dennis no that's weird,as ,I'm sorry why you said I'm a fat ass,it's not that bad glitch,I want to see that Gucci Giggle and then,death not talking about the female boys,all right all right much money back mods,running back mods running back running,back one Oak clicks one Oak clicks,running back running back running back,running back,pull that back,it's a minute I'm gonna wait I'm gonna,wait,yo ready,all right who who won last year me Lena,so Chris goes first this time,all right foot green,left for yellow Lena,yeah yeah,all right,hand blue for clicks,left hand blue for Lena,we got left foot Greener for clicks,thank you,right foot yellow leaner,surprise W RIS left left,hand blue,dog what the wrong with you this,looks weird surprise ,oh this looks weird your left foot,yes bro this looks so weird come on I,got you I got you,all right left for yellow for clicks,Lino uh left hand,on red,eyes no come on,yeah,shut the up ,come on,all right through it,what surprise ,to do a tribute on clicks,let's put on Blue for clicks bro,Lena got right,shut up yo what's mine,left foot on blue,camera,all right I'm ready,right hand on yellow,all right,yo right hand on Blue ,you,hey I can't unreco,all right,foot on your clicks yes,you know this is so zesty bro,hey yo,right foot,right foot grip,like a push-up you feel me,left foot on good for Cooks go hurry up,please,all right,right hand green,okay yeah,yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,that's what I'm talking about Miami,that's what I'm talking about Logan I'll,tell you bro I'm winning this last one,and I ever get in the squats all right,all right my Jesus I'm out of breath, go baby,all right let's do this guys, all right collection,I was mine,left foot on blue,wait that's what I glue,speakers,can you read my message from the,donations after that run quick right,foot or rip,did she do it I can't see,right after this phone you have a,placement of the Twister boyfriend yeah,what kind of left hand,yellow Cody,oh my God okay,clicks right foot already,okay,lean your right foot on Blue all right,they call me pedal FPS,uh let's say my Yellow glitch okay,leave the right foot or red,clicks right foot on the on right here,yeah,right hand on the river got it,lean the left foot to Green,I was looking right right here now blue,clicks,got it,bro just touch it bro,left eye yellow,Bridge all right,lay down right here no blue,quick left hand on Green,focus on lock in bro yeah look you're,looking bad right now surprise,meaning left hand or green,oh this game isn't going anywhere man,the problem is they're not close let me,tell the other side of the boat yeah,let me spin the wheel bro yeah let me go,move all right,yeah I got it,let's put on blue,you're comfortable,damn you're strong as bro,made a left hand on blue,quick slept in on blue,yeah we gotta go let's figure so all,right can we go come on,it is,not today Andrew you haven't looked at,one of my messages can you look at them,those are not dirty left hand are yellow,okay I'm moving to the middle,is it your left foot,it was left on Green,delicious,Chinese no way this man finished,the Twister and still can't do this,clicks right head over it,is all right yeah,you know,all right this is the,distance not,it's gonna it's gonna get better it's,like don't worry about it,um

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Somerset Accused Clix For Sexual Harassments After Screenshot... Seems To Be Over

Somerset Accused Clix For Sexual Harassments After Screenshot... Seems To Be Over

