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TIM REACTS TO DOCS 2022 REWINDmorning even afternoon we got a banger,feel today baby we got for it h

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Updated on Jan 22,2023


morning even afternoon we got a banger,feel today baby we got for it here's doc,my good buddy,six eight,and it's rewind for the 2022 year I love,these videos myself obviously I had mine,on my main Channel and having these,videos just to look back and see,everything that happened during the year,is actually a really cool thing to do if,you do enjoyed this reaction video drop,a like on this so I can ring the bell so,miss any of the content over here but,most importantly be sure to tell,somebody you love them all right I'll,catch you in the next one well we got,some more reaction videos for y'all here,of course and this one is stock again,but this is his rewind now I haven't,seen this yet like I said I always watch,these videos raw if you will this is a,raw reaction I'm expecting to be in this,video quite a bit Doc and I'm going to,tell you that at the front and I'm gonna,honestly if I don't see myself in this,video quite a bit doc you and I are,we're gonna have some words all right if,I'm not oh there okay I'm right there,all right see like I said you know 30,seconds in the boy all right let's get,it hey guys Dr disrespect here hey we,got a great video in front of us today,he,he always makes fun of intros bro I like,doing intros he always makes fun of them,I swear bro hey guys doctor disrespect,here hey we got a great video in front,of us today,heading into 2022.,Dr disrespect has a book,I've made 45 million dollars from just,that shout out Jill a 15,000 tournament uh two of them broken,and we're here at the Niners how about,tonight wait you stop watching right now,yeah right now he's not watching I am,right now,so that's how I'm in the video first I,mean do we have to include and we're,here are we including this in here doc,we gotta include a little you know I'm,I'm 28 seconds into the video already,and I'm already kind of upset I mean I'm,gonna be honest with you you know you,gotta hash out these,you know it was a ref's fault it was,rest fault all right Cowboys are gonna,win the Super Bowl this year,the two-time played a lot of Skyrims I,know what I'm doing when it comes to,these games and Elden ring ain't no,different like that,controller ASMR,I might be stuck,I wonder what I said about Warzone,operation step bro I mean third party,this is m-o-i-s-t yeah that's moist,moist,Ure scablands and I'm dead physically to,you if I can hear you running you're,fine get it,I'm dead I love the little I love that,he actually has so like I have my own,rewind too and I've watched Tyler's as,well but I kind of like that he added,the months in there as well it's kind of,a cool,I'm dead by the way I'm dead,I'm dead dead again three times I die,three times I'm dead dead oh dead now,I'm really dead and I'm back,what the hell,done new game huh,his production value you know I'm gonna,pause and just say this bro oh look at,that Mountain Dew game Fuel shout out to,Mountain Dew dude Doc's production value,is bar I I mean he's the best out there,I've said it before and I'll say it,again like the amount of quality that he,puts into like cut scenes the games he's,playing and the whole team that works on,that with him is unbelievable,this is really cool,hold on fire yo got fired,shots,what the is that shotgun,doc hates Wars on Doc hates Apex doc,hates all games dot like no I don't what,am I supposed to love everything that I,play on on the stream am I supposed to,sell out my soul no man imma tell you,how it is baby,tonight,I might actually go in this might go in,that scare you guys,screenshot it Photoshop me screenshot it,hey take a screenshot take a screenshot,that's a screenshot right there that's a,screenshot screenshot right there make a,screenshot take a screenshot right there,someone take a screenshot screenshot it,right there right there right there,right there right there,welcome to the first ever Marion founder,event for Midnight Society,I'm out there about this three two,one,go ahead and dropped the Cure package,right,doctor disrespected San Francisco 49er,Camp did you see that,wasn't 70. and it actually just reminded,me in the middle of this here it just,hit me Doc you still owe me money for,that by the way random fact and he still,owes me money for that random clutch,that I had in that first solo game you,all know what I'm talking about comment,down below you guys remember I won the,very first solo game of the day and doc,said I couldn't you guys remember that,we're gonna be throwing 70 yards minimum,I was probably thinking I'm like beating,my dog or something you know you know,what I mean like hi Nancy no,everything's okay over there yeah,let's ride thing he did it was Sunday,Night Football was one of his best,videos I thought I was hoping that was,going to be in here I don't know if he,could put it in here fully because of,the copyright stuff,I got three more shots,production quality is unreal,how can one person win so much,black steel bourbon available now,how many footballs do we got oh we got a,lot boom Oh Elon Elon le

