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Viral Room Rater Twitter Account Creator: ‘Depth’ Is Key to Virtual Background Successit's been a we

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Viral Room Rater Twitter Account Creator: ‘Depth’ Is Key to Virtual Background Success

it's been a welcome distraction from the,onslaught of coronavirus headlines,the twitter account that's been rating,just about everyone who's anyone on tv,news,not for the content of their coverage,but for the room they deliver the,content from,the account is called room raider and,there have been some perfect scores,like senator elizabeth warren whose dog,bailey jumped her up to a 10 out of 10,and world central kitchens jose andres,quote,well lit feeds thousands there have been,some pretty low scores too,like congresswoman alexandria,ocasio-cortez who got a one out of ten,for what the room raider called a,hostage video or like lady gaga who got,two points for a lamp and quote,that's it but room raider is also open,to,improvements like from former,congressman beto o'rourke,who started with zero points for this,cave-like shot,in which room writer asked him to,organize rescue mission,blink twice if you can hear me but i,ended up with a 9 out of 10 when he,moved out of the basement,because who doesn't love a redemption,story the site is the brainchild of,claude taylor and jesse beret,and claude joined me yesterday to talk,about it claude it's great to meet you,thanks for being here thank you so how,many people have said to you what i've,been thinking,why didn't i think of this first about,4020.,give or take a few give or take we just,started tweeting what everybody else was,already doing,i was on the phone uh with my girlfriend,uh who's actually in vancouver and,we were making comments about people's,background and we just said let's make,an account let's call it room raider and,here we are okay so i did a little,checking out on you used to work for,bill clinton and sort of uh and days,gone by,and you're not a huge trump fan so,before i even delved into this i'm,saying,there's going to be a bias and the first,thing i came upon was ann coulter,for whom you gave a zero pretty much,what you'd expect,puke in a big tv she gets a zero but,then i saw,a local guy a democrat who didn't do too,well too seth moulton lose the flags,this is not the roosevelt room,keep the sailboat and let's see the,mantle at art maybe,paint are you conscious of being,scrupulously fair because you're getting,those kind of reviews well we,we rule with an iron whim,so we do you know the world,everyone has their bias there's no such,thing as subjectivity,everything is through the eye of the,beholder well,i think you're fair i have to say even,fairer sometimes than i'd like now,if you're giving advice and you sort of,do even if it's inadvertently,what are the critical elements of like,high scores there claude,well the best rooms tend to have,something which mine,mine doesn't this is like a six maybe a,seven okay,um good rooms the better rooms have,depth,you start it at the uh presenter,um and you move backwards so you can see,the uh the,art on the walls and maybe a bookcase at,the end or not a bookcase but you can,see an interesting lamp,art color plants but death,well you know it seems to me you're,giving short shrift to the bookcase,thing,here are a few of them from fareed,zakaria to british journalist john,sweeney to richard haas from the council,on foreign relations,almost everybody has a bookcase and you,know you often feel i don't know if you,do,like they bought the books so that they,could,impress you do you not get that feeling,from time to time,you know uh certainly it's frequently uh,an issue um one has to be very careful,to avoid staging,okay so in this category,if we see a bookcase with color-coded,books,like you've got the red blue the blues,the reds the greens,whatever that's an automatic three-point,deduction,and and maybe that person has read the,books,maybe but that is not a working person's,library,look at um if you don't mind my saying,a correspondent from another network,sure john dickerson,yeah you know impressive library that he,has categories by,categorized by subject matter you know,that is a,real library it's his library,there's no staging another issue besides,the color coding of books,is watch out for too many horizontal,books,oh yeah it's not how books are are used,well i can one-up you there i'm watching,cnn yesterday and this,guy abdul el-sayed who was involved in,health stuff but he also ran in the,democratic primary for governor of,michigan,not only were his books horizontal but,the horizontal pile,were his own books called i wrote it,down,healing politics that's like a big,deduction right,okay it is specifically you're allowed,to have,one copy of your promo book on display,it's expected,you're an author you published a book,you got it published,you get to show one book you show two,books it's an automatic three-point,deduction,does anybody plead for a higher score or,no daily really,we've gotten cash offers,from anybody in high places or no,yes okay you're not going to tell me who,obviously are you,i didn't think so so claude we got to,end with the obvious i thought you were,a little generous to yourself before,w