foreign,that's so crazy,I got off Cody I'm not gonna lie I,played for with Avi in months for six,hours and my aim was going to crap so,no I'm down,I'm actually so hungry surprised my dad,made the best grilled chicken,go get some I'm eating some oh,and I'm downloading a game Cody,which is currently going to make my PC,stuff,pretty good but why does 44 gigabytes,yeah it's gonna take a long surprise,40 minutes,dude ham damn,W internet too L I think with 13 months,bro birthing the eight months,take the hand all right let me just take,the hand bro let me take the hit,my fault my fault guys my fault guys my,fault guys my fault just a ,dude shut up bro,dude I have black nails right now never,my life but I think I'd have this bro,I with it though,let me see if this ice cream place is,open um my dad made grilled chicken and,then broccoli,trying to clean up my diet juice this,morning green juice,good for me so,I'm complaining,surprise I do know Cody how,are you okay baby,the ice cream spot closed at nine bro,and I have to drive 10 minutes away from,the 10 one can you tell her to unban,from her chat my friend went on my PC,and said some messed up yeah dude,I'm gonna go in her chat and ask her to,unban you I got you bro I tell,you Mr,wait are they honey bro,no way no way they told her bro oh my,God she oh my God she's not respect me,of that,surprise ,no way,Josh she's gonna be pissed bro you guys,are weird for that bro,you guys are weird for that bro you guys,are actually weird why would he have,snitch bro,foreign,no way,stick I,had sexual harassment oh hell no she,didn't oh she said that bro I'm ,wait I actually ran up,foreign,she's definitely not mad you guys are,definitely you guys are definitely you,have to drop a gas out of me right now,when I get a new camera today today,well I have new camera just waiting to,get the new pc but I got them,okay wait because someone put uh can,someone put the link,surprise oh my God yes I,can't it won't open bro I can't open the,clip,someone put in a community bro could,someone put like put the clip in,community something's wrong with my,browser bro,something's just wrong with my browser,bro,turn off Hardware what does that what,does that mean Astra,what does that mean,Caleb being the problem baby,cash cash is it clip on Discord,um,where where wow,where in the Discord,wait,wait where is it where is it where's it,where's it where's it,um Christmas look at this rhodiums,W Zita,she's like look this works like I,can I just can't click on the clip,oh my God he tried two super,kind of sound like pilot bro,you guys are off bro you guys are,actually snitch,oh that's just not cool surprise, not cool need to make my,channel points back lost all in poles,surprise ,okay,so weird bro what,oh I think it's like sexual harassment,bro,hold on,why,damn bro,damn bro,bro,it's like sexual harassment bro,oh like it's like sexual harassment like,it's like sexual harass,foreign,my own minds,surprise ,still so sexy Cody don't worry,foreign,it'll be your own Team bro,I could talk,that's just not cool,actually not cool oh thank you,damn bro she said sexual,that's crazy bro,he tried to it's like sexual harassment,bro,hold on,why,damn bro,am I gonna go to jail,surprise hey one year let's,go Happy New Years I need to call,someone who got banned for sexual,harassment on switch,one second bro surprise ,hold up bro,I need to call Eric bro,yo bro yo I'm live bro can you come,upstairs bro,bro,you know you got banned for sexual,harassment right your brother yeah bro,put your headphones on bro,I put my headphones on bro oh no no keep,that on bro,listen to bro yeah that open yeah,it's like sexual harassment bro what I,took a screenshot of her getting up what,she should be accomplished oh like it's,like sexual harassment bro what,am I gonna give in no of course not you,gotta be your brother got banned like,that though,well your brother did some weird ,than that he wouldn't he hate reading,and sexual what's at the point the point,is,keep your head up man I don't know,surprise you actually want,to know something you want to know,something,what is it my own mod something he does,man hold up hold up,coming from his mind it wasn't cool why,so much you can count as my own mod bro,get your own mod oh my bro,Jake Lucky's about to tweet this bro wow,for sexual harassment bro oh this shit's,about to get tweeted bro no people are,fake they'd be switching off oh,switching up for them,why because she wants my sexual,harassment bro I always have sexual ass,bro I've seen him blushing at you so,many times that's what I'm seeing bro,wow bro that's sad man,we're taking big L's today man I took a,really big what happened,dude I surprise bro,hi big you're not a stream I,want to go live soon but like my balls,aren't there anymore bro I just feel so,I miss her man I have these two girls,your girlfriend,yeah bro,did you go on that cheat on you yeah bro,you always text me last night what you,text me about 12 a.m hits the dot New,Year's Eve 12a

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Clix Targeted by Epic Games for THIS Tweet, Deserved?

