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Cher’s Twitter makes me feel at Homethe chaos that is shares twitter just,makes me feel,at home shar

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Cher’s Twitter makes me feel at Home

the chaos that is shares twitter just,makes me feel,at home shares twitter is the eighth,wonder of the world,you've got the great pyramid of giza the,colossus of rhodes,and then there's forward,slash,share and here's why first off the,promotion,for her perfume as her profile picture,and header despite the fact it was,released two years ago,according to phragmatica her perfumes,main,accords are warm spicy woody,and powdery anyways it isn't the layout,of her profile that makes me feel at,home,it's her tweets and here are the ones,that truly capture the,anarchy is that the right word the,anarchy that is shares twitter,cher often wakes up and chooses violence,when it comes to replaying people,on her twitter here cher tweeted out,this meme,with the caption love these to which,some mortal replied,you're telling me cher is still alive i,thought she was dead omg,and then cher got them together by,saying you must live in a cave with,earplugs and a blindfold,then there was this interaction where,she tweeted those who can,must take a dreamer into their home and,protect them,i'm ready to do this and others in my,business will do the same,sanctuary to which some earthling,replied,sure you will share i'll believe it when,i see it,to which cher replied then keep your,eyes open,and although she can be brutal at times,cher does have a heart,and tweets whenever she can right any,wrongs i was looking at tweets and i saw,that i really hurt someone's feelings,i'm sorry it was a light blue background,with white egg shape,i i blocked someone's dad,who was it another favorite part of,cher's tweets for me,is how she spaces them out like abstract,poetry,getting ready to go to brazil in my mind,what to wear dentist yesterday paulie,still mia,mum walking beach be you still,magic i'm still me and then,there's this glorious haiku today's the,day,i have to get my tooth pulled at five,yuck,also if you couldn't tell by now cher,isn't afraid to use an emoji or two,here she posted a string of emojis to,which someone replied,stop using too much emojis cher to which,she replied,kids which i presume is supposed to say,kiss my emoji,ass along with an even longer string of,emojis,potentially random potentially a modern,mouse chord,although cher is an ethereal overworldly,being,on twitter she does often provide us,with relatable content,just walked in i'm tired chet also isn't,afraid to ask the hard hitting questions,on twitter either which makes me love it,even more,what's going on with my career can,anyone see me,cher is also very happy to help fans out,on twitter,with any questions that they have for,her someone asked cher,how did you feel when you survived the,1912 titanic disaster,to which she replied very very lucky,i was in steerage nor life vest,hatsher cher when was this photo,you remember to which she replied,dinosaurs were still roaming the earth,another one of my favorite chair twitter,moments was when she tweeted about me,and made me feel seen joe and finally,i'm not a hundred percent sure whether,this dm is real but i think in my heart,i just know that it is you look great,here sis,such an old pick guess what what

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Messy tweets 3: Straight to the pop culture museum

