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Cavs at the quarter pole with Chris Fedorall right here we are I told you before,we were going to do

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Updated on Jan 27,2023

Cavs at the quarter pole with Chris Fedor

all right here we are I told you before,we were going to do a bonus edition of,the bullpen today my good friend Chris,Fedor he's a new Dad how's,how's being a new dad by the way I mean,I know it's not that new at this point,but how is it you're sleeping,it is the best thing ever it's,life-changing in the best way imaginable,even better than I anticipated we just,had Elias,um first birthday over the weekend it,was awesome we did the hole in one theme,because he's one year old right we got,him this cool little car that we push,him around in he absolutely loves it he,loves opening the presents so it's just,like great to see the world through,their eyes right like and see them,develop in front of you it's amazing it,really is amazing the first birthday,party though is really about you and,your wife I mean it's it's really about,celebrating the fact that you've,survived a year now your kid apparently,is pretty easy I know you told me last,time we were texting about it not too,long ago he was saying he has a good,sleeping schedule and I'm like that's,great these things can change but it's,really the surviving the first year,especially for the woman because let's,face it the the wives are doing most of,the work especially with your job,because you're traveling all over the,place so she's doing the brunt of it,that's the hard thing that's the hard,thing on her obviously is me being gone,but it's also a part of me too being,away from it thank God thank God bull,for face time so that he can see my face,when I'm on the road and he can try and,touch the phone and see if it's actually,me and all that kind of stuff yeah and,and one of my favorite moments uh that,that we have and it sucks because it,involves me leaving and then coming back,sure coming through the door and him,seeing me after a long trip and then he,just waves his arms frantically because,he's so excited that's like my favorite,moment there's nothing better than the,joy that your child has in seeing you,yeah right because there's there's,nothing else that matches it you know,not yeah as much as you love your spouse,or whatever that that childlike Joy of,oh my God I haven't seen you and now I,see you that's that's yeah that's that's,great stuff,um all right well the reason you travel,so much is because you're covering the,Cavs and the last time we spoke uh on,the podcast was before the season to,preview you the season and now we're you,know just past the quarter Pole right 22,games the Cavaliers are 14-8 on the,season it's been an interesting start to,the season overall how would you grade,what would your grade be for the Cavs at,the quarter pole it's funny that you,bring this up because the other day at,shoot around is Donovan Mitchell I said,okay yeah just that's the quarter point,are you where you expect it to be at,this point he said we're ahead of where,we thought we would be I think given,everything that they have dealt with,it's hard to give them anything other,than an a I mean they are one of the top,four teams in the Eastern Conference,despite the fact that they've used 12,different starting lineups amazing well,different starting lineups bull yeah for,22 games that's crazy and they haven't,been able to find like a consistent fit,at small forward I think coming into the,Year everybody knew that was going to be,a weak point it didn't work out with,Karis Levert they find something in,Lamar Stevens in the starting lineup and,then he goes out within this for a week,Jared Allen has missed timed Darius,Garland missed two weeks so given all of,that combined with the natural Growing,Pains that were expected,when you have Donovan Mitchell and,Darius Garland coming together and,trying to figure out how to play with,each other and,combined with the fact that you know,Evan Mobley is in year two and he hasn't,experienced everything and Jared Allen,is still a relatively young player in,the NBA it's hard to give them anything,other than an a I think coming into the,year we knew that Boston and Milwaukee,were going to be on a different level,than them I think that has shown itself,in the first quarter of the season but,the Cavs are right there in the,conversation with Brooklyn and Toronto,in Philadelphia as as one of the best,teams in the Eastern Conference is a,legitimate contender,I would agree with you everything you,said there I would I would give them an,a as well watching you know obviously,you have a closer view being around the,team all the time but from the from an,outside view just watching them on TV I,I would give them an a as well I guess,my only concern and maybe maybe his,concern is a strong word Beyond you know,the things you've already talked about I,I I is there any concern in your part,how much for such a young team it seems,like over the last few years they've,lost so much time due to injury How,concerned are you and should we be about,that,so I'm not that concerned about it I,think other people,um that that cover the team and oth