Clix Targeted by Epic Games for THIS Tweet, Deserved?

man oh man we got a heck of a debate out,there,question to all of you guys is this a,deserved punishment for an nrg member,known as clix,certainly one of their more popular if,not their most popular,fortnight member creator pro player,streamer however you want to classify,him,seems to be the latest target of epic,games now finally cracking down,on fortnite creators and or players,maybe taking things a bit too far,on social media now we talked about this,a few days back it seems to have now,added on to the fact of a tweet that he,sent out now costing him,his creator code currently and that's,still not been given back to him who,knows the timeline on that,and alongside that no longer being,allowed to be on featured fortnite maps,that including,box fighting maps as well and this,seeming to all stem,from the same tweet he sent out and you,know,i i do give him a bit of respect for,just posting a screenshot himself on,twitter even after it was taken down,and saying this was the reason but yeah,a lot of people out,there have their opinions on this tweet,as he said i'm so down bad,i told the girl to come over when she,came i slipped laxatives into her drink,when she went to the bathroom i made,sure to clog the toilet pipes,so her crap would stay i eat out of that,toilet,every day and he later added just this,morning at the point of us recording,saying fortnite told panville the,creator of all my maps to change the,name of them because they can't have,clicks,in any featured maps anymore what the f,not hate on fortnite whatsoever just,disappointed that after years of,everyone using my box fight maps,it's just gone and changed to someone,else's name and that obviously a very,shocking tweet to read and i know,there's gonna be a diverse variety of,opinions out there feel free to leave,your own,for me and i've kind of usually had this,take is yes clicks is young he has to,learn what you can and cannot say on,social media,and you can't say these kind of things,not only because you are a huge figure,in the fortnite community generally a,younger audience and it's kind of a wack,statement then you add on to the fact he,also represents,an organization in nrg i don't blame,epic games for responding for what seems,to be,a suspension of his creator code and now,taking his name,off some featured maps maybe that's a,bit too far to people out there but when,you represent something bigger than,yourself,you can't be even making jokes about,slipping things into girls drinks i,imagine that was taken the wrong way,and then the general message of the,entire tweet just being a lot of shock,value right i understand,some people out there probably got some,good giggles out of it but if you're,epic games,and then you also throw in maybe the bit,of the history between clix,and donald mustard over at epic games,which we've also covered here on the,channel,it was this kind of the breaking point,this was probably not the first time,that clix has done some things on the,edge of what epic games or nrg might be,like,should you really do that this was,probably a step by step all right now,this is the final straw kind of thing,at least in my opinion do you think the,punishment is deserved,why is epic games now cracking down on,someone like clicks will they crack down,on other pro players,or creators or streamers because,certainly a lot of fortnite players have,said a lot of crazy things,on twitter that often just go unchecked,because they're deleted fast enough,in this case it was it was not taken,down near fast enough and clix,is now suffering from the punishment,what do you guys think it's next time,drink up for me all right,i got a big old glass of rogue got some,coffee and water on my desk i can't,complain i'll catch you guys back here,sometime soon until then take care of,yourselves,you

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Sommerset Reveals She Is Dating Clix In This Live With Her Friend Omar

