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Clay Travis Slams the legacy media for only caring about Musk’s Twitter Files when Trump commentedDo


Updated on Jan 12,2023

Clay Travis Slams the legacy media for only caring about Musk’s Twitter Files when Trump commented

Donald Trump,comments on the Twitter files got more,coverage from The New York Times The,Washington Post NBC ABC CBS then the,actual Twitter files showing censorship,of the hunter Biden story this is crazy,okay the biggest power that large media,organizations have is deciding what is,and what is not a story and the,Washington Post New York Times CBS NBC,ABC CNN MSNBC,overwhelmingly said The Smoking Gun,documents from Elon Musk that prove that,Twitter was in the wrong when they,banned the sharing of the hunter Biden,story when they censored it arguing that,it was Russian disinformation,inaccurately when all of that happened,now that we have direct email evidence,of how it went down,all those companies I just named New,York Times Washington Post ABC NBC CBS,CNN MSNBC among others decided we're,pretty much not going to cover this,story,when Trump commented on it on Truth,social however they covered Donald,Trump's comments on the story so I just,want you to think about this and what it,tells us about the narrative if the,story itself in your opinion at the,Washington Post at the New York Times at,ABC NBC CBS CNN and MSNBC,all those outlets and many others made,the decision we're not going to cover,the Twitter files because we don't think,it's newsworthy,then how in the world are you making the,decision to cover Donald Trump's,comments on a story that you yourself,already deemed not newsworthy in other,words,Trump's pointing out how BS much of your,coverage is now I don't agree with,everything Trump says in fact I think if,you agree with anybody out there in the,uh political sphere 100 of the time,you're not thinking enough sometimes,people come up to me and they say I,agree with everything you say,so while that's flattering but I wish,you agreed with 94 of what I'm saying,because it would show me that you're,paying a lot of attention to my opinions,and I don't think it's very healthy for,anyone to agree with a hundred percent,of what somebody else says there's,always room for criticism there's always,room for disagreement,an in-depth thought often means that you,don't agree with everybody on everything,so my question I would love to hear this,answer this is why we need more,ombudsman's out there Washington Post,New York Times ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC,you're saying oh the Twitter files,represents no news we're not going to,cover that you're wrong but I at least,can understand that argument,how do you justify then covering Donald,Trump's opinion of something that you,already said wasn't news,so you're covering Trump's opinion of,something that you didn't deem,newsworthy to cover in the first place,so how is Trump's opinion on an,unnewsworthy event worthy of news,coverage from you,I would love to hear them try to explain,themselves out of that logic pretzel

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Twitter continues to expose the greatest political crimes in modern American history

Twitter continues to expose the greatest political crimes in modern American history

