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Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One | The Biggest Stunt in Cinema History (Tom Cruise)This

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One | The Biggest Stunt in Cinema History (Tom Cruise)

This is far and away the most dangerous thing we've ever attempted.,We've been working on this for years.,We’re going to shoot it in Norway,and it’ll be a motorcycle jump off a cliff into a BASE jump.,Wanted to do it since I was a little kid.,It all comes down to one thing.,The audience.,There's a lot going into this stunt.,So Tom put together this master plan to coordinate all of these experts,in each of the particular disciplines involved to make this whole thing happen.,John and I are jumping out of a helicopter. He's going to chase me.,That’s what we say to each other: Don't be careful. Be competent.,Be competent.,A year of BASE training, advanced skydive training, a lot of canopy skills, a lot of tracking.,Tom Cruise, he's an amazing individual.,You tell him something and he just locks it in.,His sense of spatial awareness, he's the most aware person I've ever met.,Lots of practice on stability in freefall.,Tracking with John and Miles in the air,,doing lots of different positioning, like they’re a two man team in the air.,Coming on top of each other, below each other, backtracking, front tracking.,You know, we've drilled and drilled and drilled.,When you do a lot of jumps back to back,,the canopy control skills improve a lot.,We have three open canopies, which is a good thing.,The training has gone really well.,It's progressing massively.,- Hey McQ. - How are you?,Great day, man.,This the next part of training right here, motocross.,Let's do it.,So we built a motocross track.,Getting confident in the motocross, so he’s comfortably jumping 70, 80 foot tabletops.,Great time in the air. Great positioning on the bike. Landing well.,I have to get so good at this that there's just no way that I miss my marks.,That’s good. Come a little closer to me.,Coming up with the stunt is only one of the technical challenges.,The other is putting a camera in a place that you can see where Tom is doing it.,Finding the right lens, the right platform, the right medium.,Even two years ago, the cameras didn't exist that would allow us to do what we're trying to do today.,How do we involve the audience? I just want to give them that thrill.,That means the camera has to be in front of Tom and as close to him as possible.,- Feels like you're going over the camera. - Yes. Very cool.,You train and drill every little aspect,over and over and over and over again.,They were doing 30 jumps a day.,Getting to a point where he was just a machine. I mean, over 500 skydives.,That's what we do.,Over 13,000 motocross jumps.,- Oh, that’s going to be fun. Ah, it's great.,We replicated this ramp in England at a quarry.,We filled the quarry with cardboard boxes which were there to catch a motorcycle.,The reason why we did that is so that Tom could simulate the jump.,How fast should I go off?,What distance do I travel?,We built models of different ramps at different angles,to calculate what Tom's trajectory would be.,We have to be able to consistently predict,where Tom is going to be in three-dimensional space.,We’re going to have a GPS chip on me.,And that recorded every single one of Tom's jumps,along with his ground speed,,whether there was a headwind, whether there was a crosswind.,And by doing this multiple times,,we were able to get a consistent set of data.,So that each take we could see what height I am.,So this way we can set drones and cameras in places,where I can go right into close-up.,Rule one: don't hit me with the drone.,Because if we do it all and we don't capture it right, what's the point?,Let’s do it, guys.,- Ready? - Yep.,Always wear my earplugs,so I don't hear myself scream.,We are ready-ready.,Three, two, one!,The key is me hitting certain speeds and being consistent with that.,There's no speedometer, so I do it by sound feel of the bike.,And then as I depart the bike I'm using the wind is hitting me here and I'm cupping my chest.,That will give me lift.,Thank you all very much for your help, guys.,We're here in Norway.,We've been constructing this ramp over a number of months.,Everything here has to be brought in by helicopter.,Engineers and technicians.,It’s incredible what they've done.,This is masterful.,Today is day one of principal photography, and we are starting in classic Mission form with the biggest stunt in the film.,What we're doing here is I’m just doing jumps just to warm up the body.,Let’s do it.,Just to get my tracking going and make sure everything's working all right.,I’ll try not to smile.,Basically, when he gets down and puts the parachute on and goes and does the bike jump,,he'll actually know the weather conditions in this area, in the valley and on the ground.,And then he has to safely deploy a parachute.,Now he's in a rock bowl with walls all around him,,and he's got to fly out of it.,Of course, you know, when something's being done for the first time,,you can't help but worry a little bit about how it's really going to turn out.,With a jump like this, the challenge is finding the cameras,,it's th

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What Did Bill Gates Say About COVID Vaccine Side Effects?