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Chris Fedor predicts the Cavs will draft Isaac Okoro with the #5 pick | Talkin' Grizz

Chris Fedor predicts the Cavs will draft Isaac Okoro with the #5 pick | Talkin' Grizz

welcome everybody to another episode of,talking,grizz this is our off season series,where we're going to talk to media,around the league about the drafts and,future prospects and the future of their,markets teams,so joining me now from cleveland is,chris fedor the mba and haves,reporter for how's it,going today,great kelsey how are you i am good i'm,excited to hear what you've got to say,so let's go the past couple years the,cavs have been very,guard oriented they got sexton in,garland um but positionally,if you look at the roster of this cavs,team is there a hole,that needs to be filled that possibly is,not a guard,yeah i think so kelsey i think any time,you talk about the cavs going into this,offseason the conversation starts at,wing,um they've got a lot of uncertainty,there jetty osmond has been manning the,small forward spot for the last couple,of years since lebron james left,i think they want to upgrade that spot,they use the 26th overall pick on dylan,windler last year,didn't play at all in his rookie season,had season ending leg surgery,so they're expecting him to be back and,they have big plans for him obviously,but he's such an unknown,that it's hard to bank on um him filling,big big minutes,at least initially so i think anytime,you talk about them it starts with a,wing spot,are there any names that pop,up when you're looking at draft words,that you're like you know if i was the,gm of this team or,whatever you if you're even a writer,like is there one that you think is like,yeah that would be the perfect fit,i think isaac ocoro from auburn makes,the most sense for the cavs kelsey,because,the thing that they need to focus on the,most to kind of take the steps that they,want to take in the eastern conference,is defense um everybody inside the,organization has been talking about that,this off season they understand that,they've been dead last,in defensive rating for the last two,years and,i think if if they're going to fix the,defense it's not going to be a schematic,thing it's not going to be jb,bickerstaff putting his imprint on with,any kind of tricks it has to be an,upgraded personnel,so isaac ocoro is considered to be the,best,pure defender on the wing in this year's,class um,and if his offense comes around i think,that would be a big bonus for this group,but,but they don't need another offensive,minded player they've got enough of,those they got to focus on defense,okay so you mentioned it that the cavs,were last uh at the regular season in,defensive rankings 114.8 almost 115.,what do you like about isaac um that,you've,seen from him that you think like why,would he make that perfect fit on the,defensive end for the cavs,so i think defensive toughness that,starts there um,he needs somebody who's willing to take,that challenge right like he played in,the sec,he was willing to guard the best,offensive player for the other team,and i think the other thing that he,brings to the table kelsey is defensive,versatility,you know he's six foot six but he's also,bigger and stronger and he's got a six,foot nine wingspan,so if he has to play some four in small,ball lineups i think he can do it if he,has to guard the two,i think he can do it when the cavs have,a small backcourt of darius garland and,colin sexton,like they're going to need somebody with,bulk and size,to shift over to those ball dominant,guards in certain situations and for him,to,be able to guard i would say one through,four effectively,i think that makes a lot of sense for,this group,and now my very last question i told you,i only had two and now i'm going on to,my floor,um obviously the draft board is not set,in stone you can,wager that the one through three are,what everyone thinks the one through,three will be is,this gentleman isaac is he someone,that could be a fifth pick like is it,realistic,i think so because i get the sense that,the caps haven't ranked like this,i don't know the order for the the first,three guys but they have different tiers,right,so they have tier one which is anthony,edwards james wiseman lamela ball,and then they've got tier two and from,what i'm told it's like,five to six different guys that could,fit that and then they've got to try and,separate,all those guys which i think is going to,be really really difficult especially in,this year's draft because the pre-draft,process,is so different than it has been in,years past but,if you look at the five to six in that,second tier,i definitely think isaac okoro is in,that mix i think denny abdia,is in that mix i think devin vaselle,from florida state's in there as well,obi topping from dayton,so to me isaac okoro is definitely in,the mix at number five,he's the best he's the best combination,of of just overall talent,and positional fit for the cavs and uh i,think there's a strong argument,if they don't go him it's another one of,the two wings that i mentioned,awesome hey we're less than a month away,now,so exciting things are on the horizon we,get to,i me

