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DEANDRE HOPKINS IS DONE WITH THE ARIZONA CARDINALS!DeAndre Hopkins has a no trade clause,Arizona Car


Updated on Jan 26,2023


DeAndre Hopkins has a no trade clause,Arizona Cardinals plan to try and trade,All-Pro receiver DeAndre Hopkins this,off season his two years and 34 million,left on his contract and is likely to,see him seek a new deal yesterday we,brought you guys a huge story on Cliff,Kingsbury officially being fired as the,Arizona Cardinals head coach and it,seems like Cardinals aren't just,stopping there it seems like they're,going to take it a step further they,have multiple credible sources saying,that they are actually looking to trade,one of their best players before we get,to the content recently YouTube has been,age restricting my documentaries videos,like CTE caused his death a Junior Seau,story and the biggest tragedy in NFL,history no longer get recommended to,people under the age of 21. so I posted,it onto patreon if you guys want to go,and join my patreon account you can get,access to all these documentaries that I,will be posting there as well and now,though it all that out of the way,foreign,a lot of you guys have been hitting me,up in the DMS telling me how much money,you've been making on prize picks a huge,shout out to my subscribers Spencer Sims,who's made seven thousand dollars off of,his picks over the past two weeks if you,follow me on Instagram you'd know I play,prize picks religiously and I post my,pics to my story each and every day if,you want to try out prize picks right,now when you use my promo code,microphone you'll get up to a 100,deposit match on your first deposit and,if you get any big hits on prize picks,make sure you DM them to me on Instagram,so I could feature you in future promos,and thank you prize picks for the,sponsor you might check one two one two,what's going on everybody yesterday we,talked about how Cliff Kingsbury,officially got fired by the Arizona,Cardinals one of the most popular takes,that I got in my comment section is that,Kyler Murray was the reason why Cliff,Kingsbury and Steve Keim both got fired,which is kind of wild when when you,consider the fact that Cliff Kingsbury,was singing Kyler Murray's Praises,during the pre-draft process Tyler is I,mean he's a freak man Purdy's a really,good young player and he's going to be a,tremendous player but Kyler as a freak,and I've followed him since he was a,sophomore and just think the world of,him and what he can do on a football,field and I've never seen one better in,high school and he's starting to show it,now at the college level I mean I don't,have enough good things to say about him,he's phenomenal I've never seen him have,a a poor outing not one which a,quarterbacks it's impossible to do but,he's done it and I don't know I take him,with the first figure of the draft if I,could I know he signed up to play,baseball but he is a dominant football,player and I would I would take him with,the first pick so the question became,what's next for the Arizona Cardinals,and since we're bringing you a Cardinals,related topic today and we're gonna get,to the fact that the Cardinals are,moving on from DeAndre Hopkins and just,a sec we got an update on how they're,going about their head coaching search,first things first is Kyler Murray will,have input on the next Arizona Cardinals,had coaching higher which I guess makes,a lot of sense considering the fact that,they just signed this man to a top four,quarterback contract which ironically,the top four highest paid QBs all didn't,make it to the NFL playoffs this year I,mean Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson DeSean,Watson and Kyler Murray all didn't make,it to the playoffs but I guess we could,give DeSean Watson a pass because he was,suspended all year so that's besides the,point latest rumor in regards to the,Cardinals is that Sean Payton might be,linked to the Cardinals which is kind of,cool considering how there's a bunch of,Clips popping up on social media of Sean,Payton talking about the Cardinals the,audience at home what is your current,contract status with the Saints two,years left on a contract with New,Orleans so 23 this upcoming year and 24.,any team that would want to inquire or,speak with me can do so they just need,permission from the Saints so I think,ownership and the functionality of the,front office is most important line when,you have a Kyler that does stuff Sean,that nobody in the world can do what,would I like to see I'd love to see him,have a better running game under Center,I'd love to see him hand the ball off to,another really good player now what,about Cliff Kingsbury what is his fate,going to be well Cliff Kingsbury started,his professional career as a player,backing up Tom Brady as a quarterback on,the New England Patriots and apparently,the New England Patriots have done their,research on fired Cardinals head coach,Cliff Kingsbury now I don't know how,familiar Cliff Kingsbury is with Bill,Belichick one would assume that they,recognize one another but yet to bear in,mind Cliff Kingsbury was like a third,string quarterback during his time with,the New England Patriots

