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I donated $1000 to streamers if they expose their browser historyin this video i had a simple,goal i

Nux Taku

Updated on Jan 20,2023

I donated $1000 to streamers if they expose their browser history

in this video i had a simple,goal i must invade the most private,matters,of another's area of life no i don't,want to dox them or anything don't get,the wrong idea,i want to expose their browser history,yes and you thought i couldn't get any,more evil so in this video,i go to streamers while they're,streaming i donate a hundred bits and i,say,i'll send another i don't know 100 bucks,or whatever,i decide at the time some people,unfortunately uh they asked for more,than 100 to reveal their browser history,but it was all worth it in the end,because i got them to show their browser,histories on stream and,well i mean i found things more,embarrassing than pornography,okay it was a glorious time,so being that you guys liked the last,one of my videos donating to twitch,streamers for the sake of annoying them,while also simultaneously wasting all of,my money,here's another episode of that and leave,a like goddammit because if you enjoy,this i will do more of these throwing my,money at people to humiliate everybody,in the entire,situation because it is worth it hells,yeah,this is such a fun video no one's ever,done something like this,like and subscribe god damn it now let's,just jump into me,extorting streamers so that they reveal,their browser histories,on stream,like how he's more confident with,himself all right mr,confident with yourself peter and pierre,for those of you know those two i hear,you're,they have one dead,i'd be going to my rants and not uh,seeing anything i hear you're confident,with yourself i'll send you 3 000 bits,for an extensive look at your browser,history,it's so funny enough about my browser,history is that like it's like i don't,ever go into incognito mode or anything,like,that or whatever like i have like anime,as like like my bookmarks,someone's like hey let me google,something on your phone i hand on my,phone they look and it's just like cause,i'm just like i don't know i feel like,i've,i guess like i actually respect that i,just i just own up to everything that i,am,so are you gonna show me your browser,history today,so i think maybe i'll in the stream now,and then work on that stuff no,browser is right,hey mel i'll send you 5 000 bits,for an extensive look at your browser,history on stream,i have lots of thoughts very thoughtful,i have lots of fun,melody you're awesome i stand let's go,hey mel,knox hi thank you for it hello,hi mel i'll send you 5 000 bits for an,extensive look at your browser history,give me a second,history from the past 24 hours not just,24 hours come on,i want to see a good month of browser,history,oh god i don't need 5 000,think of the bitties,freaking out that's,fine i don't but thanks for the ah,thanks for the offer no,say if i show it i will be banned,forever forever and ever,then that's fine never so apparently,four searches ago i remember i was,looking at um,yes yes because like creatures at the,bottom of the ocean and like,types of flora and in trees and plants,and everything so diverse,same with um okay members,i needed to find a really good,wiener but it wasn't in my heart so i,was like actively searching,um should we go with a dragon and then,it's like,what it was for work and seriously,understandable,i think,senpai you did it to yourself that's,true i'll send you three thousand bits,i'm sorry what the i just couldn't,do literally like you opened a portal,into hell,what's up hey quite senpai i'll send you,three thousand bits for an extensive,look at your browser history on stream,next i think i'd rather just like put a,bullet in my head like i would actually,just rather,burn in a vat of acid that is way more,my speed than that,this is like the worst day of my life,fine okay i'll i will break the law,to make my boy jfk,he was a beautiful man in life and he's,going to be even more beautiful is he,not doing it,do it well i did a favor at this point,so you know we're increasing,5 000 okay you drive a hard bargain nux,is laughing right now,nuts is laughing or cringing it might be,better but 5 000,bits for oh my god you're on,let's see it okay you drive a hard,bargain but five thousand bits for your,browser history let's see it,finger the 100 bits nux listen man,if i got to check i got to see why,browser history is first made because i,can just have my personal information in,there,oh personal information that's fair,that's fair,oh okay it's not that bad it's not i can,i think i can show this,yeah sorry if you guys are just joining,the stream now you walked in on,the wrong thing you don't want to be,here man,you want to be here this is what you're,here for we live for this,i make good content you know that uh let,me uh i'm,changing my so that i can anyway,okay so you have ronald reagan got your,life installer piece oh that's not what,i'm doing,with you lyrics can't install got your,light got your life connection timeout,during connecting to dobie player,deep fried wojack guava juice age is got,your life safe,you got your life online why are guava,juices eyes r

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Checking Boxes... and this is what you get.

