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HOT Celtics Rumors: Kemba Walker Back To Boston? Jayson Tatum Chimes In + Celtics vs. Bulls Recapfor

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

HOT Celtics Rumors: Kemba Walker Back To Boston? Jayson Tatum Chimes In + Celtics vs. Bulls Recap

foreign,Celtics fans welcome to Celtics today I,am will Scott we got some rumors to,discuss on today's show we're also going,to spend some time breaking down last,night's win over the Chicago Bulls but,first if you haven't already go down and,subscribe we're trying to get to 14,000 subscribers Knicks now hosts,Marshall Green's been give me a hard,time because we haven't gotten to 14K,yet let's get there by the end of the,day shut him up Celtics TV,that is the sub link would appreciate,you supporting the channel if you are a,fan of the Seas you've certainly come to,the right place because we're always,breaking down Celtics news and rumors,and I think we all saw an interesting,tweet over the weekend that we'll get,into here in a second but Jason Tatum,appears to want his old teammate Kemba,Walker back in Boston Walker last week,was let go by the Dallas Mavericks after,a short stint with them we saw a couple,players around the league waived or let,go because of their contracts being,guaranteed obviously no vonlay was sent,to San Antonio but Tim McMahon tweeted,this out sources Mavs are waving Kemba,Walker whose salary would have become,guaranteed on Saturday two-week guard,McKinley Wright has earned minutes and,Mavs also went to leave Pat for rookie,Jaden Hardy to get playing time Walker,had 32-point game for Mavs and was,Ultimate Pro it's a little bit after,that tweet was sent out Jason Tatum,responded with this I wonder what this,could mean producer Patrick Steven lies,Emoji little Celtics Emoji Shamrock,Emoji looks like Jason Tate and wants,Kemba Walker back in Boston now Walker,played two seasons with the Seas from,2019 and 2020 and then 2020 through 2021,um he was a solid player I think we all,had pretty high expectations for him,maybe didn't meet those expectations uh,but here's what he did into seasons in,Boston now he was kind of out of this,Prime coming out of his prime 19.9,points per game 4.8 assists per game 3.9,rebounds per game and shot 42 from the,floor in 99 games with Boston across two,seasons so there were some injury issues,there obviously as well,now do you want to sign Kemba Walker s,for sign P for pass down in the comment,section do you want to bring Kimba back,to Boston it is the pinned comment on,today's video so when ad break comes go,down let me know do you want to bring,Kimba back to Beantown uh here's what I,would say there's just not room for him,right now the Celtics are a guard heavy,team you have guys like Peyton Pritchard,that just can't get minutes so if,there's an injury or something maybe but,right now it just does not make sense to,sign Kimber Walker taking a look at the,Celtics cards you got Marcus Smart Jalen,Brown Brogden white and Pritchard your,three-point guards are smart Brogden and,pritch and so uh Pritchard had a pretty,big role on this team last year a team,that made the NBA Finals he was really,good still is really good but after the,trade at Malcolm Brogden uh Peyton,Pritchard just has not had as much,production so you already have him kind,of buried right now in this rotation SO,trading for Kimba or not trained for,Kimbo but signing Kim but I just don't,think makes a lot of sense but depth is,never a bad thing right I mean you have,the opportunity right now to probably go,get a guy you're familiar with a guy,that is well liked in that locker room a,guy that would probably be well received,again in that locker room uh probably,get him for pretty cheap he wouldn't,play a huge role in the team but if,there was an injury that did happen down,the road which you never know injuries,do happen depth is never a bad thing so,if they signed him I would be excited I,wouldn't mind it because depth is always,good to have money is always good to,have in your pocket as well and you can,save money through rocket money at, NBA now that's why I,love using the app formally called true,built rocket money is going to take care,of your expenses track you're spending,they're also going to cancel unnecessary,subscriptions you buy it even have a,subscription you're being double charged,for they will find out find that out for,you go to MBA now to,cancel those subscriptions just press,cancel they will take care of the rest,get rid of all useless subscriptions now,with MBA now you can,also find out if if you know you're,spending for this month is higher than,it was last month I get on Rocket money,probably at least a couple times a week,to see what my spending is looking like,um because I'm trying to save money one,of my New Year's resolutions is to save,money and I'm doing it through rocket,money NBA now the link,is in the comments and the description,of today's video going back to Kemba,Walker here so right now he is a free,agent after being waived waved by the,Mavericks last week before his contract,became guaranteed play two seasons for,the Celtics 2019 through,2021. now,camba again let me know what you think,d