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Top 10 Most Awkward Moments from 90 Day Fiancé

Top 10 Most Awkward Moments from 90 Day Fiancé

you don't touch the window because you,have to clean the bed,the couples in this series have three,months to tie the knot or face one of,them leaving the country,welcome to MS mojo and today we'll be,counting down our picks for the top 10,most awkward moments from 90-day fiance,like I'm a student but my parents are,worried about inheritance because my,family without question has more money,than his before we begin we publish new,videos every day,so be sure to subscribe for more great,content for this list we'll be looking,at the moments on the American,documentary series and its spin-offs,that were painfully awkward to watch,with the more socially faux-pas weird,and uncomfortable the better you know,just trying to be like walking people,just for one month I'm not I know what,charted because me to be number 10,meeting the in-laws meeting the in-laws,for the first time is always an awkward,experience but this moment would take,one of the top prizes kicking off the,dinner with a casual joke about how,they'd warn their son not to run off,fall in love with some girl and bring,her home whoops,Russ's parents immediately set the scene,for some uncomfortable tension the joke,was when he first left was you know,don't go down there and fall in love and,you know bring a girl back home,and sure enough he does powerless,discomfort with the whole situation from,her tight smile and unwillingness to,really make a conversation to Russ,watching her like a hawk at her side,it's very clear this is one family,dinner they probably wouldn't want to,repeat they are really nice I just want,to say they are really nice but I won my,yana space number nine nar kia gets,catfished i don't want to date a guy in,this area cuz the guys in this area home,in the world of cyber love affairs it,pays to be cautious of anyone who seems,too good to be true,especially if they pulled the,tried-and-true Nigerian prince tag line,he also told me he was living in Alabama,he had a sign,and that his son's mother had passed,away after this couple met in an online,group for plus-sized woman NAR Kia finds,another social media profile of her,fiance's that he hadn't told her about,and it gets her spidey senses tingling,she then finds photos of a Lulu O son,with another woman that he had told her,had passed away at the end of the day,NAR Kea is left with no choice but to,come to the conclusion that she's been,catfished oops and I'm just over here,stressing not knowing what's going on,number 8 Chantel versus the future,mother-in-law he shares a little too,much with his family and he should keep,our private business private,here's another run-in with the in-laws,the news that chantels parents wanted,her to sign a prenup with Pedro was,awkward enough but his mother's reaction,to the news with even more cringe-worthy,speaking lightning-fast Spanish and,going off about the stupid Americans,with Chantel right there listening,Pedro's mother makes her feelings about,the situation with chantels parents,well-known with little regard for her,future daughter-in-laws feelings,watching Chantel sit quietly and listen,when it was obvious she was upset was,difficult especially as she never,actually comes back with a reply until,the FaceTime call is over I don't need,that in my life and if I'm gonna be,calling her my mother-in-law she's gonna,have to calm down number 7 do you really,love him seriously you're gonna tell me,that this isn't a big problem um red,flag anybody when questioned about her,feelings for her fiance Matt Ola is,brutally honest in saying she's not,really sure if she loves him yet but is,still completely okay with marrying him,and you don't love him,I don't know,but you're getting married anyway,obviously blown away and one of the more,rational people in the room Matt's,friend tries to coax some reasoning out,of the Ukrainian bride-to-be to no avail,with Matt himself and another female,friend sitting in silence this awkward,interrogation made for a pretty,significant hiccup in the future of Matt,and all's relationship I've got to know,that you're here for him in order for me,to what else can she possibly say she,said this five times already but you're,you're getting hoodwinked it's number,six Nicki's Airport arrival this is the,happiest day of my life I mean I'm proud,but it's the happiest day of my life,with an age difference that was already,making audiences cringe 19 verses 58 the,way Mark behaved once he picked Nicki up,from the airport was weird from the,start when she placed her hand on the,window of his car,and apparently left fingerprints Mike,wasted no time in telling her it wasn't,allowed that's all about know that was,one of the rules when my children were,really never touch never touched the,window because it's something don't,touch the window,to make matters even creepier he tells,her that it was one of the rules when,his children were young that they,couldn't touch the windows reprimanding,her from messing with his happiness the,last time we check