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Cardinals fire Kliff Kingsbury, Kyler Murray will have input on next Head Coach | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Cardinals fire Kliff Kingsbury, Kyler Murray will have input on next Head Coach | NFL | UNDISPUTED

the Cardinals finished this season last,in the NFC West at 4 and 13. Shannon,what do you think here was this the,right move for Michael Bidwell on the,Cardinals yeah we saw this coming Skip,and clearly these teams have not,listening to the NFL because they've,asked him to start firing all these,coaches Skip and front office people,with all these years on left on their,contract because they've given out over,800 million over the last five years but,clearly these teams said when we're done,we're done yes we saw the friction,between calamari and Cliff Kingsbury it,started with the claws in the contract,yep the only way they knew that Calamar,was not studying because Bill Michael,Bidwell uh the GM kind they don't know,anything about no steady habits and no,players that came directly from the head,coach and Kyler Murray knew it and we,see on the sideline Skip and it went,over the Saints College yelling at,Kingsbury come to he did I've never,look I've seen him go back and forth but,I've never seen and even though the the,the the head coaches the offensive,coordinator I've never seen a,quarterback talk to the coach like that,I'm like bro he don't lost all respect,for you it's just a matter of time yeah,because at the end of the day that's all,we got we got respect player gotta,respect coach got a respect player and,if it don't just just move it along and,so everybody saw that writing on the,wall scale and this year the good uh it,was a ban from start to finish D Hawk,missed the first six games Kyler Murray,got hurt but he wasn't playing well,before he got hurt they squandered last,year's great start yeah and didn't get,blown out at home by the Arizona,Cardinals so we I think everybody saw,the writing on the wall and I just don't,understand you gave him a five-year,extension so the man got you get paid by,the Cardinals from 23 24 25 26 and 27.,so if I'm clipping unless you get,another job then it it no no the first,year the first year I'm working for the,Arizona loafing company now I ain't,doing number loafing and Arizona,Cardinals picking up the tab yeah I was,keeping my house in Paradise Valley I,think that where he got a nice little,crib out there nice yeah I ain't going,ain't doing that yeah I'm gonna kick my,heels up don't call me as a matter of,fact I'm gonna disconnect my phone I,hear you so yeah let's get we saw this,and then they have some off the field,issues with the coach allegedly you know,Mexico groping somebody and he resigned,and then just give me just just a lot,was going on yeah and so with that being,said no I'm not surprised that Kingsbury,got fired and the general manager,stepped down,nor am I and I must add to what you just,said I was shocked when he got the job,in the first place he had been fired at,Texas Tech with a losing record wait a,second yeah he failing upwards normally,when you fail you go down he falling up,what then he got the uh remember he's,the offensive coordinator at SC and then,before called One play they're like you,know what come on out here what you're,kidding and I like Cliff as a guy I like,him yeah but what did he do to qualify,to be the head coach of the Arizona,Cardinals absolutely nothing okay be,born to his parents okay he got it,that's exactly what he did he was born,into his parents,Okay so,he he had his moments they had the one,big year where they went 11 and six and,they reached the playoffs okay but too,many times they Rose and fell remember,that was the year they started ten and,two though I know they started ten and,two and you thought okay he's a hot,commodity and then he was not and,obviously as you point out first six,games this year no D hop and then Kyler,was gone for the last five games Zach,ertz was gone for the last seven games,so you can say there's some built-in,excuses right but to your largest point,in the end,if you clash with your quarterback to,the point that you guys just can't make,it together you are going to be gone Mr,head coach because they can't fire Kyler,unless you belach it yeah unless you're,Bellator that is true but there's only,one we're going to talk about him in a,few minutes and he may be on some hotter,and hotter seat okay,but to your largest point when when,Kyler is screaming at the head coach,near the sideline on the football field,calm the F down when Kyler goes after,Game murder they lost to the Chargers,on a late touchdown and a two-point,conversion in the last 25 to 24 to the,Chargers at home and after the game,colors ask about play calling or,whatever it was and he said the quote,from Kyler was schematically we were,kind of effed well you want to talk,about a shot at your head coach yeah,you're right you were really,okay back to the clause,the study Clause I've never heard of,anything you've never heard of anything,like this and it was bad enough as is,but it's put in the public contract so,you can't undo it you can't they tried,to they tried to rescind it but it's,already out there and once you do that,to the quarterbac