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Chris Forsberg breaks down just how good the Celtics were over the first 41 games | Forsberg's 4

Chris Forsberg breaks down just how good the Celtics were over the first 41 games | Forsberg's 4

here's where the Celtics rank in the NBA,halfway point of the season the Celtics,have the best record best offensive,rating and best net rating in the league,the defensive rating has also improved,as the season has progressed standing at,seventh overall for a deeper dive into,those numbers it's time for forsberg's,four in forsberg I feel like it's all,positive when you take a look at the,first half of this Celtic season yeah,it's like really hard to be negative,when you think about how good they've,been best record in the NBA and I know,they had a little Funk there in December,and rode the roller coaster a little bit,but when I sat down today and dug into,the numbers it was more positive way,more positive than negative and that's,where we start with 117.1 that offensive,rating that we saw in those numbers it's,slightly off the historic Pace that the,Celtics were previously on 117.3 is the,number they're chasing the 2021 Brooklyn,Nets set the NBA record for offensive,efficiency Celtics shooting has cooled,but it's crazy to me mamina they were,like the 30th ranked offense for a good,two weeks in December and yet they're,still number one in the NBA and so,here's what's going to happen like I,still think they're going to find the,right balance as you said the defense is,kind of picking it up especially with,Rob back and what's the balance yeah are,they going to be historic if Jason Tatum,and Jalen Brown start knocking down,threes they might be if Rob keeps,shooting 90 around the basket you know,you might be you might be historic but,I'm okay if they don't hit that Mark I,never thought that three-point was,shooting was that sustainable but even,if it's somewhere close to there I think,you can see this number go up even just,a little bit more and maybe we'll see a,historic offense that's what I was,thinking about that three-point shooting,at the beginning of the season was,historic but I was not sure to be,sustainable but just like Jayla Brown,said if they could shoot like that every,single night it'd be great but you know,that's just not going to happen in the,NBA but maybe we might see that,offensive rating go up what's coming up,next all right the second number is 80.7,and this is what's called the point,percentage of Jalen Brown's drives now,that doesn't mean he's scoring on 80.7,of his drives to the basket but he's,generating 8.9 points off 11 drives per,game so you you do the math divide those,numbers and why this is important of all,the guys in the NBA I think there's 47,that have driven more than 10 times per,game Jalen among them is number two in,the entire NBA only demand DeRozan who,we saw last night and who loves that,mid-range and crushes you there I wanted,to come in this week and Spotlight Jalen,in the mid-range he's been phenomenal,there shooting something like 54 I think,he's uh fourth in the NBA mid-range,percentage but the last few games every,time I looked up Jalen Brown is head,down and attacking the basket and I love,this and I think this is a big reason,why we've seen his scoring go up and,part and part of the reason the Celtics,are on a historical offensive pace is,Jalen is attacking with a purpose and,not only that he's getting to the free,throw line he's knocking down like 82,percent of his free throws when he gets,there off of drives I need that,aggression to maintain and I think it's,a big reason why every night we look up,and it feels like either Jalen Brown is,29 points or more because he's getting,to the basket and he's willing to put,his head down and do the dirty work he's,even tightened up that handle a little,bit in the last few games keep that,going and you might be that historic,offense that we just talked about Jayla,Brown just seems more aggressive coming,into this season and it's working for,him me and Eddie House were talking,about it last night 19 points were like,oh it's a quiet night for Jalen but,that's only because we're so used to,seeing that with 25 points or more and,driving in that pain all right what's,coming up next all right my third number,.706 that's Boston's winning percentage,in clutch games this year now this is,defined as any game that is plus or,minus five points within the last five,minutes why this is crazy to me this is,the second best number in the NBA behind,only in Brooklyn last year the Celtics,were 13 and 22 in clutch games during,the season I think they raked dead last,yeah based on that and what happened,every time they got to a close game they,would just wilted we couldn't figure out,who was happening they couldn't win,tight games what was crazy they got to,the playoffs and they figured it out all,of a sudden like going up against,Brooklyn and and Miami and Milwaukee and,they won tough games I think some of,that rubbed off on this team and They,Carried that into this year what's even,crazier to me is that the Celtics have I,think they're 12 and 5 in the clutch,games three of those losses are in,overtime two to Cleveland and so if they,could be