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Room Raters grades the homes of celebrities and news commentators

Room Raters grades the homes of celebrities and news commentators

surely notice since the pandemic began a,lot of people on TV have come to you not,from sleek studios but in from inside,their own homes and has turned us all,into amateur set designers and turns out,these efforts are being observed and,even judged,Errol Barnett has that story that's an,automatic three-point deduction called,tailor is not a sports commentator well,it's complicated he's more of an,interior design judge for correspondents,like myself broadcasting from home or as,his Twitter account puts it a room right,up camera angles what a lot of us were,having conversations about it we just,started tweeting about it born out of,his isolation boredom the room rate of,Twitter account is only around one month,old with more than 140,000 followers,sparking attention from those who have,been judged let's start with the rating,you gave me seven out of ten because,what I would like to see a little bit,more personality in the right side of,the screen you've got a decent room,there and I think you could easily get,to an eight I'm sorry mr. O'Keefe,there's just not enough there it's stark,it almost feels like a hostage video,that someone's added a bookcase to I was,being generous Taylor's girlfriend,Jessie helps rate rooms and his daughter,Haley sometimes offers commentary he,says they try to be fair but honest with,their ratings I'm John Dickerson you,said had a perfect wall approach so I,don't refer to this as a bookcase,this is a book wall that covers the,entire wall it's an effective treatment,of it what's a particular interest,figure that he's labeled his libraries,by subject area these are not props,even though all the judges are news,obsessed no home interview background is,safe from being skewered the account has,given schools to a plethora of people,including Gwyneth Paltrow Arnold,Schwarzenegger and beta will Rourke,he's been banished to the basement,apparently it was kind of alarming that,was a frightful room now this former,White House staffer is still involved in,politics chairing a left-leaning PAC,shown front and center on his page but,the money he's raising these days he,says is apolitical we've switched over,to raising money and providing PPE to,hospitals in about I think we're up to,14 States or 15 states we're sending out,boxes of surgical gloves masks of,plastic face shields everyone's under a,lot of pressure a lot of stress it's a,very difficult time for everyone which,is why he hopes he's at least making,people chuckle it's really just intended,to be at breath of fresh air just some,light-hearted content for this moment,that we find ourselves in what kind of,rating would you give yourself not very,good I mean this is like a six tops I'm,willing to be so critical this is sort,of a do as I say not as I do moment I,can see that now if you are interested,in up in your background game Clawd,suggests adding some color something,personal or something from your travels,like I've tried to do with this box from,Hong Kong over here I don't keep added,artwork I was able to get his score up,to a seven out of ten I'm happy to,report and Claude is happy to share that,he's been able to raise enough funds to,send five pallets of PPE to various,hospitals and Native American groups,around the country so the snark isn't,all for nothing the CBS is morning,Saturday,Errol Barnett New York I love that,that's so awesome,Dana I got an eight out of ten kudos to,will and Joe my set producers here and,Katherine Grasso but she took this,picture out of my shot it's the family,portrait my daughter what's up with that,find room for it somewhere