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The Arizona Cardinals Had No Other Choice...

The Arizona Cardinals Had No Other Choice...

I'm not sure Cliff Kingsbury wants to,jump right back into this yeah he is,Rich made a lot of money if I had to,guess I would say the next time we see,him is probably in some Instagram,account in Ibiza it looks like the,Arizona Cardinals are completely,overhauling their entire team including,firing multiple individuals in the front,office we have a lot to talk about today,man before we get to the content,recently I've been getting back into,making documentaries for you guys that's,how I started this channel to begin with,unfortunately for me our Dez Bryant,documentary not age restricted so did,our Jalen Ramsey documentary multiple,documentaries I made in the past on,Junior Seau Chuck Hughes the individual,that died on the football field all got,age restricted in the past week and,while I could support myself by making,news content for you guys I love making,these documentaries as well it's just,very difficult sinking in thousands of,dollars in a project that not only won't,net me a return which I don't really,care about that but on top of that if my,subscribers can't even watch it that's,when it drives me crazy are there any,minimum it feels copyright claimed at,least you guys could still see it and I,won't make a dime and that would be,great but YouTube is literally,restricting you guys from watching this,content so I have no choice but to post,my documentaries onto patreon if you,want to support the creation of,additional documentaries it's just going,to be like 4.99 a month I'm gonna create,a microphone plus tier on patreon if you,have a better way of figuring this out,let me know in the comment section down,below and now that we get all that out,of the way,oh,my Chuck one two one two what's going on,everybody man it feels so good to be,back in the studio and not in some hotel,room but I had a lot of fun recording,content for you guys over the last three,weeks and I made it back on time for,Black Monday so for those of you guys,that don't know what Black Monday is,it's the day after the NFL regular,season where a lot of coaches lose their,jobs and while you could look at this in,a negative light most of the time head,coaches are happy because well you get,paid the money anyways and we're gonna,get to an example of that in this video,and fans are happy because if your team,didn't make it into the playoffs at the,very minimum you have some roster,transactions to look forward to for next,year and if there's one team that needs,an overall of their front office look no,further than the Arizona Cardinals now,bear in mind I am going to do my,absolute best to discuss everything that,went on with this team over the past,year here because there is so much to,discuss that if I wanted to discuss,everything it might turn into a 45,minute video during the 2021 NFL season,the Arizona Cardinals started off with a,bang winning their first seven games of,the regular season this made Cliff,Kingsbury look really good Kyler Murray,was firing on all cylinders he looked,like an MVP candidate Steve Keim was,celebrating the fact that he was able to,pillage the Houston Texans of DeAndre,Hopkins the year before and he was still,reaping the benefits of that trade and,you have to bear in mind as great of a,trade that was for the Arizona Cardinals,Steve time has made a lot of terrible,decisions as the general manager of the,Arizona Cardinals bear in mind this is a,human being that was the general manager,of the Cardinals since 2013 so he was,there for the Bruce Aryans and Carson,Palmer era then he had to figure out how,to rebuild quickly his first attempt at,a rebuild came in the 2018 NFL offseason,win he decided to hire Steve Wilkes and,also draft Josh Rosen with the 10th,overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft now,Josh Rosen is one of the trickiest,topics for me because coming out of that,NFL draft I thought he was the most,pro-ready quarterback in the entire 2018,draft class and I know that's very hard,to believe but back then you need to,understand that Josh Allen looked like,the next coming of Blake Bortles or,Blaine gabbard unless the right team,ended up drafting him which they did,Baker Mayfield was seen as an average,Quarterback at best Sam darnold was,perceived to be a quarterback that had,all the armed talent in the world but,struggled with accuracy and decision,making which did end up translating into,the NFL elemore Jackson was perceived as,an Uber athletic quarterback with,question marks in regards to his ability,to throw passes and that's just a very,lazy way of analyzing all the,quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL Draft so I,don't necessarily think that Josh Rosen,was a bad pick at number 10 overall but,unfortunately between Steve Wilkes and,Josh Rosen and that horrible off,offensive line and not necessarily,putting a lot of weapons around Josh,Rosen the Arizona Cardinals quickly got,the number one overall pick in the 2019,NFL draft during that off season they,decided they saw enough of Steve Wilkes,they fired him after one season

