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Jordan Peterson’s Opinion After Meeting Elon Muski saw you took a trip to the tesla,factory what wer

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Jordan Peterson’s Opinion After Meeting Elon Musk

i saw you took a trip to the tesla,factory what were your thoughts after,meeting elon musk did you get to speak,too much uh i wouldn't say much we we,spoke probably for 20 minutes in total,uh not purely privately because there's,other people around but,you know i just that just barely gets,you to know the surface of someone like,musk because he's an amazing person and,god only knows what's,what's up with him all things considered,we saw his new truck he was taking,people out for a ride i i didn't i,didn't go out for a ride,uh the truck's an amazing piece of,engineering the factory is massive um,you know what do you say about someone,who built a functional electric car then,shot it into space on a rocket,he's a singular person but i i thought,it went very well it was a very,interesting evening,so i was pleased to be there and,you know we sort of walked around each,other a bit and,it was just fine you guys interact a,fair bit on twitter,we seem to yeah yeah what do you think,that is why are you converging,i don't know i don't know exactly,we're both well known and i suppose to,some degree that,that increases the probability of that,kind of convergence,but,maybe he's aiming up,me too,he seems to be he's aiming up literally,he's aiming up very literally yeah,definitely didn't he put a,wasn't there a space man a model of a,spaceman in the driver's seat of the car,that he put out in the schools that's,certainly possible he's got a theatrical,uh twist there's no doubt about that and,a great sense of humor because that's,really funny to shoot your own car out,into space on a rocket that's needlessly,it's a pretty damn good joke,what is it,what is it that's,or why is it that someone like elon has,got himself to the stage where he can,say things that almost every other see,he's the richest man i don't think he's,got himself to that stage i think he's,always done that and so now he he still,knows how to do it i mean you know,people think,i'll say what i have to say when i get,to the point where i'm protected and,secure it's like first of all,being protected and secure does not give,you the courage to say what you have to,say that's that's a completely,that theory couldn't be more backwards,you think you're going to get braver and,braver as you get more and more,protected you think that's how the world,works i mean i've watched university,professors think that at some point,they're going to say what they think as,they develop their career but by the,time they're protected and secure,they've spent so much time not saying,what they think that they aren't even,who they were and they don't know what,they think,so,no he says what he says because he's,always done that,and,people who are like him are like that,and so,steve jobs i presume was exactly the,same way i mean i know people who knew,him he always said what he thought and,and he was pretty damn cut and dried,about it which is why the apple products,are such miracles of of technological,mastery he had an unbelievably canny,design eye and was very,uh,he cut whole projects,without a second thought in some sense,when they were working he did that when,he came back to apple the second time,refined the entire product line got rid,of a ton of different things instead of,focusing on this yeah,right right so that was proof i mean,maybe it was fluke the first time which,it wasn't but coming back and doing it,again the second time showed pretty,clearly it wasn't same with same with,elon right he's refined down what he,does to,a couple of very very tight parameters,he seems to have although his hit the,enterprise he's put together is,unbelievably,high functioning i mean to produce,an automobile sub industry that's,actually competitive and to,bring down the cost of,space exploration by a factor of 10 and,to invent reusable rockets and to have,developed this boring technology it's,it's miraculous it's probably an alien,yeah probably probably there's only two,probably a reptilian american car,companies i think that haven't gone bust,ford and tesla,and tesla came very close a number of,times,yeah it's an amazing accomplishment,so,go elon as far as i'm concerned yeah,he's a remarkable person what's,happening people if you enjoyed that,then press here for the full unedited,episode and don't forget to subscribe,peace,you

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Evan Williams on what's behind Twitter's explosive growth