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Breaking News | What dwyane wade brings to cleveland cavaliers: chris fedor

Breaking News | What dwyane wade brings to cleveland cavaliers: chris fedor

while it's more important how Lou,manages his in dascomb rotation the,starting lineup will be a tough question,as well would wait who has started all,but 11 games in his 14-year career be,willing to come off the bench what about,Schmidt who started all 77 games of the,regular season during the two hundred,1516 season and only came off the bench,six times last year as long as we win I,don't care,honestly Smith said if anything it,prolongs my career I don't have to do as,much I don't have to chase that many,defenders around instead of me playing,18 years I can get to 20 21 years Smith,certainly had the correct response on,Monday but it's probably not what's best,for the Cavs,Thomas is Adam till the end of the,calendar year with Rose getting the,first crack of the starting gig his,presence in the lineup already leads to,some outside shooting woes while raising,more concerns about spacing roses a,29.8% three-point shooter and is coming,off a carry worst 21.7% during his one,season with the New York Knicks has set,his vest driving to the basket going 250,o F 457 54.7% from inside five feet on,shots outside that range Rose was just,210 o F 520 40.3% his second best weapon,last season was the mid-range jumper,canning 47% of his attempts but that,shot unless it was Irving wasn't a big,part of the Cavs offensive arsenal,swapping Smith for Wade creating a rose,Wade backcourt dosa seemed like a savvy,approach toss Thompson in the middle and,James whose outside jumper runs hot and,cold and suddenly the Cavs have one,starter love shooting better than 37%,from long range they'd quickly go from,one of the most dangerous deep shooting,groups to a restricted one the Cavs need,Smith's floor spacing even when hess,misfiring the threat of him igniting at,any moment tends to affect the defense,if Wade's willing he would best,suited for a sixth man role anchoring,the second unit this would allow him to,play alongside sharpshooters Korver and,Frye while Jae Crowder or Ayman Shumpert,attempt to bring the defensive edge,offensively this particular role would,allow Wade to become the focal point he,could handle the ball and attack the,basket getting free driving lanes,because of the gravity from Korver and,Frye,you

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Twitter UNLOCKED my Account @LynchOnSports. Here's What Happened & What You Can Learn

Twitter UNLOCKED my Account @LynchOnSports. Here's What Happened & What You Can Learn