welcome in to out kick the show I'm your,fearless leader clay Travis appreciate,all of you hanging out with us we close,out the week here at out kick continuing,on a roll of wild stories uh we got a,bunch of things to get into I'm going to,talk about what the Twitter Revelations,mean uh Baker Mayfield leads the Rams,over the Raiders Croatia beats Brazil on,PKS and Russia uh is exalting over how,ridiculous the deal was for The Merchant,of death versus Brittany Greiner,exchange all that going on right now I,encourage you as always go listen to,Clay and buck show uh Buck was out today,I had it solo but we'll be on throughout,and up to the holidays before we take a,little bit of a break but let's start,with the Twitter Revelations,it's amazing how quickly,the left-wing narrative shifts from your,right-wing conspiracy theorist to,well we knew this was true all along and,it's actually a good thing,so I have been saying for years,that Twitter was regulating and,restricting what you could and could not,see with a political motivation in mind,that is Twitter was far left dominated,and rigged to favor far left political,agendas and it was clear as day when,Elon Musk spent 44 billion dollars for,Twitter all of a sudden they started,burning a ton of the evidence and people,like me saw our Twitter followings,Skyrocket now,um I don't know let me check right now,I'm you guys know I mentioned when I,went over a million followers but I,think I'm approaching 1.1 million,followers now and I'm just adding,thousands of people every day I'm not,saying anything different than I have,been saying for years it's just that the,artificial rig job that had impacted my,account at Twitter has been removed and,as a result we're starting to have a lot,more or growth in terms of our,interaction so,what Bari Weiss began to reveal,yesterday evening was calculated clear,concrete evidence of political,censorship that was being implemented by,far left-wing employees of Twitter I,believe this is the most seismic,political interference that we have ever,seen in any of our lives in elections,and political discourse I also believe,it was criminal in nature I'll explain,why I believe that but first the,revelations that came out last night,were far more significant to me than the,New York Post stories which came out on,uh last week I believe it was last week,why is it more significant because a lot,of the New York Post stories dealt with,one particular decision and even though,that decision was awful and wrong and,probably rigged the 2020 election,we know it only at that time dealt with,one particular story but what I told you,was this is the tip of the iceberg we're,just getting started what was revealed,last night is a systemic attempt to rig,elections and political conversations,exclusively for a left-wing political,benefit,so what's going on now is as Senator,Josh Hawley from Missouri tweeted we,basically have many different Twitter,Executives dead to rights that they were,lying to Congress about what was going,on in their company and that this was,direct content discrimination based on,political opinion that was occurring now,a lot of you are not active on Twitter,and I understand why you might not care,that much about this story but to me it,is the biggest political crime in maybe,American history and certainly in modern,American political history because,Twitter and I think it's also going on,this is important remember we're just,seeing behind the curtain at Twitter now,because Elon Musk God bless him was,willing to spend 44 billion dollars to,buy Twitter otherwise none of this,information ever comes,so what was going on uh was clear uh,political content discrimination,effectively an in-kind contribution to,Democrats Twitter was essentially a uh a,propaganda arm of the Democratic,National Committee,and what is being revealed here likely,is going on at Facebook it's likely,going on at Google at YouTube and,Instagram at all these big tech,companies remember we're only seeing,behind the curtain right now at Twitter,but the impact at Twitter which is where,by and large America's thought leaders,go to interact and to discuss political,issues of the day look if you're like me,and around 2009 or 10 you think the,country just started to go crazy and,just accelerate on the crazy train from,there,this is evidence of how that all,happened remember and I was just talking,about this on clay and buck Barack,Obama's 2008 presidential campaign was,about how amazing America was that even,a kid like him of mixed race from Hawaii,grew up without a present father that,even a kid like him could rise to the,highest office in the land was,essentially the same campaign that,Ronald Reagan ran in 1980 and the same,campaign that Bill Clinton ran in 1992.,America is awesome it was a super,optimistic campaign,since then everything's going very very,negative in the opposite direction and I,think it's not a coincidence that the,social media companies in 2012 was the,first el

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Musk’s Twitter files make Watergate look like ‘jaywalking’: Clay Travis

