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in defense of the boy band- Hi, my name is Mina.,And today, we're gonna be talking about,♪ Boy bands

Mina Le

Updated on Jan 16,2023

in defense of the boy band

- Hi, my name is Mina.,And today, we're gonna be talking about,♪ Boy bands ♪,(lively music),- One of the biggest boy bands.,- One of the hottest bands out there.,- The biggest boy band-,- Backstreet Boys.,- BTS!,- One Direction. - One Direction.,(audience cheering and applauding),(music stops),(upbeat music),- This is kind of a random topic that I've been wanting,to explore for a couple months now.,It started with this time I went,to this fashion designer's closet sale,and she lived in this like amazing, beautiful,,probably like $10 million a month,apartment penthouse in Soho.,And she lived really close to the Harry's House popup store.,And if you guys don't know what Harry's House is,,it's like Harry Styles's fashion line, merchandise.,I don't know.,It's connected to Harry's Styles and they sell things.,When I was walking,,I noticed this line wrapped around multiple blocks.,I thought maybe he was at the store or something.,I thought maybe like he was signing stuff.,And it was like the store opening.,By the time I got to the apartment building,,I asked the doorman.,I was like, "Oh, do you know what's going on,with Harry's House?",And he was like, "Yeah, it's just been like that,like the last week.,No, he's not there.",I was like, (laughs).,Good for Harry.,Good for him.,Oh my God, okay.,The second trigger for this topic is I did go to see,Baz Luhrmann's "Elvis" which no,,I'm not proud of being a viewer of that movie.,I just need to see what it was all about.,No, I don't think Elvis should have had,a documentary biopic, whatever it made of him,because he was a literal predator.,(dramatic music),But I did see it and I did like Austin Butler in it.,There's this one scene in the movie.,Actually, there's multiple where he's doing,the little gyration of the hips that Elvis is known for.,♪ Them girls want to see you wiggle ♪,♪ Boom bang ♪,- And it zooms in on the crowd,and there's like these girls foaming at the mouth,,going absolutely feral, me included.,So yeah.,Needless to say, those two moments, I was like,,I actually want to explore the world of the male musician.,Specifically boy bands,because I think they're like the poster children,for this type of fan behavior.,- What is this behavior?,- So let's unpack the obsession, the criticisms,,the fan behavior that is sometimes healthy,,but can also veer into a dangerous, unhealthy territory.,And what the song means for the culture.,But first ,a word from our sponsor.,Today's video is sponsored by SeatGeek.,A ticketing app that makes buying tickets super simple.,SeatGeek lets you buy tickets for concerts, festivals,,sports games, and even theater and stage performances.,You can download the app onto your phone,,which makes the process way easier.,Florence Welch is coming to New York in September.,And she's one of my favorite artists ever, since 2012.,So I'm definitely gonna keep an eye on ticket prices,for this, 'cause I've always wanted to see her,,but never have.,As you can, see SeatGeek ranks the prices as green,,meaning good deal or red meaning bad deal.,Use my code MINA for $20 off your tickets at SeatGeek,and make sure to click the link in my description,to download the app.,(lively music),I'm going real.,I loved boy bands in high school.,I honestly think that they (laughs) shaped my youth.,I wasn't a really big fan of any Western boy bands.,I was a K-pop girly.,And I think I've mentioned this before in a previous video,,but I was really into SM Entertainment,,which is a management company,and they manage a couple of bands.,And two that I really loved, Shinee and EXO.,♪ Baby ♪,- For Western boy bands, I was never a Directioner.,I never liked the Jonas Brothers.,I mean, I like them.,I don't have anything against them,,but I just never really got into them.,And then for the '90s boy bands, I was just too young.,I was like, three years old into the '90s.,So I definitely wasn't listening to NSYNC,or the Backstreet Boys.,I did listen to them later in life.,Like when I was in college,,I did a deep dive on NSYNC and I really liked them,,but I don't know.,I think because I didn't grow up with them,and because by the time I was listening to them,,they had already split up, I didn't fall,for that fan hysteria that a lot of their listeners,originally had in the '90s.,- NSYNC rules (indistinct).,- Well, those are just a few of them.,Thousands of screaming, fans packing the stadium tonight.,- But enough about me,,I feel like when most people hear the term boy band,,they think of the '90s and early 2000s.,But the reality is boy bands have been around,for a long time.,Let's quickly define the boy band.,Most dictionary definitions will generically define,the boy band as a group of men singing together,in a pop music group.,They can be assembled through the manufactured way.,For example, via talent shows like One Direction,on the X Factor.,- Okay, so tell me a bit about you.,- I work in a bakery.,- The Monkeys were also artificially assembled,for a television series modeled af