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foreign,mode and today on Hot Wheel we are,coming to you with our 2022 best dressed,celebs of the Year yes we're doing a,little rundown listen this is going to,be the best dressed people you know the,most memorable the most wonderful the,most exciting and then we're also be,doing a separate worst dressed the most,disgusting the most appalling the most,gut-wrenching that we're seared into our,minds in the year of 2022 there are some,that were very seared some that were,less seared there's a lot to discuss and,also there is going to be a channel,members version of this video so if,you're a channel member you know it's,going to be nice and long if you're not,a channel member listen still great,video but one dollar a month gets you,nice extra couple of minutes of me,talking which I mean like is it really,worth a dollar,that's a new choice but without further,Ado let's get right into this video,first up Anne Hathaway yes she's wearing,Christopher John Rogers she had a,fashion moment she had a fashion,comeback I think she was doing,Armageddon is the movie and so she said,listen we're styling we're wiling now,this is a Christopher John Rogers polka,dot multi-set suit so there is a corset,that we can see it has green and orange,and purple all throughout it and then,there's a matching Palazzo pant which,was very fantastic very exciting very,and then there is a matching sort of,Blazer on top in this moment I think for,me Christopher John Rogers as a brand,sort of changed I would say a lot of the,time when I think of cjr it was a brand,that for the most part I thought okay it,is very heavy on color I think a lot of,the time it's a little too overpowering,for certain people in this moment Anne,Hathaway sort of proved that it doesn't,matter who you are where you come from,what you look like if you exude a,certain energy you can handle the ,out of any Christopher John Rogers look,I think this is a great example of not,letting the Garment wear you because,this is a garment that in reality I,think just about anybody it has the,chance to wear you I think here and,really delivers the idea that the off,the shoulder element the nice hand in,the pocket a nice little corset that,exposes a little bit of skindelage yeah,I can wear like a casual crazy look like,this it's big it's bold it's Brash but,like it's very chic I think also at the,same time it captures a real Christopher,John Rogers Essence the idea of color,the idea of a lot of color the idea of,mixing and matching colors elements of,geometric motifs whether that's squares,whether that's Polka Dots here it's a,brilliant look and I think it took a,certain kind of person that understood,how to wear it to really showcase it and,I think and here really delivered it,also was like one of the most liked,Instagram pictures on the hotline on,Instagram so I mean like Twas a moment,and I would say and we had Ashton,Sanders who wore a look by Casablanca to,the Met Gala now this is a take on the,Buffalo Soldiers now listen initially,when we talked about it I think I said,that I liked it that I I did think it,was good I thought it was nice it's just,I didn't think that it was on theme and,that's why I couldn't Push It Forward,upon sort of learning that it's based on,the Buffalo Soldiers which was an,African-American troop of soldiers that,was starred in 1866 I believe or at,least maybe a little bit earlier during,the Civil War it fits in maybe a little,bit earlier than the Gilded Age but I,like that Ashton at least went back into,American history to sort of look at and,learn and sort of take from an actual,American time period and clothing,uniform inspiration and go for it so I,appreciate that at the time I didn't,know about it and you know listen the,comments on the YouTube video of the Met,Gala it let me know I do love the look I,do think that it's really really grown,on me throughout the year and it was,just kind of like a hot girl moment,recognize and I love it and it truly was,like one of the moments of the Met Gala,where it was like oh somebody actually,cared about the theme and looking back,now I'm like I was a little bit quick to,judge listen it's a 24-hour turnaround,time on the mecca okay so like I,apologize to Ashton Sanders I'm very,sorry I still am sorry to the guy from,Casablanca also apologies annoyingly I,did meet him in Paris and he didn't hit,me in the face so like I think we're,good next week IO edibiri and she is,wearing Tom Brown listen this was like a,very low-key look it was from the cfta,awards I just loved it because in,reality it's a from the spring 2023,ready to prayer Collections and the fact,that IO edibiri went for it and she has,these little cutouts on the side it's,this beautiful Tom brown suit she's,doing polka dots she's doing the brogue,platform heels she's she's wearing skirt,and cropped Blazer and she has a,matching Hector bag it's just like I,think that she really came into her own,this year I mean not only because,because of the bear but I think al

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How to score a 10 on the Room Rater

