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Chiefs Playoff Picture: Analyzing Potential NFL Divisional Round Opponents + Wild Card Matchupsall r

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Chiefs Playoff Picture: Analyzing Potential NFL Divisional Round Opponents + Wild Card Matchups

all right Chief's Kingdom it is that,time again the postseason is here the,NFL playoffs are set and the Chiefs have,a first round buy but on today's show,we're going to talk about an AFC playoff,picture who the Chiefs could face in the,divisional round but before we get there,just want to encourage you guys to,subscribe to the channel we are less,than 100 Subs away from 35 000 here on,this Channel full playoff coverage what,does that mean day-to-day injury updates,game previews uh other news and rumors,that impact the playoffs as well we will,of course have live watch parties during,the postseason as well where we break,down the play about play have a live,scoreboard and interact during these,matchups so subscribe and join us for,the postseason here on the Chiefs report,foreign,Sports as you can see we are still in,Los Angeles getting ready to go to the,college football national championship,game tonight Georgia TCU should be a lot,of fun and the NFL playoffs are set AFC,playoff picture is set Chiefs have a,first round buy but a lot to discuss I,want to take a look at the first round,matchups the bracket who got in who,didn't and that's what we're gonna do,here on today's show so this is how,things played out in the AFC the Chiefs,did earn the number one seed with the,14-3 uh record uh Buffalo ends up 13-3,Cincinnati 12-4 they of course have one,less game than everybody else because uh,the game where Demar Hamlin got injured,did not end up getting resumed,Jacksonville won the AFC South with a,win over Tennessee Chargers Ravens,Dolphins the three Wild Card teams Miami,got in with a win in a Buffalo Bills win,over the Patriots which knocked them out,and you can see the matchups on your,screen Bills Dolphins Bing Eagles Ravens,and a rematch of last week and Jags,Chargers with of course the Chiefs,having a first round buy of course,Kansas City heading into week 18 needed,to beat the Raiders to clinch uh a Buy,in the first round in the number one,overall seed they took care of business,on Saturday afternoon with the 31-13,advantage and win over the Las Vegas,Raiders which knocked Vegas back to 6-11,on the year we'll see what they do on,the couch this off season because we're,still playing in the playoffs uh that,being the Kansas City Chiefs now Buffalo,was able to beat New England 35-23 and,can we just appreciate for a second that,on the first play of the game the first,play,after the bills returned to football,after the Demar Hamlin tragic situation,they run it back for a touchdown and,then they had another touchdown return,I felt good that Buffalo won this game,uh over the Patriots I think uh uh,everybody just uh got a little uplifted,when they saw that kickoff return so,that was nice to see but with them,winning what that means is now that yes,the Chiefs the number one seed and yes,they will have a first round buy but if,Buffalo Kansas City,Advanced to the AFC title in both teams,it would be played in a neutral site,decided by Roger goodells uh we'll see,where that ends up being but uh if the,Chiefs and bills navigate through the,AFC to get to an AFC Championship game,that game will be played in a neutral,site location so we'll see what ends up,happening on that front now do you think,the Chiefs will win the AFC type y for,yes you think they will and they will go,to the Super Bowl type in for no you,don't think they will win let me know uh,which side of the coin you're on on this,one I think they have a good chance see,what happens having a first round buy,certainly helps all right let's take a,look at these wild card games a little,closer and just give a few thoughts and,then we'll kind of break down the,potential Chiefs divisional round,opponents uh Dolphins at bills,um listen,unless there's some miracle and to a,clearest concussion protocol and he and,the Dolphins are comfortable with him,playing which I find very unlikely we'll,talk more about the quarterback Stitch,only in a second I Buffalo hammers my,hand Ravens Bengals is Lamar gonna play,we'll discuss that later as well but,seems like since he's a heavy favorite,so I think those are two pretty big,favorites there in Buffalo and,Cincinnati uh and then that gives us the,Chargers jacks the Jags beat the,Chargers 38-10 earlier this year that,feels like one of those fluky results I,do think this will be a good game I,think this is the most interesting,matchup to me because you have the,Chargers who are very talented have,Justin Herber uh talented players on,both sides but the Chargers they tend to,underachieve obviously had a good year,this year but they tend to underachieve,in terms of just,not going as far as they should like,they should beat the Jags even though,it's a road game but Jacksonville Trevor,Lawrence they have a Super Bowl winning,head coach so to me that matchup is the,matchup of Wild Card Weekend in the AFC,all right before we take a look at some,of the Chiefs,um potential first round opponents in,the divisional round uh let's talk about,o

