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How Truth Lost Its Meaning In Trump's America | VICE on HBOwe're here at the White House about to,he


Updated on Jan 12,2023

How Truth Lost Its Meaning In Trump's America | VICE on HBO

we're here at the White House about to,head into the press room for the media's,daily briefing during the Trump,administration that there's been a lot,of tensions playing out between the,mainstream media and alternative news,sources that have been spreading fake,news and often that battle plays out,inside the classroom so what's the go,you're gonna be pooping the whole,briefing yeah I'll see what the vibe is,you want people to watch what you do as,your own branch Mike son of it is part,of a new class of conservative and media,personalities who garnered huge,popularity online throughout the 2016,election and a now gaining access to the,White House press room I hope you guys,had a good weekend it was definitely a,busy one for the Trump administration,over 27,000 people watched as Mike side,of it live streamed the briefing your,questions,Jill John Sarah supporters the media,endorses violence well I think there's,there's an economic piece to this as,well,what about violence gets from supporters,has happened in Berkeley and again I'm,just gonna let the but the president,will have an opportunity to speak with,him about those objectives so with that,I'll see you guys tomorrow,have a great Trump supporters is it,being covered why is that why will,nobody here cover the violence against,Trump supporters and why won't you,demand that leaders and the Democrats,disavowed the violence min T fuh the way,you demanded Trump disavow violence from,his supporters you have no answer I am,Adam and it's very important that this,get out there thank you,I didn't see actual you know I didn't,see any real journalism there a lot of,high school kids in there got to take,you back behind the scenes and we'll,talk soon,get something get something billet I do,I want the violence against Trump,supporters to be I want to hold the,Democrats for the fire and here's what I,know here's the way I know timeout,it's the White House right you want to,hold the Democrats to fire go to the,Democrats you have a point of view and I,understand but you don't understand,journalism you don't understand what,we're really here for and that's what,pisses me off you're like every other,goddamn guy comes in with a,opinion and instead of listening instead,of really finding out the issues do you,want to you want to grandstand at the,end of a goddamn meeting I just want to,see the violence against Trump,supporters which is rampant I'm gonna,see some actual leadership from the,media on that and I want to see the holy,interests come reporters the full Sun of,it fancies himself as a political,reporter he was a little-known blogger,on the Internet's ultra fringes we might,have some breaking news during the 2016,election he began spreading pro-trump,propaganda and conspiracy theories about,Hillary Clinton a lot of you don't have,the trained eye so you might not be able,to see this right away but she's doing,Parkinson's shuffling he now has over,half a million followers across multiple,platforms to get a better sense of his,operation we went to his house slash,headquarters in Orange County every day,I think how am I gonna build a platform,and make it bigger the old days of you,know I'm just like out on one guy and I,work for the whatever newspaper that's,how you become a relevance how you die,to stay relevant son of it spends his,days periscoping to his followers from a,bedroom come studio upstairs so here it,is,as you see I use half these cobble,together here so this computer here will,be my YouTube this one will be my,periscope these are my burner phones and,I could do a lot more if I had more,stuff yeah you can make yourself sound,bigger than you are exactly well it,depends on how you measure impact right,how many individual journalists get more,views I do a month you know not many and,we're back,hottest story of the day of course is,that CNN staging the fake news media,thing just a camera guy in the,background by the way we did we did,allow the enemy into the house I met,this person Isabel you wanna say hi as a,bomb hi guys,I met Isabela how do you say your last,name Isis fake news what are you talking,about here you can sit down they can't,see on YouTube some people are happy,some people are done so tell are you,Isis right let's invest the new things,seeing in as Isis is kind of like a new,thing so what are you trying to do here,what are you trying to achieve just like,hanging out really so what I'm when I go,live I can actually feel parts on my,brain activated because I'm plugging out,of this physical world and I'm plugging,into this collective consciousness this,collective matrix anyway I'll be coming,back tonight to do a live show so like,and subscribe do you think that it's the,failings of the mainstream media that,has allowed for the rise of people like,you oh for sure because they didn't want,to cover the county stories you thought,were important if you don't cover,stories that a lot of people want to,hear about then that's a market,opportunity for other people