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The Twilight Parody

The Twilight Parody

you smell good what you smell really,nice gosh she smell delicious,what let me smell you let me smell your,body and your blood wanna put your to,Platon Xiao Dan oh I'm gonna cut you up,into value hole oh gosh I'm gonna get,away from you before I eat you I knew,there was something different about,Edward Cullen the first time I met him,well of my daughter Bella come in here,hello this is Jacob we used to play,together when you were young you should,have lots to talk about,do you smell me hey yeah hi guys,I knew knew we loved new people you can,be our best friend you're the greatest,person we've ever met ever let me lick,your feet Joe let me,Edward Edward is that you know I know,oh no coming right towards me well,nobody save me Belem needs me,my here,wait a second how did you get over to me,so fast I was standing right next to you,you sending us your car across the lot,no wasn't yes you were,you're confused you hit your head you,stop that then you pushed it away no,will believe that you guys saw it right,he's a vampire,oh you mean his fangs oh no oh god he,drinks human blood actually no he does,but he's gonna stay away from holy water,and crosses and garlic and no those,things are fine oh oh well what about,sunlight is that why he never goes into,the Sun actually that's because uh,you'll find out in your own I want to,sock your blood and Bella and I know,what you are said what say it,vampire faster and we have to be,together I love you we can't Bella but,why not we're brother and sister,what fine we'll be together Oh Edward,but first you have to see me for what I,really am,member,I'm the monster,looking for an easy mark I hit the,Danny's after dark and take only,waitress home to drink,she's even halfway through find them,wishing she was you blood goes cold I,guess this is,good name means beautiful swan I just,got that