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Are the Cardinals a perfect landing spot for Sean Payton's return? | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Are the Cardinals a perfect landing spot for Sean Payton's return? | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

who are the Cardinals going to pursue,we don't know who's going to want that,job we don't know I will say this though,Saturday when the news came out that,Sean Payton and the Broncos have mutual,interest and the Broncos are going to,interview him,made a phone call or two and was told,that the Saints fully expect to hear,from the Cardinals and that was when we,were not quite sure what Michael Bidwell,was going to do at least publicly we,weren't sure what he was going to do the,Saints as of Saturday night had an,anticipation they were going to hear,from the Cardinals about talking to Sean,Payton make sense so that gets,interesting that gets interesting and,that's the guy that's the guy that we're,talking about take Kyler Murray right,that and and and you know because he's,the guy who will take,supremely talented athlete and craft,an offense one week at a time one game,at a time whatever plays he'll have the,Playbook available but he'll pick,based upon what he will expect to be,facing defensively the plays that will,work and he'll come up with new ones the,day of the game walk through in the,ballroom at the hotel he'll come up with,a new play and install it then that's,why you got to have the commitment you,got to keep up with Sean Payton if Kyler,Murray doesn't make the commitment he's,never going to keep up with Sean Payton,but it'll be very interesting if they,get into that mix and Chris your buddy,Jim Harbaugh it fascinates me just that,he would be back potentially in the NFC,West seriously facing Pete Carroll and,the Seahawks facing the 49ers twice a,year but it all comes down to how much,power,and Authority Michael Bidwell is willing,to hand,to his coach slash GM and he said,yesterday ideally hired the GM first,then the coach but not necessarily and,that gives us a good sense of what that,model is going to be is it the coach and,the GM beneath the coach setting the,table or is it the GM you know the the,Giants model the way it was for years,the GM is fully in charge and the coach,works for him is it,equal that that's part of what Bidwell,has to figure out a lot of it depends,upon who he wants and what that person,is going to require by way of head coach,yeah well I think that's you know that's,a whole nother conversation when you,talk about you know Sean Payton and Jim,Harbaugh and yeah you're gonna have to,figure out who they're gonna be,comfortable with and that that's going,to be you know a team collaborative type,of thing there as well uh because you,know like you've talked about you don't,want to throw those two guys with just,anybody uh they're powerful people as,far as personalities are concerned Sean,Payton I would think is going to want,some say in roster moves and stuff like,that as well so those are the things,that have to be ironed out and then go,of course to your point too those are,two coaches that Michael Bidwell,certainly is not going to have a lot of,say with you know not that they can't be,diplomatic and hear what he has to say,but you know those are the sheriffs,there they're they're gonna call the,shots but but I you know again I think,with you know some bit of a young team a,Young quarterback that's swear I kind of,lean too as far as you know that type of,guy a guy that's you know again like,we've talked about with Denver that's,been there done that understands good,culture and to bring that you know in,the right place you know just the last,few years it was fun you know but it had,a little bit of a feel of the Wild Wild,West to it and you know the first year,we saw a play is great second year oh,great there was some improvement but we,fell apart towards the end of the year,and then there was that you know third,year I gotta prove ourselves that we're,really worth it and they made a push but,then they fell apart at the end of the,year and it just never turned back,around and,um you know hopefully they can be a,little more consistent as far as a team,with their next head coach,one last point before we move on to,because the question will come up as,Payton is linked to the Broncos what,about the quarterback situation there,Peyton if he gets linked to the,Cardinals what about the quarterback,situation there long term you've got a,quarterback with a torn ACL you don't,know when he's going to be back who's,going to take over in the interim Peyton,made it clear when he talked about it on,Fox on Sunday morning and this is,something I believe Jim Harbaugh also,accepts ownership and front office are,the key a good coach will work with,anything else yeah Peyton made the point,of saying now it was it was his,opportunity to say I think Russell,Wilson's perfectly fine and I would love,to to coach him he didn't he said hey,when we went to New Orleans we didn't,have a quarterback,you know they try to get Tony Romo yeah,when Sean Payton went to New Orleans in,2006 before anybody knew who Romo was,Peyton did because he was with the,Cowboys he tried to get Romo Parcells,told him go to hell and he got