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MSNBC Brings Back Sam Seder, Weird Mike Cernovich Flips Out On Twitter

MSNBC Brings Back Sam Seder, Weird Mike Cernovich Flips Out On Twitter

okay we had this this just in mic third,of it tweets I'm thrilled MSME 'they,have made the division that people,shouldn't be fired over satirical tweets,this rule surely be applied equally to,all five and if it's not we will bring,back tweet fan theatres tweet every time,the media goes after someone else for it,well let me be the first to say that I,would love to do a review of this,process every couple of weeks he's,promising us free publicity you for your,continued commitment to the exposure,funding and expansion of this show so,first of all thank you and secondly I,think that what Mike is trying to do,here in turning this humiliating sad,loss into a win is run some interference,for a lot of people but also because,we've done a lot of reira viewing of his,grotesque tweets about rape about,essentially being glad Trayvon Martin is,dead because woman won't be raped in the,future he's a very rape obsessed guy,maybe going back to a charge that he,pled down in his past and so I'm,assuming that what he's just gonna try,to do is sort of leverage this so that,people don't remind you constantly of,what a dangerous and despicable record,person this guy is and as I said before,I'm not trying to get anybody fired over,tweet I don't think anybody should get,fired over a singular tweet and I'm not,even trying together so if it was a firm,anine like maybe Roman Polanski should,be able to rape then mean if it was,literally what it was if that literally,what it was maybe so fair enough but,that being said I as I say I am all for,people using people's public record to,be clear about who they are and what,they represent and that's why we're at,work obviously on the documentary so,people are gonna have a user manual,about who this guy is and it will be a,- you know cuz there's other people that,he's really harmed I mean this turned,out well for us but there's been oh he's,gone after a lot of very good people and,we're gonna talk about that then of,course he's also fed a broader culture,of everything from racism to misogyny to,xenophobia to conspiracies to trump,because look in order to feed,plutocratic politics you need to build,off of people's anxieties magical,thinking fantasy life bigotry and,depressed search for easy answers and,that's what this guy does,um so I'm thrilled to keep exposing his,history every time and to the first,point I don't believe that he thrilled,because he seemed more thrilled when he,was fired but if you are thrilled then,let us share in a moment of camaraderie,you and I are both thrilled suffering,socket but now Sam and again yeah I,don't know who he's referring to in this,tweet but if you go through some of the,stuff he said there's nothing satirical,about it like this is full-on MRA rape,apologist right that's another,thing too is that these people are look,they are at war on language they're at,war on basic contextualization and,intelligence and I agree in fact I think,that there are some people who identify,on the left I don't even know if I would,really consider them some cases to be on,the left who also have totally over,literalized language although I have to,say in this case I didn't see it from,anybody,they have very very few people as I told,CNN about the only person that was happy,with this decision and I'm sure is maybe,not thrilled is David Duke but you know,there is a flattening effect and,flattening effort to make it all the,same and when you make it all the same,down to the point by the way that we're,not even making distant because one,thing that we're gonna have to do that's,less pleasant and this is,out of the speech realms we're gonna,have to make distinctions between,different types of behaviors that in,fact are both unacceptable but we're,gonna need to recognize they're not the,same thing on this level we're dealing,with Sam has a history of satirically,attacking people that would excuse rape,you have a history of supporting and,embolden,guess rape culture which is a thing so,you're not gonna flatten language and,anybody on our side who is willing to,give up the tools of satire and irony,and over literalizes too it's not a good,look for a broader audience and it's,gonna play into these people's hands,because it's all disingenuous but like,we said there was none of that,none of that no it was it was really,impressive I mean this was a great test,case of like well here it is here's,clear satire and irony with I guess an,edge and basically everybody rose to the,occasion contrary to all of the you know,whatever keeps some idiot like dave,rubin up at night about college campuses,or whatever i I don't think he said,anything about it which is very,interesting because it's much more much,more important to credulous leelai' not,along to like a IQ huckster promoting,pseudoscience racism to feed some,horrible YouTube channel than when you,have literally the one instance in broad,popular culture where something that,you're constantly whining,catastrophizing and hyperventilating,about has