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Boston Celtics vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | Jan 9, 2023 | FreeDawkins

Boston Celtics vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | Jan 9, 2023 | FreeDawkins

get ready for LeBron's all-time points,record merch now on 10 discount for,limited time use code Bron Link in,description nice night here in,Boza sellers will take the floor here at,the TD Garden but waiting for them out,there is going to be demand DeRozan and,the rest of the Chicago Bull teammates,Tatum comes up shooting and drops down,too,much,time,open again,a little deeper than he would like,now he gets in his territory and gets,away,from our DeRozan,again Rob to,the V knocks down to three shot looks a,lot better step away easy too,strong move Baseline,six in the shot clock here for white,nice move with the dribble kicks it out,Caruso has to shoot it and knocks it,down Russo not known as a shooter but,had to shoot that ball Frozen,Williams checks the clock oh stronger,again this one oh nice look,s,the Rosemary Jones,that's what he does I was on the,exchange gets it back takes it,oh there you go,wow,nice shot,Corner three knocked down by William,Williams oh nice move,underrated,so it's automatic yeah,knocks down the jumper,Wayne's bombs only three the Bulls they,just don't go away,they didn't mess around,they got it up,oh talk about finding a way straw,finished,oh Caruso in second man,all right,now,from Chicago plays,Brown runs into a crowd gets shoot have,a sweet move off the dribble,your boots are trying to catch it too,right,it's away,good looking,the right spot with the Easy Shot cuts,it to seven each will try at three,did a great job of coming off that,handoff Williams all right to the basket,couldn't finish to follow those goodbye,there it is,methodically saying being in a hurry,table on the Baseline,Williams,very very good cutter,whoa whoa,okay,me,too much time another three,that was nice,great attacks three down for the corner,we give it to try a three and knock it,down,oh my goodness no block out for the,Celtics and Williams,Oh tiptoe Williams,Billy Donovan wants a timeout the beat,the Rob didn't stand right there good,pass by Levine,step back three,but being this is probably where he's at,his best,he's dominating this game right now,he's gonna do stuff like that yeah he's,in his own right now,crowns in a basket,gear strength,crosses over a couple of times just,throwing a basket to two more I love the,pace at Jalen Brown went to the basket,for last two nice pass Better Block,oh,vich,drops to Fall Away,to the basket number two,the man is hot potato,es but it's your night it's your night,coach of your chances quickly he wants,to do something with office shoots over,him instead he had berries another,Levine comes on a double team,Roots inside to two smart play both,Caruso and jasumo,will be cop dropping shooting that one's,not going to go,tip,Patrol by white I had to Tatum,no doubt who these fans think should be,the MVP on the boards have been,scorching the Nets but tonight only 99,points and that'll do it,Zach Levine put on quite a show,hopefully the big shot from the corner,and Boston gets out of here with a win,107. tonight,I'm not wasting no time

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Stephen A. Smith takes Jayson Tatum over Kevin Durant | Draymond Green Show