What Did Bill Gates Say About COVID Vaccine Side Effects?

the jurogan experience,i don't know i don't know either i like,vaccines you know yeah i'm excited,um i like vaccines i i,mean um the,problem that a lot of people have is,that this was fast-tracked,and they get nervous about they do they,do,possible potential side effects and we,don't know what those are going to be,and then there's a lot of people that,are very uncomfortable with the idea of,getting very sick,after they take the vaccine which seems,to happen with 80 percent of the people,that take it,and so they're concerned about that 80,of people who are taking this vaccine,yes that's not what i heard well that's,what bill gates has said,bill gates yeah i don't know i mean i,don't know if we see it i don't know if,we can look it up,and play it for you pull it off of i,know it's weird when people say that,people like wait what,um it's on my instagram there's a,interview with bill gates where he's,talking about i believe this is the,moderna,vaccine the pfizer vaccine has a very,similar effect,because it's um the way this uh mrna,vaccine,works they've taken the common cold,vaccine and added this,to it your body develops these proteins,to fight off but you get sick,yeah i mean well i i can't say i don't,know you know i mean i've read the sort,of report the readout from,pfizer and mederna biontech and they,said there were very few,serious side effects i mean i don't know,i don't know serious or not i mean i got,the flu shot,you know uh whenever it was a couple,months ago and,you know my arm hurt for a couple days,i wouldn't do it just that's just the,injections yeah your body didn't feel,bad right but it was fine,you know i felt okay this is different,than that um this is different than that,and there's a,there's a consequence of taking this and,i'm not saying that i won't take it i,will,it's if it's safe i will encourage other,people to take it too,but there's a reality of taking this,particular,vaccine that it's going to make a lot of,people feel like ,and it'll last a couple days and look,you can play,play that video oh,okay but it's in the the it's in the uh,feed,it's in the igtv but if you just go to,my instagram feed from the last time,uh the the dylan jones episode,um it's uh it's that's just what it is,hold on keep going,wait a minute did they remove it,oh my god did they remove it from my,instagram,is that real holy dude,that is crazy hold on let me check,because that's kind of crazy if they,removed it from my instagram that's kind,of crazy because this was a,i believe it was an nbc interview,oh they removed it wow,okay well here here i got i got an,article from from science it says,uh there's fever and aches that are,intense in some cases,but not dangerous you found it okay okay,it hasn't been removed then,okay here we go has it been removed why,don't i find it i've,i don't know it's a month ago says,october 28th right,okay play it this video was edited,though remember,also no no no,no no no no that's a totally different,video that's a totally,different video that video was the video,where people were talking about,uh that bill gates is concerned with the,uh profit margin,from vaccines but that is we should talk,about that too because that's actually,important,that's actually important because that's,really distorted and that's not what he,was saying at all,he was not talking about profit,concerning we looked after the second,dose,at least 80 percent of participants,experienced a systemic,side effect ranging from severe chills,to fevers,so are these vaccines safe,well the the fda,not being pressured will look hard at,that the fda is the gold standard of,regulators,uh and their current guidance on this,if they stick with that is is very very,appropriate,uh and you know they it,the the the side effects were not super,severe that is it didn't,cause permanent health problems for uh,the things that they you know moderna,did have to go with a fairly,high dose and so uh you know to get the,antibodies some of the other vaccines uh,are going able to go with lower doses to,get,uh responses that are are pretty high,including,the jnj and the pfizer and so there's a,lot of,characteristics of these vaccines um,it's great that we have multiple of them,uh,that are going out there and yes you,know the data better than i do,but the bill though the data showed that,everybody with a high dose had,a side effect yeah but,some of that is is not dramatic where,you know it's just,you know super painful but yes there we,need to make sure there's not severe,side effects the fda,i i think will do a good job of that,despite the pressure how many doses of,the vaccine will we need,well none of the vaccines at this point,appear like they'll work with a single,dose that was the,the hope at the very beginning uh,maybe one of them particularly in the,second generation won't surprise us we,hope just two,although in the elderly sometimes uh,it it takes more and and so making sure,we have lots of elderly people,in the trial will give us

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Clif High on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Our Future..... // Stock market finance investing interviews

Clif High on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Our Future..... // Stock market finance investing interviews