Sommerset Reveals She Is Dating Clix In This Live With Her Friend Omar

foreign,guys,I was a bit,a little bit distracted,I already deny you I am an ace,anyway West a medium I don't know you,guys can put them in chat,dating clicks he's my man oh,congratulations I'm so happy for you,guys,I thought he was Your Man,yeah think about this what do you mean,you're just delusional what do you mean,you told me yourself no I did not I did,not tell you nothing,you getting your sources I got a twin,for me I must have a twin,oh my bad wait what's your mom that told,me my bad,but since Wendy when you talk to my mom,I've been deeming my mom sir no no no no,no no no sir yo,okay can you see him behind my back now,um,not the mom jokes I know,oh no it's exposed exposed exposed,all right where are we going you mark So,that we go to the same POI this time,oh that's good Matrix I'm down for that,here let's go Slappy actually,hi Bill oh sloppy fine okay,4K Ultra HD,okay,40. 44. 40 freaking YouTube videos,coming out,summer seconds she's officially dating,clicks outside of stream they've been,hiding it along,you know how much drama you just caused,me yup,foreign,in the future I I'm not making it public,on my stream ever,after a long time not for months,too bad for clicks,what,you heard me what,I said too bad for clicks,if anything he wants to make it public,being highly disrespectful,foreign,with the 16 right yeah,yeah yeah if I didn't thank you,all his boyfriend taught got Kayla,distracted,yeah I the city is what it is man I,guess hola and thank you for the 10,gifted thank you that's gotta be a hint,for what people think that deep into,hints,huh,yeah that's what I was seeing you're,hinging at clicks,and,I'm not 19 only fans and never in my,life,um you can't see that oh,keyboard Redemption what do you mean a,keyboard Redemption oh to like get a key,well I don't have my keyboards are sold,out though,I would do that,I actually have an only fans that I,haven't told you,is it fine if I promote it on stream oh,hell no,oh hell no,guys no no I'm gonna drop my only fans,oh gosh,getting away uh,uh evade is smelly uh one two three,he doesn't see all my feet picks on,there,the only fans for that,for v-pix,you actually do that a lot wait do,people actually yeah,that's an actual thing,people make so much money off of feet,picks,well,we just roll off that no no no that's a,real thing that's a real thing no way,it's like that's just so odd,uh before um,Kayla and I became friends I actually,bought a gallon of uh her bath water,I've never sold that book,I haven't poured away,um,in a glass jar you're starting to sound,weirder than clicks,damn it man so odd,oh,yesterday I don't know yeah what did you,say yesterday I said something like,super odd yesterday also oh Mommy Mommy,Mommy Mommy Mommy no no no no it was,something else it was something else oh,oh you beat the mama yeah I'm the little,baby bird no no,it's so weird you are so weird like,where do you,it's because he says that I'm the,biggest bird thing whatever that means,you know okay this is gonna sound really,weird oh great that's I mean I'm sure,it's probably gonna sound less weird,than the you've said in the past 10,minutes so I have a video of my friend,feeding me like a bird,um you're kidding though you're ,kidding no you're so weird,you chewed some gummies up and he was,like let me be like a bird,and I don't know why everyone started,laughing you I just went along with it,and it was so gross,um,yeah,okay yeah,okay yeah,um well,um I've been kind of gross yep okay I've,been baby bear before,why am I even telling you I'll pass I,don't know I really don't know I did not,need to know that piece of information,but yeah so at least someone thinks it's,funny,on me,mark,uh,South,okay on my wild and that's what I've,seen Taylor oh,I found this guy for years and I swear,it gets worse every day,dream confession but yeah we get closer,so I don't know yeah I have many more,confessions actually okay actually one,time,never mind,shouldn't even say it on stream,One Tap,I have no Blues hello,Rock we're popping,tracked again,oh,what what are you doing I'm dead I'm,dead now,he's only looking he's looking,no no no no no teammate oh,I just wouldn't flying,is so annoying,I actually just went flying,I almost died if I didn't land in the,tree I would have died,suck I need um,hey oh,I need uh shells oh yeah yeah,how are you girls,not a hammer,give me time is it TF is a prediction,I don't know how I feel about this song,some of these sounds good new to me but,I don't I did a w or I'll skip if you,don't like yeah that's what I was,thinking,this thing's good,um,Mommy,do you have a medium ammo,I was like someone just play with the,classic and buy me a vandal because I,was just trolling he goes mommy mommy,mommy mommy mommy you know I'm playing,the coupon stream I'm actually hearing,um I'm playing it,this could have the nerve to send it to,me this morning,and I didn't died,that's a good bite me right now please,you don't care but you must believe me,believe me believe me mommy mommy mommy,m

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Sommerset Explains Why She Got Mad & Accused Clix For Sexual Harassment... (Full Video)