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Kliff Kingsbury Never Should've Coached Arizona Cardinals | THE ODD COUPLE

Kliff Kingsbury Never Should've Coached Arizona Cardinals | THE ODD COUPLE

the news of the day,if this surprises you,I just don't know what to say to you but,Cliff Kingsbury was fired by the Arizona,Cardinals and Rob I,shouldn't have never should have never,had the job,had a losing record at Texas Tech a,middle of the road the college program,we got run out of there Chris right got,fired from Texas Tech couldn't win,despite having three NFL quarterbacks,Davis Webb who's not anything in the NFL,but he he made it there and so he was,good in college Baker Mayfield and,Patrick Mahomes so I don't know what,they expected him to do with Arizona but,he did about what you would expect,looking at his record so bad history,bad performance in Arizona made the,playoffs once but 413 this year one,winning season I believe in his four,years and bad relationship with the,franchise quarterback who ain't going,nowhere because of his contract so all,of that Rob turns into uh him losing his,job and I don't know who would be,surprised by this but what are your,thoughts on this situation waste uh,first of all he was rewarded to,prematurely he got that new deal Chris,that they got to pay back through 2027,we both said that at the time that he,got it like like what are they thinking,like really and it also tells you about,how people think,from season to season Chris that things,automatically like uh whatever happened,last year is just gonna roll over into,the next one it just doesn't work like,that and we saw them if you remember,they started out 7-0 do you remember,that two years ago that was a year and a,half Chris that was a year and a half,ago I believe too and they got off to a,great start and look where they are now,and the mess that's there that's that's,just my point is that it's an ongoing,thing and and I think they were too,premature to give this guy uh,four you know four more years what is it,the extension which was ridiculous they,don't know what they're doing and Steve,Keim the GM who resigned and he's sick,health reasons yeah it has something to,do but he had gotten an extension too,right both of them just got new,extensions off of what Chris off of that,awful playoff game Kyla Murray you,remember the game against the Rams it,was one of the worst playoff games we,ever saw that got to an extension of,well Kyler and Kyler of course got the,extension now we can I can understand,that obviously he didn't live up to it,this year but he had had two good,regular seasons a bad playoff game but,we had talked about it Rob and look if,he turns out to just be a bad,quarterback then obviously this would be,a mistake but if he plays well like if a,new coach gets him back his footing back,under him and Kyler is back to what he,was doing and then some what you kind of,expect then we said it if you waited you,would end up paying more so that,contract I think is still well you have,no choice when you draft a guy there I I,right I'm with you right but the court,but the coach no because when they try,to the coach and the GM I thought that,was ridiculous and ownership signed off,on it it's just like in the with the,Colts they gave Frank Wright an,extension Chris last year they should,not have fired Frank right right no I,mean how'd he go with Jeff Saturday they,could have hit I mean historically back,Frank Wright could have done exactly,what Jeff Saturday did Chris he and he,would not they wouldn't have been that,bad no they weren't they wouldn't have,blow the 33 they wouldn't have blown to,33-point lead and Frank Wright was,called well they weren't that far out of,it when right got fired exactly but,anyway my point is I'm with you uh uh,it's not a shocker this wasn't going,nowhere fast and you don't like I I know,Rob G is sick because the Raiders won't,do anything with Josh McDaniels because,it's a money thing they paying John,Gruden Chris they're paying who else,they're paying a couple other coaches,Rob G how many guys are they paying like,a couple people Chris so they're paying,three other coaches so they don't want,to pay Josh McDaniels too,but Josh McDaniels I'm sorry what a bad,first year that was yeah it was horrible,and on top of his sorry performance in,Denver and his first head coach instant,he's got to be on the high C you could,justify firing him,you could easily justify firing him it,doesn't seem like they are but he I,he'll be on the hot seat next year Rob,he will be on the high seat I guess,they're going to go try to get you know,we'll see who they try to get for,quarterback it can't be Jared the,javelin I wouldn't think but,um,it is going the Arizona robbed is not a,good job despite having I don't know,what Kyler Murray is right,um we'll see what he ends up it seems,like you know he's rubbed a lot of,people in organization the wrong way but,that organization does not know what it,is doing we brought up the two contract,extensions for the GM now gone right,head coach now gone,um remember they drafted Josh Rosen,after one year got a rid of him yep it's,been a nightmare Wilkes they gave one,year here