Evan Williams on what's behind Twitter's explosive growth

المترجم: Eman AbdElRahman المدقّق: Anwar Dafa-Alla,قبل اربع سنوات، على مسرح تيد،,أعلنت عن شركة كنت أعمل معها في ذلك الوقت,تدعى أوديو.,وبسبب هذا الإعلان،,حصلنا على مقالة محترمة في صحيفة نيويورك تايمز،,والتي أدت لمزيد من المقالات الصحفية، ولمزيد من الإهتمام،,ومن ثم قررت أن أصبح المدير التنفيذي لهذه الشركة –,حيث كنت مجرد مستشارا -,وبدأت جولة جديدة من جمع رأس المال,وتكثيف التوظيف.,أحد الذين وظفتهم كان مهندسا يدعى جاك دورسي،,وبعد سنة حاولنا أن نحدد طريقة نطور بها أوديو،,وعرض جاك فكرة حاول تحسينها خلال عدة سنين,تقوم علي إرسال تحديثات بسيطة للاصدقاء.,في ذلك الوقت كنا نلهو مع الرسائل القصيرة في أوديو،,فكأننا أدخلنا المشروعين مع بعضهما الآخر،,وفي بداية 2006 أطلقنا تويتر كمشروع جانبي لأوديو.,من الصعب الآن تبرير إقامة مشروع جانبي,بخلاف مشروعي الأساسي، في الوقت الذي من المهم التركيز فيه،,لكنني بدأت من قبل Blogger كمشروع جانبي,في شركتي السابقة،,متخيلا انه مجرد شيئ صغير أقوم بعمله بجانب عملي،,وانتهى الأمر بسيطرته ليس فقط على شركتي السابقة،,ولكن على حياتي لمدى خمس أو ست سنوات.,فتعلمت أن اتبع حدسي,وإن كنت لا تستطيع بالضرورة تبريره,أو تعرف أين سيذهب بك.,وهذا بالظبط ما حدث مع تويتر، مرة بعد مرة.,لذلك، ولمن لا يعرف،,تويتر يقوم على مفهوم بسيط ويبدوا ساذجاً .,ما عليك سوى ان تقول ما تقوم به في140 حرفا أو أقل،,ثم يستقبل المهتمين بك هذه التحديثات.,وان كنوا مهتمين بك حقا،,فيمكنهم الحصول على التحديثات كرسائل قصيرة على هاتفهم المحمول.,لذا، وعلى سبيل المثال، يمكننى الآن تحديث تويتر,بأنني أدلي بحديث لتيد.,وفي حالتي، عند الإرسال,يستقبل رسائلي حوالي 60،000 شخص في بضع ثوان.,الفكرة الاساسية هي أن تويتر,يسمح للأشخاص بمشاركة لحظات من حياتهم,عندما يريدون،,سواء مناسبات عادية,أو مصيرية.,وبمشاركة هذه اللحظات وقت حدوثها,يزيد الناس بإحساس الإتصال بالآخرين،,برغم المسافة، وفي الوقت الحقيقي.,كان هذا هو الإستخدام المبدئي الذي رأيناه لتويتر,ومن ثم تحمسنا له.,ما لم نتوقعه كان الكثير، الكثير من الإستخدامات الأخرى,التي من شأنها أن تطور هذا النظام البسيط.,أحد الأمور التي أدركنا مدى أهمية تويتر منها,هي الأحداث التي تحدث في الوقت الحقيقي.,عندما اندلعت الحرائق في سان دياجو،,أكتوبر 2007،,تحول الناس الى تويتر لتقرير ما يحدث,وللحصول على معلومات من جيرانهم,عما يحدث من حولهم.,ولكنها لم تكن فقط لأفراد.,فقد تحولت صحيفة لوس آنجلوس تايمز الى تويتر لمتابعة المعلومات أيضا،,ووضعت تليقمة لتويتر بالصفحة الرئيسية،,وإستخدمتها إدارة إطفاء الحرائق بلوس آنجلوس والصليب الأحمر,لمتابعة الأخبار والتحديثات ايضا.,في هذا الحدث، قام العشرات من الأشخاص بتحديث تويتر,وتابعهم آلاف آخرين,لأنهم أرادوا أن يشعروا بالتواجد هناك,ويعرفوا ماذا يحدث,ومن الأمور الشيقة الأخرى التي ظهرت،,أمور متعلقة بالأعمال،,في التسويق