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Chief Future Officer: Chipotle's Jack Hartung

Chief Future Officer: Chipotle's Jack Hartung

when jack hartung joined chipotle 20,years ago it was far from the powerhouse,it is today,chipotle was a special brand it was an,unknown brand it was very small,founded in 1993 by chef turned,entrepreneur steve ells the company,stood on the brink of the growth spurt,that would create a category fast casual,dining it was a really simple idea steve,had it was look why is fast food crappy,why can't great food be done fast i was,there when there was a couple dozen,restaurants and i would visit,restaurants like this where steve would,go behind the line and he'd see somebody,cutting an onion and saying well hold on,let me let me show you how to do it,two decades later jack hartung is still,the chief financial officer of chipotle,he's had a hand in just about every area,of the operation,i feel like i've always been able to,dabble in things outside of just,financials and while his central task is,to create greater value for a chain that,now has about 3 000 restaurants he,insists on staying true to the values,that have defined chipotle from day one,i think i'm really open-minded but um i,really do want to protect the heritage,of chipotle right and make sure that we,don't lose the the essence,it's a powerful blend a consistent,mission that sustains the brand with a,commitment to innovation that drives the,business,chipotle's future depends on investments,that address both priorities jack,hartung embraces that challenge,he's always had a passion for,what we do next at our company because,he's always been really a champion of,growth i've got to make sure that the,financials the balance sheet the way we,source food the way that we,provide food the way that our business,works needs to be strong so that we,reach our full potential,i love working with people that can,figure out how to thread the needle,between,the numbers and the purpose frankly not,everybody can do it but luckily jack,does it really well and you know we're,pretty fortunate to have him at our,company,chipotle's growth in the last five years,has been nothing short of spectacular,revenues have jumped nearly 70 percent,the company's market capitalization has,more than quadrupled,all this despite a global pandemic,that's disrupted the restaurant industry,and all this following a food safety,crisis that caused sales at the company,to crater and forced a shake-up in the,c-suite individually,the team was phenomenal,individually people were very talented,but it's almost like,they didn't have the right people in the,right places,to handle how big the brand and the,platform became,the enhanced food safety procedures,enhanced standards and training they,really enhanced the management team took,marketing dollars,you know transition them to more,effective marketing brand building,efforts with a big focus on reminding,consumers of why they love chipotle the,breakdown was the human capital the,breakdown was in culture and that's what,they've repaired and that's why they're,coming back stronger what have you,learned,in your cfo position going through those,crises what was what was the which one,was the most challenging the food safety,issue was the most challenging because,we were alone in that one that was,unique to chipotle the pandemic is,certainly a challenge but everyone's in,it together the things that really got,us through it is we stayed true to our,purpose so during each of these,challenges we made sure we invested in,the things that made chipotle special,invest in higher quality food invest in,our people and then invest in our growth,and invest in things like technology we,have the saying around here i think it,actually comes from west point you know,we will choose the harder right over the,easy wrong,how do you and jack work on things like,that those black swan events those,things that can be you know,fundamentally changing for you as a,company,when we are successful in focusing on,the really important things that can,strategically drive growth for us,they seem to be having resiliency in,these unexpected events and the other,thing i think is to make sure you have a,strong balance sheet to make sure you,can weather the storm and we've had a,strong balance sheet we've never had,debt we've also always had more cash in,the balance sheet than we need for our,normal ongoing business and that has,come in you know great you know really,handy chipotle carries no long-term debt,and its free cash flow almost tripled in,2021.,when you think about the future how do,you take advantage of this and and what,is the flexibility that that enables,what it really affords us is we're going,to be able to invest in our future no,matter what like we accelerated our open,we accelerated our pursuit of new,restaurant sites during the pandemic,when some of their restaurant companies,were laying off their development team,chipotle not only expanded its footprint,over the last two years it reshaped its,restaurants a venture to drive through,dining that began several years ago,became a thrivi