Musk’s Twitter files make Watergate look like ‘jaywalking’: Clay Travis

Fox News Alert Elon Musk exposes Twitter,files showing the censorship of Hunter,Biden's laptop and the tech Giant's,political bias one portion of the thread,reading by 2020 requests from connected,actors to delete tweets were routine one,executive would write to another more,review from the Biden team and the reply,would come back handled,our next guest calls this chilling clay,Travis outkick founder joins us now clay,good morning so when you see what was,revealed last night what's your biggest,takeaway,this makes uh Watergate seem like,jaywalking,um and uh and I don't think that's,hyperbole as Elon Musk continues to,release all of this clearly high level,communication between major aspects of,the Democrat Party and big Tech,Executives this is just going to,continue to grow so far what we have,seen will is about uh interactions,between the Biden campaign and top,Executives at Twitter that is before Joe,Biden was actually elected clearly there,was a rig job a collusion enforce in uh,in this aspect associated with the New,York Post story but what I'm actually,more intrigued to see will is what did,the Biden Administration do when they,became President when they were in the,white house because we know jinsaki,bragged from the White House Podium,about how the White House was regularly,demanding that different uh tweets and,that different people be censored on,these platforms that's part one I'm,looking forward to seeing what happened,when they're in the administration the,other thing is will if this is happening,at Twitter do we doubt that it's,happening at Facebook do we doubt that,it's happening at Instagram at YouTube,at Google all of the other big tech,companies which are clearly aligned with,the left wing of the Democrat Party All,we're seeing is one small snap snip of,of the larger context right because Elon,Musk is making all this public it's,certainly not just Twitter that had this,relationship with the Biden campaign and,then moving into the Biden,Administration which calls into question,many different aspects of,unconstitutional collusion once Biden,became president of the United States,and they were making demands to bring,down their political foes I share that,Focus Clay you're absolutely right this,is not simply a Twitter story and it's,not simply a hunter Biden laptop story,once that Administration was in power,not just what other platforms but what,other stories were manipulated you and I,both know the answer to some of that,question covid but how far will,New York Times this morning right before,I was going to come on I went through,their entire app yeah not one single,story about Elon Musk or Twitter,Washington Post democracy dies in,darkness is literally at the top of,their newspaper not one single story,about Elon Musk or Twitter will they've,been covering everything Elon Musk does,with a fine-tooth comb every time he,sends a tweet and then it's been covered,and suddenly all of this they can't even,bother to cover any of it right it's,crazy clay as we always do on Saturdays,together we talk about what's going down,today it's Championship weekend uh,you're focused as always on the SEC,Georgia LSU it would be a really big,upset if we saw Georgia go down,it would be I think LSU is going to keep,this more competitive than they did last,week against Texas A M I think Brian,Kelly's team will play decently but I,think ultimately Georgia is going to one,win one thing in the wake of last,night's Big Win by Utah congratulations,to the Utes on winning the Pac-12 title,to keep an eye on is what exactly is,going to happen in this game uh between,Kansas State and team come on,clarifications they're in they're in,they're in but let me ask you this will,what happens if for instance Purdue were,to beat Michigan what was that due to,Ohio State's claim I think that's kind,of you and I are going to talk about,this contemplate as well you and I are,going to talk about this on Monday's,edition of the will Kane podcast my,thought Georgia Michigan and TCU are in,that story is over and it looks like now,Ohio state is back in over USC that look,even if TCU Georgia and Michigan lose,they should be in,I agree with you on that although I will,say if TCU lost badly like we saw last,night USC lose badly that could change,the calculus of what people their,undefeated lines are as it pertains to,that yeah I agree I agree they should be,in more of this kind of debate over at, and clay and I'll be talking,again like I said on Monday thanks Clay,hey appreciate it will y'all have a good,weekend see ya I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian,Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and,click here to subscribe to the Fox News,YouTube page to catch our hottest,interviews and most compelling analysis

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As Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Hochul Staff Falls For NY Post Hack

As Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Hochul Staff Falls For NY Post Hack