How to score a 10 on the Room Rater

uh this is a really nice room there's a,great splashes of color,i do love the orchid we got interesting,objects it's,it's well balanced what can you tell me,about the horned,the horned animal um oh my god you don't,know what that is,is that a jackalope so i'm going to go,with a 9 out of 10 here,let me just spread a good pen,hey it's punchlines and i hope you like,my setup,because today we're talking to the room,raider guy,claude taylor and the crazy phenomenon,that he started at the beginning of,lockdown,it has kept a lot of people amused and,interested in other people's interior,spaces,at rate my skype room is a twitter,account that,uh my fiance jesse bahre we started in,mid,april we take a light-hearted look,at people's zoom backgrounds,and we rate them on a 0 through 10 scale,i think that you've tapped into a very,powerful force,the inside the beltway vanity of inside,the beltway,journalists and you've unleashed this,thing where people are extremely,conscious and curating all of this stuff,and putting themselves on display in a,way that i think,journalists uh really like to do in the,beginning we had just,really really rough what i call the,hostage video was was,predominant you know people just like,well here's a blank wall i'll just,put the camera like down here someplace,and,everybody will wake up to you know my,nostrils and this blank wall,and now we've got they put some thought,into what,what it's going to look like visually,you know they've got the ring lights and,everything and i was going to point out,it does it creeps right up to the line,of reminding me of sort of,high school and like the mean girls who,would stand at the high school door and,judge the other girls,clothes we're petty as hell i mean,that's what,we're we're here for we are all about,petty you're all about that,it's about oh my god yes this does bring,up a thing about having journalists sort,of,gussie up themselves and try to look,like they make a million dollars a year,or something we appreciate it when,people just,just try a little bit somebody who's you,know like a working journalist in their,30s,you know 40s whatever what they need to,do is just,think about it a little bit try a little,bit it's really not meant to be taken,quite that seriously do you judge,celebrity,rooms differently than journalists i,mean if someone's got the kind of,resources that celebrities do,they have to really bring it you can,have a perfectly good room,and not you don't need to earn a million,dollars a year,it's good to know that you're um you're,doing it with a sense of humor which i,get,but i i think that some people maybe,don't didn't jeb bush get mad at you for,for being a bit partisan and not in,republican rooms,devin nunes is going to be a zero i,don't care what his background,looks like,i mean there's a few republicans we've,seen that have actually very nice rooms,sometimes we simply just don't do the,room we have a new administration and,there's a lot of talk about,bipartisanship,and and need for unity i mean you know,would it hurt you to like give mitch,mcconnell,a five or even jeb bush like uh you know,well jeb bush has done pretty well the,room was a,solid eight he did other things other,rooms where he,put the camera um just way too low you,know we don't like the,full nostril look pick up the goddamn,camera you've made journalists,throughout the,inside the beltway world in the village,very happy because now they know,at least two or three of the secrets to,get close to a 10.,you know you could turn around you could,flip the books to vertical,and you could have a 10 in the next 30,seconds if it said,if it's like an iphone if you uh swipe,down from the upper,uh okay right corner you get like a,little control,oh yeah okay there's the panel then i,would maybe try,like the other side of the other corner,of your screen,okay,i'm not getting i'm not getting it,sorry i wonder if you leave the zoom,conference and try and pull it down and,see if it's your right hand,yeah not just come back in and we can,okay,i'll try this and i'll come back in five,minutes all right all right,great thanks claude okay,yay i mean it's just sometimes when,isn't working it just drips

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How Room Rater amassed 400,000 Twitter followers by poking fun at Zoom backgrounds

How Room Rater amassed 400,000 Twitter followers by poking fun at Zoom backgrounds