والإتصالات وأمور يمكن التنبؤ بها,الى مثلا شاحنة شواء تاكو الكورية الواسعة الشهرة,والتي تتحرك في لوس آنجلوس ثم تحدث تويتر بمكان وقوفها,فتتسبب في تشكيل خط حول الكتلة.,بدأ الساسة إستخدام تويتر في الآونة الأخيرة.,في الواقع، هناك أكثر من 47 عضو في الكونجرس,لهم حسابات على تويتر.,وفي بعض الأحيان، يقومون بتحديث حساب تويتر الخاص بهم,من وراء جلسات مغلقة مع رئيس الجمهورية.,في هذه الحالة، فالشخص لا يروق له ما يسمعه.,الرئيس نفسه واحد من أكثر المستخدمين شعبية،,رغم أن تحديثاته تراجعت مأخرا،,في حين أن تحديثات السيناتور ماكين قد إرتفعت.,مثل هذا الرجل.,صمم تويترالى حد كبير كوسيط إذاعي.,ترسل رسالة واحدة ثم تصل للجميع،,ويمكنك إستقبال الرسائل التي تهمك.,واحدة من الطرق العديدة التي شكلت تطور تويتر,كانت بإختراع طريقة للرد على شخص بعينه,أو رسالة محددة.,لذا، فهذه الصيغة، @إسم المستخدم، والتي يستخدمها هنا شاكيل أونيل,للرد على أحد معجبيه,من إختراع المستخدمين تماما،,ولم ندرجها داخل النظام العام الا بعد أن أصبحت معروفة بالفعل,فسهلناها عليهم.,وهذه واحدة من الطرق الكثيرة التي شكلت النظام.,شئ آخر هو واجهة التطبيق البرمجية.,فقد بنينا واجهة للتطبيق يمكن برمجتها،,مما يعني أن المبرمجين يمكنهم كتابة برامج للتفاعل مع تويتر.,وحاليا نعرف أكثر من 2000 برنامج,يمكنها أن ترسل تحديثات تويتر,ومتلائمة مع ماك، ويندوز، آي فون، وبلاك بيري ..,فضلا عن أشياء أخرى,كجهاز يسمح لطفلك الذي لم يولد بعد تحديث تويتر عندما يركل,أو للزرع أن يحدث تويتر عند إحتياجه للماء.,ربما أهم تطوير من طرف ثالث,جاء من شركة صغيرة بفرجينيا تدعى سوميز,أنشئت سوميز محرك بحث لتويتر.,وقد إستفادوا من حقيقة,أنه ان كان لديك ملايين من الناس حول العالم,يتحدثون حول ما يفعلونه أو ما يحدث حولهم،,فلديك مورد ضخم للحصول على أي موضوع,أو حدث وقت وقوعه.,غيَّر هذا طريقة نظرنا لتويتر.,على سبيل المثال، هنا ما يقوله الناس عن تيد.,وهذا جانب آخر من الطريقة التي تغير بها فكرنا ،,ولم يكن تويتر ما كنا نظنه.,أحببنا هذا كثيرا حتى أننا إشترينا الشركة فعلا,ونحاول إدماجها مع المنتج الأصلي.,وهذا لا يجعلك ترى تويتر بطرق مختلفة فقط،,ولكن يعرفك بإستخدامات جديدة ايضا.,واحدة من الإستخدامات المفضلة لي حدث منذ بضع شهور,عندما كان هناك نقص في الغاز بأتلانتا,وجد بعض الناس,أنهم إذا حدثوا تويتر عندما يجدون الغاز،,أين يكون، وثمنه،,ثم يذيلوه بكلمة “#atlgas”,حتى إذا ما بحث عنها آخرون، وجدوا الغاز.,وهذا الإتجاه الذي إستخدمه الناس لشبكة الإتصال هذه,لمساعدة كل منهم للآخر,تذهب الى ما هو أبعد عن الفكرة الأصلية لمجرد التواصل مع العائلة والأصدقاء.,وقد حدث في الآونة الأخيرة الكثير والكثير،,سواء كان جمع الأموال للمشردين,أو لحفر الآبار في أفريقيا,أو لأسرة في أزمة.,جمع الناس عشرات الآلاف من الدولارات بمساعدة تويتر,في غضون أيام في عدة مناسبات.,يبدو وكأنك إن أعطيت الناس وسائل اسهل للحصول على معلومات،,يحدث الكثير من الأمور ال