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New Arizona Cardinals head coach must be able to push Kyler Murray | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

New Arizona Cardinals head coach must be able to push Kyler Murray | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

now here's something that fascinated me,we're going to hear from Michael Bidwell,on the important question of whether or,not the quarterback of the Arizona,Cardinals a guy that they can't just,quickly get rid of because of his,contract Kyler Murray will he have input,in what the team does when hiring a next,coach here's Bidwell on that we're in,communication and uh and and we should,be talking later today we texted and and,either today or tomorrow and so,absolutely want to get the input of uh,our leaders uh including Kyler and,spoken with a number of leaders already,see now if I were a real jerk I'd say,that Kyler Murray was going to spend,four hours per week on looking for a new,coach I'm not a jerk and I'm not going,to say that so uh but it's a dangerous,game to play and look the the,quarterback has to has to feel,comfortable,or does he I mean it's it's all a,question of who's the most powerful,person in the organization is it the,quarterback who's got the biggest,contract by far of any one who works for,Michael Bidwell or does the coach need,to be able to come in and take charge,and say there really is a new sheriff in,town and I feel like the Cardinals are,one of those teams yeah where maybe they,need a new sheriff in town Chris I I,would agree I would agree I mean you,know again I feel like we just did the,experiment of hey the coach and the,quarterback are friends and buddies and,you know we can make it all work because,there's you know great camaraderie and,there's some history and they you know,they ran this offense together in,college football no no and and again I I,don't know a lot of like successful,organizations dynasties whatever through,the history of football where it's like,the quarterback and the coach are like,best friends you know okay yeah there's,a good relationship but no usually,there's a fine line and like well you,know this guy is the general you know or,here this is the guy that's in here,charge here's the guy that's you know,the guy underneath them and and that's,how usually a successful football team,works right with some give and take,there uh but right now in what we saw,the last few years between wait we're,going to do everything about the,quarterback and make him look good and,do you know frame everything around that,well okay you know it led to some,exciting moments but it didn't lead to,anything spectacular on the football,field that's for sure you know and you,said it right it was an offense that is,made for college football the NFL caught,on to it every year especially after we,got through the halfway point of the,year to where yeah you know there is,some Talent on this football team I mean,come on I mean that offense what they,got there a little bit there's DeAndre,Hopkins Hollywood Brown rondelle Moore,they got some tight ends that are pretty,good the offensive line isn't that bad I,mean it shouldn't look the way it looked,this year on the offensive side of the,ball or the way it looked at the end of,the last year either so I'm I'm with you,Mike I'm more in favor if they need a,guy that comes in there and sets,everybody straight and I don't mean that,disrespectful but even Kyler Murray and,the fact of just like hey I'm the head,coach your awesome quarterback we're,going to work together but I'm the head,coach and you're going to listen to what,I say and we're gonna you know put these,plays in the offense and you're going to,check to this when I say so and I feel,like you know that's kind of been lost,in Arizona during this little era here,and maybe that's what Kyler Murray needs,back when things were falling apart for,the Cardinals far earlier than usual,usually they start off good to great,then it falls apart we were talking,about whether or not it will take a,coach who is very aggressive with Kyler,Murray and tells him this is how it's,going to be and and Murray realizes if I,truly want to be great I need to buy in,I need to submit I need to go all in I,need to make this my full Obsession I,can't just rely upon my Supreme athletic,skills I have to study and study and,study and study and there was a point,this year when the Cardinals are playing,on Monday Night Football and they had,Larry Fitzgerald on the ESPN pregame,show and it was the closest I've ever,seen right to Larry Fitzgerald being,pointed about Kyler Murray and he did it,in a backhand Away by over-the-top,Praise of Colt McCoy and his preparation,and his work ethic and his attention to,detail and by implication he was saying,Kyler Murray doesn't have that at some,point if you're gonna be the guy that,you want to be if you're going to be the,best possible football player if you're,to be the best at anything it is that,you're trying to do in a competitive,field where others are signing over,their lives to be the best they can be,right at some point you got to sign over,yours too and look I understand that,that's unhealthy in the work-life,balance and Life's too short and people,are too obsessed it's just a ga