Messy tweets 3: Straight to the pop culture museum

this beat,is hello everybody welcome to,mike's mike hi bestie,hello ladies welcome to gemma collins,boutique my name is jimmy collins how,are we today,the film crew pay the damage i'm feeling,kind of high energy,and it's because i saw myself in the,reflection and i'm having,a bit of a tough time with my image,lately but i saw myself and i was like,hold on like they're kind of making,points today,on my eyebrow dance little just fell,down in front of my eye,also apologies if if i'm a bit puffed i,was literally,holding a window like i full and just,pulled the window out of the wall also,one more thing i caught up with my,cousin the other day,and i was saying i had some youtube,videos to film and he was like,why don't you leave the room and i was,like good point but also no,i'll leave the room in 2021 so something,to look forward to in the new year me,standing so if you're subscribed to this,channel,through your own choices or maybe by,force i don't know you might have seen,that i do,a series on my channel called messy pop,star tweets for the history books,and this is another installment of that,because it turns out people are always,fighting and have always fought and will,always fight,i'm about to beat this up when a,little tiny bit of shine on this lip no,survivors,get the london look okay so let's start,with avril lavigne versus facebook of,course,i'm siding with aaron levine as we know,i have very strong,opinions about facebook,roaches so apparently facebook had made,a video,where there was like a home intelligence,system called jarvis or some something,like that,and someone asked javas to play good,nickelback songs,and this thing said there aren't any,good nickelback songs hey,play us some good nickelback songs i'm,sorry mark i'm afraid i can't do that,there are no good nickelback songs,sis pop the wig finish snap t g a gun,the house work avril lavigne said,absolutely not on my watch and she,hopped on twitter she said dear at,facebook comma many people use your,products some people love them and some,people don't she's talking about me,hi avril oh my god i got an april notice,either way you're allowed your musical,opinion however your jabber at,jamma your job of the hut at nickelback,is in poor taste,i do like this hashtag hashtag,nickelback has sold over 50 billion,albums oh,i wonder how many tweets is the hashtag,nickelback has sold over 50 million,albums,i have some people uh that i follow on,instagram and they hashtag literally,everything and it's like,it's time to ban the hashtag kiss kiss,a-l,alison delaurentis okay now we're going,to talk about a favorite of mine and,that is,shares twitter share tweeted those who,can must take a dreamer into their home,to protect them,exclaims claim i'm ready to do this and,others in my business will do the same,sanctuary sure you will share i'll,believe when i say,it this first of all sends me because,brenda why,are you so like brenda called ,on that she said,cher you know what i'm not here for your,nonsense,and then share said then keep your eyes,open ,i love this a lot i really do in fact,love this a lot because,uh brenda webb 56 b web 56 you just know,that she was born in 1956 she puts 56 in,a username that means,share tweeted at a 61 year old saying,keep your eyes open ,and i love that on the subject of cher,her tweets are honestly,like museum worthy they belong in a,museum so here are a selection of my,favorite share tweets and i'm going to,sing them with my share voice which is,also my celine dion voice and also my,christina aguilera voice,is this ipad freezing up,maybe it's off sorry i'll just actually,say them properly now maybe it's,overwhelmed because it just realized a,fabulous diva was touching it,can't really blame it snap out of it the,random capitals everywhere the capital j,on just realized just realized that,fabulous,was touching it what's going on with my,career that tweet belongs absolutely in,the museum that deserves to be framed in,a really expensive,gold painting frame and then just up,next to like a,i was going to say a bottle chilli,painting but botticelli is absolutely,not a painter,whichever crusty painted the birth of,venus imagine birth of,vagueness but it was a very universe,imagine the birth of venus painting and,then next to it this framed share tweet,at,share did you know that you're known for,having the most difficult to understand,tweets over here,oh well life is hard and then you die i,mean she's not wrong it's just,absolutely correct,can anyone see me wait,oh that was kind of good wu tang cher,clan,sorry last night i celebrated my 50th,year as an entertainer,follow that you at cher hi,this one out of context is fantastic i,was looking at tweets and saw that i,really hurt someone's feelings i'm sorry,it was a light blue background within,white egg shape,and share just tweeted a picture of,being in first class,just tweeted a picture of me in first,class on a flight and i was more shocked,by it,i was more shocked by her extremely l

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LES PIRES TWEETS DES POPSTARS (Britney Spears, Rihanna, Cher...) | POPSLAY