Checking Boxes... and this is what you get.

bat whammon,show that is recently council,it's not going to be renewed,the bat women's,writers room which has their own twitter,very transparent tried to have this poll,um sign ups and all of this what do they,call those um, petitions and ,to,basically,and they had a hash tag that you should,use,demand for the cw,to renew the show,tell them how much you like it was a,failed effort didn't work still got,cancelled,there's a lesson to be learned here,but it hasn't stopped batwam's writers,from,trying to speak something into existence,that simply isn't the case and i'll,explain what that lesson is to learn,from that here in a little bit but let's,talk about what's going on,i saw this,i don't know how much,the batwam as writers,paid cbr to write this,bad women did for tv what black panther,did for movies,and that said javitia leslie and they go,on about,some sort of diversity which,i wouldn't use the term to br it doesn't,show that diverse to them means not,white men that are straight,that's what diversity means to them so,you can have almost an exclusively black,cast,and that in itself is something diverse,which,by textbook definition no it isn't the,cultural movement,that came after black panther,um leslie said,in an interview he said uh what movie,showed was how there's a dis there's a,space for black superheroes and black,comics,uh well that was already no,noticed um you were just late to the,party again you have this kind of weird,thought in your in your mind world,that's in your mind that exists where,people,somehow are oblivious to the idea that,there's a demand uh 20 years before,y'all did ,this there was a trilogy,that was also done by marvel they had a,black superhero that was very very,popular in its time,his name is blade,there's obviously been heroes before,that but i think certainly blade blade,basically saved marvel and got,people believing in their movies again,uh during that period of time definitely,that was the same,that was the same period of time where,they were going through that that whole,bankruptcy stuff as well,she says she has so many boxes that,she's checks,it allows a community thanks for using,that,terminology uh leslie by the way,because that's what i like you to say,that you like exist just check boxes and,that's literally what she says right,here,she has so many boxes that she checks it,allows the community not to have to look,look like her it's all about her like,i've had conversations with fans that,have grown up in the foster care world,and i have fans tell me,something else is very similar to ryan,that she equates,this also comes from well let me get the,actual video that i'm trying to find is,it this one yeah oh not the video,the post bad women's writer's room,comments trying to detract and deflect,from the impact safety representation,happiness and hope,that bat woman brought black women,can be seen to the door and left behind,it's 2022. it's current year,be,better,this is what the batwoman's writers room,demands,calling a show that made strides for,representation for queer black women,well which one is it court black women,and black women those two different,things now to be fair i don't know any,black women that watch bad woman,to be fair uh i was but i don't also,know a lot of queer black women like,like that i talked to day to day,so i don't have that sample size,anything,uh but positive is in an attempt is an,attempt to change the narrative this is,what they say,and it's time we stop letting those who,don't matter,half the stage,letting those who matter who don't,matter have the stage they say let the,black women have to float,well again there's not many black and,black women that are interested in that,dog show that y'all call bad women,i'm just giving you the facts it was,dead on arrival even when that other,helpful was doing the deal and i covered,it this was back when i was still,watching dc and marvel stuff and i,covered it and i still i gave y'all the,episode and everything when it just went,to the tank i mean it looks like it,started great,but it certainly took took a turn and,then,you were checking i mean to be fair that,was all the reason bad women existed to,kind of check a box not in the comics,i'm saying for the show and then you saw,an opportunity,when the other chick left to check some,more boxes so now we get this queer,uh black woman instead of just a gay,woman now she's back now you check a,couple of boxes more boxes so yeah i,mean nobody's watching this i mean you,this is the audience doesn't exist,twitter you get retweets likes and stuff,but truly this audience does not exist,i'm sorry this is just the facts and,this is why you know i did that video,the other day or a segment the other day,and i talked about this what did i say i,said y'all need to stop hiring these, if you go look at the bat,woman's writers room at no point really,are they talking about the bottom line,about the cw that doesn't even cross,their mind,did she'll make money,was it actu

