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Chad Pergram: What Nancy Pelosi didn't saysenior producer from Capitol Hill Chad,pilgrim keeping bus

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Chad Pergram: What Nancy Pelosi didn't say

senior producer from Capitol Hill Chad,pilgrim keeping busy of keeping track of,a busy day already today and Chad good,morning to you as soon as Nancy Pelosi,finished her comment,you shot an email out to all of our,colleagues here at Fox saying proceed,with caution,what are you reading between the lines,based on a timetable or schedule that we,do not see Chad what is important to,know here about Nancy Pelosi is that a,lot of her public statements are not,meant for the public and reporters,they're meant for her members and what I,was struck by Bill in her remarks is,what she didn't say she did not lay out,a timetable she did not say we're gonna,do this by Christmas there was no news,flash in this statement this was kind of,a placeholder to remind people that,they're working on impeachment but,always when you're dealing with Nancy,Pelosi the Speaker of the House and you,filet her statements there's a little,bit of Zen and what she says,we're forging ahead but we're not,forging ahead we're going forward we're,not going forward right now I have been,told bill repeatedly by senior,Democratic leadership sources that they,think it might be a crunch to try to do,this by Christmastime so when she says,you know we're going to have the,chairman you know start working on,articles of impeachment nothing new,there and here's that here's the key,phrase that that I it was struck by in,her remarks we will proceed in a manner,worthy of our oath of office now Jerry,Nadler the chair of the committee said,last night we will have more hearings,plural I said do you in fact mean that,plural he didn't respond what they would,at least have to have at some point is a,markup session where they actually write,the articles of impeachment that's an,open session and then you would probably,have to have a couple three days of,debate on the House floor engaging all,currently 431 members of the House you,just can't do that in an hour or two and,to do that bill before Christmas time,and do it you know in an earnest fashion,you know where they're really you know,giving the gravity to this that's going,to be tough though 19 days from,Christmas Chet and we pointed out a lot,in 1998 it was December 19th in the,house voted and passed when people enjoy,and they also they also didn't have to,fund the government which this year the,government shutdown date is 11:59 on the,20th and they the Democrats absolutely,could not have a government shutdown,while they're doing impeach,Republicans will say look you're too,focused on impeachment and not doing the,basics of government work um we just had,dan Kildee on from michigan Democrat in,the house reacting to Nancy Pelosi at,the top of the hour he would not commit,to whether or not he would be a yes on a,vote for impeachment if it were held,today he said he's going to wait to see,what the articles of impeachment are,bill and I have interviewed several,Democrats on this program in recent days,after more than 30 hours of testimony in,the House Intelligence Committee the,public hearing in the judiciary this,week some will commit but some will not,there's a lot of hesitancy in the point,that Sanders making here and the,question is why why would they give you,a yes or a no at this point yet well I,think that congressman Kildee is spot on,they have to actually see what the,articles of impeachment are is an abuse,of power is it bribery remember in 1998,you reference December 19 1998 that,Saturday bill where they impeach,President Clinton there were four,articles of impeachment on the floor and,the house only approved two so you could,see a scenario and I've been told about,three to four articles is what they're,going to narrow this down to three to,four articles where some members vote,YES on some articles some vote no and,you might only have an article or two,approved on the House floor if history,is our guide that's probably what,happens and you would have some,Democrats even someone like dan Kildee,potentially voting know if it isn't what,they see right in their wheelhouse chad,final question on timing here at the end,of your note you talked about democrats,if they were to take this through the,holidays and into january what that,would do to momentum and if that would,change the process and change any minds,right well democrats stuck together over,the thanksgiving holiday there was some,thought that maybe when they went away,for thanksgiving that this could lose,some speed and absolutely didn't and,that's why you know when they came back,you know some of the calculus that,they'll have to weigh now just just,putting this off into january which is a,possibility would that slow things down,but when most of the Democrats held,together over Thanksgiving that signaled,that it's not going to slow down if they,let this drift past Christmastime Sam,okay Jeb thank you for that,remember viewers on Monday we've got the,IG reports

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This is the roughest start for any House majority in recent history: Pergram