LES PIRES TWEETS DES POPSTARS (Britney Spears, Rihanna, Cher...) | POPSLAY

W*F is MD*A? , while we're at it we should take care of your little *****,90 million dollars and 90 million guys who plunged into the **** of this ****,hello to all, it is popslay, I'm delighted to see you in a new video and since,it's still summer I thought we were going to relax through a little lighter content,indeed I recently came across this article from billboard which lists the worst and the best,tweets from our friends the pop stars so I told myself that I had to make a video,of it, a little precision since I am often remarked, but I sometimes say "TUIT “instead,of saying “tweets” but here I am born in the north of France, there are things that do not deceive,big up to all the Ardennes who watch us. did I really say big up there? in short for more than,ten years twitter has become an essential element of pop culture we have seen countless,musical dramas, shocking revelations, sometimes embarrassing revelations and I find that the vision of,pop culture or has been somewhat altered without the presence of twitter during the last decade,so friends it's time to enter the museum of pop culture the time of a video,in this cap that Harry Styles kindly sent us, is about thirty,tweets each saltier than the other, we're going to pick a few for this,video, it will obviously be in several parts and so we're going to remember them above all,analyze his works since we're once again in the museum of pop,culture is actually one of my favorites. it's by britney spears, i don't know if you see anything,that thinks global warming is a good thing? i love lady gaga i think,she is a really interesting artist. date of this work 2011! 2011 a time when life,seemed much simpler we started to get really obsessed with instagram, miley,cyrus said goodbye to hannah montana's wig, born this way soon educated a whole generation,and we tried to decode this signed tweet britney spears, in fact I love the juxtaposition,of the two ideas which seem totally opposite and then this meticulously respected punctuation,,which reveals a very serious tone! it's a naive tweet that is ultimately only an,answer to a question from a fan. this tweet totally deserves its place in the museum of pop culture,since it has long aroused misunderstanding and debate. the media even got tangled up to,solve the riddle.. the mystery of britney spears iconic tweet about global warming,and lady gaga finally solved ten years later.. a quick reminder of the facts february 11, 2011 britney spears,organizes a q&a on twitter before the release of her new album femme fatale. at the time lady,gaga was in top form and at the top of the charts, global warming,was already part of mores and political discussions, so a fan decided to intervene,and ask the question that concerned everyone: what is britney spears opinion,on global warming lol just kidding xo xo but more seriously what about lady,gaga? only the threads didn't exist at the time so britney spears decides to reply in a,two part reply, only her second reply is therefore not linked to the initial tweet,thus landing in her newsfeed without any context! by the way friends do,n't hesitate to tell me what you thought of hold me closer in feat with Elton John. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this! next!,it's signed rihanna! you will see that riri has shown us several times that she can,be very spicy. in this message to kendall jenner she says "well don't come",date of this work 2013, this year rihanna performs in los angeles and kendall jenner takes to twitter,to express her excitement at the idea of see rihanna perform and so here's what,she tweeted: if rihanna doesn't play the song "complicated" tomorrow i'm going to be very upset hashtag,favorite songs. except that a few minutes later rihanna retorts on instagram on,a post which takes up this tweet by saying "well don't come"! well it's rihanna all spat, we do,n't call her bad girl riri for nothing. so fans quickly assumed that rihanna hated,the kardashian clan! besides, the fire started again a few months ago now during,fashion week in paris since when kendall jenner paraded on the runway here is the supposed,reaction of rihanna and ASAP Rocky which attracted a lot of attention. we move on,it's a tweet from pink and she was not very happy that day. date of the work,2018: yeah but at least I suck while singing our country's national anthem while,you suck alone on your sofa room hashtag winning little reminder of the facts this year the pink,is chosen to interpret the national anthem on the super bowl stage is an,incredible event for her pink had also recalled on instagram that she had been waiting since 1991,when she saw her idol finally our idol whitney houston take possession of the song,now her luck has come which is great but we must also remember that pink is a mother,of two children and apparently according to her words her children would literally cough in her,mouth .. you understood pink and therefore sick with a cold or flu in short, not necessarily ab

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Cher discusses Hashtag 'NowThatChersDead' - The Graham Norton Show