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Sights and Sounds from Week 18 | Chiefs vs. Raiders

Sights and Sounds from Week 18 | Chiefs vs. Raiders

I can still hear Marty's focus and,finish ringing my ears and Al Davis most,famous phrase just when baby is the best,advice for the 63rd edition of the,Kansas City team,what better way to throw a party than,right here in Vegas man we in the city,have never sleep study we're about to,turn the hell up man it's never how you,started how you finish man we dominate,The Trenches and we held the business,and get out of here,it also with that no contest declared on,Monday night has set up a very,complicated Matrix but here's what's,simple for the Chiefs Chiefs win this,game they will be the one seed in the,AFC and will have a bye week next week,that is enough motivation for the entire,Chief's Kingdom to put everything into,this game and as I mentioned Dana as we,await the captains to walk on the field,it feels like the playoffs are already,starting today,Crosby lined up on the outside shoulder,of Kelsey's play action fig Crosby,coming from the outside the homes with,time guns at long left,the home slips that way now moves to his,left holds the ball holds it now he's,going to shovel it late he's got,McKinnon touchdown kids oh City four,seconds on the play clock takes the snap,at the near hash Under Pressure he's,hitting Zach at the 35-yard line,Chris Jones continues his amazing season,they fake a counter Here Comes The Blitz,instead of goes down at the nine Justin,Reed on a well-time safety Blitz get him,at his own goal line to throw unloads it,with the right arm one-on-one play Far,said intercepted that's a 45-yard line,coming over the top of the football one,Thornhill playing center field and gets,the pick against Stidham,no hey wait it's not just one guy it's,what we owe you know TV let's go,Donald Jones II is in the backfield they,have McKinnon there he goes in motion to,a tight Wing right Ronald Jones the,second flash behind,the city the secret weapon we just been,waiting to use him the Raiders will go,for it on fourth down and go to go at,the two-yard line instead I'm looking,right now being chased pit fires it late,for the End Zone it's in truck lead no,flags on the play Jalen Watson then the,cheats hold on down,and yeah I know what they're going to do,here this is going to be a direct snap,out of a they do a spinning pedal second,down and three they're gonna run it on,an option pitch to Tony and then they,come back to Tony rather on a throw for,McKinnon Tony breaks the tackle near,side five down Kansas City but a penalty,flag thrown,and a penalty is going to wipe out the,touchdown under centers Mahomes they,come in a Jet Sweep to Tony at the 10 on,the angle breaks a tackle inside the,five near front pylon touchdown Kansas,City it just took one more play takes,the snap retreating at the Raider logo,sack at that Raider logo right on the,sword third and 27 here to the Raiders,38-yard line play might be,up it's picked up by Kansas City at the,30. yeah George,five seconds left to go second quarter,pounds and places it down Buckner's kick,a spinning kick that is up and it is,good,and Kansas City leads at halftime,24-3 third down goal to go with the one,hand off Pacheco flash into the end zone,touchdown fourth and 21 for the Raiders,going for a throne 43 trying to buy time,is Stidham he's got no time Chris Jones,his second sack of the game 15 on the,season as the Chiefs hold on downs and,the Kansas City Chiefs are gonna go to,14-3 on the regular season the Kansas,City Chiefs are the one seed of the AFC,playoffs by virtue of this victory over,the Raiders 31-13

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TE Travis Kelce on Chiefs, Bills, Bengals, Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl, Family & Dating | The Pivot

TE Travis Kelce on Chiefs, Bills, Bengals, Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl, Family & Dating | The Pivot