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Jim Cramer on Nokia, Chipotle and Twitter

Jim Cramer on Nokia, Chipotle and Twitter

Jim let's kick this off with the big,merger news this morning now brian,moynihan called this well he didn't call,this merger in particular but he said,that he expected the banking sector to,come up - I mean Brian has spent,tremendous amount of money becoming,technologically the best most proficient,I mean oh so I have an account pretty,much with every bank but they do a,fantastic job and when you look at its,SunTrust trying to keep up it would be,BBT trying to keep up with that tech,spend it's too hard when you have that,overlap brick and mortars really kind of,liability these days they can cut that,out,there's just a lot of raw personnel,costs that banks have that happen in,compliance costs that can be cut out,it's remarkable it's accretive it's,fantastic it's the only good thing,happening today and B BT and SunTrust,merging will make them the sixth largest,bank yeah look I mean I think that we,kind of felt that bank mergers were over,because there was such concentration,deposit right and yet and you did,frankly the last one first I agaric it,didn't work that much I like key I think,keep four percent we had we owned it we,sold a much higher fraction alert but,let me just explain to people that if,you look at what Bank of America has,done with this okay,you cannot keep up you cannot spend,enough money to stay with them the,technology became the gating factor for,banks and there are 5,000 banks in this,country 5,000 there's four banks and,United Kingdom I mean we have way too,many bags and we should see a huge wave,of her just now I was speculating about,gold with Goldman's Blue Book mmm,anything they do is going to be positive,she Goldman by AB merged with US bank,when you look at Marcus Goldman zone by,axilor when you look at Marcus they're,trying that's their retail bank they're,doing their absolute best to try to get,the deposits are growing like mad if you,want to get deposits go buy US Bancorp,forever second so I it is a very,positive development it's remarkable how,additive it is when you see two stocks,go up when they're in a deal that's very,very positive so expect more deals but,don't go crazy today we have a damn debt,well Italians wait two days and then,do the by-and-by kid let's talk about,the down Bay because Twitter announced,earnings this morning they disappointed,well you know Twitter's is an,interesting case they gave you more,information and the information was it,was poorly received they don't have the,growth in daily average users that,people have but I would tell you that 30,out of 38 of the Superbowl advertisers,were on Twitter that if you want to,launch something new you do it on,Twitter my Twitter may not be the most,sustainable place to advertise but it's,a good place to advertise and it's in,the mix I'm like snaps in the mix,yesterday we saw that snaps not going,under snap has better growth but you,know what you do is you have this,pastiche of Facebook you have Twitter,you have alphabet but in terms of social,Facebook Twitter snap there's not enough,of them so the there must buy is what we,would call it so I'm not back in a way I,think that like I denied I've been,wrecking recommending Twitter ever since,I Anthony no dough came aboard now,Anthony's left he's in so five and I,always said that that when snap was,considerably higher than Twitter then,you should short snap and go on Twitter,is one of my best calls and I'm not,backing away from Twitter I think this,one has to settle there'll be some,number cuts tomorrow maybe goes to 27 28,Twitter is going to be hard pressed to,stay in a pennant if it keeps going down,the last time I cared about Nokia was,back when I had a flip phone yeah and,you said that for the first time since,the 90s well when you have a government,mandated worldwide I eat it not to use,Huawei I mean Huawei is the cheapest and,in many ways some people consider the,best but I had Bob Hertzberg aye I had,mr. Hertzberg going in front who's just,a remarkable guy he's a shark tank guy,and he advises big companies about,cybersecurity and he said you really,can't use Huawei my way is very likely,it could be spying now I can't be spying,for the government or they might be,spying for the military we don't know,but the idea he said that you would let,Huawei in as part of a telco by telco,equipment because they're a little bit,cheaper than Nokia or Ericsson is,just plain foolish and I think that,people have woken up to the fact that,it's not that hard to get the European,governments to say you know what you,gotta buy European their protectionist,as it is and Nokia is a little bit,cheaper and it's it's down a little bit,more you could buy the basket of arcs in,a Nokia I think I want everyone and,people have to understand watch this,video I don't know I mean frankly we,don't have a lot of date about who you,are as opposed to Facebook but I stock,of the day as Nokia and if you want to,learn why you should buy a six dollar,stock read the stock of the day where,every day we do a a