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Humans Need Not Apply

Humans Need Not Apply

إعتاد البشر الصيد او الجمع للبقاء علي قيد الحياة. لكن البشر كسالي بذكاء,نحن صنعنا أدوات لتسهيل عملنا. من العصي للمحاريث للجرارات و تحول الوضع من,إحتياج الجميع لإنتاج الطعام الي الزراعة الحالية بدون أن يحتاج اي أحد تقريبا لإنتاج,.الطعام و مع ذلك لدينا وفرة,و طبعا هذا ليس فقط في الزراعة، بل كل شيء قضينا ألاف السنوات الماضية,نصنع أدوات لتقليل الجهد البدني من كل الأنواع. هذة عضلات ميكانيكية,أقوي، يمكن الإعتماد عليها أكثر ، و أقل تعبا مما .يمكن للعضلات البشرية أن تكون عليه,و هذا أمر جيد. إستبدال الجهد البشري بالعضلات الميكانيكية يوفر وقت البشر للتخصص. ,و هذا يترك الجميع بحالة أفضل حتي أولئك الذين لا يزالوا يقوموا بالجهد البدني. هكذا ينمو,.الإقتصاد و تتحسن مستويات المعيشة, تخصص بعض الناس ليكونوا مبرمجين و مهندسين. وظيفتهم هي بناء عقول ,ميكانيكية. مثلما خفضت العضلات الميكانيكية الطلب علي الجهد البشري، مثلها العقول الميكانيكية,تخفض الطلب علي العقول البشرية,هذة ثورة إقتصادية. قد تظن أننا مررنا بمثل هذا الموقف من قبل لكننا لم نفعل,.هذة المرة الوضع مختلف,#ألجهد البشري#,عندما تفكر في الأتمتة، غالبا ما تفكر في هذا: روبوتات ضخمة ومصنعة خصيصا,و مكلفة لكن غبية جدا، جاهلة عن العالم و عن عملها. كانت نوع مخيف,من الأتمتة لكنها لم تستولي علي العالم لأنها ,فعالة من حيث التكلفة في حالات قليلة ,لكنها النوع القديم من الأتمتة، هذا هو النوع الحديث,أقدم لك باكستر,علي عكس هذة الأشياء التي تحتاج مشغلين ماهرين و فنيين و ملايين,من الدولارات. يستطيع باكستر الرؤية و يمكنه ان يتعلم ما تريده ان يفعل بمشاهدتك وانت تفعله ,و يكلف أقل من متوسط الأجر السنوي لعامل بشري. علي عكس إخوته,الكبار ليس عنده برمجة مسبقة لوظيفة واحدة، يستطيع القيام بأي عمل تحت ,طائلته. يمكن التفكير في باكستر أنه روبوت للأغراض العامة,و كونه للغرض العام أمر هام. ,فكر في الحواسب، أيضا بدأت مصنعة خصيصا و مكلفة جدا، لكن عندما ظهرت ,.حواسب رخيصة نسبيا أصبحت ضرورية لكل شيء بسرعة,يستطيع حاسوب للأغراض العامة بسهولة حساب التغير أو تحديد مقاعد علي الطائرة ,أو لعب لعبة أو القيام بأي شيء فقط بواسطة تغيير برامجه. و هذا الطلب الشديد للحواسب,من كل الأنواع هو ما يجعلها أقوي وأرخص كل عام,باكستر اليوم مثل الحاسوب في الثمانينات .إنه ليس القمة، بل البداية,بالرغم من بطء باكستر تكلفته في الساعة من إستهلاك الكهرباء بقيمة بنسات بينما منافسيه البشريين,يكلفوا الحد الأدني للأجور. عشر السرعة فعال من حيث التكلفة عندما يكلف ,مائة مرة أقل. وبينما باكستر ليس بذكاء بعض الأشياء,التي سنتحدث عنها إنه ذكي بما يكفي للإستيلاء علي الكثير من الوظائف قليلة الإعتماد علي المهارة,و قد رأينا مسبقا روبوتات أقل ذكائا من باكستر تستبدل وظائف. في المتاجر الحديثة,ما كان وظيفة يشغلها 30 إنسان يشغلها الأن إنسان واحد يراقب 30 روبوت