this is also I would say an indictment,of Kathy hokel because Kathy hokel is,dumb and she may have surrounded herself,with staff that is actually dumber than,her so that is an accomplishment also an,indictment of why she should be losing,and look everybody sometimes makes,mistakes but when your brand is I'm dumb,and you then double down on the dumb,with the staff that you hire it's,further evidence of why you need to be,gone,we're nice guys we just call it like it,is right we don't we don't like to be,mean to anybody but if somebody's in a,position of substantial power and they,are unrepentedly and aggressively stupid,we've just got to say it I mean you just,gotta understand the person who is,forcing you to do the following things,is not a bright individual that's a,necessary point of understanding and so,Kathy hokel is really dumb apparently,the governor of New York apparently,so are her staffers now a lot of you I,know aren't on Twitter you need to just,um bear with me for a second while I,pull this up there was earlier today a,tweet from the official new,the official New York Post account,I think there were a couple but there,was one in particular there were four,legitimately fake like you see them like,like we can't even read things,I I can't really I'm not going to read,them on the air because they're they're,highly highly inappropriate but they are,so clearly,the result of a hack as in someone got,access to the New York Post Twitter,account,um I I I'm not even is there one that we,can read really I don't think we can,read any of them right I mean they're,pretty they're all pretty much across,the but the point is it's like so far,beyond what is acceptable that you would,see it and say oh they got hacked right,like if you were reading minor bucks,account uh you would have a sense based,on what we would say uh like here's one,that we can read uh New York Post,tweeted we must assassinate AOC for,America okay I didn't even see that one,right yes so that's no one thinks that,the New York Post staff or an employee,is actually sharing that right everyone,everyone more too I've got another one,that we can go ahead this was all,happening around the same time Governor,Abbott I will order border patrol to,start slaughtering illegals all right,like these are there we go like so,outside the bounds assassinate AOC,Slaughter illegal people like there are,multiple targets but there's a series of,absurdities that clearly are not being,sent by the New York Post if if you were,to see from my Twitter account it is,time for us to Nuke Moscow because of,Putin's insufficient deference to the,Prince Harry Memoir that's coming out,called spare,that's clearly not for me like that's,someone who is trolling me pretending to,be me I bring this up because hokel's,press secretary,two hours ago,wrote this okay this is the press,secretary for the current governor of,New York the New York Post has long,fostered an ugly toxic conversation on,their front pages but these posts are,more disgusting and vile than usual the,New York Post needs to immediately,explain how this reprehensible content,is it still up no of course they've,deleted them of course but everyone else,sees this and goes oh God the New York,Post got hacked and hogle's press,secretary jumps in with this is even,worse than the usual New York Post there,so yeah that's right at clay,so first of all I need everyone to,understand just because people are,powerful or rich or famous and this,audience knows this it does not mean in,the least that they are smart or they,have wisdom or they are virtuous none of,those things apply they're a very rich,very powerful people who are incredibly,stupid and they're overwhelmingly,Democrats okay now that all said,um the Twitter buyout possibly I'm sorry,the Twitter purchase,so I would say an indictment of Kathy,hokel because Kathy hokel is dumb and,she may have surrounded herself with,staff that is actually dumber than her,so that is an accomplishment also an,indictment of why she should be losing,and look everybody sometimes makes,mistakes but when your brand is I'm dumb,and you then double down on the dumb,with the staff that you hire it's,further evidence of why you need to be,gone now Twitter yes oh just this is,also from the press secretary for hokel,while the post has made its preferences,clear in the New York governor's race,there is no room for this violent sexist,rhetoric in our politics we demand,answers I'm sure they do demand answers,from the person who hacked the post,Twitter account which everybody else,figured out right away how about the,fact that Kathy hogle's press secretary,is angrier about fake hacked Twitter,from New York Post then actual crimes,being committed by people in York like,that indignation is stronger than any of,the indignation when people get pushed,in front of subways,just released this uh that there have,been 25 people,shoved in front of oncoming subway cars,this year in New York City 25 people,have been sho

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LeBron James TOO DUMB For Words Post Twitter Scandal