This is the roughest start for any House majority in recent history: Pergram

Chad pergam join us right now jump in,here and tell us what we need to know at,this point,well Sandra I think what's significant,is that we thought there might be five,six seven eight votes against Kevin,McCarthy but there have been 19 votes,right now for someone else by name,that's a little bit higher than we,anticipated and that also underscores,the depth of the problem that Kevin,McCarthy faces today or perhaps in the,coming days he has never been able to,move that meter uh over the past couple,of months there were more than 30,members of the Republican conference who,voted against him in November that vote,doesn't really count this is the,nomination in the house Republican,conference but he was never able to,significantly close that Gap since just,after the election and this is why just,having a narrow majority in the House of,Representatives is such a problem for,Kevin McCarthy if he had a big 40-50,seat majority which is what we thought,he might have at least some Republicans,predicted that he would be in much,better shape now one thing I want to,direct your attention to here is that,leadership elections are not partisan,politics they are are what we call here,on Capitol Hill particle politics they,are decided at the subatomic political,level that's why it is very hard,sometimes to determine who is going to,get into leadership for years there were,several people who were lined up behind,house Speaker Nancy Pelosi including,steny Hoyer the then majority leader who,we thought might move in to succeed her,at some point we thought that Chris Van,Hollen might do that we thought that uh,that someone like uh like Rahm Emanuel,might do that at some point it never,happened in 20 years Pelosi was the,leader of the democratic party we,thought at one point that Kevin McCarthy,was supposed to succeed John Boehner in,2015 that didn't happen and then Paul,Ryan who said he didn't want the job two,weeks later became speaker of the house,so this is where I'm talking about when,you start you know racing all of these,political particles together in the,political superconducting super collider,it's hard to figure out who is going to,be in the leadership particle politics,and this is where Kevin McCarthy had has,the most votes or he will among the,Republican conference here but he might,not become speaker and this is where you,start to talk about Steve scalise or is,there an outside person this is the,thesis of particle politics and I've,seen this happen over and over and over,again in leadership elections remember,it wasn't that long ago that Eric Cantor,was supposed to be John Boehner's,successor and then he lost his primary,this seems to happen over and over again,and you never quite know who is going to,be in the leadership until it is a done,deal the other thing that is significant,here is that Nancy Pelosi the outgoing,Speaker of the House the former speaker,of the house now that you know she,always knew exactly how many votes were,there Kevin McCarthy was never known,when he was the Whip or the majority,leader or the minority leader for being,a good vote counter Nancy Pelosi could,vote could count the votes down to the,individual member and I think that you,know when you look at the scoreboard,right now there's 19 Republican members,who voted against him and people thought,this was going to go to a second ballot,anyway but we thought that number was,going to be a lot lower is that Kevin,McCarthy has not been able to whip his,conference to support him that is a,major disconnect and that shows this,Chasm that starts at the beginning of,the 118th Congress when we get to,passing bills how are they going to keep,the government open in say September at,the end of September that's when the,government next needs funded how are,they going to vote to get something out,of committee a vote to impeach Alejandro,mayorcas which is something that they,have suggested the DHS secretary how are,they going to deal with the debt ceiling,if they can't even agree on a speaker,they can't pass all these other big,bills or resolutions or high-minded,ideas that they have this is a really,rough start the roughest start for any,majority in recent House history but the,opponents of Kevin McCarthy chat are,hanging tough here Andy Biggs just,tweeted my colleagues have made clear,our party deserves a new leader McCarthy,should stand down and allow us to select,someone else in the next ballot you see,the 19 others there on the screen the,the others that were voted for 10 votes,for Andy Biggs six for Jim Jordan one,for Jim Banks one for Lee zeldin and one,for Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida,it's interesting that we talk about,Steve scalise chat as a potential,consensus candidate for speaker of,McCarthy can't make it he hasn't,received any others votes at this point,you know the name Belize Eldon has been,banded about is potentially somebody who,could who uh Republicans could rally,around but I mean where we are in this,process as you've pointed

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Chad Pergram explains the 'Byrd Rule' 2