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How To Order Chipotle: A Rant

How To Order Chipotle: A Rant

how to order some Chipotle,anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I,have a deep throbbing passion for,Chipotle burritos it might be the single,greatest thing you can ever put in your, mouth and I don't,have time to argue about this I love how,there's like a million locations and how,they set up the flow of traffic so you,aren't confused about where to order,it's that easy but since there's,a single line it only takes one asshat,who doesn't know how to order to, up what can I get for you,oh maybe no uh let's see here uh a,salmon no a pickle ah whoa um excuse me,but what the sir there are all of,four items on the menu one two three,four five if you count the quesarito,though I don't think you'll understand,the concept of a burrito inside a,quesadilla despite your head being,inside your ass,you've been whoo look it doesn't even,matter cuz they all taste the,same it's got the same inside of it,all right so as Hat picks a burrito and,you can guess what happens next white,rice extra extra beans extra steak extra,extra extra wait wait wait wait wait,excuse me but what the what the,actual that right there is some,Close Encounters of the Third Kind,Mountain making I mean maybe,you're used to being overstuffed with 12,inches of big black beans and meat,you've been moved but you done this,burrito why don't you try to wrap that,up yourself,Oh oh yeah you can't that's about as,unwrapped as Kanye on Kim of course even,worse is the guy who orders for his,entire office with poorly written,instructions,I need a burrito with chicken and a,burrito bowl with steak and beans white,beans in the burrito and sour cream no,cheese that goes in the other bowl with,the chicken no I mean I mean steak and,beans and cheese in the bowl not red not,red green salsa and cheese and,and beans and chicken stop stop just,stop and give me that I don't know what,kind of dunder-mifflin office foolery,you work at but you're probably the guy,they hire to scrape the caviar out of,their crack pipes when they're done,because this makes about as much,sense as Zoe Saldana Hey there was this,one time a lady was arguing about the,sweet sauce sweet sauce,I want sweet sauce and poor Consuela,behind the counter had no idea what she,was talking about no you have sweet no,sweets no no no it took about ten,minutes to figure out she just wanted,salad dressing well that was it just,needed to get a little ran off my chest,tell me about some of the things you,need to rant about or you can just tell,me how much you want Chipotle in your,mouth you know where I want your thumbs,and until next time peace

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The Greatest Life Hacks For Men TO Know