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“Post-Truth” News with Mike Cernovich | VICE on HBO (Trailer)

“Post-Truth” News with Mike Cernovich | VICE on HBO (Trailer)

so here it is this is the office the,magic happens as you see I just have,these cobble gathered here so this,computer here will be my YouTube this,one will be my periscope and I could do,a lot more if I had more stuff yeah you,can make yourself sound bigger than you,are exactly well it depends on how you,measure impact and we're back we did we,did allow the enemy into the house what,are you talking about,do you think that it's the failings of,the mainstream media that has allowed,for the rise of people that do I'll for,sure because they didn't want to cover,the county stories we thought were,important if you don't cover stories,that a lot of people want to hear about,them that's a market opportunity for,other people and that vacuum is gonna be,kind of filled,I'm gonna ask you a few questions,actually which will be yes or no do you,believe that Hillary Clinton was,involved in a child pedophilia I believe,definitely that whole story so do you,believe that Hillary Clinton was,involved well it depends on how you,define it because there's multiple,definitions of that on the 3rd of,November so five days before the,election you tweeted the Clintons were,running a pedophilia ring it's be them,emails all the time we just weren't able,to see the code yeah I don't agree with,that you don't agree with that I,definitely don't think the Clintons are,personally running a pedophilia so why,did you write that was worded and,precisely it was more than well Anthony,Weiner is a pedophile and they're,connected with him Bill Clinton,officiated his weddings if you know that,it's not true why it's nothing it's not,true it says it's worried and possible,in fact I would rework things definitely,more carefully on Twitter so we were,pretty aggressively tweeted this you,tweeted the idea that they were very,heavily involved in a PDF and airing to,also hashtag pizza gate very,aggressively which led to this shooting,in a common pizza restaurant in DC do,you understand or if you acknowledge the,dangers which were involved in spreading,this sort of false information well,people spawned that whole pizza thing,out of completely away from what I was,taught but can you understand the,connection between the two I definitely,believe the Clintons are connect with,pedophiles and pedophilia you understand,that one is connected to the other and,that you tweeting about pizza gay and,you tweeting about the Clintons being,involved in pedophilia ring led to this,shooting in broad daylight in a pizza,restaurant in DC no because I'm not,connected to what other people are,saying on the Internet on any given day,on the internet so you absorb all,responsibility where they go that one's,against me I'm responsible for what I,talk about and for what I say I'm not,responsible for it other people talk,about you think you're one of the best,journalists in the country on the merit,oh for sure,yeah for sure but the people who are,gonna watch this on Vice or an HBO,they're not my people so you guys could,create this like car catcher of a madman,in a monster and maybe two or three,people who follow me on Twitter like,even watching it so we live now in like,parallel structures right now there's no,shared set of facts,so what are we actually seeing from this,growth these are people on Twitter who,are following each other the red,indicates the Trump supporters the blue,the Clinton supporters and then what you,see here blinking in blue are the,verified journalists and the yellow,represent unverified journalists it's,verified and the unverified journalists,all the way over here there's no,journalists connecting to the jesters do,that isn't that your very interesting at,least on Twitter we see that there is a,separation of where the journalists and,who the journalists are following and no,one is really listening or plugged into,this Trump supporter graph this suggests,that we are missing fundamental in,society some of the voices that led to,your Trump's success,you

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Who Is Mike Cernovich?