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How David Goggins Uses His Haters As Motivation

How David Goggins Uses His Haters As Motivation

tell me about this mixtape of hate that,you've made,so what started happening is as you get,bigger as you get more successful,you open the door for people to critique,everything you do and most of the people,who are critiquing you,usually aren't Where You Are,and all their critiquing comes from,people who are really at a low level of,life which is sad but what we do,people who are on the upper level,hearing the haters at lower level,like I said you'll never meet a hater,doing better than you,true statement,I started having fun with it,so I'll go through the comments While,most people don't go through comments,I go through them intentionally look for,the bad ones,and why I'll block and delete you,because the people on my page don't need,that negative energy,I'll block and delete you but I take a,snapshot,on my phone and I put it in the archive,so what happens is there's days where,I'm like you know what I really don't,want to do this today,I'm like oh hang on,so I started making these mixtapes with,all of these hate messages,about people talking ,and it became such a source of fuel that,it was amazing because I know why you,hate me you hate me because you're,probably in the bed right now you're,probably an underachiever you're,probably somebody who doesn't want to do,anything with your life,so I make you question everything about,yourself so I'm going to continue making,you question yourself,by coming out here and being even more,successful So I listened to that where I,run I sometimes played in the house,and it sometimes gets on Jennifer's,nerves because I'm sitting there,listening to somebody talk match,on a loop about me and she's like why do,you do this ,it's half comical,and it's half um it's half inspiring I'm,actually inspired by it I've heard you,say previously that listening to music,while you train is cheating so what,you're telling me is that the Silence of,your own dark thoughts isn't enough of a,soundtrack and you've had to crowd,Source insults from the internet,self-narrate it yep and then play it to,yourself while you train that's it I do,that sometimes yes yes have you got your,phone on you right now I want to hear it,no I I don't travel with my phone oh,yeah my phone does not go with me,anywhere why is that,once again man like right now I'm with,you,a lot of times people are in,conversations or they're somewhere,they're elsewhere you may think they're,with you but they're not,that phone is the biggest distraction in,the world,with the time so when it comes time for,the phone I'm on the phone we're not I,don't use it I'm all about being present,where I'm at so that's why that phone,right now no we do have it it's in your,it's silenced it's off so I do have my,phone right now but but usually I don't,take anywhere I go got you so while,you're listening to the,self-narrated insults of random people,on the internet that you don't like,right what are you thinking of while,you're listening to that while you're,working out or while you're walking,around the house,how'd that back in the day when I was,sometimes getting bullied or in a dark,place uh sometimes that would have,bothered me,how I would want to,clap back I I would want to be on there,all day explaining myself to people and,how now I'm in a place now where I can,hear it,and I can actually enjoy it I can,actually know where it's coming from,I've studied it so I don't just like,listen to it and like make fun of it I,actually study it because I was once,that negative person I was once that,person who saw someone successful,and didn't see how can I get there,I was like oh,yeah they're probably cheating or,they're probably doing this I was I was,that negative person because I wasn't,there and I didn't want to work to get,there,so these people who hate on people I've,studied them,and I've gained a lot of Knowledge from,them because I gained a lot of knowledge,for myself when I was in that dark place,so it's almost like reflecting an older,version of you back to yourself 100 I,had this idea,um uh called the reverse role model so,in a lot of places people might grow up,and not have good Role Models around,them you know like it would be great if,I had someone that was my hero that,could tell me how to be x uh good in,school well with work fantastic in,relationships whatever it might be,and a lot of people don't grow up with,that right and what I realized was,because that was me in in part from,where I was from but I realized there,was a lot of people that I got to see,that were like the sort of person I,didn't want to be like right and that,was the reverse role model so I could,look around I could say I really don't,want his relationship with his wife and,I hate the way that he is using alcohol,to get over the problems in his life he,doesn't have any Integrity or tell the,truth she is a liar and a backstabber,and a gossip,and the thing is that you can actually,achieve a lot of success in life by,avoiding failure like most success in,life actually is

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Jaguar Wright On Diddy & Christopher Williams & Homosexuality Cashapp $STRINGERBELL80

Jaguar Wright On Diddy & Christopher Williams & Homosexuality Cashapp $STRINGERBELL80