LeBron James TOO DUMB For Words Post Twitter Scandal

we begin where we finished the show,yesterday with the stupidity,and the ignorance of lebron james the,most protected man,in the history of american sports media,what did i tell you during yesterday's,show,i said hey pay attention to what goes on,all day long lebron james on wednesday,afternoon,posted a picture of a columbus ohio,police officer,who had shown up at a,near murder and saved the life,of a teenager who was just about to be,stabbed potentially,to death saved that girl's life,and lebron james didn't criticize,the girl who had a knife in her hand,and was potentially going to stab to,death an,unarmed innocent teenager instead he,criticized the police officer who,arrived in that situation,assessed the danger and i believe,saved the life of an innocent,girl and if you wonder,do stabbings end in death in that same,state of ohio,on almost the exact same day,another teenage girl was stabbed to,death,in cincinnati ohio in columbus ohio,fortunately this police officer officer,was there,to save that girl's life lebron,sent out a series of insanely stupid,tweets,that continue to inflame the situation,in our country and continue to,argue the exact opposite of the truth,which is,that police are the problem not violent,people,making insanely idiotic decisions,and all of this continues to call into,question,the absurdity of the way my industry,protects and coddles idiots like lebron,james,here is what lebron tweeted after he,deleted,the picture of a police officer that he,sent out,to his 50 million twitter followers,demanding action,you can't even read or make sense hardly,of what this dude is saying i'm reading,directly from lebron,anger does any of us any good and that,includes myself,exclamation point the brilliant lebron,james,savant according to the sports media his,opening sentence tweet,all caps anger does any of us,any good and that includes myself it's a,total,exclamation point a totally nonsensical,sentence,gathering all the facts and educating,does,though exclamation point my anger still,is here,for what happened to that little girl,that little girl lebron who had a knife,in her hand and was trying to stab,someone to death,my sympathy for her family and may,justice prevail you are so dumb lebron,james,that it actually makes my head hurt you,were angry at the police officer,who kept a girl from getting killed and,you,are concerned about the little girl with,the knife,in her hand who was trying to stab,somebody to death,you sir are literally almost too dumb,for words,lebron also said i'm so damn tired of,seeing black people,killed by police i took the tweet down,because it's being used to create more,hate,this isn't about one officer it's about,the entire system,and they always use our words to create,more racism,i am so desperate for more all caps,accountability lebron,why aren't you so damn tired of seeing,black people killed by other black,people,you're blaming the police officer here,who actually kept,a black person from being killed by,another black person,do you know that 93 percent of all,black murders are committed by black,people in this country,and that if you eliminated every police,shooting,that has occurred in the past year of a,black person which by the way,25 of all police shootings are black,victims,75 percent are white asian or hispanic,you never hear about any of those by the,way,white asian and hispanic people are 75,percent of people that are shot by,police in this country,do you know that if we eliminated every,police shooting even though the vast,majority of them are justified like the,one,that that hero cop in columbus ohio did,to save the life of a girl that would,have otherwise been stabbed to death,potentially,you know that if we eliminated every,police shooting,over 99 percent of all black,deaths occurring violently,via murder would still be occurring,when you focus on police,shootings and try to make police,responsible for black,violence what you are doing is ignoring,99 of all black violence which is almost,all committed by black people against,other black people and you are not,addressing the underlying issue,that would actually make all americans,safer,in fact what lebron james and many other,idiot athletes like lebron james,are doing is basically looking at a,thousand pound,person and saying man your big toe is,too fat,why is your big toe so fat because the,whole body is fat,you don't solve major issues,in the country by focusing on tiny parts,of it,and ignoring the rest and everybody in,my industry,i'm calling them all out in sports media,nobody,else even talked about how dumb lebron,james's tweets were,and even discussed it in any significant,way,in sports media but me and butt out kick,this is what happens people in sports,media are,so afraid of angering powerful people,like lebron james and all of his,protectors in the media,that they won't actually speak out and,share,the truth which is lebron james and,everybody,else following his lead is making,america,less safe fo

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Clay Travis Gets DESTROYED On Twitter