Who Is Mike Cernovich?

a lot of people have heard about you and,have sort of seen certain things and,whatever,but you know with most people who have,had an interesting life that's always,just the,that's kind of just the tip of the,iceberg so it would be interesting to,sort of find out a little bit more about,your background and how you even,got into these different areas right how,you started you know like,what's the story what's the story behind,all that,right that's what's interesting when,you're a public figure public whatever,you want to call it,people will get a glimmer of the,kaleidoscope and then that's how they,define you,and i've i've seen it even done to you,now because i've seen this stuff for,years,i'm like that's not even it's not even,true right yeah so there's,there's always two reactions i have to,people one is,well you know i might not think that,that's fair,that you would think that but i can see,why you think that,and then other times it's just it's not,even true i don't even i don't even know,where people are getting this from yeah,and you have to you have to really,become used to it but,i got into so i started off i was a,lawyer,went to law school moved out to,california from a small town,went to law school was doing lawyer,stuff,but um all my life early on i've done,like martial arts and read philosophy,and it was really just trying to kind of,figure out life,you know maybe maybe i was a sad kid in,hindsight,you know it's hard to know for sure well,no i mean i certainly was,as a little kid a little sad kid,probably and,was just always trying to figure out,life just for myself,and then i remember when i was taking a,road trip,when i was 19 or so 18 19 20. and i,found this book dale carnegie it wasn't,how to friend one's,how to win friends and influence people,which is great but it's how to stop,worrying and start living,okay and it's actually the better the,two books,and i thought man you know one day i,want to kind of write a legacy book like,this a kind of book,you're dead for a hundred years some,teenager,is in a bookstore somewhere and they,find your book and that was always in,the back of my mind that i wanted to do,it,i just wasn't really sure how i would do,it what i would write about,and i but that was always in the back of,my mind,so so then i was in law school i was,doing legal blogging,and i was early early adopter to like,blogging as a platform to,because i never wanted to be a writer,this is what's weird about these,paths that people take is i never wanted,to be a writer per se,but i always wanted to people to read me,which is,sounds like a contradiction but here we,are,and i started law blogging and then i,transferred over to more lifestyle kind,of blogging more mindset kind of,blogging,picked up a huge audience for that,kind of i was recognized in public for,the first time from a blog which is,sort of was kind of a weird thing weird,thing right,yeah what was uh what were what were,those first blogs so,i know you had i had a early blog crime,and federalism okay,yeah that was just my early law blog a,lot of people don't know about that,because i have a whole,law life before my mindset life,before my whatever socio-political,commentary life,and yeah so people started recognizing,me in public,from the blog it was kind of weird and,then some of the articles were just like,killing it on patreon so i reverse,engineered how to write my book,i i would see oh this this article or,whatever,got 150 000 uniques or something and 300,000 uniques i'm like wow that's this is,a lot,at least it felt like a lot and i think,it was a lot,and then so then i started shaping my,my book around stuff that i had written,and then,that gave way to guerrilla mindset which,i published in,2015 in thailand okay i lived yeah yeah,i lived i lived it,so that's just a kind of a that's a,shorter story the longer story,but the the meta story is that,how your life vision becomes realized i,just always have this life vision,that you know what one day i'm gonna,live in paris and write,in paris i didn't know how i was going,to do that i just but i knew,in my heart that i was going to do that,and then you know i did that,yeah and one day i'm going to write a,book that like a lot of people read and,you know i've done that and i never had,you know way more people read me now but,i never never could have even imagined,yeah now but just it's incomprehensible,most days,so when you were when you were writing,the blog what was the,what was the real motivation for that,especially someone who said you you,don't,you know didn't and maybe still don't,particularly love the art of writing,what was it that made you sort of keep,going with that because,i think blog blogs are pretty difficult,to be consistent with like if you don't,really really just sort of like,love the uh i don't know love love the,art of it itself,so what sort of kept you motivated in,terms of just,putting down those words and then just,leaving them up on the internet for,anyone to r