all right,all right cool,one touchdown one cut back,living man I appreciate you guys coming,out here tonight we appreciate you man,we know I'm doing this it's a beautiful,city yeah all you see is salt on the,ground at this point it was so it was so,cold and so icy this past week man you,guys caught it on a good day finally got,up above 50. that's right what was it at,game time game time was like 10. we're,lucky it was sunny though it was sunny,so it got up to like 20 by the time it,was like mid game Miami the Dolphins,caught their uh second goal this game uh,game in team history it's like what 45,yeah there had to have been some records,this weekend this this past weekend was,wild it was miserable before I couldn't,even get back bro 45 though they,shutting schools down in Miami at 45.,that's crazy so it was 20 at the crib,Louisiana yeah and I played in that code,I was terrible your ass don't look no,different man I love it I agree I grew,up playing hockey man so it's like I'm,I'm used to sweating in the cold being,just I don't know it's kind of like my,comfort zone when it's when it's over,like 85 90. now that's when you say I'm,a different player,whole body drenched I'm going through,like six different pairs of gloves yeah,so he don't want week one in Miami then,oh no no keep me out of Florida we were,in Jacksonville one year for week one,and it was above 100 and I remember that,oh man I was lucky Sammy Watkins went,off yeah,Limitless,man welcome to the pivot man it's a it's,an honor man no for it we talked about,this year we saw you in Vegas oh yeah uh,probably around the Pro Bowl so this is,something we've been wanting to do uh so,on behalf of Channing Freddie T me man,we really appreciate you understand how,time is during the season and we know,how precious is it it is for you guys,because y'all always chasing chips right,it's other teams that start training,camp ah they ain't really chasing chips,like they understand okay are we gonna,tank to get the number one pick or we,gonna work real hard to get four you,know for you guys it's been consistently,in the AFC Championship the last four,years uh two Super Bowl appearances a,Super Bowl ring you're on the list now,man with names Tony Gonzalez Jason,Whitney crazy Antonio Gates but you know,in in learning a little bit about Travis,Kelsey man I saw your uh,your Cincinnati pitcher you know I mean,the fade wasn't as tight you know what,I'm saying the beard the beard was grown,in but it wasn't edged up you know you,couldn't get the Right Barber yet but I,want to know a little bit about uh,Cleveland Heights QB oh yeah Travis,Kelsey and and what made that kid at,least at that point special enough to,now be one of the greatest tight ends,ever played the game man I appreciate,all that too and uh definitely uh I,wasn't getting the fade as as often as I,was and as I am now that's for damn sure,but it's been a it's been a growing,process and and and throughout my life,I've really had to kind of mold myself,uh along the way and I feel like that's,uh that's been the biggest thing is um,growing up in Cleveland Heights you got,such a Melting Pot of people that I got,a very good understanding a lot of,different walks of life both social,class racial it's helped me relate to a,lot of people so I always have fun man,when I tell you I'm in I'm I'm always,trying to have fun always trying to you,know brighten the room that I'm in and,uh,when I was younger,I was a competitor on the field but I,wasn't fueling my profession or my,career I was just out there just winging,it and having fun and you know as the,ball came my way or if I was a,quarterback and I was I had to ball in,my hands I was having a blast you know,whatever I was doing it wasn't until,college that I really you know I got,caught up in uh having too much fun off,the field and it took me out of school,it took me off the team for a year and I,kind of realized all right if I really,want to do something in this world and,Athletics with my life my family my,mother my father they they fueled me,gave me everything possible to enjoy,sports and I'm so thankful for that and,obviously I have an older brother Jason,who plays in the league and he was a,huge part of my competitiveness and my,ability to you know have to do more than,just have to think more you know what I,mean because going up against a guy,bigger stronger faster you got to figure,something else out yeah you know what I,mean so that's where you kind of I,always mess around with him he always,calls me a flanker I'm always trying to,figure out this the you know I mean the,the small things that uh that I can,trick you with but but yeah growing up,and finding and finding that mold of,professionalism on top of having fun,um I wouldn't change the journey uh not,a single part of it man and it's uh it's,been awesome but uh definitely that cute,that QB World helped me figure out you,know what that pocket feels like for a,guy and you see it in the way you play,though the way

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Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe Feud Over Damar Hamlin Tweet

Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe Feud Over Damar Hamlin Tweet