Cher discusses Hashtag 'NowThatChersDead' - The Graham Norton Show

you've been on the show a few times,we're excited but tonight I think it's,the first time ever you're singing on,the show I think what are you giving us,I'm gonna give you my new song good I,hope you find it,yes is it off your new album closer to,the truth yes now this is like some sort,of questionnaire and it's like I've got,the facts I've got the facts,obviously you don't you're asking me,your pretty lips okay but now I like you,like it's a classic I feel we're getting,classic share tonight what do you mean,classic it's classic Cher,well you're kind of getting tartan and,well there's a bit of a punk there's a,punk edge engage but nice dark hair yeah,that is it a mood thing do you wake up,and decide which share you will be are,you out of your mind tonight,I was like looking at something it is,like an out-of-body experience it's like,a dream I pack or Mew people are on the,couch but how do you decide you know cuz,there's biker share that's blown share,I'm jealous,yeah yeah just me it's just there just,me in different rappers it's only me,always me just play no me and that it's,lovely to have you here it's,particularly love to have you here,because earlier this year I don't know,if you remember this there was a bit of,a scare bit of a rumor went out and that,you weren't here you must have not you,seen this it was where a Twitter hashtag,went out and people haven't said yeah be,nice read it yeah do you remember this,well no someone told me well this was,the hashtag and it was when Margaret,Thatcher died,but in America people just had like now,that share is dead,there are a lot of people tweeting yes I,got there was a big Twitter fast it was,trending she's dead,and this happens a lot with the hashtag,e thing yes so for instance I don't,remember Susan Boyle,she was the lovely singer Susan Boyle,she was launching a new album and she,was going to have a party,and there was much excitement when she,announced her party,for a ticket,but this is my favorite one like they,cut like what were they thinking so,there's a very posh event here called,the Cheltenham literary festival,so the Chaplin literary festival kind of,went yeah we must let's get involved in,this whole Twitter thing let's be all,over it yeah we like writers and books,and things but we really need people so,they came up with a Twitter name for,themselves at the Cheltenham literary,festival here it is,sadly attendance is very low now good,fine,poor name is their their first pet and,their mother's maiden name so my poor,name is Sookie Duminy did you expect it,to look like that no that is a look like,a cucumber martini to me

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oh welcome back everybody I'm glad you,guys are joining me today and happy New,Year to all of you guys out there I,hopefully you guys will have a fantastic,year ahead of you hopefully you guys got,big plans and I hope you guys achieve,those plans that you have set aside for,yourself don't forget uh take it one day,at a time and just try to do better than,the day before anyway so let's go ahead,and dive into today's story to what we,have here of course we have Cher who is,a obviously a major leftist over on,Twitter having a huge meltdown because,of anti-vaxxers prevented her from,getting a flu shot I don't know how that,works I don't know how they prevented,her from getting a flu shot because of,course she wore ships at the altar of,fauci so why would she even consider uh,listening to an anti-vaxxer and not,taking a flu shot come on Cher I thought,you were all about following the orders,of demo most high in the liberal order,which is Anthony doctor death fauci so,before we dive into