Clif High on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Our Future..... // Webbot report latest 2017 interview crypto cryptocurrency predictions david moadel cryptocurrencies ethereum litecoin,welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell today I've got a very,highly anticipated you know interview today with mr. cliff hi I've been,looking forward to this a long time mr. cliff high is well-known on on social,media on YouTube and in the financial industry in general and he is in charge,of half past human dot-com which is you know a website that you definitely want,to check out you want to see his reports for sure mr. hi thank you for joining me,today I'm looking at the market sir glad to be here yeah absolutely um we're,going to talk about half past human calm for sure and we're going to try to get,people over to your site to check out your reports but first I just wanted to,get some of some of your wisdom and insight today because of these markets,my goodness it seems like the market that just wouldn't won't go down for any,length of time um you know the so-called Trump trade has been just going strong,and it seems like the market doesn't want to come back to reality,can this is this sustainable for the rest of 2017 what do you think oh I,think it's sustainable basically forever the the issue is you're not the the,question okay we are not framing our questions around the reality we have to,deal with so if we were to look at the market on a daily basis weekly basis,monthly etc we would see this general progression upward upward upward upward,with very few little hiccups and we think well this is reflective of the,underlying social order as it should be and that's what they want you to think,and that is precisely why they've engineered the markets to follow that,trajectory so they can sustain it as long as they wish to what we're,observing however is a hyperinflation it's a hyperinflation that reflects more,like the hyperinflation in Germany in 1918 then in 1923,and so it will accelerate slightly and and spill over into other areas and,those people that are not watching the other areas won't be aware that it's,hyperinflation until we reach levels of maybe Dow 50,000 or 125,000 and then at,that point you'll say well these 30 stocks are now worth 125,000 and I can,buy two loaves of bread for that amount of money and that will be the our,reality at that point if you're still dealing in dollars and dealing with the,paper debt markets because what you're actually watching is the very end of a,grand of a number of cycles grand cycles some of them running over almost 300,years and the paper Fiat or the fiat money experiment that Nixon launched us,on taking it away from gold in 1972 is now at its end along with that it's also,going to bring down all these other cycles the derivatives which are a fast,burn cycle because they're so large we when I talk about cycles I don't,necessarily mean economic excuse me so much as I am thinking in terms of energy,or energetic cycles so things that are very large and fast-moving are going to,be very short-lived thus the derivatives in their cycle,might only really exist the past 50 years another year and then that's it,whereas the slower moving initial coinage that eventually supported the,paper Fiat has been in place for 200 plus years two hundred fifty four or,something like that but that cycle is also ending so if you're looking in the,right spot you see hyperinflation everywhere I saw hyperinflation today on,a grand scale kind of a scary picture down the road but Dow 50,000 amazing you,know it's meaningless yes you won't be able to get out even if you did get out,of what value are the fifty thousand dollars in a system that's degrading,kind of scary right now I'm a huge fan of precious metals there just a personal,question are you a stacker yourself of precious metals or do you go for the,ETFs that kind thing no I would never touch any paper,an ETF to me is an abomination it's a it's a con job it's a deliberate attempt,or deliberate scheme to defraud people because they're right I won't go into,the details that's just my opinion of it no I never never would never go into a,paper investment but I certainly enough I'll go into a an ethereal investment in,the form of crypto currencies I like I like metals stacking I'm an old guy so,no I can't stack that stuff it's all too heavy,I just don't just don't want to deal with it plus well it's a good store of,value it is simply not a currency anymore and everybody needs to recognize,this that in the fat in the past when there were fewer humans on the planet,gold or silver could serve as a currency now it's not feasible and even if it,were even if we actually acknowledged the true amount of gold that's out there,according to the 1928 through 1934 global assay done by Buckminster Fuller,and just accepted it his numbers were correct and we knew that we had enough,gold that we could each have dozens and dozens and dozens of ounces around for,all seven

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Pokémon Scarlet Artists are TOO FAST