أمين خزينة,او مائات الألاف من عمال المقاهي(الباريستا) بالعالم سيأتي روبوت باريستا لهم,طبعا الباريستا الذي تعرفه يصنع الموكا مزدوجة ايا كانت كما تحبها تماما و لن تثق أبدا في أحد,أخر، لكن ملايين من البشر لا يأبهوا و فقط يريدون كوب قهوة جيد. و بالمناسبة,هذا الروبوت في الواقع شبكة ضخمة تتذكرمن أنت,و كيف تحب قهوتك أينما كنت. أمر مريح جدا,نحن نفكر في التقدم التكنولوجي علي انه الأشياء الحديثة والمبهرة والمكلفة، لكن التغير الحقيقي يحدث,عندما تصبح أشياء العقد الماضي أرخص و أسرع. و هذا ما يحدث الأن للروبوتات,و لقدرة عقولهم الميكانيكية علي اخذ القرارات يفوزوا في المنافسة مع,البشر لوظائف بطريقة لا يمكن للعضلات . البشرية البحتة التنافس معها,#الأحصنة اللاضية#,تخيل ثنائي من الخيول في أوائل القرن العشرين يتحدثون عن التكنولوجيا. أحدهم يقلق أن,هذة العضلات الميكانيكية الحديثة ستجعل الخيول غير ضرورية,فيذكره الأخر أن كل تطور تكنولوجي حتي الأن بسَّط حياتهم" أتتذكر كل ذلك العمل ,علي المزرعة؟ أتتذكر العدو من الشاطيء للشاطيء لتوصيل البريد؟ أتتذكر الذهاب للمعركة؟,كلها بشعة. هذة الوظائف في المدينة مريحة جدا" و بوجود كل هؤلاء البشر في المدينة أصبح,.هناك وظائف للخيول أكثر من قبل,حتي لو نجح هذا الشيء المدعو سيارة قد يقول سيكون هناك وظائف جديدة للخيول,.لا نستطيع تخيلها,لكن أنت يا مشاهدي العزيزمن الأعوام بعد 2000 تدري ما حدث، ما زال هناك العديد من الخيول العاملة,لكن ليس مثلما سبق. بلغ تعداد الخيول ذروته في عام 1915 ومنذ ذلك الحين,.إستمر بالإنخفاض,لا يوجد قاعدة في الإقتصاد تنص أن التكنولوجيا الأفضل توفر وظائف أحدث وأفضل,للخيول. هذة الجملة تبدو غبية لدرجة صادمة لكن، إذا إستبدلنا كلمة الخيول بالبشر,.و فجأة يظن البشر أنها جملة صحيحة,مثلما إستبدلت العضلات الميكانيكية مكان الخيول في الإقتصاد ستفعل العقول الميكانيكية,نفس الشيء للبشر. ليس فورا ولا في كل مكان لكن في أعداد كبيرة جدا و قريبا كفاية,لدرجة أنها ستصبح مشكلة كبيرة إن لم نستعد. و نحن لسنا مستعدين,مثل الحصان الثاني، قد تنظر لوضع التكنولوجيا الأن و تظن أنه ليس من الممكن,أن تستبدل وظيفتك لكن التكنولوجيا تزداد تحسنا و رخصا و سرعة بمعدل لا تستطيع,.الكائنات الحية التنافس معها,مثلما كانت السيارة بداية النهاية للخيول الأن سترينا السيارة ,.حال ما سيأتي من أمور,#السيارات#,السيارات التي تقود نفسها ليست المستقبل بل الأن و تعمل. تنقلت هذة السيارات,مائات الاف الأميال علي ساحل كاليفورنيا خلال المدن,و كل هذا دون تدخل سائق,السؤال ليس "هل سيستبدلوا السيارات؟" لكن بأي سرعة سيستبدلوها، لا يحتاجوا أن يكونوا ممتازين,فقط يحتاجوا أن يكونوا أفضل مننا. بالمناسبة يقتل الخطأ البشري 40,000 كل,عام في الولايات المتحدة فقط.و نظرا لأن السيارات التي تقود نفسها لا يطرف لها جفن,لا ترسل رسائل هاتفية وهي تقود، لا تنام أو تفعل أشياء غبية من السهل رؤيتها تصبح أكفأ من,.من البشر لأنها بالفعل كذلك,لكن تسمية السيارات التي تقود