Chad Pergram explains the 'Byrd Rule' 2

democrats in the senate got some bad,news last week when the parliamentarian,ruled that some immigration provisions,should not be included in the build back,better act,what does make it into the democrats big,social spending bill hinges on a,peculiar,ornithological term,get it studying birds in the senate,known as the bird rule and birdbath,congressional correspondent chad pergram,gives us a bird's eye view of this,eccentric senate exercise,everyone on capitol hill is chirping,about the bird rule he has a bird rule,and then of course there are the bird,rule contest we want to be sure that,what we send,is not bird-able bill will need to go,through what is known as the bird rule,it's named after legendary west virginia,senator and majority leader robert byrd,he's not just some guy he's not just,some senator,he was mr process he was mr institution,and if one knows the rules and,precedence,there are times when,the senate,he has the senate in his hand,in the 1980s lawmakers used budget,reconciliation to pass partisan policies,the process only needs 51 votes so it,was the easiest way to muscle through,controversial items bird wanted to stop,that so he put a guard rail in place now,when using reconciliation senators must,prove things are tied directly to the,budget,that's the bird rule,but the senate has a special way to,cleanse the bill to determine what,matches the budget framework it's called,the birdbath,senate parliamentarian elizabeth,mcdonough scrubs the bill to determine,what's in or out fish or foul and clips,the wings of provisions,which don't match,the bird bath isn't necessarily a,singular event there are phone calls,emails paperwork exchanges but sometimes,the provisions are so controversial that,the parliamentarian convenes the sides,to present their arguments as though in,a court of law one of the more,contentious bird rule discussions that i,participated in,circled around a provision in the,affordable care act,where we actually had written legal,style briefs provisions which don't,survive the bird bath are called,bird droppings and if the,parliamentarian rules against you that,ruffles senate feathers,it's remarkable how the the,beneficiaries of the parliamentarians,advice uh have short memories,and those who feel slighted never forget,debate over what survives the birdbath,has grown so intense pro-immigration,demonstrators even shut down the golden,gate bridge in september they unfurled a,banner reading override the,parliamentarian,the senate isn't bound by the behind the,scenes bird bath but if the senate gets,60 votes it can say bye bye birdie,however if certain provisions fall aside,the entire piece of legislation may,never,take flight,on capitol hill chad pergram,fox news

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Recalling Congress???

Recalling Congress???