Sommerset Explains Why She Got Mad & Accused Clix For Sexual Harassment... (Full Video)

foreign,to look at the date and it says 23 on it,it's crazy,good talk good talk,screenshot my ass when I got up what,bro,he tried to Super,kind of sound like pilot bro,who's the pilot,oh that's just not cool,that's just not cool oh thank you,okay,so weird bro what,oh like it's like sexual harassment bro,hold on,what,yo just for likely with the 24 minutes,how was your day,what,I'm talking to you bro are you okay are,you talking about are you sure you want,to play you sound very like tired I am,very tired but yeah I won't play but you,were talking to me I thought you were,talking about you got to be energetic go,get some coffee,ah,no because then it,I don't know why I'm tired today I'm,just tired but it's,like at three in the morning,my husband aggressive today,yeah I have been very aggressive,who said that,oh who said what oh Tyler,yeah,yeah it's like a two-player puzzle game,Safari,I'll play a little bit,so you asked me how my day was it's,going pretty good I was watching uh,Gray's Anatomy for like three hours I,was told um Tyler told me that you,ditched him to watch it haven't you,watched all of it,no I'm still not done it's 17 Seasons,I'm on season uh board team I think 15.,but it's like hour-long episodes and,it's like 20 per season so,almost done,dude I can't I can't do,you can't do um,like Gore like or like surgery stuff,like open wounds like I feel like that's,more realistic than watching like horror,movie or something,yeah,you can't say that he didn't screenshot,bro,I know y'all are trying to just back,them up I mean that's weird as freak but,that is pretty weird,oh horrible Liars,he tried to,it's whatever I just said it was really,weird,how long is this game again 40 hours,uh or what,you said 40 hours no you said,you're dirty or four,would you say,huh it was like over 12. oh,am I mad,no I just said it was weird,oh Kayla's fuming right now she's so mad,pissed,Pat I know he didn't screenshot anything,I know he tried to all I said it was,just weird I'm not mad bro I just said,that was weird I let me tell him do it,to like one of Lena's pictures or,something on Twitter the other day too,whatever I'm so mad she's feeling,confusing I'm fuming you're right now,tell him y'all match he is Rage shaping,I just want this game to finish I'm 46,through and it says it's gonna take 32,minutes even though it said 10 minutes,like,minutes ago all right let's let's play a,game of fortnite meanwhile you no I'm,good,I'm good bro,excuse me,I gotta switch up my diet when I go back,home,I'm so tired of eating like ground beef,three times a day for every single day,bet good talk good talk come on,sorry what'd you say,nothing,clearly have no interest,mm-hmm,these days these do like Macklemore or,no,did you fix seven TV no,I didn't did you hear what happened to,me like my first my first New Year's,experience,Omar,Omar,Omar,oh,hello,I can't talk,wait what my mic broke,all right oh my gosh bro I'll be back

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Sommerset's Friend Leaks She Is Secretly Dating Clix But Sommerset Tried To Hide 😂😂

Sommerset's Friend Leaks She Is Secretly Dating Clix But Sommerset Tried To Hide 😂😂