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Modern Educayshun

Modern Educayshun

أهلا وسهلاً.,تجاهل ذلك، وسيصمت.,الآن، سؤالنا الأول هو:,1+1؟,نعم؟,2؟,غير صحيح.,نعم؟,تعددية الثقافات.,أحسنت، يا سيمون.,السؤال التالي:,ما ناتج 3x3 ؟,نعم؟,تسعة..؟,خطأ!,أجيبي يا بينيلوب.,المساواة بين الجنسين؟,جيد جدًا، يا بينيلوب.,أهذه مزحة؟,أتعتقد أن المساواة بين الجنسين مزحة؟,لا، ولكن أليس هذا فصل مادة الرياضيات؟,لا تكُن عنصريًّّا.,لقد سألت سؤالاً وحسب!,نحن لا نسأل الأسئلة!,أسئلتك مهينة.,تمامًا.,أيها الطلاب، أثق بأنكم أنهيتم مشاريعكم البحثيّة التي كُلفتم بها.,وتذكّروا أنّ الشخص الذي يحصل على أعلى علامة، سيُسافر إلى نيويورك,لعرض بحثِه في القمّة العالمية للرياضيات.,أحسنتِ، يا بينيلوب. 6/10,أنتَ أيضًا، يا سيمون. 6/10,هاي أنت!,احذر! أنت ظللت تُحدّق نحوها لعشر ثوانٍ.,ماذا؟,إنّه أحد أشكال التحرّش أن تُحدّق بالمرأة لأكثر من 15 ثانية.*,*يُستخدم لفظ «straight»، وتعني أحد أمرين: إما كلمة "بالضبط"، أو مغاير جنسيًا.,وعندما أستخدم مصطلح «straight»، لا أعني قولها بأنه لديه تفضيلات جنسيّة غير تقليدية.,وعندما أستخدم مصطلح «غير تقليدي»، فلا أقصد فيه الإساءة إلى الأشخاص الذي يُعارضون التطبيع التاريخي.,حسناً حسنًا، لقد فهمتك!,لسوء الحظ، يا سَنشاين، بحثك يستحق فقط 1/10.,لقد استخدمت تحويل فورييه في الطرق الرياضية في الالكترونيات لتحليل,مخططات الإلكترون للمرضى المعرضين للخطر وحساب خطر إصابتهم بأزمات قلبية.,أعلم بإنها طريقة جديدة، ولكن من الممكن إنقاذ الآلاف من الأرواح.,7,أنتِ بالكاد قرأتيه.,لقد استَخدمت قلماً أحمرًا.,ماذا؟,يُعتَبر اللون الأحمر رمزًا مُهينًا للعديد من الأديان.,لماذا تنتقص من قيمة كل شيء إلى درجة أن تستخدم لونًا واحدًا فقط؟,في حين أن الإنسانية هي مزيج من ألوان قوس قزح في الجمال والروحانية؟,تمامًا.,حسنٌ، لا بأس، 7/10! وهذا ما زال يعني أنني سأذهب للقمّة، أليس كذلك؟,التصحيح لم ينتهي بعد.,وبما أننا نعيش في مجتمع مبنيّ على المساواة.,يجب تقسيم إجمالي العلامات بالتساوي بينَ الطُلّاب.,لابد أنكِ تمزحين معنا!,حسنٌ يا طُلاب، أنتم جميعًا متساوون.,جميعكم لديكم نفس الدرجة!,ياي!,إذاً من الذي سيذهب إلى القمة؟,لم نُضِف بعد علامات الامتياز!,ألا تعلم شيئاً؟!,هذا صحيح.,يا بينيلوب، أنتِ أثنى، هذا يعني +1 كعلامة امتياز.,ولكنكِ بيضاء، إذاً -1.,أنا ثنائية الجنس كذلك.,+1،,هذا يعني أن علامتك النهائية 6/10.,سيمون، للأسف أنت سيء الحظ، فأنت أبيض وذكر...,ومُضطّرب الجنس...,نعم، وهذا يعني -4 من علامات الامتياز.,مما يعني أن درجتك النهائية فقط 1.,هذا هو العدل!,الآن دورك.,أنتَ ذكر، بالإضافة إلى أنك لا تُثير إعجابي.,لهذا تحصل على -2 من علامات الامتياز.,ولكنّك بنّي وغامض التوجّه الجنسي.,لهذا تحصلى على +2.,وهذا يعني أن درجتك النهائية 5.,لحظة، لماذا أن غامض التوجّه الجنسي؟!,وأخيراً أنت، يا سَنشاين.,حسنًا ... أنا مثلي الجنس، أنا متحول جنسيًا، أنا آسيوي,أنا سمين، أنا من طبقة اجتماعية متدنية، أنا لستُ ذكيًا، وغير جذّاب.,لديّ شعر على حلمَتيّ.,ورائحتي سيئة أيضاً.,ولا أستطيع الركض بشكل سليم، أو ربط حذائي لوحدي.,ورأيت مرّةً حمامةً تموت.,مذهل، يا سَنشاين.,هذا يُعطيك +13 نقطة امتياز!,هذا يعني أن درجتك النهاية 18/10!,أحسنتَ، يا سَنشاين. ستُسافر إلى نيويورك!,مرحى، يا سَنشاين!,علمنا أنه يمكنك فعلها!,دعني أرى هذه الورقة!,لقد كتب كلمة "مساواة" مع رسمةٍ لقلبٍ على قطعة ورق!,إنها تعبير لما في داخله، بالإضافة إلى أنها جميلة.,إنه حتّى لم يتهجّى لفظ "مساواة" بشكلٍ صحيح!,نحن لا نجور على أحد!,هذا ليس له علاقة بالرياضيات!,تعتقد أنك رائع بالرياضيات والعلوم والحقائق؟,ماذا عن المشاعر، هاه؟,نعم، المشاعر أهمّ بكثير من الحقائق!,تمامًا!,غير مناسب!,أنتم مجانين!,توقّف عن الاعتداء علي برأيك المخالِف!,لديّ الحق في قول أرائي!,لا. لدينا الحق لئلّا نُهان!,وهذا أهمّ من حقك هذا!,وإن لم تقف عن اعتداءك علينا لفظيّاً،,سنُضّطر لمهاجمتك دفاعًا عن أنفسنا!,لا يمكنكم فعل هذا!,في الواقع، لدينا كل الحقّ لنفعل هذا.,ومن غير القانوني أن تدافع عن نفسك.,تمامًا!,هذا جنون.,استعدّ للموت، ولتعلم أن العدالة الاجتماعيّة فازت. فلتَمُت!,سَنشاين!,أهلاً وسهلاً.,تجاهليه، وسيصمت. ترجمة: Abdulrahman Haddad، تعديل: isNotNamed,