hey everybody this is Deb with truth,vacation Chronicles and I have one more,part of the louie gohmert thing that I'm,going to put up sometime on Monday I,don't know when it's gonna actually get,out but I just wasn't up to doing all,the research I needed to do today and,I've been trying to keep ahead of,everything that's going on but I'm,failing miserably but I'm trying on that,and I will tell you a little bit about,that in just a minute but anyway I came,across this series of tweets here that I,thought maybe you'd be interested in now,this Chadd program is a Fox News guy and,let me bring it up here and he tends to,focus mostly on Congress that's kind of,his specialty so he is a blue cheque guy,which means he's definitely a verified,account so he starts out and he says Fox,is told that House Democrats have a,pre-scheduled conference call at noon,Eastern Time,the call was on the books before the,shootings this weekend I find that very,odd just saying one senior source tells,Fox that call could determine whether,Democratic leaders recall the house to,work on gun related legislation yeah you,know they're on recess right now but,they can be recalled there are several,pieces of legislation which could be in,the works on firearms Fox is told the,disarm hate act is ready to go it bars,people convicted of a hate crime from,having firearms I think that's a little,disturbing because you see it doesn't,take much for them to claim somebody's,guilty of a hate crime I mean you just,say something they don't like and they,could say oh no that's a hate crime and,then you're in trouble you know and you,will not be able to own a firearm so I,think that's a very disturbing thing,that we're gonna have to keep an eye on,on gun legislation Fox is told there's,still work to do on extreme risk,protection orders and dealing with other,red flag problems which could prevent,someone with mental health issues from,having access to weapons,okay now here's just my opinion on this,I'm not fond of the idea that we're,going to use mental-health issues as,whether somebody can have a gun or not,now I I'm not saying I want crazies to,have a gun but the definition of crazy,it's kind of like this hate speech thing,this hate act how do you know it's not,as defined as it should be if you've,ever read the DSM which is the,Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which,is how they diagnose people with mental,issues it's very open to interpretation,okay it is not something where like when,you take a blood test and you have a,certain illness it comes back and no,matter how many people took that blood,test the results would be exactly the,same well that's not what happens with,the DSM okay it's very open to,interpretation and to the bias of the,person who is interpreting it so just,had to say that I've done a lot of study,in that area and it bothers me you know,I've read a lot of the different,portions of it some of the things in,there could be applied to anybody if,they really wanted to diagnose someone,or to claim someone was mentally ill,it's kind of scary really when you get,into it but anyway so that's something,that I think is you know I do understand,the problem that some people are not,mentally right and that they should not,have guns but there's got to be some,restrictions okay because it could be,used the DSM could be weaponized against,people who hold politically different,beliefs because you know that a lot of,liberals think conservatives are,mentally ill and I've had a friend who,told me that I was because I actually,read government documents and I know,what's going on behind the scenes and I,happen to notice when there's all these,arrests going on you know and she,thought that was kind of weird and she,actually did tell me I need to seek help,so yeah it can be used against people in,a very bad way anyway number four,box is told that a ban on high-capacity,magazines is ready to go but they need,to do some internal issues with the,Democratic caucus Fox is told that House,Democrats are not ready to advance an,assault weapons ban well you know that's,what they're going to go after I knew,that is the minute I heard it but,there's just you know that's what they,do it was almost as if it was scripted,and then we go on to the next one an,assault weapons ban was the law of the,land for a decade assault weapons were,banned as a part of the 1994 crime bill,but it expired without a renewal I would,need to know how they are defining,assault weapons because you know a lot,of people that I know don't know much,about guns and they decide whether,something is an assault weapon purely,from looking at it and that's just not a,reliable way of doing that so anyway,next one multiple sources tell Fox it,may be a challenge for Pelosi to not,recall the house at some point this,month,considering the Democrats rhetoric on,guns moreover such a move could increase,pressure on Senate Republicans well it's,gonna be interesting what's happening so,House Democrats repeatedly des

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Newsmaker Saturday: Chad Pergram & T.J. Newman