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CHANGE YOUR MIND - Motivational Speech 2023

CHANGE YOUR MIND - Motivational Speech 2023

foreign,there is not one,thing that has ever happened to you,not one experience not one encounter not,one crisis not one joyful thing that,hasn't happened just to make you better,and help you rise,there is another level the only reason,you keep seeing there isn't is you feel,so exhausted about where you are but,life the universe or God is just testing,you because there is another level,there's a level where all your dreams,are realized there's a level that you've,always dreamed about it is real it has,not gone away but it takes that extra,Burst when you think there's nothing,left there's no way you've tried,everything 10 million times and you keep,going,good fight is not necessarily the,greatest fight ever live is where you,want to go you know I mean a good fight,just to be diligent and committed and,disciplined doing what you hate to do,but do it like you love it you know,always testing yourself and forcing,yourself to the limits,you in order to have something different,you are going to have to do something,different in order to have something,more you have to do something you,haven't done yet I have to say the,things I didn't want to say do the,things I didn't feel like doing to have,the life I know I want it period and,you'll look up look up in five years and,not recognize your life,know everything happens for a reason and,there's there's a story to to everything,and and if you take time to realize you,know what what your dream is and what,you really want in life no matter what,it is whether it's Sports whether it's,in other fields,um you have to realize that there's,always work to do and you want to be the,hardest working person and whatever you,do and you'll put yourself in position,to be successful and you have to have a,passion about what you do,anything and everything can be done if,you can visualize it if you believe in,yourself,and I'm gonna tell you something that a,lot of people 99 of people disagree with,everybody says follow your passions,I say there's both,I say follow your efforts,it's amazing how we're all passionate,about things we are all passionate about,something,All Nets out to where do you put your,time,because when people put time you get,back get better at something you get,good at something then you have a chance,to be great at something you know what,I've learned nobody ever quits anything,they're great at and once you get great,at it it's amazing how passionate you,become about it,follow your efforts,right because it's not in a dreaming,it's in the doing,it's in my head 24 7. there's nothing,else I continue I don't I don't think,about nothing else if,let's see I'm just curious curiously,fascinated with it and I can't stop,thinking about everything I do in my,life,is is related to this I don't do nothing,else if it's enough got to do it fine,you know what I mean,when you are struggling,and you start thinking about giving up,I want you to remember the power of Hope,the belief that something better is,always possible if you're willing to,work for it and fight for it,our hope that if we work hard enough and,believe in ourselves then we can be,whatever we dream,think big,because then you're going to get big,then you're going to go and Achieve big,things that is the most,if you don't achieve big things by,accident so shoot for the top shoot for,the sky if you feel that you know uh for,the stop you have to practice who you,want to be you know you don't wake up,one morning and you're suddenly who you,think you want to be you have to put,some energy into it so if you want to be,an honest person you have to be an,honest person every day,even starting at three and four and five,right if you're going to be a hard,worker hard work doesn't just appear you,have to practice hard work you have to,practice effort,no one has ever ever achieved anything,if they haven't faced failures if they,haven't had disappointments if they,haven't had days when they don't want to,wake up get out of bed,no no one has ever achieved anything,to achieve anything in life you have to,be prepared,to take on the odds,on the things that I was taught that,sticks in my mind was a gentleman by the,name of Bill ball and he always talked,about failing big so if you're going to,fail fail big and I'm like I like that,for life I do too you know I'm not a,full back mentality kind of person,people would say well you know you,better have another career to fall back,on I'm like I don't want to fall back on,anything

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Mike Cernovich FLIPS OUT On Interviewer After Getting Called Out