The Greatest Life Hacks For Men TO Know

look I'm gonna put your life in Easy,Mode right now yes life can be tougher,but with certain life hacks you can,perform at your best without it feeling,overwhelming I'm gonna give you some of,my best ones that I've used that I'm,telling you you should deploy as well,I'm going to give you an example number,one every time you say I don't need to,write this down write it down you'll say,oh I'll remember later that's the,biggest lie in the world I'm telling you,right now I have journals on journals on,journals and even though I write almost,every great idea down even then I might,remember some certain feature or some,certain product that I wanted to deploy,that I never got a chance to do so,because there's your brain gets,cluttered every day so every time you,want to do something a to-do list or,create something or build something or,have a great idea write that thing down,I promise you best decision you'll ever,make number two if somebody invites you,out ask yourself this will I go tomorrow,right you get invited to a party to an,event to a conference to whatever you'll,probably say oh yeah sure it's like two,three months down the road and then when,it comes you you look like a dumbass,because you end up canceling last minute,and now you don't get invited anywhere,so to avoid all of that awkwardness next,time somebody invites you ask yourself,the immediate question would I go if it,would be tomorrow the answer is probably,no so tell them no even if it's five,months down the road number three use,the Fresh Start effect this is if you,want unlimited power unlimited energy,unlimited Focus unlimited productivity,use this effect see there is a,psychological effect that every time you,start something new something fresh you,almost feel re-energized think about a,new day right what happens when you,waste the whole day on Tick Tock eight,hours you have a project you're the,first thing you think of I'll just do it,tomorrow fresh start clean slate I'll do,it tomorrow it's a new energy effect you,can do that with tasks say you're doing,something you're you're mentally blocked,you see yourself procrastinating you're,you're spending time on Tick Tock,immediately stop switch to a new task,it's that new Fresh Start effect you're,going to feel that motivation and focus,again on something fresh and new and,then just keep hopping back and forth,tasks that you know need to be completed,that where you still keep that high,level of dopamine and motivation,throughout the day number four pre-plan,all your meals people think that getting,shredded looking healthy is hard,especially now for the new year,everybody's starting oh I'm gonna do,this diet I'm gonna do that diet look,most of you will fail your diet I'm,being 100 honest with you and it's not,even me being harsh I think it's like 90,of New Year's resolutions get dropped,off by like February and that's because,it's difficult it's difficult to,completely change your life but not if,you pre-plan your meals if you want to,stay as disciplined as possible you got,to make your life as easy as possible,this is why having pre-planned meals is,easy that way you don't force yourself,to end up spending at McDonald's or at,Chipotle or eating junk food you already,know what you're getting when you're,getting etc for the week and and look,even if you're lazy to pre-plan your,meals which is not that difficult you,can even get them pre-planned by a chef,I'll give you an example our sponsor for,today Factor 75 gives you Gourmet style,meals that's pre-planned by all their,chefs with the best thing ingredients,you'll ever find that it's not even,Frozen this is fresh meals and they get,delivered to your door right when you,need them now while I love Factor 75 on,top of the food being fresh and prepared,by chefs it's that it's also dietitian,approved so when you go on to factor 75,and you create your profile you get to,choose what type of diet you want to,build so you know you're getting healthy,nutritious meals and here's the best,part it's effective two minutes your,meals are ready and you can get it and,you can get different styles if you're a,keto guy if you're if you want something,that's calorie smart maybe if you're,just a vegan or a vegetarian you just,like veggies or if you want more protein,they have their Protein Plus plants,there's different plants for different,people so they can cater to exactly what,you need and the best part is you get 34,plus different meal options weekly to,choose from so it doesn't even get,repetitive see when I used to meal prep,myself it would get repetitive right,rice broccoli chicken like I was lazy,with it literally I would just I would,both cook this on Sunday and eat it,through the week by Friday that chicken,was hard as rock now you're getting,fresh meals 36 different options,designed by by chefs or cooked by chefs,and the best part is that the cost per,meal is actually cheaper than takeout so,look make your life easier stick to this,New Year's resolution y

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PRO/CREATOR 10 MANS ON LOTUS! (Ft. Tarik, Kyedae, and more!)

PRO/CREATOR 10 MANS ON LOTUS! (Ft. Tarik, Kyedae, and more!)