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Mic’d Up: Third-and-Jauan Helps Defeat the Cardinals | 49ers

Mic’d Up: Third-and-Jauan Helps Defeat the Cardinals | 49ers

let's go,man another day another one another one,let's go let's go,let's go,hang it back all day brother all day,brother all day gotta love it gotta love,it,foreign,that's all I need coach,so I just go time man,it's like it's go time,it's almost time to explode,not just it,come on Brother come on you baby,come on Brother come on man I know we,are today come on Jay man let's go Jay,man,let's go,let's go,I already know it,let's go,JJ last game right here,great career bro,that's crazy bro you've been on the lead,for years,oh yeah right right,you're going three,get it going three,one twenty one twenty one twenty one oh,yeah juicy yes sir juicy yes sir juicy,lemon lemon,oh yeah,in there man,let's go,let's go,yes sir yes sir,Teddy Charlie how are you kidding me now,yes sir yeah,let's go,there you go right back up baby,right back up,that's like a real person out here in,this world like somebody walking around,looking like this,that's funny bro okay,come on man,all right,you gotta love it,awesome come on now bathroom right here,uh thousand right here need two thousand,right here,dress up yeah,they probably only need like,38 36 now,okay okay,cats cats cats,catch one more,wow floats one and a mix up and there is,a big defensive play the 49ers with a,takeaway to Sean Gibson look up Mr pick,I feel you give,there you go,oh wow,let's go,let's go,back,too far,oh yeah get there get there,get there,what's wrong man big bows all right,yes sir,what did they think,yeah,oh there are a couple more,ayuki,hey bro come on bro I've been saying how,you can,oh man,I'm on that one,come on baby,come on man let's get the first,come on let's get the first,George Kell has a 49er touchdown,man two feet,two feet boys,Eli give me another one too far,give me another one 11 11 11 11 11 11 11,11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11.,feel like you can he's over a thousand,receding yards,yes sir yes sir veggie veggie busy,it's a Benji that's all,a lot of room,stiff arming inside the 45 of the,Cardinals,don't know,I'm not away,I'm not a one,oh,that boy too far here,that boy here,all right,thank you Everybody Eats man I indeed,I thought that was it,I thought that was it,hit,let's go let's go,um,let me get a two piece oh yeah one night,oh yeah one night I got one now oh yeah,another one,I'm not away let's go,come on man let's go,foreign,Mason man that's Jordan Mason the,previous,one because I definitely thought it was,a touchdown,I just get another set of Bryson twofold,let's get another cell in,that way to go,man,yes sir let's go another one baby,thank you,baby he stole it,oh yeah faithful oh yeah,hoodie got you,in my bag with that racquet though,no no no,no,you get a pig you get a pig,and you get a pig let's go to the trail,let's go,let's go,let's go,let's go straight on big bass great job,the season hell of a year bro,proud of you bro let's keep it going to,clear piece with a little Barbecue on,the side I just want to see 99,.99,hey brother I just want to say man hell,of a career man it was honor to get to,watch you man um,let's see a piece of the barbecue on the,side you know what I'm saying come on,man let's go,see let's go man let's go,let's go