Newsmaker Saturday: Chad Pergram & T.J. Newman

sean hook's newsmaker saturday starts,now,thanks for joining us things are heating,up in washington between a trillion,dollar,infrastructure package and a three and a,half trillion dollar budget plan,they're spending money in washington,like they've got a printing press,well of course they do it's your money,the question is,you and your children maybe your,grandchildren will get stuck with a bill,the question is is it worth it fox news,congressional correspondent chad pergram,joins us live from capitol hill chad,great to see you thank you for having me,okay chad let's start with the,infrastructure bill,there's some bipartisan agreement on it,and chuck schumer,is talking about votes on this next week,in the senate,but republicans are pushing back saying,well,let's vote when we've got it ready it,sounds like they're kind of putting the,cart before the horse,that never happens in washington does,well to be clear to the viewers here,this is this bipartisan infrastructure,package which is about 1.2 trillion,dollars total it's really in the 600 to,700,billion range in terms of new money the,rest is going to be reprogrammed,and what they have to do is this bill is,subject to a filibuster that means you,need 60 votes,to turn off a filibuster and then,eventually maybe pass the bill,well if you have you know significant,republican buy-in,okay you can do that but if you have a,test vote this was this procedural vote,to actually launch,debate on this particular bill then that,bill goes by the wayside,this has been the criticism by democrats,saying,look republicans are not really willing,to play ball,they've also made the case this is why,they need to eliminate the filibuster,and just do things with a simple,majority vote,you know the senate right now is 50 50.,so if they can get that bipartisan,buy-in and get at least 10 republican,senators,and all 50 democrats stick together and,that's unclear too,maybe you need more republican senators,then they could probably pass the,bipartisan bill but here's the problem,and this is where a lot of folks believe,that democrats potentially laid a trap,for republicans the idea,is that if that bill blows up and even,though there's some republicans who vote,for it but they don't get to 60 votes,democrats can say oh i told you so and,use that,you know this inertia that they're,trying to get going here,to eliminate the filibuster use that as,another case study and furthermore say,republicans are not interested in,bipartisanship,that's why we're going to do it alone go,alone and do our own 3.5,trillion dollar infrastructure bill yeah,chad it appears to me just,watching it that there is some,bipartisan support,for infrastructure when you get into the,3.5 trillion of all this other stuff,that's where republicans are saying,given the state of the economy,rising inflation all of this stuff,and the fact that the economy has been,recovering why do we need all this money,we're throwing money around like we're,crazy,and that's where they seem to be saying,timeout,yeah there there was a lot of question,in the past few days about,uh inflationary concerns jerome powell,uh the head of the federal reserve he,testified before house and senate,committees,the past few days was asked a lot about,that issue some people think that maybe,inflation is going to stick around a lot,longer even than you know what powell,had been suggesting there's real,concerns about that,and is that fueled by this uh you know,adding extra spending in 3.5 trillion,dollars adding you know close to a,you know several hundred billion dollars,if not a trillion dollars on the,bipartisan bill,to say nothing of the 1.9 trillion,dollar bill the democrats,uh passed uh on their own back in march,so,what happens whether or not this is can,be pinned on the democrats or not,republicans are going to try to do so,this is really a political football they,will weaponize this and as prices,continue to spike they will say aha,we told you so this is what the,democrats are doing they're they're,spending all this money,and it's heating up the economy way too,fast blame them they will use that,against them in the midterm elections,well and i'm thinking you know we are,right at this point,next year everybody's going to be,campaigning to save their job most of,them not everybody in the senate,obviously but everybody in the house,moderates moderate democrats may have a,tough time with this stuff,back home just a year from now,yeah and i would look in arizona,obviously of mark kelly you know that's,going to be a competitive,senate race right there you know the,other thing to look at,as you go across the board in the house,of representatives and that's maybe why,this isn't a,a done deal you have kind of these polar,opposites,in the democratic caucus you have these,very progressive liberal voices like,alexandria,ocasio-cortez and corey bush from,missouri,and and even pramila jayapal who is the,chair of the progressive caucus who she,said she viewed the 3.5,t

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey getting exposed for not fact-checking Chinese Communist Party tweet

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey getting exposed for not fact-checking Chinese Communist Party tweet

dorsey your platform allows foreign,dictators to post propaganda,typically without restriction yet you,routinely restrict the president,of the united states and here's an,example,in march a spokesman for the chinese,communist party,falsely accused the us military of,causing,the coronavirus epidemic,he tweeted quote cdc was,caught on the spot when did patient zero,begin,in the u.s how many people are infected,what are the names of the hospitals it,might be the u.s,army who brought the epidemic,to wuhan and on and on,after this tweet was up for some two,months,twitter added a fact check label to this,tweet after,being up for two months however when,president,trump tweeted about how,mail-in ballots are vulnerable to fraud,a statement that,i subscribe to and agree with in a,statement that isn't,in in fact true twitter immediately,imposed fact check label on,that tweet mr dorsey how does a claim by,chinese communists,that the u.s military is to blame for,covid,remain up for two months without a fact,check and the president's tweet,about security mail and ballots get,labeled instantly,well first and foremost we as you,mentioned we did label,that tweet as we think about enforcement,we consider severity of offline,of potential offline harm and we act,as quickly as we can we have taken,action,against tweets from world leaders all,around the world,including the president and we did,take action on that tweet because we saw,it,we saw the confusion it might encourage,and we labeled it accordingly and the,goal with our labeling,speaking of the president's tweet yes,okay the goal of our labeling is to,provide,more context to connect the dots uh so,that people can have,more information so they can make,decisions for themselves,um we you know we we've created these,policies recently,um we are enforcing them um there are,certainly,uh things that we can do much faster,but generally we believe that the policy,was enforced in a timely manner,and in the right regard and,and yet you seem to have no objection,to um a tweet by the chinese communist,party saying,the u.s army brought the epidemic to,wuhan,well we did and we we labeled that tweet,um providing providing,too much to do so is that correct i'm,not sure of the exact,time frame but we can get back to you on,that so uh you're going to get back to,us as to how,a tweet from the chinese communist party,falsely accusing,the u.s military of causing the corona,virus epidemic was uh was left up for,two months,with with no comment from from twitter,while,the president of the united states um,making a statement about,being careful about a voter,about ballot security with the mail,was labeled immediately i uh i have a,tweet here from mr ajit,pai mr ajit pai is the is the chairman,of the federal,communications commission and,um and and he,he he recounts some four,tweets by the iranian,dictator ayatollah ali khamenei,which twitter did not place a public,label on they all four of them glorify,violence the first tweet says this and i,quote each time,the zionist regime is a deadly cancerous,growth and a detriment to the region it,will undoubtedly be uprooted,and destroyed that's the first tweet,the second tweet the only remedy until,the removal of the zionist regime,is firm armed resistance again,left up without comment,by twitter the third the struggle to,free,palestine is jihad,in the way of god um,i quote i quote that in part for,the sake of time and number four we will,support and assist any nation or any,group anywhere,who opposes and fights the zionist,regime i um i would simply point out,that um these tweets are still,up mr dorsey,and uh how is it that they are,acceptable,to be to be there i'll i'll ask,unanimous consent,to enter this tweet from ajit pai and,the record at this point that'll be done,without objection,how mr dorsey is that acceptable,based on your policies at twitter,we believe it's important for everyone,to hear from global leaders,and we have policies around,world leaders we want to make sure that,we are respecting their right to speak,and and to publish what they need but if,there is a violation of our terms of,service,we want to label it and they're still up,do they violate your terms of service mr,dorsey,we we did not find those to violate our,terms of service,because we considered them,saber-rattling which is,um is part of the speech of world,leaders,in in concert with other countries,speech,against our own people or a country's,own citizens,we believe it's different and can cause,more immediate harm,very very telling information mr dorsey,thank you very much,senator cantwell you are recognized