Pokémon Scarlet Artists are TOO FAST

if there's one thing that i'm at least,certain of it's that pokemon will,consume twitter every single time after,a new trailer's dropped today june 1st,we had a trailer drop that showed these,cute pokemon not even 10 hours later and,the entirety of twitter is filled with,beautiful art funny memes and people,simping over the new professors i mean,can you really blame them,pokemon decided that,so i went through the magical land and,the greatest website of all time the,only website to give me so much joy that,you can just see it shining off my face,right now,and the website that banned me two,different times twitter because a lot of,artists decided to post stuff here the,first,how did they get away with this,the pokemon doesn't even look like a,wiener,this this looks like thanos is,the chunk people are already making fan,cams of the the cutest pokemon that came,out of these games this guy's the new,wulu i'm calling it now everybody loves,lechonk i love lechonk the stocks,this this is so cute team chris p bacon,it's a mystery dungeon team lidl from,spain tweeted this out,the evolution for four euros,it's a thing of olive oil they did him,so dirty man that oh,oh,retweet i,i listen i'm team violet i'm gonna be,playing violet but i'm also gonna be,playing scarlet now too,look how cool this just looks like a,monster hunter monster also i heard,their names have have like ryder in it,that's a wheel we're gonna be riding,these things this is straight up a,motorcycle wheel oh this is just cute,pov you're a very tiny olive with a huge,amount of anxiety this is the new sabble,listen we have a brand new wulu that,everyone who's seen is going after and,then everyone else who's sad is after,palm olive oh,smash,here is another small lip that's right,it's name is small lip,they're they're making them small,this this pokemon it's a good pokemon,small live is having a bad day le chunk,is not doesn't let chonk in the pokedex,sniff out food is not small live food,here's a here's another small it's a,smallif branch,oh here's small live with the boys oh,here's lechonk this art style i love,this kind of art style this brush it,might be one of my favorites of like all,time he just he looks so happy so,determined even with the little tear,really dig the new box arts,yeah who needs the legendaries we've got,le chonck now i don't i don't know the,name of this one,and it's not a regional form but it's so,so cute this is the perfect phone wall,but actually you know what i'm gonna,make this my phone wallpaper hey listen,to me they're motorbikes yeah they're,they're for sure motorbikes i think,they're going to turn into vespas le,chunk my beloved this is a cool take on,it because i think this is a different,color i like this these twitter artists,are too too good at this like i'm sorry,mommy okay wait a minute no i'm gonna,make this one my wallpaper here's le,chong having a good day at first i,thought that this was on fire,turns out it's just autumn okay,okay,now,here's where i don't understand this,this was posted at 10 am the trailer,came out at 8 00 am you swatched the,trailer and did this this,in two hours i don't get it it takes me,two hours to get out of my bed in the,morning just to go get food so i can go,back in bed and scroll through tick tock,these people are better than me and i,have to accept it this is cute i hope,though they don't put spring tito on two,feet listen do not give me a green,incineroar keep it on all fours your mom,last this one this one is another one 10,30 a.m two and a half hours are you,kidding me here's a pixel art version,that's so cool oh my i love the pixel,art so much man i wish we could go back,to it,here's rowlet dressed up as the two,legends i wish they gave the rally the,digital eyes i think that's my favorite,thing about the the violet legendary is,that its eyes are pixels here's that,what's this thing's name pamochan this,little dude what's his name i'll find it,by the end of this video that okay,wait a minute i thought this was the new,legendary it's just a toxicity holding a,willow beat,what if that's the legendary you combine,two pokemon together and then you may no,that doesn't make any sense but this,this is really cool another one nine am,an hour after this was posted they have,this okay this is a good accurate,representation of the three pokemon,revealed good boy chunk and small here's,those three pokemon in pixel form i,actually in pixel form i think this,one's my favorite i think letron is my,least favorite pixel,here's here's the three surrounded in,berries not olives the olive is crying,however this person made an hd render of,smoliv that's insane that's so high-res,too i wonder what small lives gonna,evolve into if it keeps the kind of,scared personality another,awesome violet legendary it seems like,everyone's kind of picked up on this,violet legendary here's all six of the,pokemon that have been released so far,small if and and,i guess chunk is kind of crying oh dude,this rival is so

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Clif High Bitcoin Will Reach 64k by April 2018 Prediction