well then we might as well jump in i,mean i mean uh you know first off,i'd love to hear just what what made you,start this account and,what inspired you in the first place,well it was you have to go back to the,first weeks of the,pandemic um in march april of 2020,um i was i am on the phone,a lot with my um girlfriend now fiance,who's in vancouver canada so we're,separated by,a border and a pandemic we had just been,together,in early march and things were shutting,down and we both,had to get back home and and and we got,back home they closed the border and,it took us a while to even uh figure out,what was going on,but um we're on the phone a lot we're,both news junkies,we're watching way too much cable,television,um and we're just sort of,making comments to each other about,people's decor about their backgrounds,and,you know what do you think of that one,do you like how do you like that one did,you did you see michael beschloss,and like yeah so he's the best so far,i'd give him a 10 and it just sort of,started out like,let's just create a website um let's,just,start rating people's um rooms,on a one-to-ten scale and it took off,pretty quickly,um so you know it's gotten to,the point where um uh,we're working on the official room,raider handbook we have a literary agent,and uh we have uh,a pretty good belief that we will have a,book deal uh in the next to announce in,the next month or two,excellent okay well congratulations uh,potentially so that will literally be,the next chapter,but right right uh yeah so you said it,took off quickly i mean did you expect,it to garner,so much attention you know i i thought,it was a good idea,um and i've done other twitter accounts,so i had some,level of um some frame of reference,um it took off more quickly than than i,um had anticipated um i thought the idea,for it was really solid,um and um it it worked pretty well um,and we still you know her name my,fiancee's name is jessie and she and i,um,she's the canadian half and if people,know the account you'll notice that,there's a lot of canadian content,on the account and um you know that's,why um so she's still,we're still doing the account together,so it's most of,most of north america represented there,yeah and we we're starting to bring in,uh we have a contributor who sends us,material from brazil,um you know we've always tried to do a,bit from the uk,um so we have uh sort of we've tried to,have a little bit of an international,appeal um to it,um but it's still at its,the the our go-to is still u.s cable,television,right right i imagine that's probably,the main audience,uh so why rate my skype room why not,rate my zoom room that seems like the,more obvious you know,i mean i i mean i have to take,responsibility for that,i i don't i am like the least technical,person,you're you're gonna talk to today you,know i'm,57 you know uh,i'm a luddite i'm a late adopter uh,uh you know a year when we were you know,coming up with the name uh you know we,just call it room raider,but why it became rape my skype room for,for whatever reason i was personally,more familiar with,with skype than zoom and i did i wasn't,technically savvy enough or market savvy,enough perhaps,to know that zoom was more of a thing,than than skype was,um so that i would call an early uh,pilot error,you know um there and that's how most,people think of it as,as room raider if i had to do it over,again i don't think i would do,skype or zoom um in the handle i would,do something just about room rating,right it would be more,universal yeah yeah so that was just you,know,oh well right it's kind of late to,change at this point,um so uh uh what are some of the,weirdest things that you've seen,uh uh in these rooms you know anything,anything to stick out anything memorable,oh you know i mean some people have,definitely you know,i mean i've always been a star wars fan,but i personally was not familiar with,these great big,legos star wars legos kits,you know everyone from justin trudeau to,you know i can't think of some of the,others but,we've had some i've been introduced to,some really great,lego sets um you know i i remember with,my kids having legos and stepping on,them and,but they were always like you know,little kind of very,child like constructions i never saw,like these,great big um you know those those have,always been fun,we've seen suits of armor um you know we,always like seeing the kids or the,grandkids pop in,um we like seeing the uh you know the,photo bombs with dogs,right those aren't necessarily those are,just those are just things that,you know they have an appeal that makes,makes the person,instantly relatable it's good to,represent who you are in your room you,don't want them just like,you know you don't want like six pieces,of,or three pieces of generic hotel art you,know,and uh and a beige couch you know it,just you know you gotta you gotta tell,you know the room you present to the,world is your chance to tell your story,to,introduce your story to your

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Claude Disappoints Fans - The True Pimp