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Dusty Baker calls Tony La Russa and the Cardinals a bunch of punks, a breakdown

Dusty Baker calls Tony La Russa and the Cardinals a bunch of punks, a breakdown

it's September of 2003 the Cardinals and,Cubs are playing a game in Wrigley and,they've been chasing each other all,season the Cardinals finally Take the,Lead they got a two-game lead in the,standings they got a two-run lead in,this game this video is brought to you,by DraftKings pitcher Dan Herron is,trying to bunt the runner over in the,second inning but it's a one-on-one,count and these guys dressed rather,similar I don't know if they came,together because they're sitting in,front behind but like you know if they,didn't come together and then they end,up in those seats they definitely had to,look at each other and be like come on,man it's exactly my vibe but if they did,dress together that's weird too men of,that age coordinating outfits still,trying to bunt can't get it down now,he's got two strikes on him still trying,to bunt giving the pitcher an out,something the pitcher should enjoy on,the 2-2 pitch just throw a strike he's,giving you an out he hits him and the,Cardinals don't like that at all now,they may not think it's on purpose but,they still don't appreciate it because,the pitcher and the Cubs hits people all,the time and I believe uh wood on the,Cubs led the league and hit by pitches,and this guy oh I love the spray we,don't have that anymore because there's,no way it worked they didn't gonna spray,injuries and then it gets better I think,it was just like they would freeze your,arm with a spray yeah he had 13 hit by,pitches would had 16. so the Cubs were,hitting lots of people even if it's not,on purpose other teams are getting,pissed about that saying please stop,especially our pitcher who's trying to,give you an out we'd rather it if you,just don't hit him and then we go and,the other pitchers up and Heron hits,them back so it's a pitcher on pitcher,crime and now everyone's upset and,Dusty's coming TOP Step and he's like,what are you doing and everyone gets,warnings and larussa comes out and he's,fine with it because he told him like,you know hit this guy they're being,punks and Lewis is talking to the UMP he,says they they ought to know better,they're gonna hurt somebody It's gotta,stop all right so he's kind of saying,yeah good we did get warnings now,Dusty's coming out and saying listen,their guy was trying to bunt it was a,2-2 count we weren't trying to hit him,they retaliates clearly on purpose and,we get a warning and says I understand,what you're saying oh yeah you,understand but I told my guys okay so,don't tell me that those two pitches,were on blah blah blah and he's looking,at us yelling at Tony they were saying,The Dugout Tony's going for what,for what what are you talking about I,got no idea and he goes well come on, come out here come on talk,to me and Tony's thinking I don't know,about all that Dusty's mad this little,kid is like what's going on I want to,hear and see everything this little kid,is like I what I thought I was coming to,a baseball game my hat is so white Tony,now just staring in The Dugout Dusty,staring right back at him they're not,happy with each other now he's staring,at him and I says okay well what are you,gonna do,and Tony stares right back at him he,says and you know that,both you and,you and I were just talking about it,we were just talking about it, you, you too ,and the same for you too,yeah you too embarrass oh it don't,matter now,I'm mad now,and he wasn't lying he is mad because,the game goes back into action the next,pitch is thrown but he doesn't care he's,just cursing everyone out that's right,I'm telling you it doesn't matter,he's a punk manager's a punk,bunch of loser punks,y'all a bunch of baby ,punks and Tony says what US,and this video was brought to you by,DraftKings and thanks to DraftKings for,sponsoring the breakdown appreciate them,as always

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