if nothing else i am a woman of my word,it is 8 am i am tired as hell,um just going through,all of the hate and all of the lies,you know people they see me talking,out front but y'all don't really know,all this stuff that's going on in the,back,you know like all of these people are,cowards none of them,happened them actually no,none of them would ever say any of this,crap to my face no let me take that back,85 percent of them would say half of,this stuff to my face,you know they they wouldn't 85 percent,wouldn't but there's always that 15,percent,they'll be trying it you know what i,mean and they need to get but some,people just got to get bust in the head,you know before they realize that fat,meat is greasy,you know y'all wanted to know if fat,meat was greasy so i'm finna show y'all,i got a whole like,turkey leg fat meat like i got a whole,like,the butt end of a brisket where all the,fat is fat meat i got all of that,honeycomb honeycomb honeycomb,now you could have uh pulled your,minions to the side,and said look i don't know if you want,to mess with her we don't know what she,got,so i'ma tell you what i got,i think it was like oh three yeah,it was right before me a music soul,child did the uh grey goose tour,there was a young woman beautiful woman,she's a lawyer or at least she was she,used to be an entertainment lawyer,i'm not going to say her name the story,is enough,because i don't know i i hope i won't be,putting her in danger,but she shouldn't have to feel afraid,after all of these years almost 20 years,you know,but uh i had to give her a job i,shouldn't say i had to give her a job i,gave her a job,uh working for me so she could find some,safety,because while she was working at bad boy,because she was one of the lead counsels,for bad boy entertainment,she witnessed something she witnessed,something that was disturbing to her,but what was really disturbing to her,was the conversation that she had with,diddy after,see christopher williams,i don't know i guess he wanted to sign i,don't know what happened,but puff was supposed to be giving him a,demo deal and he gave him a demo deal,and i guess it was supposed to turn into,an album deal which,that never happened um,but this young woman walked in to get,approval or some paperwork,see and uh,when she walked in the door wasn't,locked so she didn't think twice about,just walking in and when she walked in,she saw uh christopher williams,performing fellatio,on puff now from what she said to me,um it was disturbing because,you know they didn't stop she just,walked out,and she just kept the head down at the,office the rest of the day i believe it,was and,i don't think it was at the end of,business day that day but i think it was,the following day,he came into our office and was like,yeah so you came in there,so what what you gonna do you wanna say,something,and she was like oh no i you know i just,she was like i just don't understand why,you left the door unlocked if you were,in there doing that why would you leave,the door unlocked,he said i'll do whatever the i want,to do in my building,and she's i just don't know he was like,it's power see,i can make a mate he said if i can make,a man suck my dick i can make people,do anything,for money that's what you said puff,about christopher williams sucking your,dick for a demo deal and you cut him a,check,and you chase that young woman out of,new york just like you tried to chase,wendy williams out of new york,and she came to work for me,and i loved her working for me and when,she was finally cool and could find,you know a good move to move forward,she did she was with me for less than,six months,but she was a wonderful woman and she,was a brilliant attorney,and she thought she was she was signing,up for the ride of her life,you know she's gonna be you know head of,legal at bad boy entertainment and be a,female like that was a big deal,until she accidentally walked into her,boss's,you know office and caught him getting,hit,from a movie star,which he said was done for nothing more,than an exercise of power because if he,can make a man suck his dick he can make,anybody do,anything,that's you puff that's you honeycomb,that's why i call you honeycomb,cause you smack so sweet you,chased that woman out of your offices,because she saw you being you,and then you threatened to ruin her life,if she ever told anyone but she did tell,someone she told me,and i've kept her secret all of these,years,you better not try to do nothing to her,either because she ain't got nothing to,be ashamed of,it's not her fault you were sodomite,she had nothing to do with you being no,sodomite forcing men,to do degrading acts just so you can,prove how powerful you are,take a punch show people,how powerful you are,i mean from the way it sounds,what i'm saying shouldn't hurt you,you've been so cool with it for so long,what was that a video you did i can't,even remember who it was with,was it with usher or something and you,was in a hotel room,and you ha

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Neuroscientist - What Overusing Social Media Does To Your Brain

Neuroscientist - What Overusing Social Media Does To Your Brain

just how triggering are our phones when,it comes to dopamine okay great question,we often hear that,you know the social media getting,dopamine hit after dopamine hit,when we first get on social media after,a walk for the first time or after a,long period of time the amount of,dopamine that's released we think is,quite substantial it's novel remember,dopamine is about novelty surprise and,the sense that we are on some exciting,track that's what dopamine is really,about it puts us into states of,readiness anticipation looking seeking,etc almost always for things outside the,confines of our skin,just to contrast it maybe for a bit more,of a future discussion,serotonin does the opposite when there's,a lot of serotonin in our brain and body,typically it makes us feel satisfied,stated more quiescent comfortable with,what we have in our own immediate sphere,and within us right the comfort of a,good meal the food you have dopamine is,about go go go if you look at somebody,who's high on cocaine or methamphetamine,it's all about pursuit because that's a,very dopaminergic drug you look at,somebody who's taken a drug,and i'm not suggesting people do this,but it really ramps up serotonin let's,say a selective serotonin reuptake,inhibitor prozag zoloft etc,the side effects of those drugs if the,dosages are too high lack of appetite,lack of libido,kind of meh about life you know then so,they'll adjust the dose down that's,because those are serotonergic drugs,so,in in general,we are in pursuit of things dopamine is,is quite high so,now you have to remind me your question,because i've set up the dopamine,serotonin,cell phones yes,um forgive me so,the thing about cell phones is when you,first get on there,and you haven't let's say you're no,wi-fi on the flight or something and you,land it can actually be quite,stimulating you get a lot of dope i mean,oh there's this oh there's that but very,quickly when you're scrolling on social,media,you're no longer getting the novelty but,you're continuing to do it you almost,don't know why you're doing it at that,point it shifts over to something that's,a bit more like an obsessive compulsive,behavior where that we can define an,obsessive-compulsive behavior where the,obsession leads to a compulsion so the,obsession is a thought the compulsion is,a behavior but the acting out of the,compulsion merely serves to increase the,obsession,right this is very different than being,obsessed with food or obsessed with,cleanliness there's no payoff right,exactly there's no anxiety relief by,carrying out the compulsion with ocd,behaviors,like scrolling social media the dopamine,quickly wanes and then you find that,you're just sort of and we've all been,there you're scrolling like why am i,doing this this isn't that interesting,that is this isn't that interesting now,the algorithms for social media are very,clever and i don't want to demonize it i,you know provide a lot of a lot of my,life is spent on you know on social,media now but,in the algorithms that they've,incorporated function on the the most,powerful,way to keep people doing a behavior or,an animal for that matter is,intermittent random reward a random,intermittent reward that you don't know,when you're going to hit the jackpot so,you're scrolling you're scrolling and,then you see something typically it's,very high what you know in nerd speak,we'd say signal to noise so if you're,reading some interesting things this,came out in the news this came out and,then it's all of a sudden a riot,or a person that is jumped base jumping,off a building or um you know for people,that are are scrolling looking at bodies,or something like that live bodies so,hopefully people aren't looking at the,dead bodies but look if something's very,tragic then that has this gravitational,pull and then you what happens is you,start getting,the system working for that next,dopamine hit that you don't know when,it's going to come it's just like,gambling so i look at social media as,initially being very dopaminergic,driving reward surprise and excitement,but very quickly transitioning to,something more like ocd,and the kinds of behaviors where it,looks if you if we were to look at,ourselves through the lens of an,experiment like we would an animal,experiment we think that animal is sick,if you saw an animal digging in the,corner looking looking looking looking,for a bone the dog is looking looking,looking looking looking looking looking,looking you'd think that's really sad,that's us what's happening people if you,enjoyed that then press here for the,full unedited episode and don't forget,to subscribe,peace,you