Stephen A. Smith takes Jayson Tatum over Kevin Durant | Draymond Green Show

the first returns for the All-Star,balloting voting came out and uh Jason,Tatum is not starting what do you make,of Jason Tatum not stop being a starter,initially that's his ass an All-Star,that's insane who would you remove out,of the three guys that's in front of him,who do we have we've got Giannis,we've got it Joelle and KD and and KD,I would are you ready for this,I'm ready for this I think I need to,hear this song,I would have to remove KD,and it's not because and let me and,that's saying a lot for me because I,think when Katie's healthy is the best,on the planet and I think he's the,leading candidate for MVP here's why I,would remove them I can't remove Joel,and B because they in the center on the,planet as far as I'm concerned better,than him not particularly in the Eastern,Conference I,I can move Giannis because that's your,power forward who by the way is a,champion and a two-time defensive player,of the year and the ball and out,averaging 47 and 17 over the last six to,three to six games or something right I,can't do that,here's where I can pick Tatum over KD,similar stats,but a better record,and by the way the last time we saw,y'all two against each other Tatum,switch,that's why,um,that's why the whole Kyrie thing played,into that I don't know I'm saying it but,at the end of the day at the end of the,day well listen what if I say when you,and I have had conversations what if I,said to you drew I said excuse me,um I inspected no damn points from you,it's good when you give me points I'm,looking at the rebounds and assist I'm,looking at your defensive prowess but,more importantly I'm looking at your,leadership,in other words when the leadership ain't,they when things run awry I'm looking at,you because you're that guy that,galvanizes them you're the guy that,allows Steph to be Steph because Steph's,gonna have to be preoccupied with a,bunch of stuff and Clay don't have to be,preoccupied with a bunch of stuff that's,what you do right so if you're not doing,that then that's problematic when I look,at the Brooklyn Nets I love Katie I love,him as a player and a person I love KD,and I love Mama Duran as well,you got swept,and the distractions that no longer,exist for that right now give them,credit where credit is due but the,distractions and everything else all of,that happened on your watch,yeah,so I gotta hold you accountable for that,if I gotta pick between you and Tatum,right now,but here's the question though here's,the question and Kevin has said this,himself everyone expect Kevin to be this,this big leader in the sense of like,like he if I remember correctly I don't,want to misquote him but I think he said,in Rolling Stone I'm not good at saying,hey everybody come on follow me that's,never been who I am in my life so why,does that have to be so synonymous with,who he is as a basketball player because,everybody's just not a natural born,leader and again I'm not taking no shot,at okay but he himself has said that's,not kind of my strong shoe why is his,basketball game judged based off of that,and he himself has said it's not like,we're not strong there well first of all,I'm gonna challenge you on that because,I don't you're not accurate because he's,a really good MVP,the league MVP and a two-time champion,so clearly MVP twice and the finals MVP,twice and well-deserved and y'all what a,3p to get a sweat Toronto don't get me,started with that you don't took a mask,okay because of KD all right with the,rest of the crew what I am saying is,where I'm challenging you is that,he wanted to lead it in nobody blamed,him for it we still praised them we,still recognize the greatness we're,recognizing the greatness now,but you asked why tayden instead of him,that's entirely different than not,appreciating the greatness of KD we know,he's great we know he's phenomenal we,know he's unmatchable you can't guard,him the brother is on another level and,he's a league MVP candidate but right,now halfway through this season,the consistent team has been the,Brooklyn Nets I'm sorry I'm sorry the,Boston Celtics and this has been spite,of their drama he made you dope and all,of that absolutely so the point is that,all of that comes into play and if you,have to choose between KD and Tatum for,the starters nod that's where that would,come from that's not throwing shade on,KD it's simply pointed out that's what,it is and oh by the way,I understand you might not be that dude,fair enough,there's a lot I might not be,there's a lot that you might not be,but when it's costing us,the chip whatever our definition of the,chip is okay all of a sudden you gotta,modify you can't be married to what you,ain't and don't even try to be something,more just because that's not you you,gotta try you gotta keep pushing and,that's what I would challenge KD to do,and that's throwing no shade on them,because I got mad love and respect for,KD you know that absolutely I respect,that and if I'm being honest,by the way I'm not making an argument,against

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Raptors Twitter, Celtics slander & Bubble surprises | Raptors Group Chat