today's uh video,don't forget to hit that like button,subscribe button if you're new here,thank you you for joining me a lot of me,share some info with you hopefully you,can share it with your friends and,family smash that like button to 1500,likes and if you like the content you,like the video you like the channel,smash that super thanks as well so let's,kind of dive into what we have here,coming to us of course from the Gateway,pundit it says left-wing personality,share attacks anti-factors claiming they,are responsible for her major itch flu,that's right you can fill in the rest on,that one,uh trump-hating American singer actress,a television personality share has,blasted anti-vectors blaming them for,her major itch flu in a tweet earlier in,December the 76 year old claimed that,she hesitated to get the flu shot last,2022 because of the anti-factor,propaganda and is now suffering from the,persistent cough and a burning sensation,in her throat or it could have been from,the boosters who knows anyway,just be glad that you're you haven't,gone away suddenly Cher just be glad,right the goddess pop demanded that,everyone with knowledge of potential,harm caused by the flu and coveted shots,should keep the information to,themselves don't be spreading this,information about anything that has to,do with the foul sheet sauce that could,be and that could impact you long term,and maybe have you pass away suddenly,don't you talk about any of that right,gut flu it's a major itch wrote share,can't stop coughing and throat's on fire,was going to get the flu shot but,hesitated because the end time facts are,propaganda if you don't want vaccination,keep it to yourself WTF is wrong with,these people she continued oh yeah sure,continue that meltdown your tears are,glorious and they're a very tasty,saltiness of them,shares old tweets proved that she was,already in antibacter even before during,Trump's Administration and changed your,tone during the Biden regime this is,back in August 25th 2020 she said I've,gotten vaccines during my life uh first,one I remember was polio but there was,no effing way I'm taking a vaccine that,Trump won't let go through the third and,most important safety trial winning that,outcost is all he cares about,176 dead and now 300 000 dead by,December what it is what it is,because there was no third trial when,Biden pushed it but Cher was more than,happy to go ahead and push the fauci,sauce onto her followers uh this is,coming in September of 2020 he says,regarding Trump's BS,for card Monty bogus vax he he's a con,man snake oil salesman crook who did,have a federal plan to save 190 000,people he thought throwing paper towels,at viruses would make it magically,disappear wouldn't take Trump's vax,because he's a man who too kills easily,here's another one that came in November,of 18th I said I would never get a,vaccine As Long As Trump was in the,White House moment Joe gets vaccinated I,will get in line get my vaccination this,has nothing to do with my respect uh and,love for Joe I know him he would never,put his,us or our country in danger,yeah right share the recent tweet from,Cher was heavily criticized by social,media uh people as they piled on to her,absolutely she's a bone dead,a bonehead who is brain dead uh who,continues to worship at that altar of,Brandon and fauci yes Cher I hope you,get better hopefully you won't uh be,suffering from that flu much longer,anyway let me know what you guys think,in the comments down below of course you,guys can follow me on all my social,media including Odyssey and gab don't,forget to hit that like button subscribe,button and of course leave a let's go,Brandon and until next time I'll see you,guys later have a great great day,foreign