Clay Travis Gets DESTROYED On Twitter

I'm sure everyone at this point knows,who clay Travis is sometimes he makes,solid arguments sometimes they are way,off but hey that's just sports media so,the Tennessee Titans tweeted a NFL,history this is now the longest games,into the 1970 NFL AFL merger previous,record five hours 16 minutes Bears,Ravens oh like we have to watch the,Bears for five hours,so Clay Travis then tweeted good to see,the Titans setting an NFL record which,the Tennessee Titans then retweet a,quote tweeted and said glad you are at,the GM bro cuz why did he tweet I'm,named Titans GM this is 2013 my first,order of business hire Kevin someone and,draft Johnny Manziel can we give a round,of applause for the Tennessee Titans my,goodness you may not win on the field,but off of it you guys are killing it so,in case you need any you need your,memory jog done to Clay Travis's take a,look at them we'll discuss I'm a First,Amendment absolutist I believe in only,two things completely the First,Amendment and boobs and so once they,made the decision that's like the,reaction of everyone else on the panel I,was just watching clay can we see it one,more time,go I'm a First Amendment absolutist I,believe in only two things completely,the First Amendment and boobs and so,once they made the decision little F had,no reaction at all mentally he was like,I hear you brother,he was the others perplexed for the,beginning Brooke Baldwin was pants what,he was going for pissed so at the level,of petty and in up and bringing up old,tweets is a hundred here I like it you,like it I mean come on you're gonna,bring something from 2013 yeah that's,awesome,let's not mean like and the level is,that the the force is strong with this,bringing up old absolutely are you gonna,remember from what one guy said when he,had no reference to him saying he want,to be the GM one day and bring in,someone and Manziel but he just said,it's nice you're setting records and,they went straight to him the Manziel,thing is so far off but if some one,thing was spot on at the time like let's,let's give credit where credit is due,here I'm,that like everyone's gonna be mad at me,for taking his side at least on half of,the tweet like when that was going on,and Texas A&M was at the pinnacle and,someone was dret was a coaching Johnny,Manziel and previously at Houston he has,the record setter in college football by,a quarterback do you know his name he is,in the National Football League saying,someone say say it,it's case effing keenum he made Case,Keenum an NFL player and gave him his,chance,so look Kevin someone was being talking,about like out maybe Jason Garrett,should be out here by the way should,still happen a Kevin Sumlin was on the,radar of every single team's coaching,vacancy or they would make a coaching,vet so like that was the hot day seems,like more the problem is the Manziel,part completely that steps were they,with it he's turning the knife totally,more clay Travis he was asked uh you,just wanted a humble brag about your,Beach home we aren't impressed where he,went on to say no I don't humble brag i,brag my new beach house is spectacular,there is a 100% chance that DeMarcus,Cousins is arrested for something in the,next five years 100 percent write it in,stone that's pretty terrible and then,that's it okay so uh oh no there's one,more he was so far off on the Nike stuff,he we've come to say hey Nike,sacrificing everything to believe in,something is dying while serving your,country to defend all our freedoms it,isn't getting paid millions to star in,your advertising campaign pathetic again,we we know where he stands on a lot of,this if you've ever watched well we know,we know will we know that I don't know,if you know the objective but we'd,definitely like to get some attention so,I'm an amen we're giving it to him well,trolling status and now I appreciate I,always do I mean even when we talk about,guys who always have their their Twitter,issues and their emotions I like this,stuff this is what we got to see I like,to see organizations especially,something you know official calls yeah,coming up to someone that's fun,completely I don't remember what tweet,it was but I believe it was Washington,who was like excited for our matchup on,Sunday and someone else went on to say,this is the difference between good,social media people and,horrible social media people like the,Titans and with the Atlanta Hawks the,Hawks are great on social media and then,you have something like Dan Snyder's,corrupted idiotic team that I will never,say ever again simply as Washington but,don't forget you could still support,your Washington football team by going,to Landover Maryland going to FedEx,Field and putting on what is that big,note yeah the pig nose you could do it,every single Sunday and we still won't,talk about there's a running back that's,gonna make you want to do that this year,too and we're gonna talk about him in,just a bit we'll see you soon,if you made it to the end of this video,mazelTov if yo

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Georgia smokes TCU, what does CFB look like in 2023? Biden had his own classified docs