I think it's I think it's a fade map for,sure Sean install Ox neon which let's,find Sean gears and run at him prove to,him he needs to stay in the coach slot,respectfully of course,okay I take him back don't put it on,Twitter don't put it on YouTube Don't,quip it and send it to him he just walks,up here,oh my God Sean with three,knifed open sesame,I got a cam tags,oh my God I'm dead,I'm,not timing,no man,this door is troll I hate this door,already wait we're defense another one,of the doors wait why does it feel like,I'm playing Attack this whole time,line up Andy already,miss her,I sent him to the sky,he's going away bro I cannot believe I,thought we were on attack this whole,time sucking for you,yeah boom button respawn 40 damage on,race one enemy remains,their ashes on miso I think,I'm altering I'm although,didn't hit anything hit zero wait one,deep swan,I'll watch this this is gonna be a far,dog no one's been dogged from this far,before ever look how far it's going,one more up one more at the thing,for us for a three bomb say map this map,feels surprisingly tiny it's a big map,but it feels small,careful I'm busting it it's been busted,you got sucked I think kiljoy's gonna be,really good fade is really good and it,might be it might be double controller,it might be Viper Ash or Viper brim I,don't think Harbor okay now we're on,attack though for sure,one in the smoke,there's one,where can they be I don't even know a,good flank I guess,one spot there,what's a t-spot what's the t-spawn yes,he's coming to the door,he faked it one Emmy remaining,iPhone,honestly respect I don't enjoy that,you're just fighting and spawning off,the rip defense is in attack spawn like,instantly two a day yeah,baby,open the door more time as a fake,pray this guy doesn't try to come push,me,please don't open the door on me I,didn't,fighting both of us Ray seems pretty,good too I bet you raise fade we get,some crazy combos come with it,thumbs down,oh we got all of C for this,okay it wasn't B yeah,sucking this,enemy down what's going on over here I,don't know man,I heard dude on me somewhere though,okay,I don't know if this is safe but I try,it always coming,player standing,what's up wow,easy one time was she trying to knife,you okay I feel good I feel bad I'm,sorry man I didn't mean to,she was literally yelling,sending the bomb for you,I am 99 sure this map is an awful sober,map for the same reason why split is an,awful so map too that there's just too,many corridors too many close lines,okay play post one get out baby,letting her have the site,oh my God no way,no you should have run that is different,that is that is a line out here,that is a lineup,behind us,I think both behind us even have a blind,some people are running around the map,some people are like trying out the new,stuff checking out the new skins the,Bonita went into server and found,lineups lineup Larry's first day of the,map actually we do something no why to,change no it didn't work I want to do KO,man,one turn left,or whoever okay children's where up here,I heard him or her okay,yeah do it yeah,open sesame,I don't care if you don't say open,sesame every time you go through this,wall this door I'm gonna be mad,sucking through suction,yeah,nice oh my God we're insane,enemy remaining,seizure dude,no,okay I didn't make it through the door,I'm too slow,I don't know what that is,Spike down,it's so colorful there,have killjoy all for this excited,yellowing this,door open I think,yeah,find them for me,whole thing okay,player standing,oh that makes three,I'll find you,three there,nice oh,one enemy remaining,oh,come through,one more I'm running into it you got,that right you got that yeah I got this,hundred percent,I'll vote on you for no no no no no no,no no no,a multiple team please now,it wasn't a left one or left one enemy,remaining,he wasn't mid oh he was not,he's a Bader he's a Vader,first,2V1 flush them,he's there someone there,with Cipher there's just too many,corridors and especially I think Fade's,gonna be super meta on this map I didn't,feel like decipher might be troll bike,planted me,he's mad,close on you,wait what's in our spawner,okay let's time this had a good time,already,Spike planted,foreign,oh that's kind of a cool spot actually,attackers win,all good,hey hey,early thoughts barriers need to be,pulled back a lot for the map to be as,big as it is there's it's just it's too,tight it's too compact I don't know it,doesn't play any map I've ever played,it's huge but it's small at the same,time,foreign

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Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Russia Deploys Trained Dolphins: This Week's News | The Tonight Show

Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Russia Deploys Trained Dolphins: This Week's News | The Tonight Show