Raptors Twitter, Celtics slander & Bubble surprises | Raptors Group Chat

all right everyone welcome to group chat,this is a new nba show that will be,happening,on yahoo sports canada while the nba is,restarting,at disney world um i'll be joined by a,lot of illustrious guests,um on each episode so today i've got,iman one of the best raptors,twitter personalities online and a host,of the dishes and dimes podcasts,i think everybody knows iman everybody,knows katie who's one of the best,writers in the game,and then we've got assad a veteran a,chartered accountant mr slander for hire,assad how did you score an invite to,this first show by the way uh i just did,i just followed,alex wong's advice and i just rode,william lew's,uh on to the yahoo's uh channel so here,i,am yeah uh will couldn't make it today a,little bit busy,uh probably reading a 15-minute kfc ad,read right now,you know i really don't want to see the,magic in the first round they need to,play those four games on like 1.5 times,speed,if it happens uh iman let's start with,you uh,any takeaways from this orlando magic,game did you take a nap in the second,half what's going on yeah i feel like,i've aged three years since the start of,the game,um i it was the longest thing i've ever,watched ever i'd want no parts of the,magic in the first round,just because i don't have the time one,thing that was kind of exciting it was,the first time i felt like,in the pandemic that i actually had a,good sense of time again,instead of time just like warping at,like and blurring by,it did slow down so i guess the magic is,good,for that in bursts,but i also once i got a taste of it i,didn't like it anymore i was like take,me back to my blurred days and like warp,speed man,yeah assad let's uh let's keep this like,20 seconds we're trying to get good,ratings especially on the first show and,we can't be talking about the magic for,more than that,yeah i know i'm good not talking about,the magic or evan fournier's bald spot,or uh nikola buchevich doing his diaper,at the gate or having to look at dj,augustine's perfectly curated eyebrows,every single,game and just being jealous so i'm good,with the magic i'm done with it,so the rapture is going to play the,celtics on friday uh so i guess my,question to you is do you think,the raptors are going to be able to get,motivated to play a non-contending team,on a friday night,well we all have to wake ourselves up,for that game and sort of,i mean we saw it against the lakers they,they got up for non-contending team then,i see no reason for them not to do it,against the celtics,the thing about the celtics is that i,actually kind of like their players,i just hate their team which is hard to,say uh like jaylen brown's such a nice,guy,i love him so much but then you have,gordon hayward so,you know it kind of balances out,unfortunately uh honestly i just want to,see,who was gonna who's gonna who's gonna be,angrier during the game is gonna be nick,nurse or brad stevens i don't think like,both of them have,great reaction shots and except that,brad stevens face always looks like,i hate this guy and nick nurse's face is,just like,astonished yeah he's really been rubbing,his goatee a lot lately like frantically,like it's too much man,it actually starts as a beard at the,beginning of the game yeah,yeah that's worn down rubs it down,i was gonna say i don't mind seeing the,gordon hayward in the shape he's in i,feel like his legs have atrophied from,being in that gamer bed i feel like he,brought the gamer bed to the bubble,do you guys think jalen brown and gordon,hayward have had a conversation about,education reform at the bubble,i'm just asking the hard-hitting,questions but seriously though iman how,excited would you be,to see the raptors and celtics in the,second round because,it feels like these two teams and these,two fan bases have been circling each,other,for like so many years now they've never,played in the playoffs um,how excited would you be to see that,matchup definitely feels like it's been,a long time coming it'll be like a,really sort of hard-earned four games,that the raptors get,um you know seven years in the making,probably won't take very long i,pick the raptors in it i think that,they're just the better team,um so yeah i would definitely love to,see the raptors kind of finally put a,beat down on the celtics yeah i agree,about jaylen brown though i wish jaylen,any other team yeah yeah my,smart is like the boston,kyle lowry,so another thing that's happening at the,nba bubble,is paul george is getting game winners,hit on him again,devin booker hit one the other day assad,how are we feeling about paul george and,the clippers vibe in general,honestly the clippers look like a team,that just uh,is forced to come back to work and work,a nine to five because they clearly do,not like to be there or like doing work,and i know this must be some grit and,grind team but they look like a,miserable office job,that they're doing they're like goddamn,i have to play basketball,and i get to go back to my bubble paul,geor

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Does Bill Belichick feel urgency to upgrade his Patriots staff? | Patriots Talk