hey guys James Lynch here doing a quick,video to tell you some good news that my,Twitter account has been unlocked if you,saw the video I posted on Saturday my,Twitter account which I've had since,2009 which is verified which has close,to 10,000 followers I was locked out I,couldn't get back in this happened,Friday afternoon and I was I was,panicking because you know we've seen a,lot of times with Twitter kick people,off for no reason front row Brian's a,good example a lot of people just,getting booted off the platform and I,rely on it heavily for the work I do not,only with promoting interviews but I,have a lot of fighter contacts on my,Twitter account as well so to lose,basically you know a year's worth of,work on there was gonna be a huge bummer,so I'm happy that first point out that,my account is unlocked as of this,morning recording this on the 7th so,very happy to have that and I want to,share this because people might,encounter a similar problem and I'm,hoping they can have a solution here if,this does happen to him and I'm more,than happy to answer any questions so,you know before I get into that I just,want to give a quick thanks to a couple,people that the support I mean if there,was a silver lining in this whole,situation it was that I got in a,tremendous amount of support from people,I can't thank you guys enough,specifically Ariel Helwani Chris cyborg,mmm a roasted Adam Hunter people who,have huge followings who got the word,out there that I I had my account locked,out and I can't thank you guys enough,and I can't thank everyone who sent,messages of support and gave different,ideas that really meant a lot to me and,I sincerely am humbled and very you know,thankful to have people like that had my,back like that it was seriously,overwhelming so if you didn't see in the,video I'll have a link in the,description below but basically the,Coles notes was Friday afternoon my,account is logged out I can't get back,in the issue was that my email and phone,number had been removed from my account,so when I said my account had suspicious,activity so it wouldn't let me log back,in when I tried to reset my password it,wasn't finding my email or my phone,number so I'm freaking out because I've,had this account forever I can't just,start a new I couldn't start a new,account from scratch but that would take,forever to get back all my contacts and,everything like that so I had no idea,what's going on Twitter's not telling me,anything I got an initial email from,them saying that there was a security,issue and then after that all of a,sudden they can't find my email so my,first thought when I figured this out is,someone has hacked my account they've,taken my email away and they taken my,phone number away which is crazy so as,this is all going on I'm filing tickets,filing tickets the problem with Twitter,there's no customer service support it's,an automated ticket system so when,you're filing a ticket despite all the,information I had it wasn't registering,it because the way they see it is we,want your email we want your phone,number and if neither,are showing up they're not gonna verify,you I had my driver's license,I had an email from Twitter from years,ago that said I was verified in 2016,I couldn't even submit that because the,ticketing system wouldn't recognize it,then I got to give a quick shout-out to,a two people mike dice and my buddy Shaq,over a fan sided they actually gave me,specific people at Twitter to email,unfortunately neither of those got back,to me but it didn't matter because I got,this resolved and here's what happened,someone from Twitter ended up you know,mentioning what had happened in my,account and I'm gonna read the statement,here this is exactly what happened to my,account upon checking the account Lynch,on sports was locked down by a bot for,having ten consecutive failed login,attempts we have reinstated the account,and the owner will log in again I've,also found the user submitted a number,of tickets after we locked the account,we will respond to him to get back his,account so late last night on the 6th I,get an email from Twitter saying that my,account my email is connected to my,account I go back in and login and as of,the seventh this morning my account is,now back in business so why would a bot,attack my account I'm pretty Anila on,Twitter I promote my interviews I post,the odd opinion but I'm pretty like I'm,pretty careful I'm not stupid I've seen,what's happened to people on Twitter,especially people who are conservative,leaning and politics they get booted off,Twitter for no reason in a lot of cases,and you know Witter it's just a crazy,time right now to be a Twitter user so,I'm aware of all that so I don't tweet a,lot of opinions stuff it's just mainly,my interviews and all that so why would,a bot attack my account well here's a,backstory that a lot of people don't,know and I'm not gonna mention that the,person or the YouTube channel that I had,this issue with but I'll just give

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Phil Hellmuth Can't Handle Crazy Trash Talker! [Full Match]

Phil Hellmuth Can't Handle Crazy Trash Talker! [Full Match]