Mike Cernovich FLIPS OUT On Interviewer After Getting Called Out

I want to play this clip Mike sir Novick,has obviously also been getting some,press attention lately,I've done a bunch of interviews some on,print some on radio regarding the the,past week I imagine most people know the,story and so here is Mike sir Novick it,says it's an NPR interview but now mike,is very excited about this or he appears,to be so Mike had this interview set up,with Bob Garfield his program is on the,media it is a I think it's a WNYC,production yes my co-host sit with,Brooke Gladstone okay and Bob Garfield,was interviewing Mike sir Novick and,apparently it's sort of the interview,sort of fell apart and sir Novick put,the this audio up before the the actual,show came out and he put on he put it on,his Facebook he said boom like explosion,Mike shuts down and PR interview now of,course it's not NPR but plays on a lot,of NPR stations and Mike does shut it,down but let's get into this because,this is really interesting and I have a,feeling Mike's gonna have a lot of booms,going forward let me give you an example,of a published statement that is,indicted on its face that is not open,for other interpretations one second now,I don't know what Bob is talking about,here when he's talking to Sir Novick I'm,gonna take the time during this piece go,back to the beginning because he says,which isn't indicted on its face and,isn't you know subject to,misinterpretation I'm not sure what Bob,is referring to there let me think about,it during the course of what we hear,here let me give you an example of a,published statement that is indicted on,its,that is not open for other,interpretation that is smoking-gun,evidence of depravity and it concerns,what to do the day after you have date,raped someone whoa whoa see now you're,like no I've never said date rape I've,said definitely there are many Falls,right back you said no you're lying now,mine if I think you're gonna lie no,you're lying you are lying right now,you're not gonna lie and mischaracterize,what I said let's understand that right,now you're not running anything sir it,may want to have a real conversation we,can if you want to play little games and,lie there red and we're not gonna stand,up for that you are fraud you're fraud,this call is over I'm gonna post the,audio obviously because we both recorded,I come get a radio you have fraud your,liar I know this is over yeah now he,will he got very very nervous about that,and this you know it's weird that Mike,would get so nervous about this and call,this guy what his name Bob,Garfield a liar because when I was,interviewed by Bob Garfield,20 hours before Mike's urn ovitch was,and I was telling him about all the,horrible tweets that Mike CERN ovitch,had put out there we didn't have that,problem at all in fact we didn't hang up,on you know and I didn't hang up on him,when we read my tweet cuz I was,perfectly willing to talk about my tweet,oh wait oh here's that mike stern ovitch,tweet have you guys ever tried raping he,put it in quotes a girl without using,force try it it's basically impossible,date rape doesn't exist but I got to be,fair to Mike here because I think that,what Bob garfield was talking about was,Mike's are no instructions on,what to do after so that you send them,texts and and and whatnot but so I,wonder if if this is going to be,something that Mike is going to run into,from now on we're somehow,reporters in the media might be more,aware of things that Mike has done in,the past that's gonna be a lot of booms,but Oh Mike incidentally I have a,message for you from my daughter who had,some pretty choice things to say about,you but I mean we're not fit for air but,I actually heard these my message who's,laughing now Sam that's called the dead,laughing now Sam it's called the dad hi,folks Sam cedar here we still need your,help on our patreon page YouTube ABS,have come back but not nearly as much as,we had before so if you can help us out,any little bit helps head over to our,patreon page right at this URL and,you'll help us keep helping you by,making videos

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Twitter CANCELS TYT’s Rayyvana For Using Her Free Speech Rights