Georgia smokes TCU, what does CFB look like in 2023? Biden had his own classified docs

welcome in I'll kick the show I'm your,fearless leader clay Travis we have got,a lot to dive into today I hope all of,you are having fantastic Tuesdays,wherever you may be across this great,nation or this great land uh I'm gonna,start right off the top not gonna,surprise anybody congratulations to the,Georgia Bulldogs,65-7 winners over TCU they obliterated,TCU it was not remotely close Georgia,now has won back-to-back national,championships Kirby Smart who is only 47,years old becomes the first Alum of a,school since Bear Bryant to win multiple,championships at that school uh,Georgia just played flat out incredible,Stetson Bennett has a legacy for the,ages finishes 29 and three back-to-back,championships a guy who came out of,nowhere to lead his home state school to,consecutive championships and in the,process became a Georgia Legend I,believe Kirby Smart called him the,greatest Bulldog of them all which is,quite the endorsement for a guy that had,to walk his way onto that program so,congratulations to Georgia what is the,Legacy here what did we learn,um I think there's a couple of things,one the real national championship game,as I told you that I thought it would be,was Georgia against Ohio State this is,one where the oddsmakers would have let,you know that of the four finalists,Georgia Ohio State Michigan and TCU that,Georgia was the best TCU was the weakest,TCU beat Michigan Credit to TCU for,getting that win over Michigan although,I think you can sit around and think,would you rather have lost the,semi-final in a close game than lose by,a historic magnitude and margin in the,championship game I don't think that's a,crazy question given how bad TCU got,beaten,um but this is why I said that I would,have ceded Georgia as the one TCU as the,four uh Michigan has the two Ohio state,is the three I think the committee,didn't because they wanted to avoid a,rematch but that I believe would have,guaranteed you SEC versus Big Ten which,I suspect would have done far better in,uh the final rankings,couple of things additionally about this,game,the SEC is now 14 and 3 in college,football playoff games against non-sec,teams since the playoff began 14-3 10-1,in first round games what does this tell,us going forward I tweeted it out you,can save this clip people love to save,clips for years and bring them back out,of context I appreciate it all publicity,is good publicity I think at some point,in the five years that we expand to 12.,I think that we are going to see,four SEC teams as the final four in the,playoff,some people are saying well a 12 team,playoffs so write that down save it grab,the video six years from now you can,share it if I'm wrong I think we're,gonna see four SEC teams as the final,four at some point in time now how does,that happen in a 12 team playoff that's,a good question in and of itself how,does it happen that we end up with four,SEC teams remember not next year because,we're sticking with four next year but,after next year we're going to have a,12-team playoff but it's a bit of an,aberrant 12 team playoff your top four,teams will be Conference champions not,the four best teams the four best,Conference champions that means only one,SEC team will get a buy,this year for instance your one seed,would have been Georgia your two seed,would have been Michigan not a lot of,change there but your three seed would,have been uh and and I think this,surprises people a lot Clemson and your,four seed would have ended up being,Kansas State so to me that's a bit of a,surprise uh and based on what happened,to Kansas State dominated by Alabama,based on what happened to Clemson,dominated by Tennessee did those teams,really ever deserve the buy I don't,think so that's why I would argue we,shouldn't be rewarding just Conference,champions sometimes that will happen but,we should instead take the four highest,ranked teams and give them a buy as,opposed to giving teams that happen to,win a conference like Kansas State uh or,like Clemson which are otherwise nowhere,near the top four okay as a result of,these games I gave you my top ten people,are in an uproar uh last night over my,final top ten but let me go ahead and,tell you what my final top 10 looked,like and explain why this was and also,by the way I've got to raise my chair I,think somebody lowered my chair uh,during the during the Christmas break,because my head is way too low in this,in this video and I'm gonna hold on a,sec oh my I feel immensely better,already I think I'm gonna raise it a,little bit more I think that's as high,as the chair goes but that does make me,feel a little bit more normal I was like,on only a third of the video screen I,don't know how that happened,um my top ten George's clearly number,one number two actually becomes,difficult to figure out if you actually,do your job,in a normal week of the college football,rankings if a team lost by 58,they would drop like 10 spots right if,TCU and Georgia had played in November,in an out of conference

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Clay Calls for Prime-Time Hearings on Twitter Crimes