Welcome, welcome, welcome to "The Tonight Show," everybody.,You're here. You made it.,Well, guys, everyone's talking about this.,Today, Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion.,Yep, he now owns SpaceX and Twitter.,It's like Musk is thinking, "I've seen the heavens.,Now on to Hell.",Twitter's an odd thing to buy.,You know, it's like buying YouTube and saying,,"Forget the videos.,I'm just here for the mean comments.",That's right -- the richest man in the world bought Twitter.,Right now, Bernie Sanders is so mad,,he just turned into the Hulk.,Yeah, Musk has said that he's pro-free speech,,so a lot of people think that he'll let,former president Trump back on the platform.,Yeah, not exactly what we meant,when we asked for a return to pre-pandemic vibes.,But when it heard, the caps-lock key on Trump's phone was like,,"I'm back, baby!",But listen to this.,Today, Trump told Fox News that he will not return to Twitter,and will instead join his own platform, Truth Social.,Wait. So not even Trump is on Truth Social yet?,That is -- It's his app.,He's not on his own app?,If you're keeping track, Twitter and Truth Social,are like the Four Seasons and Four Seasons Total Landscaping.,That's right -- Trump's not giving up on Truth Social,,but at a rally this weekend, he somehow managed,to mess up the name of his own platform.,Take a look at this.,-Because of this digital tyranny,,we had to give the American people their voice back,by building something called Troth -- Truth Sential.,Truth Social.,- Tough Socials.,Trout Chapel.,"Thor: Ragnarok.", Sadly, even Trout Central,has more users than Truth Social.,It's interesting.,Let's switch gears.,Over the past couple weeks, there's been,a rise in COVID cases, and The White House,is calling for caution but not overreacting.,Even the CDC was like, "What the hell does that mean?",You know it's really bad when,Elon Musk tries to buy Clorox Wipes.,Some more news from The White House.,Today, the Tampa Bay Lightning visited President Biden,to celebrate their last two Stanley Cup championships.,Yep. Sure. ,That's good.,Biden said he's not a big Lightning fan,,but his childhood friend Ben Franklin is.,Yeah, and...,Well, hey, get this.,Chippendales has hired a lobbyist,to help them get federal COVID aid.,Yeah, they'll receive their money,,but they're just going to get it like this.,♪♪,Some more business news.,I read that the owners of JCPenney have offered,to buy Kohl's for $8.6 billion.,Meanwhile, Best Buy is calling up RadioShack like,,"You up?",And, finally, a hiker in Washington,had to call the fire department to rescue her,after she dropped her phone in an outhouse toilet,and got stuck headfirst trying to get it out.,It's actually hard for her to get in touch,with the fire department because she had such crappy service.,And...,Firefighters were like, "There's no fire,,but you'd better bring the hose.",Let's get to some news here.,Well, guys, everybody is still talking about Elon Musk,buying Twitter for $44 billion.,Yep. First Tesla and now Twitter.,It's amazing how much money you can save,when you don't have to pay for gas, isn't it?,$44 billion. Not too shabby.,$44 billion. That's a lot.,That's almost three printer cartridges from Staples.,You know, if you think about it.,Seriously, you know you're rich when you buy something for,$44 billion and you're still rich.,Yep, Musk says he's going to bring back,free speech to Twitter.,It's a big deal, because if it's true,,it means we'll finally be able to talk about Bruno.,And...,Finally, it'll...,Yeah, Musk has a lot of ideas for the app.,He plans to defend free speech, get rid of spam bots,,and make Jeff Bezos' head the new Twitter egg.,Of course, some people are worried that Musk,will have a negative impact on Twitter.,Yes, compared to the absolute paradise it's been all along.,Well, some news from Washington.,Today, it was announced that Vice President Kamala Harris,has tested positive for COVID-19.,Yeah. President Biden told her to take her time recovering.,He was like, "When I was VP,,I was gone for two years, and nobody even noticed.",I don't know if she can do that.,Thankfully, Harris is feeling good,and will remain isolated,,just like she has since taking office., -Oh, boy.,-Yeah, The White House said that Harris,has been nowhere near Biden for over a week,,which pretty much tells you all you need to know,about that relationship.,You're like...,Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,just returned to work after testing positive for COVID.,And she said that she spent her quarantine,watching all of "Bridgerton.",Which explains why she was still feverish,three days after recovering.,♪♪,Wow!,Apparently, Pelosi got really into it.,She was like, "Anthony can storm my Capitol anytime.",And you go, "Whoa, hey!",Listen to this.,A judge in New York is holding former president Trump,in contempt of court for failing to turn over documents,,and he's being fined $10,000 a day until he does., Wow.,Trump's actually trying to locate the documents

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SWAPPING DIETS with my friend for 24 HOURS!