Does Bill Belichick feel urgency to upgrade his Patriots staff? | Patriots Talk

foreign,Hello friends welcome into time currents,Patriots Talk podcast we'll have Phil,Perry in in just a second and as we,continue to kick around the rubble of,the Patriots 2022 season whoop for the,black box and listen to it,we heard from Bill Belichick on Monday,and obviously things are going to move,quickly bottom line though is this as we,look at the Patriots they're out of the,playoffs and the offense is the reason,secondarily though it's situational,football,third down Red Zone turnovers penalties,clock management,and you could say eight and nine is not,that bad,but you know and I know and Bill knows,and the crafts know the product has,declined,is that because of the players who've,gone,so Brady's the edelmans the James whites,the chungs and the gronkowskis mentioned,him already the high Towers,is it the coaches,McDaniels scar Ivan fears Ernie Adams,Even Brian Flores,honestly it's probably both,but that does doesn't even really in my,mind begin to explain how a team's,Collective IQ,and attention to detail,can slip so profoundly,to get there you not only have to lose,the players and the coaches,you also have to pick the wrong guys in,both instances to succeed the players,and the coaches,only then can you get to a point,where the attention to detail,the pride of workmanship,slips to a point where it's one of the,dumbest teams in football,you have to lose contact with that,previous culture,and the Patriots aren't bad,we all know that eight nine is not bad,having a shot at the playoffs and,playing okay in the last week of the,season on the road against an emotional,opponent that's that's okay that's what,you're looking for,we would have been really happy with,that a while ago,but after a period of time and when the,which the Patriots were not like,everyone else we're actually the gold,standard for two decades,in terms of workmanship and quality,control,to see them,pretty much being just as capable of,putting out bad football as any team in,the league,that's,jarring,and nobody nobody had that as a,possibility,as long as Bill Belichick was in charge,of this franchise,so we tried to get to the why of it,Monday before Bill disappears for the,off season into its fighter hole,and uh here's some of the questions we,posed John Henry hit it well you'll get,a drink of water,decisions that you made uh in the off,season including the coaching staff some,of the Personnel decisions do you think,now that the season is over that you put,your offense in the best position to,succeed this year,yeah well every decision that that we've,made has always been with the intent to,do the best thing for the football team,that's the way it always will be that's,what it's been that's what it'll be,going forward uh at different decision,points do you have different,opportunities and and uh as those,go along or come along,um you know we'll continue to evaluate,them and always do what we feel is best,for the team how has your Viewpoint,changed,um if at all on the importance of having,coaches with more extensive past,background,specifically on offense in leading roles,yeah really it's pretty much the same,question that you know I think Greg just,asked and,um and always do what's best for the,football team and at different decision,points we'll always do what's best for,the football team so,that's that's what we've done that's,what we'll continue to do well he said I,think different decision points I'm,guessing that must mean timing,um and if that is the case,are you saying basically the timing,wasn't,Exquisite to find someone with more,experience for the offense and I just,squinted off a follow too on that yeah,I'm not that that isn't what I said I'm,saying each time you get a decision,point you look at your options and you,make the best decision that you can for,the team whatever that is whether that's,fourth and one or,third round of the draft or whatever it,is so,when those now as that changes like,where we are today is different than,where we were,six months ago 12 months ago 18 months,ago those things are all different so,going forward,is going forward and well whatever we,did in the past in any area whether it's,play calls coaches players,whatever at that time was what we,thought was best and we looked at our,options and thought we picked the best,one,some worked out some didn't that's,some were good decisions some were in,retrospect,maybe not good decisions but at the time,they were always what we thought was the,best in every area that's the way it'll,always be and going forward we'll always,do what we feel is best for the team,that's what I'll do that's my commitment,I always do it I feel it's best for the,team so,yeah have I made mistakes yeah sure,plenty of them,and that's just to establish them that,what's best for the team so many of us,on the outside deferring obviously to,your expertise resume experience and,everything said well obviously he knows,better than we do,but it did seem a dubious choice,in hindsight,did we have

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Boston Celtics' Jaylen Brown Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ Sports