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Here's what Kevin McCarthy is conceding in House speaker negotiations

Here's what Kevin McCarthy is conceding in House speaker negotiations

and back with us now is Texas,congresswoman-elect Beth Van Dyne along,with Byron York from the Washington,examiner we're all a part of history now,this is the longest vote in more than,160 years it looks like congresswoman,what's the exit plan out of this even,Trump and Mike Pence had stopped this,vote for McCarthy lawmaker Tony Gonzalez,says lock the house inside No One leaves,until there's white smoke and a new,speaker what's the Exit Plan,congresswoman,this is not the part of history that I,wanted to be part of you know I wanted,to be a part of coming back getting the,majority and be able to actually fulfill,the the promises that we made to our,constituency campaign that we're going,to hold the Biden Administration,accountable you know the next next steps,is look you've got 90 percent of the,Republican conference that's supporting,Kevin McCarthy,um you've got 19 20 people who have,voted for a handful of candidates the,last round they threw out two names,that's it's frustrating I think if,you're running for this position you,should have already have come out you,should have announced it would have been,great to hear what your platform was,what your ideas what's your plan and now,we're at the last moments on and all,these names are just kind of being,thrown out and and for those of us who,like to be very thoughtful with their,votes to know what we're voting on and,we're pushing the roads the vote the,rule changes to have 72 hours notice,it's it's frustrating where all of a,sudden just kind of hearing uh last,minute names thrown out as as speakers,Byron what do you so that what the,congresswoman just said Byron what do,you make of all this because there's,debate whether or not McCarthy making,big concessions and whether or not he's,gutting his own power as a speaker and,also there's this this is what others,are saying it's a really important fight,over a massive government spending,passed in the dead of night at the 11th,Hour when Congress doesn't read the bill,and no hearings what do you say to all,this,well I think McCarthy already before the,voting started made a lot of concessions,uh for changes in how the house operates,I mean a lot of of conservatives in the,United States are almost traumatized by,this 1.7 trillion dollar Omnibus that,passed on December 23rd but you know 200,House Republicans voted against it nine,House Republicans voted for it seven of,them are no longer in the house they did,it on the way out the door so Kevin,McCarthy is actually wanted the Senate,not to pass the bill to wait until,Republicans were in charge of the house,and could perhaps cut it down a little,bit I think right now the situation,right now the one voice we haven't heard,from now is Kevin McCarthy and there's,no rule that says he can't come out and,say something and I think it would,probably be a good idea to do so right,now yeah that's an interesting point,because you know congresswoman uh U.S,inflation is not turned according turned,a corner yet that's from the IMF IMF so,Americans are getting hit with double,whammies of high inflation fueled by,government spending Fed rate hikes and,now tax hikes you know it's even you,know it's getting so bad out there,Congressman we want your reaction to,this even rapper cardi B is demanding a,stop to what's going on in DC watch this,Supermarket I've seen the everything,tripled up they're like lettuce was like,two dollars a couple of months ago and,now seven of course I'ma say something I,could only imagine what middle class,people or people in the hood,biggest,I mean even cardiac saying what the,heck's going on with DC go ahead,congresswoman,I said cardi you know cardi B welcome to,the Republican Party we've been saying,this for the last two years if you have,if you have a punitive fiscal policies,that are coming on the budget,Administration that that demonizes,American Business when they've got their,fiscal policies that are are attacking,our energy industry this is what you see,we have been warning of of people of,this that this is exactly what was going,to happen for the last two years if you,enacted these policies and they continue,to do it and guess what we're finally,seeing what's happening how does this,how's this problem with the house,Speaker fight resolve itself what's,going to happen,we're gonna have to get a majority we're,going to have to have 218 people or or a,majority of those voting um but the 20,are not but they're not budgeting the,hardliners are not budging congresswoman,I understand that there's there has been,negotiations and discussions happening,all day today uh what I hear is that,those are moving there's a progression,is going in a positive direction,the fact is that look we all want to,have a conservative speaker I come from,a conservative District I have had,conservative voting records what I I'm,really worried about the spending that,we've been doing the lack of attention,order the lack of attention and,inflation what we're doing with our our,Interna