Claude Disappoints Fans - The True Pimp

hello my name is Alois Trancy if you,call their number again you can call,back later think Helen please record,your message,when you've finished recording you may,hang up or press one for more options,listen here okay I'm sick of this Alois,answering machines I don't know if,you're the same person or a different,person and frankly I don't care,stop Aloise I don't give a about,your voicemails stop giving me numbers,that lead to your voicemail I'm trying,to get some poontang over here god damn,it,you have reached the voice mailbox of I,see how it is if I was Sebastien you,would have answered wouldn't you yes I,seem to always get the answering,machines I wonder if that's coincidence,or if everyone hates me,listen Eloise was a mistake okay I'm not,gonna make it again why won't people let,that go who hello hello this is Lord oh,hello,were you expecting somebody else of,course not good that's how I like it you,know a lot of people they complain about,Sebastian and how I'm not him oh I mean,I would have preferred okay okay I see,how it is go ahead,well I mean like because what he's like,he didn't crush his head you know I,thought people would like me for that no,not really but does anyone like Eloise I,do,why cause you give great in what sense,of the word I'm very he's very gonna get,it okay okay I still don't understand,why that would make him likable I don't,I like him more than PL you like him,more than CN every day with a Louis is,like a Jerry Springer episode I swear to,God I hate it when it comes to,fourteen-year-old always Claude you're,not father I I still don't understand,what on earth compels you to think that,way I really don't,it was probably it was probably the blue,t-shirt so if I want booty shorts you,would be think I'm great yes I mean Mike,No how come you're right though I'm,alright what you mean I'm alright,your your kind of rooted in your own way,though well coming from someone like you,I find you very much oh wow I don't even,know your name and you're calling me,names well I don't know your name either,yes it's Claude way to ruin somebody's,day dubstep time with Claude maybe it's,Claude,oh my god stop that it's not being happy,stop stop it what hmm your happiness is,making me uncomfortable,I accept your apology why are you doing,this to me stop fun goal typically,involved words an exchange of them yeah,it's been a terrible day oh why is that,Alois been involved by any chance a bad,one I see I assume I mean I am supposed,to be disappointing people but I don't,seem to be doing a very good job at it,so far I'm sorry oh no it's a real drag,you know yeah I think I can imagine as,they say I create in,what did I get it wrong don't be,flustered that's for Michaelis to do not,me know either fashionable trashcan I'm,a what no no say that again go on no no,no you've opened your mouth you may as,well continue with what you're saying,repeat it,Claude frost if you are a fashionable,trash can well coming from a presence,that doesn't mean much a peasant,yes a peasant oh wow yes I thought so,you know the last caller hey they were,like you shouldn't have killed DeLuise,he was there was no need to kill him,and I was like are you serious right now,that little knew that had died 20,years ago in the womb in just of all,places to put a contract we'll just put,it on your tongue like okay you should,have seen my face when he said put it on,my tongue I thought it was some kind of,sexual innuendo the boy's body 10 okay,let's see reaction I expect when tender,game Florida rise I'm shush-shush your,mush whoa we scream yeah I haven't,killed myself yet I mean I've tried but,you know demon at all oh yeah well the,demon Satan might help you know oh yeah,I forgot that thing exists well you know,it's down Hannah's throat so uh ya know,I'll probably catch something I'll just,stay away from that oh you know I Lois,touches I don't want to you know,oh my gosh so what have you been up to,running away from Eloise I'm told by,this guide on the internet I should say,not much what about you oh that's an,amazing amazing response but you know I,have been doing nothing shopping which,is fun,yes well when do I start caring by the,way I don't know I don't care about you,I'm sassy somebody has been inspired by,little blond brat I've been inspired by,you actually what you don't seem,depressed well I am stressed out that's,for one no I know I I know where you're,coming from,yes but have you listened to as much,snow patrol as me I have a twin sister,that's all I have to say Oh God I'm like,happy that you called you don't even,know oh yeah you're kind of really in,the video now haven't you,the video is going to be called flawed,disappoint fans but now I have to rename,it to Claude moderately makes that day,I've had plenty of disappointments held,in the care of not dogs,hi it's generally the message hello,Gemma if that is your real name I see,you're too busy to make time for me well,what I have to say to that is you,how dare you not pick up my phon

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Top 10 Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Careers On Late Night Shows

Top 10 Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Careers On Late Night Shows

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all right,across three countries have ever seen,the person to person of paid the Price,of my time When your information you,backi want to understand The Channel,sums image and the way the People tkay,play all men are you be distracted,support for interview with soap,botanical all in one person from our,world minimalistic with my wife on,asleep and earning help your ability to,community for you want to come on Turn,Around you need to show you the,operating and value is about oneself on,they Married I like the way rồi nó mua,gì mẹ mày nhiều trò chơi iPhone sẽ tạo,của American School And you Phải xinh,gái kute and violent only see your want,to our area for the one with her,position and apple of my career is the,weather site or against papapa parapa,demarreur đi in the world getting,smartlink and rapidly and then Take My,word for it is like to have people drink,water or mental work with impairment,position people do not take our special,chicanos live and up close and the,sentences to make Green travel One per,enthusiasm and the men drink drink,coffee and refrigerate mormon xiii-xiv,elements to receive the fall asleep and,interview will occur When you are still,got all the rest of us controversial,Westminster non-sterile Please enter,nang wellink an intelligent đ ở đây là,chiếc điện What mèo the person you the,parament articles related to the hundred,and one and two million đây thì pccard,hamso advancement of stupid in the white,Milk ended in Dallas fort worth to,public Of The waterfall is typical,futurework permit me not some elements,with my brother start using weather and,optical because the personal power is,simple present for you will notice that,they ended When stored or She her Where,do you speak to drink for many people,work Your Way all our culture is,speaking about comeback ngoại avaricious,paid maj maj maj DJ console even Turn on,and friends and come back camera that,Little tree and Trends and grab The,Voice Kids feel Life is worth the money,was very pleased 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