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Cher's House Is Nothing Like You Could Imagine

Cher's House Is Nothing Like You Could Imagine

Cher's house is nothing like you could,imagine,Cher's house is like stepping into a,dream world of flawless Beauty and,comfort,Donald Sutherland,2.995 million dollars Palisades Beach,Donald Sutherland Shook Up Hollywood,when he unveiled his Palisades beach,home which was eventually sold to Neil,Jacobson a r executive of Interscope,Records and president of Gavin records,this luxurious three-bedroom residence,offers two bathrooms a library office,space and a master suite with stunning,Beach views now listed on the market at,an asking price of 2.995 million dollars,by Jacobson himself this remarkable,property is waiting for its new owners,Bridget Bardot,5.65 million dollars France,Bridget Bardot a renowned French actress,of yesteryear once owned an exquisitely,crafted estate that dated back to the,13th century covering 1.46 Acres with,6458 square feet of living space it,contained eight bedrooms eight and a,half bathrooms and a formal dining room,not forgetting the infinity pool,the house underwent three years of,renovation starting in 1998 and is,estimated at 5.65 million dollars in,value,William Shatner three million dollars,Studio City,with an illustrious decades-long career,in the entertainment industry that seen,him star on television series such as,Boston Legal the practice and rescue,9-1-1 not to mention his most iconic,role as Captain Kirk of the original,Star Trek TV show and movie franchise,William Shatner can now afford a,stunning,4016 square foot home located in Studio,City California,valued at 3 million dollars with four,bedrooms and bathrooms built back in,1925 this is one Abode befitting of a,famous inhabitant,Lonnie Anderson,2.45 million dollars Sherman Oaks,Lonnie Anderson achieved incredible Fame,when she featured in cbs's show WKRP in,Cincinnati giving her enough to purchase,a humongous home in Sherman Oaks in 2014,this Mansion was valued at 2.435 million,dollars it consisted of 4 630 square,feet featuring a master suite with five,bedrooms and six bathrooms along with,extra amenities such as three fireplaces,a media room for entertainment purposes,and invigorating saltwater pool and a,spa for ultimate relaxation,Richard Chamberlain 19 million dollars,Maui,Richard Chamberlain has been stealing,hearts for more than 60 years with his,captivating performances as both a,singer and an actor he rose to Fame in,1958 after landing the leading role on,the much-loved TV series Dr Kildare,followed by many other memorable,appearances including that of Jason,Bourne in The Bourne Identity recently,news sources reported that he splurged,19 million dollars for an 8 674 square,foot estate home resting atop half an,acre of land located in Maui featuring,four bedrooms three full bathrooms and,one half bath,Harry Belafonte 2.9 Million Dollars New,York,Harry Belafonte famously known as the,king of calypso is one of the most,famous jamaican-american artists in,history he's been an icon throughout his,career as a singer songwriter and actor,making recent appearances in films like,black klansmen in 2018. that's all the,way on 100 acres of land Upstate New,York rise Belafonte's Colonial home,which she owned from the 50s to the 90s,before putting it up for sale at an,impressive 2.9 Million Dollars in 2019.,Loretta Lynn price undisclosed Hurricane,Mills Tennessee,an icon in the country music scene,Loretta Lynn has been making her Mark,for upwards of six decades with a hearty,list of albums and singles such as You,Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man and,Coal Miner's Daughter fueling her,success,come take a journey to Hurricane Mills,Tennessee where you can find Lynn's home,just 73 miles outside Nashville boasting,an impressive 52 rooms but an,undisclosed price tag at this time,there's no doubt that the house will be,something out of your wildest dreams,Billy Connolly 4.75 million dollars New,York,from a Glasgow native to an,internationally acclaimed stand-up,comedian actor musician and traditional,artist since 1965. Billy Connolly has,come a long way his Comedy album Bill,Connolly live is loved by many of his,fans while he's widely known for acting,in movies like The Boondock Saints,deviating from the luxurious mansions,and colonial homes we've seen thus far,this famous star embraced City Life with,a sophisticated Loft Department situated,on Fifth Avenue Manhattan,4.75 million dollars sold off in 2016.,Angela Lansbury price undisclosed coast,of Ireland,The supremely Talented Angela Lansbury,is a triple threat in the world of,Television film and theater she has over,75 years of acting experience with,memorable quotes ranging from The,Picture of Dorian Gray to Beauty and the,Beast this iconic figure also owns an,Exquisite Farmhouse off the coast of,Ireland that was custom designed by her,friend Stefan Pierce though its price,remains undisclosed,Jorge Ramos 6 million dollars Miami,Jorge Ramos is an American news anchor,in the Spanish language media space and,hosts two shows on Univision he's,reported some of his largest stori