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Oh No hey guys what's up long time no,see I mean really long time no see and I,can't say that you're seeing the best me,cuz I'm just using my phone i'm not even,using the nice video camera and i'm,sorry i am a terrible terrible blogger,literally though i think the worst,bloggers youtuber video or ever I just,wanted to check in with you guys and say,hey because it has been in quite a while,and I wanted to let you know that I'm,gonna try to start making videos again I,not quite sure how that's gonna go what,that's gonna be like but I'm gonna do my,best i'm sorry i've been gone for so,long I've had a crazy couple of months I,guess it's almost been a year now huh,over a year I don't even know it's been,a while and I've had a lot of crazy,things happen some changes happen I've,been really busy one of the big changes,that just happened recently is hold on,one second,ah this everybody is Brody Brody is my,bookie kitten I adopted Brody for my,birthday is nine or ten weeks old he's,still a really small little guy um and I,just heard you love him and he's a,little crazy cuz he I everybody,hey and attack my hand okay no give my,baby oh god this is Brody we're still,training we're still learning boy he's a,good boy he's very sweet he sleeps on my,head at night which is just the best and,uh yeah so that's been keeping me busy,lately so other than Brody just a lot of,crazy stuff happening in life happening,at work and I just haven't had time to,sit down and make videos but I am gonna,make a serious effort to be better at,making videos from now on they're,probably gonna mostly be on my phone,because it's a lot easier for me to film,something on my phone and edit it on my,phone and upload it from my phone then,to bust out the camera get the lighting,right and do everything you know the,professional youtuber hey so it'll,probably all just be on my phone and I,hope that's okay so yeah so keep an eye,open I don't know what the videos are,gonna be if you have any ideas of what,kind of videos you guys would like to,see me do please leave comments below,and let me know you can hit me up on all,my social media if you don't know what,those social media things you can hit me,up on our they'll all be down below I,got snapchat Instagram Twitter Tumblr,I've got a livejournal for heaven's,sakes speaking of livejournal um I know,a lot of you guys who watch my videos,subscribe to me for my doll reviews and,I haven't really I've been collecting,more and I just haven't really been,filming reviews for them for videos,because filming video videos took for,ever let me tell you something it,literally took just ages two to sit and,film the video and try not to ramble and,end up rambling anyways and then edit it,down to something that was,completely awful to sit and watch but,for those of you who did enjoy my doll,reviews I am going to start doing,reviews again but I'm gonna be doing,them on my livejournal in text and photo,format so if you go to my livejournal,and i'll put the link down below you can,find where the reviews will be there's,not any up yet but I'm going to start,putting them up soon and i might do,little mini video reviews that you can,find the links for inside the text,reviews so if you want to see a little,video review go to livejournal check out,the doll reviews once they're up read,through them and I'm sure you'll find a,link in there somewhere if I did one,lastly if you are a fan of dolls my,dolls dolls in general doll collecting,doll stories or if you are a fan of cleo,linda jones and the secret life of dolls,i have sort of started my own little,version of that secret life of dolls,hasn't updated in a year if you don't,know what take her life of dolls is,please google it your life will change,forever and it's secret life of dolls by,clay linda jones on livejournal i'll,link to it below that little epic sagas,story about some talking dolls has was,the greatest thing to me ever it was,like a soap opera starring pop culture,dolls and it was hilarious clean Linda,hasn't updated it in a long time and I,missed it so much because it meant so,much to me when I was reading it that,I've sorted done my own version which,hopefully she doesn't mind but if you,want some fun creative writing from me,starring some dolls with some fun,photography check that out it's in my,life journal as well alright guys I'll,see you all soon thank you all so much,for watching I love you all and,hopefully we're gonna get this,relationship going again you know what I,mean ya know all right bye