we're at this table because of me though,this feature table,phil has an achilles heel and it's his,ego he's going in on it,queen on the river,drills three fives drawn to a five,that's what i love about phil he,remembers half the hands,i had an ace five student i called the,raise are you are you uh,you have some issues with with the truth,don't you,i have no issues with the truth truth is,i'm going to whoop you,all right my patience is out i'm gonna,have to take you out quickly now i doubt,it,you've talked oh no if we were playing,heads up somewhere else i could have my,headphones on and just ignore all the,bull,but now i have to engage and just bust,you quickly,you don't you're not smart enough to,fold so oh no phil's gonna bring a c,game,the gloves are coming off in this one,i actually don't think phil's gonna,change anything,let's see,sticking with the dark check 5000,ace high wheel cardboard here,tell me check check peeling with this,queen 10 check,person's ace deuce gets counterfeited on,the turn he checks back now he fills up,on the river,helmets,the queen,gotta love this game,man he brought his a game today,he's going to beat me in 20 minutes,yeah,start the clock,you might be one of the most i will say,this you might be one of the most,obnoxious guys i've played in the last,few years,11 000.,and that's okay i think you need you,need to be obnoxious to win maybe,maybe you don't have the skills but,i'm gonna win phil,i'm gonna fast forward to the end i'm,gonna beat you,i'm not sure what you're gonna say,you have no chance you you've had all,those river cards in your store let's uh,let's put 50 000 on the phil you and i,right now is that all you can do is,offer a bet would you like to do a,hundred thousand is that all you can do,offer can you play your hand i'm asking,my time man oh you just took a leak for,two minutes,don't tell me i'm burning your time i,asked you before the match i understand,i understand phil so now you want to,call that out of me too huh,it's a fact,i will say as a gambler i think offering,a bet to bet more here is like a totally,reasonable thing to do,you want to bet more right now i mean i,i get he has a small chip lead but you,know phil just said he has zero chance,to win i think it's a great guy zero,chance to win okay let's bet 50k more,it's a very reasonable response to that,what's deciphering these heads-up,matches,what's happened,you're getting beat that's what's,happening,you've been lucky a bunch of times yeah,and don't recognize it that's okay,i actually think i need you to keep,sometimes phil it's all,but i actually do think persons run,better than him at this point based on,what we can see i mean he's made quite a,few,quite a large number of hands phil's,basically made one and he got paid quite,handsomely on it when he did make the,straight,helmet hits his nine and checks back on,this paired flop,person hits the three and,decides to bet it,check,check now it's jack's up on the river,for helmuth who,looks to milk 5k off of person on the,end just a quarter pot bet,this would be kind of an interesting,spot to see person maybe bluff raise i,i'm pretty sure he's not really in his,wheelhouse based on what we've seen so,far also somewhat interesting his,willingness to fold despite being laid,five to one there with the queen trey,you kind of get the sense that he's a,guy that goes ah who cares it's 5k but,no he's definitely thinking hard about,those decisions i would say,but uh the idea of maybe turning that,into a bluff raise,i think as a decent candidate with the,queen,above average guard on that blocking the,king queen queen eight,thirteen thousand,check,check i think versus that sizing the,three he's correctly figured out doesn't,right to win very often check,person checking back the 4-5 after,fanning on the flop helmets just flatted,the ace jack and,now the delayed c bet from person after,he picks up the bad side of the gut shot,pours he hits the fours on the river and,wait for it,this is where phil is going to start,getting frustrated because he is just,like losing to,good check bill,good check,check your way to victory,jesus christ you're running out of chips,phil i'm gonna have to take a stand,pretty soon how many cards are you,getting you're running out of chips,but i do actually kind of like how,unrelenting this guy is because it might,get the film,you call that justice justice,all those cards you hit on the river,that's justice justice or someone who's,playing badly but call of justice,does he remind you of anybody out there,and you're,kidding me,uh,that might be one or two people i played,with who were a bit unrelenting i might,have the same person in mind i was going,to see if you wanted,you have played before right,you know there's no limit hold them you,know we're playing,nice nice nice bed out,so i'm still at the end i'm gonna shake,your hand and say good match when i bust,you i appreciate it i'm still gonna say,that to you,i mean you're so obnoxious this is cra

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Preview of Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day with Chris Haynes, Joe Vardon and Chris Fedor