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Celebridades A Las Que Cher No Soporta

Celebridades A Las Que Cher No Soporta

Asesinos hambrientos de tocino, estrellas del  pop provocadoras y políticos irritables. ¿Blancos  ,fáciles? ¿O jugosos imanes de carne?  Si pudiera volver atrás en el tiempo,  ,esta titán de Twitter haría trizas  a estas estrellas una y otra vez.,Madonna "¿Qué demonios es MDNA?",Se podría escribir un libro entero sobre  las disputas entre las superestrellas del  ,pop Cher y Madonna. Pero, ¿dónde empezó  todo? Parece que el catalizador fue una  ,aparición en 1991 en el programa  de entrevistas británico "Wogan".,Mientras promocionaba su película "Mermaids",  ,a Cher le preguntaron por la Chica  Material, y no se anduvo con rodeos.,Ese mismo año recordó que había invitado a  su amigo Sean Penn y a su entonces esposa  ,Madonna a su casa. Compartió que la reina  del pop había actuado "mal" y dijo a CBS,,Desde entonces, Cher no ha dejado de lanzar  críticas a la Reina del Pop. En el 2012,  ,twitteó que iba a celebrar el cumpleaños  de Madge haciéndose un lavado de colon.  ,Y cuando le preguntaron con qué tres cantantes  le gustaría hacer un dúo, una vez dijo a Ellen,Podríamos hablar durante horas de los  cientos de tweets de odio que Cher ha  ,publicado sobre Donald Trump. Hubo una  ocasión en la que comparó a Trump con  ,Hitler y añadió que prefería "masticar vidrio"  antes que apoyarle. También publicó una foto  ,trucada de Trump en la cama con el líder ruso  Vladimir Putin con el siguiente pie de foto,,De cara a las elecciones del  2020, dijo a The Guardian,,Por si quedaba alguna duda, Cher afirmó entonces  ,que nunca ha odiado a nadie en su  vida más de lo que odia a Trump.,Bueno, puede que el sentimiento sea mutuo.,Cher trabajó junto a Michael Jackson en  varias ocasiones, entre ellas un concierto  ,con The Jackson 5 en su programa homónimo  de 1975 y un especial del 50 aniversario  ,de "American Bandstand". Pero fue durante  el rodaje de este último cuando la opinión  ,de la cantante sobre el Rey del Pop cambió  drásticamente. Dijo a TV Guide en el 2003,,También reveló que su opinión sobre la  superestrella se vio confirmada por su  ,extraño comportamiento en el documental  "Living with Michael Jackson". Recordó,,con Robin Thicke en los MTV Video Music Awards del  2013 fue una de las más comentadas de la historia.  ,Pero la crítica más sincera vino de una mujer  que no era ajena a vestirse de forma provocativa.,Cher reveló que particularmente  no le encantó la interpretación,  ,pero no por las razones que  puedas pensar. Dijo a USA Today,,Por suerte, Cyrus parece haberse tomado la sombra,de Cher con calma. Más tarde le dijo a  SiriusXM "Live Transmission Christmas".,política que ha provocado repetidamente la ira  de Cher en Twitter. Refiriéndose a las elecciones  ,presidenciales del 2012, la cantante twitteó  sobre el aspirante republicano Mitt Romney,,Cher también ha acusado a Romney de  mantener su dinero en cuentas en el  ,extranjero — además de señalar la falta de  diversidad entre sus seguidores. La cantante  ,también advirtió a sus seguidores de que  estuvieran atentos a la hora de votar,,Cher demostró una vez más en el 2016 que  puede agitar el drama en Twitter cuando  ,esencialmente pidió que el gobernador  de Michigan fuera ejecutado. La cantante  ,arremetió contra Rick Snyder a raíz de la  crisis del agua de Flint. Enfadada porque  ,los ciudadanos de la ciudad corrían el riesgo  de envenenarse con plomo, Cher describió al  ,político como un asesino, argumentando que había  contaminado deliberadamente el suministro de agua.,Tras pedir inicialmente que  Snyder fuera a la cárcel,  ,luego pareció sugerir que sólo  la pena capital sería suficiente.,Un portavoz del gobernador  respondió en un comunicado,,Wendy Williams aprendió por las malas en el 2020  que con Cher no se juega. La presentadora del  ,programa de entrevistas se convirtió rápidamente  en la archienemiga de la cantante cuando apareció  ,burlándose de la marca de nacimiento facial de  Joaquin Phoenix, mientras presentaba su programa.,Cher disparó inmediatamente en Twitter:,La estrella, que obtuvo una  nominación a los Globos de  ,Oro por su interpretación en el drama, añadió:,Cher sugirió entonces que Williams,  ,que más tarde se disculpó, debería  ser despedida por sus comentarios.,No hubo ningún amor  ,perdido entre Cher y el director Peter  Bogdanovich durante el rodaje de "Máscara".  ,La pareja se enfrentó repetidamente en el  plató de la película. Y, con el tiempo,  ,su enemistad acabó saliendo a la luz pública en el  estreno de la película en el Festival de Cannes.,Bogdanovich, que se sentó a tres asientos de Cher,  ,la increpó más tarde en una rueda de  prensa, acusándola de hacer caso omiso  ,de sus indicaciones. En respuesta,  Cher afirmó que el director, estaba:,Tres años después, Cher alegó que Bogdanovich se  le había insinuado sexualmente durante el rodaje y  ,que su falta de empatía afectaba a su dirección.  La pareja seguía peleada tres décadas después,  ,y el cineasta dijo a Vulture que Cher "no  podía mantener una escena".