Boston Celtics' Jaylen Brown Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ Sports

who runs Wikipedia like I want to find,that out because like they'd be putting,up like who is responsible for this,information what's up GQ it's Jalen,Brown and now I'm going undercover on,the internet,it's actually me Twitter,what is the best thing that you've,learned from your playing career so far,hope you see this you mean a lot to me I,appreciate you my bro never let them,break your spirit it's a lot of politics,that go behind the sport of basketball,and players can fall victim to it and,can take the spirit out of the game one,thing I told myself early in my career,is just never give anybody the,satisfaction of breaking your spirit I,love this game I've always loved it and,I'ma continue to love it regardless,wait how did I find out that Jalen Brown,went to Berkeley I wonder how he,balanced school and basketball at that,level that's a great question because,Berkeley is a research University so,they don't have no problem failing,students athletes basketball players,they have no problem with,flunking you out a funny story is at the,end of my first semester the tournament,was getting ready to start I was taking,a graduate course I had to write a 35,page paper I had to turn that in but,then I had like a game like the next day,we play Hawaii we got our ass kicked and,I played terrible that's the backstory,behind it I was up all night riding a 35,page paper,foreign,like a couple years ago tough also like,death note you should go check it out,also like Neo yokio I like seven deadly,sins to the writing in anime is like,next level that's really why I fell in,love with I love writing my teammates,like anime like me and taco we used to,talk about different animes we watched,Baki together in the bubble and stuff,like that,Jalen Brown's fit game is so underrated,the facts I'm no stylist nothing like,that I love it clothing is an expression,of you so this year I think I'm gonna,wear it like black 100 different ways,stay tuned for that because that's what,I'm feeling right now,Reddit,could the Celtics have won the 2018 NBA,championship I mean maybe the reality is,we lost to LeBron James before we got,there we were a young team I think we,matched up really well if we would have,had Kyrie I will say this that 2018 year,we played LeBron that was the best form,of LeBron that I've ever experienced,since I've been in the league that 2018,LeBron was special,where does Jalen Brown rank in the NBA,um you know I don't really get into that,I leave that up to other people's,speculation you know at the end of the,day I want to win so I don't have no,problem being a team player I've been,that my whole career but that doesn't,mean in a different situation that I,couldn't be putting up 25 30 a game with,the best of them from now I do what my,team need me to do for us to get back to,the finals again Wikipedia,who runs Wikipedia who is responsible,for this information but we'll get into,that another time, NBA draft he was criticized by some,is too smart to play in the NBA but some,Scouts weren't he would grow tired of,playing basketball instead of the,pursuit of the career paths this,criticism was taken by some as racial,bias against African Americans I mean,that's that's what it was I guess I,remember it was actually a GM that said,it funny story I was on the phone just,they didn't know I was on the phone so I,was listening to them talk about me,while I was on the phone so I was,getting all the information that was one,of the things that I remember the GM say,well we're worried that he is just too,smart he asked too many questions and,his love for the game is it there and,luckily the Celtics see my talent seen,my character and thought that it would,be a great fit for the organization the,rest was history,Brown is primarily a vegetarian and has,diverse interests including learning,Spanish studying history meditation and,philosophy many have described him as an,unusual athlete with many Ambitions,Beyond basketball Wikipedia and Hey I,was talking about Wikipedia,Wikipedia on this right now many,have described him as an unusual athlete,I don't even know what that means I,guess that feeds into like that all,athletes is like supposed to be the same,and all of that is trash just be,yourself use your platform use your,voice speak for the unheard the unspoken,for you know I'm not going to talk in a,different tone like hey my name is Jalen,Brown and I like to we're not doing that,we're just gonna have a normal,conversation it's 2022,just be yourself core,let's get it how good is yelling around,that chest I'm probably trashed now I,used to compete and I used to play,Vienna chess club but just like,something that you gotta continue to,progress at I'm probably better than,majority of the population but if,somebody's out there working on it every,day Jalen Brown definitely isn't,what do you think about Jalen Brown,signing on to Donner sport I think it's,lit dondas Kanye's mother's name you,know his mom was an educator she loved,education my mom was

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Loss of Trevor Story is "really bad" for Red Sox | Tomase & Giles react to more bad news for Boston