Clif High Bitcoin Will Reach 64k by April 2018 Prediction

we're in a major transition every time,we've had a major transition of let's,say the speed of the social order so we,used to be on horses and so a silver and,a gold standard of actual coins being,exchanged was good enough right because,we traveled traveled by horses pulling,us or we rode on them we got two,automobiles and at the same time we get,into automobiles and trains we get to,the point where it's not good enough to,carry a lot of gold and silver coins we,need some vehicle better than that and,so we're all really in the paper as we,get into the jet age we've got to get,that paper accelerating it's got to go,faster and so we start going to direct,deposit and digital representation of,your bank account so it's not just,little line not numbers written in a,little passbook kind of a thing but it's,simply 100% digital we're all on a,digital system now with the jet,airplanes but now we're going into space,and we're going to get into space based,businesses and so on and so the speed of,the money potential even within the,digital dollars is not sufficient and we,need n so so not as secure and robust as,we need and therefore now we've got the,crypto currencies they're the new wave,of the future relative to money in a,generation that generation will twenty,years from now they'll look back and,they'll never have handled coins never,have handled cheques and will never,really have dealt very much with um,centrally issued digital dollars I,suspect that the datasets will still be,right and that will shed thirteen eight,thirteen thousand eight hundred and,eighty we'll see the last of it sometime,before mid-february okay so it'll bounce,around between a little bit lower than,13,000 and a little bit higher back and,forth back and forth for a month or so,here and then we'll get into February,conditions will have changed there's the,data shows a underlying pressure okay so,other okay so companies that are,involved in the Crypt Oaks fear and in,the crypto space will be bringing out,products that will be accepted in the,market and be very successful and their,actions will cause more people draw more,people into the crypto,face and that will bring the pressure,that will bust a Bitcoin out of this,this current set of range that's gonna,hover around thirteen thousand eight,hundred I'm not saying that's a midpoint,or anything that's just the number that,we get in our data it may drop down to,ten thousand although it seems within,the data sets that's gonna hover closer,to the thirteen thousand on the bottom,and it but it may go as high as as,seventeen eighteen thousand again and,then drop down and then back up and drop,down again there's some indications,we're going to see 13,800 on an upcycled,three times again the same way we did,the 428 $428 seems like a lifetime ago,but it was barely two years and and as,we get into as I've maintained for all,of last year and is still showing in the,data for this report as we get into,mid-february those who have the ability,to look forward will see just fifteen,eighteen days from then so early March,the beginning of a very of our next big,up leg within the crypto space in,general as I say the bottom up pressure,builds with these new products coming on,out a lot of the products are going to,be extremely wildly successful and it's,going to get us into another euphoric,burst that will carry us through and to,me what I get is I get a juxtaposition,of a date and a and a number so I knew,we would be over the 13,000 v for,February because it always does the,consolidation stuff in order to be done,with 13,000 we had to be out of that the,end of that period of time we actually,had some early indications for passing,the 13,000 in December but I don't talk,about those because from my I don't do,trading and so from my viewpoint the,significant thing is that this like,bottom of the step is 13,800 and we take,us we we step up off of that in February,into March and prior to that it's just,this up and down stuff well there's yes,and then there's this other aspect of it,okay that,really needs serious consideration and,so I'm gonna state it a different way,than I have in the past but it has to do,with the adoption cycle for technology,and we've got a situation where if you,want to look at it one way there's a as,I described it there's about one and a,half to three percent of the population,that we can consider to be innovators,now the next tranche of the people that,are coming into Bitcoin are not the,innovators they're the variously,described as early adopters or,visionaries and in the past I've,described it as the process of these,people coming on in but let me just,state it as the lump sum so to speak if,we look at the total population of the,planet and say that there's maybe one,and a half percent of the population of,the planet that's involved in crypto,currencies well this next tranche this,next cohort that's coming in is thirteen,and a half percent of the population and,see this is what's gonna kill t

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how i went from zero to 22.93% conversion rate on twitter ads in 1 wk.

how i went from zero to 22.93% conversion rate on twitter ads in 1 wk.