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Chris Forsberg breaks down just how good the Celtics were over the first 41 games | Forsberg's 4

Chris Forsberg breaks down just how good the Celtics were over the first 41 games | Forsberg's 4

here's where the Celtics rank in the NBA,halfway point of the season the Celtics,have the best record best offensive,rating and best net rating in the league,the defensive rating has also improved,as the season has progressed standing at,seventh overall for a deeper dive into,those numbers it's time for forsberg's,four in forsberg I feel like it's all,positive when you take a look at the,first half of this Celtic season yeah,it's like really hard to be negative,when you think about how good they've,been best record in the NBA and I know,they had a little Funk there in December,and rode the roller coaster a little bit,but when I sat down today and dug into,the numbers it was more positive way,more positive than negative and that's,where we start with 117.1 that offensive,rating that we saw in those numbers it's,slightly off the historic Pace that the,Celtics were previously on 117.3 is the,number they're chasing the 2021 Brooklyn,Nets set the NBA record for offensive,efficiency Celtics shooting has cooled,but it's crazy to me mamina they were,like the 30th ranked offense for a good,two weeks in December and yet they're,still number one in the NBA and so,here's what's going to happen like I,still think they're going to find the,right balance as you said the defense is,kind of picking it up especially with,Rob back and what's the balance yeah are,they going to be historic if Jason Tatum,and Jalen Brown start knocking down,threes they might be if Rob keeps,shooting 90 around the basket you know,you might be you might be historic but,I'm okay if they don't hit that Mark I,never thought that three-point was,shooting was that sustainable but even,if it's somewhere close to there I think,you can see this number go up even just,a little bit more and maybe we'll see a,historic offense that's what I was,thinking about that three-point shooting,at the beginning of the season was,historic but I was not sure to be,sustainable but just like Jayla Brown,said if they could shoot like that every,single night it'd be great but you know,that's just not going to happen in the,NBA but maybe we might see that,offensive rating go up what's coming up,next all right the second number is 80.7,and this is what's called the point,percentage of Jalen Brown's drives now,that doesn't mean he's scoring on 80.7,of his drives to the basket but he's,generating 8.9 points off 11 drives per,game so you you do the math divide those,numbers and why this is important of all,the guys in the NBA I think there's 47,that have driven more than 10 times per,game Jalen among them is number two in,the entire NBA only demand DeRozan who,we saw last night and who loves that,mid-range and crushes you there I wanted,to come in this week and Spotlight Jalen,in the mid-range he's been phenomenal,there shooting something like 54 I think,he's uh fourth in the NBA mid-range,percentage but the last few games every,time I looked up Jalen Brown is head,down and attacking the basket and I love,this and I think this is a big reason,why we've seen his scoring go up and,part and part of the reason the Celtics,are on a historical offensive pace is,Jalen is attacking with a purpose and,not only that he's getting to the free,throw line he's knocking down like 82,percent of his free throws when he gets,there off of drives I need that,aggression to maintain and I think it's,a big reason why every night we look up,and it feels like either Jalen Brown is,29 points or more because he's getting,to the basket and he's willing to put,his head down and do the dirty work he's,even tightened up that handle a little,bit in the last few games keep that,going and you might be that historic,offense that we just talked about Jayla,Brown just seems more aggressive coming,into this season and it's working for,him me and Eddie House were talking,about it last night 19 points were like,oh it's a quiet night for Jalen but,that's only because we're so used to,seeing that with 25 points or more and,driving in that pain all right what's,coming up next all right my third number,.706 that's Boston's winning percentage,in clutch games this year now this is,defined as any game that is plus or,minus five points within the last five,minutes why this is crazy to me this is,the second best number in the NBA behind,only in Brooklyn last year the Celtics,were 13 and 22 in clutch games during,the season I think they raked dead last,yeah based on that and what happened,every time they got to a close game they,would just wilted we couldn't figure out,who was happening they couldn't win,tight games what was crazy they got to,the playoffs and they figured it out all,of a sudden like going up against,Brooklyn and and Miami and Milwaukee and,they won tough games I think some of,that rubbed off on this team and They,Carried that into this year what's even,crazier to me is that the Celtics have I,think they're 12 and 5 in the clutch,games three of those losses are in,overtime two to Cleveland and so if they,could be