Skip Bayless decided to say some things that were more than,insensitive in my opinion, but I'm going to do this.,Let me first by the context of Shannon Sharpe,who tried to help Skip in my opinion.,And then this happened here.,Here it is.,>> Good to see you Sharnone is there something youwanna share?,>> Good morning, yes.,>> Morning.,There's been a lot of speculation on why I wasn't on there yesterday and,I won't get into speculation or conjecture innuendo, but I will say this and watching,that game on Monday night, what happened to Damar Hamlin struck me look different.,As a brotherhood in the NFL when injuries happened,,when we know injuries are part of the game.,I've seen guys suffer a CLS and Achilles tear, but,I've never seen anybody have to be revived and fight for their life on the field.,So they struck me a little differently because I remember seeing my brother,paralyzed on the field temporarily, and he was able to regain focus.,Skip, tweeted something and although I disagree with the tweet and,hopefully Skip would take it down, but I didn't want it.,>> Time out.,Time out.,I'm not gonna take it down cuz I stand by what I tweeted.,>> All right, go ahead.,>> No, you go.,>> Good, let's go Jane.,>> Okay.,>> I mean, I cannot even get through a monologue without you interrupting me.,You could have came back skip, skip, just like that.,I was gonna bring, I was just gonna say Skip.,I didn't want to yesterday to get into a situation where Damar Hamlin was,the issue.,We should have been talking about him and not getting to your your tweet?,That's what I was gonna do.,But you can't even let me finish my opening monologue without you,interrupting.,>> Okay, I was under the impression you weren't going to bring this up because,nobody here had a problem with that tweet.,>> No.,Clearly the bosses wanted you to offer explanations so clearly.,No, they did not have, nobody.,Let's go Jane.,>> Thoughts and prayers remain with Damar Hamlin.,>> That's where the focus should have been.,Skip the lost his damn mind.,Now I've heard skip go back and forth with Shannon for a long time.,Sometimes Skip will even see the light, change his mind, and openly say so.,So let's be very clear about what Skip did.,File a young 24-year-old black male,was damn near dying in front of the world.,Skip was concerned about the season,,the NFL, the game, the sport, not the life,,not the health of the individual.,Damn it Skip.,If it's not in you, you could have at least faked it.,The level of insensitivity is so extreme.,I don't understand how Skip doesn't get it.,I really don't.,It was more than inappropriate try to help Skip see the light.,Look at the social media threat.,Shannon tried to help Skip see the light.,I'm going to try to help him see the light.,Now, Skip went on the day before to offer an apology.,Shannon was not there and well, judge for yourself,,do you think this was an apology?,Here it is.,>> I'll need to say up front that I apologize for,what we're going to set out to do here today.,If it offends anyone, because we're going to try to,do the show pretty much as we usually do the show.,But I'll admit upfront.,I'm still shook up by what happened last night to Damar Hamlin.,In fact, I'm still wrecked.,In fact, I'm not sure I'm capable of doing this show today,,but after barely sleeping on it, I decided to give it a try.,Maybe I'll fail.,Maybe we will fail.,But we're going to try.,We wrestled through much of the night whether to even do,a show today because it felt like in our minds we almost can't win with this.,>> What kind of apology is that?,That made me, okay, so first I was offended, now I'm just mad at him.,I no longer respect him.,He says he's apologizing for.,And I quote what we're going to set out to do today.,That's what he said, he apologizes for.,What we're going to set out to do today, and what's all of this?,We and our Skip.,It's you and yours.,There's no we, and our, and we struggled with this, and,then you want me to feel bad about the fact you didn't sleep last night.,What kind of apology are you submitting, sir?,I submit to you your time is done.,Your time is done.,I'm going to say something else and you may say it's insensitive.,You've been broadcasting Skip for 40 years.,You have never in your life played professional football,,you have never in your life played collegiate football.,As a matter of fact, the only time people will watch anything,you're part of is when you have a black face sitting across from you,,you have never been able to really hold down an actual relative show.,That's interesting.,You need that interaction.,If Shannon was not part of the program sir, let's be clear.,Here's how it struck me.,And I'm going to provide some context that I think has been missed in this.,Before I do that, let me highlight what,the Buffalo Bills tweeted about the young Mr. Hamlin.,Per the physicians caring for Damar Hamlin at the University,of Cincinnati Medical Center, Damar has shown remarkable,improvement over the

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Chiefs' Chris Jones admits he gets a lot of motivation from Twitter ahead of Super Bowl vs. Bucs

Chiefs' Chris Jones admits he gets a lot of motivation from Twitter ahead of Super Bowl vs. Bucs