foreign,maybe he's like the man of your dreams,once he turns into 18 of course but like,what are you saying maybe maybe he'll,text you once he's like 18 or something,are you gonna be married,Paul just get a divorce oh watch,yeah where are you digging me no I don't,wanna,that's a little better oh my God,no thank you that is,no,wait that's actually so weird to think,about like my parents have an eight year,age Gap yeah it it oh yeah exactly yeah,it's the same wait a minute that's it,that's the exact same it's like,okay never mind never mind yeah come on,a perfect conversation I'm not wrong it,makes no sense we're not talking about,this anymore,uh-oh I don't know yeah,oh got you,all right someone above you back 20 feet,120 120 120. and there's another guy,he's pushing the shotgun oh actually,maybe he's not pushing I don't know,he's missing,and they have shotguns what,both down low right here,on my right both of them I have no mats,stopping him out he's mad missing go,from the right go from the right,yeah and then one more,yeah somewhere let's go,upstairs mutecoms,dude I don't know why it feels like I,haven't played fortnite in like a year,when it's been like two days,and you guys just haven't been on your,PC,wait no no no no no no no no,men missed that's not what the shield,kicks for yeah I know I know,oh,sorry no I didn't if you wouldn't add,the kids no I didn't,even add the little I did oh he's paying,me like 20 times and I kept like,mentioning it and stream hoping he was,like maybe in the Stream but uh,kind of tell him to like stop so I,didn't have to remove him but like it,it's like it pops up like in the middle,of my 30s and stuff and it's just,Kayla Kayla's Just a Dream Crusher,uh when I got him kind of late and then,she didn't walk because she sucks bro,yeah like that,yeah dude,I was having a shield cake at the house,um yeah let's go,cage,the queen get your mouth boy,the queen get your ass down here like I,I feel like I can just like just hear,that,literally crapping my pants I was so,terrified you should be,what'd you say you're crapping your,pants what,Jacobs,oh,why did I say that little,that's um,it's a little team mine you know don't,you think,no,I mean you tell me when you do so like,what are you saying what,what what why are we even having this,conversation like oh,started it,oh,my dude I never like won,never in my life have I what like,I'm so mad that those cup got handsome,I'm playing so good on build right now,is it true uh oh you got them both no no,when we're on high summer,foreign,I just found the other guy yeah,I'm still fighting another guy,good mist,ake,bro just get in his box,that just doesn't budge,he doesn't,budge,oh come on,sorry,oh,he's lurking somewhere it's making me,yeah that's how he that's how he got me,super low he just he lurks boom,that's nice,oh give me but please stop spamming,that you're holding the wall yo,I was Indian place,oh,Beast,eyes,yes let's go yeah you just better,yeah,eclipse is your friend no I'm not,I'm good Turtles,you're not click's girlfriend oh,you know that I didn't tell you oh sorry,I know but I just didn't want to break I,didn't want to I didn't want to like,break the the bond that everyone thought,we had you know,I actually like surprised how many,people actually believe that we're,together,like you are together though but no like,okay like okay fine I think it's time to,come out I think it's time to tell your,stream,the truth,and,you know just just tell them just tell,them so it's not awkward anymore,uh-huh,it's it's time to stop hiding trying to,actually come out and you know hmm,be honest dear viewers,everyone knows already,ah,what's wrong,just smiling,uh,are you happy I told everyone yeah I'm,so happy,great,okay come here chuggies,smile through the pain and smiling,through the pain,Spain without the Yes Man,pain,how many of you think you're actually,gonna believe that,uh I don't know probably gonna be a few,YouTube videos,um,that are actually dating behind the,scenes,no way poger's moment,the moment we've all been waiting for,me if you don't have a boyfriend chat,we'll assign you one,yeah I know I know I I think I have too,many that's a problem that's like,they just like the person that I come,into any kind of association with like,they're officially my boyfriend you know,like if you talk to me you're already my,boyfriend you know if like if I say,anything back to you like you know what,I mean,um I didn't know you were like that,wow,okay,I didn't know you were like that that's,crazy,what do you even seeing I'll get into a,full game and like this guy will talk to,me and like Chad's like oh my gosh like,is your new boyfriend I was like yeah,like what why wouldn't it be we just get,along so well he said hi back to me like,I've made it,that's all I needed wow my balloon right,there is wild 157.,are you good Somerset,put a cone in his box 120. much my gun,is messed up,and I wish I felt cup didn't actually,get canceled man I'm kind of upset about,that tha

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This is why Twitch banned me...