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Wir lesen die Fanfiction über uns weiter! :D (bisschen versaut) ft. darkviktory | Kostas Kind

Wir lesen die Fanfiction über uns weiter! :D (bisschen versaut) ft. darkviktory | Kostas Kind

komplett um was geht den copy frage ich,hoffe ich szenario begeben so einbezogen,so vielleicht nicht weil meine pflicht,erst näher,was willst du mit mir war nicht gut auf,mich zu sprechen,herzlich willkommen zu diesem video,ich bin groß und ich bin der mich so wie,leute das schon bemerkt haben am anfang,jedes videos gibt es jetzt einen,rausgeschnitten kosten,was machen wir heute mitglied,wir legen jetzt gleich noch mal eine fan,fiction weil du tust nicht das mikro,einzuschalten,die seiten strichliste fühlen wie oft,uns das schon passiert ist jetzt hast du,mich gedulden theilacker nächsten,gedreht wir leben heute wieder eine fan,fiction vor weil das letzte mal so mega,gut angekommen ist und sich viele von,euch gewünscht haben dass wir daraus ein,format machen und sind beim letzten mal,auch nur bis zur hälfte von ogi schläge,story gekommen wir haben beim letzten,mal aufgehört als nicht ein richtiger,welt baywa und so die hübsche tochter,gesagt das ist für mich der die,genannten da sind rauschen meist,spezielle sprache nachricht geschickt,hat das ja und dann haben wir ja kurz,gibt's hätte dann hat mich einfach,frecherweise gesagt würde ich,ja ja das sind die rahmenbedingungen,falls ihr noch genauer wissen wollte,falls wir den ersten teil hab ich,gesehen habe dann schaut euch den,anderen seid ihr im kontext und da geht,es jetzt weiter,dann würde ich sagen gibt es gar nicht,mehr so viel dreck zu labern,ihr müsst wie es geht wir machen wieder,mehr schafft mehr worte zu lesen am ende,gibt es dann einen sieger ich habe beim,letzten mal gewonnen,fake news nachdem er sich tausende,verlesen hat und dass leute in den,kommentaren über das haben wir so und,dann wir nämlich auf die kommentare,gewesen am anfang noch alles so richtig,cooles video und später so ist auch,aufgefallen dass zwei bis fünfmal,verlesen hatte,einfach weitergegeben wird schlecht als,heute geht's okay dass man sagen kann,jetzt einfach hallo wir hätten jetzt,auch eine andere nehmen können aber es,ist ein mega die lustigen geschichte das,ist werde euch jetzt in bemüht zu lassen,wenn wir nicht weiter lesen,ja ich wollte hier weiter geht also,heute doch kommen wir lesen noch mal den,das ende vom letzten mal dafür musste,ich war eben verteilten rollen ich war,schon auf dem besten wege endlich,einzuschlafen als auf einmal mein handy,an zu vibrieren es war ein text von mich,sofort habt meinen daumen auf die,nachricht dass soll,ich habe sogar so stoppt entsetzt sah,ich auf dem bildschirm ich hatte mich, genannt ich bin doch nicht,schwul,ich fand sie nur mich ein kleines,bisschen patrick ein kleines bisschen,aber dann doch homo konnte das ist doch,noch lange nicht dass ich top typen,stehe ich muss mal ganz kurz sagen also,letztes mal hatte ich an irgendeiner,stelle einige angemerkt dass das der,realitätsfern ist das wiederum ist,eigentlich sehr realitätsnah als wir uns,kennengelernt haben war das glaube ich,schon so ich weiß noch als ich das erste,mal gesehen auch richtig gut aber da hab,ich mir gedacht wenn ich mal einen,freund hätte wäre es cool wenn overview,richtig gesehen,immerhin hat er mich schonmal ,genannt also hoffte ich mir dass das,jetzt geregelt war,er hat hier reicht jetzt auch mal was,mich jetzt schon oft genug sagen das,muss jetzt geregelt zweimal suchte ist,die regeln danach ist alles gut aber,irgendwie tat es mir mehr weh als es,sollte,wir treten die aufgestiegen und kurz,danach meine wange hinunter und dann,meinte ich mich in wien statt,so ein bisschen besser macht er wird aus,zwei mach ich nicht ich hoffe wirklich,wieder selten schule,ich glaube nicht mehr daran dass schule,ich glaube nicht mehr daran süßen wurden,nochmals werden könnte,er hoffte und hat sich am nächsten tag,in die schule ging packte mich die panik,was ist wenn er mich jetzt komplett,ignorieren würde ich war mir nicht,sicher wie ich dann reagieren sollte ich,nahm mir vor ihn darauf anzusprechen,wahrscheinlichste lösung richtig,schlecht oder so wichtig ja aber auch,mal biberist wir haben wo ich immer,verlieren von vielen spielen immer,verloren habe also lasse ich schon,überhaupt nicht immer möchte mal bitte,den pausen haftrichter jemand schon mit,compilation von kosten dann sagen sie,aber kommt doch im letzten video grad,mal geschummelt,ich war mir nicht sicher wie ich dann,reagieren sollte wahrscheinlich wieder,in den schlaf nahm hier vor ihn darauf,anzusprechen die vielleicht werten wir,als ich in die schule,als ich in der schule war konnte ich ihn,irgendwo sehen also ging ich hin,zwar dachte das ist immer noch derselbe,satz richtig viel und unsere leben,sterben wir haben sehr kleben wenn dir,noch ein kennenlernen steht also auch,die lehrer und die menschen lieben,ich nahm mir vor ihn darauf anzusprechen,und vielleicht klärten wir den kleinen,vorfall als ich in der schule war konnte,ich ihn irgendwo sehen also gehe ich in,unser klassenzimmer und setzte mich auf,meinen platz,das ist auch schwer noch von lesen und,nicht als wissenschaftlichen text,runterlädt ich wollte das e