it it seems like you've had now a couple,of opportunities to go,against tom brady and it seems like you,two may have this little,thing going on with each other how would,you describe,that whatever you know that maybe,competitive edge if you will,i don't know what he have against me i,don't have nothing against him um,i just go out there and play hard and uh,try to try to affect the quarterback,within the game but i don't have nothing,against him um,i think he's a heck of a player,let's go next to aaron ladd good aaron,chris hope you're well,we talked to travis after the game about,what feels different this year versus,last year and he said,you know this year's this team's mindset,had a lot of approve it trying to go out,and improve things last year maybe felt,like you guys were uh you know not,belonging how do you feel about that i,guess,i definitely agree with it trav said uh,this was um that's a lot of history to,be made on both ends,you got tom brady who's trying to make,seven and you got the chief sewers,trying to make a,um back to back so and um they haven't,been done,in a while so we're both fighting for,something and uh,i feel like this year we took up on us,as a team to,you know not only preach a running back,but,truly believe that we had the team to do,it to running back and uh,repeat what we did last year,let's go next to herbie top come on,herbie,hey chris how are you man i'm good how,are you hey i'm well thanks,we know what you guys can do on this,field you know what coach andy reid can,do from the sidelines but from your,perspective,what about the guy behind the scenes,brett veach what stands out to you or,impresses you the most about his ability,to build this team and keep this team,together yeah listen um,that's a lot of guys that don't get,mentioned um that,play significant roles to keep this team,together starting with the head scout,round nut,you know um brent tillis who is uh,the country got the numbers guy christie,and um and veach you know and,so far on to the other individuals that,doesn't get the media attention that you,know they deserve um,yeah it's a lot of guys behind the,scenes that mark donovan has put in,place in order to,keep this team's success rate high and,you know i'm very thankful for,the hunt and the hunt family for keeping,me around to enjoy this ride and uh,we're very fortunate to be here but,veach and his team is a remarkable uh,how he was able to manipulate the,contract situation and keep us all,together,you know especially when pat tests me,and talking about he left,money on the table that's still baffled,to me today how,in the hell you leave money on the table,when you got a half a billion dollar,contract i still don't get it but,you know some way they figured it out,you know,next to nate taylor go ahead nate,hey chris good to see you i'm uh just,interested what you learned,playing the buccaneers earlier this year,and and what you may have learned sort,of watching tape of them since that,since that first matchup,um they own a six game winning streak if,i'm correct,the last time they lost was against us,um,i think when they played us they kind of,readjusted some things and,they had a week off and then had a lot,of guys get,acclimated to the to the system telling,brady lights and,their coach and uh they've been they've,been playing well um,especially later part of the season you,know they went down to,new orleans and sealed the job on them,and then they went to green bay who was,the number one offense,and and play outstanding so we they're,definitely a different team for um from,when we played them,a couple weeks ago we'll take three more,starting to the top with harold koontz,go ahead harold,chris hope you're doing well man,likewise,all right man hey uh tyree kill said,something really interesting after the,game and he talked about,you know how twitter was a motivating,factor in that game and i'm just,curious when you guys are kind of,looking at everything in social media,and what have you,do you guys pull any motivation out of,that or is it just kind of the,motivation is winning,honestly um i get a lot of motivation,for twitter,i read everything i might not ever speak,on it but i read i,see everything that people say and i'll,take it personal i'll take it,very very personal no matter if it's,good or bad i just take it to heart man,i wear my emotions on my sleeves when it,comes to that type of stuff and,i'm not an opinionated person but when,people tend to have their opinion on me,or the way i play i tend to take it,personal so,i can see where he's coming from where,that is motivation for him,kind of motivate me also the last two,serena and therese go ahead serene,uh chris uh on a radio station down in,tampa yesterday uh bruce syrian said he,felt that their offense really came,together,starting with the second half against,you guys in that game,uh you know we talked a little bit and,you really answered the bell against the,bills about the close games people kind,of