This is why Twitch banned me...

it's going too fast,my chat is literally going too fast oh,my god,what the we're back we're back most,ridiculous,been ever but listen dude we went,through it free clips with trending on,twitter,number one trending on twitter insane,amount of support we got on bandit,really really quickly,back boys the amount of stuff's like i i,can't even read it what are you guys,doing,like from the bottom of my heart i do,appreciate like all the support like you,guys went,legitimately crazy on twitter like,we had almost literally 70k likes every,single week we had number one trending,for free clicks like you guys got me,unbanned i can't i don't know why i got,from ben but listen,we're on band we're straight we're back,and we're gonna be showing everything,today,it said indefinite band so i was like no,shot i'm getting banned for,like ash cheeks when girls show their,whole time you'll get a man,but listen dude it's okay we got on ben,and we're back but,listen i don't even know why like that,was bannable it wasn't even like really,like an ass it was just an ass,hundred subscriptions i'm just saying uh,i'm healing,my god why am i so happy flex,did you miss did you really just miss,great day i love you,ron is my first time playing baby baby,bro my first time playing in like a,month nice,just finish it dude i i i'm rusty,you can't edit the fire bro i'm rusty,wow,oh my god this is not looking good,let's go you didn't box him nice,oh my god stop that was nice that was,nice i i had my premise yesterday,i failed you did i just got my car what,i'm not kidding my dad forgot this,certain like identity ,i have to reschedule i don't even know,how to park i can't even lie wait you,can't park within 15 feet from a fire,hydrant no one listens to that,i know but it's in my test is it 25 feet,or 15 feet i think,you're filling up a car with okay i'm,just a girl minding my own business on,the sidewalk i'm not on a path without,broken,yellow lines i believe this is i no i i,started this this is a no passing zone,because it's not broken yellow,stripes i'm just minding my own business,oh i wouldn't mind if i went behind you,oh my god, me ron ron baby me that's,actually crazy bro,i've been exploring like the world the,past two days like you know what i mean,like i've been banned it's been like,exploring like the outside,because like as you know like i before i,i don't go outside you know i sit inside,and don't go outside but,i started going outside and it actually,is so beautiful these,millionaires act like they're not really,interested huh you know how much is in,my bank i'm in,debt yeah maybe for the valentine's day,angie but,i don't know oh my god do you even know,what i bought her uh no,maserati gran turismo dude you gotta see,what i bought my girl bro which one,uh number six uh she's a valid annoying,one yeah no she's annoying but,now she's she just fires on i got it,like this nice ass,diamond watch and i was like gold watch,but it was like mixed with diamond it,wasn't that much,all right we're gonna take you on your,test here's the starting position i want,you to get in the driver's position,please,i want you to go left going 15 miles per,hour the whole ride,yep oh do you stop the vehicle stop the,vehicle,so let me ask you a question sir do you,normally do you normally go in the,middle of the street when you when you,drive or do you get your own,lane on the right thank you keep going i,obviously see this is a people crossing,obviously this is a no school zone so,there's no one crossing where the, oh chad,oh my god oh my god oh my god,yes yes why this is,get them,follow me follow me sir,hey can we get it sir follow me,sir follow me sir sir follow me,to access channel subscription sir,follow me,sir sir follow oh thanks sir this is my,test and you don't have any vehicles um,oh no,is this your house oh no oh no,whoa are we robbing this oh no come here,hide with me hide in the bathtub this is,a weird test i know this is a very weird,test i know to stay with my test is this,stammy hold up,oh my god ronnie,oh my god,oh my god,um i don't know about our survival rate,this is,getting closer three no no no i'll play,this one,please monster go,what are you doing,for me ready ready box,um it seems to be my pc might have had a,dis,connection he just left me to die,it did a shoe why is it in this shoe,make sure your blinkers are set is,everything set yeah everything's good,all right 15 miles per hour 25,max let's see what you got uh we're,going a little fast we're going a little,faster,oh okay so there's an accident here oh,all right,we're going a little you're going in,between the lanes sir this is not,okay so it looks like we have a,miscommunication oh,um okay don't worry about this this is,the cleanup crew that we have,they're helping just follow the ramp,just follow the ramp up just up no no,follow the ramp,sir are you uh sure about this yes,this is a different road i've never,really seen this,i want to get it right oh my god,so listen,yeah yeah,oh co

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