Preview of Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day with Chris Haynes, Joe Vardon and Chris Fedor

welcome to inside,Cleveland Clinic courts here it is Cavs,media day an exciting day for the Cavs,our first introduction of LeBron James,Kevin Love Kyrie Irving wearing their,new jersey's will have continuing,coverage all throughout the day, / Cavs I'm your host Chris,Fedor and joining me the cavs beat,reporting team we've got chris haynes,and Joe Vardon or LeBron beat reporter,and we've got so much coverage,throughout the day here on,gas and this is absolutely amazing,something that I've never been a part of,Chris over 300 media members expected,for the festivities today yeah it's,definitely something you know my time in,Portland I can say I've never come close,to experienced anything like this so,it's definitely you could tell us a,special time electricity excitement is,in the building this city is just ready,to crank up and so this is the first,start this is the kickstart this is the,jump starting right here so we'll see,what comes out of it and Joe I think you,covering LeBron James this just once,again goes a long way in confirming that,you're going to be covering the most,powerful athlete and all of sports not,just the NBA yeah and I think that his,power even transcend sports we are,talking coming in where the media is,actually set up to work in a tent,outside this building that's the kind of,setup you have when the President of the,United States comes in that's the kind,of attention that we have here today,it's almost like the president in the,middle of a campaign season in Ohio and,instead we were talking about LeBron,James people might even be I would say,argue they are a lot more excited about,him being here than any politician but,that is the kind of star power that he,has of course LeBron is the big draw,here everybody knows that Chris from,your perspective what do you want to,hear from LeBron James today in his,first real meeting with the media you,know he's been here he had his,homecoming celebration he had a couple,of other events he had a series TV show,that premiered here in Cleveland but but,this is media day and this is an,opportunity for a lot of people not just,locally but nationally to pick the brain,of LeBron what do you want to hear from,well I want to hear about you know his,development of being a leader when he,was here his first day here in Cleveland,he was a young guy coming up we all knew,he was the best player at that time or,are,be the best play at the time but still,there were still some veterans on that,team who were the locker room guys the,key locker room guys now he's going to,be the best player and he's going to be,the main locker room guy this is his,team so he has to impose his will you,know from a mental standpoint a physical,standpoint a leadership standpoint so,I'm interested in seeing how he's going,to do that it's one thing to say if I,won't know how that's I think those are,some things I'm looking forward to how,about you Joe what are you looking for,from LeBron today you know I don't know,that I'm looking for much just because,he has been in this situation before,it's more like the people in the,audience will be kind of experiencing,this for the first time he's he's been,here I am much more interested to see,how this team comes together over,training camp and once we get onto the,floor in Games and leading up to the,October thirtieth you know lid lifter,against the Knicks what a difference a,year makes one year ago at kevs media,day right behind us we had one little,podium and that's kind of where Kyrie,Irving and head coach Mike Brown was and,we had individual tables you could get,any one-on-one you wanted and now you,can see Wow there are a lot of chairs,set up for this kind of thing but that's,what comes when you've got championship,aspirations and now I want to talk about,that with you Chris because this is a,new team coming together in one,offseason five players that's it five,players from the roster last year back,how much of a challenge is that going to,be it's going to be an extreme challenge,and that's going to be the most,difficult part of this whole process,this guy's gelling together getting to,know each other game know where each God,likes the ball out on the court,defensive assignments you know it's a it,takes communication and a lot of times,you need to be together for a long,period of time to get your defensive,concept straight and so that's going to,be the part that we're going to have to,keep watching and looking forward to see,if they progress it might tell you know,championship aspirations definitely i,can think it's going to be a,championship-caliber team but you know,these first three months I'm gonna give,it the first two to three months this,where we're going to see hey if this,team really has what it takes to get to,that next level so you have a column,right now on talking about,just the questions that lebron faces,heading into training camp this is a,little bit different than the time

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Why Fedor Emelianenko is MMA's GREATEST but not BEST