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Chris Williams Interview: Netflix's The Sea Beast

Chris Williams Interview: Netflix's The Sea Beast

during the presentation you mentioned,that you as a child of,as a child you were really into like,classic adventure movies they really,inspired you to want to make movies and,so i was just wondering were there any,specific references that you had in mind,while developing the sea beast,movies that i that that were part of the,conversation,um well certainly you know king kong,king kong was one that we talked about a,lot as an example a really great monster,movie that had these,huge set pieces,um and uh but also there was connection,you know what i mean there was there,were there was a relationship you got to,really know and empathize with with the,monster,um that was something that we talked,about a lot raiders of lost ark in my,experience watching that movie i,remember so vividly,um that left such um an impression on me,um and and and um so so,certainly those movies later on i was um,as as i got a little older i was able to,appreciate lawrence of arabia um as you,know one of the great films and,and uh and as far as like,pure scope and ambition you know that,that to me was was was one that we,that we referenced,um so and you know of course like,there's this party that just loves the,old godzilla movies you know what i mean,like as a kid those things were so cool,um and,you know what i was i was the right age,for clash of the titans when it came out,um the original clash the titans and uh,and found that very really thrilling and,there's something about that stop-motion,look that that still kind of like stirs,something in me that i really love,definitely and you know like you said,you've worked on some pretty popular,animated properties in the past,particularly in the disney realm i think,pretty popular is an understatement but,um i was wondering you know when,approaching a new movie where you're,building an entire world from the ground,up how do you like find and pinpoint,like the visual style that you want to,go for,well it's definitely story dependent,right and and i think in this case we we,knew or i knew right away,that one of the main things i wanted for,this film more than anything i've ever,worked on before is this feeling of,immersion right um so i so other movies,that we talked about a lot um were lord,of the rings or shows like,game of thrones or blade runner,movies where you really felt this deep,history that led up to the moment where,the story began,and a sense of,of a complete a complete and,comprehensive world,and so that was really kind of uh one of,the things that that was that that kind,of guided us in our design is really,wanting it to feel like an authentic,plausible world,that took itself seriously,um that was that was one of the things,that that we knew was going to,influence the the design and what it,meant was really sweating the details,you know,really not having anything that would,that would break the spell,um and that's a story thing and a design,thing right i think it's story-wise we,didn't have any modern references or,anything that would sort of take you out,of this,um out of this world just for the sake,of a joke or something you know um and,uh and in design wise you know,everything had to if there was any,aspect of the design that broke the,spell it would it's almost like the,entire,house of cards crumbles you know um and,so so it's it's it's a demanding,approach uh to go over something that,feels this immersive um but you know i,trusted that i have i worked with really,really talented uh people and they were,able to to pull it off,yeah and i mean,you know we're introduced right away to,two characters jacob and maisie,who it does feel very lived and i found,myself i think i saw like 40 40 odd,minutes of footage and you know we're,just brought into this world that i,thought was immediately it kind of,immediately hooked me and um you know,we're left with a cliffhanger of sorts i,won't give it away but um,is there anything you can tease about,more of maisie and jacob's journey in,the movie,i don't think so i mean of course,some of what i want to do is protect the,experience of anyone that's like the,thing that's so important to me,is is i want to protect the experience,of anyone who watches the movie,including you you know i want everyone,to have the the best possible experience,the first time they watch it um i would,say that it's probably um becoming clear,that based on what you've seen that that,is really an important relationship like,the central relationship,of the movie and and the two of them are,going to go through a lot together um uh,i would say that but maybe not much more,i have to be careful because you know i,really we make it so that people can,enjoy it and that that first time you,ever see it um you know that's one of,the things we talk a lot about as far as,how we talk about the movie and and what,we release you know it's a lot of what,you want to do is is protect people from,knowing too much,and i certainly want to be protected and,and and go in to watch a movie,