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Expect Lamar Jackson to return vs. Bengals in AFC Wild Card round? | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Expect Lamar Jackson to return vs. Bengals in AFC Wild Card round? | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Ravens have stumbled their way into a,matchup against the Bengals Sunday night,Ian Rappaport reporting Lamar's told,people he'll be back here's how the,Ravens have fared in Lamar's absence how,many teams are there in the NFL worlds,lots a little 32.,I was just trying to emphasize yeah I,know right good tied last,you know what why don't you wait for,medals,yeah I was trying to help,you're 25.,um look I don't see Lamar playing he,hasn't practiced in five weeks we'll see,if he practices today or I don't know if,the marketing practice or tomorrow yeah,tomorrow but he hasn't practiced in five,weeks now I'm not obviously I have no,idea about his medical condition but I,do feel there's some truth to the,chatter that he doesn't want to go out,there until he's like as close to 100 as,possible can be at his absolute best,because he has no guaranteed money so if,you get injured uh oh you know and Nick,if you don't play well he's already he's,been good the last two seasons don't get,me very good but not quite what he was,he's been down each year right it's from,what he was when he was an MVP and he's,already also one and three in the,playoffs and hasn't played well Leonardo,his completion percentage his yard all,right these got three touchdowns five,picks so so does he want to go out there,and play in the playoffs Rusty is all,get out and not play well and then be,one in four when you sit down with from,negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens,and they're saying we haven't gotten it,done in the postseason what's the only,way that Lamar can better his situation,with the Ravens or across the league is,having a great playoff game having a,great playoffs exactly right that's it,that's the only way having a great,playoff game and actually winning even,with saying that winning the Super Bowl,even with saying that if I'm Lamar I do,not play you don't even if I do not play,I do not play the only way that he can,increase what they view of him and how,and say here you know what let's find on,the dotted line let's give him what he,wants is if he actually delivers in the,postseason and delivering for Baltimore,is a Super Bowl it's not just a playoff,just winning this year not just a,playoff win and so for me you can hurt,yourself more than you can help yourself,I I don't put myself in that situation,coming off of injury you ran the risk to,play this season right he started off,great now he did he did get hurt,you sit out man this team is struggling,they're showing you how much they need,well so that so listen I I won't judge,him if he doesn't play but I think he is,playing and I think that you guys are,looking at this as a little too black,and white as the only way he can help,his value is winning the Super Bowl Brew,laid out the facts he's one and three in,the playoffs and he's yet to have a,great playoff game,Wilds laid out the facts that this team,without him is drawing debt worst,offense in football was the point I was,trying to make,if Lamar was back and they beat,Cincinnati the hottest team in the AFC,on the road maybe that doesn't get the,Ravens to give him a fully guaranteed,deal,the Jets might Indie might Raiders might,Seattle might,a lot of those teams might do it already,exactly I think they do it already,without him even playing so I fair,enough I think some of them might but I,think you guys are looking at it only,from a how he can hurt himself,perspective and there absolutely is the,flip side how he can help himself,perspective and I don't know Lamar,Jackson I don't claim two Wilds however,if we are to judge a man's Thoughts by,his actions he seems like a bet on,myself type of guy sure he turned down,more than 100 million guaranteed he,represented himself he has not changed,well you know who he is it seems like,one iota he is unashamedly himself which,I have tremendous respect for and I,think we all do in ways that I think we,usually see the corporate quarterback oh,you'll make more money if you do no he's,been he seems like the type of guy that,is a battle myself type of guy and so I,under understand him certainly not,wanting to get out there less than 100,percent for regular season games when,the playoffs are already locked up but,for a playoff game particularly against,a team that has struggled against your,defense this is a winnable playoff game,I I think we're going to see Lamar and I,think he has already won the argument,with the Ravens Wilds I think Lamar has,proven guys you think this offense,you've built can survive without me okay,go try and they've tried and they,haven't just taken a step back they've,been the worst in football but if you,think he's proven his point and he just,hammer it home by like you know what,that's where I'm at your season's over,but doesn't that but hold on but does,that that to me and Greg you can speak,to this better than me it helps give us,an extra 40 seconds here there is the,loyalty to the the the contract dispute,with the organization then there is the,Loyalty within the locker

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El Corrido de los Chiefs | Tapy Quintero

El Corrido de los Chiefs | Tapy Quintero

Many people seem to worry of what it might happen. It’s been seen in the past who’s,in charge over here. I'm talking about Kansas City Where there are only winners,Chiefs are the bosses and that’s been proven,They have a great team, their leader is Mahomes He wears number 15. Red and white is the,color. Travis Kelce plays his role. Together they’re able to stand out. The team is “on fire",No one can’t stop them,The defense very firm Ball is thrown into the air, with a lot of skill, number eighty seven catches it,A very good play, winning the,final score The Chiefs are on fire, bro,Go Kansas City!,There were several foes- the ones who,tried to win, but Kansas city never Will allow defeat, the objective is,victory. Every game is a stair step This team will always try to be the higher score,The stadium to the top, red color the one you’ll see. Everyone with the jersey of their,team until the end. In good ones and bad ones their people will follow,Even if we don't always win We are Chiefs for life,Kansas city is present and it won’t be easy for the rival,They’ve been in other occasions NFL world champions,We give them our support because we want to see them win

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Chiefs Rumors: DeAndre Hopkins TRADE? Mecole Hardman Is BACK + NFL Playoff Picture, Schedule Updates