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Scott Seiss Retail TikTok Compilation FULL

Scott Seiss Retail TikTok Compilation FULL

you just lost yourself a customer you,think i own this business,you think i own ikea i'm a part-time,employee halfway through a two-week,notice i don't give a,i'm telling all my friends not to shop,here tell them,you think i want five other yous running,around the store,have them call me i'll tell them you,think you hate this place more than me i,work here i know the sale ended last,week but can i still get a discount do,you hear,yourself we can't go backwards time,marches on,you want the sale from 15 years ago too,when's it end diane,you want that price you're gonna have to,go through the quantum realm with,ant-man,do you know how much money i spend here,more than you should,the meatballs ain't that good save your,money,end my time doesn't matter how much you,spend here we don't thank our donors,this isn't pbs,every time i come here my order gets,messed up then stop coming,make my day every time you come here,your order's messed up sounds like,you're making the mistake,look inward you're ordering the wrong, i'd like to speak to your manager,i'd like to speak to your mother,tell her she should be embarrassed she,raised someone to act like a baby in,public,you want to speak to the manager please,manager doesn't know what's going on,haven't you ever worked anywhere before,i know that's not right i used to work,here well things change,sorry they didn't run it by you first,you used to work here well i used to be,happy,then you walked in can you just check in,the back can you just accept we don't,have it,the back ain't some magical place what,do you think is back there santa's,workshop,the only thing back there is a clipboard,with our schedules and some brownies,darcy brought in,the website said it was in stock and,what do your eyes say,sometimes it's wrong the website also,has pictures of employees smiling you,see that,should go yell at your computer instead,of me it'll get you the same result,nothing this is cheaper at other stores,then shop there,why are you here we need directions,i'll get you some i'll call you an uber,at other stores i don't set the prices,i'm a seasonal employee you're working,hard or hardly working i'm hardly,laughing,i'm already at work i don't have time,for a second job pretending you're funny,why don't you tell me something i don't,hear every day like thank you,you should open up more registers and,who's gonna work them,you think i'm the only one ringing you,up because i called dibs,you want to clone myself you're saying,you want to apply well you see we're,short-handed where's your resume i can't,believe they have you working,thanksgiving i can't believe you're,shopping,why do you think i'm here it's because,of you i have to stand here for 15 hours,so you can yell at me instead of your,family,i work retail i don't even remember what,thanksgiving is the customer is always,right about what how to piss me off,you think you're god because you went,shopping you're not,infallible susan you're at the mall,always,right that's why you're on your ninth,try hitting the button for credit do you,have any coupons for me,that's what i ask you we all have our,roles to play well you think you just,found a cheat code for the store,oh yeah i keep a few 100 offs back here,for the smart customers,bring your own scan must be free and you,must be out of your mind,to think you're the first person to say,that you're not even the first one today,don't worry about the scan i'll type in,the product code and charge a double,i swear i fake laugh at this job so much,i forget how my real one sounds,you're open for 10 more minutes i'll be,quick quickly moving to the exit,this ain't a basketball game we're not,playing to the buzzer,you had the choice to hold a bunch of,minimum wage workers hostage or go,shopping tomorrow,you chose wrong get out,what's wrong with me do you work here,obviously yes,how many people you know wear a name tag,recreationally,you think i'm behind the counter because,i got lost do i work here,no i'm just dressed like this because,i'm going to the midnight premiere of,ikea the movie