SWAPPING DIETS with my friend for 24 HOURS!

taste my toast really good very good,actually,you know why it's good why it's made of,love,we got cakes welcome back to my channel,yay for today's video I'm going to be,switching my diet with my best friend,he's coming over in a little bit so I'm,gonna get ready to cook my breakfast and,switch our diets I'm really excited for,this because I know that he eats a lot,and I don't so this will be an,opportunity for me to I guess eat,everything that he eats all right I'll,catch you guys when he's over and we'll,start cooking,guys I think he's here,hello,what Paparazzi please no Paparazzi,please that was funny are you the,Moonwalker why are you walking backwards,it's actually Kanye West's new hoodie oh,okay well welcome and we'll be switching,guides today,oh so freaking fun I'm so excited to eat,spinach kale celery for the entire day,my breakfast is actually very basic so,don't expect too much okay,stop copying me,okay don't talk to me this is Master,Chef we're not supposed to be talking to,each other it's a competition,are you excited to eat my breakfast I,see one piece of toast,thanks,wow you're so strong,this is my camera You're Gonna Be Seeing,Things From My POV while she has things,from her POV,all right here's your breakfast I'm done,oh wow I love it,how many eggs did you use four eggs four,it's boxes,guys our breakfast is ready do you want,to show what you have here yeah sure of,course so with our appetizers we have,golden brown scrambled eggs wow I love,the description of it on trip it's a,peanut butter toast however it's not,really a peanut butter it's PB and fit,oh mine is this really yummy strawberry,toast strawberry jam toast with turkey,bacon and I have my go-to drink chai tea,latte and this is like very very,important I always drink this every,single morning,it's so good all right now we do a,sojourning four scrambled eggs in here,that's a lot of food it's bulking season,first impressions the presentations you,know it's not bad it's pretty looks like,one of those like aesthetic thumbnails,that you put on an Instagram reel right,like don't you want to take a picture of,it like kind of like almost like it,feels like there's something missing but,I I get the I get the I get the vision,you know all right it's like you watch a,Pinterest video and like you're trying,to copy it but you're like you're not,quite there yet you know all right let's,let's give it a taste cheers everyone,do you catch up with your scrambled eggs,right now no no you eat a plane yes,ketchup has so much sugar in it the chai,tea is good right what do you put in,there let me guess try tea,not bad it doesn't taste like real milk,though it's oat milk oh really you know,oatmeal is actually not good for you,really yeah you can search it up the,scrambled eggs is just like scrambled,eggs,perfect that's just the way we want it I,usually eat it with like can you taste,the na too the white the na2 what's in,it it's like the special sauce no no,what's any someone skipped chemistry,guys kiss my toast,is it good very good actually,you know why it's good why it's made of,love,no it's actually made of toast jam and,strawberry,and a little,bit I don't understand,because it's made with love,more like made with hate I don't know I,know you like that,if I poop my brains out the next like,three hours,whatever it's actually pretty good all,right I'm gonna try Fred's little,artistic,peanut butter toast it's a little,difficult to pick up because there's,like peanut butter everywhere I see that,you didn't toast the bread yeah,so healthy yeah all right first bite,how's that,wow,I'm gonna try it no I'm okay it's a lot,of peanut butter guys exactly I don't,really like peanut butter it doesn't,taste like real peanut butter,I want my breakfast back it's so hard to,eat this without any ketchup I'm sorry,not everyone eats their eggs with,ketchup you don't like ketchup no I like,ketchup I just just don't it's just not,in the morning like I don't really think,about it I just scramble some eggs and I,just shove it down my mouth I'm just,seeing the calories you know,food that's pretty bad too thank you you,like mine,yeah I'm a fast eater,guys I'm only eating it because Fred,made it for me,if you're not gonna finish let me know,I'll finish it for you no I'm gonna,finish oh wow okay great,all right guys I'm done with breakfast,I'm very full and content what do you,mean what I ate quite a decent amount,this is actually like a lot for,breakfast for me thanks for making me,breakfast yeah of course and I'll see,you guys for lunch hey guys it's lunch,time now it's 1 30. I have like a,special dish that I'm going to make but,I need to get some ingredients so me and,Fred are going to gonna go grocery,shopping first it's cold outside oh my,goodness you're wearing opposite colors,yeah because opposites attracts,weather is so nice it's so nice,foreign,that's so heavy thank you,potatoes oat milk oatmeal times two,chicken broth thighs and another chicken,broth Fred's gonna order his

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