Clay Calls for Prime-Time Hearings on Twitter Crimes

we are going to take over the house in,January,they're one billion percent some of you,maybe have seen me uh alongside of,Stephen Miller last night on Sean,Hannity's show saying this,they're 100 billion percent has to be,Prime Time hearings about these Twitter,crimes,January 6th,four Democrats is the equivalent of nine,eleven that's why they've made Jan six,the thing right,because they want to try to Brand it as,a fundamental threat to democracy that,is indicative of why Republicans cannot,win elections and sadly that actually,worked in the five biggest Battleground,States in 2022 they had success with,independent voters who decided the last,minute which way are they going to go,those people broke for Democrats by,about two points and one of the reasons,that they did was because they bought,into this Jan sixth lie why did the Jan,6 lie work well Democrats were committed,to it they were willing to have Prime,Time hearings which forced many people,to talk about January 6th reason why I,bring that up,we are going to take over the house in,January,their 1 billion percent some of you,maybe have seen me uh alongside of,Stephen Miller last night on Sean,Hannity's show saying this,they're 100 billion percent has to be,Prime Time hearings about these Twitter,crimes and I say crimes because this was,criminal in my opinion there are loads,of Lies out there from prominent Twitter,Executives in public statements before,Congress in public filings in front of,our government that are under proof of,perjury that we need to expose,I am telling you that the house needs to,have Prime Time hearings into big Tech,collusion and the rig job that has been,going on not only in 2020 for the,election but for years on either side of,2020. we need to make those Prime Time,hearings because you just heard me play,the clip from Harris Faulkner saying CBS,NBC ABC they won't cover it there are,tons of people out there that have no,idea this is going on,you know the big difference I would say,between left Wingers and right Wingers,is Right Wingers know everything that,left Wingers say because we're,marinating in it you can't escape it,a lot of what we say they have no idea,exist because their propaganda machine,is stronger and more efficient,at colluding and keeping stories like,these out of the public eye,so we need to have Prime Time hearings,now for the next two years we know the,Merrick Garland Department of Justice is,not going to do anything of a criminal,nature here they're too busy arresting,people protesting outside of abortion,clinics and uh threatening and,investigating parents who spoke at their,school board meetings to actually bring,any criminal charges about the biggest,threat to our free and fair elections,and our free and fair Marketplace of,ideas that has existed in any of our,lives this Twitter rig job but here's,what the prime time hearings will do,first of all they will on some level,require the media to cover this is why,for instance Joe Biden not going to the,border is such a big deal because Joe,Biden knows if he goes to the Border all,of the complicit Stooges in the White,House Press Corps who cover for his,incompetence would be forced to write,about the Border because he's going,there,House Republicans Prime Time hearings,even the complicit,uh propaganda media would be forced to,cover this,importantly they would also develop a,record in evidentiary nature of crimes,that are being committed by Twitter,executives,when 2024 comes here,one of the platforms that whomever the,nominee is in 2024 needs to run on is I,will prosecute big Tech crimes involved,in covering up all of this activity,that has led to a fundamental altering,not only in the 2020 election because I,do believe that the way that they,covered the hunter Biden laptop if that,had been covered honestly frankly if it,had been covered anything like it would,have been if Donald Trump Jr was,involved instead of Hunter Biden then,Donald Trump would have won the election,and we don't even need to get into,anything else we don't have to worry,about mail-in ballots or harvesting,absentee ballots none of that matters,I think Donald Trump would have won just,just if that story had been covered as,it should have been as he said 60,minutes should have covered it so the,important part about why we need Prime,Time hearings is because there will be,evidence that is gathered that is clear,and transparent and everybody can see it,of criminal behavior and then in 2024,if Republicans win the White House and,we get a new attorney general those,prosecutions can occur people say okay,why do we need prosecutions what's the,significance of criminal charges being,brought well,gotta scare people,and let them know that the law applies,inside of these big tech companies,because remember all the Optics we're,getting is Twitter,Facebook,no consequences Instagram no,consequences Google no consequences,YouTube no consequences,you've got to make these people,far left wing rig job Enthusiast i

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