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SFF180 | Mailbag Monday | December 7, 2015

SFF180 | Mailbag Monday | December 7, 2015

hey everybody Thomas here and welcome,back once again to sff 180 it is Monday,December the 7th pretty modest week in,the mail bag this time only four,packages to get through so we're gonna,get through them fairly quickly okay so,last week you know I was not really,feeling well and if you've been,following me on twitter at all in the,past week well you found out exactly,what was wrong with me it's not very fun,you guys I came down with shingles which,telling you right now is some serious,hardcore pain so I had to get on some,antivirals for those and some pain,medication of some steroids to take down,the muscle swelling it's not been a good,time but at least everything is in,control haven't really had pain like I,did that first night although actually,starting yesterday about in the,afternoon I had a bit of a flare up of,you know muscle cramps in my right calf,so I'm taking it easy on that but I just,I guess I just got to stick with the,medication any until it's done which I,suppose you know leads to plenty of,reading time doesn't it so that's a good,thing but anyway for the most part,though I'm okay and I am ready to get,into this week's haul shall we let's see,what's in packages this time ok and this,first big one is from random penguin,nice big thick fat envelope and it is an,art for Eagle in exile by Allen smell,which comes out on March the 15th and it,is the sequel to clash of eagles which,came out last year and which I got and,was one of the many books that I started,and didn't finish because of dealing,with everything with my dad my family at,the time but I did like what i read a,bit interesting idea essentially it's an,alternate history in which the ancient,Romans have made it to America and they,end up having conflicts here so I don't,want to read too much in the way of the,synopsis on this one because as usual,book 2 spoilers but this one I will say,is fat it's considerably bigger than the,the first one so it looks like he's,really going to expand upon the story a,great deal but I want to get back into,this I want to read the first one in the,second one your rapid,succession so if you'd like to see me,add these to the regula to the review q,there we go eagle and exile comes out,March fifteenth from delray books and,next we have from orbit the rising by,Ian tribulus this I believe is out right,now in shops this is the second book in,the alchemy Wars series and the second,volume following the mechanical which,would book one I think came out either,earlier this year or maybe into last,year but as it says they called me Jax,that was the name given by those who,built me and enslaved me and so as you,see it's about a robot fighting your,gates robot oppression and breaking free,and you know for all of his robot,brethren freedom freedom so here we go,the rising now available from orbit let,me know if you want me to catch up with,this series and tell you what it's all,about hi everyone i know on booktube who,has read the mechanical seems to have,enjoyed it so that's pretty good this is,going to be a pyre book's title and this,is the final copy of the nebula awards,showcase 2015 anthology which i guess is,a covering you know all of the books,that tour and short stories novellas,works of fiction that we're on or,related to or in some ways one or,nominated what have you anyway if it had,to do the nebulas it's here it's going,to be under these covers this one's,edited by Greg bear met Greg at the at,the nebula ceremony in Chicago this year,is very nice a bunch of us were sitting,around in no convention sweet and I had,breakfast and he talked out a lot about,military history and movies so a lot of,fun but this is the latest volume of the,prestigious anthology series published,annually across six decades okay so this,is going actually back a couple of years,with some nominees and some winners so,their stories here by Rachel sworsky,Matthew cresyl the sounds of Old Earth,namba nominees sulky stories are for,losers by Sofia so matar let's see a,nebula award winner the waiting stars by,elliott david art okay so this is this,is like this is 2013 winners I guess now,available from pyar books nebula awards,showcase 2015 and last but not least one,more from pyre,okay this looks kind of interesting it's,a little bit out of left field March,first is the date on this Richard a,knack now he is a writer that I usually,associate with sword and sorcery and you,know epic fantasy that sort of thing but,this appears to be it's being described,here as first-rate urban fantasy,although you'll notice that it's got,this like really kind of cool 1930s Art,Deco thing going on on the the art,design so uh on the cover so let's see,what this is really all about here it,says for more than 1600 years Nick Medea,has followed and guarded the gate that,keeps the mortal realm in that are very,separate ok seeking in vain absolution,for the fatal errors he made when he,slew the dragon all that while he has,tried and failed to keep the moon he,love

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Drone Swarm - 32000 drones in real-time strategy combat - Review/Test [German, many subtitles]

Drone Swarm - 32000 drones in real-time strategy combat - Review/Test [German, many subtitles]