Loss of Trevor Story is "really bad" for Red Sox | Tomase & Giles react to more bad news for Boston

it appears that the feel-good portion of,the Red Sox offseason is over less than,a week after locking up their star third,baseman the Red Sox are in the market,for a second baseman and probably a,short stop too that's because Trevor's,story is going to miss an undetermined,amount of time after having surgery on,his throwing elbow story had an internal,bracing procedure Which is less invasive,than Tommy John surgery but it could,still sideline him for a while typical,recovery time four to six months but,High In Bloom was tempering expectations,they were not ready to put a timetable,on it yet,um you know I certainly would not rule,out a return sometime during 2023 but,it's also not something at this stage uh,that uh we want to bank on,um you know it'll take how long it takes,we want to make sure he's a hundred,percent,I think on story returning this year the,bigger question might be can they Bank,on him returning to form when he does,sorry is coming off the worst season of,his career not exactly offering much,bang for the buck on that six year 140,million dollar contract John tomasa here,in Stu as we start the daily thread on,with me and Tommy Giles and you know,just last week when we were talking John,about Rafael Devers the signing and what,like how great you know it's great that,they locked him up but at the end of the,day the lineup still looks the same and,I asked you if in any way like could,this lineup be better than we think and,you said and one of the things was well,if Trevor's story returns to form and,now poof that's gone I this injury I,don't want to say it's catastrophic in,any way shape or form to the Red Sox but,it certainly is no bueno it's bad it's,bad it's really bad I mean the Red Sox,and their fans cannot have nice things,this winter like that's just what it,boils down to and I think Trevor's story,is a big loss and I actually think we do,him a little bit of a disservice in your,description worst year of his career,nobody bang for the buck as time Bloom,said today when Trevor's story was right,they were a playoff team and you go back,to that massive you know may that he had,where it was 30 something RBIs and he,was driving that lineup and you saw what,kind of player could be dynamic Defender,runs the base as well hits for power,maybe doesn't hit for average maybe,strikes out a bit but he does a lot of,things well he's exactly the kind of,player you can win with and the Red Sox,need more of and now he's gone Giles and,I just say what are you doing up the,middle of your team right now no Bogarts,no story you know what was also,interesting today correct me if I'm,wrong but I thought that bloom also said,that Trevor's story Was preparing he was,excited about playing shortstop which,goes back to the whole thing from a year,and a half ago when they signed Trevor's,story and you're sitting there saying,okay well this looks like Xander,Bogart's replacement and it kind of,seems like that was always the plan,Trevor's story though had some injury,concerns I thought coming in when the,Red Sox signed him so,it just that's kind of annoying and I,feel bad for the player because I don't,think you can control this but at the,same time,the plan just didn't make sense but to,that point Giles there is a report out,there Bob Nightingale said that he was,talking to some Red Sox players who said,oh yeah he sort of saw this coming but,he was hoping he could rest it not have,to have the surgery like he could have,had the surgery the Red Sox season ended,what beginning of October you could have,had the surgery in October and then,you've got November December January,February you're starting to ramp up in,that four to six month period when you,get back to spring training now you have,the surgery and it's six weeks out from,the start not even a month out from the,start of spring training so this this is,the only part of this that I will defend,is I'm never gonna force a guy to get,surgery and to me this is like a Rob,Williams kind of situation where he,tried to rest and heal and as soon as he,started doing real workouts for the,Celtics oh suddenly we're you know on,the Eva camp and Rob Williams needs,surgery this is similar it's like if,you're gonna try to rest and he did,manage this all season he played a very,good second base he hit for power if,you're going to try to rest you have to,rest you take a gamble they took a,gamble it failed,also tweeted about this too and said,basically this is when you were starting,to ramp it up again with the throwing,and that's when you kind of realize that,you need the surgery should they have,gone harder for Carlos Correa knowing,that he had this surgery and they yeah,they certainly yes I mean I wrote about,this yesterday,just real quick six and 200 for a guy,who's a 350 million dollar player it was,right there for you he had fallen into,your lap he's a better player than,Bogarts he's two years younger you could,have had him,and you let him go to Minnesota yeah,but what if we're

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