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Throwing FAKE GANG SIGNS on Thugs in the Hood GONE WRONG! (MUST WATCH)

Throwing FAKE GANG SIGNS on Thugs in the Hood GONE WRONG! (MUST WATCH)

when we was down,yo boys we're officially hosting our,second meet and greet saturday july 30th,from 5 p.m to 7 p.m come out and meet us,we would love to get to know you guys,bring out the fam we're gonna have a,live dj we're gonna have a food truck i,might just give away some merch it's,gonna be a whole lot of fun if you guys,always wanted to meet us this is the,chance man because we don't do this meet,and greets all the time we do it once a,year so this is a great opportunity for,you guys to come out and take some,pictures and i want to get to know,you guys in person today we're back in,the show again i'm gonna go throw some,fake gang signs to random people and see,how people gonna react if i accidentally,throw an actual sign and whoever bangs,don't be mad bro i'm not doing this,intentionally just probably accidentally,happened this is all meant to be jokes,let's go get it it's gonna be a whole,lot of fun,you're looking at,bang on me i'm from gang what's up,what's going to do,party where you from earth earth what,the is earth why are you mad at me,i'm from a gang be playing,that earth,oh bang what's up yeah well i don't care,if you're being dug,why are you mad,mad dogging me homes i can't look no,problem nah i have eyes so god gave me,eyes to look sorry on camera why are you,man,your camera,look you're on camera,probably,you know where you at,calm your eyes down bro,what you trying to do,down,oh,from what's up what's up where you from,blood,video,what's up,what's up,what's up,bro let's go,let's get out of here this was pissed,what's up homie,you banging on me you need to date bro,i want to hit you first bro do you need,to face it,walk away bro,walk away bro,walk away,walk away,get down,oh,they're on camera bro,why are you mad i'm not throwing real,gangsters bro this isn't that are you,mad he can't be,so,yo back,behind that car,i'm not throwing gangster,this is not a game,why are you tripping,you're good,is it clear on,video all right boys we're out here with,the scent venture we're on our way to,the first location so we're sending it,tonight we haven't really done a vlog,like this in a minute it's because this,man's in love his wife let him come out,for the night so it's time to send it,boys,skinned brown skinned caramel you know i,had to bring it to the hood like she,carrying cigars,hey you gotta get in the car this cup,that's what he gets for getting a,friendly car it appears the police have,let it start permit is up for this first,spot we are up to the second spot boys,time to,end it can i get everybody over here we,will be drifting this corner you don't,want another mishap two seconds later,um,steady going up like a travel,honestly we're making progress can we go,past 35 go faster boys let's set this,coming,be a pilot don't be a normal human hey,fast as you can we're literally just,saying this so they could break the,clock,faster bro all my mother,just a little more faster,come on you guys could comment and say,all this, that i'm being mean,but hey you don't have to listen to me,bro you got a brain i can only say to do,things you don't have to do it but if,you're doing it that's your fault you,can tell i'm joking he's doing it right,now record that oh my god,i'm back in my bag,throw that thing back in a pair of hairs,and she be riding on that thing like a,ferris wheel yeah i love them dog skin,brown skin caramel you know i had to,bring it to the hood like she carrying,civil when she keep on turning head cuz,when she woke that thing jiggled and we,going back to back on them like we who,we and we rally