Why Fedor Emelianenko is MMA's GREATEST but not BEST

if I squat what's up welcome to today's,fight cast where we're not gonna discuss,any kind of combat news but I'm gonna,explain why I think that federal,Emelianenko is the greatest of all time,in MMA further returns to the sport this,Saturday and he's fighting Matt Mitrione,Bellator actually before we get to the,main part belever released a very nice a,very funny promo video that has to do,with feathers glorious weather of,absolute victory so why did the glorious,weather come to fruition nobody knows,when for those don't know feathers a,legendary sweater first appeared in a,press conference before his fight with,Andrei Arlovski in affliction in 2009 he,was studying between Oscar De La Hoya,and Tito Ortiz and they're both were you,know really nicely suited up and stole,the scene with his extreme casualness,then he knocked a LOF ski off his socks,and a legend was born he worried again,before the bread Rogers fight in,Strikeforce and knocked him out too then,the sweater was retired somewhere I hope,in a nice Island by the sea not in,Siberia and Fedor even said to Ariel,Helwani in an interview that he didn't,know where it was and then feathers,started losing Federer was never the,same,and then suddenly says before his fight,with me three own there we have feather,again wearing his glory sweater of,absolute victory and so the legend lives,on especially if he manages to knock me,three only out two I have the links for,that ingenious promo video from Bellator,down below check it out now in another,video by Bellator we see if either,Emelianenko going in to sign the,contract to fight Mitrione and former,UFC welterweight champion GSP is there,and we see him actually kneeling in,respect to feather and I know GSP is a,very down-to-earth guy he's always,really respectful but he wouldn't do,that to anyone else and that's why I'm,here and I want to try to explain to you,guys why I think feather is the greatest,of all time in MMA first of all let me,make a distinction I think that titles,like greatest and best are not the same,best is used for a comparison in skill,and only in the present time the best is,someone who can beat everyone else today,and only today great is in comparison in,achievement and in legacy and it covers,the whole history of the sport it's a,different comparison than skill because,MMA being a very,sport every generation is definitely,better and more skillful than the,previous one so it's not a fair,comparison to make but we can compare,achievements for example I'd say the,Daniel Cormier is a better fighter that,Zack Liddell was but Chuck Liddell was a,greater champion than Cornell is at,least for now,also steeper meiosis is a better fighter,than let's say Nogueira was but,Nogueira's legacy is far better than,what steep Aziz at least at this point,so I'm not saying that feather skill was,is the best fighter this sport has ever,seen just saying that he has the best,legacy and I don't think you need to be,a fan of his to understand it every,fighter has a peak which usually comes,when he wins the World title at the best,organization a title and Bellator is not,the top pick a title in UFC is a top,pick,then as he defends the title the peak,grows longer,and since defending a title is actually,harder than winning it the more you,defend the longer you stay at the peak,the greater your legacy I know some,people slight fader because he never,fought in the UFC but you have to know,that pride back then had the best,heavyweight division in the world better,than UFC and a couple of good fighters,at UFC Hallett Randy Couture Tim Sylvia,and Andrei Arlovski two of them actually,loves to feather in a very spectacular,way and feather beat them when they were,still at the top,I love ski was number two in the world,when he loves to feather feather was,number one Tim Sylvia was of the top ten,I think maybe the top five and the way,he beat him Sylvia Noah had done before,so feather was defeating the best,heavyweights in the world and he did it,for eight years in a row,that's his peak I'm counting from his,win against Heath Herring in 2002 when,feather was actually the outsider until,his loss to Fabricio Werdum Strikeforce,in 2010 so feather speak is eight years,and 22 fights others on Silva speak,started with he beat Chris Leben in 2006,until his loss to Chris Weidman in 2013,that's seven years and 16 wins that's,obviously great but it's still less than,feather and I know feather had some,fights that were not top-quality,competition but you can say the same of,some of other strands opponents earring,Cote looter and so on besides the more,you fight the bigger the risk you get,from getting caught in something either,it's a strike either it's a submission,exactly like GSP did with Matt Serra,since we're talking about GSP his Pig,was six years and twelve fights you can,add a year maybe a couple of fights from,before he loves to Sarah but still it's,not enough to beat feather now John,Jones was great and he was going up,there and

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