Chiefs Rumors: DeAndre Hopkins TRADE? Mecole Hardman Is BACK + NFL Playoff Picture, Schedule Updates

foreign,what's up Chiefs Kingdom welcome into,the Chiefs report by chat sports I'm,Harrison Graham we got a busy show here,on a Wednesday so stick with us here,some injury Stuff Plus could the Chiefs,trade for a big name receiver this,offseason all that and more coming up,but let's start with a positive injury,development mccole Hardman is back he,has been activated from injured reserve,uh the Chiefs waved offensive lineman,Jaron Christian in a corresponding move,but Hardman is back in the fold as he,returns to the 53-man roster and it's,been a while since he actually has,played and my initial thought on this is,mccole Hartman plus Kadarius Tony speed,baby let's go add more Dynamic weapons,to this offense you can't ever have,enough speed and you got two players,that can be used in a variety of ways,that's definitely a very very good thing,so you kind of look at where the wide,receiver position sits right now Juju,Smith Schuster Marquez Valdez scantling,Nicole Harvin Kadarius Tony Skye Moore,and Justin Watson so you feel good about,the group you have you don't necessarily,have that true Tyree kill number one,like we've said but this group with,Travis Kelsey more than enough weapons,to get it done in the month of January,who's excited to have Nicole Hardman,back I know I am I thought he was going,to get back a couple weeks ago but uh,looks like he could be back this week,not a guarantee he'll play in week 18,but this is definitely a signal that he,should be good to go for the playoffs,type me if you're excited to have number,17 back now when you look at his season,obviously I wasn't putting up crazy,numbers but he's only played in Eight,games this year 25 catches almost 300,yards four touchdowns he also had two,rushing touchdowns on a couple of jet,sweeps so again he can be a guy that is,used in a variety of ways he brings,creativity to this offense just like,kedarius Tony does you have multiple,guys that can do different things and,when you have two sub four four guys who,can line up in the backfield come on jet,sweeps Go In Motion do different things,uh that makes it very very difficult for,opposing defenses so so I'm excited to,have Nicole Hardman back I think you,guys should be as well very curious to,see how he plays when he does return and,how big of a role uh he actually ends up,having now Today's Show is sponsored by,fume be smart don't start be sure to,kick the habit and put it out before it,puts you out fume is a natural diffusive,device that uses plants and Behavioral,Science to help you trade out your,negative habit for a positive one fume,is not a vape it's a non-electronic,device that is designed to transform,your negative habits instead of PODS,filled with potentially harmful,chemicals like a vape fume uses cores,infused with plants like peppermint and,cinnamon for delicious natural flavors,fumes new version 2 model is a Snappy,and tactile with an adjustable airflow,dial and a magnetic end cap your fingers,will always have something to do it's,fume's goal to make switching easy and,even enjoyable they have thousands of,five star reviews from people just like,who've uh just like you who have,successfully switched when other,Solutions just did not work head to, chat sports and use code chat,sports to save 10 off when you get the,journey packed to date The Journey pack,comes with three unique flavors and the,new version 2 fume to help kick start,your positive habits we got the product,right here very easy to hold very easy,to use yusika uh the young man right,there using it on your screen right,there so do one more time to get going,today ten percent off that's,try,chat sports and use code chat sports to,save an additional 10 off your order,today get going with fume that link in,the description and the comments of this,video let's get to some injury updates,here for the Kansas City Chiefs as four,players were listed as limited,participants on Wednesday including,Nicole Hardman by the way that's why I,said not necessarily he's gonna come,back and play this week against the,Raiders short week game on Saturday he's,still recovering from that pelvis injury,Sky Moore dealing with the hand Intrigue,Joe Tony and ankle and lagerius need a,hip I do want to focus a little bit more,on luxurious need in particular I would,arrest him on Saturday I think he's too,important of a piece on this defense,where if he's 80 85 percent give him the,week off because it might turn into two,weeks off because the Chiefs have a,chance to get the number one seed,depending on what's going to happen with,the scheduling and all that we're going,to get to that here in a little bit but,legarius Sneed on the year has been,probably your most reliable defensive,back over a hundred tackles 11 pass,breakups three picks three Force fumbles,I mean he's one of your best turnover,generators on this defense so if unless,you know by Saturday he's 95 100 percent,I would have rather rest him give him,the week off a

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