Twitter CANCELS TYT’s Rayyvana For Using Her Free Speech Rights

so one of our own uh tyt network has,been banned from twitter um,permanently,for a tweet that is going to shock you,it's gonna shock you because of how,benign it is like your who cares this is,what gets you permanently banned this is,insane so i have a theory on why and,we're going to tell you we're going to,bring in the person who got banned uh,it's ravana and she had this tweet,that twitter took great umbrage at,apparently she tweeted at ben shapiro uh,in the middle of a uh a conversation,presumably uh and we'll talk to her,about it in a second,she said there's nandola 1970 and ben,shapiro and she says no fetus is gaining,constitutional rights,even when roe is overturned you absolute,dumb effing,now that is very mean there is curses,and impoliteness in that tweet,they said it is violating the rules,against hateful conduct you may not,promote violence,against,threaten or harass other people on the,basis of race ethnicity national origin,sexual orientation gender gender,identity religious affiliation age,disability or serious disease if the,word, is the problem and we don't know,i'm going to bring raymond on a second,is that not allowed on twitter at all,nobody can use that word and or are they,worried that ben shapiro is a,and so if you call him one that might,create some issues,i don't,with gender identity or,i mean,i literally have no earthly idea why,rayvana was banned so let's bring her in,uh rayvana first uh tell us um,what was the conversation about,obviously it was about roe but how did,it start and how did he get to this,point,yeah thanks for bringing me on um,yeah my free my free speech was silenced,by uh big tech um the conversation was,ben shapiro tweeted something along the,lines of sorry the constitution is,happening to you um and i'm at the,intersection of being someone who's very,passionate about you know protecting,access to abortion but also a law,student so i have familiarity with the,implications of what's going to happen,if roe is overturned and you know i read,through uh portions of the draft the the,leaked draft opinion,so you know i have sort of sort of an,idea of what is going to happen when,they do overturn it but despite ben,being harvard law educated his followers,very much do not have an understanding,of what is going to happen because he,sent out that tweet and almost all the,replies were people saying that no one,is losing constitutional uh rights that,uh people are,that fetuses are gaining constitutional,rights which that's not happening no,fetus is getting constitutional rights,um that one bro will be overturned and,it hasn't been overturned yet so i was,frustrated um because i'm just seeing,all these people cheering on,uh people actually losing constitutional,rights so i tweeted that at him,and put my phone down and within two,minutes i got an email that said my,account was banned forever and i agree i,think that the only thing that it could,be was the word i had no idea that,dumb were a protected class um,apparently so but you know if that's,true then i have a bone to pick with,twitter because people have called me a, quite a few times on that app and,i they saw no repercussions no that that,is exactly right i mean i've,i've seen that word i don't know,thousands of times uh on twitter,so,so then i it,must be that it's because it was applied,to ben shapiro is ben shapiro a,protected class,these are by the way we're not kidding,around she's actually banned,and this is actually insane and we need,actual answers,is it,is everyone who's used the word,banned on twitter if not is it because,twitter is worried about ben shapiro's,feelings,right or are they worried he in fact,actually is a and hence accusing,him of him being a is problematic,for some reason that we can't discern,right so,uh now ravana,the your,you had a previous tweet uh that also,created an issue and that also had curse,words in it um,okay what was that what about,yeah so the last time i had my twitter,it was locked it was the band for like,permanently now this is banned i can't,even open it anymore but it was limited,because i was replying to someone who,was being very transphobic and calling,uh just calling um,what's her name the swimmer uh leah,thomas saying nasty things about leah,thomas um and,um i like i don't know what i said,something like leah thomas is a woman,and they replied to me and said you will,never be a woman,i am a cis woman i am not trans so uh i,responded i'm a cis woman you dumb,effing ape or something like that and,then also got limited uh which is that,person is actually i went back and,looked at their profile extraordinarily,racist extremely transphobic their,account fine oh my god god just the,things that they decide to care about is,it's just nonsense to me i i i just,don't get it i have a new theory uh,ravana it's that uh both tweets have the,words,dumb effing,and so they might be trying to protect,dumb right wingers,that might be a protected class like hey,wait that's not fair they the