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Chris & Hamza React to Britney Spears’ Instagram Post

Chris & Hamza React to Britney Spears’ Instagram Post

dude i want to talk about britney spears,we need we,simply have to talk about this,so for the people that haven't seen uh,one day ago britney spears posted a two,photo carousel on her instagram with the,caption free woman energy has never felt,better,and she is completely naked apart from a,long pair of white socks and she has an,emoji of a heart over her vagina,and,a flower over her nipple,and then there's another photo if you,swipe right there is another photo where,she's,kind of like,wide-legged,uh,and with the same the same emoji setup,so you can go and see this and it's got,nearly three million likes but perhaps,unsurprisingly she turned comments off,um,what's your,what's your thoughts on that answer,so there's a youtuber called alexander,grace i sent you the link to his youtube,video he was saying polygamy he's gonna,be the new i'm watching that one and um,he said it in like a fantastic way where,he said imagine if the real feminists of,the 1900s saw what was happening today,like they would they would think that,you were lying if we told them oh yeah,by the way like women are fighting to be,more sexualized than ever to like to for,free post pictures of themselves so that,millions of tens of millions of people,can see it,the real feminists of the 1900s would,think that you were joking they would,think that you were just like mocking,them,that this is like it's the sad state,where now,i especially think of like the young,women and the teenagers who who are kind,of seeing like their idols post this and,obviously we model after the people that,we look up to and it's kind of like okay,so,in this bizarre counter-intuitive way,the modern sort of feminist narrative,has,encourages women more than ever,to show off their bodies to be,promiscuous which is kind of like the,counter-intuitive aim of the 1900s,movements certainly not a linear,progression between the two dude the,thing that i think,we need to all apologize to her dad,and say look dad,maybe you were right you see that court,case do you see where he was basically,oh right okay so,the story seems like britney spears's,dad had control over her entire life,like,she her estate which included her back,cat log of records um i think it was,like even to do with her finances how,she could spend money it was it was,pretty severe right and it seemed a bit,sinister as well especially the way it,was portrayed in the press i don't know,the ins and outs of the court case but,it didn't seem,fantastic but also,britney's had some um,challenges mentally in the past which i,think was what had legitimated that in,the first place so anyway there was this,big back and forth and it was hashtag,free britney was going on for ages right,they wanted to give her her life back,and i don't know what the current,situation of that is i feel like she,might have got more of a liberty back,from her father but you think britney if,this is the first thing that you do,after getting if you post a fully naked,selfie twice on instagram,to prove your own sanity and the fact,that you don't need your father i'm like,i,i don't know if we were right i don't,know if we were right,save britney maybe save britney not free,britney,i think to be honest,you and i are looking at this from quite,a level-headed perspective which,isn't really the general consensus of,the modern world around us whereas okay,so we're looking at this in like a quite,critical way but i think the,overwhelming majority of people will see,this as a positive act for like feminism,and for the act of um,expressing their sexuality they'll see,like this is a confident thing like a,brave thing to do,i'm so maybe i have too much faith in,humanity but but people can let us know,in the comments right if you think that,what your opinion of this is whether,britney is,um liberating herself and,experimenting with the sovereignty of,her own body and her own social media,platform,or if this is,somebody that could do with a bit of,help and needs a phone call from a,friend like it doesn't,seem to me i would be,interested to speak to the person that,says like go brittany after that,um and it just seems like a bad pr move,as well you've just come out of a court,case where your dad had control of,everything because he was worried that,you're going to lose your head and then,you,i don't know,for some people there's no such thing as,bad people,oh yeah well i mean britney's,come on brittany it's been a while how,long was like her first single 20,probably 25 years ago or some but,that's another interesting thing we were,talking about this offline,um what happens when you very quickly,gain status and think about child stars,um and this is f here's an interesting,one for you man,britney spears macaulay culkin,and brett weinstein eric weinstein,jordan peterson,people at kind of the opposite ends of,life and maturity but both of which can,be just gifted global renown immediately,how the you supposed to deal with,that status like the human brain was not,meant t

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