Moin Moin, këtu është zap. Në këtë Rishikim të Swarm Drone, do t'ju tregoj se çfarë ka të bëjë me,këtë lojë strategjie në kohë reale, si luan dhe nëse u argëtova me të. Në,fund ka edhe një vlerësim nga unë, por mbi të gjitha dua t'ju jap të gjitha informacionet në,mënyrë që të vendosni vetë nëse loja mund të jetë diçka për ju.,Kam marrë një shembull provë falas nga botuesi, faleminderit,për këtë. Sidoqoftë, kjo nuk do të ndikojë në vlerësimin tim, pasi gjithmonë i provoj të gjitha lojërat me,mendimin në pjesën e pasme të mendjes, si do të ndihesha nëse do të kisha paguar çmimin e plotë?,► Historiku - zhvilluesi i Lojërave është zhvilluar nga stillalive,Studios nga Austria dhe botuar nga Astragon Entertainment.,Stillalive ka zhvilluar imituesin e autobusëve 18 dhe lojën qesharake të,menaxhimit të policisë dhe zjarrfikjes Rescue HQ. Nëse nuk e dini këtë të fundit,,unë do ta lidh shqyrtimin tim më poshtë.,Me Drone Swarm, studioja tani po futet në zhanrin e strategjisë në kohë reale,që është krejtësisht e re për ta . Dhe ndryshe nga lojërat e mëparshme, Drone Swarm,gjithashtu tregon një histori koherente gjatë fushatës së gjerë. Le të shohim,sa i suksesshëm është ky hap në studio në një territor krejtësisht të ri.,Ar Drone Swarm - lloji i lojës Në Drone Swarm ne jemi,kapiteni i një anijeje kozmike të madhe që është mbështjellë nga një tufë dronësh. Se,si ndodhën saktësisht 32,000 dronët do të shpjegohet më vonë në pjesën e historisë. E vetmja gjë e rëndësishme,tani është që ne të mund t'i kontrollojmë këto dronë dhe t'i dërgojmë në betejë.,Kur erdhi puna për të kontrolluar tufën, stillalive doli me diçka shumë të pazakontë,,dhe funksionon gjithashtu shumë mirë. Ne mund të vizatojmë vija dhe qarqe në hapësirë,me miun , dhe dronët tanë do të fluturojnë përgjatë këtyre linjave, dhe nëse,hasni njësi armike në këtë fluturim, ato do të shkaktojnë dëme në armiq.,Gjatësia e linjave përcakton afërsisht,se sa dronë dërgojmë nga furnizimi ynë 32,000. Kështu që ne mund të,nxitojmë një kundërshtar me një vijë shumë të gjatë 10,000 ose më shumë në të njëjtën kohë,, por gjithashtu mund të dërgojmë skuadra të ndryshme me disa goditje të shkurtra dhe kështu të,sulmojmë kundërshtarin nga disa anë ose të sigurojmë që ai të mos shmanget kaq lehtë.,Pastaj ka variante dhe modele të ndryshme. Pra , jo vetëm që mund,të dërgojmë dronët tanë për të sulmuar, por nëse shtypim W më parë,, mund t'i vendosim edhe ata një mur mbrojtës. Kjo pastaj mbetet për ca kohë,dhe mbron anijen tonë kryesore, ose njësitë ndoshta aleate.,Përveç kësaj, ne gjithashtu mund të porosisim një tufë jo vetëm për të sulmuar kundërshtarët,,por për të fluturuar një lloj sulmi shtytës. Ne mund t'i detyrojmë anijet kozmike të largohen nga rruga e tyre,, të rrisim distancën e tyre nga anija kozmike kryesore, ose t'i detyrojmë ata në anomali në,mënyrë që të shkëputin mburojat ose aftësitë e tyre të rimbushshme ose t'i shkatërrojmë ato plotësisht.,Përveç kësaj, ka përmirësime të shumta, aftësi pasive dhe aktive,, azhurnime të armëve dhe përmirësime të përgjithshme për anijen tonë kryesore gjatë fushatës .,Play Gameplay - Luftimi dhe Misionet Betejat gjithmonë zhvillohen në një mënyrë të tillë,që anija kozmike kryesore të arrijë në sistem me një kërcim të hapësirës dhe më,pas të qëndrojë pak a shumë në mes të hartës. Anija kozmike e madhe nuk është,e manovrueshme. Ai udhëton vetëm përmes kërcimit të hiper hapësirës dhe këto janë fillimi dhe,mbarimi i një misioni. Hartat hapësinore janë në fund të fundit harta 2D.,Për shkak të bazës statike, gameplay e Drone Swarm është gjithashtu,pak në drejtim të një mbrojtje kullë ose lojë të mbajtur në bazën. Por stillalive,është përpjekur shumë që të mos lejohet që kjo të bëhet monotone.,Nga njëra anë, anija nënë natyrisht shpesh sulmohet 360 gradë nga të gjitha anët.,Dhe ka tre gara të ndryshme të të huajve që janë në luftë me njëri-tjetrin dhe me ne. Të gjithë,këta alienë kanë anije kozmike shumë të ndryshme, me karakteristika të veçanta dhe,modelet e tyre të sjelljes. Dhe nganjëherë futemi në beteja ndërracore, duke mbrojtur,njërën palë kundër tjetrës. Këtu jo vetëm që duhet të mbrojmë anijen tonë kryesore,,por në të njëjtën kohë gjithashtu të mbulojmë një ose më shumë aleatë dhe të shkatërrojmë sulmuesit.,Control Kontrolli i lojës Lojë Kontrolli i 32000 dronëve është një detyrë e veçantë,. Në shumë tituj strategjie në kohë reale, gjërat shkojnë shumë shpejt,nëse doni të poziciononi strategjikisht 32 ushtarë, dhe këtu ka 1000 herë më shumë.,Në përgjithësi, kontrollet janë paksa të nxituara edhe këtu. Ju duhet të bëni disa klikime dhe,lëvizje miu për të mbajtur tufën e dronëve në luftime. Dhe saktësia e lëvizjeve,është shumë e rëndësishme. Për fat të keq, ndonjëherë dronët fluturojnë vetëm afërsisht aty ku,është tërhequr një vijë. Kjo do të thotë që herë pas here një sulm nuk shkon askund.,Sidoqoftë, kjo ndodh shpesh mjaftueshëm, pasi kundërshtarët zakonisht,logjikisht lëvizin shpejt. Për shkak të kontrollit indirekt të tufës,,gjithm

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