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Bullying and Online Outrage Culture (Pt. 1) | Mike Cernovich | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Bullying and Online Outrage Culture (Pt. 1) | Mike Cernovich | POLITICS | Rubin Report

my guest this week is the author of,guerilla mindset a lawyer a tweeter and,a free speech activist Mike Serena,welcome to the show thanks today for,having me on it's it's good to have you,here we've done this in 140 characters I,say that to a lot of my guests but the,whole nature of our relationship is 140,characters and you can be able to expand,on 140 I have a podcast too I can run my,mouth so wealthy who out talks each,other alright there you go so let's,start off just so for the people that,don't know you tell me a little bit,about your history where you come from,and and what got you to write the book,and then we'll dive into that okay cool,so I grew up small-town kid flyover,state which everybody hates now because,we're all redneck backwoods you know,hateful bigoted people sigh I ever say,it was that Illinois okay so I grew up,in the middle annoy nothing but,cornfields and soybean farms and I,realized that I don't really like this I,want to do something more with my life,growing up I was also kind of a fat kid,got bullied a lot I got picked on then I,got into martial arts and you know,started sort of beating up the people,who bullied me and created that little,conflict cycle got that out of myself as,the bully dream right yeah that's the I,guess that's the bullied kid dream is,that you get bullied for a while right,well I see some martial arts you kick,some ass well I got I got back at,everybody but one guy but he went to,prison for it actually so I was actually,home when I was 22 when I saw this guy,went into the bathroom and I was gonna,go and just slam his head in my friend,goes what is wrong with you manicure,this happened when you were like 13,years 22 now you know I was like yeah,okay yeah got that out of my system,yeah it's funny because a lot of people,do seem to repeat the things that happen,to them without were 13 like if you were,bullied people they then become the,bullies right dolt right and that's,probably why I hate bullies so much now,just you realize these people are trying,to ruin lives and it's as bad as bad,vibe when you're a kid now I don't,really like calling adults being bullied,okay you're an adult you should know how,to or you being online bullied okay you,should learn how to kind of chill out a,little bit right but I I don't like a,lot of the online bullying stuff that,goes on in terms of Oh,tweeted something wrong let's ruin this,guy's life let's get him fired from in,many ways let's get a guy fired over a,tweet is probably worse than throwing a,Kindle locker-room because that guy has,a family this is livelihood or what,happened with say justine sacco mm-hm,you know you can't find a job and like,whoa maybe that is even a little bit,worse yeah what happens wait so that's a,little bit of a sidebar but just that,her case you want to just lay that out,cuz it was really I mean nobody really,knew who this woman was she put out one,tweet you can yea justine sacco is the,best example of the outraged caller,culture she was a nobody 120 followers,all of her friends and she tweeted,heading to Africa hope I don't get AIDS,oh wait I can't I'm white lol right got,a joke yeah just stupid,yeah she was a hipster she's actually,trying to be ironic mm-hmm and she gets,on a plane for Africa back then you'd,have Wi-Fi on the plane to Africa a,she's in the air and I shouldn't laugh,it's actually a tragic story they,started a hashtag has justine landed yet,yeah everybody now hates justine sacco,she's evil nobody said hey you know what,you mean by this you know what's going,on and to be clear nobody really knew,who this person was so this was just the,perfect example of the internet going,crazy yeah she was a nobody she wasn't a,public figure she didn't work intact,what happened probably one of her,co-workers saw it and wanted to do a,little backstabbing it was somebody made,personal drama international news,everybody went after her and it touches,on so many themes where well I mean,that's a woman she was getting raped,threats are the people the the social,justice warriors the activists if you're,leading a sort of hate mob on a woman,who gets raped threats well wait isn't,that what you say I do but I've never,done that right we don't ever do that,okay so let's hold off on some of the,social justice stuff first but and by,the way I want to go on the record I did,not jump on that Twitter bandwagon cuz I,remember thinking this is crazy this is,just some person who said some stupid,thing so I can't be outraged by somebody,I never heard of right until I saw this,little tweet but a little bit back to,your history and then woke up yeah so,then I was deciding on where to go law,school I looked at a map I read the the,data the data says you're gonna live,within 50 miles of where I go to law,school statistically speaking and I go,well if I go to law school and Illinois,that means,life will be a little ship on Illinois,so now I moved to California kind of too,big of a okay language too afraid to go,live in LA

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