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GOP senator faces protests from University of Florida students

GOP senator faces protests from University of Florida students

benthas is on the record anti-gay,marriage anti-transgender people and,anti-abortion he poses a threat to all,um students that may be queer or non-mem,I feel that a lot of marginalized groups,on campus will feel less safe and less,secure he is just too divisive and will,fracture the U.S Community here,Nebraska Republican senator Ben Sasse is,receiving a rather rude welcome from,some students at the University of,Florida this week SAS will resign his,post in the Senate and is set to become,the school's president early next year,senior Congressional correspondent Chad,pergram has that story tonight Chad good,evening,Trace GOP Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse,aims to leave the D.C swamp for another,swamp the home of the University of,Florida Gators but some students greeted,SAS as though he came from in-state,rival Florida State,sass with profane chance when he came to,campus for meetings University Police,whisked sass away when students tried to,swarm the senator some students say,sasa's stance on same-sex marriage,doesn't blend with the school how do you,plan to engage with and give a great,ER lgbtq Plus students faculty and staff,at UF and in the board of Gainesville,Community and I think that a community,like UF needs to be a community of,inclusion where,fuels heard everyone feels respected,where there is trust a,petition contends sasa's views don't,line up with the University of Florida,we believe that Ben sass the senator,from Nebraska is wholly unfit to be the,next president of the University of,Florida not only is he partisan he is a,known Republican so we all know what his,policy platforms are the school expects,to ratify sassa's appointment in,November we needed somebody who was,Innovative and transformative and his,ability to understand how the world is,changing and how education needs to,change to meet a changing World The,Clash may have been unavoidable you find,yourself in an environment of idealists,uh particularly faculty members they're,idealists but in this particular case of,course you have idealism crossing paths,with partisan politics and I think,that's why you're seeing the vitriol in,the in the protests SAS led a small,College in Nebraska before his election,to the Senate he's also not the first,Senator to jump from the Senate to a,university former Senator David Boren,was president at the University of,Oklahoma for nearly a quarter Century,Trace,Chad thank you I want to Brian Kilmeade,I want you to do me a favor I want you,to click to subscribe to the Fox News,YouTube page this is the only way that I,know for sure that you're not going to,miss any great commentary any great news,bites any great interviews coming your,way on Fox you can get it all here on,YouTube so subscribe right now

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