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MisinfoDay: Fact-Checking Claims and Sources

MisinfoDay: Fact-Checking Claims and Sources

hello everyone,welcome to miss info day this info day,is hosted by the university of,washington center for an informed public,in partnership with the washington state,university edward r murrow college of,communication,i'm liz kraus misinfo day planner at the,center for an informed public,i'm so excited to be here with you today,as we learn how to resist misinformation,and be better informed before we start i,wanted to show you where we're all,tuning in from today,we're here with students teachers and,librarians from across washington state,and the u.s and even have some people,tuning in internationally,so thank you all so much for being here,this session is fact checking claims and,sources with mike caulfield and scott,leading him,we'll start by hearing from scott scott,is the multimedia news manager for,northwest public broadcasting,scott go ahead hi thanks liz and,i'm really happy to be here and a quick,shout out if there's anyone,at lake roosevelt high school in grand,coulee washington my alma mater go,raiders,so i'm really happy to share some of our,insights about how we go through,news verification and fact checking and,some of the things,that we bring to the news verification,process we are of course the npr and pbs,station that is based at the edward r,murrow college of communication,at washington state university maybe,some of you listen to us or hear us or,watch us on,tv or get us online so,one of the first things that i'm going,to go through is,these different truths that we have in,our kind of fact checking process and,truths about,journalism so truth one beware the,objectivity,trap and what i mean by that is there's,this idea out there that all journalists,have to be what is called objective,meaning that they are,completely neutral they have no bias,they have no amount of,things that they're bringing in to the,reporting that they're doing well that's,a little bit of a trap,i would say because no one can be truly,completely 100 percent objective or,neutral because we all bring our past,experiences,our backgrounds into everything that we,do,and sometimes it's a strength to have a,little bit of background on a topic or,your experience in a certain,group and you'll be able to report on,them because that helps,our understanding of that topic so,there's ethics codes in journalism now,that might sound like an oxymoron like,jumbo shrimp but no journalists do have,ethics codes that we follow,there's no license to be a journalist,like you i have to be for like a doctor,or a lawyer you have to,pass a state certified exam journalism,is always done by our credibility and,that is how we maintain ourselves,in our ethics so fairness and accuracy,is really what we're going for in all,forms of journalism,you can be an opinion journalist or a,columnist and you can still be,a good journalist you just have to be,fair and accurate,in all things that you do,so truth number two,sorry i'm having a little bit of there,we go,truth number two journalism is a process,not a product so let that sink in just,for a second,a process not a product it's not,something that we're producing like a,widget in a factory right,it's the whole assembly line from the,design phase to the,coming off the assembly line and it,being sold that is what we're going for,in journalism there's these things that,we these little sayings that maybe uh,you've heard before and we kind of use,in journalism as well,if your mother says she loves you get a,second source,what that means is be very skeptical of,the information that you're hearing,and back it up with other information,from other sources who are independent,and that's how we go through that,process of fact checking and,verification,stenography is not reporting stenography,of course is the process just of writing,things down like if you're in a,courtroom there's a stenographer that's,the person who's,typing everything so they can get a,transcript of everything that's said,that's not journalism that's part of,what journalists do in the reporting,process is to record what people are,saying and to report it back to us,that's only one step in the process,here's another saying believe half of,what you see,and nothing of what you hear let that,sink in,half of what you see and nothing of what,you hear it's just a way of reminding,ourselves to always be skeptical,skeptical of everything that is put in,front of us you might remember a few,weeks ago on tick tock there was viral,videos of tom cruise that were deep,fakes they were not actually the actor,tom cruise but they were very convincing,right,half of what you see and nothing of what,you hear,and finally be skeptical of not only,what people are telling you but why,people,are telling you by that are they trying,to use,you as a way to get out their,misinformation,are they actually who they are are they,actually who they say they are like if,they're,claiming that they work for a company,and they have insider information you,need to verify that they actuall

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Boarding a Plane Shouldn’t Be This Hard - Key & Peele