so stepping outside of my usual line of,work here which is all future based and,focused on making forecast using,predictive linguistics which is,basically a science I invented in 1993,and I've been working on ever since to,step into the world of social network,marketing not a social being wouldn't,know how to network if I tripped over,them and don't do marketing worth crap,which is why I'm poor so but the good,news about this is that I know how to,research I'm not stupid,and I can teach myself so I can educate,myself around all of those and I've,gotten some pretty good results so far,and thus this quick little video about,how I went from very little to 22%,greater than a 22 percent conversion,rate on Twitter ads and it wasn't that,hard I only did seven experiments and it,didn't cost hardly any money at all so a,quick bit of background because I'm,gonna be drawing in some non woowoo,people from the social marketing realm,due to how this will be labeled a bit of,info about myself my name is cliff hi,you can look me up,CLI f hig H I invented predictive,linguistics I'm a software engineer and,a programmer I wrote a lot of code that,I call the emotive reduction engine that,runs my predictive linguistics,forecasting I make predictions of the,future that have had a pretty good hit,record especially recently and put these,out on a site called half past human,calm now you can go there and check it,out you can also follow me on twitter at,cliff at at cliff underbar hig h 1f and,cliff for real-time updates that I drop,out on Twitter and that's the pertinent,we'll get to that in a second the,subject of this video is how I went from,0 to 22 + % conversion rate on,Twitter ads in only seven easy steps and,you don't even have to do the huh the,first six so anyway - I mean to get to,this so continuing about that real quick,though I my emotive reduction engine was,a great deal of software engineering,that I did around converting words into,emotions over rather how to extract,emotion out of the language such that,you can store a representation of it in,the computer and program against it to,do other things with words and will let,it go at that let's get into our subject,right at the moment about Twitter and,Twitter ads Twitter is great they say,there's a been a billion people that,have gone through Twitter and 400,million of them have stuck what's,perhaps even more interesting is 283,million something like that people go,through Twitter and are active on it in,any given week Twitter is an interesting,vehicle for myself because I deal in,future and time and that sort of thing,Twitter is really interesting because,it's real time whereas near real time as,you can get in a large aggregated,database matching algorithm and it's,very interesting that way because it's,real time marketers can use it to do,incredible searches such as I've done,which led to my achieving this twenty,two percent a conversion rate on this,Twitter ad and also by the way the,conversion rate was at three cents a hit,staggering it's like whoa not only 22,not only one greater than one out of,five people seeing the ad went right to,my link and jumped into that engagement,with me on Twitter but it was only,costing me three cents a pop to get them,to see the ad to begin with and this was,only my seventh ad experiment I like,Twitter because it's real time because,it's real time you can put together a,little structure quickly I did my entire,testing campaign for Twitter in about,four hours I even built a back in Amazon,store as a secondary tracking mechanism,for,follow-through for actual commitment to,the conversion by spending money all of,this took as I say about four hours to,construct the web website to the landing,page do the backend Amazon store and do,the advanced searches for the Twitter,campaign now the Twitter ad campaigns,that I did I did the first six based on,information that I found on the net four,from social marketeers,who were telling me you know basically,how to structure large-scale sequel,queries because underneath all of these,engines is structured query language and,used those queries to get vast,quantities to people and try and match,them up against interests and so forth,I did this on my first six campaigns my,my best hit record on my first six,campaigns was two point four seven,percent conversion rate and the the,cheaper and it was not the cheapest and,the cheapest one I'd gotten for that out,of those six campaigns was about thirty,one cents per conversion so again very,expensive conversion some of them went,as high as ninety eight cents and it was,a question of how I was doing it,relative to the supposed quality of the,conversion targets and I say suppose it,because there's a tendency to put value,that may not be pertinent to you we,look-- recently at Procter & Gamble for,instance having left Facebook because,they were not getting value for their,money and so in my first six campaigns I,was not getting value for my money as an,advertiser an

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Louis CK's Issue with Social Media and Twitter