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CHER TWEETS Election Special with Chad Michaels #ImWithHer

CHER TWEETS Election Special with Chad Michaels #ImWithHer

oh here you guys it's me share and I'm,back with a special election edition of,share tweets,I'm completely I mean utterly,traumatized by this whole election,process you know I'm really famous for,my share Modi's and I've come up with my,very own emoji for Donald Trump and that,is the toilet emoji because it's full of, and only good for flushing so this,all started way back in November of 2012,he drew first blood,and unlike Rambo I'm gonna finish this, Exhibit A is right here from,November 2012 from the real Donald Trump,at Cher I don't wear a rug it's mine and,I promise not to talk about your massive,plastic surgeries that didn't work what,do you mean it looks like it worked to,me I look half your age and a lot less,orange okay look Donald you just messed,with the wrong nasty woman I hang out,with Janet Jackson mr. Jackson if you're,nasty,she taught me how it's done all right,guys here we go with the first tweet I'm,launching one right out of toilet bowl,is beyond scumbag carnie Barker you can,do anything to women when you're famous,I grabbed her by the Jesus we're,human beings I'd like to see you grab me,by the my pussy's got teeth and it,bites so we'll please tell me how can a,70 year old man say it was ten years ago,are we supposed to cut this animal slack,because he was only 60 please toilet,bowls way old enough to know better,I wouldn't grab anybody by the ,except for maybe my pussy's got two of,them they're cute they're fluffy they're,new so like I've been out on the road,doing my own thing like me and my girls,have been doing a little tour of the gay,bars it's been awesome it's called,conversations with Cher and it's,basically where I just completely,trashed Donald Trump for 15 minutes it's,awesome man I'm getting a lot of ,out of my system toilet bowl says,Hillary doesn't look presidential what,does that mean is it cuz she doesn't,have a penis or testicles no problem,neither does he and that is evident by,his small hands I see those hands Donald,those look like the hands of a,five-year-old little boy and I'm sure,you got the equipment to go with it I,haven't been there I haven't done that,but I'm just assuming and on top of this,he tries to say that Hillary doesn't,have to stay,to be President well I know where you,get your stamina from cialis a little,blue pill viagra that's the only thing,that gives you stamina for Melania I,mean all she can do all day is sit there,and file or fingernails as a,sign of sexual frustration who wants a,centerfold for a first lady,I mean she's shown off more bush than,the entire Bush family toilet ball is a,complete debates rigged boom whose,questions are too hard sad face no one,will protect me scary face the dog ate,my debate press sad face I want glad to,hold my hand toy the ball equals no,balls with a football and a basketball,stand post C I worked in my emojis there,isn't that awesome,all I know is that you did a lot of,sniffing in that debate you know what we,can sniff you out you don't know what,you're talking about maybe it was all,the brown-nosing you've done with,Vladimir Putin this really actually,happened here we go was sitting in a,bath and all of a sudden I remembered,about the debate it was like lightning,but all I could think of was oh god,please don't let him be president like,this could actually happen and like the,tears started running down my face and I,and I said Paul II film this this is,oscar-worthy I'm an Oscar winner I,know this is serious but you gotta,get it while the getting's good,Paul yeah he's dumbstruck and I want an,Oscar for moonstruck I'm a Oscar,winner oh I need to stop using that,word I sound like a truck driver I'm,just really like emotionally charged all,right that's it I'm pissed I'm hot under,the collar here we go Donald Trump's ego,is so inflated that he might as well be,the Hindenburg in the dictionary next to,obnoxious C photo of Donald yeah,that's for sure he's just a bloated gas,bag I'd light a match boo boo boo,boo I'm shooting them down these are 70,year old kids but they sure look good,don't they it's going down in flames,kids they're actually only 30 year old,tips but we won't talk about I don't,even know how we got there this is like,some bad reality show I mean is this guy,ever gonna even answer a question that,he's asked come on release those tax,returns tell us where you get that,orange wig from that's what we really,want to know,mayor's will elect me I've got better,wigs just through there is a toilet,psychotherapy for those people who are,so stressed by the mere thought of,toilet bowl being,otice they need doctors care scary face,I understand believe me I do understand,I'm having this reoccurring dream that,me and Chaz are up against Melania and,Donald and a two-on-two game of ice,hockey and all I can do is say Chaz hit,him in the shin Chaz hit him in the,shins that he doesn't hit Donald,he hits Melania in the shins while she's,filing her nails and I'm just like I,feel really bad when I wake up you guys,I feel rea

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