Boarding a Plane Shouldn’t Be This Hard - Key & Peele


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If Illumination Villains Were Charged For Their Crimes

If Illumination Villains Were Charged For Their Crimes

foreign,O'Hare runs a monopoly on the air,business where he charges an extremely,high amount of money of 100 for five,gallons of oxygen this violates the,Sherman Antitrust Act which prevents one,or several companies dictating the price,of a market a judging by how many years,it's been since he had the idea which I,estimated to be around 35 years it's,likely O'Hare has made at least 200,million dollars since he can afford a,massive blimp which would cost tens of,millions and the punishment would be,around double the earnings from his,victims and five years,you listen to me boy don't go poking,around in things you don't understand or,I'll be your worst nightmare I'm,Frankenstein's head on a spider's body,grandma just finished a turn,how did you know,please I have eyes everywhere,thank you,graffiti on private property is,vandalism but since the property damage,caused by this was less than one,grandsworth he would only get a few,hundred dollar fines for this,really well then,do you wouldn't mind us checking your,room no,no hey you can't go up there no guys,this is ridiculous stop,hey ah no you can't come in my room,fine then even though he was invited,into the house by the house owner he,didn't have permission to go into the,bedroom,Audrey,Audrey,outrage in Egypt tonight as it was,discovered that the Great Pyramid of,Giza had been stolen and replaced by a,giant inflatable replica stealing a,famous landmark is the most serious form,of grand larceny and in addition to,stealing it he had to smuggle it into,America in order to have it at his base,check out my new weapon purana done oh,yes fires live piranhas ever seen one,before no you haven't I invented it I'm,doing a demonstration,life piranhas could be considered animal,abuse to the Piranhas especially when it,is revealed later that he has to stuff,them back in whenever he reloads,during the section where Gru tries to,break into vector's Fortress Gru gets,pretty messed up however most of it's,legal to Vector this this and this is,fine due to GRU trespassing on his land,and this is fine as Guru was threatening,him with a rocket launcher this isn't,legal though as grewers on the sidewalk,which is public property despite him,listening through the walls this is,going to result in negligence for Vector,as there's no warning that there was a,shark in the sewer drain and that could,have resulted in an accident if a,maintenance worker went down there and,this,foreign,foreign,Vector preventing The Escape of his,hostage caused her to become in danger,after he carelessly posies piranha gun,instead of holding onto the ship,foreign,foreign,it's custom made I doubt this car is,registered,there are a number of problems with this,Factory first of all there are no,handrails stopping any of the minions,from falling down secondly despite being,in a construction zone only some of the,minions are wearing hard hats and I'm,not going to add slavery here as the law,behind the minions shows they are doing,this voluntarily as they have a natural,urge to serve the most evil person they,can find,what did we do well we installed the,Times Square jumbo,we stole the Statue of Liberty,the small one from Las Vegas,I won't even mention the Eiffel Tower,also Vegas,foreign,foreign,well it appears you have cleared our,background check Dr grew,lying to the adoption services about who,you are so that you can adopt someone,for your evil plot is fraud as you are,lying about yourself for commercial,benefits in this case is villain rep,ly,I don't know,place for little kids,because I,said no no stay away from there,oppose the plan we'll work with two hey,it's dark in here,it is clear that group put no effort in,making his home a safe place for the,girls and when he thought Edith had died,showed no remorse or emotion about it I,will give him child endangerment and,negligence which will give him seven,years,as you can see I have provided,everything a child might need,providing the girls with no supervision,unhealthy food and no toilet would give,drew a child neglect charge,if something as simple as a person,screaming behind him can cause him to,cause an accident shows he's pretty,reckless driver,s,come on,Drew showing his desire to leave the,girl stranded at a fun fair with no,adult supervision is once again showing,child neglect and it is confirmed that,he would get the charge as he took,action to achieve this when he attempted,to leave the park,in addition to the property destruction,charge for the man's stall I will also,be giving him reckless endangerment as,he put this man's life in danger by,shooting a giant Fireball at him,thank you,at the time it wasn't known that the,shrink ray effects were temporary so him,shrinking one of his own minions can be,considered mutilation as his life is now,permanently Changed by his new size,since this type of Mutilation is,impossible in the real world I will,substitute it with losing hearing as,they are probably on the same level,huh

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