Louis CK's Issue with Social Media and Twitter

the jurgen experience like when you do,stand up the people who are in the,audience have a vote on my act,like they actually have a direct,influence i give a giant about them,they paid money and they came they, traveled parked a car got a,babysitter and they're sitting shoulder,to shoulder with strangers listening so,if i see a face that goes huh i ,see it and it may not change my joke,entirely but it there's a there's a,gland in me,that takes all of that in and you know,what i mean in the aggregate,and changes and it's not about their,acceptance sometimes it's about going to,what upsets them and pushing past it but,they're involved and i'm i have to keep,that clean that it's about me and them,yeah if i read something by somebody who,didn't come to the show who doesn't go,to comedy shows who's reacting to,something that was written about a show,a person who wrote it to get,clicks somebody who's professionally,disgruntled and says this was a bad show,and then somebody tweets yeah that,guy and i'm letting that person,outweigh the rights of my audience it's,irresponsible so i don't even think you,should it's not about reading it and,then resisting it you shouldn't even be,aware of it you should just stay ,those people if they're not there right,they're not involved i couldn't agree,more and i think that it's also,it'll change the way you do comedy if,you take that if you internalize that,yeah if you're picturing the jokes,you're telling to this audience going,out into the world and what are they,going to say about it and again in a,world that it's a sport to get upset,yeah it's a it's a soothing fun sport,and i have no problem with it they can,play that game together and that's fine,but if you let it actually change if you,actually take it in right it's it's not,you know and they don't mean it none of,these people mean it it's just a,momentary yeah him and then they,move on to something else it's not,they're not invested in it you said,something to me once that i tell people,all the time you said that twitter's,just talk but it's written down so it,like seems like it's more than just talk,because people always talk like that's,right that sucked or oh he's a,piece of that's right they say,things like that normally it's normal,but you're not aware of it that's right,it's a normal thing it's even healthy,yeah as talk this is something my,ex-girlfriend who's very close to me,still blanche guarded she's a french,comedian,and she's very big in france she's huge,there and she had a bit that i can't,remember is in french and i know you,know about,that twitter that there used to be talk,and talk is air it goes out people say,that guy sucks just to each,other right and it's gone they don't,have to mean it you know but then it's,committed to the library of congress,and the person who can't even the person,who wrote it can't even take it back,right they're like i gotta stand behind,that now and then they gotta double down,on it and,as comedians and entertainers we're,supposed to have these people just,yapping about us yeah joe rogan,somebody who's even a fan yeah might,just just to enjoy his beer for the,moment right him yeah but then if,you showed up there you'd be like oh my,gosh,i love it but the fact that,comedians,comedians are partly responsible because,they're on twitter,and they want to be liked there too yeah,they want to be there overseeing the,conversations looking for somebody,saying something bad about them and then,responding are you high it's,crazy it's turning it's kind of,conflated things i think twitter it's,made it's and it's not i don't think,that anybody on twitter means anything,they say i don't believe that any i,don't think a single tweet is really,sincere it's just a calculation of,what's this gonna do,and it's based in fear and hope which,are both dumb things,but it's not really like a sincere this,how i feel right so if you give it all,that you know and comedians that tweet,jokes,the same exact format and type and then,tweet a political opinion in the same,thing,that's one of the reasons i think folks,have started to take jokes seriously,because there are comedians that want to,be funny and taken seriously so they're,doing both so of course people are,confused by it and there's no and it's,not in a club or at least a theater,where it's like where comedy is this,really really fun experiment,just for this one night we're not going,to worry about offending each other,we're not gonna worry about what's right,or wrong we're just gonna talk yeah,and we're gonna go on i'm really good at,it i can talk like you wouldn't,believe i'm gonna astonish you with how,much i shouldn't be saying this right,that's the game,but if you translated it to,text and put it out like a statement,like it's a statement right,senator yeah it's just not gonna other,people aren't gonna take it right

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Lessons I Learned as a Boy

Lessons I Learned as a Boy

We sang together.,We prayed together.,We listened quietly while Mother read Bible and Book of,Mormon stories.,Father told us stories out of his memory.,I still remember one of those stories.,I found it recently while going through a book he had,published some years ago.,Listen to it:,"An older boy and his young companion were walking along a,road which led through a field.,They saw an old coat and a badly worn pair of men's shoes,by the roadside, and in the distance they saw the owner,working in the field.,The younger boy suggested that they hide the shoes, conceal,themselves, and watch the perplexity on the owner's face,when he returned.,The older boy ...,thought that would not be so good.,He said ,owner must be a very poor man [from the,looks of his clothes].,So, after talking the matter over, at his suggestion, they,concluded to try another experiment.,Instead of hiding the shoes, they would put a silver dollar,in each one and ... see what the owner did when he,discovered the money.,So .,Pretty soon the man returned from the field, put on his,coat, slipped one foot into a shoe, felt something hard,,took it out and found a silver dollar.,Wonder and surprise ,upon his face.,He looked at the dollar again and again, turned around and,could see nobody, then proceeded to put on the other,shoe; when to his great surprise he,found another dollar.,His feelings overcame him. ...,He knelt down and offered aloud a prayer of,thanksgiving, in which he spoke of his wife being sick,and helpless and his children without bread. ...,He fervently thanked the Lord for this bounty from unknown,hands and evoked the ,of heaven upon those who had given him this needed help.,The boys remained ,until he had gone." They had been touched by his prayer and,felt something warm within their hearts.,As they left to walk down the road, one said to the other,,"Now really, don't you have a good feeling?"

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